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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Published with permission from Media Matters.

Undisclosed ties to an Egyptian businessman and former political official are just the latest disclosure issues for Stephen Bannon, chief executive for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign.

Bannon, who is also the executive chairman of Breitbart News, “is known to stay,” according to The Guardian, in a Washington, D.C., town home owned by Egyptian businessman and former politician Mostafa El-Gindy. Gindy’s home also reportedly serves as the Breitbart News D.C. headquarters. Breitbart News has not disclosed its financial ties to El-Gindy in numerous pieces that cite him favorably, while Bannon and Breitbart News have baselessly accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of engaging in pay-for-play deals with foreign countries as secretary of state and spread false smears shared discredited book Clinton Cash.

Bannon, whom Trump hired on August 17 to help head Trump’s presidential campaign, used his position as Breitbart News’ executive chairman to run the conservative website as a propaganda arm of theTrump campaign.

The Guardian reported August 26 that Bannon is “is known to stay” in a Washington, D.C., town home, known as the “Breitbart embassy,” that’s owned by “Mostafa El-Gindy, an Egyptian businessman and former member of parliament.” Breitbart has reportedly operated its Washington, D.C., bureau from theGindy-owned home since 2011. From the Guardian’s report:

Bannon also co-owns a condominium in Los Angeles and is known to stay at the so-called “Breitbart embassy”, a luxurious $2.4m townhouse beside the supreme court in Washington DC, where his website’s staff work from basement offices. A Bloomberg profile of Bannon published last October, with which he cooperated, stated that Bannon “occupies” the townhouse and described it as being “his”.

But according to records at the DC office of tax and revenue, the Breitbart house is actually owned by Mostafa El-Gindy, an Egyptian businessman and former member of parliament. Gindy has received favorable coverage from Breitbart News, which styles him as a “senior statesman”, without an accompanying disclosure that he is the website’s landlord.

As the Guardian report noted, “Gindy has received favorable coverage from Breitbart News, which styles him as a ‘senior statesman’, without an accompanying disclosure that he is the website’s landlord.” Breitbart News has consistently refused to disclose its financial ties to Gindy.

Ironically, Bannon and his conservative website have long led a smear campaign against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation by making discredited and false attacks and spreading the baseless smears hyped in the discredited book Clinton Cash, which was written by Breitbart editor-at-large Peter Schweizer. (Trump has also predictably adopted their unfounded attacks on Hillary Clinton.) Bannon wrote and produced a documentary film that accompanied the error-filled book, both of which made a series of baseless allegations of corruption and quid pro quo by the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton that have been widely discredited. Bannon is also the executive chairman and co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute, of which Schweizer is president.

Photo: Stephen Bannon CEO of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is pictured during a round table with the Republican Leadership Initiative at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., August 25, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

12 Responses to Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Repeatedly Failed To Disclose Breitbart News’ Financial Ties To Egyptian Businessman

  1. “Beat the Bitch” Bannon misleads his followers and anyone naïve enough to treat Breitbart (news) as gospel by claiming to own the property used by Breitbart and not disclosing that it is truthfully owned by Egyptian Mostafa El-Gindy. All the time he praises El-Gindy through Breitbart. Now that is pay to play folks. Pretending to be a news source while actually being nothing more than a cheerleader for a man who is Breitbart’s landlord is hardly shocking given all of the lies he masquerades as news. How moronic must a person be to believe anything old “Beat the Bitch” Bannon and his minions say?

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  2. This is just more evidence of the caliber of people Trump will have as advisors should he win the White House. Experts, well yes, but experts in scams, smears, lies, evasions, and nefarious activities. Shame on anyone who would vote for Trump.

    • My thought exactly! With those kind of “extreme vetting techniques,” staffers like Bannon could have Trump’s private Gestapo up and kicking down doors in no time!

  3. Bannon’s guilt of doing exactly what his site Breitbart is accusing Hillary of is nothing more than projecting. It’s campaign season, does
    anyone really expect anything different! Chump could always plead ignorance to the activities of those who run his campaign. We should be focusing squarely on Chump himself. There is a long history of Chump scandals to attack him on, Bannon is small potatoes.

  4. Can’t wait to see if the Breitfart trolls start posting on this thread! Curious to know who will come to his defense.

  5. What surprises is that ANYONE is surprised at any production of facts and/or evidence that Bannon has done unethical or illegal shenanigans……I mean really….if someone who has more than shown his true nature by the utter filth and hateful rhetoric, bigotry, anti-Semitic hate filled BS on site and with the history of this misogynist, bigoted life-style and choices made by this creep, Bannon, then why wouldn’t he carry that ideology and belief system throughout his life, clearly there is simply no respect for law or decency…… that isn’t meant for THESE kinds of cretins in THEIR twisted minds, they live by their own low standards of human decency, and nothing about those choices is in anyway honorable or abiding by those pesky laws of this country. So hang on people, it’s going to be an illuminating ride, if not thoroughly frightening as well,……and that these kinds of people are peppered through-out the Trump circle of influence……..holy cow, what a cesspool of epic proportions.

  6. Trustworthiness, and the avoidance of hypocrisy, are conditions which Bannon, Trump, and the GOP have trouble living up to on a consistent basis, if at all.

    Little wonder, since Religion is viewed merely as window-dressing that isn’t intended to be practiced with sincerity by either of these entities This is the essence of what is wrong with Trump and Bannon, and a great majority of the GOP.

    (The same degree of amorality has already been clearly seen to exist among the alt-right contingent in America, as clearly documented in an article in the most recent TIME magazine edition).

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