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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

Anthony Scaramucci is two things Jeff Sessions is not. One, he is a New Yorker. Two, he is a New Yorker who made a bundle in finance.

It matters not that the new White House communications director once called Donald Trump a “hack politician” on Fox Business. Or that Scaramucci has said he is for gay marriage, opposes the death penalty, doesn’t want a wall with Mexico, is pro-choice and worries about climate change.

OK, so he gave money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and tweeted: “I like Hillary. Have to go with the best athlete.” Big deal. All is forgiven.

“I’m a New Yorker. He’s a New Yorker,” Scaramucci said on TV. “We’re allowed to go at it a little bit.”

The former senator from Alabama is definitely not a New Yorker. That Sessions gave up much, his dignity included, to loyally serve the president also does not matter. Sessions played a key role in getting Trump elected, herding so-called social conservatives into a libertine’s camp. Trump held his first big rally in Mobile. He returned to the Azalea City shortly after the election to soak up more adoration.

Trump’s public humiliation of Sessions did expose the one-sided nature of their relationship. Trump told The New York Times, of all people, that he regrets making Sessions the attorney general. He slammed Sessions for giving “bad answers” during his confirmation hearing. Sessions took it on the chin.

Trump cannot get past Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe. Of course, Sessions shouldn’t have lied or “forgotten” about his contacts with Russians during the campaign. But once the cat got out, he took the proper step of taking himself out of the investigation.

Some folks back home in Alabama seem vexed at the brutality of Trump’s attack. Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting cannot compute Trump’s rage at Sessions for recusing himself. “Trump expects the attorney general to not do the right thing for the country?” he said to Politico.

To which we ask the mayor, What ballpark do you think we’re playing in?

There was always a New York rat pack element to this administration, more social than partisan. But it mostly involved guys close to the money. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin once worked for a hedge fund run by liberal financier George Soros. And Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is a registered Democrat. Both are Goldman Sachs alumni.

Characters are welcome. What’s not to like about a communications director whose nickname is “The Mooch”? Asked whether he’ll tell the truth, Scaramucci offered a wiseguy reply: “I hope you can feel that from me just from my body language.”

Scaramucci is an interesting choice because this showboating New Yorker has been tasked with talking to the rest of the country. He’s also why Sean Spicer quit as White House spokesman.

Rhode Islander Spicer seems to suffer when he repeats Trump’s lies. The Mooch will probably have fun doing it.

Scaramucci is said to be a threat to White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. Goodbye to Wisconsin?

Many make the mistake of confusing “Trump country” with the country Trump inhabits. The former is where the people who still buy his act reside. Conservatives such as Sessions serve as satellite staff to sell his bizarre explanations to the faithful.

The latter is Manhattan and Washington, with a winter annex in Palm Beach.

In a fabulous gesture over the weekend, Scaramucci directly addressed the president during a television interview. “We’re going to get your agenda out into the heartland,” he said in his Long Island accent. Bet he can dance, too.

Mooch, the rat pack welcomes you to “the Summit.”

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12 responses to “Trump’s New York Rat Pack Continues To Grow”

  1. FireBaron says:

    “That Sessions gave up much, his dignity included, to loyally serve the president also does not matter.” Sorry, Froma, but Sessions never had any dignity. Any person with dignity would not have fought as hard against Civil, Voting and Education rights as Sessions has since the 1980s. The only thing about him that even bears a resemblance to dignity is that he never raises his voice. But a bigot is still a bigot, no matter how “dignified” he appears.

    • Right you are. Dignity left Sessions utterly back in the 60’s, and hasn’t been seen since.

    • stcroixcarp says:

      As much as I want that creepy elf gone from the Justice department, I admire his grit in defying trump. Sessions’ agenda for the country is a disaster. I hope that trump will be impeached along with his crooked sanctimonious VP and all of the swamp creatures will crawl back into their slime lined holes.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Sessions will never resign. Even Sessions, as light on the intelligence is as sly as an old fox who will make Trump wish he wasn’t born.

        Already, the rebel troops in the House and Senate are bristling at how Trump is trying to force Sessions to resign. If that’s what Trump thinks, it only shows how Sessions will outwit him.

        I’m no fan of Sessions either. I dislike his Draconian policies and his all too authoritarian attitude. But, either Trump is trying to subvert Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) with regard to legal mandates for recusal or Trump is playing is usual CEO style “loyalty to Trump” games.

        Either way, no one pledge allegiance to Trump. And all 3 branches of government are equal, not subservient to the president. Trump hates these “minor” details.

      • dpaano says:

        It’s my dream EVERY night when I go to sleep!

