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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

How do you identify the Trump supporters at a football game? Easy. They’re the ones who leave at halftime. They assume they know the outcome. They don’t realize the teams will return to the field. Or they think the game is taking way too long.

That’s the equivalent of their belief that the suspicions of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives have been dispelled and should not be pursued any longer. Since former FBI Director James Comey testified on Capitol Hill, the Trump camp has declared victory.

“After 7 months of investigations & committee hearings about my ‘collusion with the Russians,’ nobody has been able to show any proof,” Trump tweeted. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) insisted, “I have yet to see anything, even a scintilla. And so it’s time to wrap this up.” An article in National Review said Democrats have “all but given up on their quest to prove the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow.”

Oh, really? Comey did say that when he left the FBI, Trump was not under investigation. But he didn’t exactly pulverize the collusion fears. The Trump campaign, he said, was under investigation, even if the person in charge was not (at least not at the time Comey was fired).

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked, “Do you think Donald Trump colluded with Russia?” Comey replied, “It’s a question I don’t think I should answer in an open setting.” Some exoneration.

The lack (so far as we know) of direct evidence implicating Trump hardly proves that he or his campaign didn’t work with the Kremlin. He publicly invited Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was collusion in plain sight.

People working for him had many contacts with Russian officials and businesspeople — at least 18 calls during the final seven months of the campaign, according to Reuters. What were they talking about? Ice hockey? Borscht recipes?

A lot of evidence in criminal cases is circumstantial. It doesn’t directly prove guilt but supports inferences of guilt. Trump’s conduct offers a lot of evidence consistent with the theory that he was up to no good.

He has done business with Russian investors and met with Russian oligarchs. In 2008, son Donald Jr. said, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets.” High-level Trump aides have exploited moneymaking opportunities in Russia.

Another disturbing revelation is Comey’s testimony that in his conversations, the president showed no interest in how Russian interference may have affected the campaign or could threaten our security.

That silence highlights the big thing Trump’s allies overlook: his weird enchantment with Vladimir Putin and his eagerness to excuse Russia’s hostile behavior. This is not normal for a president, particularly a Republican. And no one has a reassuring way to explain the infatuation.

It could be Trump is naive. It could be he has some clever plan that is not apparent even to members of his own party. But darker explanations are more plausible. Maybe he has business interests in Russia to protect. Maybe he secretly collaborated with Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton. Maybe Putin has information he is using to blackmail Trump.

The president’s fierce aversion to transparency is not comforting. He has refused to release his tax returns, which could shed light on any business he’s done there. He fired Comey for delving into the Russia matter. He repeatedly rails against those conducting the probe.

In demanding a quick end to it, his defenders don’t sound confident the investigation will validate his innocence. They sound terrified it won’t.

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14 Responses to Trump’s Putin Crush, And Other Signs Of Guilt

  1. Trump has mafia ties in the USA and Putin is the head of the Russian mafia I think there is some kind of collusion going on.

    • I agree… I saw a story saying that the FBI, among others, has been investigating him for 15-20 years through informants in order to continue to collect data on Mafia dealings… If that’s true then they have a truly massive amount of evidence hidden somewhere.

    • Trump has mafia ties in the USA and Putin is the head of the Russian mafia I think there is some kind of collusion going on.///
      very well could be and now im sure if it is that way hen the Russian mob it pretty teeded of at the DUMPSTER CLOWN now ! and thy want to be paid for giving the DUMPSTER the white house . im sure the DUMPSTER had made a deal with the dirt bag and he is just going to screw them like he has to every one else in his life . it with catch up to him . and as it seems with any type of MOB thy go to where it can hurt the most thy very well could and more then likely will go after the DUMPSTERS brain washed KLAN family one can bet the heartless DUMPSTER has life INS. on all of then betting that thy will be targets wouldn’t put that pass the evil greedy dirt bag !

