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Monday, June 25, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

The abominable AHCA (or simply “Trumpcare), the House Republican’s replacement of Obamacare, is being felt far and wide. While the Senate has already said it has no intention of taking up the House version and the hope is it will die there, many are frightened by the sheer amount of malice that it contains.

Among the great many negatives in the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare, it seems that one of their hastily-added “improvements” to the bill could wind up making 7 million military veterans ineligible for health care tax credits. Indeed, the very party that shamelessly exploits our troops out of political expediency–feigning patriotism in the form of tacky flag pins is now screwing veterans Worst of all, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has absolutely no answer for it.   The snafu was discovered by Chris Jacobs, the Former Policy Advisor for the House Republican Conference under Chairman Mike Pence. Here was what Jacobs discovered:

The most recent estimates suggest about 9.1 million individuals are enrolled in VA health programs. However, a 2014 Congressional Budget Office score of veterans’ choice legislation concluded that about 8 million [veterans] qualify to enroll in VA’s health system but have not enrolled. Subtracting for VA enrollment gains since that CBO score leaves approximately seven million veterans eligible for, but not enrolled in, VA health programs, and thus potentially affected by the House’s ‘technical’ change.

Just when you thought these disingenuous, greedy lawmakers couldn’t possibly get any more evil, they go full-blown Lex Luthor. Here was the very angry response from Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Outreach for VoteVets:

What started as a bad bill has now turned into a grotesque Frankenstein monster, a crude and rushed patchwork of mini-bills that hurt people who can least afford it. Now, we find out that Trumpcare will strip tax credits from potentially millions of veterans, and flood the VA with new patients at a time the VA is understaffed to handle a rush, thanks to the Donald Trump’s hiring freeze.Since the freeze went into effect, we’ve already seen wait times lengthen; the claims backlog that President Obama had virtually eliminated, starting to grow again. This will only cause things to get worse. We cannot put it more simply than this: Trumpcare will punish veterans. You cannot be pro-veteran and vote for Trumpcare.

Now, we all know how much Trump loves to pretend he gives a crap about the military so as to compensate for his macho insecurity and lack of military service. But not even Spicer could spin this when speaking to reporters. Here was his exchange with John Gizzi of Newsmax.  GIZZI: Several publications, including Sara’s, reported today that as a result of a change of a few words, veterans who benefited from a program called Veterans’ Affairs or had the option of getting tax credits would now get neither under the new legislation and that seven million veterans would be cost health care. Is the administration following this, and is urging Congress to do anything about it?

SPICER: Most veterans get their health care through Tri-care, or through Medicare if they’re over 65, or a combination thereof, correct?

GIZZI: And this is — well, but there’s two programs: One is the Veterans’ Affairs program, and the other is the option, this is under the current law, to have tax credits. And my understanding, again from Sara’s publication this morning and several others, is that seven million veterans could possibly lose both under this plan.

SPICER: Yeah, I — I’d have to follow-up with you, I’m not aware of any modifications to Tri-care, in particular, that would have that effect.

There is positively no way to spin this horrendous bill no matter how much Spicer tries, for it has about as much chance surviving in the Senate as a cancer patient has living on it.


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24 Responses to If Trumpcare Ends Up Happening, Up To 7 Million Veterans Could See Their Health Care Ruined

  1. The GOP giving the shaft to veterans isn’t really a surprise (to me at least), they’ve consistently worked to cut funding for the VA every chance they get and even during the height of the Great Recession GOPers refused to help veterans by extending their unemployment benefits during a terrible time to find a job.

    • I would also be willing to bet that there are currently more Democrats with DD-214s than Republicans in our Congress.

      • Many Republicans come from wealth and privilege. They can’t be expected to put themselves in service to our country and especially in harms way. Just look at old ‘Bone Spurs”. He played in athletics in college but as soon as he graduated and was 1A he suddenly had debilitating bone spurs. Check the Chickenhawk Database. It is overwhelmingly populated by Republicans. For example, Ken Starr who prosecuted Clinton and had Daddy’s connections, had psoriasis for a draft deferment. I also had psoriasis but since my Dad was just a farmer, I ended up drafted into the Marines. In the Marines, I had a friend who had so bad in the fall that he almost was hospitalized. He was drafted into the Marines. Like I always say, Republicans aren’t afraid to send anybody else’s kid to fight.

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  2. Spicer is an idiot. TRICARE covers only those veterans who put in the 20 plus years and retired from the military. That approximates about 2 million. Under TRICARE for Life (age 65 and over) we have to pay for PartB Medicare before we can get this TRICARE program. Only 5% of veterans spent 20 plus years to retire from the military.

  3. So, congratulations to the millions of veterans who were too smart to vote for the Orange Peril. You were right!! We are with you!! We are also with the millions of veterans who did vote for Tump and invite you to join us.

