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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Video Appears To Reveal GOP Voter Registration Worker Screening Out Dems In Colorado

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Over the weekend, this disturbing video of a voter registration worker at a Safeway grocery story in El Paso County, Colorado went somewhat viral…

The short video shows a young woman attempting to register voters outside the grocery store, but asking first: “Would you vote for Romney or Obama?”

When the unidentified woman shooting the video then asks the registration worker who she works for, the young lady admits, “I’m actually trying to register voters for a particular party, because…we’re out here in support of Romney, actually.”

Then the woman asks her who is paying her for this work and the young lady, after a moment’s pause, says, “We’re working for the county clerk’s office.”

The woman is, understandably, aghast at the registration worker’s response and asks again incredulously, “You’re working for the county clerk’s office?!”

“I believe so. Yes,” replies the worker, shortly before the video ends.

As it turns out, the registration worker was not working for the El Paso County Clerk’s office, according to responses sent to The BRAD BLOG by the CO Secretary of State’s office as well as the El Paso County Clerk. Instead, she was a paid employee of the state Republican Committee, as confirmed by the local GOP Chairman. And, incredibly enough, both the Sec. of State and County Clerk, both Republicans, assert that what the registration worker is seen doing in the video, screening out potential voters based on who they might vote for, is absolutely legal in the state of Colorado…

‘Both sides do it,’ says one side

“There is nothing in state law that would prevent it,” Richard Coolidge, Communications Director for Sec. of State Scott Gessler (R) told us, after we’d asked if registration workers are allowed to ask potential registrants, before giving them the chance to register, whether or not they are supporters of one party or one candidate over another.

Coolidge says that what the worker is seen doing in the video is absolutely fine, so long as the screening happens before the registrant starts filling out of the registration form.

“Once the person starts filling out the application,” he explained, the registration worker “is required to submit the form to the county clerk.”

“We see voter registration drives on both sides of the aisle target specific demographics,” Coolidge claimed via email. “But any registrations they receive, regardless of party affiliation, must be submitted timely or face strict penalties.”

Colorado Springs NBC affiliate KOAA News 5 noticed the video as well over the weekend. They report that El Paso County Republican Chairman Eli Bremer confirmed the young lady was, indeed, working for them. But, he said, she was confused, when asked on video, about whom she was working for.

“It was her first day on the job and she panicked,” Bremer told KOAA. “She knew that she was turning in all the registrations to the County Clerk & Recorder’s office and she knew that was the appropriate thing to do, and that’s how she answered.” He also added that “You don’t have to offer a voter registration form to everybody.”

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95 Responses to Video Appears To Reveal GOP Voter Registration Worker Screening Out Dems In Colorado

  1. Cheat, lie, distort, and make up your own facts. The TPGOP way. The ends justify the means as long as the black man is give the boot.

      • That’s the problem. Whatever political party is in power running the election machinery and making much of the rules. From what I can see, that probably wouldn’t present a problem if the Democrats were running it as they seem like honest brokers that way. The GOP is another matter altogether though.

  2. Right-wingers are always screaming “bloody murder” and make up baseless arguments for requiring very stringent and difficult requirements to obtain a valid i d in heavy minority and Democratic voting areas in their states. This tape is another example of the underhanded tactics RethugLIARcons use to suppress the Democratic vote. I bet that those who tell this young woman that they are going to vote for Obama, those registration forms and thrown into the trash. When Obama supporters go to the polls to vote, they will be surprised to find out that their names don’t even appear on the voters’ rolls. This is just annother tactic used by the RethugLIArcons to suppress Deomcratic voters.

    • Is Bill Maher Fox News’ latest “Enemy of the State” ? I see his name invoked here by those who apparently are not disturbed by blatant, DOCUMENTED voter suppression efforts – that cost we TAXPAYERS a whole lot of money we should not have to waste on such despicable fabricated schemes.

      Maher’s a comedian, for cryin’ out loud, who happens to comment on political matters.

      You might really enjoy Sarah Silverman’s new video about voter suppression. But remember, she’s a comedian, for cryin’ out loud, who happens to comment on political matters.

      • No, he said “new facts” to the republican that was on the panel last week. He told Bill and Chris Matthews that dems were using voter suppression laws also. And Bill said “Oh that must be the “new facts” from the republicans. I know about New Rules.

