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Saturday, March 23, 2019

VIDEO: Senator Jim DeMint Predicts Obama Will Get His Tax Hike

Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, a powerful conservative voice in the GOP, forecast that President Obama would “get his wish” in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations and succeed in raising taxes.

DeMint, who earlier this month resigned from the Senate to become president of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, accused Obama of “intentionally trying to take us over this cliff,” in pursuit of the “political trophy” of higher taxes. “We’re going to be raising taxes. Not just on the top earners. Everyone’s going to be paying more taxes next year in this country, and I think that’s what the president wants,” DeMint said on CBS This Morning.

President Obama has repeatedly stated his intent to raise taxes on the top two percent, while keeping them at their current rates for those making $250,000 or less. If no bipartisan deal is reached on the so-called fiscal cliff by the end of 2012, taxes will automatically go up across the board.

The South Carolina senator faulted both parties for their lack of success in reaching an agreement, saying they had “failed” the country.


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9 responses to “VIDEO: Senator Jim DeMint Predicts Obama Will Get His Tax Hike”

  1. If anyone has failed the country, it is the intransigent, obstinate and stalwart Congressional Republicans. These Republicans aren’t concerned about carrying out the will of the American people. They are beholden to the rich, special interest, partisan politics, Norquist tax pledge and large corporations. These Republicans only look to the next election and to whether or not they will retain power. Shivers run down their spines by just the thought of bucking their own party and having to suffer the political consequences as a result of doing that. Congressional Republicans are threatened by the likes of Tea Partiers who promise to ruin them if they do not tow the party line. President Obama won the election with the mandate to raise taxes on the rich. On that issue, there can be no compromise. It is the will of a majority of the America people. It is the job of the President and Congress to carry out the will of the American people. Republicans still don’t seem to get the message that voters gave them during this past election. They claim that they have some sort of mandate since they retained control of the House. The only reason why that happened was because of redistricting in Republican-controlled state legislatures. They have no such mandate. This is only a distortion of the truth by these legislators to continue to justifies attempting to enact their own partisan agenda and ideas.

  2. Lynda says:

    Gee Jim, you are smarter than you look after all. Of course the tax rate will go up. The Bush Tax Cuts had a sunset clause for a good reason. They’ve been extended once already and it is time for the law to take is course. What a putz!

  3. drzaius says:

    What is he? The Amazing Kreskin?

  4. halslater says:

    Please be careful about how you phrase the tax increase issue. EVERYBODY gets a tax cut under Obama’s plan… ON THEIR FIRST $250,000. If you make over $250K, congratulations and now it is time to share some of your good fortune while most are suffering. JOB CREATORS: if you are using after-tax income for payroll… fire your accountant. Payroll is tax deductible.

  5. Budjob says:

    Another keen observation by Senator Jim Demented!

  6. adriancrutch says:

    So what did the tax cuts do? Besides add to the riches of the top 2% and reinforce the idea that they should have this privelege forever! The cut also caused the U.S. government to operate on zero income while inflation was artificially held at bay. So if the cuts expire do the rich go into survival mode and fire most of their employees? So be it, it will show us how responsible they are for the monster that BUSH created. Things connected to Bush won’t go away anytime soon! The problem will persist and the republicans own it! Fair and square!

  7. PamelaT says:

    the GOP work for Grover Norquist, Sheldon, Koch Brothers they don’t work for the people that voted them in. They get their paycheck from theses guys not the voters.

  8. commserver says:

    DeMint is being grudgingly obstinate. He says that the president is going to raise the taxes on everybody. That is true in a sense since the ACA mandates that starting next month. So that is to be blamed on Obama.

  9. S-3 says:

    Fuck this fascist. As A South Carolinian, I will be proud… to put a bullet in his and every last legislators fucking head for this shit. And I know deep in my heart, I will be a hero for it, too!

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