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Friday, October 21, 2016

Originally posted at The Brad Blog

Despite completely misreporting on administration emails related to the pretend Benghazi “scandal,” after they were misquoted (and/or fabricated) to him by a reportedly Republican source, ABC News and their White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl still refuse to properly correct and apologize for having lied about“obtaining” those emails.

Had Karl’s error — compounded by his “cover-up” even more than his original “crime” — contained news that falsely appeared good for Democrats instead of for Republicans, he would have been hammered and forever discredited by the right until finally fired by ABC News. But, alas, his completely false report on Benghazi benefited Republicans rather than Democrats, so no biggie, it seems. He gets to keep his career!

ABC’s Karl, however, wasn’t the only top-tier network newsman who blew it big time, further tarnishing the profession over the past week. Not by a long shot.

Here’s how NBC’s Brian Williams opened — opened! — NBC Nightly News last Tuesday, the same day that the Treasury Department’s Inspector General report was released, offering zero evidence of White House involvement in the so-called IRS “scandal”

BRIAN WILLIAMS: “As a lot of American adults not so fondly remember, the last time the government was found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the IRS for political purposes, it was the Nixon era, and while times have changed and circumstances are different, that subject came up at the Obama White House today as the administration now scrambles on several fronts.” (NBC Nightly News, May 14, 2013)

Odd. The “last time” we “not so fondly remember…the government…found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the IRS for political purposes”, was during the George W. Bush era, not the Nixon era. Did Williams sleep through that decade? Seemingly so. Or, it’s safer to allude to the discredited Nixon than the off-scot-free Dubya. Or, Williams simply felt like lying to his audience. Either way, why has Williams also failed to correct or apologize for his grotesquely absurd, remarkably misleading and demonstrably inaccurate opening? And why has he seemingly faced little or no pressure to do so (unlike Karl) from others in the media?

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  • charleo1

    Well, the major news outlets are all corporations, chasing the dollar, and not
    the truth anyway. I’ve changed my DVR 3X over the past 6 months or so. When
    a story, or better I say, the impression they left their audience with, about the
    story, was too wrong to take. They all have a vested interest in creating the never
    ending drama of a steel cage match, between the two warring Parties. Amped
    up, to what passes for the fever pitch excitement of politics as usual. There was
    this interesting change on the AP scandal. From, what is the DOJ doing snooping
    around in reporter’s phone records. The Big Brother, angle. Then, as if someone
    at GOP headquarters realized there was a, why, or how, is this White House leaking
    like a sieve, angle, that was even better. So, the main stream media, the one that’s
    so in the tank for Obama? Switched quicker than a well trained pup, to angel # 2.
    I do find the little, National Memo, finding it’s way in, and onto the the bigger stages
    of the cable news networks. And even into the reports of my girlfriend forever, Rachel Maddow. So, good for them!

    • mike

      Keep drinking the Kool Aid. The Mainsteam Media invested a lot in Obama and for all his faults gave him a pass until now. Even on Benghazi last year they ignored the video and made no effort to investigate all the problems with the Wh talking points. They protected Clinton and Obama their liberal Goddess and God.

      Media ignored or buried stories like: Democratic senate and 3 years without a budget .How about, Obama criticizing secret donors to republican but refuses to reveal own list of donors. Kyoto would cost developed world trillions while lowering global temps less than one degree. Major shift in public opinion, most Americans oppose abortion. Hell, the media was pushed kicking and screaming to cover Dr. Gosnell trial, why because the vast majority of the media is pro-choice.

      The mainstream media is way to the left, but they may be coming to their senses after the AP phone tapping scorched earth attack, could they be next?
      Intimidation is the name of the game with Obama and the rest of his Chicago Thugs.

      • Sand_Cat

        You’re the one drinking the koolaid

        • lana ward

          Mike is right and you know it. The media have NEVER gone after Obama on anything he has done. Now that what he is doing involves them, they are going after him. He betrayed them!! He bit the hand that feeds him

          • The media, a tool of our special interests, went after President Obama since Inauguration day in 2009. No president has been maligned, insulted and threatened the way Barack Obama has been. Only people focused on deceit, those who have been asleep at the wheel the last 4.5 years, and those afflicted by an advance stage of Alzheimers can suggest with a straight face that the media has ignored President Obama’s achievements and failures.
            The media has been complicit in giving credibility to the Rev. Wright affair, claims of being a Muslim, a foreigner, they did not follow up on what happened to the moron that insulted the President of the United States when he called him a liar on national TV during a SOTU address being broadcast to the world, they ignored the terrorist record of his predecessor and zeroed in on a single terrorist attack instead of highlighting the obvious decrease in acts of terrorism, and more recently they were complicit in revealing a FBI investigation on an AP reporter – insinuating it was an unprecedented act – and holding him responsible or insinuating he was behind, the poor choices made by civil servants in Ohio. Needless to say, they also served as stooges in the demonization of Obamacare, ignored the GOP blocking the Veterans Jobs Act, helped ridicule or minimized the need for investment in infrastructure, and instead of criticizing those responsible for our slow economic recovery, they participated in the tactic of obstructionism that impaired the Obama Administration’s ability to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

          • mike

            Let me get this straight, the Liberal mainstream media has maligned, insulted, and threatened Obama. Time to produce, show me any article from the NYT, LAtimes, WP. or legitimate, comparable news outlet saying or doing your accusations.

            Complicit in the Rev. Wright story in 2009. Bull roar. It was written about in 2008 when he and Clinton were battling for the nomination. Forgotten my the MM after that.

            As to Wilson calling Obama a liar. He took the heat, apologized, which Obama accepted. What has not been covered by the MM is the Obamacare has $8.5 million for grants to centers that serve as primary care to migrant and seasonal worker without asking about their immigration status. Obama lied again!!!Shock

            As to the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner, IRS manager let the cat out of the bag during a press briefing in regard to Conservatives being targeted.
            The rest of post is pure crap.

            Time to give me the articles showing the Liberal MM is complicit in helping the right stop Obama agenda.

            While I wait for the proof I can heard the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.
            I am waiting!!!!

          • jaqueliner

            Mike – it is with sadness that I find myself fearing for your immortal soul. Look to the example that Jesus set for us all, and then begin to remove the post from your eye (rather than the splinter from Dominick’s).

            We live in turbulent times, with a plethora of challenges to overcome as neighbors, friends, and even adversaries. These challenges will not be met with rhetoric such as yours.

            Love, patience, and turning the other cheek may not produce the adrenaline rush that arguing does, but will surely set our souls into better standing with Yahshua.

          • mike

            My immortal soul you fear for, save your breath.
            I am not arguing, just pointing out the false information coming out of his mouth.
            So in your eyes, one is to ignore lies and untruths and not say anything. Right?? Forget that! Not going to happen.

          • jaqueliner

            Mike – yes, stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard to bring light to injustice and the misdeeds that you perceive. Perhaps others will see your perspective and share your concerns.

            Just I wonder if you can find a way to share your insights from a place of love and caring rather than vitriol and venom. For venom, once engaged, becomes wicked poison to all who come in contact with it – including yourself.

            I will continue to pray for you, for a breath sent towards heaven can never be wasted.

          • mike

            The “misdeeds perceived” are not mine alone. Even your party is in an uproar over IRS, AP.

            “share your insights from a place of love” my love of this country is what drives me. I see(and 60% of other Americans) believe we are headed in the wrong direction.

            All my thoughts have been researched before I post to make sure they are factually correct. What I get back from most is the real Vitriol and Venom. I have been told to quit posting, I have been told by one”if he was close to me he would vomit all over me”, I have had every despicable word tossed at me that would burn your ears, I have been attacked constantly. In some cases, I have returned their comments in the same fashion as I have received it. I will not turn the other cheek because of their stupidity.

            Pray for them and their perceptions and ignorance.

          • tnwoman1948

            The only thing wrong about your comment is that mike has NO soul eternal or NOT eternal.