  3. You have to offer a form to everyone. How can this voter registration person get away with
    this kind of thing? It is none of their business which party you are for. If the GOP cannot
    win this election by obeying the law of this land, then they do not deserve to win.

  4. This is a perfect example of WHY it needs to be Federal NOT State jurisdiction. Drivers licenses are State, WHY is the Voter registration process for FEDERAL elections State jurisdiction.
    The 10th amendment
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
    Reserved, not “delegated” to the States or “prohibited” from the Federal government. Legally, that’s a major difference.
    A reserved ticket to a show is theirs until you claim it. Then it’s yours.
    Article VI, Clause 2
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States; which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
    “AND the laws”, not are the laws

    It’s State jurisdiction until the Federal Government claims it.
    People edit the Constitution anyway it works for them, both parties do it, That’s NOT what it’s there for.

    • The right-wing thinks we’re all stupid…and they’re well into their agenda of dumbing down the populace. Fox News is a primary tool. Destroying public education is one of their pets, replacing it with voucher systems where my AND YOUR taxes go to private schools that teach creationism.

    • What is your basis for this comment? The local GOP chairman confirmed that she was a paid employee of the Republican Committee. As far as your question, pretty stupid considering they voted for Bush2 twice.

    • Really, middle? When the Republicans are caught with their hands in the cookie jar they claim they were just counting them to make sure no one took any.
      The republican way is to lie, cheat, steal and make stuff up because that is the only way they can win an election. The American public is getting tired of those tactics.

      Here in Florida after the Republicans spent we don’t know how much money it was disclosed that they think they have identified 198 people out of 11.5 million that might be illegally registered. They still aren’t sure and have to try and contact these folks in order to confirm it. Good luck on that one.

      • If liberals have nothing to hide, WHY are they fighting so hard to DENY purging the rolls of dead people from the voter registration database??? Seems reasonable, but liberals are fighting like crazy to stop the purges….wonder why? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Hoffa is still voting in Detroit.

        • Because one of the jobs of a funeral home is to submit a death cert. to the city, which sends notice to election board to have name removed. They are usually removed within days of the death. No purge needed. The thirty thousand dead people in PA that republicans wanted removed are all breathing.

        • Because most the people that are being purged are alive and well and have a D or I next to their names. That is why we are fighting so hard and that fact that after a certain date in an election year there is to be no more purging yet the states controlled by Republicans kept on purging after that date and most if not all purged after that date were were alive and still living at the same address they lived at for the last several Federal Elections. Jimmy Hoffa Jr maybe voting in Detroit but if Jimmy Hoff Sr is then President Hoover is still voting in his home state(Hoover was a Republican in cause you don’t know your history). Besides our tax money is being spent to keep people from voting that are alive and registered to vote, we don’t like the way the money is being spent to keep lawful voters from voting. If you don’t want to see yourself stopped from voting in November, you better start fighting the purge. Lost of freedom begins with things like keeping people that have the legal right to vote from voting and goes downhill from there.

          • Hogwash! The purges are done with BOTH parties supervision. Fact is, in places like Florida, with millions of DEAD people on voter rolls, and NO photo ID needed to vote, it’s very easy for liberals to stuff the vote box with illegal votes. Why do you think liberals fight so hard to keep the purges away??? Haven’t seen this opposition from Republicans, have you??? Wonder why?????

          • Millions of dead people on the Florida voter rolls? And the factual source for that comment is what? Republicans have manufactured an “issue” that is statistically insignificant.

          • Insignificant? Then why the outcry and outrage from liberals when we ask to purge the dead folks from the voter rolls TOGETHER????? What have libs got to lose? Oh, sorry, I forgot about the election! My mistake.

    • Ed, you are so right! They “know” that they are the only truly right party–so to heck with the Constitution to which they are ever-so devoted–with their changes to it, of course.
      Hope this clip gets wide-spread coverage on all the news channels/stations, except for Fox News, which of course, will ban or tinker with it–probably putting the word “Democrat” in her mouth for good measure.

