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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

U.S. Will Be Stronger, Healthier Because Of Court’s Ruling

U.S. Will Be Stronger, Healthier Because Of Court’s Ruling

With his surprising vote to uphold the core of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Chief Justice John Roberts may have salvaged the legitimacy of his court. A lopsided majority of Americans has come to see the court as just another partisan institution, according to a recent poll, and the chief justice probably doesn’t want that as his legacy.

Whatever his reasons, Roberts did his country a great service by paving the way to universal health care. Until Congress passed “Obamacare” in 2010, the United States had remained alone among industrialized Western nations in its failure to institute a health care system that was really, well, a system.

Every other major Western democracy has a system in which all citizens have access to health care, whether provided by the state (Great Britain) or through a combination of public and private insurers (Germany). And all of those countries have better health outcomes — measured in statistics such as life span and infant mortality — than the United States. No matter how many times that a conservative argues that this country offers the best health care system in the world, it’s just not true.

Yes, you’ve heard news accounts of wealthy Arab potentates and deathly ill dictators coming to this country for this or that procedure because they believe the medical care in the United States is top-notch. And, at some hospitals, it certainly is. There’s no doubt that the U.S. offers cutting-edge research, advanced pharmaceuticals and world-class medical innovations. Unfortunately, many Americans cannot afford them.

A medical care system should be judged by the quality it offers to the majority of citizens; on that score, the U.S. is hardly the best. In this country, life expectancy is 78.2 years. In Germany, it’s 79.4; in Great Britain, it’s 80.5; and in Switzerland, it’s 82, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations. And that’s despite the fact that Americans spend so much more on health care. It’s money that is not well-spent.

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  1. If the Republicans are sincere enough to investigate the death of one ATF agent in Arizona, why can’t they go further and investigate the death of about 45,000 Americans annually due to lack of health care?

    • That’s A Way To Get Rid Of A Lot Of People Without Getting Their Hands Dirty!!! The American Taliban Now A Days Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor It’s People!! Control, Power And MONEY Is What They Are After!!!

      • … And from what I’ve discovered, GOP has convinced middle and not so rich Pubs that under their tutelage they can become rich too and like a normal human being, they believe the lies.. Is it so different than the Dems? Basically yes in that Dems would like everybody to become rich (sounding like a freedom?) while Pub logic is selective.

    • I can name the Border Patrol Agent who was killed due to the fact that Eric Holder and the ATF had their collective heads up their arses, and that was Brian Terry. Gosh – maybe it takes more that being a Community Organizer to know how to run a country.

      If there are 45,000 Americans who die annually due to lack of health care, name 100 of them. Just 100. These need to be folks who showed up at he hospital emergency room and were refused health care – not just crackheads or junkies who died due to OD’s or other misuse of drugs or alcohol.

      Everyone in this country can get good medical care, free food and housing, free healthcare and even free clothing. Just rob a liquor store and wait out front until the cops show up. And if you are real unlucky, Bubba in the next cell may give you some free sex. Eureka!

      • first, the program was started under the bush administration. was it ok then? second, not knowing a name means little. these are still people. but not important enough in the scheme of things to warrant help to keep them alive. maybe some of those crackheads and junkies etc. were once good people caught up in the republican belief that you only count if you produce money for them! and one of those who died was in the news, when her son met obama. but you probably weren’t paying attention since she was poor and black.

      • I can assure you Mr. Williams that the quality of care one gets in this country is DIRECTLY related to his abilit to pay. The free food comes fromsoup kitchens, and there aren’t enough of them! Don’t tell me that food stamps are a BIG FREE GOVERNMENT HANDOUT! The program barely pays enough to keep people alive for a month. And that requires eating a lot of fatback. And yes, the churches,Good Will and The Salvation Army do provide, in many cases free clothing. As far as robbing a liquor store, one would have to do it several times before the courts could find room in the grey bbar hotel after arresting all the small time drug “dealers”. And if we could weed them out we would then fill the prison with the homeless and the mentally ill that the politicians threw out of mental wards with promises of “community based treatment. We do noty even offer sufficient care for the victims of PTSD who fought our wars for us.

