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Friday, September 22, 2017

Speaking to an audience of seniors at the AARP’s annual conference in New Orleans, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan delivered a badly received, roundly booed “Repeal Obamacare” speech, just as the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released a new report that shows the Affordable Care Act will save the average person with Medicare $5,000 from 2010-2022.

Since President Obama’s signature health care legislation was enacted in 2010, 5.5 million seniors and people with disabilities have saved $4.5 million on prescription drugs, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced. “A $5,000 savings will go a long way for many beneficiaries on fixed incomes and tight budgets,” she said.

Those on prescription drug treatments have benefited from a gap in coverage (the “donut hole”) that was closed, saving an average of $641 in the first eight months of 2012. Savings have included $195 million for diabetes treatments, $140 million for cholesterol-lowering drugs, and $75 million for cancer treatments.

One of the most popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act, the preventive services it provides for, are now directly benefiting individuals. Whereas prior to 2011, the report notes, a person on Medicare could pay $160 for a colorectal cancer screening, now many such services are “offered free to beneficiaries (with no deductible or co-pay).”

In repealing Obamacare, Romney would immediately eliminate these kinds of services. Asked by CNN if Romney supported free preventive care, Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul said no.

“Mitt Romney does not believe it is the government’s responsibility to provide people with free stuff,” she wrote in an e-mail to CNN.

Romney’s approach is to “institute reforms that control the cost of health care so that preventive care will be affordable for all Americans,” Saul said.

Meanwhile at the AARP, Ryan continued with his well-worn, and long-debunked, line of attack against President Obama’s Medicare cuts — otherwise known as savings — which he himself incorporated into his own budget plan. He called for the repeal of Obamacare and was met with loud boos from the audience.

“If we reform Medicare for my generation, we can protect it for those in or near retirement today. The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal Obamacare, because it represents the worst of both worlds (crowd boos). I had a feeling there would be mixed reaction, so let me get into it,” Ryan said at the conference.

“It weakens Medicare for today’s seniors and puts it at risk for the next generation. First, it funnels $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for a new entitlement we didn’t even ask for. Second, it puts 15 unelected bureaucrats in charge of Medicare’s future.”

Bloomberg Businessweek explains what is actually going on:

Money in the Medicare trust fund comes mostly from payroll taxes, premiums, and general revenue. The trust fund then pays that money out to health care providers. Part of the trust fund was expected to go bankrupt by 2016. Obamacare actually saves it money in a variety of ways. From 2010 to 2019, Obamacare trims payments to providers by $196 billion. They agreed to take a cut because they will get so many new patients, thanks to the individual mandate. Another $210 billion will be generated by raising Medicare taxes on the wealthy (that’s households earning more than $250,000). Another $145 billion comes from phasing out overpayments to Medicare Advantage. About 25 percent of seniors use the program—in which private plans compete for Medicare dollars—instead of traditional fee-for-service Medicare. Under Obamacare, the government has to keep Medicare Advantage costs in line with those of traditional Medicare. More savings come from streamlining administrative costs.

Following Ryan’s speech at the AARP, the Obama campaign spokesman Danny Kanner responded via e-mail. “It’s no surprise why Paul Ryan received such a chilly reception at the AARP today. Earlier this week, American seniors saw what kind of president Mitt Romney would be when he disdainfully wrote off half of all Americans, including seniors,” Kanner wrote.

Ryan strongly advocated reforming Medicare into a voucher system — without using the word “voucher” — in which the idea would be to “force insurance companies to compete against each other to better serve seniors,” ultimately bringing down costs.

In his e-mail, Kanner countered the notion that Romney-Ryan would better serve seniors. “He would make deep cuts to Social Security benefits for future retirees, while putting millions of seniors at risk of paying taxes on their Social Security to pay for his tax cuts weighted towards millionaires and billionaires,” he wrote. “That’s not a plan to strengthen middle-class retirement security, but it’s exactly what Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan are promising.”


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95 Responses to Unswayed Seniors Boo Ryan’s AARP Speech

  1. Paul Ryan is a brainless little snot, and those of us who have held real jobs all our long lives and paid taxes and paid for our Social Security and Medicare, we’re not fooled. We know bullshit when we hear it. We’ve heard it all our lives. Thank you, my fellow-seniors for telling this little whippersnapper off. Tell him to stop pointing his finger or one of us will break it for him.

