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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump has threatened to sue Angelo Carusone — the creator of the DumpTrump campaign — for $25 million unless he stops urging retail giant Macy’s to drop its partnership with the reality TV star and former Mitt Romney supporter.

The DumpTrump campaign highlights the department store’s continued association with Trump’s pattern of bigoted bullying, typified by his birtherism, which continued even after the president produced the so-called “long-form birth certificate” the real estate developer demanded.

Carusone, a Macy’s customer, received a letter from Trump’s attorney in late December and is now going public with the threat after his attempts to reach out to the venerable retailer privately failed.

“I informed [Macy’s] that Trump’s attorney told my attorney that Macy’s was supportive of this litigation. I asked them if that was true and also asked them how they felt about one of their spokespeople attacking their customers like this,” Carusone told The National Memo. “They didn’t deny or confirm Trump’s attorney’s claim. All they said was that they are not a party to this litigation and some generic language about respecting my opinion, but declined my offers to work toward resolution.”

Trump’s legal threat seemed to be predicated on the campaign having a negative effect on his “brand.” YouGov Brandindex Recommend, which measures brand perception, showed Macy’s loyalty score with women diving last year during the peak of the petition drive.

Since Carusone made the threat public, The Donald has gone out of his way to assert that his products are still doing well at Macy’s.

“The brand is doing spectacular business. The ties are one of the top selling in the country,” Trump told Women’s Wear Daily.

Wednesday he tweeted that Carusone’s effort was actually helping him sell his products:

Then the handsome and well-coiffed billionaire went on to tweet a list of the “10 Ugliest Female Celebrities”, which is exactly Carusone’s point. Does Macy’s really want to be associated with that kind of bile?

Trump also recently threatened to sue Bill Maher because the comic did not pay up on a “bet” that challenged Trump to prove he isn’t half orangutan. That seemed like a typical Trump publicity stunt.

But Carusone believes that the intention of Trump’s threat to him was to create a chilling effect that would make the DumpTrump campaign go away.

“I don’t see this legal threat as an attempt to generate publicity, at least not the kind that would help Trump advance his objectives,” Carusone said. “I believe this threat is a transparent attempt by a wealthy bully to silence me, stop the participants in the DumpTrump effort and intimidate others.”

He also echoed Maher’s assessment of Trump’s willingness to use lawsuits to intimidate critics.

” I agree that the legal system is not a joke and should not be used as a toy for rich people to play with.”

Continue reading for the letter Carusone’s attorney sent to Trump’s attorney.

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  • Gregory Williams

    TRUMP the CHUMP tried to use THUGGERY to frighten this man – glad the man stood up and said TRY IT TRUMP and he TRUMPED THE TRUMP CHUMP.

  • docb

    Ties made in China of cheap design and material… He is a cheap basta comb-over.. A coward and was a bully in prep much so, that Daddy had to build a building to keep him in school and sent to military school to keep him out of jail!
    He is fast to threaten bu faster to back up..Coward!

    • jakenhyde

      Oooooohhh. I can smell a lawsuit coming your way via The Donald. ;o) $100 million sound about right?

      • metrognome3830

        More like $200 Mil. He has to recoup the butt-kicking loss he took on his Casino Empire in Atlantic City.

    • TRUMPED hypocrite and at the same time lambasting China!

    • And he attacks China… looney can you be!

  • daniel bostdorf

    I believe his family should get an intervention for his extreme nariccism, in my opinion. Maybe it is an early form of Altzheimers?

  • The fact that he is threatening to sue anyone who criticizes him or encourages supporters to end their association with Trump confirms he is a bigoted bully. The man is a narcissistic, conceited. man who after being rejected by voters continues to seek the limelight by demonizing our leaders. He represents the worst of our society, and a man condemn to irrelevancy. The worse thing that can be done to people like Donald Trump is to ignore him.

    • gahoof

      Be careful, Dom. I’m not sure you couldn’t be the next target of a Trump law suit.

      I guess I could be a target, too. after all, I wrote Macy’s a letter requesting the closing of my Macy’s charge account, citing their having a spokesperson like Donald Trump who, in my opinion, makes so many irresponsible statements and is insulting to our President. In the envelope were pieces of my cut-up Macy’s charge card. It felt good to do that.

      On second thought, maybe being sued by Trump could be considered a badge of honor.

      • Donald the Trumpeter will have to get very creative to get much out of me. If I had a Macy’s card I would emulate you, no sense spending our money in an outfit that hires people like Donald as their spokesman. I like the last sentence in your post.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Trump is a typical CEO tyrant. It’ their way or the highway. It’s why for generations, employes have had the cards stacked against them even with the miniscule labor laws in existence today. A man who owns a business isn’t a czar. Trump seems to think so. All Trump’s behavior shows is just how insidious the tyranny of limitless wealth can be.

    These rich twits now rule. Democracy died when they were allowed to buy their candidates with Supreme Court approval.

