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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

TODAY IN STUPID: Rep. Joe Walsh Says Iraq Vet Opponent Is Not A ‘True Hero’

Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh is once again attacking his opponent Tammy Duckworth’s distinguished military service, claiming at a town hall meeting over the weekend that Duckworth is not a “true hero.”

Duckworth lost both of her legs and partial use of her right arm after her helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade while she was serving in Iraq in 2004. During her distinguished 20 year career she won a Purple Heart, an Air Medal, and an Army Commendation Medal.

But according to Walsh — who has never served in the military — Duckworth needs to stop talking about her service. Apparently you’re no longer a hero if you use your experience to beat Walsh in an election.

Think Progress has a transcript of Walsh’s comments:

Understand something about John McCain. His political advisers, day after day, had to take him and almost throw him against a wall and hit him against the head and say, “Senator, you have to let people know you served! You have to talk about what you did!” He didn’t want to do it, wouldn’t do it. Day after day they had to convince him. Finally, he talked a little bit about it, but it was very uncomfortable for him. That’s what’s so noble about our heroes. Now I’m running against a woman who, my God, that’s all she talks about. Our true heroes, it’s the last thing in the world they talk about. That’s why we’re so indebted and in awe of what they’ve done.

This is not the first time that Walsh has attacked Duckworth’s service; in March, he suggested that Duckworth “move on,” and described her by saying “What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran…ehhh.”

Walsh, a Tea Party favorite, has been a magnet for controversy throughout his campaign. Last summer he attracted headlines for failing to pay child support to his ex-wife, and in November a video of Walsh screaming at his constituents for criticizing big banks went viral.

UPDATE: Walsh has released a statement clarifying his remarks:

Of course Tammy Duckworth is a hero. I have called her a hero 100’s of times in the past four months. Just like every man and woman who has worn the uniform, her service demands — demands — our utmost respect. That’s why I recognize our veterans at the beginning of every one of my public town halls. However, unlike most veterans I have had the honor to meet since my election to Congress, who rarely if ever talk about their service or the combat they’ve seen, that is darn near all of what Tammy Duckworth talks about. Her service demands our thanks and our respect but not our vote. She is running for Congress — and there are real problems in this country like our massive debt, high unemployment and the Obamacare tax. We are about four months from Election Day and the people of Illinois have no idea where Tammy Duckworth stands on these issues because she dodges debate requests, ignores our invitations to speak at town halls, refuses to talk about solutions and constantly reminds voters of her war service. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her for her service and her loss but these are serious times and the people of Illinois deserve to know what she thinks about real issues and what she will do as a Congresswoman.

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  • AdamMos

    This guy is a complete jerk.

  • feeeo

    What a schmuck.

  • Another Koch Brothers Butt Sucker!!

  • The republicans have ALWAYS brought shame on America.

  • Teabagger scum. Nothing good can be said for somebody like Walsh. He’s just egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  • ceverettham

    You liberals only see one side of the story. This woman needs to get over her service and let her people know what she can do to help. This is spoken by a veteran who does not use this as any kind of an opportunity to get thanks. True heroes are modest about their service.

    • Gammaanya

      Then why McCain wrote books about it???? She stands for a lot of things that benefits misfit like you and the regular people. She doesn’t march to the drums of tea baggers. She did march to Bush/Cheney wars and what did that get her??? Did you fought?? Then why Mittsy brags about his so called business experience, when he doesn’t know the meaning
      of 10 to one if given chance on taxes and they all raised hands NO. That tells me THEY know SQUAT. DO you know what that means???????????????

  • harrietbenjamin

    This man is a jackass.

  • howler65

    Boy, the teapubs tend to attract some real crackpots; i.e., Bachmann, Santorum, Paul, Perry, Cain, etc. This guy is so rude and stupid acting, I cannot understand why the smart people in Illinois would vote for him. He is an embarassment to Illinois and Congress. Actually, he is a mental case and extremely ugly looking.