  2. “Some folks back home in Alabama seem vexed at the brutality of Trump’s attack. Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting cannot compute Trump’s rage at Sessions for recusing himself. “Trump expects the attorney general to not do the right thing for the country?” ”

    To all Trump worshipers in this Forum, quietly sulking about Trump’s daily demise, and to those outside the Forum, isn’t it odd that some of you are vexed at Trump’s brutality? I’m not, and expected as much, because it’s due to the lack of ethical training by his parents, plus the obstacle of way too much money serving as a major distraction for this panty-waist who is so enamored with himself that he needs to humiliate others to make himself feel like a man.

    For all those expecting Trump to tell it like it is, well, Donald is doing just that. And Jeff, Tillerson, and the folks in Alabama should be proud that Donald is giving a good old-fashion tongue-lashing to his lackeys—Donald is “telling it like it is”.

    So, Trump lovers, don’t dismay if Trump keeps embarrassing himself and others with his uncivilized tongue and manners. He’s doing exactly what you expected of him, and doing what you got so excited about during his con artistry of a campaign.

    • InformedVoter says:

      Poor AofP, you are totally mistaken if you think President Trump’s popularity is shrinking. On the other hand, if the election were to be held today, President Trump would win by a larger margin and even carry the national popular vote too. So how many of HilLIARy’s supporters would vote for President Trump this time around. Or how many, who didn’t vote at all, would now vote for President Trump are the big questions. Unfortunately for low information sheep like you, it’s number 2 that is the bigger factor.

      The American voters, despite all the negative press from the FAKE MSM, are seeing through the left’s BS and they actually think President Trump is doing a good job. The fact that President Trump accomplished more in his first 4 months than obozo did has not gone unnoticed by the voters.

      Now that just about every liberal news source has admitted that there is zero chance the President Trump will be removed from office, what, oh what will you fake religion force you to do?

  3. Thoughtopsy says:

    Yep that’s my assessment too.
    The Mooch is a NY financier with the personality of a thug fixer. He has no detectable morals or ethics.
    Where Spicer provided entertainment through his masochism and suffering because he knew he was lying…. Scaramucci won’t even blink.
    There will be no suffering because he, like the Donald, views words merely as a means to an end. Truth, or lack of it, is completely irrelevant.

    I think the amusement of the Mooch will come from watching his Kim-Jong-Un-style, “Dear Leader”, soft and loving Trump blowj0bs on camera as he details how athletic, lucky, genius-level intelligent, and unfailingly honest his glorious orange God-King is to the schmoes that will lap that drivel up.

    He’s already said Trump “throws spirals through tires”, and “shots three pointers that only swish”… I assume the next quote will be how Trump got 9 holes in one in his first round of golf, and wrestled a tiger to the ground using only one arm and an egg whisk…

    Expect much absurdity.

    • dpaano says:

      I personally can’t wait….it’s always a laugh fest when Trump’s communication gang get up to the podium! It’s hard to figure out how they can actually keep a straight face while telling such blatant lies!

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Shakespeare once wrote: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”Politics and money also make strange bedfellows. In politics and money, you can lash two men together with totally opposing views and their political or financial goals will bring them together with super glue.

    This is why Trump is a thug magnet. He attracts only people to himself who under the skin are of the same mindsets. Get it. Get it anyway you can. Don’t worry about laws or rights and never but never worry about consequences. This is what Trump taught his 3 children.

    Moochie is another of the middle age little boys who believes, as Trump does, in his own power. These guys get blindsided by their own self created self images of the guys with the pretty faces, double talk and under the skin vengefulness that rivals that of Hitler.

    Trump has no idea how disastrous his big mouth will be now to every red blooded Confederate below the Mason Dixon line. Double cross or use a single one of them and you do it to all in their view.

    Would that Metro region people were so clanny. As for Moochie, his job will be shortlived. Why? There is NO WAY Sessions will resign. Rebels would rather die than surrender. Trump, as always, steps into the pile of manure and the rank odor never gets to his nose until he faints from it. Same thing with Russia.

    He spent decades making deals with Russian oligarchs never once considering the ramifications that maybe, just maybe, everyone of them wanted in on the US real estate so they could launder money and infiltrate the government in order to manipulate our political process.

    Now, Trump is doing the Stupid Dance all over again on this time in Dixieland. Watch those Stars and Bars fly in his face now. Sessions handed Trump 40,000 votes in Alabama. Now Trump trashes Sessions?

  5. latebloomingrandma says:

    The only thing left in this administration is someone getting a horse head in his bed. Doesn’t the slimy Mooch look like someone who would order that?
    When oh when, will the Congress put me out of my misery? What are they waiting for???

  6. dpaano says:

    I laughed when I read the part about Trump being mad at Sessions for his answers during his confirmation…..seriously? I guess truth hurts as far as Trump is concerned. He also fails to understand that the oath that his cabinet members took was to the United States and NOT to the president!

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