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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Virginia Republicans Plan For ‘Armed Revolution’ If Obama Wins Re-election [Update]

The Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee has sparked outrage by releasing a newsletter which calls for an “armed revolution” if President Obama is re-elected.

The monthly newsletter, which was first uncovered by Right Wing Watch,  tends to be filled with inflammatory right wing rhetoric. But the March edition went a little further than usual.

“We have before us a challenge to remove an ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” editor Ponch McPhee wrote. “An elected leader who shuns biblical praise, handicaps economic ability, disrespects the honor of earned military might.”

From there it only gets crazier:

The ultimate task for the people is to remain vigilant and aware ~ that the government, their government is out of control, and this moment, this opportunity, must not be forsaken, must not escape us, for we shall not have any coarse [sic] but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November ~ This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue.

McPhee’s poor spelling mirrors his poor grasp of history; aside from the notion of the president as history’s greatest ideologue, McPhee would do well to remember that Virginia’s last armed revolution didn’t exactly work out.

McPhee should expect a visit from the Secret Service in the near future, given that they investigated Ted Nugent last month for his similar threats against President Obama.

The newsletter contains a disclaimer at the bottom noting that the opinions of the contributors “do not reflect the opinion of the Republican Party whole or in part.” Still, unless Republican leaders step forward to denounce McPhee’s rant, this episode will go down as yet another instance of Republicans failing to stand up to the fringe.

UPDATE: Right Wing Watch reports that McPhee now claims that the “armed revolution” was just a metaphor — he only wanted angry Tea Partiers to arm themselves “with a spoken word:”

~ all this rip roar Media hype….. is all about…..being armed with the voices of We the people… must arm yourself with a spoken word to be heard ~ just as the founding fathers spoke out during the revolution……So, Yes, arm yourself with many voices for the people and by the people….as your constitution allows….should the vote fail ….this November or at anytime……

His backpedaling appears to have been in vain, however. The Greene County Republican Committee has posted a note on its website which refers to McPhee as the “former Newsletter editor” and insists that it “denounces such language and does not subscribe to that thinking…we do not believe that if the results end up with the re-election of Barack Obama, that will necessitate what the author suggests.” 

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  • aboutime

    This is sedition, pure and simple. McPhee is an idiot who doesn’t even know the meaning of many of the terms he uses. The scariest part is that he has followers who just have to own a lot of guns. I hope he remembers that our government has a standing army, the best air force in the world, incredible special forces and nuclear weapons.

    • johninPCFL

      Freedom of speech also means feedom to use ignorant and downright stupid speech. Yes, he’ll be watched for awhile, and the GOP will surely call out the supervision as being left-wing overreach.

      • Joseph Dale

        Now this I agree with. But let’s go further. As both right, left and middle lets push the nuts out so they have no place to hide in out ranks. I am a undeclared independent voter who also did not vote for McCain or the pitbull as Obama and Biden called her.

  • The article calls for McPhee to be denounced by fellow Republicans, but we know that will not happen because those Republicans are terrified of denouncing anyone ranting like that for fear of being denounced by the Former Governor of Alaska who Quit Her Job Before Her Term Expired, and Rush, and Sean, and Glenn.

    • Joseph Dale

      And where have the democrats denounced anyone?
      Black panthers 10k bounty on a man who hasn’t been tried in court yet?
      Black panthers denying the rights of whites to vote through intimidation at the polling station? Or calling for blood of whitie?
      Liberals at the washington rally calling for clarence thomas and his family to be hung?
      I could go on and on all day to be honest. But I could do the same about both sides.
      Careful throwing stones you might hit your own windows.

  • rustacus21

    In 1921, a White citizen ‘thought’ he heard that a Black citizen whistled/winked/mis-spoke to a White Woman & rounded up a ‘vigilante’ mob to find the ‘perpetrator’. The Black community who, COINCIDENTALLY, wer very prosperous & distinct presence in the community resisted & stated emphatically, the charges were false & they would not be bullied. A riot ensued & the entire Black community, besides being displaced, saw ALL their properties looted & burned. This was Tulsa & the ‘race’ riot had undertones similar to the maniac representative being hi-lited here, as well as in the Trayvon Martin murder, as in Tulsa, as in, well as… well, the list is too long to belabor here, but U get the point. The ‘profiled’ incidents resulted in ‘suggested’ or acted out violence, which is always carried out by immature, childish, anxious, ignorant, illiterate (to name a few…) racist individuals, whose anger is misguided, due to not knowing who they’re angry w/or even why their angry. All they know is the Black person is the closest target to their rage & it makes (racist) sense to lash out in that direction. This is the consequence of the ignorance being transmitted thru mass media & shutting-down, by conservatives, of meaningful, intelligent, consciousness-raising programming that USE to be required programming, by the FCC. This is what happens w/smaller govt. An enlarged presence of ignorance, stupidity & induced illiteracy, similar to the absence of education & intellectual access, as in Tulsa, that allows the ‘crazies’ to have a platform. There is no rational justification for this or the manic rants of Ted Nugent, etc., so they both turn to irrationality, unaware that the object of their rage (George W. Bush – if they were being HONEST w/themselves) is now inaccessable & even if not, they’d never be able to get w/in 50 paces. All the problems the nation is experiencing, are the result of these aggitating individuals who are fully aware of what their votes (between 2000 & 2008) have cost them & their nation!!! Instead of honesty, they retreat in2 the psychosis which is now the only comfort zone left 2 them…

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Someone needs to get this guy some mental therapy & the proper medication. Talk about PMS.. He’s got a bad case going. The men in the little white coats need to come and take him away. He ‘s a danger to everyone including himself.

