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Friday, October 28, 2016

This Week In Crazy: Obama’s Secret Muslim Foot Signals, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer, a leader of the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association, returns to the list once again, for rehashing a favorite conspiracy theory about President Barack Obama: that he is actually a secret Muslim.

Fischer’s evidence? Obama claims to be a Christian, but since he used to be a Muslim (obviously), that means that Muslim clerics should have issued a fatwa against him for committing apostasy. According to Fischer, the fact that radical Islamists aren’t trying to kill Obama is proof that “his role as the president is advancing the cause of Islam.”

Someone should probably tell Fischer that inciting angry mobs to try to kill you just isn’t a feature of everyday life for most people. But if President Obama is targeted by extremists, at least he’ll have a team of hypermasculine homosexual stormtroopers to protect him.

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  • Dominick Vila

    I am surprised people like Fischer have not turned President Obama into an extra-terrestrial by now. In any case, their tirades are pretty funny, and it is evident that for some they are as credible as Gospel.

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

      Give them a minute, I am sure that is next along with he was the one who sent telepathic signals to the Egyptians on how to build the Pyramids.

    • Allan Richardson

      MAYBE (and I only suggesting this satirically) they are afraid that bringing any more attention to extraterrestrials will lead someone to uncover their Ferengi roots (ref. Quark the bar owner and his family in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

    • darkagesbegin

      why do you think he had to fake his birth certificate? of course he is et, here to institute the one-world gov’ment of the muslim brotherhood from a far-off galaxy. Or maybe these right-wingers are from a far off galaxy. Let me consult fox news and get back to you.

  • ayungclas

    Bryan Fischer is going to have to work harder to regain his #1 spot.

  • WestHollywoodDissident

    The usual suspects with their usual craziness, you can’t fix Tea Qaida stupid.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    I find it absolutely frightening that these people walk amongst us and even more frightening that they teach their children this hateful and idiotic rhetoric. And, yes Mr. Vila…when I am not scared, I am laughing hysterically.

  • Solo Vero

    It will take no more than three generations for muslims to outnumber non muslims in most USA states. Then you’re screwed. Just research the PEW polls. Better yet, go understand life in Saudi Arabia because that will be the peaceful version of America. Getting to that will be nasty.

    • Allan Richardson

      Considering the birth rate of African Americans (a few of whom are home grown American Muslims, untainted by Saudi superstitions, but the majority being “liberal evangelical” Christians) and Latinos (mostly Catholic, a minority proselytized into evangelicals), immigrants from Muslim countries have a long way to go.

      Besides, most immigrants from Muslim countries believe in a far more moderate, even “liberal” interpretation of their faith than those who stay there. That is why they don’t stay in their home countries.

    • metrognome3830

      It’ll only take a couple more generations for idiots to outnumber sane people in most USA states. Then no one will be smart enough to even spell screwed much less know what that means. Then only the radical (idiot) Muslims will stay here and join the native idiots. What a great country it will be then. The weak-minded shall inherit the earth.

      • Sand_Cat

        You mean they don’t and haven’t already?

  • Allan Richardson

    If Sandy Rios thinks that gay people cannot be effective warriors, how does she explain the Spartan Brotherhood (if Greek history is too difficult, just see the movie “300”)? Or Alexander the Great?

    • plc97477

      There are also many ‘in the closet’ gays who made names for themselves in the armed forces

      • Allan Richardson

        Absolutely. I was just going for the most obvious and most famous.

        One gay man who helped our side win the war against Hitler was not recognized for the hero he was, and when his closeted relationship was exposed (ironically, when he reported a burglary to the police, and the police started snooping about HIS “crime”), he committed suicide. But only computer geeks and WWII geeks have heard of Alan Turing. He was not a soldier on the battlefield, but he led the Bletchley Park effort to crack Nazi codes, along with making important contributions to the math behind our computer technology. Had he been straight, he would have been knighted.

        As the late Senator Goldwater said, “I only care if a soldier can SHOOT straight, not if he IS straight.”

        • Jim Myers

          Odd comment about Alan Turing. I read a little bit about him years ago, but don’t remember reading that he was gay.

          I admired his intellect and his ability to see the patterns that eluded everyone else.

          Some of his work was truly spectacular.

          I consider myself to be neither a computer geek, nor a WWII geek. Just someone who saw the elegance of Enigma used for such evil purposes.

          I am also someone who suspected that he considered the Enigma to be nothing more than a complex and interesting puzzle to be solved. Thus the team he led at Bletchley Park.

          To bad he died at such a young age. He had so much more to give, if only he had been given a chance.

          To think, if he had been “outed” before the beginning of WWII, we might well have lost the war.

          • Mikey7a

            Actually, I’ve read that the British Govt. was going to give Turing a pardon for his alleged crime, “gross indecency”. He was convicted, and chemically castrated. Over 50,000 men in Britain, Oscar Wilde among them, were also sentenced to the same fate.

  • idamag

    The worst part is that these whack jobs reproduce and teach their kids to be whacky.

    • LotusJoan

      No, the worst part is that our media report this b@+ sh!+ crazy stuff as though it had any validity. It used to be we hide our “notional” relatives away. The GOP lets them take center stage.

    • paganheart

      Fortunately somehow at least a few of the kids born to those “whack jobs” are actually somehow born with the ability to think for themselves (or at least don’t have it beaten out of them), and they get away from their “whack job” families as soon as they are old enough to do so, often adopting very different political and social worldviews.

      I know. I was one of them.