      • onedonewong must be paul ryan’s and todd akin’s twin,
        Ronald Reagan’s son went on national tv and said he WAS NOT VOTING FOR ROMNEY, AND THEN GOES ON TO CALL HIM AN EMBARASSMENT TO THE former pres. potical party……….. and when pres. gw. bush is asked to come to the convention and help romney…… BUSH SAYS NO……… that should tell all voters in 2012 a whole lot

    • Sorry the Head Socialist hmmm hmmm hm barak obama hmmm has already done that trying to emulating Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s

  5. The Grand Old Party is going down on a national scale, however, the local areana is what should concern everyone. The big money is now being funneled into local elections, since the GOP senses a Romney collapse.

  6. They learned it from the Obama administration and campaign!!!!!!!!
    And Who ever watches that STUPID, IDIOT Bill Maher JUST HAS NO BRAINS AT ALL
    and what a boring life you have!!!!
    Maybe you should get out more and find some friends.

    • There’s an entire universe outside Fox News, too…which by the way is loaded with paid and unpaid Romney Campaign workers posing as various “experts”. You might explore some other news sources, yourself. Geez, Bill Maher…you might Google or Wiki and see what he does for a living…along with Jon Stewart…were you just giving us the Laugh of The Day?

    • Hey there alll, nice to see you still spouting dung. The article is about registering voters not TV programs. The young girl was just following the rules she was given by her Republican handlers. There is no way to say what she was doing was correct because either you are getting people to register or you are campaigning. She was trying to do both but also trying to be selective about who she allowed to register. That is wrong on many levels.

  7. Quick and easy solution: Register Republican. Vote Democrat.
    Our vote is supposed to be via a secret ballot. I think it is not truly legal to ask someone how they’re going to vote and make that a condition of whether or not ones gets a voter registration form.
    This is a national election; protect our rights through federal legislation. Of course, that’s the ‘big government’ the GOP despise – that is, unless we’re talking sex, women’s bodies, or gambling our Social Security Trust Fund on Wall Street.

  8. Wow, The democrats are on a roll, how low will they stoop , staging such a stupid video. don,t believe everthing you hear and see..

    • How could the video been staged? Even the Republicans in Colorado agreed that she did what was videoed and that it was legal.It may have been legal in Colorado but it sure wasn’t ethical. Only a Republican would call the video staged and turn around and yell bloody murder if a video showed a person working for the Democrats doing the same thing. I don’t believe everything I hear, read or see but I do believe most of this article.

  9. Oh boy! If a democrat was captured on video doing that, the Republicans would be screaming voter fraud, communism in full effect, etc! Even ACORN didn’t do anything like that what this woman is doing! If someone comes up to get registered to vote, its the AMERICAN thing to do and give the form to the person asking, not deny them a form because they are for another candidate or party.

    Guess the Republicans don’t know american values and cannot run a fair election. They already proved that back in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

    Voting fraud is more rampant on the republican side then the democratic or any other 3rd party candidates side.

    Whether legal by state law or not, what that woman is doing is clearly voter fraud.

  10. Both sides do it? I’ve been on voter registration Drives in the past, and we do help campaign for our candidate, but we encourage everyone no matter what party affiliation to register. We as Democrats do not do that, we do not filter out the opposition party registrations!

  11. This new extreme republican party does not want freedom for all but for the chosen ones namely the GOP. I use that term loosly , there is nothing grand any longer with this party It is an embarrassment!.
    They want to win by hook or crook! Forget what is honest . Look at all the states led by Repubs , they are making it harder for minorites to vote , for older folks etc.
    My 95 yr old home bound Mom cannot vote this yr in her state . She has no drivers license and cannot get out to get a photo id , so she cannot get a absentee ballot . Her first time to not vote since she was in her 30’s. This is sad. How many people know someone affective by these voter suppression rules. If we all know someone , it does not take but a few to add up to many across this country!

    This shows fear of the repubs in power in states where their numbers are equally balanced and swing states, that their consitiuents might vote for another party. They are using tactics that are not democratic and surely unconstititional . They know that their policies are not for all and fear they will lose these key states and by making it harder by actually controlling who votes . This is just the tip of the iceberg and is not what we stand for in this country. I am hoping the courts in this country take a stand and do the right thing for all it people not just the ones with an R by their name!