  • howler65

    Boy, the teapubs tend to attract some real crackpots: Bachmann, Santorum, Paul, Perry, Cain and others. This guy though is so rude and stupid acting, I cannot understand why people in Ill. would ever vote for him. He is an embarassment to the House. Actually, he is a mental case and extremely ugly. And, he didn’t think paying child support had any importance either.

  • You Can Tell When Members Of The American Taliban Post What Ever Is Good They Are Against!! WTH???

  • I live in Illinois but not the 8th district. After reading this article I looked up her website. She has lots of ideas for our country. It is not all about her…but she was horribly injured and it’s only natural that she would want to help other veterans. I guess she is supposed to deny how she lost three limbs? Say it was in a football match? I know that a lot of veterans don’t talk about their service…most are men who just keep it bottled up inside. That can be destructive. She’s a woman and we are different. Politics is no longer just a mans game. Grow up.

  • Black_Hand

    What a tool.

  • EdStade

    Where is the headline from Henry Decker that says what Joe Walsh said “Tammy Duckworth is a hero” this was from Joe Walshes statement clarifying his remarks. I bet you will not see this one.

  • I am embarrassed for Rep. Walsh. No, he did not “directly” say she was not a hero, he only insinuated, with intent, to say that because she talks about her service, that she is not a hero because true heros, according to Joe Walsh, don’t talk about their service. So, using Joe Walsh’s logic, Patton, Eisenhower, John Glenn and countless others are not real heros because they talked about their service. Oh, and so did John McCain in at least 3 books.

  • labrown69

    He’s a putz!

  • Did anyone notice how uninterested the audience was at what he was saying? They looked like they just wished he’d shut up and go away……which would be a good thing if it happened. Absolutely no fire in the audience’s eyes…..not the fire that was there in 2010 when teabaggin’ got popular for awhile.

  • Worried_in_Brooklyn

    the released a statement clarifying your remarks is bull you know you did the wrong thing and I hope every one can see what a fool you are there is a phrase that sums up some one like youyou are a S*^ bag) but you are worst then that you are a used TEA BAG good for nothing

  • His words ring true,she is a hero and for that we all owe her and all vets our heart felt respect.We do not owe her our vote without knowing her position on the key issues of the day.

    • rmarqua2921

      And exactly what is walsh’s position on the “key issues” of the day! I am sure for him the key issues are 1) getting that black man out of the White House 2) repealing the ACA, not what is great about it, but Obama did it! 3) birth control, 4) contraception, 5) abortion…6) tax breaks for the rich and the oil subsidies for the oil companies, 7) voter fraud, because so many illegals are voting in our country 8) cutting government spending!

      Notice not one of these issues have little or nothing to do with the basic issues of the average people in this country. They are the TEA parties and Republican’s issues, for the rest of us having a job and a comfortable home, education for our children, affordable health care, are probably the top four! While Walsh is spending hours debating birth control and contraception and voter fraud and tax breaks for the corporations whose bank accounts are overflowing…none of the real issues of ordinary people are discussed. Now they are spending a great deal of time discussing “is it a tax, or a penalty?” The Supreme Court has already spent months on this issue and they said it was a tax! What difference does it make! The government is going to ask you to pay MONEY if you don’t have health insurance, that is the bottom line!

      The only reason this is an issue is because Nordquist had them sign a pledge for no new taxes! Romney called all those increase in Massachusetts fines or penalties, so call it anything you want, but don’t spend the time we tax payers pay you for working in Congress discussing it! Your paid to do the people’s work, not your own little pet peeves!

  • bstockinger

    Rep. Walsh is just being a jerk again and to use McCain to belittle another person for her service just proves it again. Both McCain and Duckworth have both served their country well. Walsh not so much.
    Bob Dole doesn’t share Walsh’s opinion since he dedicated his biography One Soldier’s Story in part to Duckworth. But then again, Walsh would probably say that Dole was bragging.
    Finally, why shouldn’t Duckwort talk about her record. It makes up a major portion of her life.