      • Hey Bob…a community organizer brings people together..and is not a divider like the other side has been from day one. Americans come together in ties of crisis, not apart. You wanna be a loner then go get the fisrt homestead on the moon with the newt. We already know what a corporate ruler is like at the wheel of our country because we still live in the aftermath that they keep us strapped into. Ever wonder where the jobs are at besides china? Those jobs creators are busy at the private booth buying up congress with those billions upon billions that they were so kindly given over the last 12 years to create poverty and now ask their godsend GOP to give back via Tax exemptions that we have to pay for. We all have to pay a price for this democracy…corporations included. Your a lonely bitter person who doesnt look at solving issues but rather cry about fixing them. We whine about leaving our kids a mess but on the other hand dont want to face up to the solutions that give them a fighting chance..

      • Maybe you can name the border Patrol Agent, but you can’t seem to remember which administration started, tagged and lost those walking guns. Hint It was before Obamas’ time. Thre were about 4500 Americans that died so that a certain President could call himself a wartime President, Can you name five.

      • Hey Bob, How many of the 6,000 + killed in Iraq and 1,000 + killed in Iraq and 1,000 + killed in Afghanistan and the 35,000 + wounded physically or mentality can you name???, Oh, I forgot, this took place under Dubass and Chennys watch

    • HA! give me a break…………there are over 300 million people living in the USA, did you expect zero deaths! There are that many people dieing in Canada and they have health care.

    • Do not forget the 6,000 + killed in Iraq and 1,000 + killed in Afghanistan,
      and the 35,000 + wounded physically or mentality. o, I forgot, this took place under Dubass and Chennys watch

  2. Because they are Republicans – that’s why. They only work on things that fit their agenda of getting more money for the rich. They don’t care about the well being of the American people in general. It really makes me sick on how they can do this and hide behind the American flag!!

  3. Americans should tell politicians and judges to follow John Robert’s heroic example of rising above politics. John Robert has opened a new door of hope for America. People have been looking for a person of this character and genuineness. Romney and Cantor going against John Robert is abominable. People must stop Romney’s ranting against Justice Robert and common sense democracy. Romney denied himself honor and praises attached to Massachussetts Romneycare like a vagabond would choose a prodigal journey. Obama and John Robert understand what ordinary people go through without healthcare.

    • Before we canonize Chief Justice Roberts, consider his motivations as a conservative. If the court struck down Obamacare, 2 things would happen: 1) It would galvanize the moderates & liberals and virtually guarantee an Obama win in Nov. 2) It would pave the way for a single payer system, thus killing the health insurance industry. One of the justices actually alluded to this during the testimony phase of this case – something to the effect of it being perfectly constitutional for the gov’t to raise taxes and pay for healthcare. Obamacare is a gallant attempt to find middle ground between accessible healthcare and the economic powerhouse of the insurance industry. Unfortunately, we will never have an equitable system until we are willing to be rid of the profit-driven middle man.

  4. Idiots – only part was upheld – the government is ALLOWED to tax us and the DUms, I mean the Democrats LIED and said it wasn’t a tax and this costs all of us our health care

    • If only people like you who make such truly stupid comments would learn to pay attention. John Roberts called the penalty for not buying health insurance a “TAX” so that he could approve it via the commerce clause. A real TAX applies to everyone, not just those that can afford insurance but refuse to buy it. Only a small % of Americans will ever have to be concerned about the penalty. The alternative is for deadbeats to continue to use the ER for their basic health care needs so the rest of us can pay for it — including the clueless such as yourself.

