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Monday, December 18, 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump often tells crowds at his campaign rallies that he doesn’t need outside financial support to get to the White House, but some of his fans are starting to feel differently.

Donors to an independent political spending group formed to promote Trump’s candidacy said in interviews on Sunday they were worried by reports describing the millions of dollars Trump’s opponents are spending to attack him.

They said they admired the billionaire businessman’s professed financial independence but thought a cash boost would help keep his fight for the Republican U.S. nomination fair. So 767 people sent in small sums – $25 here, $100 there – hoping it would help prepare him to face his many, moneyed foes.

“He needs all the help he can get,” said Diane Abair, 83, a real estate agent in Redding, California, who sent $50 to the group, Great America PAC.

She said she didn’t think her donation tarnished Trump’s claim that he won’t have to pander as president to any special interest groups because he’s not backed by big donors.

“I’m not somebody that he can be beholden to,” she said.

Trump is facing an onslaught of attacks from other Republicans alarmed by his success, even after controversial statements like his call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Big donors who demurred for months have begun to spend heavily to defeat him.

This poses a new challenge for the candidate, who has so far spent less than his opponents. Between June and February, he loaned his campaign $24 million and raised nearly $10 million more from small donors.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokeswoman, did not respond to a request for comment.

Great America raised just under $74,000 during the first two months of 2016, according to regulatory filings. Its co-chair, Eric Beach, said it had taken in enough since then to commit to spending $1 million on pro-Trump ads. Beach, a California businessman and political strategist, gave $25,000.

“When it comes time for the general election I hope the PAC has got some money left because he’s going to need it,” said Scott Abadie, 54, a veterinarian in New Orleans who donated $100 to Great America PAC.

The group gives $5 of each donation it receives directly to Trump’s campaign. According to co-founder Amy Kremer, this allows each donor to be named individually on financial reports.

“They too can be recognized for even a small donation,” she said.


(Reporting By Emily Flitter; Additional reporting by Grant Smith in NEW YORK; Editing by Caren Bohan and Paul Tait)

Photo: Campaign buttons for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are shown outside a campaign event in Tucson, Arizona March 19, 2016. REUTERS/Sam Mircovich

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10 Responses to Trump ‘Needs All The Help He Can Get,’ Donors Say

  1. What a con man. Loans his campaign millions, which spends it at his OWN companies, then pays back the loans with the donations from gullible idiots. His entire campaign is just another Liberty University scam, only the marks don’t even get to have their picture taken with a cardboard cutout of “His Donaldship”

      • Definitely, and including the money he’s made from selling buttons and his stupid hats (made in Mexico or China). He even charges people to attend his rallies in most places! So, he isn’t really all that “self funded” as he says he is.

  2. There are several apt adages, the first being “A GOP fool and his money are soon parted” & “There is a GOP sucker born every minute” let us not forget “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but only the GOP can be fooled every time”.

  3. Trump obviously has a problem with woman and those that confront him. Donald Trump is a case study for a shrink! Trump needs to see a shrink so he can grow up. But Trump is too conceided to admit he has mental problems, mental flaws. Trump is an immature, egotistical, narrow minded, sick, deranged, mean, self centered, ungodly, evil, wicked, narcasstic, arrogant, revengeful, boastful, lying individual. Trumps only appeal to his narrow minded backers is his and their desire to kick every illegal immigrant out of America and Trump’s bragging that he will bring jobs back to America. Well folks if Trump brinks all those jobs back to America that means that every thing you buy today will cost a lot more and cause another massive Republican caused recession because us Americans can in no way make products as cheaply as those other countries that pay their workers $1 an hour to $3 an hour. On the foreign policy front Trump wants to go into the Middle East and take oil from countries that we Americans helped militarily. Sounds like another Chaney, is that what you Americans want? How many of you soldiers out there are willing to die or get wounded carrying out Trumps ridiculous orders? How many of you families of military personel out there are willing to let your sons and daughters die for Trumps idiotic foreign policy inititives?

    WARNING! The Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouth. The Republicans are deceiving America into trying to make Americans believe that they are repulsed by Trump in many ways yet come election day every single Republican will vote for Trump! Don’t be deceived by these Republicans, they are cons in many ways! The Republicans think that Trump is their best chance of winning the presidential election but are scared that Trump will make many other Republican candidates lose their election as Senators and Representatives of Congress as well as other elected offices. So these Republicans are acting like they don’t like Trump but will hold their noses as they vote for Trump because the Republicans feel that their is no other Republican candidate to beat Clinton. However the Republicans as well as every other American will suffer from Trump’s agenda as he puts high tariffs on all foreign made goods. This will lead to a trade war and turn America into an isolationist nation. Us Americans will then no longer be able to buy less expensive foreign made products as we will then be forced to buy more expensive American made goods. Trump’s policies will also lead to other countries raising tariffs and taxes on American made goods which will lead to less exports. Trump and the Republicans will then again cause another recession in America as your dollar will be able to buy you less and American companies flee America to avert being caught in a new worldwide anti-American movement. Trump also says that we Americans should take oil from countries that we help. Do you Americans think that these Middle East countries are just going to let us Americans go take their oil! How many of you soldiers and families of soldiers out their are willing to die and be wounded or emotionally scared pursuing Trump’s ridiculous foreign policy initiatives? Trump’s macho, short sighted foreign policy initiatives will only get America into many conflicts around the world. Trump will increase the budget deficits as he demands that we increase military spending while also cutting taxes for the rich in many ways. This action will force major budget cuts for the needy. Trump wants to get rid of the EPA which will allow polluters to do what they want. Trump as well as the Republicans don’t believe in global warming and will only cause global warming to become worse. Trump and the Republicans will make abortions illegal within 30 days after gaining control of Congress and the White House. This will lead to a massive increase in the population of babies being born to those that can’t afford to take care of babies and others who don’t want to be parents. But Trump and the Republicans will then turn their backs on those that need help caring for the babies they are forced to have as they do now in every way they can. Trump and the Republicans will destroy America as we know it today. Trump and the Republicans will continue to allow the criminals of America to get all the guns they want as Trump and the Republicans refuse to pass laws that allow people to have guns but pass laws that prevent those that shouldn’t have guns from being able to get guns. Many neighborhoods and businesses in America live in a war zone mentality as criminals are able to get guns easily and terrorize America! If you really care about saving America you better vote for the Democrats to win the White House and the Congress because that is the only way America will be changed for the better!

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