  • Lovefacts

    As usual, when Trump opens his mouth he proves he’s not only a narcissist but a fool with thin skin.

  • It’s not just Angelo who wants Trump dumped, but most intelligent people do. He is a narcissistic conceited arrogant individual who should be stopped. Don’t watch his stupid show on TV, there is no entertainment value in it what so ever. Trump is a bully and he thinks he can bully the rest of us, sorry we don’t just roll over for the likes of him!!!!

  • jakenhyde

    This clown is not even a good businessman… least probably not an honest one. If he’s a billionaire, as he tends to claim, why has he gone through so many bankruptcies? And, if he’s got all that money, why hasn’t he paid them off to clear his murky name?

  • roguerunners

    How in the world can the writer of this article refer to Trump as “handsome”??????? Guess beauty IS really in the eye of the beholder.

    • I think the author was being sarcastic.

  • sounds like his children should consider taking over for him. i really think trump is losing it.

  • Macy you should really consider dropping trump.

  • What Trump, the Rump, wants above all else is publicity, negative if need be. I say ignore him eventually he will go away. He is of no significance

  • JDavidS

    Thin-skined, bigoted, loud-mouthed asshole. Macys… Dump the Chump!

  • He’s a big fool and a bigger clown… and like one commentator put it…. once he is ignored he will hopefully go away. He craves attention, no matter where he gets it. And unfortunately, it’s from other fools. What does that say about Macys. They really need to rethink their association….

  • elw

    There should be a law that includes a financial punishment for people like trump who waste the courts time and effort for filing repeated nonsense court cases that they know will go nowhere. It would quickly get rid of all the birthers out there and publicity hounds like Trump.

  • Don’t like him at all and I hope people will not watch The Apprentice when it starts. I will not watch at all, no matter who is on this year. Trump says terrible things about people but when someone says something to him or about him, he calls his lawyers. Strange man.

  • RobertCHastings

    Where is the petition! I will sign it, gladly! What is it, the Dump Trump Petition, or the Dump On Trump Petition. I will sign either one, as often as I can.

  • doumor_99

    The mention that the legal system is not a toy for Rich people? That is all it is! You think a street kid in LA gives 2 cents what laws are passed? He is concerned about his next meal and where he will sleep that night. His assessment of Trump would be I might let you go after I take your watch and wallet. The rich have forgotten the laws of nature.

  • jstsyn

    That hair do of his puts one in mind of Liberace. Bet he’d love to hear that one.

    • I doubt Liberace would have cared to be compared to The Donald (and yes I am being sarcastic). Personally I think Liberace had more class.

      • Definitely. He was a better human being too, but then that isn’t hard compared to Trump.

    • Liberace’s hair I think was real. The Donald? not so much.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I guess The Donald feels he’s the only one entitled to First Amendment free speech rights. I wish NBC would man-up and cancel his show. (I think it’s NBC; I could never stomach to watch the show.)

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Ah, Donald, the gift that keeps on giving . . . if he didn’t exist, the Democrats would have to create him. I seriously think that every time he opens his mouth, another thousand voters shake their heads in disgust and turn their backs on the GOP forever.

  • gopersareignorant

    Too bad nbc and the networks won’t dump his sorry ass. Everyone should dump nbc for glorifying this asshole.

  • Ignoring … and shopping elsewhere.

  • srgm

    You know what would really work in situations like this? A judiciary with some balls. Whenever a frivolous lawsuit comes before them the lawyers get a Contempt of Court citation, up to and including fines and some jail time. If that happens often enough, this kind of suit will go away, as no lawyer wants to spend THAT much time with their clients, sharing the stainless steel toilet.

  • I can not shop in a store that donald is part of. I much prefer Dillards or Target!!!!

  • Terry

    I already cut up my Macy’s card and returned it to them with a note stating it was due to Macy’s supporting Trump. I can sincerely state, that they could be selling a tie I really liked from his line for a dollar and I wouldn’t purchase it. The man represents far too many subjects and does so in such a nasty way I cannot support him or sadly Macy’s (it’s a great store). They dump Trump or I do not step foot in one. Their merchandise can be found in many retailers. I just submitted a vote to Dump Trump online. We all can make choices, I’ve made mine and I hope it’s temporary Macy’s.

  • Rosalind Hebron

    Macy’s will get rid of his azz, if this continued… Macy’s doesn’t want this to effect the “profit”

    Donald Has To Go, please take Martha with him…..

  • CLOWN TRUMPED indeed…and also a coward!threatening?

  • MVH1

    Trump uses bankruptcy as a toy and tool to stay rich, why not frivolous lawsuits. He should actually pursue one of these suits and when he loses, he will have to pay the costs of the other side as well.

  • … handsome and well-coiffed billionaire?

    Not hardly.

  • tax payer

    Does he even have 25 million dollars to spare?