  4. its simple to under stand how Trumpcare Will Kill Veterans . first TrumpDONTcare about nothing but him self . THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW could kill more people then Hitler and he would have a party bragging how good he is . he is a deranged sick minded clown that is not only a danger to the USA but the world also . If Trumpcare Ends Up Happening, Up To 7 Million Veterans Could See Their Health Care Ruined << this would and will be the DUMPSTER's start to killing the VETS and a lot more people that have and benefit from the ACA . the only thing that is making the ACA fail is 1) the governors of states that wont let the people of those states benefit from the ACA reason's hate. racist for a black man that wanted to help the people of the country more then any white person in office now . if thy was to just forget their racist hate and see its not called Obamacare its the ACA . the simple minded racist haters all thy have to do it never use OBAMACARE and just call it the ACA . the racist governors that wont let the ACA be used in their states are taking away from the people thy was voted into office to work for them . (not their racist hate ) the ACA failing comes down to so many things . be it that the 1 & 2 % percent of the greedy rich was to pay just a fair share of only a % percentage % that's it no more no less . with that this country would have a lot less problems with money issues . yes OMG what thy say be fair ????/ are you kidding pay the same as any and every one else ??????/ unheard of to them . thy then say DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE ???/ DO YOU ? WE ARE THE GREEDY ONES IN THIS COUNTRY LIKE THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW PRESIDENT THAT THINK ONLY OF OUR SELFS . what wrong with all you people ? we are rich because we are greedy . and the GOP gang of pinheads work for us and only us . and we want to let the people of this country know this . its you that puts them in office yes . but when thy get there by your votes thy no longer work for you thy go straight to working for us and only us (THE 1 & 2 % OR THE GREEDY RICH PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY ) when will it was first the brain dead GOP & THE GREEDY RICH followers to now THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW brain dead followers . all problems can be fixed for the USA if only people was to wake up and vote people in office that seek to help and work for the country and ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY not just the few . the people have the power its just we have to use the power to help all the people and the whole country and not just parts and the few . wake up time PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY OF THE USA its said the USA is the most powerful country on earth . with the way the people put these Gang Of Pinheads you make the world laugh at the USA and seeing the USA with one of the smallest and weakest brain spans or the world

  5. Our veterans will NOT be denied insurance. These men and women are guaranteed health care and President Trump will make it great health care, instead of the miserable system they have now. After seeing how the Obama administration has treated our veterans how can anyone in their right mind believe President Trump is going to hurt our veterans?

    • Yezzzz they won’t be denied – they’ll just continue to sit in a waiting room – waiting to be seen by a doctor and die before they can get in.

      GOP = DEATH to our Seniors, Vets and anyone with a pre-existing condition.

        • Uhh no. Under President Bush vets were turned away and waited until they died.
          Under President Obama, vets wait times were cut down to 1/4.
          Under illegitimate prez Dump – vets benefits will be cut to nothing.

          • President Trump is a legally elected President of the United States. He is committed to the veterans. You are ignoring all the reports and proof of how bad the VA was under Obama. President Bush has nothing to do with this discussion. You probably believe crooked Hillary is the Pres.

          • Legally? And committed to our veterans? Hahahahaha. OMG you’re hilarious. Did you not read the article – over 7 million vets will loose some sort of coverage.
            Sure your baboon is in office but not due to the popular vote. He lost BIGLY on that.
            And at what cost? Our humanity? Our morality? Our jobs? Our freedom? Our healthcare? Our clean air & water? Our respect? Our dignity? Our middle class?
            Your baboon has targeted all that and more and all in 100+ days. He’s doing a great job!
            And yes Bush should be part of this discussion. Under Bush our vets had the biggest loss in benefits. President Obama at least rolled back some of the Bush/Cheney cuts.
            Now go get your alt-right Putin paid check and troll elsewhere itsfun.

          • President Trump is doing a great job. Just in case you didn’t know, our nation has been using the electoral college to elect the President for a year or two now. He only lost the popular vote because of California. There in the land of fantasy he lost by over 4 million votes, he won the popular vote in the other 49 combined. He has brought back jobs, giving us freedom from useless government regulations. We now have the respect of the world, not being the joke of the world by drawing red lines. Again you on the left are making up things about the President and Putin. Not even a shred of evidence has been produced. The only evidence about Russia and a candidate is about Hillary and her campaign. Our veterans will thrive with President Trump and you just keep believing your fake news reports and lies from Democrat politicians. Have you just ignored the reports that President Trump would win again if the election was tomorrow? To bad you believe all the lies and fake news.

          • He’s failing bigly and you’re a lemming for thinking otherwise. I’m going to stop there because my time is more valuable than wasting it on trying to educate you on how HORRIBLE your dark orange lord actually is.
            But I will leave you with this advise – turn off Fox news and try some other outlet to get true factual reporting.

          • President Trump is doing great. How much do you watch FOX news? You seem to know everything they have on the air. You must watch it a lot.

  6. Not surprising that Agent Orange and the GOP cowards would stick it to our vets. They are the first to send them into war and the first to deny them help when they return.
    Good job all you MAGA dimwits. Go ahead and follow your dark lord over the cliff. That’ll just leave more room for the rest of us who put humanity first over our bank accounts to dig good ol’ America back out of the gold lined swamp.

    • Arguing with simpleminded “itsfun” is a waste of time, he keeps repeating the ridiculous argument that if we don’t count the largest populated state in the country Trump would have won the popular vote. He forgets the other 55 million voters that cast their vote for her. Itsfun will continue to ignore all of Trump’s failings.

      • Thanks for the nod Bill P. I’ve sparred before with Itsfun and he’s a idiot but at least I try to beat some sense into its thick skull.

        • I think itsfun’s skull is way too thick, he started with the comment that is was the 3 million illegal voters who made Trump lose the popular vote. Then he claimed is was due to only 2 states – NY and CA – that made Hillary win the popular vote. Now he has claimed that is was only CA that made Hillary win the popular vote. He never explains how she received 65+ million votes, I didn’t realize that these 2 states were that populated.

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