  • John A Olsen

    Ya know I don’t think I will “Fight the South” to stay in the Union this time…. They can just take their marbles and go on their merry way. I would imagine the same states would line right up with Virginia… The talk of armed revolution is Treason… and this man should go to jail.

    • You are correct, it is treason, this type of slug should leave our country if he hate our country so much. I’m amazed people vote for this type of right wing hate and it seems its all they have.

      • Joseph Dale

        Remember the rantings of one do not speak for the many. If your judge ALL republicans and ALL right wingers on this one guys statements then judge yourselves on the statements of your own frnge. People calling for Clarance Thomas and his wife and children to be hung from a tree, balming the tea party when it was a democrt who shoot the AZ senator, new black panthers denying rights of whites to vote or calling for the death of all whities, Recent comments about anne romney and all stay at home moms that they are useless and don’t deserve an opinion on womens matters since they haven’t worked a day in their lives.

        The loons exist on both sides. There are also FAR more sensible people on both sides than loons.

        PS the “left” never condemed the comments I’ve refferenced above so therefore by your own thinking and comments here everyone on the left must defacto thing that way. I don’t buy it. But feel free to show you are uneducated or your own hatred. Because we don’t agree does not mean we hate each other. I certainly won’t wast my time with hatred. Discourse, dialoge and discussion are the tools i preffer to use.



          • montanabill

            Part of your sentence is correct, “THIS PRESIDENT HAS NO SUBSTANCE”. Anyway, I just thought I would ask if you have personally done a census so that you can tell us exactly how many more “SPITTING BULL” there are on the right than the left? You seem to be an expert.


          • Joseph Dale

            Caps really?

            1) To disagree with the president does not mean or equal hate.
            Example give by me earlier i disagreed with the spending under bush and obama. Obama was right on for calling bush out on his spending and then turns arround and out spends the same man he called “unamerican”, “reckless” and “unpatriotic” for his spending so defacto what does that make Obama? by his own words sir unamerican, unpatriotic, reckless!

            2) You can choose to believe my disagreement with this presidents policies makes me a biggot but to me the only biggot is the one lumping all people together here. hmmm wonder who that is? Maybe the man using caps calling everyone else haters and biggots.

            I count myself as neither right nor left I am just me. I believe I can disagree with anyone and engage in civil discourse and dialog without injecting hatred or biggotry. I believe many you seem to think are haters of his race merely disagree with his policies. i bet you think the Tea Party is a bunch of racists? Well go find one racial slur by even a single tea Party spokes person or racial slurs chanted at tea Party rallies. I can however show you a few people at OWS rallies chanting such slurs and being racists. Does that make all OWS protestors racists no sir it doesn’t. Please learn what biggotry is and you’ll learn your own statements here have shown yours.

        • Joseph, I like your post. It was sensible. It inspires hope. But it has an inaccuracy and may be minimizing the depth and reach of far rightwing ideology.

          The inaccuracy: The New Black Panthers ever tried to intimidate white voters or any other voters for that matter. The polling station where the guy posted himself out front was in a black neighborhood. No white voters there. And the guy was there nominally to protect black voters from white people (such as the FOX News poll watchers) who may have tried to dissuade black turnout. The man’s actions may have been misguided, but barely threatening and hardly criminal.

          Secondly, I have predicted rightwing insurgency should Obama get re-elected The talk of secession died down when the GOP dominated the 2010 elections. But if Obama wins in 2012 the far right will dismiss the Democratic process faster than you can say “Negro in the White House.” The signs are everywhere. The imbeciles on the far right have been pumped up with such venom and hate, that violent action similar to the 1960’s becomes a viable avenue.

          Gun sales are up. Rightwing militias are up. National polarization is at a high mark. Elected officials have supported secession. Talk of race war and end times are flaring. And more than anything, the white male feels he is losing his position of privilege and dominance to blacks and immigrants.

          Though I agree with you that this gentleman does not speak for the whole conservative movement, until I hear that movement speak up loudly and forcefully to disavow the Virginian’s pronouncements, I will believe that he is singing from the GOP hymnal.

          • Joseph Dale

            Thank you. Let me point out your own inaccuracy.

            The neighborhood is 63% black 17% white 20% hispanic. The whites who tried to vote but were afraid to do so are the ones who filed the complaint there were indeed white voters disenfrancized. All you need do is read the court briefings.