    If we allow this what other freedoms are next….

    Vote in 2012 to stand up against this suppression.

    • What state does your mom live in? We have the blame Voter ID Law in Tennessee, but if you are unable to get out to vote, you don’t have to have a picture id for an absentee ballot. Does your state do this to all of the elderly in your state? They are keeping your mother from exercising her right to vote, and I don’t think it is legal the way they are doing your mother. Republicans in Tennessee were told that they couldn’t require a picture ID for an absentee ballot because of the cost and time involved in having to mail the information back and forth, that imposed a poll tax on the absentee voter.

  12. Lie, lie and lie, seems what identify Reps.
    Shame on you. How you can believe that, if you are Dem. your registration form will end up in the county’s office? and how the authorities can say there’s nothing wrong with it? Wow that’s incredible. You never should ask any one who are they going to vote for. That’s what it suppose to be secret. How ever I believed she was confuse. Any one will be, when you are hiding something.

  13. This activity is about as STUPID and UNAMERICAN as exit-poll workers asking “Who did you vote for?”!
    We are guaranteed a SECRET vote, only to be accosted outside the voting booth, “Who…etc.etc.?”
    Really, if you want to know how stupid the early European settlers were (200 – 300 years ago), go talk to the average American….

  14. Ah yisch, just another ridiculous, rotten little “cute Republican” toxic twatted, nasty authoritarian, narcissistic, little dumb broad, devil bitch. May she marry a Republican in this life. And in the life hereafter, spend an eternity in limbo listening to Limbaugh while watching his Weenie shrink.

  15. By placing registration drives in predominately black or hispanic neighborhoods, Democrats are actively seeking to register votes whom will vote for their candidate. That is perfectly okay for the GOP to do in areas where they think there is a large or crucial GOP voting bloc. It’s also fair play for a party to skip registering in areas where they think they cannot marshall enough sympathetic voters.

    And I have seen signature takers actively encourage what seems likely to be such a voter. Gestures, smiles, even asking passers by if they would like to register. I have also seen them ignore voters who they deem hostile to their message. I, being a black male, have seen this happen often. Even with Democrats. Even with Democratic politicians who are out handshaking (What comes to mind is Martin Sabo. I did not vote for him that year). So discriminating between ours and theirs has always been a part of the signature gathering strategy. But asking a person what party they are and then extending or withholding a voter registration card on the basis of the answer is an artless but graceless way of doing business. It is the difference between the cook drooling on the hamburger as he prepares a patty and a waitress spitting between the bun as she hands it to the customer.

  16. I think offering bounty for registering voters of a particular political party or signatures for a referendum should be outlawed. This activity should be conducted by VOLUNTEERS ONLY. To offer bounty only encourages fraud.

    • Kind of like ACORN and Obozo campaign machine?

      Have a nice day!

      “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured … but not prove they are a citizen.” – Ben Stein

      • Must Go, you didn’t read the complete article again. It says that Acorn was the ones that caught most of fraud committed by their workers and turned in the workers that committed the fraud to the law. Oh, I forgot that you are a Republican and don’t care about the truth, only lies that will get your candidate elected. So remember “people (Republicans) that live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stone”. Don’t have a nice day.

  17. And yet the ACORN worker that was perfectly legal got the entire program canceled because that gave the GOP “venalitys” an excuse to cut a program that they felt favored Democrats. Someone isn’t thinking here. The liberal Tiger has slumbered and been lazy over the past thirty years. Poking him, and his all or nothing approach to life is a stupid thing for an ideologue fanatic to do unless they are just into proving themselves before their women folk. “Tiger, tiger burning bright in the forest of the night. What immortal hand or eye can frame thy fear symmetry?”

  18. You dont even have to watch the video to know she’s a Republican. By definition, if she was a DemonRAT, she’d be fat and ugly. Bet the leftist freak doing the video is fat and ugly. Thank heavan she did not register that moron.

    Who the hell walks up to a young teenager/stranger with the video camera rolling? What kind of loser does that? You DemonRAT losers, that’s who!

    By the way, why aren’t you leftist freaks screaming about all of the Disney cartoon characters that were registered by ACORN? What about all of the dead people that vote for DemonRATS? Guess their voting the “correct” way and so that doesn’t bother you, does it?