  • bcarreiro

    who voted for this oxi-moran. why dont we send our politicans out in the cold war and see that war is raw spelled backwards.listen joe to ” one by metallica ” and u still wont have a clue fool

  • I guess she just wasn’t blown up enough to please him. A leg here another leg there an arm an a hand but what the heck all the pieces landed within 200 ft. of each other. I mean, it’s just not like she was really wounded or anything.
    And while I am at it I just love that everybody comes home nonsense. Some soldiers are actually vaporized by modern explosives so completely that no evidence that there was a body is ever found. And i doubt that it is somehow more pleasing to families if a toe or an ear is shipped home anyway.
    The truth is that war gets so wretched that it is a miracle that more soldiers don’t shoot themselves just top be free of the battles.

  • marilynb304

    This is typical of the Republican Tea Party. Anyone who has not served should be ashamed of criticizing those who have. He sounds like Dummer Bush who claimed Mission Accomplished.

  • Walsh is pathetic but T baggers will likely vote for him Go figure

  • Tammy Talk about your service all you want WE salute you & all vets
    You deserve a medal

  • I live in Illinois and Just like elizabeth warren who lies about her heritage duckworth also embellishes . This is not unusual for Democrats ,but never fear because the Sheeple dont mind if their rulers have no morals or ethics look at Obama and Pelosi …hell rangel just won . They will vote for Jesse Jackass Jr too as soon as he comes out of hiding or jail . This also shouldn’t surprise anyone as Liberal sheepl Like to be lied to . Look they watchg and believe NBC even after they doctored 911 tapes . They watch Al Sharpton who’s claim to fame is trying to incite a race war with the Brawley case that he lied about .

    • You must be Walsh’s brother..

      • Bigspender …….. Walsh must be a good kisser ?

    • rmarqua2921

      That all sounds like Rush Limbaugh talking! You must be a Rush lover! Are you also high on your drugs? Please describe for us the “lies” of Elizabeth Warren? Tell me where she lied and when. Please describe where Duckworth “embellishes”! Look at her, she don’t need to embellish, she has the scars to prove it! Did you or Romney or any of his FIVE sons serve even one day in the military? Until you or they do, you are a disgrace to this great country. Veterans are not perfect people, they never claim to be, but unless you were there and saw what happened with Duckworth, you have no right to talk about her “embellishing”! You Republicans are always taking us to war, you can bet if Romney is elected we will be in Iran in the near future! Only problem is, you never go to war, you send the poor, the unfortunate, to do your dirty work! Bush and Cheney started two wars and neither of them ever served a real day on the front line!

    • sammie22

      It is sick people like you who make me fear for the future of our country!! If Romney wins and the Republicans gain control of congress, heaven help the poor and the senior citizens because they are being thrown aside for the super rich. Walsh is more the norm than not in the Republican world.

  • TSO

    Your days are numbered, Walsh! Come November you’ll be looking for other means of employment. You are a disgrace to the human race!

    • metrognome3830

      He’s a disgrace to the Rat Race.

  • mavilasr

    He does not have a clue what being a HERO mean. He caters to the needs of the IGNORANT.

  • alumahead

    Walsh is a tea party favorite. Makes one wonder about their character judgement. I way whatever it takes to send this deadbeat phony packing is fine with me.

  • michaelnola

    Politicians like Walsh, whether Repub or Dem, though most often Repub, don’t really give a damn about any servicemen/women other than will they unquestioningly serve in any war, necessary or not.

    Once the shooting ends and people leave the service, the corporatists and corporations they serve will just as likely outsource jobs to the very people our military was fighting as to those ex military they so loudly praise.

    As General Smedley Butler said 75 years ago, war is a racket.

  • One thing I know she will do is silence chicken hawk deadbeats like Walsh.


    • Diogenes67

      No caps Pop.

    • You Mean A Piece Of Sh*t!!

  • lawoman32

    Joe Walsh needs to be voted out of office. He only won because it was the tea-party year and turnout was low. He obviously is a bully with a big anger management problem. He is obviously envious because Duckworth is a much more accomplished person than he will ever be. I’m an Illinois native and can’t imagine the voters of my home state are dumb enough to allow this disgraceful man to represent them.