            He certainly doesn’t speak for GOP that I know and those I know dislike things about this president but not because he is of color.

            I agreed with then senator Obama when he said the reckless spending was a sign of poor leadership. I agreed with then candidate Obama when he called bush “unamerican”, “Unpatriotic”, ‘reckless” and claimed he was saddling our children and grandchildren with unprecidented debt of 4 TRILLION dollors over his 8 years. (PS 2 trillion added in 2006/2007 under democrat controled senate and house) but yet Obama adds 5 trillion in three years so whats that make him by his own words?

            See not waivering on the issues makes me consistant. I dislike this presidents spending same as I disliked the last presidents spending. nothing more nothing less and it has nothing to do with color.

          • Thanks for the reply, Joseph. I will research the figures you gave me and look into the poll station incident a bit furthter.

          • Colorado15

            I agree with you to a large extent, with one caveat. The spending under the old regime was for two wars, one that most americans seem to have agreed with (Afghanistan) and one where a significant number of Am’s didn’t (Iraq) as well as Medicare part D which most Am agreed was a good thing but was passed without a plan for funding. The current administration has certainly spent its share of money, not all that I agree with but they did it to stimulate and try and save the economy. TARP was authorized under Bush so you can’t blame Obama for that. I was pretty skeptical about the auto industry bailout, but you have to admit that has turned out beautifully. While I don’t like the debt and agree it must be brought down significantly, could we really have done anything differently in those first couple of years of recession without having wiped out a large share of the middle class? Thousands of teachers, police and firemen laid off through no fault of their own.

            To reduce the deficit now its going to take a combination of cuts and tax increases and those increases are going to have to be shared by the entire spectrum. I pay more than enough taxes now, but to really reduce the deficit and avoid a situation like Greece there really is no other choice.

          • SaneJane

            Deficit reduction is a sure fire path to recession. Austerity is a sure fire path to recession, or worse. If you want to reference Greece you should also mention what a failure austerity has been. It has made the situation much, much worse. You cannot starve an economy and expect it to grow. Greece and other members of the EU gave up control of their currency and that is where their problem lies. The US is monetarily sovereign and we control our currency. Our debts are in dollars, payable in dollars and we control the dollars. When Greece and those other countries accepted the euro as their currency that meant all money had to come from outside their countries. Add a trade deficit to that and you have money going out with no way to get any back in. Here the deficit and debt are being used to beat us over the head so we will not look at the real problems. Do some research.

          • Colorado15

            The problem with both the left and the right is you are so tied to an ideology you can’t have a rational conversation. I never mentioned austerity, there are excesses in gov’t every gov’t has them. There is also such a thing as setting priorities in spending and providing funding based on your priorities. Defense can be trimmed without affecting national security that money can be used for schools, roads, and bridges. There are also social programs that are to broadly defined and incorporate people that don’t truly need the assisstance.

            And if you did a little research you would know the US imports much more than it exports. Walmart isn’t full of products made in the USA. Part of Greece’s problem come from the Eurozone, but paying people for 13 months of work in a 12 month year is certainly a contributing factor. Only 29% of Greek citizens ever paid income tax, in the US it more than that but shrinking all the time. The bottom 50% pay nothing the top 10% pay around 10-12% (net effective tax rate) and the middle 40% pay 20-30% (NET). When you look at this the number of actual tax payers in the US is dwindling quickly.

          • jnap

            Most of that 5 trillion was for the continuation of the Bush policies. Two unfunded wars, the unfunded prescription drug program, expansion of military spending and the huge tax cuts. Yes, there was the stimulus program, 875 billion, which allowed state governments to keep their head above water and those unemployed to keep their benefits for an expended time.
            250 billion was for infrastructure and a lot of that money still needs to be spent. In Florida it was discovered that many more infrastructure projects could be funded because costs were much lower than expected. This was due to contractors, hungry for work, keeping costs as low as possible. It also resulted in a slow down in spending the money.

            I would love to know what you think McCain would have done differently than Obama had he been elected. The country was in a severe recession when Obama took office and austerity would have made things much worse. Just keep one thing in mind; it is going to be impossible to lower the deficit without a tax increase. If it were me I would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for everyone.