          • lana ward

            Fox News has been #1 for 13 years for a reason. When things are found out about Obama, they wonder and ask why other channels aren’t reporting it. That is their job. They get paid to report the news but censor anything bad about Obama. They should all be hung!!! Joe Wilson shouting YOU LIE to Obama and Alito shaking his head NO to an Obama lie were greatest moments ever!!! And the WHOLE world saw!!! And we will NEVER have job growth under Obama, never!! Between his regulations on small businesses and Ocare, more and more jobs will be lost. More businesses will be forced to close. He says his focus is on small businesses. Yea, his focus is to destroy small businesses, and it is working!!!! He is an anti-America dictator. The IRS helped him to steal the election

          • Valerie

            You lose all credibility when you mention you get your “news” from Fox News.

          • lana ward

            You never had credibility, you get your news from the MSM

          • Valerie

            How do you know where I get my news?

          • lana ward

            Why won’t Sambo arrest the Benghazi terrorists?

          • tnwoman1948

            I hope you realize what tiny bit of credibility you may have had was totally wiped out when you referred to YOUR President (Yes, President Obama IS your President,too.) as “Sambo”.

            Critters like you remind me of a BIG, UGLY, WOUNDED, DYING beast that knows it is on it’s last leg. It tries to inflict as much damage to it’s enemy/opposition as possible before it DIES and goes to hell.

            BTW, I am so glad to see another example of a comment from a conservative that proves when they look at someone they don’t see their COLOR. (much sarcasm)

          • lana ward

            He’s not my P-resident. He’s not yours either. He is a dictator. Since black liberals call all black conservatives oreos, or uncle tom and other names, I can call Sambo what I want

          • Michael F. Coleman

            Obviously you are not a citizen of the USA. IF that is true, just shut up and leave us citizen to argue what is best for our country.

          • lana ward

            Obama says we have 57 states. Does that mean he’s not a citizen??

          • Michael F. Coleman

            He was referring to the 57 primaries that he and Hillary Clinton participated in. Can you name the primaries cause I can or are you too stupid to know.

          • lana ward

            Nice try. I saw him say he had been to 57 states and still had 2 more to go. and one more that his Campaign said he didn’t need to visit. So we have 60 states. REAL Americans, especially running for President know how many states we have, wouldn’t you think : )

          • Michael F. Coleman

            If that is all you got, I’m fine with it. Please proceed Lana.

          • lana ward

            If anyone isn’t a citizen of the US, it’s your leader. Running for P-resident and doesn’t even know how many states there are. Pitiful

          • Michael F. Coleman

            That is where you’re wrong. He produced his long form birth certificate. You, not so much. Until you can prove you are a US citizen, STFU.

          • lana ward

            So you’re an illegal alien. OHitler loves you!! It’s Americans he hates. Americans in all 57 states

          • Michael F. Coleman

            Wrong again, my grandparents were brought here as slaves. I grew up during Jim Crow and I have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an American than you do. I’ll match my DD214 and my Father’s DD214 and My Grandfather’s DD214 against your family any day any time. Please Proceed.

          • lana ward

            I feel bad for you. Obama doesn’t give a rats a** about anyone but himself. Blacks are worse off now than they have ever been . All the black Dems. in power, have done NOTHING to help the black communities. , Nothing!!. They talk the good talk, then make sure you stay in chains so you depend on them for help, then they give you no help. Blacks have always done better under Republican policies. They have sunk under dem policies

          • From_America_with_Love

            Wait Michael, if your Grandfather was brought here as a slave, how would he have DD214 documentation? And, if your Grandparents were brought here as slaves, how old does that make you? I’m trying to figure out the math here.

          • pbrower2a

            Long and completely debunked.

          • Michael F. Coleman

            Obviously you have no idea what a dictator is. The stupid is strong in you isn’t it.

          • pbrower2a

            Why should anyone trust a craven sellout, whatever his color?

            “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom” are the parlance of outdated and now-irrelevant radicals who considered liberals like Martin Luther King “Oreos” and “Uncle Toms”.

            Tokens are usually incompetent people whom reactionaries proffer as evidence that they “aren’t racists”.

            Barack Obama so far is an above-average President.

          • lana ward

            MLK was a Republican, in case you didn’t know. And OHitler is a criminal

          • darkagesbegin

            you know, if “Sambo” was so powerful, he would have shut your racist, ignorant mouth long ago. If I were you, I would look under the bed because there are probably well-armed government forces dogging your every step, and I believe they are funding the operation by stealing from your bank account. You are not able to detect it though, because they send out scrambling signals through the fox news channel.

          • lana ward

            Your princess queer in the WH is in trouble

          • lana ward

            Why won’t Sambo deny knowing what the IRS was doing?

          • pbrower2a

            When Dubya was President, I relied heavily upon foreign news reporting as a check upon FoX Propaganda Channel and others who thought that it is wisest to imitate FoX (like “follow-the-winner CNN).

          • Oelric AoC

            Yeah Fox and MSNBC aren’t the sorts of places you find journalism.

          • JohnG

            Childish statement Valerie. Others can say the same of you regarding what you watch and they would be just as childish. And to Lana Ward, racist, troll. You’ve made yourself irrelevant. Not worthy of meaningful discussions.

          • Valerie

            Well, don’t you think calling the President “Sambo” racist? She didn’t just say it once either.

          • plc97477

            She’s not really worth wasting your time on.

          • Dana Es

            Once again, if you’d check the facts you’d learn that the IRS also checked into whether some liberal groups met tax exempt qualifications and a liberal group was the only one refused that status. They had to pay taxes.

          • lana ward

            Another scandal brewing. This one with the HHS

          • Valerie

            What scandal? You mean the one where Sebelius is trying to get funding to get the facts out on the ACA and what to do and expect, what republicans don’t want to fund.

          • lana ward

            If Sambo would quit giving billions to our enemies, they would have money. All these scandals, it’s hard to keep up : )

          • Valerie

            This is my last response to your racist a$$. Who uses the term Sambo anymore? His title is President Obama, get used it already, geez. Scandals, yeah right. What billions is he giving away to our enemies that the previous President did also, any examples?

          • lana ward

            Obama has and is still giving millions to support mosques around the world. He is giving millions to Morsi of Egypt, our jet fighters, weapons. He wants our enemies well taken care of and won’t even open our WH to Americans. His priorities are the enemy, not Americans!!

          • I heard that Obama is giving each & every Mosque in the country it’s own jet fighter.

          • Leo Hollinden

            How come when liberals run out of facts they switch to calling people racist. What is racist is calling Obama black when his mother is white. No previous president gave billions to Egypt while it is being run by the muslim brotherhood.

          • Valerie

            You don’t think calling the President “Sambo” is racist. The last time I heard that name was back in the 70’s and it was racist then and it’s racist now. Calling him black because his mother is white is not racist, it called mixed race. Besides what does race have to do with anything but to racists it’s a big deal.

          • TVulgaris

            ” No previous president gave billions to Egypt while it is being run by the muslim brotherhood.”

            Funny thing about that- the current DEMOCRACY (however much we hate that it isn’t white-bread American) is, in fact, completely unprecedented. So your observation is, while completely factual, pointless.

            Now, we DO have LOTS of historic precedent of the US government backing Muslim regimes, (especially the unbroken succession in Saudi Arabia, not so much of the Sauds as the Caliphate system that is nearly 1500 years old now)-sometimes QUITE covertly of “terrorist” regimes.

          • Michael F. Coleman

            Do you mean like how Lamar Alexander did the same thing under Reagan when he was Sec. of Education. Please proceed.

          • lana ward

            I don’t think we can afford to give the enemy money right now, do you??

          • Michael F. Coleman

            Please list those enemies we are giving money to?

          • cathc

            If you’d check the facts you’d learn that the IRS has already admitted to specifically targeting conservative groups.