  5. Alfred Sonny what a DA you are stands for Dumb A — so waht that 45000 American die annally – most of that 45000 die because they were addict to drugs, alcohol and FOOD. THEY weren’t resposible and take care of themselves – PLUS DA – this bill only means we can’t be denied but we can pay through the nose. A REAL bill would allow the government to pick up the COBRA payment – cheaper for Americans when MANY of these Americans die because they NO LONGER can pay the COBRA payments due to a horrible illness. My daughter has type I diabetes and THIS has only caused her insurance to go up – how did that help my 31 year old single Mom with diabetes. YOU are ALL stupid.

    • Sir, you correctly point out that 45000 die because of addiction. Do you know how many end up with complications of diabetes, juvenile diabetes aside? With ACA these conditions will be treated before they become very pricey..needing kidney transplant and other expensive treatments. Don’t worry about millions of diabetics in this country, think about your own mother and daughter.

    • Come on lets be honest, the ACA has nothing to do with rising healthcare costs, the private sector healthcare costs have been increasing well above inflation for decades and most of the components the ACA have not even been implemented – so they can hardly be the cause of any increase you are currently seeing. This bill will actually protect you 32 year old, single mom, daughter, because it will not be long until the private insurer who provide her coverage can no longer refuse to insure her. Sickofit4X, you are the stupid one if you think your daughter could never be refused insurance and you are complaining about costs that do not exist. Oh, one more thing, you think that most of the 45,000 uninsured/underinsured Americans die each year because they are addicts or eat too much, I challenge you to prove your statement.

    • Sorry for your troubles Sickofit4X. But blaming ACA for insurance going up is wrong thinking. It would have gone up if nothing had been done. Perhaps even more than it did. The ACA is not perfect, nor should it be considered the ultimate solution. It’s simply the first step. Keeping the status quo is definitely not the answer. More needs to be done to the ACA to address cost containment. But the Republican plan to simply repeal ACA and go back to business as usual is not going to benefit any of us. Unfortunately for the health insurance companies, they may have to be cut out of the picture entirely. They are in business to make a profit and as much as possible. Not to worry about your daughter’s illness. COBRA is not the answer. Premiums for COBRA are almost always the same or even larger than your regular premiums would be. If the government simply paid those premiums, there is absolutely no cost containment involved.

    • And I know you are understandably angry, but calling people Dumb Asses and calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you stupid may make you feel temporarily better, but it solves nothing.

    • Sick, I’m sorry about your daughter. I’m glad she has care and insurance and a parent who is as concerned as you. But on the other hand for you to denigrate 45,000 people who die every year, and to blame them for their illness, suffering, and the pain inflicted on their parents, children, and loved ones is quite honestly reprehensible. Please be as concerned for them as you are for your loved ones, they are people too and deserve your consideration. Further, it is absurd and foolish to think that bad things only happen to people that have done something to deserve them. I don’t think you would apply the same reasoning (or lack thereof) to your loved ones.

  6. I don’t know what the conservatives are talking about. What was saved is a system where all the providers are in it for a profit. The insurance companies give the 1st .20 out of every dollar they make to Wall st as profit. Doctors, hospitals, diagnostic makers, big pharma are all privatized entities. The only hospital that the government runs is the VA. Medicare/medicaid are just payers to the system so I don’t see the conservative argument that the government is taking over the HC system. This is not health care reform but really insurance reform.
    This system depends on large numbers of sick people to operate and the hospitals, doctors, and big pharma helps by creating drugs that don’t really cure you but rather manage your illness. That is why the system costs consumers over 1 trillion/yr. The Act was passed to curb the abuses of the insurance companies by forcing them not drop people with pre existing conditions or deny them coverage to begin with, dropping high risk people like Atnea dropping 8.5 million people,forcing employers to carry the offspring of workers till the age of 26, and to extend coverage to millions. Because those abuses were ended the insurance companies need healthy people who don’t consume any services to pay into the system or no profit can be made.

    So younger healthier people are there to assure that insurance companies can pay their top executives over 20 million per yer and that they can still turn a 20% profit for Wall st investors.

    Real health care reform that is there for the sole purpose of making people healthier is called a single payer system, or a system with a public option .It is called health care for people, not for profit.

