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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Creators.


It was easy to get confused trying to guess what Donald Trump would do about the young people brought to this country illegally as children. Would he act on his professed love of the “dreamers” or cater to his hard-line anti-immigrant base? Would he listen to Paul Ryan or Jeff Sessions? Would he side with business executives or Breitbart?

But it’s not really hard to tell what Trump will do on any issue. Just ask: What would a white racist do? If you can answer that question, you have a good idea which way Trump will go.

His record on the campaign trail and in office shows a clear pattern. He said Mexican immigrants are “bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” He said the Indiana-born judge presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University was unfair because “he’s a Mexican.”

He accused China and South Korea of stealing our jobs. His budget included cuts in funding for prevention of HIV and AIDS abroad. He wants to reduce legal immigration by half. He pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of illegal racial profiling.

More recently, Trump exhibited a strong reluctance to disown the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. After finally coming forth with a condemnation of neo-Nazis and their ilk, he backtracked, blaming “both sides” for the violence.

There is a single unmistakable thread running through this entire fabric: race. The people he attacks or shortchanges are almost always nonwhite. And the pattern is too consistent to be accidental. What has Trump done, after all, that a white racist would not have done?

Some of his views are not subtle at all. Last year, he insisted that five black teens were guilty of a brutal 1989 sexual assault in Central Park — even though DNA evidence had exonerated them. After David Duke endorsed him, Trump claimed he knew nothing about the neo-Nazi leader — whom he had publicly criticized as recently as 2000.

“Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments,” he tweeted last month, referring to Confederate memorials.

“Culture”? Trump was born in Queens and has lived most of his life in midtown Manhattan. His cultural roots are far removed from the people who erected those monuments.

He’s never shown an affinity for things that are especially popular in the South — college football, church, NASCAR, hunting, fishing, country music, barbecue, you name it. What he has in common with the Southerners who worship Robert E. Lee is not culture but complexion.

There is, of course, one person widely reviled by Republicans as well as Democrats who escapes Trump’s criticism. But then, Vladimir Putin is as pale as Siberian snow.

It’s not entirely clear whether Trump is a privileged ignoramus whose life has blinded him to the perspective of nonwhites or a conscious bigot who regards various minorities as inferior. But it doesn’t really matter what it’s in his heart. It’s enough that his public conduct is so consistent with outright racism.

That compatibility is not lost on whites who are fearful and resentful of blacks, Latinos and Muslims. His appeal to this group was crucial to his political rise — which began, remember, with his fraudulent questioning of Barack Obama’s birthplace.

It was Obama who made Trump possible, because having an African-American in the White House supercharged white fears. Whites who dislike interracial dating were no more likely to vote Republican than Democratic before Obama. Once he became president, this group moved en masse toward the GOP.

Trump took advantage of the shift. His loaded language and hard-edged positions were perfectly calculated to attract white voters who feel threatened by minority groups.

He has lived up to their expectations, and his order to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program didn’t disappoint. Attorney General Sessions managed to tie DACA to “crime, violence and even terrorism.”

Though Trump indicated he would be willing to consider legislation to protect the dreamers, Congress isn’t likely to pass it — and there is no guarantee he would sign it. His promise to “revisit this issue” if Congress fails to act is meaningless. Not surprisingly, David Duke was pleased with Trump’s DACA decision.

You don’t have to be a white racist to be satisfied with Trump’s presidency. But it certainly helps.

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60 responses to “What Has Trump Done That A White Racist Wouldn’t Do?”

  1. FireBaron says:

    The man is the son and grandson of racists. While many of us had that same disadvantage growing up, most of us within that group rose above that level. Serving in the US Navy does that for you. When you are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean holding a fire hose, or trying to stop a water leak, you don’t stop to look at the color of the guy working next to you.
    Teflon Donnie, on the other hand, was never in an environment where he had to deal with a Black man as his equal or his superior. So, maybe his five draft deferments for “bone spurs” while playing on the varsity tennis team was a good thing. Otherwise, he would most assuredly have been brought up on charges, received a Dishonorable Discharge, and not have been eligible for any of the government money he used to build many of his housing properties.

    • pics fixer says:

      By the way, that is one of the reasons I believe in the draft and unless you’re a non-functioning human being, you must serve. Bone spurs and all. The draft does two basic, wait, three basic things: 1) Like you said, it teaches us that race, color, religion, hell even sexual preference, has nothing to do with job performance and effectiveness. We are the same. 2) We guarantee a citizens army and not a military class that our founders so much disliked. 3) We would be more thoughtful about starting wars because we would all have skin in the game.

      The rest of what you’re saying is so as well.

      • idamag says:

        You are right. The draft should be reinstated with no deferments. .