          • Joseph Dale

            1) I did not vote for McCain you are making assumptions.
            2) I already showed when and where he was right and how his own actions show him to be just like bush.
            3) “Unfunded wars” were included in the debt Bush racked up and even though i disliked Bush and his spending I can’t sit by while people spout even more talking points full of misinformation.
            4) Don’t say? Contractors bidding on work helped keep the price down? Wow but when you got to Maine where the work force is 100% union they finished fewer than half their projected projects and why? No bidding. The fre market ain’t it grand?
            5) Nothing under this president has been funded because the senate hasn’t voted on or passed a budget since it started.
            6) The spending leads to Austerity. How exactly do you think greece got to where they are? And is austerity worse? In June unless they put Austerity back inplace they run out of money. Then you think austerity is bad how about when they cut all benifits including cops and fire? hmmmmm
            7) It is not impossible to lower the deficiet without taxes.
            a) Cut the federal department of Education and why? Because since it’s inception and centralized rule education has gone down the tubes and our children are getting the shaft of that deal. They have not improved education they have hampered it.
            B) Get rid of the department of energy 500 billion a year to make us less dependant on fuels from other nations and today we are more dependant than ever.
            C) Cut back Homeland security and the child molesting TSA since they seem to think our returning soldiers are terrorists, ron paul supporters are terrorists, people who believe in the constitution are terrorists, the tea party dispite not a single violent act or call for violence are terrorists. Back in my day we threw child molesters in jail. Today we give them jobs and call them TSA agents and let them practice their molestation in public view.

            We can balance the budget without sacrificing too much and being sensible in what we spend to begin with. If we don’t do it now we will be worse off than Greece in a very short time. You think their austerity hurts? No country is big enough to save america when we end up like Greece. Not even China.

          • montanabill

            As the ‘Occupiers’ are singing from the DEM hymnal?

          • They’d be the last to say that. There’s as many, or more, Ron Paul fans, or ‘a pox on all their houses’ types amongst Occupiers as people who’d vote Democrat.

          • montanabill

            Sounds like they wore out the welcome they got from the unions and Pelosi.

          • Joseph Dale

            I will save you some research:
            “The conduct for which members of the New Black Panther Party were accused of voter intimidation took place on Election Day in November 2008, at a polling station in a predominantly African-American, Democratic voting district of Philadelphia. Two members of the New Black Panther party, Minister King Samir Shabazz, and Jerry Jackson, stood in front of the entrance to the polling station in uniforms that have been described as military or paramilitary. Minister King Shabazz carried a billy club, and is reported to have pointed it at white voters while both men shouted racial slurs, including phrases such as “white devil” and “you’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.” The incident drew the attention of police, who around 10:00 am, sent King Samir away in part because of his billy club. Jackson was allowed to stay, in part because he was a certified poll watcher. ”

            “white voters”, “predominantly African-American”

            Some of your research has been done for you.

            “poll watchers witnessed some white voters approach the polls and then turn away, apparently in response to the New Black Panther Party members.”

            “white voters” once again mentioned.

            I do agree though some of the dislike of this president seems rooted in his race not his policies. I wouldgladly have a beer with or meet this president in person. I would also ask him about the hypocracy as i see it. I would listen to his explaination with great interest and engage him in what I hope would be thoughtful and polite discussion about the over spending of our government. This is the point i take exception with him on. he was so right in 2006,2007 and when he campaigned but has retreated from this position since. My question would be why.

          • SA

            Did these Americans have guns?
            Did they abrogate the rights of citizens through laws or other tactics?
            I did see an attempt to intimidate people but ‘white devil’ is hardly a seriosu epitaph but the police, if called, had the right to arrest the intimidators but compared to the armed insurrection by those other folks, it is easier to see who the real culprits are. If I compare gun sales for both groups, which one will have an appreciable increase? Which group wants to break away yesterday to form a new union and eschew the democratic process of these United States? The answer, I believe, is self evident for any natural born citizen.

          • Joseph Dale

            Ok let me answer some of your questions.
            “Did these Americans have guns?”
            If you mean the black panthers no they had billie clubs and violent words against AMERICANS who were merely tring to vote without a word of violence. I however have a conceal carry here in PA and if they tried that with me I’d have walked past them and if they touched me at all they would be dead. Self defense knows no color but the color of the attackers blood. If it was a white man, blue man, pink man or a red man who threatened and then touched me he’d have the same result so it’s nothing to do with color.

            “Did they abrogate the rights of citizens through laws or other tactics?”
            Yes they used force and threat of force to intimidate others into giving up their rights as granted them under the law. The right to vote.

            gun sales are not a treat or promise of violence. Nor can you say one group plans violence because they own guns. You are comparing actual threats to preceived threats and actual violence to precieved violence. The problem with your arguement is precieved has not happened nor might it ever happen vs real and actual violence and threats.

            if you are closed minded or believe everything you hear from either of the estabishment parties. They both lie and both bread hate and fear. My fear is no politicain has any integrity anymore.

            I hope I’ve helped answer your questions.

          • SaneJane

            I made a bet with myself how long it would take you to say “concealed carry”. Why did it take you so long? This phrase is a fad right now and sounds tough but it is immature at best. I got a permit almost 50 years ago and it is no big deal. I am a 68 year old female. Can a gun make me “manly”?

          • Joseph Dale

            No but it can and oneday may save your life.

          • libsbite

            it must that’s why you got it. 50 years ago you need to be a cop or a special security. were you?

          • I did not mean to like your comment. I think your charges are misguided and misinformed.

          • Joseph Dale

            Then open up the debate so far you have presented not a single fact yet I’ve now given you links to the youtube video from that day, proof they were arrested and tried and even found guilty. So your move….oh wait you have none and no facts to back a single statement.