  • It is better wheh the vent their traumatic experiences, because if it do not happen the trauma
    will eat away at you from the inside out. The reason many vets do not talk about their experience,
    because when a person do not have any combat experience there is negative vibes that radiate
    from that person.

  • ace

    Sounds Just like a Democrat to me .

    • You’re a loner here, buddy. Not too many sticking up for Walsh.

  • jhershel

    He talks like someone who is paid to talk about great americans, only he doesn’t understand the difference of being wounded and getting paid to do nothing but stop Obama by BIG OIL

  • he is just hurting himself, he is not fit for congress, is any Republican fit for congress?

  • I’m sure that there will be people who are part of the extreme right-wing element of the Republican part who will believe him. They believe every lie — expecially if it is really big one — that the Republican politicos shove down their throats. Hopefully sanity will prevail here.

  • fredtwobit

    There is not much left to be said about Walsh. The ones below bet me to it. I could add a few more lines, but they would probably be frowned on. He does not need to be despised, he is doing a good job of representing all of those in congress that are fast to send young men and women in harms way, while they have not served nor let their loved ones serve.

  • darrenk321

    This republican has no idea what it means to be a respectable American who DESERVES the sort of sacrifice made by people like Tammy Duckworth. These people make me sick.

  • Gammaanya

    He was here at the Vet Parade in my little town, walking like the world owes him a living, people booed him some clapped. He is a short ,skinny and not very pleasant to look at. He have his Office in Fox Lake right on Main Str, near Metra. Unfortunately he was my good friend , good friend and he urged me to vote for him when he run against Melissa Bean, I knew about his money problem (he rent a house in McHenry Cty) because he lost his condo and had some financial problems. Now his financial problems are over pretty much, Tea Party lovers and ignorants gave him a job. He never voted YES for anything that would help the middle class and Veterans. He is very stuck up, he thinks his poop do not stink. LOL. He is truly a disgrace to Republican Party no matter if Tea Bagger or not. He should resign. I just happened to see Tammy and it’s a heart wrenching to see such a nice person limping and trying to do everything with one hand. He is the lowest of the low.The saddest part is nobody spoke up in defense of Tammy. In silence they agreed.It takes courage to fight somebody’s war. Tammy is the one with courage and she fought for his freedom and others to do what they did. Shame, shame, shame. Democracy is Dead in United States of Austerity. Our dead / injured /crippled veterans fought for nothing. Tolerance is the last virtue of dying nation. Wars do not decides who wins but decides who is left.
    He thinks he is a hero, he fights for his people. I am not his person. Nobody ows me, but he talks like we are his little slaves, he is almost as bad as Chrispy Christie of NJ. Both Loud mouths, one is lard but and one no butt. LOL

  • Joe Walsh is desperate and running scared. He is also a pig to make any kind of disparaging remark about someone who actually served. Walsh had the opportunity to serve and he did not. There is nothing wrong with that, but he should keep his mouth closed about his opponents honorable service and loss. I hope the citizens who put this cretin into office will take another look and send him packing in a few months. He deserves only scorn for being such a child. Shame on you little man.

  • nomaster

    Turds are born everyday in a toilet somewhere.

  • He sure is worried plus also stupid. He’s the type that always gets down in the gutter.
    Tammy Duckworth lost both of her legs in the defense of our country, but doesn’t talk
    about it as Joe Walsh, who never served a day in the armed forces of our nation, claims.
    Tammy has in fact concentrated her efforts on helping the working people of her State
    and the Nation. She served and sufferred as did those at Valley Forge, while Joe Walsh
    serves nothing but the Tea Baggers.

    An Old Soldier
    Who served for 43 Years with the US Army

    P.S. Got that Joe? 43 years

  • tao99

    He brings dishonor upon the House; and should be brought up ethics charges.

  • tao99

    Ho should be called bepore theHouse Ethics Committee. Not only does he bring discredit upon the House; but upon all of our wounded worriors as well.