  7. Its quite probable that many or even most republicans crying over this decision on capital hill really know that its in the best interest of the country. But as long as many Americans remain blissfully ignorant of the facts and hate the ACA, republicans score political points by pandering to their worst fears. Republicans feed this fear by inventing totally spurious outcomes of the law to rev up their base. This shows the modern GOP is just egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

    • Sure…another trillion (at minimum) your children’s..children will still be in debt long after this administration is gone. Don’t think Ferns response here is the majority, she has as many brain cells as the plant. People think this is a great pek fom h gov’t, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. I see this decision as the first step to doomsday

      • Actually Fern IS in the majority. Its you that’s blinded by ideological zealotry causing your great confusion. People like you are harming this country in ways that you obviously cannot imagine.

        • Have you read her posts? Doesn’t matter, the problem with most people who follow the president like a herd of sheep is….they don’t look past the headlines. Try reading more “BOOKS” and “FINANCIALS” to get a clear picture. Sure he is charming, has charisma, which is great if you are running for prom king. There was a book just released (easy quick read) called The Amateur by Edward Klein, great book, and it will get you past the headlines. Did you know that Obama campaign group paid Jeromiah Wright (Obamas minister) $150,000 to not speak in public. I could go on, but I would rather you read the book. Hey, I voted for the man, won’t now, his incompitence scares me, and it should scare you too.

          • Can you please provide you source to back up your claim that the President’s campaign paid Wright $150K? The story has been debunk if you are really concerned. BTW, the quote from Wright was that he was offered $150K, not that he was paid. Does that make you question your beliefs? It should since the blogs are more often than not a terrible source.

            Please tell me you have something more substantial than quotes from Ed Klein. Have you looked into this gentleman’s hatchet man books? Look into ‘The Truth About Hilliary’ one of his more egregious tomes. His is well known for his Republican leanings and it shows in his work. The Hilliary book has been described as containing ‘serious factual errors, truncated and distorted quotes that don’t gibe well with any other serious accounts of Clinton’s life.’ I’ve read that piece of trash and that quote is being kind to Klein’s work. ‘Amateur’ is certainly a good description of Klein’s body of work.

          • The author of The Amateur has it on an interview tape, and transcript made for the Rev. Plus the Rev has a box of evidence along with an email. The author was a reporter for 50 years, he knows he cannot put anything in print unless he has proof of his findings.

          • My Mother And I Marched With MLK!! We Battled With The KKK David Duke So What Have You Done!! To Me This Is WAR AGAIN!! There’s No being Nice To People Who’s Trying To Destroy You davia55 Is Who We Are Up Against SCREW HER/HIM!!!

          • Romney Is A Butt Sucking Koch Brothers Front Man Trying To Get In Office To Finish Where Bush Left Off That’s Why He Hire 17 Members Of Bush Old Stafff davia55 you And The Rest Of You Brainwashed Fools Go Suck Up To The 1% To Somebody Else Cause We The People Here Are To Smart For Your Bullshit!!

          • davia55 As nice and calm as you defend your decision to change votes…I disagree with you
            through Obama , The country has finally thought of its people… A Humanitarian is our President
            We are one of the most influential and rich countries in the world yet our Healthcare for ALL our citizens is not even equal to countries that have nowhere the resources that America has.
            You and your ilk are scared that this will lead us down the the path to Socialism (although our country has many social-istic programs) Look at Germany , Switzerland…they are not burning in the Hell of Socialism..Its time alarmists like you and the conserves care about your fellow man..if you believe at all in compassion.
            Obama has done well for this country, The Stockmarket has almost doubled (from 7800 @ 1/ over 13,000)
            Can you imagine if the Great Obstruction Movement Haters had cared more for the country than trying to insure a one term Obama Presidency, we would have had an excellent Infrastructure Job Bill in effect, and many other programs that the conserves have fought against just to be haters….

