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Friday, October 28, 2016

That loud bang you heard was the gates of Hell closing behind Ariel Castro.

He hanged himself a few days ago in a prison cell in Ohio, and two official investigations have been planned. Each should take about 15 seconds.

Castro was the degenerate creep who kidnapped two teenage girls and a young woman, chaining them for years inside his Cleveland home. Last May, one of his victims escaped and ran for help.

Over the summer Castro was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. He had pleaded guilty to 937 charges in order to avoid the death penalty, which he later administered to himself using a bed sheet.

It was an excellent, though overdue, decision.

Most jail suicides don’t involve serial rapist-kidnappers. Most are petty criminals with substance issues or mental-health problems that have gone untreated.

The hideous nature of Castro’s crimes makes it obvious he was a nutjob, but he wasn’t one of those tragic cases who fell through the cracks of the system. He smilingly played along.

Like Ted Bundy, Castro had a diabolical talent for presenting himself as a regular, likeable guy while conducting a secret life of savage depravity. He drove a school bus, played guitar in local bands, tinkered with his beloved motorcycles.

The girls whom Castro abducted and enslaved between 2002 and 2004 were acquaintances of his own daughter, and it’s been reported that he attended community vigils for the missing. Neighbors and friends said he was always outgoing and helpful.

Nobody had a clue that his house was a padlocked horror chamber.

Three months before his arrest, Castro opened a Facebook account. According to the New York Times, he accumulated 41 “friends” and displayed an interest in an exotic breed of tiny dog known as Chinese Cresteds.

His posts gave no hint that he was a sexual psychopath.

Sample: “This morning I woke up to the sound a chirping cardinal. Yes! Come on spring!”

The Facebook Castro rhapsodized about the birth of his fifth grandchild, and “liked” several photos and messages with Christian themes. He was fond of tagging his remarks with “lol,” online shorthand for “laughing out loud.”

Not much laughter was being heard inside Castro’s house. One of the girls he’d kidnapped and continued to rape gave birth to a child, who was also held prisoner. Police say two other pregnancies ended in forced miscarriages, for which Castro was charged with aggravated murder.

At his sentencing hearing he gave various explanations for his crimes. He said he was addicted to porn. He also claimed he’d been abused as a young boy.

  • Billie

    I would rather he have to serve his term for life and be raped over and over as he did those girls.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Don’t ONLY blame Castro!

    That neighborhood didn’t notice ANYTHING going on for 10 years in that house?

    There MUST have been some outward signs that there was more than 1 person living in the house. Garbage from 4 people must accumulate. Where did that go? On the curb once a week, and no one noticed it?

    Don’t only blame him for what took place for 10 years. Look closer at the surrounding community and you’ll probably find people just plain ignoring what took place in the house. Someone had to at least suspect something going on and did nothing.

    Yes, Castro was a Monster. Yes, he fully deserved to die or at least spend the rest of his life in prison.

    I suspect he did not commit suicide. I suspect the guard who was watching him was told to stay away for awhile and let the prisoners themselves hang him. This happens way too often in our prison system(s).

    I blame society totally for letting this monster exist and letting this go on for so long. I blame society for approving him getting hung in the very prison that was supposed to protect himself from himself AND from other prisoners.

    Put the blame squarely where it belongs – the local community, society in general and the prison system for allowing this to take place!

    • Billie

      Neighbors did call the cops more than once. The cops went to the door and knocked. When they didn’t get an answer, they let it go. These cops that made those calls should be investigated.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        I totally 100% agree…………