    Have a nice day!

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured … but not prove they are a citizen.” – Ben Stein

    • Who walks up with a video camera? How about someone who already saw the little nimrod doing that once before? You ever think of that ya’ stupid prick?

      Shut up and finish drinking your lard tea-bagger. The adults are talking here.

      • Truth hurts, doesn’t it Mikey?

        Have a nice day!

        “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

    • Read the article completely Must Go, there was a big blowout over Acorn Workers that committed fraud and they were turned in by Acorn not some whistle blower like the woman in Colorado was. Most the women that back Republicans are not good looking but Democrats don’t insult them because of their looks unlike Republicans like you. How a person looks has nothing to do with their IQ . But when you don’t have a logical statement to make, you make insults, which is what you do every time you post a so called statement.

      • Hill… it is a fact. A study done at UCLA has proven that women with softer, more feminine features tend to be conservative while those women that have more masculine features tend to be DemonRATS. Here is the proof. Google this:

        “UCLA study says a woman’s facial features can hint at her political slant” and you’ll find an artical on So. Cal. Public Radio site and others.

        It’s true. Generally speaking, ugly women are DemonRATS, good looking women are Republicans. Really.Look at the line up of pigs on MSLSD and compare them to the line up of foxes on Fox. Not even close.

        Have a nice day!

        “You can only confiscate the wealth that exists at a given moment. You cannot confiscate future wealth — and that future wealth is less likely to be produced when people see that it is going to be confiscated.” – Thomas Sowell

    • Now YOU have the face of a TRUE Republican, meaning you have NOTHING but insults and lies. You could look up the TRUTH about Acorn but if you knew the truth you would still lie.

      • Kitty… you must be an ACORN drone yourself. That organization is nothing but a front for corruption and a communist agenda. Nothing good ever came from ACORN. And James O’Keefe, God bless him, has proven that. Thank you James!

        Have nice day!

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

  19. Republicans claim voter fraud is so bad that ID’s are needed to vote in order t o stop voter fraud. Why all the ID”S really are for are an effort to keep thousands from voting because of the cost involved in getting a “free voter ID”. Yet as this video and article shows voter fraud is already being done and not by the voters. It is being done by people working for the Republican party, yet we don’t hear any Republican candidates calling for tougher laws involving the people that sign up people to vote especially if they are signing up people that will vote Republican. It also shows how far Republicans will go to keep Independents and Democrats from voting this year and how determined they are to steal another Presidential election like they did in 2000 and 2004. How all former Presidents that were Republican and worked for the good of all like Eisenhower are turning over in their graves because of what their party has become. The Republican party is no more, it should be called the Millionaires and Billionaires party or the Koch Brothers and Norquist Party because that is the only people they represent and care about no matter what some people think that don’t have close to the money that Republican millionaires and billionaires do. Even if they vote for the Republicans they won’t be represented by them, they don’t have enough money in US banks and overseas accounts for the Republicans to care about them or represent them.

  20. Apparently she was obeying the law of the land that she lives in. I would imagine that she so incensed some democratic voters that she did Mr. Romney more harm than good.

    We need universal sufferage – every government office should register their clients to vote. You should be able to register at public untilities as well.

  21. This voter registration clerk should be arrested and jailed. Iran would laugh at American Democracy watching this girl and others.

    • LIAR, liar, pants on fire. That lie has been put down over and over but some people keep repeating it HOPING enough stupid people would buy it and at least one (you) did.

      • Sorry the only folks that “put that down” were ACORN and the Dem’s. The fact that most cities have 100’s of Mickey Mouse and daffy Ducks on the rolls isn’t by accident. The fact that so many felons were allowed to vote absentee thanks to ACORN that we have a sitting MN Senator Al Frankin is office

  22. our government is so corrupt, this type of stuff needs to stop.. Totally agree with Douglas. We need all new senator’s, congressmen, cabinet, judges, on and on.. Most of them are too old when it comes to what is best for the nation that is in trouble. Get them out and bring in new blood

  23. I’m an Independent, What pisses me off is a so called Republican ( I don’t know what they are these days)would sent a young un- trained girl out to do this kind of thing. Kinda used her?

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