  2. Trump is struggling to stay calm on Russia, one morning call at a time ! seems more like the D.DUMP from the start of his running was all just his clown show . his own UN-reality TV show me I wont be surprised if the next news head lines is D. DUMP had made a deal with PUTTHEAD from the start . and like the dumpster he reneged on his deal like he has done all his life leaving his B/F PUTTHEAD hanging and pretty much stiffing him . as the D. DUMP loves to do the most is waving thumps up and saying thank you ( more like thanks suckers ) to his Russian B/F thanks sucker for getting me elected for President . couldn’t have made it with out your hacking , meddling and collusion in the election and yes my cult , KLAN, staff did collude with you all the way . PUTTHEAD could be so upset at D .DUMP he could be signing a hit man contract on DONNY he wasn’t to bright knowing (the whole world knows ) the DUMPSTER’s pass records of him screwing every one he can . he use’s people then he dumps , fires , bad mouths them and blame every thing on the ones he is screwing at the time . in his own world in his deranged pea brain and or better PEE for brains with his splashing BULLSHIfTING // /// NEXT for anyone that has any type of conversation with D. DUMP make sure you record it protect yourself with all the HI-TECT devices thy have out today I-Phones and all when one starts to have any conversation with MR. DUMP have anything on recording every thing even have your phone on in your pocket and have it going to your own office answering machine . think of this if COMA COMEY ( he is still in the middle of it and its his fault the DUMPSTERS in the house ) but if COMEY had all his conversations on some type of a recording today im sure we would be having impeachment hearings on the DUMPSTER CLOWN . even if for some reason COMEY was to have done the recording thing and it was breaking the law some how the tapes still could be heard by a special counsel hearing of judges im sure . for the sake of protecting ones self any and all the people having any type of a conversation with the DUMPSTER should be recording it ! this is something that seems to have to go on to protect one self the country and heck the world from the very dangerous DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW

      • Johnny deep said something about a hit on the dumpster clown maybe the Russian’s will try to get what the clown owes them for the white house or take it out of his worthless hide

  3. Today – Washington Post released several articles, a huge one about the Russian interference, call it what it was, getting Trump elected. CIA has direct evidence of Putin instructing to interfere with the election to defame and defeat Clinton.
    And AOL news piece I saw stated that Trump’s camp is seriously mulling firing Mueller. I guess they did not have advance news of the Post’s reports. Doing so would now bring criminal charges (my guess).
    Yesterday, the man who shot up the pizza place in DC got sentenced to 4 years. Alec Jones should have been sentenced with him as it was his ranting lies that incited that man to travel from NC to DC and attack the pizza place. (These were based on claims Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the pizza place’s basement and was killing children – it had NO basement!)
    All of this stuff is like in the series Homeland where Carry has that wall with pictures and strings and stuff, When the main string is attached all will be tied together. It is all there, and Trump knows this.

  4. trump* oozes with guilt. He is consumed by this and I expect knows full well it’s just a matter of time before all the evidence proves his guilt.

  5. As I’ve said before, if Trump does testify, they need to hook him up to a lie detector while he’s testifying. The only problem is that people that lie as much as he does would probably “beat” a lie detector because they have NO problems lying and oftimes don’t even know when they’re doing it!

  6. For Trump supporters to insist on Trump’s innocence for lack of evidence is just wishful thinking, hoping that Trump can hide all the signs that clearly show that the investigation should not rest until Trump has a clean bill of health—something that will never be forthcoming, and therefore the light should be shone on Donald until he admits what all indications already strongly infer at the least.

    Had this been Hillary, FOX, Mitch, etc. would be howling for blood, even if a stray spam email spam appeared in Hillary’s email account. Each day that FOX, the GOP, and others rail against the pressure justifiably placed on Trump, and Trump protests loudly without cause, only tells us that Trump is hiding a lot. It is a standard human reaction to not want to be forthcoming when there is so much to hide. Otherwise, he would have long ago insisted that we know of his involvement. This is enough evidence that Trump deserves a thorough grilling, and what better fish to fry than Donald.

    Trump was destined to get himself into something beyond what his feeble mind could handle, and fate is knocking on the door.

  7. It’s typically Republican that, as soon as Trump publicly admitted Russian election interference was not “fake news”, he blamed Obama for not “doing something” to stop it.

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