        • says:

          first the JFK- CIA is needed to save the country and the world from THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and bury him in the DUMPSTER ! still too good a place for the racist hateful pathological lying POS

          • idamag says:

            People who start wars do not fight in them. Did bush see combat? Did cheney? Did any of their children?

          • says:

            DUMPSTER DONNY ran away when called dodged the draft 5 times before daddy DUMPSTER paid for a DR.’s note to get the clown out of it . he says he’s a good counter puncher . more like a coward hit then RUNS AS FASTY AS HE CAN TO GET AWAY

  2. idamag says:

    Even the hard core worthless white trash racists do not claim him. The nazi leader was interviewed on 60 Minutes. He said trump was not a real racists because he let his daughter marry a Jew. However, trump brought the racists out of the shadows. He is responsible for marches like the one in Charlottesville. He wanted their votes. He installed their POS spokesperson (bannon) in his cabinet. His father was a member of the KKK. So, is trump a racist? This country has lowered its standards for trump.

    • pics fixer says:

      Why are you surprised that Trump is measured at a very low level? He may have bought into that canard that Jews are smarter than anyone. Perhaps that’s why his son-in-law has a portfolio for every job in the book except trash collector. Who knows, that may yet happen.

      What is that guy doing on 60 min anyway. They can have a whole segment about Nazi’s without giving their leaders air time.

      • idamag says:

        That was my question. Why is that kind of trash given time? Maybe they should have shown actual pictures of the holocaust afterward.

        • pics fixer says:

          I’ll add this, as an aside: If all the Jews in Germany after WW1 we the evil geniuses they claimed, everyone in Germany would be speaking Hebrew. The world would be better off today for sure. Think about it. No Hitler. No WW2. A world 10 steps ahead of today. Think about that.

  3. Dapper Dan says:

    And for those of us who aren’t racists this illegitimate President is by far the cruelest and frankly dumbest POTUS we’ve had the displeasure of having to endure daily. Everyday he sits in the WhiteHouse preening he makes a mockery of this country and our allies have distanced themselves from the USA. Who can blame them ? If we don’t get rid of this clown who’s straight out of Stephen Kings IT we are going to soon become a banana republic with no justice for those wronged

  4. The lucky one says:

    “It’s not entirely clear whether Trump is a privileged ignoramus whose life has blinded him to the perspective of nonwhites or a conscious bigot who regards various minorities as inferior.”

    I’d say both but add that Trump pretty much sees everyone as his inferior. The only group he shows any respect for are the ultra-rich, oh yah and petty dictators like Duerte and strongman dictators like Putin.

  5. Trump’s pattern of behavior and comments make it clear that he is a racialist, with a record of indulging in racist practices, e.g., the refusal of black people to rent housing which he and dad owned in NYC. For those Trump supporters out there, racism is the systematic implementation of structure/procedures which favor one group over another according to the social construct called “Race”; it also includes stating publicly and in private a pattern of thought that perceives one group of people according to skin complexion as being innately superior to another, confusing skin coloration with the innate quality of being a human being.
    The foolish attempts to assign the term “racist” to the likes of Rev. Abernathy, for example, simply because he made have made statements in protest of racist practices—an ability which is best achieved by those who hold the reins of power in a society—were erroneous and contrary to the definition of racism and racist policies. To openly exalt a group of people over another by the false assertion of “biological racial superiority” has been the purview of a particular segment of those humans sharing a common complexion/facial features.
    Trump clearly as a result of family input, and other societal cues, triggered psychological predisposition to be biased against those not of his “Preferred” group. His rants, tweets, and public pronouncements clearly bear this out. Even the so-called “Black Muslims” led by the late Elijah Muhammad, can’t be said to have had one iota of the power to enforce institutional racism, even though Elijah conjured up a variety of Black Superiority myths as a instinctive ill-thought reaction to the systemic racism already in full effect during his lifetime.
    Systemic implementation of policies which are based on a conviction of racial superiority is what racism is, and Donald and the GOP to a large degree, have preached via dog whistles, the tacit approval of White Nationalism, Right Wing Media outlets, and enacted
    laws designed to divide humanity.

    • However, despite Trump’s racist affinities, he serves as a useful reminder and wake-up call to those of us who’ve allowed ourselves to be lulled by the childish comfort derived by needing to feel better than our fellow human beings because of some deep-seated sense of inadequacy. An inadequacy solely fueled by an ignorance of the real purpose of Religion, and ignorance of what it means to be human from the spiritual perspective. A reality which biology and population genetics have recently caught up to thanks to revolutions in Genomics and Molecular Biology.

      Had Donald, and his dad and male ancestors, exerted the effort to inform themselves of the Message of Baha’u’llah, they would have been spared the spiritual plight of being racists.