            Fern, there is a better way to get your point across, we agree with you but the cursing and name calling make you sound like a loon…It took me awhile to realize you were not a Rightie…Get facts , you could do a great deal for us Liberals if you channelled your anger into Cold Facts,,,,

          • I’m Tried Of People Stalking Behind Me With The Way I Talk I’m Grown I’m Middle Class Educated And Make Good Money And Have Good Investment This Is WAR There No Being Nice With These People Who’s Trying To Destroy This Country I Let My President Play Nice But All Bets Are Off With Me If You Don’t Like The Way I Talk Don’t Read Move On Elsewhere It Is WAR And I’m Not Taking No Prisoner!! You Can Stop Talking To Me Also Cause If We As Democrats Show These Thugs We Got Balls Their Wouldn’t Do The Things They Are Doing Now So Stop Telling Me What To Do!!!

          • Linda, I am not trying to change votes, I am just saying people should learn more about what is really going on instead of believing in healines and blogs. There are great books that will give you the nitty gritty of what is really going on. The country in 16 trillion dollars in debt, people are losing their jobs and homes, jobs are being shippped out the the country with the free trade agreements this administration has approved, and I don’t even want to start on all the illegals calling themselves undocumented. There was a time we were thought of the most powerful, but we are on the fast track to being a second class nation. As much as this health care seems like a free lunch, we simply can’t afford it, but if someone is ill, they still get treatment. That is the system now. This administration promised to bring the troups home, to cut back on costs and get people back to work. Obama will likely get back in, because what he does best is motivate people, but he can’t do the job. He has proven that, but people believe his charm and wit, and ignores that facts. If you’re going to vote for him, then make him and his administration accountable. Make them do their job. Get mad and demand more. Is that asking too much?

          • If You Stop Trolling Behind Me With Your Smart Little Remakes Your Ass Wouldn’t Get Serve So STFU And Stop Typing My Name Cause This Is WAR And I’m NO PUNK!! YOU AND ANYBODY ELSE DON”T LIKE WHAT I SAY MOVE ON SCREW WITH ME YOU WILL GET SCREWED!!!

      • Fern Understand Very Well And By Me Being One Of The Middle Class Working People Out Here In America Fern Think You And Your American Taliban Party Is Full Of SHIT!!!

        • advise….better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and proov you are one. I am stating facts, I am showing proof, I am not mud slinging like you. If you have proof this man has been a good leader, followed through on any of his campaign promises, please state what they are. I don’t care if he has charisma, and looks good, that doesn’t make him qualified to be president. Or is it because he is black and you are black….must be a good guy then…HA! That just might be your simple reasoning.

      • I’m Smart Enough Not To Vote For A Man Who Made He Money Stripping Companies And Shipping Jobs Overseas For A Living Then Turn Around And Ask Where The Jobs When He Know Damn Well Where The Jobs Romney And His So Call Wealthy Business Men Has Been Shipping Our Jobs Overseas For Years Now For The Cheap Labor!! He Said He Loves Firing People He Was Making 20.000 Every Person He Fired That Why And 15.000 For Every Job He Create Overseas!! Plus He Passed The Same Health Care Bill In The State Where He Was Governor!!davia55 You Need To Shut The Fuck Up You Are Not Dealing With No Fool Here!!! Do Your Damn Homework!! Stupid Ass Bitch!!!

  8. As you know Rep. Senator from Illinois Mark Kirk had a stroke and it was in a hospital and had gone throug physical therapy etc etc. While incapacitated he drew his $175K salary still, did not lost his jobs, received the best healthcare money can buy and almost at no cost to him. He voted NO against ACA. Hmmmm . Now I had a client who not to fault of his own, also had a stroke and lost partial use of his leg. He lost his job, his insurance, State will not help him (Medicaid) because he owns a house and have equity in it – sell it and use the money) and earned too much money (wife works p/t and can’t get f/t job because of him). It’s ironic that it’s Ok for him to enjoy the rehab/benefits that we pay for it, but he denies the same right to and voted against national health care for others. Is this only for people who have money backers and we pay for it but they can’t stomach if it happene to you or someone else of LOWER status?? As a Christians we all EQUAL in GOD eyes arent we?? So where is the Christian thing they do??? Give a hand to the poor and ask for nothing in return”” – Jesus
    They promise you the trip to the moon, sorry no space suits for you, but only for me and you will pay for it. Enjoy the trip. If you make it good for you if not, there always another fools to take your place.