          • metrognome3830

            You just stepped all over your own “facts,” Joe. First you said the guy with the billy club was arrested. Now “they” were arrested. Go back and study your own facts before you start accusing others of not having the facts. By your own post, one was not arrested because he was a registered poll watcher. You were right when you stated that. Why do you now state “they” were arrested. And besides your spelling, your sentence structure stinks too.

          • Joseph Dale

            At least we are getting someplace ok HE was arrested but THEY were both charged.

            my sentence structure stinks but you understood me. next move on. I answered the people who simply said i was “making this up” or “It never happened” So i posted facts. It did happen now we have the truth hmm so again let the debate begin. My point is now proven though thank you. There are crazies on both sides of this asle.

          • Joe, I have tried every way possible to follow your logic and understand your position. Have you ever maybe gone to school to learn how to write and even develop a concept to convey to others. You are out in left field and your facts are non-sensical. Usually presented by a rather immature mind. What I am saying is that there is no congruency in your facts, timelines, understanding of the concept of a debate, You must first present a logical hypothesis or logical concept. Then use “Relative” information to support or clarify your position. It is not a win or lose, it is an information gathering process around a sound concept, principle or activity that usually leads to an obvious sound joined and agreed upon understanding. There is no shared anything because of how terribly flawed the original information presented has been. There is nothing there of substance to discuss. if you don’t think structure is important, then perhaps you might want to consider people that are not in your mind set are not crazies. What a shame to start with the elimination of so many on any point of a discussion. That again shows your natural way to pass judgement and disqualify others based on your flawed perception of reality. That, that is so sad, I can only laugh as it is easier than to cry knowing that their are such divisive people out there. Sweet.

          • You sir seem like an idiot. I’ve read and followed his logic just fine. He posted facts, links to the videos, court record and more. Seems like you are just a stupid ass who wants to stick your head in the sand about black on white racism and claim this type of thing never happened even though it was in every paper and every news channel and has been proven in every way to be true. As for the idiot below. YES black panthers are a nationwide organization. As for florida voting we have our problems but so does your state. STFU all the idiots who just want to poke holes at people but ignore facts and call those posting them stupid or a liar. First you will ignore us, then you will mock us, last we will win because truth and fact is on our side.

          • Wow nit pick one word…hahaha

          • libsbite

            then why did you not just unlike it. To hard for a libtard?

          • metrognome3830

            Well, well, you finally got around to saying what you really meant to say. Now billy club becomes billy clubs. You have a concealed carry permit and if they touched you they would be dead. Where was the force? What were the threats? You are talking about actual threats compared to perceived violence. Where did you perceive violence? Calling someone a White Devil? Wow, that strikes terror into your heart? You start off by trying, unconvincingly, to sound reasonable and bi-partisan, but when someone scratches the surface, look what they find. And furthermore, when you chastise another poster for their sentence structure, take a look at your spelling. It’s atrocious.

          • Joseph Dale

            Sorry i stand corrected billy club singular. He is seen in videos pointing it at white people and calling racial names and making threats. I would under this case walk past him and if (after pointing a billy club and threatening me) he actually touched me. Yes i would shoot him. That is fully reasonable and by the way he made threats of violence and his actions of pointing at people with the club are by themselves and according to the court threatening and intimidating to the point of terrorization. yes my spelling is bad so what I’m in a hurry and on my phone answering you. Deal with it or move on. As for bi-partisan there is no such person. We all have our beliefs and judge others (politicians in this cased) based upon those beliefs. Last I never chastise anyone for their spelling or sentance structure except that what he said made zero sence.

            As for precieved violence. If someone points a weapon (and yes a club is a weapon which can have deadly consiquences) at you then that is a threat. When they say “Go home white devil you aren’t welcome here”, “Go away cracker” yes those are threats especially when made with a deadly weapon pointed at you. But notice i would wait and ignore what he says until such time as he touches me as a person. That by any definition even without the threat is assault.

            assault: “Generally, the essential elements of assault consist of an act intended to cause an apprehension of harmful or offensive contact that causes apprehension of such contact in the victim.” or ‘An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm.”

            Under the criminal definitions just the threat would have been enough to defend yourself. If i point a weapon at you and make comments like they made it is a threat and because of the weapon you could believe i have the ability to carry it out. But see like a reasonable person who has a carry permit. You wait until they actually touch you after making such a threat because then it becomes a full blown provable crime under any state law. And under any state self defense laws you would be aquitted.

            Here is why. They made the threat, they had a weapon and they placed their hands upon you in and unwanted manner which leads you to have concern for your safety.

            yup I am the unreasonable one or are you and idiot…hmmm idiot.