          • bg1435

            Who the hell is Joe Wilson ???(a nobody) Alito is not the president and never will be .Sounds like obvious, professional jealousy. It’s the GOP majority in congress that is doing nothing about jobs and instead focusing on these supposed scandals. Everyone but you knows that. Also, something everyone else knows and you don’t, that the Onion is considered more credible than FOX. They embarrass themselves every day.It’s like watching SNL. Clowns just like you.

          • lana ward

            Fox has been #1 for 13 years. Why do you think Sambo wants them taken off the air? They don’t fall in line like the other “news” channels. They aren’t on Sambos’ plantation, never have been, that’s why he hates them!!!

          • toptwome

            You racist piece of filth calling President Obama Sambo. I wish you to the depth of Hell for your hate and demonization of the President of the United States of America.

          • lana ward

            What the hell is the onion? Can’t be important, I would have heard of it

          • Michael F. Coleman

            I guess when you watch too much FOX, you are what we get.

          • toptwome

            Idiot everyone knows what the Onion is.

          • darkagesbegin

            OMG, the sky is falling the sky is falling!!!
            please, crawl into you bomb shelter and stay there until we tell you it is safe to come out.
            for your peace of mind and ours

          • lana ward

            Dems are in panic mode. It is fun to watch : ))

          • KTinME

            Fox news is #1 for Fox news viewers. Thank you for not using the typical FOX watcher’s pet names for the president, but it’s high time you started balancing your news intake with other media. Yes – they are ALL biased, and some are more biased than others. But by reading them all, even the ones that set your teeth on edge (for me it’s NewsMax and Huffington Post) you can figure out what the real news is. Basically -delete all the adjectives, sift out the opinions, and what’s left are the facts. Unfortunately, there will always be people like you, spouting ridiculous, baseless nonsense solely because you prefer to believe in conspiracy theories and blame the president you did not vote for for troubles real, exaggerated, and made-up. This happened under Bush with crazy members of the left and it’s been happening since 2008 with crazy members of the right. And in 2016, no matter who gets elected, it will happen again, mainly because some people will believe whatever nonsense they want to believe.

          • Michael F. Coleman

            McDonalds is #1 in hamburgers but ingesting too many of them will make you sick.

          • lana ward

            To much news won’t make you sick. So what’s your point??

          • Michael F. Coleman

            You claim FOX is #1 and I stated that McDonalds is also #1 and both of them can make you sick as observed by your posting.

          • pbrower2a

            FoX “News” is an oxymoron.

          • pbrower2a

            FoX Propaganda Channel is #1 because America’s reactionaries and fascists love it, and the other media split the rest of us.

            …Nobody in Congress shouted “You Lie!” when George Worthless Bush was President after he had lied or at the least suborned perjury to get us into the War for Iraqi Oil.

            No job growth under President Obama? Jobs have not outpaced corporate profits yet. Maybe we can ask the tycoons and executives why we have such feeble job growth.

            As for a dictator — Karl Rove nearly fit the description while the boss of the GOP when it had control of all three branches of Government between 2001 and 2006. An all-powerful Party boss, a weak but pliant executive, and a servile legislative branch with the Party Boss unaccountable to anyone other than himself exercising executive, legislative, and judicial power? That is how Josef Stalin did things.

          • lana ward

            You think that criminal, OHitler is a god because MSM won’t ever report what he does. They are all traitors and should be hung as such!!!!

          • bg1435

            It’s as if they think Americans are blind to the truth. The only social service the GOP has ever supported is corporate welfare and everyone knows it.This is all looking like just a lack of basic common sense. Americans are too smart for this . It’s a GOP led con job.

          • Pendy1

            Are you serious?

          • toptwome

            Thank you for an excellent comment. I wish I could express myself as well as you have. You really have laid it all out just as it has been. Republican anti-everything and constant hate for the President who has been for the country to recover.

          • pbrower2a

            FoX “News” has gone after President Obama on everything, including fabricated data of its creation. The techniques that FoX “News” uses in reporting events remind me of what George Orwell warned us about in 1984.

            What is right, anyway, about people getting to claim that organizations that exist solely to promote one partisan agenda, are charitable entities? 2+ 2 = 5, indeed.

          • lana ward

            Fox News reports on everybody!!! If OHitler would quit being a criminal, they wouldn’t have anything to report. The MSM only reports on Republicans, NEVER anything bad the dems do. Never!!

          • toptwome

            Well I guess that is because President Obama did not start a war with lies. He has not been a corrupt President for the one percent and will never do anything that is illegal. From day one President Obama has been working to help this country recover after the recession caused by republican deregulation and reckless spending done by the Bush administration.

        • mike

          How would you know, you are still smelling the catnip and using the litter box for your news. Many studies available but knowing how unmotivated to know the truth you are you will continue to live in your hairball world.

          • charleo1

            Hey! Mr, I got my facts, and everyone else is an idiot.
            I would have thought you would have a rebuttal, for
            Mr. Dominick. Instead, it’s something about your cat.?
            Come on! I’ll say this. Most of the low information,
            lemmings, after years of indoctrination, already know
            what they think. So, with Fox, or Conservative talk radio,
            and more recently, their Evangelical Church. Their
            jobs are not to inform. But, to make sure the narrative is
            parroted, over, and over, Gobbells style, by their favorite entertainer/propagandist, or Mega-Church minister.
            And, they also try to make sure the subject hears the
            false information from two or three, seemingly unrelated
            sources. So, after a while, the subject can’t tell you why
            they know a thing to be true. Or where they learned it.
            But, they damn sure know it’s the truth! And for diggers
            like you, they have their, “well researched,”, study or two. Usually funded by one of the several billionaire activists.
            An example is The Koch Foundation. They fund them all
            the time. Mostly to spread the lies about Global Warming being a hoax. Legitimized of course, by some Ph.D.. no
            one has ever heard of. But, for the cynics, or those who
            like to buttress their arguments with a resource, that says homosexuality is a mental deficiency. They got a study
            for you. And the insidious part about it is, if they’ve already convinced you the main stream media is bias aganist Conservatives. Which they have managed to do to large
            number of the entire Right Wing. They have also in effect
            shut down any enlightening discussions you might have,
            otherwise, with the majority of the Country. (I know they tell you, you’re the majority all the time.) You’re not, Not by a large margin, you’re not. But, it quickly becomes apparent
            you’ve come to any discussion with your own set of facts.
            Now, they are not all wrong. That’s not what I’m saying.
            But on balance, they certainly lead you to far too many conclusions, that fail to square with reality. And they also
            serve to isolate those on the Right. Who find the number
            of disputed facts, in the total sum of issues, across the
            board, when having a discussion with those not in the
            closed circle of information, frustrating. So, Conservatives
            that receive their information from sources that they have
            been told, are the real truth. And not from where most Americans receive their news. More often than not, find
            themselves preferring to talk with only like minded people.
            But, it’s not always necessary in some Conservative circles
            to contradict, or to address every area of contention.
            For example, it was determined by per-election polling in
            the State of Mississippi Those self identifying themselves as Evangelical Christians, believed by an 80% margin that
            Barack Obama had lied about being born in the U.S. And,
            had also mislead Americans about his true religion. Which
            they believed him to be in truth, a Muslim. Now, where did they get that? From that tax exempt, “working for the societal
            good,” Non-political, preacher, they see every Sunday.,
            is where they got. And what then, is the opinion of some of poorest, least insured, least educated, least likely to graduate
            high school, people in the Country, on the President’s efforts to improve their lives? Improve their medical care, so they
            will no longer have the highest infant mortality rate in the
            Country, for instance? However, if they believe he’s an illegal, alien, pretending to be a Christian, It doesn’t matter. Does it? And that’s just fine with Fox News. And the whole reason
            for their existence.

          • mike

            I never called you an idiot, but after reading this diarrhea, you might be.
            Just produce the articles that maligned, insulted, and threatened the President since 2009. Come on, I know you have it in you. Don’t you???