    A Supreme Court a majority of whom were appointed by George W. Bush are supporting Obamacare?

    Let the American Taliban Republicans explain that away.

    Let’s hear it from the “buy your wife a burqa for her birthday” group.

    Is Mittens RoMoney paying attention to this fact?

    • It was explained on “Savage America” that Roberts had been doped up on an anti-elliptic drug and was no longer able to reason or understand. This came from an unassailable source, unidentified doctor, according to Savage. Of course, it is unassailable since one can not argue with an invisible person.

      • Ha, Ha, Ha

        You American Taliban Republicans will pull any amount of male bovine fecal matter to confuse or cover up the nature of your tribal ways. Of course when you have Ex-Nazis doing your PR what can one expect. “Savage America” what a joke, my a-hole contains more factual information than that source.

        Keep it up though, maybe you’ll come up with a location for those mysterious WMDs whose search led to the loss of 4,500 of our troops. Like I have said, you liked Bush you’re going to love RoMoney.

        Say, how many of his sons have served in the military services of their country? None you say, oh pacifists and noncombatants like their father the Le Havre, France, hooker minister.

        • Ah, ExPAVIC, I suggest that you actually read my post. In the past I have posted that I would not have had any criticism of Bush if he had been honest and said he wanted go to war with Iraq because Saddam tried to kill daddy (but would rather he had just sent in an assassination team) and I soundly criticized Bush the first for not allowing our army to move on to Baghdad and remove Saddam from power.

          You really should read up on history as you shall see that the wealthy and their progeny have never partaken of the practice of war. Oh, there was a time when some boss man had to go out in the field and point the serfs in the right direction but in the US the only wealthy persons who served were volunteers with a misguided sense of adventure and those too dumb to buy their grades to stay out of the draft.

  10. All you right wingers out there should look up community organizer..Its a person who brings communities together rather than divide obama a community organizer..thats kool. I dont have a problem with that because he is the only one trying to bring our nation back together while the other side tries very hard to break us apart. Thats a fact in everything the GOP/Tea Baggers have done since day one. What america do they represent? America wasnt built on the blood sweat and tears of Tea baggers..Tea baggers were holding the whips maybe and drinking their tea but thats about it. Our country was built on a smorgasboard of people coming together and overcoming everything negative thrown at them. I never want to be part of an america that shuns its own people and try to divide us. Thats not the america I live in.

    • A community organizer does not qualify you to run the country.that is what people are saying. I agees he likes to motivate people, but if they ran a proper backgound check on him, he would not qualify get a job as a security guard. People need to read more books on him. Understand who this motivational seaker really is, then make an educated choice. He is a narcissist, meglomaniac, with a mosiah complex. Who else would start writing an autobiography at the age of 30. The people who work with him say he thinks he is a black Jesus. Please read some books, that is all I am saying.

      • Why is a Community Organizer used as a bad word? Why is it the only credential that the President gets from the Right? President Obama was the president of the Harvard Law Review and a Professor of Constitutional Law! For goodness sake, give the man some credit! Also I have never heard anyone other than Conservative commentators say the President thinks he is “Jesus”! It would be interesting to find even one of those “friends” who say that!

        • Read books and not blogs, and you will know people on his staff call him “black jesus”. I could care less what they called him, if he did his job. Yep, he was Prez of Harvard Review TWENTY years ago. I give credit where credit is due, so tell me one campaign promise he has accomplished in the past four years. Did you also know (on our dime) Michelle goes on a holiday every four months that costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is happening while the country is hurting. Get mad at what this administration is doing, if you want to have him as president, thats fine, but demand more and expect accountability.

