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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Video Appears To Reveal GOP Voter Registration Worker Screening Out Dems In Colorado

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Over the weekend, this disturbing video of a voter registration worker at a Safeway grocery story in El Paso County, Colorado went somewhat viral…

The short video shows a young woman attempting to register voters outside the grocery store, but asking first: “Would you vote for Romney or Obama?”

When the unidentified woman shooting the video then asks the registration worker who she works for, the young lady admits, “I’m actually trying to register voters for a particular party, because…we’re out here in support of Romney, actually.”

Then the woman asks her who is paying her for this work and the young lady, after a moment’s pause, says, “We’re working for the county clerk’s office.”

The woman is, understandably, aghast at the registration worker’s response and asks again incredulously, “You’re working for the county clerk’s office?!”

“I believe so. Yes,” replies the worker, shortly before the video ends.

As it turns out, the registration worker was not working for the El Paso County Clerk’s office, according to responses sent to The BRAD BLOG by the CO Secretary of State’s office as well as the El Paso County Clerk. Instead, she was a paid employee of the state Republican Committee, as confirmed by the local GOP Chairman. And, incredibly enough, both the Sec. of State and County Clerk, both Republicans, assert that what the registration worker is seen doing in the video, screening out potential voters based on who they might vote for, is absolutely legal in the state of Colorado…

‘Both sides do it,’ says one side

“There is nothing in state law that would prevent it,” Richard Coolidge, Communications Director for Sec. of State Scott Gessler (R) told us, after we’d asked if registration workers are allowed to ask potential registrants, before giving them the chance to register, whether or not they are supporters of one party or one candidate over another.

Coolidge says that what the worker is seen doing in the video is absolutely fine, so long as the screening happens before the registrant starts filling out of the registration form.

“Once the person starts filling out the application,” he explained, the registration worker “is required to submit the form to the county clerk.”

“We see voter registration drives on both sides of the aisle target specific demographics,” Coolidge claimed via email. “But any registrations they receive, regardless of party affiliation, must be submitted timely or face strict penalties.”

Colorado Springs NBC affiliate KOAA News 5 noticed the video as well over the weekend. They report that El Paso County Republican Chairman Eli Bremer confirmed the young lady was, indeed, working for them. But, he said, she was confused, when asked on video, about whom she was working for.

“It was her first day on the job and she panicked,” Bremer told KOAA. “She knew that she was turning in all the registrations to the County Clerk & Recorder’s office and she knew that was the appropriate thing to do, and that’s how she answered.” He also added that “You don’t have to offer a voter registration form to everybody.”