  • I hate the GOP, I probably would hate Duckworth, but I think his criticism is right on the money. We should recognize his opponent’s heroic service, but that does not mean we are to automatically vote for her.

    Some of the dumbest, most heroic men can be found sitting at the bars of the VFWs around this nation. I wouldn’t hire most of em as wardheelers let along as a congressman or senator.

  • Then each and every voter who’s against this meat head needs to get out and show the PeeParty their NOT the center of the universe. They only win because every T-nut gets out and votes.. They think it’s their secret weapon but it won’t help them when the secrets revealed.. So, beat them at their own game: Get Out And Vote!!

  • Well, truth be told, she is not a *modest* war hero. I think that was the point he desired to be made. Me, I have no combat ribbons. So, I guess I am no hero.

    I respect Tammy’s contributions. However, I have met some “heros” in my time in the service. Most of the ones I respect more are those that are completely quiet about the fact. You don’t hear them toot their own horn. The ones that puff themselves up are really not as convincing as “heros” and the glow of the artificial lights of politics probably has the same effect.

    The most heroic person I met said something like this about his Silver Star:

    “Me? I just did my job and did the right thing. I did what I was trained to do, and many other soldiers out there would do just as I had, given half the chance. Well, I got the chance, and got this medal kind of like winning the lottery. Just my dumb luck.” And he waves his bad hand at his missing foot with a cocked grin and tip of his head.

    He did not loose as much as Tammy did. Only one leg below the knee and half of one hand. He did not make a big point about his sacrifice. He did not seem bitter, but rather he was subdued about it. He did not see it as making him important, or at least not any more important than I was for serving at the time.

    Does Tammy Duckworth *have* a platform? Is is clear enough that you can tell me what it is, point by point? Or is she deflecting? I would not give her a “pity” vote. Not at this time, with the needs of the people being so great. Her service in the past may have been unselfish, but if she has nothing to offer politically, and is just trying to cash in on her “heroism”, well, that is just a little bit selfish. To say otherwise is also deflecting, and not at all like someone standing in harm’s way to get the job done. Such empty talk is not at all heroic. And this kind of talk — Deflecting — denigrates any heroism she may have. For her to go there — and I have not heard her go there yet — would make her absolutely unheroic.

    If she has a platform, make it heard. Stick to the issues of office, not deeds of the past unless they point out to what *exactly* she will do in office. There is nothing wrong with her talking about her service. It is just not a reason to elect her. This entire article is just another deflection of the issues, and sadly, is all many politicians do. It is only about the “Hollywood” Image. They cannot be elected for substance, but only a fake “Hollywood” Image that is a poor substitute for a grip on reality. Most of us don’t have it perfect. But most of us are not running for office, either. If we were, it would be irresponsible to not make our stands perfectly clear. Yet, that is what politicians are always doing — and that is the mark of a *true* politician versus a statesman. It also tends to make it easier for them to lie later if they need to.

    Stick to the issues. Tammy scores points for honor. If that were the only difference between them, I would say it would be fair to be the final factor in choosing who to vote for. She may be counting on that. If you don’t know her true political stances on issues, how can you vote on anything but that service? At least that is what her handlers seem to be getting through to her. It cannot and should not be the *only* reason to vote for her, but it looks like it will be.

  • kfreed

    Well, this about does it – the GOP’s “Tea Party” cult has now officially denegraded every voter demographic under the sun, even to include military veterans.

    Joe Walsh, tea partying jackass du jour shows his true colors – as will they all once you scratch the surface. This is what Americans want in office? Why?

    Time to admit it, kids… the Tea Party ain’t your daddy’s Republican Party. These fucks are insane – there’s just no way around it.

    Anybody laying bets on how long it takes Fox to defend this shit heel and to what lengths they’ll go to do it?

  • How offensive can anyone get in the name of politics anyone who still feels comfortable voting for this idiot is beyond me.

  • He is a Republican , so he respects only himself and will say anything even lie for vote.

  • nhpoet

    When you don’t have much to say about why voters should elect you to public office, simply talk down your opponent to look good. Or distort the facts to confuse your audience. Simply lie through your teeth when necessary.