          • charleo1

            Just produce the articles that maligned President Obama
            since ’09??? You don’t admit to the near constant
            barrage of lies, and slander, aganist this President? It seems
            to me, if Right Wing, truly, had no intention of helping Obama clean up the outrageous mess. They could have at least
            had the decency to their mouths shut. But, insults comprise the vast majority of references made about Obama, on the Right. Before, during, and after his election as President. From an opposition, that had quite apparently, at the election of a Black President. Just lost it. Threats were, for legal reasons, more carefully couched. However, if a guy stands up and claims to love his Country, and is concerned because he says, Barack Obama is trying to fundamentally change everything that is great and good about America, What might one be inferring then?
            Now, Bush was criticized, mercilessly, for his lack of ability
            to make the correct calls, on the big issues that came to define his Presidency. But, who called into question his religion? Franklin Graham said of Obama, he was a Muslim, because his Father was a Muslim. And, Trump was sending a detail to get to the bottom of some, “very disturbing facts,”
            he had found out about where Obama was born. What other President has been subjected to insults of that nature?
            One fellow wrote an entire book, dedicated to exploring Obama’s supposed Kenyan, “anti-colonial roots.” To account for what he claimed was, “the general hatred,” Obama had supposedly inherited from his Father. Who, Barack Obama had seen only briefly as a boy. Yet, according to the author, Obama, seen Great Britain, along with America, as corrupt, imperialist, powers. Newt Gingrich, proudly brought this pack of lies, to an eager South Carolina, audience, during the Republican primaries in 2012. And as the cameras panned
            a receptive crowd, smiling at each other, and nodding their approval for such outrageous drivel. The remainder of the
            Country looked in, and wondered, who are these people?
            But for my money, the most hypocritical of the personal
            attacks, were about his humble beginnings. So hypocritical,
            in fact, if he were running as a Republican, they would
            build his entire campaign on his ability to pull himself up
            by his own bootstraps. Go to Harvard Law School. Pay
            his own way. Be elected to the most prestigious position a student can hold, at one of the premiere schools in the
            Country. Doesn’t doing what he did, encapsulate everything Republicans are always claiming they support? Yes, but
            then he went to one of the most dangerous, and troubled
            communities in the Country. And worked to empower the
            poor. And, remind America, again, how coming from a wealthy, and connected family. Having your education paid for, then going to Wall Street, and becoming a multi millionaire, prepares one so much better to be President
            of the United States? See? That’s why he was reelected.
            The Country just does not agree with that contention.
            It doesn’t make sense, in the real world, that most
            Americans inhabit.

          • mike

            How long have you been off your Meds??

            The Headline was about the Big Three Networks which are part of the Mainstream Media. Dom said the media maligned, insulted and threatened the president just prove it. Just produce the articles/videos of the mainstream media since 2009 that have maligned, insults and threatened the President, pretty simple since you have read them, should be easy to find them.

            “One fellow wrote _ _ _ “, is he part of the mainstream media? I doubt it.

            You must have the inside track because 99.9% of America has not seen his college transcripts or his applications to any of the schools. So how do you know he paid his own way????

            Again, produce the articles that Dom and you believe happened. No big deal just produce them.

          • charleo1

            Let me ask you something. Who was the last President
            you supported, and thought did a good job? And, send
            a link to his college transcripts, with your reply.

          • mike

            Don’t change subject. Produce the articles!!! Pretty simple task since you and Dom claim it so.

            Country still hasn’t seen his applications and transcripts. Why? What is he hiring? He is such an arrogant man it surprises me that he wouldn’t want to brag and gloat on them.

          • charleo1

            The very fact that you, and others of your ilk, is even
            asking about such things is an insult. We do know he
            had student loans, because he released his income
            records. Unlike the man you voted for. If you’re allowed
            to vote. You call the President arrogant. But, it’s you
            that is arrogant. Barack Obama is a two term sitting
            President of the United States, and not by law, or any
            other reason is he obligated to show you anything.
            Of course, for the low brow, individual like yourself,
            anything short of dragging this man out of his job,
            and lynching him, would be viewed as preferential treat-
            ment. Frankly, I believe you to be a bigot. And that is
            the lens you view Barack Obama through. You are
            no different than the Bull Conners of the old South.
            That said, “Come here, Boy!” “And let me see what
            you got in your pockets!” Because there is the White
            man. He puts on a suit, and tells you he graduated from
            Harvard. His Daddy was the head of a car company.
            Your ilk says, what an honor to meet such a brilliant
            man! The Black guy is supposed to be the one that
            leaves a little dried bird shit at the car wash. So you
            can say, “Come here Boy,!” “What’s that bird shit still
            doing on my car?” Be a man, and face it. The problem
            is not Barack Obama. Or the press. It’s you!

          • mike

            Off your Meds I see. Don’t put words in my month I didn’t say.

            Change the subject, distract, obfuscate still can’t hide the fact obama has put his foot into some real animal feces.

            They(scandals) are not going away for some time. Lerner taking the 5th only hurts and leaves the impression that something is amiss.

            It will get much worse before it gets better.

            Journalist have come to the realization that they are now the target. New York times scathing attack on the “Obama admin. methods are an attack on press freedom”.

            DRIP, DRIP, DRIP

          • plc97477

            Problem with the sinuses again I see. You really should see a doctor. Obamacare can help.

          • tnwoman1948

            YOU are the one who is obviously “Off your Meds”. “charleo1” is the one who is providing legitimate/factual examples of the so-called “liberal” MSM’s berating President Obama before, after and presently since he campaigned for the nomination AND when he prevailed over Clinton and McCain during the primaries and the general election respectively, in 2008.

          • mike

            Then you show me the articles by the Mainstream Media that maligned, insulted, threatened Obama SINCE 2009.
            Dom and Charlize have produced not one article to show that MM maligned, insulted, threatened Obama SINCE 2009.

            They have been in Obama’s pocket since the beginning. I don’t think they will be his waterboy in the future after the AP debacle. Remember last month at the Correspondent Dinner Obama said “You all voted for Me”. with a big smile.

          • Valerie

            He doesn’t seem to be a braggart, not like the previous President (Alfred E. Newman look-alike) Bush.

          • mike

            When did I use the word “braggart”. You probably never heard all the “I” in his speeches.

            Sandusky, Ohio 7/5/12 117 “I”and “me” in a 25 minutes speech.

          • charleo1

            No, it would not be correct, to say you called Obama a
            braggart. You called him arrogant. You meant uppity.
            As in forgetting the traditional place, African Americans
            have always had, in White America’s society. It’s the
            reason you consider yourself, his superior. The reason
            you think he must be hiding something. That, there had to have been something dishonest, and underhanded,
            involved. Because, this Country doesn’t elect Black men
            to the Presidency!
            For one thing, everybody knows, “they,” have no ability for
            handling money. That’s why there is so many Black people
            on welfare. They get a dollar, they spend a dollar. That’s
            why, he’s spending the Country into oblivion. That’s all
            “those people,” know how to do, is let the taxpayers take
            care of them! That’s why we call him, “The Food Stamp
            President! The worst President in American history! We
            hope he fails. So, we’re going to oppose everything he
            asks for. Especially the issues he made promises on, in
            his campaign. Then, the American people will see, what
            we already know. There’s no way he’s smart enough to
            be President of the United States. And we’ve got 4 years,
            to demonstrate that to the Country. In fact, I’m telling you
            all right now. Our number one goal, from here on out, is
            to make sure Barack Obama is a one term President!
            Now, be honest. Doesn’t what I’ve written account for
            90/95% of what you come on here claiming, day in and
            day out. A lot better than your nit picking, hyper critical,
            accusatory, opinions of his job performance?

          • mike

            Don’t tell what I meant by the words I use.

            After looking at this post you are definitely off your Meds.

            I have never read such crap and in my life.

            Where are all those articles? Still waiting.!!!!

            My dislike of Obama is all policy not race. I see him as an Amateur and each day it looks like I am right.

            His administration is a chaotic mess.