      • The only way to get away from more tax credits to the millionares, more subsidies to big oil, less regulations for the banks, saving our social security and Medicare is to make sure the Republicans can not take control again.

        Middle aged people also need to pay attention as they may be the ones footing the bill for their elderly parents that have to either live with them in their old age or go into a nursing home.

        I hope Paul Ryan loses his Congressional Seat as well. And Joe Walsh and Allen West join him in the unemployment line.

    • He’s a millionaire, the same as Romney what does he care. I’m sure his mother doesn’t have to worry about living on SSI or being a Medicare recipient. Tough on those people.

  2. Paul Ryan is wonderful. AARP is a left wing Senior exploiter association. Many seniors have left AARP because of it’s left leaning stance. AARP is loosing seniors to non-left leaning senior associations.

    • How funny – I’ve never joined AARP because it is so full of conservatives with the attitude of “I’ve got mine – fend for yourself” types. You know, the GOP.

    • Really, what is this organization that the geriatrics are flocking to? Ryan is an idiot and his plan is so much bullshiite that Ronnie Ray-Gun’s budget guy said the numbers don’t add up. Secondly, if they had a message that truly resonated with the voters then why are the regressives trying to implement the various voter suppression schemes? Anyway, that’s funny that he got booed. Ha, ha, ha,

    • Sister, please! Why would anyone not filthy rich not be liberal? AARP is left-leaning because they are advocates for the seniors so often left behind.

    • Amazing. I left AARP because they were too conservative, but I came back because of the many benefits. Left wing????? That must mean anything that is not tea party.

      • I don’t belong to AARP but it is a great advocate for the elderly, as it should be.

        It is their job to look out for the elderly. It isn’t surprising that it is liberal in that sense.

        It is when they get into areas other than the care of the elderly that they get into trouble.

    • U R in Lalalalalaland .Hahahahahaha. Shame to drag your own mother who is on SS for centuries and have a son who is a multimillionaire. To win hill ill drag his own mother all over the country to LIE (Voucher) for him. Lemmings like U will believe the earth is flat and we can live on the moon.

  3. The reaction of the senior citizens in Louisiana tell me a lot more than their obvious rejection of major changes to Social Security and MEDICARE, what struck me the most was the way they reacted when Ryan promised to repeal Obamacare. Could it be that the alleged opposition to Obamacare is limited to the wealthy, special interests, and Republican zealots?

    • Actually, it is about Medicare. Ryan/Romney want to get rid of ObamaCare and put the money into vouchers and get rid of Medicare and privatize Social Security. The same amount of money that Ryan claims Obama ROBBED is what it will cost for these vouchers but of course Ryan does not tell you that.

      Obama reduced wasteful spending and strengthened Medicare. This week, for instance, I got a Shingle vaccination that has never been paid for before. It is now paid for by Medicare saving me $215. Wellness Screening has also been added and also FREE so illnesses can be caught early.

      These vouchers Ryan keeps pushing also opens up the “donut hole” that many people fall through each year costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Come on? You are 95 years old and walk into an insurance company with your “voucher”, how much do you think this insurance will charge you? Yikes

      • I noticed the same thing, not only on wellnes care, but in lower RX copays, and it will get better when ACA is fully implemented in 2014. When that happens we will not longer have to worry about the donut hole. The worst part of the voucher system proposed by the GOP is that it will only cover a portion of the insurance company premiums.
        Since the GOP promised not to raise taxes, funding for the vouchers will rely strictly on what is currently being spent on MEDICARE, which means the amount covered by the vouchers will be around $300 a month. When I retired I had to get COBRA insurance for my wife, who is younger than me and was not eligible for MEDICARE at the time. I ended up paying $700 a month for her coverage, which was just catastrophic coverage. Those who support the voucher option better think about it carefully. In my opinion, that is a recipe for disaster.

        • It won’t be a recipe for disaster because it will never be implemented.. why? Because as there are a number of pub zombies who’s trust in their party totally shags out their logic, there are millions of intelligent voters who will make certain Mittens and his mouth piece will not be elected and if not elected how would such a voucher threat come about? Surely you don’t think our president would do such an insane act.. after all, this time around his main goal would be to kick start the economy and show the skeptics that, nuh! uh! ain’t no way he’s anywhere near the worst president ever.. (I can hear crow chomping already) Yes, it is mostly the wealthy who object to Obamacare.. it would mean they would have to contribute as well, and just like the food we can hardly afford, the rich buy in bulk and bulk is far from expensive… IF you have the money up front. So our beans cost us a dollar fifty a pound while their filet mignon costs them six bits (through bulk). same with health care, up to now they’ve had big discounts.. hopefully no longer.