          • metrognome3830

            Well, all you have done is make up a scenario that didn’t happen, not answer what there was in this incident that worried you. You label me an idiot, then come up with an idiotic answer. Yes, I would call that totally unreasonable. Once again you embellish the truth with your own spin. “They made threats.” One made threats. “They had a weapon.” One had a weapon which he didn’t use. Or did you believe “they” were going to share one weapon. One (the guy with club) was arrested. Not them. No one placed their hands upon me or anyone else (especially not me because I only watched it on a video.) One made comments, not threats. What should you do in such a case? Keep on walking. What would I do if he put his hands on me? I’m 6’3″ and 225 lbs. I would feed him that billy for lunch. And then call the cops.

          • libsbite

            so what if you are a little 80 year old lady that could never do that. You are not very bright. not all people a huge. som cant take care of a big man with a club.

          • you are an ass. no basic respect let alone respect for your elders.

          • You sir are 6’3″ however not all are gifted with your size and (at least bragged about) athletic ability to defend yourself. IF a man or woman has a weapon and point it at you that under any definition of the law is assault and criminal threatening.

          • metrognome3830

            Michele, where have you been! The post you are responding was from 11 months ago. However, I still stand by my answer due to the fact that the person I replied to was embellishing all of his facts. Not just misusing one word. And I see no reference to my athletic ability. The size is correct.

          • libsbite

            they were there to threaten the white public. what is your point in protecting the guilty?

          • AaronNashuaNH

            The reason he has retreated on certain issues he campaigned on is the same as the reason previous presidents have retreated(remember George Bush Sr.’s famous remark: “Read my lips—NO NEW TAXES”). The president needs the consent of the other branches to affect the changes called for in pre-election. However, there’s a special caveat this time around: Its called OBSTRUCTIONISM and its very well organized.

          • rt5guide

            That would be THE two members of the “New Black Panther Party” Please reference the Thomas thing as I have never heard of this before

          • Joseph Dale

            Let me start with saying i believe these are just individuals and not a reflection of the entire democratic party or the views of all white people ect. I take each person as a person and let it stand on it’s own.

            http://www. sodahead. com/united-states/the-persecution-of-justice-thomas-continues-are-democrats-racist/question-2192267/

          • gurulamre

            Hey people, this country is for immigrants, European A, AA and so on.It is archaic and backward to blackmail the presidency and assume that one race should lead this land.It pains EA because you have been in presidency for long.Well let every race share the national cake. The presidency represents all Americans- Christians and non Christians so cool down and let everybody enjoy being in their land

          • Joseph Dale

            What in heavens name does this have to do with the new black panthers denying whites the right to vote? Are you suggesting because whites had power for a long time that only blacks have a right now to vote? Are you suggesting we need to appoint presidents sololy based on color? Either way you’d prove yourself and those who liked your response to my comment idiots.

            See we have a democracy and for Obama to have won he had white voters. So if your point is we are a racist nation…I don’t get it.

            please try and think about what you really want to say and reply to the correct thread. Maybe forming whole sentences would be nice.

          • damfst23

            Because he is a tool of the globalist NWO that,s why!

          • America, not altogether different than the period of dissention which occurred prior to the civil war. I personally believe that right wing post should be investigated vigorously to determine just how far the roots go and take action to stop it. I would be saying the same thing and have, if the dissention was coming from the far left.

          • Remember before you have that beer with the president that he is half white !!!!

          • Joseph Dale

            What does his race matter? He seems like a decent guy as a person. I disagree with his spending a single policy. /shrug

          • ruauper2

            Obviously Mr. Dale does his “research” using Fox Nooz as his source of information, inaccurate, slanted and biased as it may be.

          • Joseph Dale

            Actually it was part of evidence sworn into courts and reporting by ABC and CNN where i found my information. Nice try when you can’t present facts you try and belittle for shame sir for shame.

          • ruauper2

            And you selectively edited information so as to make the “information” then reflect your views. Research comes in many forms. The mere fact one claims to have researched a matter does not mean his research is based on actual facts.

          • Joseph Dale

            Then present your facts that dispute my research I will then present my facts and we can have a debate. If you do not understand that I am sorry for you. Facts sir and stop avoiding the subject. You claimed I presented limited facts. Why then was he found guilty and the obama justice department then said wait whites can’t be covered by these laws as the only applied to preventing blacks from voting? Hmmm he even admitted in court to terrorizing white people so they wouldn’t vote. Another fact hmmm. The difference is you argue on vague supposition and I base mine on factual content.

          • libsbite

            another stupid MSNBC follower. Why don’t you just go away.

          • After looking into many of the facts i see quotes from Gallop polls, abs and many government agencies. maybe you have an issue because you can’t debate his facts?

          • ruauper2

            Debating your “facts’ would be about as useful as trying to prove a negative..

