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Monday, October 24, 2016

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mitt Romney’s Dog Has Opinions On The Environment

Barack Obama’s administration may have been a bit of a disappointment on the environment (especially as the results of the global warming become more and more obvious), but Mitt Romney has openly come out against all sorts of environmental standards and regulations to a degree that’s consistent with the extremism of today’s Republican Party.

This also means that progressive organizations have an excuse to make video ads that tie together Obama’s one big success — new fuel-efficiency standards for cars — with our favorite Mitt Romney story: Remember when he strapped his dog to the roof of a car? The following comes as part of a $300,000 ad campaign that will be airing in swing states:

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  • 13observer

    Lets talk about what this administration is going to do about the Employee Free Choice Act that was promised to ORGANIZED LABOR. Now that healthcare is done, EFCA should be easy, or are we looking at another social welfare program, perhaps immigration reform? Hope not, they need to do something for ORGANIZED LABOR in keeping their promise because LABOR isn’t far from creating a “LABOR PARTY” and if so…look out!