          • charleo1

            You have no call to use the word amateur.
            The fact is, he began his term as President
            with more urgent, and difficult problems than
            any President since FDR. And, you dislike his
            policies? Compared to what? The previous
            President? And what do know about his Adm,?
            You say it’s a chaotic mess. I wish I could buy
            you, for what you’re worth, and sell you for
            what you think you’re worth. The idea that the
            press is bias toward Obama. Or they were harder
            on Bush, is ridiculous. The Left leaning press
            allowed Bush, and Co. to cherry pick, and lie
            the Country into a war. The idea that the press
            is easier on Obama is just another way to say,
            he didn’t deserve to, and couldn’t have won the
            election, without special help. He couldn’t have
            got into Harvard without affirmative action, because
            Blacks can’t compete with Whites, in head to head
            scholastic competition. It’s the same old business.
            I want to see his credentials. Cause, I don’t think
            an amateur/Black, could get into Harvard on his own.
            Same crap, different wrapper.

          • mike

            I see you are still on your racial kick. Such BS!!! You have the gull to say the left leaning media allowed bush to cherry pick-my God you are delusional. He was pounded everyday. Now if you want to show me Bush bashing by the MM I might let you substitute Bush articles since you and Dom haven’t shown me or the world that the MM maligned, insulted, threatened Obama since 2009.

            I can call him anything I want, but I should not be surprised to see the IRS at my door at some point.

            Amateur is what he is. He is inept in the art of management and governance, He blames all his problems on those that disagree(Washington, republicans, media). He knows nothing when a crisis erupts.

            Obama’s presidency has included one amateur screw up after another. Gitmo, campaign reform, Obamacare, handling KSM, the negotiation of the debt ceiling, shovel-ready jobs, warped strategy with Israel, fumbling of the Iran and now the Syrian situation, and of course the BIG THREE- IRS, AP, AND BENGHAZI.

            “He likes giving speeches more than he does running the Executive Branch”, His presidency no longer has any “trust”. Chris “thrill going up my leg” Matthews on Obama.

            His skills are not sufficient to effectively lead the country. His credibility diminishes more he stays in office.

          • tnwoman1948

            YOU are so GOOD! I just have to write KUDOS again! Keep “mike off HIS meds” feet to the fire!

          • tnwoman1948

            “I see him as an amateur…..” Writes the anonymous troll who from his comments has a second-rate education at best, and who probably has NEVER accomplished anything of note in his life. You must have some “big ones” or just bitter AND delusional to label a man as brave AND accomplished as Barack Hussein Obama as an “amateur”.

            After YOUR President (Yes, President Obama is your President, too.) completes his SECOND term as POTUS, he will retire to the love and accolades of his millions of admirers here and around the world; watch his two girls grow up to be successful young women; grow old with the FABULOUS Michelle Robinson Obama; play with his future grandchildren; AND become as wealthy as he wishes from speaker fees,etc. while YOU, “mike off HIS meds”, will probably still be TROLLING the internet complaining/whining about the NEXT President. Sad to be YOU, “mike off HIS meds”.

          • mike

            You are funny!!! Obama as an amateur: Gitmo, campaign reform, obamacare, handling KSM, debt negotiation, shovel-ready projects in 2009 stimulus, warped strategy on Israel, fumbling of Iran, and especially the Syrian crisis. Now, don’t forget the Big Three, AP, IRS, Benghazi.

            Buck has to stop somewhere. Oh that’s right, Obama-I no nothing!!!!! IRS-I just heard about it, even though WH attorney knew and his Chief of Staff knew. AP-I just heard about it. Again, his best friend Holder had recused himself from the investigation and he never told Obama. I don’t think so. Benghazi is a story into itself. A video and the changing of the first CIA memo. Obama didn’t know of the changes. Baloney

            Obama has put around him a bunch incompetent people, or he is lying.

            Therefore, he is an Amateur.

            Waiting for you to do what Dom and Charlize haven’t been able to do, as a women show those old men up. produce the artilces.

          • tnwoman1948

            “mike” off HIS meds, no matter how many semi-literate rants you post, YOU will are AND always be an anonymous, LOSER who will probably never accomplish anything of importance except to go on the internet and write ignorant things about subjects about which you know very little. As I wrote in a previous comment, YOU will, after YOUR President, Barack Obama, leaves office upon completion of his SECOND term, you will probably still be TROLLING the internet WHINING/COMPLAINING about the NEXT POTUS. Very SAD to be YOU!

          • mike

            Oh poor baby, can’t stand the true, can’t defeat the truth, so must try to attack the messenger. LOL
            Still waiting for you to help Dom and Charlize. Pathetic!!

          • Sand_Cat

            More sophism. You said he was arrogant and you were surprised he isn’t gloating over his transcript. Even people at your intellectual level can figure out that’s pretty much the same thing.

          • mike

            What a big word for one in the cat litter.

            If his transcripts were so good why hid them, his self worth towers over everyone. What is in the applications to the different schools.
            He is arrogant and it will bring this country and himself down. It is never his fault when there is a mess up in the administration. Always someone else screwed up not him.

            Don’t forget now: DRIP DRIP DRIP

          • tnwoman1948

            That tells us what kind of “life” you lead if you spend your time counting the words of the POTUS from a speech he delivered almost a YEAR ago. Wow! Fascinating! Do you get paid for this type of “work”?

          • mike

            Not me lady! I was challenged on my comment how arrogance he is, so I Googled: speechs Obama use “I” a lot”. By the way, he is not only arrogant but inept at governing.

            Nice try though.

          • Sand_Cat

            And why should they? The moron you supported wouldn’t even show his tax returns as his father did. likely, they would have shown 1) He was one of those who took advantage of IRS amnesty for those guilty of tax evasion by hiding money offshore, and 2) On a year not staged for election purposes, he probably paid a smaller percentage of his income in taxes than most lower-middle class taxpayers, despite his statuis as one of the horribly abused, overtaxed and underappreciated wealthy.

          • mike

            Keep going back to the past, what the hell is happening to you, you didn’t mention Bush.

            How much did Romney pay to charities? 29.4%, 4million on 13.6 million in income.

            DRIP DRIP DRIP

          • tnwoman1948

            Stop calling yourself a DRIP because there are plenty of us on this thread willing to do that for you, “mike off HIS meds”, the anonymous internet warrior.

          • mike

            God,you make my day. I don’t need “meds” never have but you just might when all is revealed.
            Drip, Drip, Drip, is the sound of Obama having another bad day of information coming out about his pathetic administration corruption. Each day another step in the doo doo for Obama.

          • Valerie

            The President and First Lady just got through paying their college loans. Oh that’s right, you don’t hear that on Fox News. What about that the deficit is falling faster than expected?

          • mike

            Still missing are the transcripts and applications.
            Gee, falling so quickly, why?? Oh that’s right. Higher taxes on the middle Class and 1% with some spending cuts. Good for Him.
            You still keep forgetting participation rate is still low(63%) and U6 numbers are at 13.9%. Economy weak and will get weaker when Obamacare kicks in. What you also left out, the deficit will go back up in 2015-you sure don’t want to talk about that do you??

          • Valerie
          • mike

            OK, my emotional wreck Valerie-I never said sealed. Just show the transcripts and applications. No president should be allowed to keep their past records from the American people.

          • Oh, My

            Faster than expected in part due to the sequester which he lobbied heavily against and despite dire predictions hasn’t really effected much.

          • WatchingU

            Break it down for Mike.

            Big 3 news agencies hyped (and lied) about the trumped up GOP “watergate-like” scandals. As the real true is exposed, they don’t retract their untrue stories. This equals media bias.

            The charleo1 posts were about the endless examples of media bias and were related to the article. Your responses/posts/contributions to this article basically come down to a bunch of name calling and lack any real debate. Anyone not following your train of thought is “spewing diarrhea” as you so tactfully put it.

          • mike

            Neither hyped or trumped up. Seems you missed the NT
            Times articles, and many more news outlets. Go back under your rock. Tell that to the AP, or IG who did the investigaton of the IRS, Benghazi will be just as bad.