      • I don’t know where you got your Shingle vacination, but when I asked the pharmacy how much it would cost me to get the vaccine, they told me with my Part D, it would be around $100.00, this was down from $215. My husband had shingles and it is a horrible disease, but I cannot afford to pay for the vaccine along wth all my other prescriptions. So guess I’ll have to chance it.

        • Florida’s governor put medicad on the vocher plan and thousands of p-eople are going with out mediacl because they can’t aford the vochers!!

          • Rick Scott also said that he will not accept Federal money to fund the MEDICAID extension needed for the Affordable Care Act. That mans that uninsured Floridians will be among the few who will remain uninsured after everyone else has access to affordable medical care. That’s what happens when people elect a man with Rick Scott’s background Governor, and if that is not enough the Tea Party is now trying to convince us to vote for Romney!

        • HOW TRUE!! And this time ’round there will be disclaimers to safeguard their butts even better if this crap goes into law (read the fine print)

      • We [all seniors ] are already saving a bundle due to ACA [Obamacare] and the future looks bright for all. If you have Health insurance with your company, you are safe. If not, then according to aarp you will only have to pay $95.00 inyour income tax and still get a refund. My medicine comes from Medco-Express Scripts and cost just $1.67 a month or $5.00 for three months on all generic drugs. Non=generics will cost about $27.00 a month and doctor’s co-pay is still abouty $20.00 per visit.

  4. “Competition” doesn’t seem to work that well in the healthcare industry. That’s what we’ve basically had all along, and premiums keep going up. Where I live, 2 or 3 insurance companies dominate. Many businesses offer only one choice when you’re employed. If you want good healthcare and wait until you really need it, there is not much time to shop around when you’re in the middle of your heart attack. Plus, hospitals have contracts with insurance companies. If you end up in a hospital, due to an emergency, that doesn’t take your insurance, there is a lot of paperwork to get your stay covered, and usually you end up with lots of out of pocket costs. Hospitals employ a cadre of business office people to handle insurance and billing issues. Business office and clerical salaries come out of the room costs, just as the nurses salaries do. That’s why daily charge for room and board are so high. Have I made my case for single payer?
    (Retired RN)

  5. The voucher system will never work. What incentive is there for providers to accept them? At what cost?

    I am dealing with an insurance company as the result of being hit by a car while I was walking across the street. They wanted to limit the number of necessary MRIs to determine the extent of my injuries. As a result only a partial picture is available.

    Now the insurance company wants to stop paying for the necessary PT.

    What is there to stop insurance companies to do the same thing under the plan proposed by Ryan?

    • Ok, you don’t think you like vouchers. Under Ryan’s plan, who would force you to use them?

      You are not now required to accept what an insurance company offers.

      Do you think you have a choice under current Medicare?

      • Yes.. Pay smaller or pay bigger.. Haven’t you heard, either way we’re going to pay.. Vouchers won’t be given out without a date of void.. We will still be made to use them or die.. I’d rather pay less for more than more for less. And if you think I’m lying, recall the Mittwit’s words, “the government isn’t in b’ness to give away free stuff”. Unless of course you trust in his reliable flip flops.. Sorry, not this time, just ask him.

        • I assume from that post, that you believe the government is in business to give away ‘free stuff’.
          At what point do you think the Democrats are going to offer a solution to Medicare…the day after China refuses to loan us any more money?

  6. I just wish Paul Ryan could get the facts straight and stop telling half truths in his speeches.
    Of course, the whole point is to make Pres. Obama the bad guy even if he has to tell a lie.
    Some of us check out his statements from several sources and get the truth. I will not vote
    for any candidate that cannot tell the truth.

  7. I like Paul Ryan. I think he and Romney will fix the sh** hole we are in. Apparently Obama doesn’t have a solution, obviously! Four more years of him will really bury us. Please please wake up and smell the coffee. I think the Dems are blind!

    • Ryan and Romney couldn’t fix anything. Ryan has been in congress for 14 years and what has he done, nothing. He hasn’t done a thing. So now he pairs up with a rich prick that disavows the one good thing he has accomplished: Romneycare, 47% of the American population and then says he has the answer to all of our problems; give the rich more money, screw the handicapped, elderly and poor. Fuc both Romney and his sidekick Ryan, they are the very last thing this country needs.

