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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Marketing genius is perhaps the most appropriate way to describe Donald J. Trump’s newest incarnation as the announced host — he can hardly be called a “moderator” — of a post-Christmas Republican debate sponsored by Newsmax, the conservative magazine. Why would candidates agree to join this spectacle? (Jon Huntsman quickly declined, although he can always unleash his daughters’ often-brutal Twitter feed on Trump if he raises a ruckus.)

The problem immediately faced by any candidate who might not wish to risk being “fired” by the Donald onstage as millions watch is how to politely decline without being “fired” in a super-heated blast of publicity right now. As President Obama discovered earlier this year, the press eagerly latches onto Trump at every opportunity, even when he sounds utterly deranged.

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10 responses to “Trump? The Republican Primary Is Now Officially A Gong Show”

  1. dawnowens says:

    was say no. If they had all boycotted this nutcase’s newest version of self-aggrandizement, he would have been left with egg on his wig. Why did they fall for it, is free airtime that important when you have over a dozen more or less ‘real’ debates?

  2. F.E.W says:

    People dont realize that the devil gives people of influnce power and money to help bring other people to go to hell with them. Do u remember when the devil took Jesus up on the high mountain and told Jesus all the things in the wold i will give u if u bowe down and worship me? Jesus said get behingd me satan thy shall not temp the Lord thy God. Donald Trumps money came from the devil to lead u to hell!! Dont follow him.

  3. TUBALINAL says:

    Trump as a moderator of a debate of Republican presidentiables is a big joke. With him there, it will be like staging an event worse than a comical gong show. BTW,will Michelle Bachman be cast as Tarzan’s Jane? I will prefer watching a fictional Tarzan film than watching Trump and Michelle in a show.

  4. PattReid says:

    This is just more of the reality entertainment that Americans have so numbed-dumb with over the last decade. Now that I think about it, the entire Republican campaign circus is just another over-the-top reality show. The only good candidate they have, they are totally ignoring. Tune in next week to see who get their turn in the spotlight. How embarrassing.

  5. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    lacquer shortage causes debate delay, trump’s makeup entourage in helicopter crash, cain disappears with an aide just before debate starts, Ron Paul found to be sleeping while repeating 20-year old message about constitution, audience panders to camerawoman doing close-up of bachman’s earring, Perry burps shoe out during puzzled moment…….headlines about debate. Ron Paul for president…..

  6. GoodGuyNY says:

    Why not Donald Trump? He is a conservative/Republican. He knows the issues. He is much better at squeezing people than what’s his name Chris whatever. I think it will be interesting. I don’t believe it will be a circus.

  7. GoodGuyNY says:


  8. dawnowens says:

    Remember when t’Rump said he had sent investigators to Hawaii and they were finding some ‘very interesting things’? We have yet to hear the results, mostly because he was lying through his teeth. May I suggest that a REAL reporter nail him down as to what investigative firm he sent (or were they just t’Rump goons?) and what they discovered that was so interesting? Cuz he’s just another self-aggrandizing blowhard liar (with the world’s most laughable hair), and he’s thinking about getting in the race if the present lineup doesn’t answer his idiotic questions just right…

    PS: OTOH, with the CainTrain in full derailment, Michelle effectively silenced (religion makes people stupid), Perry’s likely got some drug abuse concerns and thinks studying his own issues papers is too much like 6th grade homework, Newtie is a Lizard, pure and simple, Santorum… well, is Santorum, Romney it turns out is made of a rather incendiary form of plastic, and everybody is studiously ignoring Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer, not to mention Rocky Anderson who just started his own Justice Party and will be up to speed soon enough. Yeah, t’Rump, feel free to enter the race. The clown crowd is thinning out and the Comedy Channel needs the material.

  9. terango.lf says:

    Well Trump is big money, I guess that to the GOP candidates thats like a moth to a flame. It’s unfortunate that Trump can take a big DUMP on the presidential elections.

  10. Dennis W says:

    There have been so many Republican debates it is hard to tell them apart. There was the debate that just had to happen on a Tuesday so a presidential announcement on jobs legislation got scheduled the first Thursday of NFL Thursday Night Football. No one remembers much of that debate except Rick Perry was befuddled and unprepared. So Donald Trump thinks he can add to this debate schedule? His ego really is massive.

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