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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has repeatedly bragged about his communications and influence with President Donald Trump. During the presidential campaign, Trump even appeared on Jones’ show, praising Jones’ “amazing” reputation and vowing not to let him down.

As Trump withdraws from the Paris climate accord, here’s a look back at Alex Jones’ perspective on climate change

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7 responses to “Did Trump Learn About Climate Change From Alex Jones?”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Trump doesn’t need anyone to teach him willful ignorance and the arrogance that generates it.

    • Helengfrizzell says:

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  2. Anyone who listens to Alex is definitely deranged. Alex is another of many symptoms—so many seen with Right-Wing extremists—who has been thoroughly immersed in a vat of some sort of noxious fluid which causes a rare form of insanity, and seen only in extremist talk-radio fanatical conservative “jihadists”—phew!!

    And it’s no surprise Trump falls for this sort of crap. Ordinarily, I would have thought Trump’s views on climate change came from reading remarks scribbled on the stalls in restrooms. And then it occurred that reading would be too taxing, so scratch that.

    • FireBaron says:

      Besides, Aaron, we already know that Teflon Donnie doesn’t read! At least Dubya proved he could by reading to a bunch of school children. Granted, he was moving his lips…

  3. johninPCFL says:

    MAGA – slavic for “under the spell of the wizard”. He’s Putin’s puppet – it’s impossible for him to learn anything.

  4. FireBaron says:

    Despite his claims about how well educated he is, Teflon Donnie shows all the intellectual curiosity of a turnip. He only wants to “learn” from people who are willing to reinforce his prejudices.

  5. PrecipitousDrop says:

    Our president makes reckless decisions regarding the future of the globe based on chats with a self-avowed performance artist — and 30% of US voters stubbornly defend them both.
    When and how did we allow so many of our countrymen to become irrational?

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