            Even Chris Matthews admits Obama has screwed up.
            Since you want to take on the task(3 before you have failed) show us where the Mainstream Media has maligned, insulted, and threatened Obama since 2009. That was the original statement made by Dom and backed by Charleo 1. Go for it.

          • tnwoman1948

            Kudos! Your comment was brilliant!

            BTW, please IGNORE “mike”. It is obvIous he has contracted one of the worst cases of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) ever to inflict someone. If President Obama were to cure ALL of the ills/problems of the universe, this CRITTER would have something negative to say about his actions. He is a bitter, loser troll who is still upset because WE the American people weren’t buying what the opposition was offering: Willard Romney AND more Republican LIES and OBSTRUCTIONS.

          • Fizzbo

            I think your post was good but it has too many words for Mike so he has written you off. I love how the whole birther issue is still going on. Still. Hard to have an intelligent debate when…. never mind…. it is not worth it.

        • mike

          I don’t think so, how’s the catnip?

        • Pendy1

          Pee Wee Herman fan, are you? “I know you are, but what am I?” Great playground stuff.

          • Sand_Cat

            I have no problem with pee-wee, though I never watched his show or movies. I don’t need him to know projection – imputing one’s own failings and malice to someone else – especially those who dare to disagree. And yes, that’s probably where you and your friends belong: on a first or second grade playground.
            The illustrious Carl Rove even promoted it as a campaign strategy, though I don’t know why he bothered: Republicans have been doing it for most of the last 30-40 years with the ever-increasing shrillness of the desperate.

      • charleo1

        God forbid anyone challenge one of the Right Wings sacred
        alters of perpetual victimhood. The unfair main stream media.
        So, they all bask in the divine truth of Fox News. What a hoot!

        • mike

          The hoot is on you. I would expect you to deny any left leaning media. But the Facts are the Facts.

          There is a very good article from UCLA-led research. Co-authors, Tim Groseclose, Political Science Prof. and Jeffrey Milyo-Univ. of Missouri, economist and Public Policy Scholar. Showing that there is a left leaning bias. UCLA is no bastion of conservatism. Hell, almost every University is leaning to the left.

          Go look at:, and read and see how the media played Obama in a positive light and McCain in a negative light.

          The Media wanted Obama to win no doubt about it.

          If you were even remotely intellectually honest you would say “yes” or lets say “probably”. But, oh no, you give some silly response.

          • gmccpa

            Direct quote from the link you provided:

            “Much of the increased attention for McCain derived from actions by the senator himself, actions that, in the end, generated mostly negative assessments.”

            As usual, considering that the Republicans the ‘party of personal responsibility” ….they seem to waste no time in blaming others for their failings.

          • mike

            I guess the other study didn’t fit your agenda. I saw the McCain quote but it doesn’t diminish that the MM was in the bag or Obama. Any intellectually honest person knows that truth about the Media, up until now that is.

          • bg1435

            You probably believe in the Easter bunny too. We should research how many people have been killed or kidnapped in American Embassies all over the world, in the past fifty years. No wonder the families of the Benghazi victims want no part of the GOP, who are clearly, trying to win political points by dragging this on. These brave people, like so many right now, are putting themselves in harms way, for self serving people like yourself.

          • mike

            How’s the Kool Aid??

            Hey douche bag we know the number of Good Americans killed and it is a tragedy.

            Interesting you think the families are against investigations of how their sons died. I think you are wrong.

            Well Big Gut 1435, Sorry the brain cell are disappearing.

          • toptwome

            I know that the family did not want his death to be used in a political way, but that is the only way the right wing will ever respond when a Democrat is in office. Just revolting partisan agenda against President Obama.

          • toptwome

            No there was just excitement for President Obama and no excitement for McCain. That was the difference in the coverage.

          • bg1435

            He’s a sell out. If I were McCain, I would be researching Alzheimer’s

          • Of course there is a left leaning bias because most intelligent people who are well traveled educated students of history, professors, scientists, journalists, and intellectuals read and think, For us there is no other political leaning than moderate to left!
            When you know history, and you know facts you know that the Limbaugh, Hannity, Tea Party, Fox News crowd are the agenda driven hate mongrels in this country!

          • mike

            I think your Superior Complex is showing. LOL

            One can have all the book smarts in the world and still can’t succeed. Carter is a perfect example being smart and being a poor decision maker. Kennedy surrounded himself with the best minds in the country and was a failure-Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, Test Ban Treaty, over throw of Diem in Vietnam. Source: Dept. of State- Office of the Historian.

            People like you normally have an inferiority complex. They puff themselves up just to look superior but knowing they lack the qualities.

            So my little complex mushugener, keep up the front.

          • Ginny

            My thoughts exactly!

          • toptwome

            Well I sure wanted President Obama to win and I wanted him to win again. So I am very happy that some of the media is fair and much of it is political and that means more right wing every time.

        • bg1435

          Yea , even the Onion is considered more credible.

      • RockyMissouri


        • mike

          Easy to use BS when you can’t prove otherwise.

          • bg1435

            Maybe you don’t understand what you said. Nothing.factual. Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true. It’s BS.

          • mike

            Post was about the Mainstream Media and Dom said they had maligned, insulted and threatened the President since 2009. I asked him to show articles or videos where the Mainstream Media did these things. Go read the first post.

            I know you will find them, won’t you??

            Show me where I am wrong, refute what I have said.

      • bg1435

        Yea, you guys are so scared of Hillary. Why ? because if the election were held today, she would win , regardless of the Benghazi incident. I hope she comes out soon and decides to run . It would be worth seeing the always absurd GOP congress, p** in their pants.We need a strategy, It would stress them out and get them to back off. Like Martha says “it would be a good thing”

      • toptwome

        The right wing lies and they are determined to paint others as the liars. That is why the GOP lies and lies and keeps lying because there are so many gullible republicans who think that the GOP cares about them. If they ever did that is no more. The GOP is an ugly me, me, me type that is selfish and rotten and I wish more people would see that.

  • Yinzer

    Brian Williams is a worthless pile. The quickest way to get Williams down on his knees is for George W. Bush to unzip his fly — and that goes double for Bob Woodward.

    • lana ward

      The media is now seeing that Sambo is really a dictator. They are all waking up , finally : )) Wait until the other shoe drops

      • Valerie

        Really? Sambo? We’ll be waiting for the first shoe to drop. All these so-called scandals are nothing compared to what Bush and Reagan did. Remember Iran-Contra? Weapons of mass destruction?

        • lana ward

          Tell the MSM these are so called scandals. See how far it gets you

        • Iran-Contra? How about Fast and Furious? Weapons of mass destruction (like the gas that Syria now mysteriously holds since Hussein is no longer in power)? What about using military might (Libya) without prior Congressional approval as every president before him have done? So called scandals? Ok, lets see, Benghazi, an American diplomat died, along with former SEALS. First time that’s happened. But no one knows what happened? IRS targets social welfare and conservative groups. Again, no one knows who did what. DOJ takes phone records of over 100 AP reporters because of a security leak (CBS already stated what they’ve done as has all the other news organizations as it related to a bomb on a plane of which after holding it were given the ok to release the story and retold to hold and they didn’t do so which is their right) yet Obama and Biden can state that SEAL Team Six are the group that took out Osama effectively putting a target on their backs, but the AP can do their job which is protected by the first amendment and yet no one in the Justice Department knows who asked for the records, Holder can’t remember whether or not he recused himself and can’t find that paperwork and Obama didn’t know anything about it, but these are so called scandals? Get your head checked there you poor misguided one. Obama had some great ideas before coming in but holy shit has he been one cluster fuck after another.

          • Valerie

            You mean Fast and Furious that started with the Bush Administration? Why should we start another war when we haven’t finished paying for the other two yet? Why should we use “military might without congressional approval as every president before him have done? That’s all the neo-cons want more wars. Sure Benghazi was unfortunate, but why did the Congress not approve more funds for embassy security? Austerity? The IRS “scandal”, they were just doing their jobs, in my opinion. Where was all the uproar when they were targeting NAACP, Greenpeace, a church (because of their views against the war), and now we hear that they also targeted PETA but yet no outrage there. Can you give me an example of these groups’ “social welfare” programs? Did they release the names of Team Seal Six? The one who put them in danger is the guy who wrote the book and went on the talk shows to promote it. I would say that you’re the poor misguided one if you believe all these “scandals”.