          • fredgrey

            As to your last statement referring to the Why? How about the part of NO controlling the house. Do you have amnesia or are you deliberately ignoring whats happened to so many of his initiatives over the last four years. And only a white person would say that “some ” of the dislike of the president is rooted in his race and not his policies.
            Did you ask the question of W what happened to all the money? Did your head not explode when you found out there were no weapons of mass destruction? Should W. not have been impeached? Eight years of not finding Osama Bin Laden, and this president kills him in three. There should have been a ticker tape parade but the party of NO began immediately downgrading the achievement.
            This president is the most historic event of our life time. The rest of the world sees this but the dust storm by the party of NO keeps to many Americans from realizing it. His second term election will show case just how fortunate we are to have a man like this in the White House.

          • Joseph Dale

            You ignore EVERYTHING i have said.

            YES i was against Bushes spending and YES i agreed with Obama when he called Bush on it and agreed when he said Bush was UNAMERICAN for it. And I called him on it many times in MANY columns. I am also against it under this president so if being against it under both men then what do I hate everyone? NO it means i have principals and stick to them. Obama was right this borrowing is burdening our children with a debt they can never repay. HIS OWN WORDS not mine. Candidate Obama and Senator Obama was right when he called bush to task as was Pelosi. NOW they are exactly what they claimed he was and called him unamerican and unpatriotic. THEY were RIGHT then and they are WRONG NOW!

            See my views have not changed and you say I’m the racist. No I’m a man with principals and firm beliefs.

            Next point Obama himself even admitted without information obtained from Bush he wouldn’t have found Osama either. 10 years crossing two presidents. And i never downgraded him for it. I say it was the right choice and I’m glad he made it even against Bidens wishes. Biden was fearful it would make a marter and I understand his position but am still glad Obama made the right choice.

            He won’t get a second term I don’t think he will anyway. /shrug Of course I do not say if this is bad or good nor if it is my wish just my gut tells me he won’t win again.

          • SaneJane

            Even though debt and deficits ballooned under Bush there was no outcry. The national debt only became an issue when Obama took office and it was quick in coming. Much too quickly for his policies to have made any difference. Explain to me how a president, Bush or Obama, can do this all by themselves? Since when does a president write the laws and grip the checkbook all alone? I do not feel that the national debt is our biggest problem, not even close. A nation is quite different from a family unit or a business economically. To believe otherwise is naive. Sticking to your principles is great unless you are wrong to start with.

          • libsbite

            obama paid off and bailed out all the campain doners on his list. look it up. Obammie was just taking care of chicago style business.

          • libsbite

            the party of NO was in office and they did nothing. The party of no is in charge of the senate where there is no budget, no border control, no hope and no change.

          • If something like that happened those two would have and should have been arrested. I think you’re just spreading propaganda. I wonder what your motives are.

          • Joseph Dale

            http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/New_Black_Panther_Party_voter_intimidation_case

            That evn has a link to the youtube video of them outside the voting place. Sources are named in the WIKI.

            http://www .usccr. gov/NBPH/CommissionInterimReport_11-23-2010.pdf
            OFIICAL government report!

            See dillweed i report facts what are YOUR motives for denying truth? What are YOUR motives for not presenting fact? Next tme you speak do us all a favor and present FACTS! I have given you some and they are EASY to validate. Hell the DOJ has dockets on this matter as well idiot.

          • sonorasue1

            I am not African American, but firmly beleive that dislike of this President in part is rooted in Discrimination based on his color.

            The Southern states in particular, have many who would return to total dominance by Whites. Being smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, has allowed their preachers to promulgate discriminatory language aagainst President obama regarding religion, etc.

          • JacquesLaPean

            Joey buddy:

            Two rights don’t make a wrong, and to pull out looney and wacko from another time and place and ask all of us to comment on your hearsay drags that little red herring across our monitors in a way that doesn’t serve the specific discussion of this reported event.

            You’re entitled to your opinions of course.. but on the article above helps us all to stay focused on something right in front of us… instead of fact finding to rebut your assertions whether they be true or not or somewhere in between the two…

            Signed: Nurse Ratched.

          • Joseph Dale

            I disagree with the whacko and was pointing out there are whackos on both sides. Hearsay? I provided PROOF that my comments are not hearsay. I posted a link to the ACTUAL court case. I provided a link to documentation INCLUDING the youtube video showing them scaring white voters. So this is no hearsay it’s something called facts.

          • SaneJane

            Trying to balance the whacko factor accomplishes nothing. Trotting out opposing whackos does not neutralize the whacko in question. You brought up the Panther incident from 2008 to counter the guy in Virginia. How far back do you want to go with this. I can always raise you one right wing whacko and you can see my raise with another one from the left. Where does this get us?


          • Joseph Dale

            Nice name calling oh my feelings are hurt you monster you hurt me.

            Nice way to win friends and influence people hmmm calling them names. Wow you’re so bright. By the way TWIT has only two Ts not three. Have a nice day.

          • joyscarbo

            Joseph, you’re talking about this one polling place in Philadelpia, PA in 2008. Now Black Panthers are everywhere?!!
            You have a very selective memory.
            What about the disenfranchising of hundred of thousands of black voters in Florida in 2000.

