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Saturday, February 23, 2019

TransCanada Agrees To New Pipeline Route, Complicating Obama's Decision

Only a few days after the Obama administration seemed to dodge a controversial decision on the Keystone XL pipeline project, TransCanada has agreed to work on a new pipeline route. The company’s concession might initially seem like it would alleviate the pressure on the president to reject the proposal; in fact, it will test whether the White House had been using re-routing as an excuse to hold off on a decision until after the 2012 election, and it will reignite a debate the president had hoped to avoid.

On Thursday, the U.S. State Department announced it would delay its decision on whether to approve the $7 billion, 1,700-mile pipeline until 2013, arguing that they needed more time to explore alternate pipeline routes that would have a less environmentally detrimental impact. The White House no doubt had political reasoning in addition to the given environmental explanation: By pushing back a decision until after the 2012 election had passed, Obama could avoid any electoral repercussions from the energy industry or from anti-pipeline activists. Additionally, some had suggested that more delays on an approval process that has already taken more than three years might persuade TransCanada to give up on the project. Now, the new terms of the proposal have brought the issue back to the table, and further postponing a decision is bound to increase criticisms that the president’s main motivation is political strategy rather than a genuine concern about the pipeline’s route.

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3 responses to “TransCanada Agrees To New Pipeline Route, Complicating Obama's Decision”

  1. peteserb says:

    Breathing complicates Obama’s decision. Since the “Green” fiasco’s have emerged. What choice can Obama make to prove he’s not trying to destroy our economy. When he chooses to allow the pipeline, the lefties will praise his decision and yet condemn him for allowing it.

  2. Stressman says:

    (Disclosure: Obama has my vote, period!)

    When will Obama realize that no bend to the right will win support from his conservative enemies? The pipeline is a bad thing, period! Obama should dump it, demand that there be a serious review by State (including clearing up the lies pipeline proponents have been telling) and trust that his base will rally behind him.

  3. DAlnB says:

    I am sure there is more to the Presidents decision that we have available to us.
    I agree with the people whose state may be involved in this pipeline. I would want to be 110% certain that running the line through my back yard will in no way create any bad effects or hurt what Quality of life I may still have.

    If there is any, any at all, unanswered questions or concerns it should be held up. For those who are ready to make a fortune off this I can see their concerns also; and I put them right along side the rest of the greedy people who over the past ten years has destroyed Americas quality of life through their own greed and lack of concern for the effect it has on America.
    Until the President is 100% sure – HE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THE PIPE LINEPLAN!

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