  8. Read complaints but only Ryan comes forth with an alternative-less government! Have you that have no alternative than “mother government” to busy complaining about your future than solving your future.

    But those who keep government in play will play by government’s rules. Remember how Social Security was vs now!

    • Sure – less government. Won’t it be the same folks writing the checks? Won’t the money be collected by the same tax men they have now?

      Of course there will be some new folks hired to keep track of who’s eligible for a voucher, and how much their individual voucher will be worth, and handle complaints when the vouchers don’t arrive or aren’t right. Hmmm…seems like the same or more government to me.

      • johninpcfl:: Who needs a government panel of 15 judging my health care? Patients are enabled to have plans designed to their individual requirements. Allows freedom or choice and permits insurance companies to compete for better coverage. Government will fumble with the books but I’ take that before forfeiting my families quality care. Plus, I can fire my provider but not the government.

        It’s my decision is working in the free enterprise, not in the government surprise.

        Are all democrats convinced that government is the only way?

        • Why do you just buy into the lies instead of doing your own research?

          “It is important to note that the IPAB is primarily charged with helping to reduce the rate of growth in Medicare spending — a goal that both parties say they want to achieve. The IPAB, made up of 15 experts subject to Senate confirmation, would also make broader recommendations about controlling health costs.

          Beginning in 2018, if the targets are not met, the board will submit a plan to the White House and Congress to achieve the necessary cuts. Congress could pass a different set of cuts or reject the IPAB recommendations with a three-fifths vote in the Senate.

          On the surface, the IPAB appears aimed at doing the same thing as the House Republican Medicare plan— reducing the runaway costs of Medicare, except on a faster track. (The GOP plan would not kick in until 2021, just a few years before the Medicare hospital fund begins to run dry.)

          The dispute really centers on a philosophical divide between the parties. Democrats would rely on independent experts (such as doctors and consumer advocates) to recommend the cuts; Republicans would rely on the insurance marketplace to control costs. ”

          If insurance companies really could control costs, why aren’t they already doing it?

          • Thank you John. Insurance companies, up until now, have zero incentive to reduce costs. The reason is simple; they get a percentage of the premiums as profit so the higher the premiums the higher the profit. The Affordable Care Act puts some limits on that profit so they are screaming their heads off.
            Thanks again John for valuable information. Never let the lying Republicans control the subject or the discussion. Keep up the good fight.

          • As the government has made shambles out of Social Security and Medicare, maybe it should strike a familiar chord of lies and you best famillarize youself with better research material on how we got there.

            PS: This is your hint to better research efforts. Obama just gutted 768 milion out of Medicare.

          • Ah bullshit. First it starts out as $716B, and that was lowering payments and consolidating overheads. Now it’s magically $768B, and it’s “gutted”? Wow, talk about made up bullshit. Did you get that from Beck’s Chalkboard of Trufe today?

            By the way, the $716B the president put forth in consolidations and savings is identical to the value Lyin’ Ryan put forth.

            So it seems that either group is going to curtail Medicare spending. Do you want it cut by the party trying to eliminate Medicare (GOP, their stated goals), or by the party trying to preserve Medicare?

          • Johninpcfl:: Look neophyte, your living in the fog of controversy that’s way over your head. Take two pills and have a nerves breakdown.

          • More bullshit from the local troll.

            Go get today’s talking points from Limbaugh. You’re in way over your head.

          • Yeah, there’s that whole “education” thing again. The proper spelling is “sense”.

            Ah, well. Another repeat of third grade for you. At this rate, you’ll be out of prison before you graduate to middle school.

        • dljones, no one said they will be looking at your individual health care, what they are supposed to do is look at total expenditures and make sure providers are not ripping Medicare off. Here in Orlando the Adventist health care group, Florida Hospital had a whistle blower come forth with proof that they were double charging and adding unnecessary and undone treatments to medicare and Medicaid patient bills. The issue hasn’t been resolved yet but you can believe that if no one is looking the providers are screwing you.
          Hell, also in Florida our Governor’s company was fined 1.5 billion dollars for false billing of medicare and Medicaid charges. The bastard should be in jail and not sitting in the Governor mansion.