      “O CHILDREN OF MEN! Know ye not why We created you all from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other. Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye were created. Since We have created you all from one same substance it is incumbent on you to be even as one soul, to walk with the same feet, eat with the same mouth and dwell in the same land, that from your inmost being, by your deeds and actions, the signs of oneness and the essence of detachment may be made manifest. Such is My counsel to you, O concourse of light! Heed ye this counsel that ye may obtain the fruit of holiness from the tree of wondrous glory.” (from “The Hidden Words”—circa 1857)

  6. johninPCFL says:

    “Whites who dislike interracial dating were no more likely to vote Republican than Democratic before Obama. Once he became president, this group moved en masse toward the GOP.”

    Wrong. The racists began exiting the democrat party for the GOP in the late 1960s because of Johnson’s overt support for civil rights legislation. This was the basis for Atwater’s “Southern Strategy”, a program that used racist dogwhistles (and outright racist calls) to help elect Nixon.

    The only holdouts were those who were electable on name recognition for their racism (Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, etc.) in spite of their political party affiliation.

    Johnson’s great reply to the campaign slogan: “In your guts, you know he’s nuts!!”

      • Thoughtopsy says:

        You seem to have missed out a similar comparison of Obama’s actions to Hitler’s actions… which was the actual substantive part of that image.
        Can’t read? Cat got your tongue? Couldn’t find any?
        Or, as usual, unable to argue at higher than a 5 year old comprehension level?

        Poor racist. Out of ideas.

        • Bill Smith 999935 says:

          I love when I catch a lib in a hypocritical lie. Hate begins with you.

          • Independent1 says:

            Ahh! When a racist, bigot pathological liar has nothing else to say – all they know how to do is deflection!! Trying to pass the ball back on the person who posed the question or issue they are too dumb answer.

            You fit the bill exactly – a super dumb racist, bigot, fascist, pathological liar!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            You have nothing but lies. The hate starts with you.

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            I hate ignorance.
            I hate racism.
            I hate stupidity.
            Worst of all, I hate willfully ignorant stupid racists like yourself.
            I choose to hate you… because I judge you worthy of my hate.

            I don’t care where it comes from or who started it, knuckle-dragger. Your views are poison, you lack any moral compass… and your Orange God is a racist, KKK-loving Nazi-sympathizer.

            Get it? You love a Nazi. You love racism. You love trolling on behalf of your angry toddler president.
            If I was supporting that sort of sh!t, I’d hate myself…. and the stains of bigotry, racism and neo-Nazism don’t scrub off easy, slimeball.

            Now run along and go play with your angry, white skinhead friends. I’m sure they have woman to objectify, a Mexican to beat up, an LGBTQ person to jeer at, or a Jew to gas…
            You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            You are clearly a hater.

          • Independent1 says:

            And the denial of the truth goes on and on and on!!!!

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            You are still failing to show a comparison between Trump’s and Obama’s actions that isn’t just a stupid picture.
            Sad racist.

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Obama is a fascist, and you know it.

      • JPHALL says:

        So where are the comparisons with racism or fascism beyond one hand in the air? You are the one who lacks intellectual reasoning and instead is full of hate.

        • Bill Smith 999935 says:

          Where are yours, beyond motivated by wishful hate? Facts only please.

          • JPHALL says:

            You are the one trying to make an equivalency, as I merely pointed out. It is now obvious you cannot present any facts beyond a man’s hand in the air.

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Typical liberal.

          • JPHALL says:

            YES, a typical liberal. I believe in facts and the truth. While you right wing nut jobs believe anything that agrees with your world view even lies and nonsense.

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Complete hypocrites.

          • JPHALL says:

            Yes you are!

          • Independent1 says:

            Donald Trump’s ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed

            Trump is more of a psychopath than Hitler, other U.S. presidential contenders, researcher finds

            How fascist is Donald Trump? There’s actually a formula for that (Grading the billionaire on the 11 attributes of fascism).

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            As I suspected, not a single fact.

          • Independent1 says:

            Only in your moronic, mentally retarded mind. Trump’s wife Ivana knew he had a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed THAT’S A FACT!!

            And a researcher trained in assessing people for the traits of Fascism can tell a fascist when they detect one from what they say and do THAT’S ALSO A FACT!!!

            And it doesn’t take an expert to compare Trump’s actions to the actions of known fascists – so you claiming nothing I posted is a fact IS JUST ONE MORE OF YOUR PATHOLOGICAL LIES!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Like most liberals, you like to listen to yourself talk, but you have NO FACTS. MAGA !!

          • Independent1 says:

            And the low IQ conservatives denials go on and on and on. Too stupid to recognize the truth when they hear or read it!!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Your truth is a bald faced lie.