          • So can you remember how many months of vacation time Pres. Bush and wife took during his 8 years in office? If being President of the Harvard Law Review 20 years ago is no big deal, then why is a Community Organizer his ONLY credential according to the Right? Atleast this President had traveled the world prior to becoming President, George Bush had never had a passport prior to being selected (by the Supreme Court) as PUTUS.

          • You’re kidding…right! George Bush had companies all over the world, so I am certain he had a passport. There was so much going on during his presidecncy, like the Iraq war and 911 ( to name a couple) I think it would have been big news if wifey was jetting off on holidays every 4 months. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt his mother in law moved in ith him…lol. I remember Obama did travel to visit his family in Africa prior to becoming President. So, he too must have had a passport. LOL

  11. As a Canadian, for 35 years I never used my health care card. Never. Nevertheless I was paying my dues to provincial universal health care every year. Suddenly, last year I was diagnosed with a severe cardiac valve stenosis that required open heart surgery. Let me tell you the relief you can feel when I received the best treatment in the best University centre with the best surgeon in the field and paying 0 dollar. Zero, everything free. And this is expected for every Canadian citizen.

    • I’m Canadian too Newborn and my wife now has a similar story. A lot of Americans will have the same peace of mind. The affordable care act is a great thing.

  12. I love how so many scream that it is unconstitutional to require medical insurance and it should be left up to the individual while also screaming about welfare costs. They completely ignore the fact that in America if you are injured in a wreck that the EMTs shall transport you to a trauma unit for treatment and that shall all be be paid for by the taxpayer if the patient is unable to pay. I say, make it a law that no one shall receive medical care until proof of ability to pay is presented (no insurance/no money then you are left there writhing in pain until you bleed out) and THEN we can talk about complete freedom of choice.

  13. This Bill Will Save American Lives!! All You Whiners Here The Choice You Have Either Live Off The Grid, Get The Hell Out Of America, Get With The Program, Or DIE!! The Choice Is Yours So Now Can You Cry Babies Just Make Your Choice And STFU!!!!

  14. The court weaken the liberty and freedom of the American People. The unaffordable care act will do nothing to improve healthcare accept have those under forty pay for those who refuse to take care of their health.

    It was a victory for the Political Class and their cronies in the Insurance industry and AARP.

    The American People will win a great victory – The American Fall is Near!

  15. U.S. Will Be Stronger, Healthier Because Of Court’s Ruling…

    Somebody!! Please inform the Pubs (I don’t think they’ve figured it out yet)..

  16. In the opening scene of the new Aaron Sorkin show, “The Newsroom,” a news anchor goes on a tirade when asked why “America is the greatest country in the world.”
    “It’s not the greatest country in the world,” he fumes. “We’re seventh in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, No. 4 in labor force, and No. 4 in exports. … So when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about.”

  17. I’d love to hear about Bush’s International Companies and travel sometime.
    Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will) but wasn’t Bush on vacation on 9/11?
    You didn’t state just how many months he took for vacation during his presidency though. I do remember one that was 6 weeks!
    Bush is the one who didn’t bother to read the MEMO about Bin Ladin Determined To Attack. Bush CHOSE to go into Iraq, that isn’t exactly on the plus side for him! Plus he stopped looking for Bin Ladin within the first year after 9/11, after saying he would get him “Dead or Alive”.

    If Grandma hadn’t moved into the White House to care for the kids, I’m sure you would be complaining that WE are paying the Secret Service to babysit! Bush’s girls didn’t really need childcare at their age, although being photographed in a bar drinking at age 18 should have signaled something.

    Obama visited his father in Africa exactly ONE time! He did spend a few years with his Step-Father and family in Indonesia. If you will look at a map you will notice that Africa and Indonesia are not even close! I’ll help you out, Indonesia is all the way over, and above Australia! 1,000’s of miles from Africa.

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