          • Justin N.:::So what’s new? Medicare has been defrauded since it’s inception. Heavily regulated and ignored like a step child, watchdog assignments have yet to successfully make it air tight. And Obama is touting the problem will be resolved and help promote additional funding to ACP. WHATS HE WAITING FOR, he’s had almost four years? I am being ripped off on both sides of the ball but can sue the providers, not the government.

            No thanks, let the insurance companies compete and the government retreat.

    • dljones. Ryan’s plan is like “we had to kill your baby to save its life”. He does not give a rats ass about Medicare. What he wants is to reduce all benefits, that go to the middle class, so that he and his millionaire friends can get richer. In fact he wants to become so rich he is considered a king. His objective is to become King Ryan, the great and wise, believer in I have mine go steal your own. He doesn’t care one iota about this country and I believe he is a traitor and should be kicked out of congress on his ass.
      We need to send this asshole packing.

      • King Ryan has the facts and Obama has nothing but fiction.

        Talk about packing, wait until Obama is out front of the white house kicking rocks after Nov 6th.

        • and all those abortion cops they will have to hire to make sure every baby is born just to starve to death because they cut every program to help them.

          • Grammyjill:: Babies starve to death? Planned Parenthood insures they never have the opportunity to take their first bite

          • Actually, you have listened to the republicans and religious right too much. Because of planned parenthood abortions have decreased by 70% in the last ten years. The one where I live doesn’t do abortions. They do health care as in cancer screenings, prenatal checkups, std checks, and contriception. For both male and female. If you go in there wanting an abortion they do everything they can to get you to go a different way like adoption. Just about all planned parenthood offices work that way now. Guess you have to be female to really know this.

          • you are very wrong, but I won’t try to change your delusion. go to your local planned parenthood office and check it out.

          • What welfare state? Planned Parenthood does help non rich women that don’t have insurance but, everyone pays for their treatment. It’s on a sliding scale. Can also go there with insurance. My daughters go there because they can get in quicker. Call the doctor, you’re having a female problem, you get an appointment in six weeks. Call planned parenthood and getin that day. You probably aren’t female so would not understand, imagne waking up and finding a large painful lump on one of your grapes. You want to wait six weeks to see a doctor or do you want to go now?

          • I could really care less about your health problems or convenience of appointments and the sliding scale of payments. You are costing taxpayers money. According to Fact Checks, approximately 1.1 billion is the annual budget including 70 million from Medicare. Of that considered “health care” were approx. 332,000 abortions

            So suck up freeloaders, the Doc and 12 assistants are in the office and my wallet can’t wait. Wonder if they do prostates while my girlfriend gets an abortion.

        • Nope, that’s how many have lost their jobs since Obama took office. You’re just watching the wrong channel on tv. Was reported on msnbc two weeks ago. He is for smaller government and getting rid of the waste.

  9. Still trying to sell something very few really want. Republicans just don’t get it. In view of all the business hanky parky the last 30 years–would you really entrust your future to some company that may have several Bernie Madoffs working for it. Profit motivated companies are all about the company making a profit and will curtail services if the
    company managers feel there is not enough money to pay huge bonuses.

  10. I quit AARP when they caved on Medicaid instead of fighting to eliminate the donut hole, so GWB could be reelected to a second term. At the time there was very little news reporting about the donut hole. In fact, at the time most people looked at you like you were crazy when you mentioned the donut hole provision. Many AARP members that did know about the donut hole provision quit in protest of their pandering to politicians. Hopefully, AARP learned their lesson and are now doing what their main function is, to advocate for seniors.

  11. Mitt Romney does not believe it is the government’s responsibility to provide people with free stuff; that is not the case with Meidcare and SS, both are paid for by the workers and their employers and amount to 14.5% of their income, which is more than what he pays in taxes, at least in the last 2 years. A worker who spent 45 years working and averaged $60,000/year would heve contributed along with his employers more than $400,000 to SS and Medicare in his lifetime. Romney and Ryan would strip him of this and voucher the Medicare (may be $7,000 or $8000 life time) and privitize the SS and thus dryout the fund in few years.

    I am sick and tired from all of those who are willing to throw a large segment of the society under the bus everytime we face an economic issue that was never their mistake. That is not what anyone think this gresat country would accept. No doubt that the R/R plans are being sold to the Tea Party base and others, (not to the smart and the elite who will never join the GOP according to Santorum). It is up to you whether you are consider yourself smart or not to accept their plan.