    • lana ward

      Obama betrayed the media, now maybe they’ll start doing their job

  • Terry Edgar

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to SECURE THESE RIGHTS, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That WHENEVER any Form of Government becomes DESTRUCTIVE of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the People to ALTER or to ABOLISH it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    • charleo1

      The document went on to say, that prudence should dictate that the
      abolishment of a long established government should not be because
      the Country elected a Black man for President. There isn’t a thing
      wrong with you, a couple of weeks in N. Korea, or Somalia wouldn’t

  • Unfortunately, our media is owned by financial magnates and, not surprisingly, their reporting represents and advances the interests of their owners. The so-called “liberal” media is just an instrument being used to brainwash and distract the naive while the wolves grab the few crumbs we still enjoy.
    The fact that the Benghazi tragedy has been politicized, and that many of the claims that dominate national attention and that serve as evidence to suppport the claim of a scandal are fabricated lies do not surprise me and, hopefully, don’t surprise anyone else. The Benghazi affair, the FBI/AP issue and the IRS scandal are all designed to achieve specific political goals and nothing is left untouched to ensure those goals are met.
    Young and principled journalists who still believe in the benefits of a free press and who still think we live in a free society are either threatened or summarily dismissed when they don’t follow the party line. Our press is no longer what it was 50 years ago, it has become something akin to Goebbel’s or McCarthy’s misinformation campaign tools, and they deserve to be treated accordingly.

  • RockyMissouri


  • The media has there heads up Obamas ASS!

  • The Media is have an Obama Orgasm!!

    • Valerie

      LOL, “The Media is have…”

      • lana ward

        Why did Obama bite the hands that lie for him??? I still can’t believe he did that, pompous fool!!

        • When you’ve been able to lie and do whatever you want it can lead you to think you really are “THE ONE” and are invincible. The media doesn’t get it that in countries such as the one Obama wants to turn the US into they really don’t exist other than as a mouthpiece for the dictator or rulers. I think they’ve been poked and are now awake. Question is do they stay awake or will they be lulled back into lala land the next time he kisses their behinds?

          • lana ward

            The media might stay awake if more comes out

        • pbrower2a

          Not only folly but a ludicrous mixed metaphor.

          You aren’t learning anything while posting this drivel. Why not do something that can do you some good, like getting your GED?

      • plc97477

        Apparently english is not his first language. I wonder if he is here illegally.

  • ballsnow

    GW Bush had anybody that disagreed with him on any of his policies, audited by the IRS. Where’s was the outrage over this?

    • Oelric AoC

      How many millions of auditors did the IRS have? This statement seems… untrue

    • kb7032

      Some data supporting your assertion would be nice.

    • thesparky1

      Ever heard of Wilhem Jeffy Clinton? Look him up and the bad stuff he did in Arkansas as a legislator, then Governor, and of course president. Might want to check out, “The Clinton Chronicles” as a start but not an end-all. Check out the numerous other Arkansas based sources for his early life. Beyond that, there is the Queen of Mean or butcher of Mena, his wife. Hillary has iniquities going back to jr. high. When Jeffy was hanging with John Kerry, the lady had people killed. There are indictments waiting in the Judge Isaac Parker courthouse if she ever actually becomes the Democratic candidate. Only after that happens will the feds unseal those indictments under law.

    • Oh, My

      If you’re not doing anything wrong… is an audit anything other than an inconvenience? So he got mad and inconvenienced people?

  • jkantor267

    Gee, Liberals don’t like it when their Media Lapdogs don’t do what they want.

  • Juan Perez


  • LOL @ W B on Facebook. Can that geezer even move a mouse? I bet it took him three days to type that! And he claims Tea Party is good, new party… even funnier! Is a splinter faction of RWNJs that have gone so far to the right they fell off the edge of reality.

  • You do realize that most modern liberals hardly watch cable or network news… it’s all on twitter feed, and they can read what they want. ABC, NBC and all the other big networks are owned by closet conservatives, who know civil discourse brings advertising dollars.

    Social networking cuts out the commercials and brings more people together that would not otherwise engage. THIS is why Obama won the election, and will be a knife across the neck of TeaParty and GOP in 2014 because they are stuck in the 20th century. Keep your eye on #uniteblue

  • Justin Doolittle

    I wrote the piece about Brian Williams lying. Thanks for the shout-out, Brad.

  • Valerie

    Some people are asking why the President didn’t know about the IRS “scandal”. Well, I say maybe there should’ve been somebody in charge, but the republicans block anybody the President nominates for positions. I refuse to answer Lana Ward, as she spews nothing but racial slurs.

  • Valerie

    Did Jonathan Karl admit any wrongdoing yet? Doubt it.

  • bg1435

    Yes, it’s funny how the GOP doesn’t remember so many things. Like George Bush handing the Afghanistan gov.(terrorists) a check for 60 million dollars, 6 months before 911. That he hired the IRS official that was in charge of the recent scandal. Press scandals ? tip of the iceberg. It makes all of the latest scandals, look like the Republican propaganda that it is. Hypocrites.

    • Snyphilis

      You should pay attention to what the administration is doing rather than what the Republicans are doing. It’s sad that there is so much hatred that everyone is willing to let this country burn so long as they aren’t the ones being blamed. Both Bush and Obama have been horrible presidents. We will not last long if we keep electing these types of people.

    • LOL… six months before 9/11 GWB wasn’t even President … idiot

      • plc97477

        Uh yes he was. He became president in jan. when he took the oath. 7 months before 9/11.

      • pbrower2a

        Barack Obama turned the American economy around within a couple months of becoming President — in far less time than Dubya bungled his way into the 9/11 attack.

    • Truth Gun

      60 million? How does that compares to the BILLIONs Obama handed out in cash to Karzhai?

  • LandMinesOTB

    The author is this left-wing-whiney-drivel is so intent on right VS left and making all of this about politics that they have completely lost focus on the big picture: WE THE PEOPLE. Hey idiot – GETYOUHEADOUTOFYOURASS and try to think like a citizen and not like a liberaltard just for a minute.

  • Oh heavens. What a bunch of drivel. I watched the congressional hearings on the IRS scandal, and BOTH parties are furious as it was indeed a huge deal. Get a life.

  • conradshull

    ABC and NBC working for the Republicans? Wow this guy’s come up with a new twist on “media bias”. This is a textbook example of why people shouldn’t read “political” blogs.

    • Cleetus

      I was told I was an idiot because I did not realize that Politico was a bastion of conservative thinking.

  • Stan

    This thread illustrates why the United States is screwed: Liberals and Conservatives whining about people “drinking the kool-aid” & ” the mainstream media”… or crying about the bias inherent in Fox News, NBC/ABC/CBS. Half of the people on here are incapable of expressing a coherent argument without resorting to some level of name calling or disparagement. Maybe it has always been this way and the internet just is a faucet that allows the cesspool to stream out where the rest of us can see how silly you all are. I actually should probably be thankful your collective sphere of influence is limited to this message board and you aren’t out there in the world actually doing something that would screw things up any worse than they already are.

    • Archie’s Boy

      When *everyone* has the right to say any damn thing they feel like without fear of retaliation or imprisonment, this is what you get. It’s called “freedom of speech,” and this is what it looks like.

      • Stan

        What does freedom of speech have to do with it? I never said anything about the government retaliating or imprisoning anyone; besides, if you read the site EULA, the site owner can censor these forums at will. I’m just bemoaning the internets, how they enable people to transmit their stupidity, and how it seems a lot of people on message boards think this is what passes for intelligent discourse.

