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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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21 responses to “Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Lowest In 70 Years”

  1. Independent1 says:

    “However, Trump polled better on the economy, with 43% approving of how the president is handling the economy, and a further 41% disapproving of his performance on the economy.”

    It’s way too early to be judging Trump on the economy as many of his negative actions on the economy still need time for them to fully take affect. Such as: the deportation of undocumented immigrants which for some industries are critical to even their viability; and which the CBO projects support about 8 million jobs for native-born Americans; and then there’s the trashing of trade relations with many of America’s long-term trade partners such as Germany and even China; and followed up by his working with the GOP to undermine the futures of millions of middle-class and elderly Americans by enacting a disastrous health care bill – which will dampen their ability to spend on the economy; and there’s even his immigration ban which has already decreased tourism costing companies business (people coming to America to visit do buy things); and the immigration ban and deportation of illegals will ultimately result in a decline in America’s population growth which will translate into reduced customers for America’s businesses; starting initially with a decline in sales for stores such as ‘Babies R Us’.

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    • old_blu says:

      I think he’ll be using President Obama’s economy until September.
      I could be wrong about that, but what are the odds of me being wrong? : ))
      Hello Independent, it’s good to see you.

      • Independent1 says:

        Hi old_blu, it’s good to see you back on here too. It’s been a long time – hope all’s been going well.

        And most of the effect on the economy that Trump has had has been the misguided perception given to the country by it’s media that because Trump is a businessman he knows how to create jobs and drive the economy; when fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. History has shown that businessmen have been terrible presidents – Hoover being one being the worst example in guiding America into the Great Depression. And even today, just like virtually every Republican politician, Trump knows absolutely nothing about how to run a country; or state or city for that matter.

        Here’s a couple articles which support that contention:

        The GOP’s reign of gubernatorial terror: Here are the
        small-government zealots who made their states considerably worse

        Trump’s Economic Plan Would Be a Disaster for the US Economy: Moody’s

        • old_blu says:

          Thank you for those, Gary Legum is a pretty funny guy that can usually get some wood on the ball. I enjoy reading him.

        • TZToronto says:

          C-Suite denizens get paid for lowering costs companies’ costs. They don’t get paid for hiring more and more people. One way to cut costs is to reduce a company’s workforce–fewer bodies means less money paid in wages and benefits. The ideal company these days, from the perspective of investors, is one that has no employees, only machines that require occasional maintenance (by contractors).

          • Independent1 says:

            Yes, it’s really unfortunate that we have people in this world whose love of money drives them into working tirelessly (finding every gimmick they can come up with) to make money upon money at the expense of other peoples’ livelihoods.

    • pisces63 says:

      My daughter takes and makes reservations for car rentals. They usually add more bodies for summer and holidays because of the foreign tourism. They cancelled that. The calls which start around December, did not come. they are down about 70 percent in foreign reservations from Canada, Australia(one of their largest orders), Great Britain, etc. No one wants to come here, now. California is already feeling the loss of migrant workers and crops are rotting in the fields and guess what? The Trump followers blame it on Gov. Brown. That is just the tip of the ice berg. What no one speaks of also, the thousands of jobs that would be lost with the repeal of ACA.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        When your turn the most desirable country in the world into a cesspool of Trump swamp trawlers who’d want to come to the US and worry if they’ll be allowed entry, much less a return home?

        The Trump followers are Putin’s boys and girls. They are not even Trump followers. Ask them how many are paid by Putin’s RT and Guccifer 2.0. Most of these nuts feel empowered by Trump’s willingness to turn the US into a dictatorship.

        Already Sessions got his ass whipped by a court judge for arresting a journalist who laughed at him. And that’s just the tip of the dicktator iceberg.

      • Marilyn says:

        I am not in the travel business but I like to travel so I subscribe to a number of travel newsletters and blogs. Initially some of those writers thought that Trump, being in the hotel business, would be good for travel. I think at this time they have realized that is not true. It should not be a surprise because this is the man who went bankrupt running a casino. I don’t think he really understands much about business or economics for all of his bragging about what a great business man and wheeler dealer he is..

      • Independent1 says:

        “What no one speaks of also, the thousands of jobs that would be lost with the repeal of ACA.”

        Absolutely, and it’s not only the loss of jobs that will impact the economy with the trashing of ACA; what even the wealthy fail to realize is that trashing ACA will once again drive many hospitals to the brink of bankruptcy because they’ll once again be shelling out free healthcare to hundreds of thousands maybe millions of more patients who can’t pay for their care; thereby driving up the costs of the care even for those who consider themselves elites – which could start draining even the monies the upper 20% of Americans have to spend on the economy.

        And when states have to once again start shelling out billions more to keep hospitals in their state afloat, state taxes will have to be raised further cutting into the monies everyone has to spend on the economy and on and on. An economic spiral downward driven by the economic ignorance of Republicans.

  2. old_blu says:

    If it’s that low, he must be starting to lose some of his die hard Trump Groupies.
    I’m surprised it’s that high myself.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The real laugh is how the Putin paid trolls continue to use their lies and distortions to make it appear the Dems are doing nothing.

    Here is an example of what happens when anyone from the Obama Administration is called before a House Committee, you get a moron Republican Rep. from Florida like Posey asking Janet Yellen who has infinitely more financial experience than Yall Alls Poseur Posey about the GAO reports.

    She answers him in the most intelligent, articulate possible manner. Does Dick Boy understand a word she said? You bet he didn’t. So to cover up his braindead lack of intelligence, he provides HER with the answer HE and his Republican nutbags want to hear.

    It’s “MY way or the highway,” with the Corn Pone Kings and Mutton Chops who much prefer answers that fit their back room Republican Government Takeover Agenda. Sorry not on OUR tax dollars. If they want a dicktatorship, they can do it on their own state taxes.

    All the Poseur did was make an absolute ass of himself just like the rest of TeaPublicans do. Their superimposed answers don’t even fit the questions these jerks ask!

    So you see why a lying back pedaler like Trump and his lying gaggle of grifter family members are the pride of the Corn Pones Kings and Queens and their Mutton Chop and Dixiebelle supporters. Dumb is dumb.

  4. Dapper Dan says:

    Trump can thank the horrible mess he inherited for his decent polling on the economy. Nothing like riding The coattail of his predecessor and taking all the credit. That’s probably the only thing propping him up and when the next recession hits it’ll be a doozy and he’ll be polling in the teens or perhaps even single digits by then

  5. Richard Prescott says:

    The only reason the polls are even as high as they are is because his “base” are hard core “he can do no wrong”. Yes, the ones like him who do not view facts as true, but create their own version of reality.

  6. Peter Dagreat says:

    When will Trump lose his ‘base’? When in a attempt to rescue his failing presidency he does what most GOPers fear. Side with the democrats. Of course he won’t do that at any kind of meaningful or effective level. And the democrats would be fools to take him in.
    The last chapter on the repeal-replace campaign is not over. Far from it. We haven’t even seen anything close to bizarre as what it is coming down the pike.

    It’s what happens when you elect a mentally ill and corrupt demagogue.

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