  12. Paul Ryan received Social Security Survivor Benefits as a teenager when his father died (not that I would wish that on anyone). His family saved this benefit for his college, most families in this position need the monies to feed and cloth their child. Ryan then graduated college and began working as a legislative assistant before being elected to Congress. So who has served who?

    • Gold o’ mighty boy! Guess there is such a thing as ‘free’ education if you don’t need the benefit to exist.. Why didn’t I think of that? oh yeah.. it helped put food on the table after our loving breadwinner died without affordable life insurance. Mom received 1/2 years pay from the job though, almost paid off the cremation.

    • Well – don’t forget that he really didn’t need the SS benefits. The guy’s grandfather started one of the largest construction companies in Wisconsin, so aside from being a trust fund baby in college, the guy is a millionaire now… Agreed, losing a parent is a sad thing, but this guy didn’t scrape to get through college… or through life… His is a riches-to-riches story, just like NitMitt’s…

  13. The fictional opposition to the ACA was drummed up by the Koch brothers and their ilk that spread disinformation and seething resentment like an infectious rash. Thanks to AARP and other organizations seniors are a well-informed voting bloc; who have soundly rejected the hypocrisy of the Republican party. This is no doubt why they are a target of the disenfranchisement efforts currently under way in a Republican controlled state near you.

    Republican’s have such a low opinon of the electorate that they don’t even think that we can do basic math. It should tell you everything that you need to know about the current state of the Republican party that Paul Ryan is their intellectual powerhouse. His smirk tells it all, does’nt it?

  14. we will get medicare for all. these people are not stupid .Ive been on medicare for 5 years and it is great .The only thing neg about it is the doctors will cheat the billing. It happened to me . Got 1 X-RAY they billed medicare for 3. so we need to get that part of it under control.The ins. cos. and doctors and hospitals do not want this. then they might have to work for their money like the rest of us.

  15. First Republicans en bloc forced all these compromises to Obama’s bill that would have significantly improved it and made it more widely available, and now they want the watered down bill that they forced him to sign repealed so they can go back to their old way of doing things. I can’t understand a voter that can’t see the hypocrisy the Republicans keep employing to their advntage. At least this audience understood this.

  16. I am a lifelong conservative Republican. But permit me this comment: If right-wing, bought-and-paid-for thugs like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, on the heels of the Bush travesty, is the best the Republican party can produce as VP and POTUS candidates, than God help the two-party U. S. democracy.

  17. What exactly would you expect to get in insurance coverage with a “voucher system? A monetary figure of $6000 has been tossed around which the Republicans believe would be sufficient to buy COMPLETE health insurance coverage.

    Well, let me explain my recent coverage for MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE. At age 65 I bought a supplemental policy for $1600 for the 1st. year. The 2nd. year it went up to $1850. The 3rd. year it was $2500. REMEMBER, THIS IS INSURANCE THAT COVERS ONLY THE 20% THAT MEDICARE DOESN’T COVER.

    What exactly do you expect to get for $6000 FOR 100% COVERAGE??

  18. Romney and Ryan must think most Americans are dumb. Their ‘voucher’, or whatever you want to call it, plan is intended to have Medicare cover less and less thereby making Americans on Medicare have to pay more and more which many people on tight budgets can’t do. And, it isn’t free stuff. We have been paying into Medicare all our lives to receive this benefit. They are the dumb ones.

  19. The draft dodger thing is really nuts! On Romneys TV ‘biography’ it said he went to France during the Vietnam War, and it greatly exaggerated how dangerous France was at the time and how dangerous evangelizing there was too! There was a car/SUV accident where someone was killed. That’s too bad, but that is nothing like war. What an insult to our troops!

  20. I was hospitalized one time, and one Dr. came in the room for about half a minute,and insulted me. I later got his bill for $500, consultation. This kind of crap is what the Affordable Health Care Act is all about. Lyin Ryan and Uncle Scrooge Mitt Duck are wrong about this, and everything else.

  21. Yet back in 2010, Paul Ryan sent a letter to the Medical Committee asking for ACA [Obmacare] to be a psrt of a Wisconsin program for his people to receive this service and got a reply back that it would be considered, yet he goes on about repealing ACA. I am not sure witch direction he is going. It sems like alot of double talk on his part.

  22. All I can say is:
    Did anybody plan a head????
    Did anybody save money????
    Did anybody plan for their retirement???








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