  • patteel

    It is so sad to see how far left everything has gone. I was a Democrat when I was 21 and I wanted to save the world. God, I was stupid. Then a Republican when I was 40 but now I am older and wiser. Democrats have gone completely overboard. Republicans have lost their way. So now I’m an Independent. And I am willing to bet that most (not all, just look at that nut Bill Ayers) of these young liberals will change their ideas as they grow older and experience more of real life. Ideas are changing fast and I foresee it all going wrong within the next 30 years. I won’t be here to see the worst of it but I cry for my grandchildren and all these young foolish people.

    • MizzVikki

      We can only hope that these young liberals will wake up. Unfortunately I have my doubts. The school systems just keeps making them dummer and more stupid with each passing generation.

      • Bob_OR

        Perhaps the youngsters AND the rest of us of BOTH parties should wake up and look at the larger picture. Despite the differences between the Two dominant political parties they both are dedicated to retaining the status quo between a few private business corporation monopolies and government. This kind of arrangement used to be called fascism. In the 1930’s, Hughie Long of Lousianna said, “When fascism comes to America it will not be called fascism, it will be called Americanism.”

  • MVH1

    I’m afraid yes, seriously. It has been absolutely astonishing. And they think Lerner should be sidelined without pay? The witch hunt instituted to “get her” is so pernicious, she doesn’t stand a chance. She’s been convicted of nothing. Why should anyone subject themselves to the outrageously rude and nasty grilling by Congress members, many of whom are notorious for having stayed out of jail by the skin of their teeth.

    • disqus_59KZkHgegx

      Lois took the Fifth. But it’s all a “witch hunt”?
      “Not smidgen of corruption”, quoth the Dear Leader.

  • disqus_qQLhst7cBF

    This has to be the most ignorant rant I have ever read. Where did this guy get his talking points, obama?

  • harkin

    Very interesting watching liberals defending The One by saying he was asleep at the switch for four very serious instances of incompetence and corruption in his admin. Is this really supposed to be something to reassure americans?
    Better have Eric ‘Sgt Schultz’ Holder investigate!

  • Mark Smoot

    impeach the potus!!!

  • I feel for the families who lost their loved ones in the Benghazi attack. But almost as many American citizens are killed each year in chainsaw accidents as they are by radical Muslims.

  • Ginny

    Our country was put in ruination when the Supreme Justices found it unnecessary to count the votes and handed the presidency to Cheney and Bush. Remember the hanging chads, (what a joke on America). I feel if a chad was hanging, that it was punched and that should have been a vote for that person. For 8 years we were in a downward spiral. Jobs been sucked out of this country and incentives given to take our manufacturing base and make China and India the centers for purchasing our goods.
    We were once the greatest nation in the world, because of our manufacturing abilities and output to keep jobs alive and a thriving economy that no one country could match. Look at us now.Thanks to our rotten congress.

    • rigdum_funidos

      ha. ha. ha. everything is still Bush’s fault. you got a loser for President and all you can do is Blame Bush six years later.

  • lonestarlizard

    More Marxist-liberal pap from a Marxist-liberal Kool-Aid swilling minion of the Oblamer regime. So what else is new?

  • Mike Gutowski

    somewhat baffled by this report. I agree the comparison to Watergate is a stretch because there was no evidence that Nixon used the IRS for nefarious purposes, only that he contemplated it, but to call the reports lies is about as far as the libbie taffy can be stretched. still, i was entertained.

  • Chris Behme

    Obama is innocent of all charges, past present and future. I think that’s the gist of this silly article.
    Who cares if its a lie?
    We’ve got a country to “fundamentally transform”
    Into what, they never say.

  • Archie’s Boy

    I would like to know by what set of criteria Brad Friedman has come up with all these allegations. Let’s check *his* lockstep knee-jerkery and finger-wagging.

  • toledojim

    There is not doubt the mainstream media will do whatever it can to protect Obama and Holder. They have too much invested and besides if they expose Obama, then, the liberal agenda become a piece of junk on histories pile of things that never worked or should have been tried.

  • StubbornlyRational

    Friedman makes all kinds of ridiculous, unsubstantiated assertions. We keep hearing from ultra-left sites like this that the White House emails were “fabricated” by a “reportedly Republican” source. What, precisely, does that mean? A person with a modicum of intelligence and critical thinking capability would ask, (a) How do we know *what* emails have not been doctored by the White House?, (b) Why has the White House failed to release a full 24 hours of email”? (c) What is the extent to which the emails are actually different between the two versions? (d) Why trust either version?These are minimal questions that the author’s smokescreen fails to answer. Yes, the left is upset that Obama corruption is being exposed, and yes, they are trying to get the kool-aid drinkers back into line by blanketing the airwaves with silly justifications like this. I don’t trust the Republicans as far as I can throw them, and I trust any site with Joe Conason on its masthead even less. Pathetic, truly pathetic.

  • You mean all three of the guys pictured are gay? What a surprise.

  • Laurie in Spokane

    Williams has lied many times before, or twisted the truth, or slanted it, or left out pertinent details. That’s why I don’t watch him.

  • jensensah

    It is just a matter of time and the liberal media’s self proclaimed going to start loosing them money…and well, as we all know…that changes people ideals, and thinking rather quickly! The honeymoon is over….now it is time for the Media lap dogs to get on the same the rest of the American people…or stay on the same page…and be out of business.

  • CeliaS

    Most of USA media are biased, pro Obama shenanigans, public brain washing lying bustards.

  • disqus_59KZkHgegx

    “Despite completely misreporting on administration emails related to the pretend Benghazi “scandal,”
    Four murdered Americans. No accountability from the Administration.
    But it’s all “pretend”. Right.
    Your check from the DNC is in the mail.

    • pjw01

      And it has been proved to have been preventable. Why aren’t the ones that could have prevented it up for arrest. Hillary and Obama for the most part.

  • Daniel Jones

    Of *course* they criticize you for getting the story right! I guarantee, before everyone finally faced facts, some adult dope-slapped the little boy who said the emperor was naked.

  • Sonshine

    I don’t watch the news anymore because of the political slant. Lie have become truth and truth has become lies.

  • checkman69

    Michele stop using these inane aliases. You should be helping the children with their school work like any good mother would. And stop drinking whatever the [email protected] you are drinking that makes you so delusional. Have a nice day.

  • jondaly

    brad doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that obama has used the IRS to squash his political opponents. I wonder if he’s bothered by what’s happening at the Census Bureau?

  • Patricia Robertson

    If these committees hearings showss and prove the same things what will the republicans do than, the irs, back to obamacare? If they spend this much time working with president passing bills to get this country forward into the present and not back into the past maybe they will stop losing their majority of their party. Do they realize they are beoming part of the miniorty in more ways then one? Not just by party but by race as well. When they become a race of miniorties and they can’t deal with miniorites they will lose their party putting them in them in the miniortity party. All the old GOP will be gone the ones they will need to keep them overboad with their racism and hate, sure they will still always have a small crowd of followers but it won’t be enough to help them out. So they need to get on board and learn how to get alone with all race, religion, sex of people and stop looking down their nose at others.

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    I suppose it’s both useful and important that you report what the broadcast networks do. Still I wonder who and how many of the general public watch the programs you named. I gave up on them long ago and find the reporting and interviews on BBC World News and Aljazeera America considerably more informative.

    I am a child of the XX century and would rather read a newspaper or a magazine article on a topic of more than passing interest. For one thing, I can read considerably faster than I can take in speech.Of course, there a few TV programs devoted to issues that I watch for a few minutes at least.

  • wall6969

    The importance of truth is lost in the current republican party, The nuts and bad apples have turned the party into a meal not fit to eat, and future meals will be rare and barren of any substance. But great for comedy television.

  • Anamah

    These are Obama buffoons, not a smidgen of journalism on them…
    Simply accomplices, for the cover up of our Nation destruction, these and other are our enemy; anti American and socialist traitors.

  • toptwome

    Good job Brad Friedman. The GOP and these networks are determined to get mud on President Obama even if they have to constantly make it up. They are always lying.

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