  • alaskabrat007

    He’s very annoying and a hypocrite, I wish I would have been there, I would of got up on camera right before leaving and just told him to shut the f— up, do you know how stupid you sound.

  • cycodad

    I wonder what branch of the military did this FOOL, joe walsh, serve in? A dead beat dad that was and is thousand of dollars behind in child support yet he have the nerve to talk about someone. This is the republican-tea bagger-evangelical-KKK people that are trying to destroy AMERICA. These kinds of people are your TERRORISTS not so much the people from the middle east.

  • westbay2112

    mr joe walsh how dare you, a coward claim a sevice connected disabled vet wounded in combat is not a hero. It is repubs like you that have put this nation in the economic condition we are now in. get your head out of the sand and work with the president for the good of the country and all the people Jerome Dahlen

  • Only a teapublican would expect a woman with no legs to just get over it. This is just further proof of the belief among them that everything is acceptable when a Republican does it while nothing is acceptable when a Democrat is doing it. Not even being a double-amputee.

  • RodgerMitchell

    Walsh is a perfect example of a right winger.

  • bigsurmac

    JOHN MCCAIN –The reluctant hero!!
    McCain, the notable collaborator with the North Viet Namese from among the tortured POWs at the Hanoi Hilton.
    McCain, the Navy’s official partying Congressional Escort/Liaison in Hawaii, who flew back to the mainland when his wife (mother of his children) was in the cancer ward — and handed her divorce papers!! The reluctant hero who then flew back to Hawaii where he was shacked up with his much younger beer heiress mistress!!
    McCain — The son-in-law “Military Hero executive” with her family’s Southwest beer distributorship who learned an incumbent congressman was not running for reelection, immediately bought a home in that district and ran with all that nice money backing him.
    In business and in politics from the start — McCain has represented himself and been promoted as a war hero. Not reluctantly as a Senator as B.S. Walsh claims, but from Day One with the father-in-law’s beer distributorship and throughout all his election campaigns for the House and Senate. Arizona five-year-olds could recite McCain’s heroic tale from memory, having heard it so many times within their first five years. Reluctant Hero — What a joke.
    Fact– he was a ne’er do well party boy in his teens, required both Admirals in the family to get im into the Naval Academy’s remedial “prep high school,” With family influence, McCain made it through Annapolis, at the bottom of his class and the record for “punisment tours.” With family influence, he made it into Naval Aviation and was allowed to remain after crashing multiple jets.
    His flying skills were so limited, he was down in combat in short order, creating his POW status.
    His political career has been based upon that “hero”status.
    For a sleaze such as Joe Walsh to even dare attack a legitimate, severely maimed combat veteran as not being a hero — is the ultimate in gutter politics.
    Suffice it to say — Very few military veterans consider Joe Walsh to be anywhere near a man.
    Maybe Walsh can explain how Duckworth, minus legs and with a severely limited arm is supposed to get campaign crowds or TV audiences to ignore that PROOF of her status.
    Maybe Walsh can compare all his hemorroids from his routine use of the cranial rectal suppository to Duckworth’s sacrifice.

  • another repuk that wants war with iran but is a chicken hawk (I use the term repuk because the gop is far from being the grand old party anymore)

  • WOW, I think every Soldier Sailor Airman ,And Marine that ever signed a contract knowing that they could loose their life if ever involved in a war to protect our families and way of life, are already hero’s whether they ever go to combat or not. Just the fact that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country says it all about these true National hero’s. Each and every one man or woman.

  • This person (certainly no man would talk about any person who has served his or her country when he’s been sitting on his fat a$$ enjoying himself) should be the victim of the biggest landslide ever! Those who vote for him are about as un-American as one can be. Tea Party or not, tell this joker where to go…not for any office higher than dog and horse pooper schooper!

  • It’s exactly what I would expect from someone like him who hasn’t served his country. He should be ashamed of himself for these comments. Is it because his opponent is a female? Seems he doesn’t like to pay child support either. Voters in Illinois should take note of his true character.