          • Independent1 says:

            BS!! PROVE IT!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Prove it is not. Seems I’ve touched a nerve. Keep going, I’ll keep plucking at it.

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Lol. Nice. Liberal rags are proof? You have a long way to go.

          • Independent1 says:

            And the deflection and denial go on and on and on with low IQ morons llke you!!!!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Look in the mirror to see a moron. God have mercy. MAGA !!

          • Independent1 says:

            That’s right. Make America Great Again by

            Making race relaltions in America much worse!!

            By setting up the economy to collapse into a major recession!!

            By deporting the immigrants who have made America the only true economic power on the planet!!

            By reversing all the environmental regulations that have tried to save lives and America’s natural beauties!!

            By destroying trade relations with virtually every one of America’s trading partners!!

            By making the lives of more and more Americans miserable especially its women!!

            By destroying the voting rights of the vast majority of Americans!!!

            And I could go on and on with the destruction that Trump and the GOP are inflicting on America!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Bad relations start with the libs. True story.

          • Independent1 says:

            And the denial and pathological lies go on and on and on. Denying the truth never ends does it LOSER??

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Libs are the losers, look at the election.

          • Independent1 says:

            Libs aren’;t losers – it’s lowlife conservatives like you who are cheaters!!

            The GOP hasn’t won a fair fought election in almost 20 years!!

            The only way the GOP can win is by cheating!!

            By implementing extreme gerrymandering!!

            By doing everything it can to suppress voting – like turning North Carolina into the equivalent of Gestapo land.

            By doing everything it can to con voters in ways that steal and juryrig votes!!

            By even hacking voting computers to rig the vote counts that allowed Trump TO STEAL THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY!!!

            Slither back into the slime where you below dirtbag!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Look at the facts, that’s all.

          • Independent1 says:

            What facts to do you want to look at?? All facts for the GOP are bad:

            Since 1900 during Republican presidencies America has only achieved a 2.6% GDP growth on average while it’s grown by a 4.3% rate on average under Dems.

            Since 1930, during the 42 years Republicans were in office up to Obama’s two Terms, the Stock market has actually lost value; while under Dems there was more than a 350% gain in the markets.

            All 10 of the most miserable states that Gallup-Healthways says are the most miserable to live in with the worst quality of life are run by the GOP.

            Since 1950, job gains under Democrats have been at least 2 times the job gains achieved under Republicans (republicans are more job killers than job creators).

            Since Nixon was in office, he and every Republican president in office after him have governed with significant deficit spending (Reagan tripled America’s debt and Bush 2 more than doubled it) While every Democrat president who has inherited deficit spending has worked to reduce it – Obama reduced GOP deficit spending further and faster than any president in History.

            More people in Reagan’s administration were indicted for crimes (over 125) with a number going to prison than in the administrations of every president who preceded him after 1900 combined. Reagan was the biggest crook ever in office.

            While Reagan and the 2 Bushes added over 280,000 to America’s government; Carter, Clinton and Obama reduced that number by over 360,000 to where today, America’s government is 320,000 smaller than it was when Reagan left office.

            Do I need to go on and on.. There is not one good thing to say about an Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt.


          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Lol. Your liberal biased polls mean nothing. Recall – Hillary in a landslide ?? Lol !!

          • Independent1 says:

            And Hillary actually won in a landslide by more than 3 million votes WHICH HAD THE GOP NOT HACKED THE VOTING COMPUTERS IN 15-20 STATES IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEEN 6-7 MILLION VOTES!!!


          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            HRC lost the election per the Constitution. I know you guys don’t like that thing, but it’s the governing document of our country.

          • Independent1 says:

            Sorry lowlife, but nothing the GOP does is according to the Constitution. The Constitution does not support the extreme gerrymandering used in virtually all red states; and that’s been proven by judges reversing many of the GOP’s extreme gerrymandering of voting districts.

            The Constitution does not suggest nor promote voter suppression tactics that deny millions of people across the nation of their right to vote.

            The Constitution also does not promote elections fraud which the GOP commits in virtually every state they govern – where the party pulls dirty tricks especially on minority voters to steal their votes in one way or another.

            And the Constitution clearly does not promote the hacking of voting computers which the GOP has clearly done in a number of states.

            Sorry lowlife, but HRC did not lose the election – THE GOP STOLE IT BY CHEATING!!!!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            Sorry soul, your are just too high strung.

          • Independent1 says:

            No, it’s you that’s deliberately acting stupid because of your outright evilness!! Which is a trait of today’s conservatives. Evil as the day is long!!!!

          • Bill Smith 999935 says:

            There you go again. Lol. Take a toke and chill simpleton.

  7. says:

    DUMPSTER DONNY is just a racist snake in sheep’s clothing that wearing a white hateful dunce hat and white dress the evil POS

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