  • stcroixcarp

    Is there some kind of christian doctrine that allows for telling lies for the sake of christianity? Are that Fischer guy’s lies covered by some kind of dispensation that exempts him from the commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness”/

    • Allan Richardson

      Not really, but conservative politicians act as if there were an exception.

  • Pamby50

    You keep finding new people to add to the list. When I saw Sandy Rios I thought, “Who the hell is she?” Another silly radio person to join the rest of the crazies. They all need the ACA mental health services.

    • Allan Richardson

      That’s one reason they’re against it. The more people can get help for mental illness, the fewer votes they get.

  • Robert Cruder

    Obviously those “women now are in the ranks of the Navy, getting pregnant at exponential numbers” were trying to reverse the “homosexual takeover of so much of our military”.

    They couldn’t use contraception or terminate pregnancies because that would result in fewer warriors for christ.

    Especially they could not use condoms to prevent disease because the pope says they don’t work and because if they did work televangelist Kenneth Copeland would call it an un-christian lack of faith.
    What is a good patriotic christian woman to do?

  • What is sad is that people believe this stuff enough to spend money and keep these spokespersons enployed.

  • Jim Myers

    Wait a minute!! Rush Limbaugh? I thought he left the country. I mean, he swore that if Obama were ever elected President, he would move out the United States…

    And, since we all know Rush Limbaugh would never lie, he can’t possibly be here, can he?

    • lana ward

      I think Alec Baldwin is still here and as nasty as ever

      • Jim Myers

        I never heard of Rush Limbaugh being called Alec Baldwin before. Thank you for the update.

        • lana ward

          Selective memory?? Alec Baldwin said in 2000 if Bush won the election, he was going to leave the country. That was 13 years ago, and his nasty ass is still here

          • Jim Myers


            This is one of the few sane comments I can recall ever seeing from you on this blog.

            Of course, you couldn’t resist a nasty slur, could you?

            And, yes, I did make a slur about Rush. But, it was soft.

            I did not make it nasty, like calling him a fat, lying slob. Which is how I think of him.

            Of course, I would probably have left the “fat” comment out, if I were going to post it in my original comments.

            Still, this is one of your softer comments. And, to your credit, you actually did not try to bastardize his name, like you do to people like President Obama. And, like I do to “George the Second.” Unquestionably the worst person to have ever held the title of “President of the United States.”

          • lana ward

            Alec Baldwin is nasty, even to his 12 year old daughter. You still didn’t answer, why didn’t you call him a liar for not leaving the country?? Selective bashing, twerp. You hate Rush because he exposes the commies on the left–but he left your name out

          • lana ward

            Alec Baldwin recently called a reporter a nigger!! I haven’t heard ONE WORD from ANYONE on the left. If a Republican had done this, he would have been fired and we’d still be hearing about it YEARS from now. All of you on the left are fu*king hypocrites!!!!

          • Jim Myers

            I doubt the comment you made about Alec Baldwin is accurate, but if it is, the shame is on Alec Baldwin.

            As for anyone calling others names, you should read some of your own rants.

            I won’t respond to any more insane blather from you about Alec Baldwin. You simply are not worth wasting any more of my time.

            Looks like your meds wore off again.

          • Mikey7a

            Jim, NOW you get the idea. Ignore this obvious troll. All his posts consist of, are Right Wing, Tea party, talking points. That, or as you pointed out, filled with hatred and obscenity.
            Might I point out that his name is an anagram for anal draw? I personally think Lana is OMG in drag!

          • Jim Myers

            Actually, I thought he/she was back on the meds.

            Wrong again.

          • plc97477

            Are there even meds strong enough for he/she?

          • lana ward

            It’s accurate. Fox News played the clip of him saying it. The other channels are cowards and deceivers. They won’t run it, the shame is on them!! He said he was leaving the country 13 years ago, he’s still here

  • Jim Myers

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    You just can’t make this stuff up. The hard core Conservatives are right on the money. Every time.

    Bring out the popcorn. We can just wait here and wait for the next episode from those good folks leading the Republican Party.

  • lana ward

    Obama is muslim. He’s a Sunni muslim and a member of the MB. We have a terrorist in our WH!!! Isn’t that great

  • gunniesack

    conspiracy means anti Obama?

  • Mikey7a

    Flabbergasted. That’s the only word that came to mind after reading this week’s Crazy articles. Here’s my problem with these people being able to put utter nonsense “out there” with no consequence. I live in N.W. Florida, and so many here accept ANYthing Fox news says, as if it were Gospel.Pun intended!

    I’m sure that a lot of rational, sane, intelligent folks realize how idiotic all this stuff sounds, but I deal with morons every day, that think all this garbage could be true.

  • Yes it’s true, the homos are running the military now.
    They’re trying to decide important issues like what shad of purple to paint the battleships & whether to have their uniforms tailored by Vesace or Ralph Lauren.
    Where do they find these crazy people & what employer is stupid enough to actually pay these morons money for the crap that spews forth from their mouths.

  • Justin Napolitano

    I love this column. It is very entertaining. Just when you think it can’t get any weirder these folks prove it sure can.

  • Allan Richardson

    If I were a Muslim, I would probably reach the opposite conclusion, namely that President Obama, and the presidents prior to him who put their feet on their desks, were sending a secret “F*** you, Muslims!” message. This is consistent with all those presidents’ having invaded, threatened to invade, or imposed sanctions on, Muslim countries.

    Come on, Dagwood Bumstead often puts his feet up on his desk, and nobody in the Blondie comic strip is a Muslim (although Mr. Dithers may have secretly wished he could use Sharia law to punish Dagwood).