  • The American people don’t Need only one like this in Congress.
    I use to say people with Hate will go to Hell.
    But today I know they already in Hell, if they wake up everyday in there life with this Hate burning in side them. I wish I could vote for Tammy Duckworth because no State need this man. Rep Joe Walsh written bad checks to primary campaign workers. He has been name
    among Congress thirteen most corrupt State Representative.

    20,000 Lawsuit by his campaign manager, still owes back child support .
    He made Racist remark about African American & Hispanics all the time, saying
    they dependent on government and democrats.

    Anyone Who vote for this man now know they made a mistake. But those who know how he is now and still support Him, is no better then him.

    Hate make you do and say stupid thing, will slowly destroy yourself.

    If You don’t believe me ASK MR ZIMMERMAN

  • Robert Helle

    Walsh, you are an idiot. By the way, did you ever get that child support thing figured out?

  • pmevin73

    Joe Walsh is an ass, all he needs is the tail to be a perfect one.

  • You know something Joe Walsh……you’r a fu**ing disgrace. A good person lost body parts, namely both legs in a moronic war waged by……well, one of your own political allys, Mr. stupid (G. Bush), and you have the NERVE to say Ms Duckworth isn’t a hero?????Why you dirty rat. You are the pig in the trough Walsh, not someone as brave as your opponent.

  • jarheadgene

    Lashing out the way he does, only hurts his cause….Let’s see vote for the guy who defends the big banks and how they hurt America, also stalls Congress with Mitch(who cares? about Americans, I only want MY politics enforced)McConnell. And wants to continue huge tax cuts for the filthy rich,
    which by the way…impairs the gov’t’s ability to pay for the VA hospitals and care Duckworth needed, and wants to attack unions and middle class. OR VOTE for the woman who has SACRIFICED herself for this country. Don’t know where she stands on a few things, who cares, I know she isn’t a CHICKEN HAWK like most GOP.

  • The only thing that Walsh left behind was his wife and kids!

    He is a Deadbeat DAD who has convinced a lot of misinformed people to elect him to congress!

  • Maybe in his heart Walsh wants to lose the election. He sure seems to be trying. Great! Let him run that Teaparty mouth. It’s time America realized what asses conservatives are. Go all the way and let him be Romney’s running mate

  • Think we could arrange a quick enlistment for Duckworth before the troops come home? Make sure he steps on an IED getting out of the plane, perhaps . Then he can die the hero he wants to be.

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  • KathiLee

    I really doubt that her service is “all she talks about.” Sounds like insecurity and a lack of understanding of what her service entailed. But then, he’s not a veteran, so what does he know?

  • The Pride of the Tea Party, Joe is the complete package. He’s got an answer for every question, a solution for every problem. It’s always the same answer, the same solution, but that makes his performances simple enough for the Tea Party base to understand. You have to talk to some of these people, to appreciate how shallow they are. Those YouTube videos don’t convey the real experience of trying to converse with an adult who has the reasoning ability of your five-year-old.
    Unfortunately these ladies and gentlemen are the very cream of the Southern electorate, and they’ve communicated their mental sclerosis to the entire Republican Party. Try reviewing Dick Perry’s performance during the GOP primary debates, and remind yourself, “This guy won the governorship of Texas…TWICE!” Stunning, ain’t it?

  • Raisuli51

    the only Veterans, Republicans honor are Republicans Veterans, all we ever heard about when Republican veterans are seeking office is they served yet they swift boated John Kerry at the first opportunity, also they decried Bill Clinton not serving, but Dick Cheney King of the deferments gets a pass….Rudy Guiliani ran on his 911 record/response at every speech and public appearance, you would have thought he was the person in NYC that day……Walsh is as AdamMos so elegently wrote is a complete jerk….

  • prouddemocrat61

    He can’t even support his children let alone a wounded vet. Maybe we should put him on a helicopter and push him off and when he loses the use of his legs and arms say ehhh no big deal it’s just arms and legs and see how he feels. Better yet let his children and ex-wife do the pushing!!!