            “…In reality, no one in Florida was prepared for the enormous turnout of black voters on Election Day 2000. While 540,000 blacks voted in the 1996 presidential election, this year [2000] 893,00 showed up at the polls, a 65 percent increase. That number would have been even greater were it not for the hundreds and perhaps thousands of blacks denied the right to vote because their names did not appear on voter rolls or because they had been mistakenly purged as convicted felons.”
            It is a scandal sure to lead to major reforms of voting procedures in every state during the next few years, and that could be the most lasting peoples’ victory of the 2000 election. As for Jeb Bush and those Republicans in the Florida legislature who fought so hard to prevent every ballot from being counted, something tells me their days are numbered. The state’s 893,000 black registered voters and all those elderly Jewish voters in Palm Beach are not about to forget the lesson they learned this Election Day.”

            Your story is just a 30-second rant on the Fox News Channel. The voters who were cheated out of their right to vote in 2000 is MONUMENTAL.

            You need to find something more substantial about black people to be hysterical and afraid about.

          • Joseph Dale

            I never claimed this did not happen nor have I claimed it to be truth. My point is and remains there are crazies on both sides but neither side should judge the other based on select crazy people. Both sides have GOOD people.

            Nice of you to put the blame the jews (bigot your true colors are showing) for Miami Dade (a democrat controled area of florida) and it’s failure to keep it’s polls in a reasonable manner. it was not Jeb Bushes fault th Miami Dade elections board and company couldn’t handle the voting base better. See I blame the elections officals in Miami Dade for the issue you’ve presented since it was their back yard and they were responsible for it. It was still ashame though and someone should have gone to jail over it.

            Last I am not afraid of black people I’ve many many black friends my post was about some crazies on the other side to illistrate both sides need to clean their respective houses and stop throwing rocks in their own glass houses.

            But I guess that point is lost on someone with a closed mind who can’t read the basis of comments and understand them.

          • joyscarbo

            If you knew anything at all about the 2000 voting scandal in Florida, you’d know that along with many blacks, elderly jewish citizen’s votes were also not counted as well. Jewish people were not to blame and the statement did not elude to that either. You simply didn’t read it.

            If members from the Black Panther Party showed up at multiple polling places in multiple cities, displaying aggressive behaviors, then you may have convinced me. One incident on one day is a very poor example of “crazies” on the other side of an issue.

            I completely agree with you that there are extreme fundamentalists on both the left and the right. But the Black Panther Party isn’t one good example of anything.

          • libsbite

            how about the military that was cheated there vote. If any one deserves to vote it is those brave people. NOT YOU OR ME NOW. Yes i was in the military to. Obamma is try to screw them in ohio again. it is time for obammie to go home to kenya the place of his birth. I read that in his book!

          • joyscarbo

            Wow…my post was only made 3 months ago…
            I’m not a proponant for any section of the population being blocked from voting or not having their votes counted. Obama has done NOTHING to prevent anyone from voting. I don’t know where you get your whacky ideas. It’s been republicans and tea party members who have been initiating legislation in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida to make it more difficult to vote. In Ohio, republicans have tried to limit the time polls are open ONLY in counties where the vote swings predominantly democrat. In Pennsylvania, they’ve enacted laws to force people to get photo identification in order to vote, even if they’re non-driving people who live in the city. In Florida, their republicans are making lists of people that they say aren’t American and therefore barred from voting. One person who was on one of their person on their list was a 92 year old man who was a veteran of WWII and another lady was born and raised in Iowa and retired to Florida.
            You make no sense and you’re obviously uninformed. And you birthers are just racist idiots who have nothing better to do. Try getting educated.

          • Joseph Dale

            Yeah the republicans are bad for asking you to prove you have a right to vote by presenting the same document you need to drive, buy cigarettes, beer, open a bank account, cash a check, send or recieve money western union, travel on a train/bus/airplane, or vertually anything else in this country.

            Yeah the only reason to not like laws like these are because you want to cheat hmmm?

            I noticed some things:
            if a democrat doesn’t like you on the radio or tv they make laws to remove you or try to force the stations to drop you, tea partiers change the channel and don’t send money to the sponsors of shows we don’t like.
            If a democrat doesn’t like guns they try and ban them so noone can have them but a tea partier simply doesn’t buy one.
            If a democrat doesn’t like something they decide no one should be able to do it so they try and ban it. A tea partier doesn’t purchase or do what they don’t want but they allow you to do as you like.

            See the pattern?

            When a republican or a tea partier does anything a democrat doesn’t like they use terms like homophobe, anti-women, racist. When in reality you can be against an idea and not hate what you are against. I do not have to hate black people to dislike the spending by president obama. I am not a racist because i dislike a policy but to a democrat you can’t dislike my ideas unless you’re a racist. Here is why they do it. BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DEFEND THE POSITION so they have to attack you personally.

          • joyscarbo

            You know what? I don’t go to tea party websites, neo-conservative websites, republican websites and right wing websites because I know what I’m going to see and read. I don’t agree with those people with those kinds ideology. I don’t wish to change their minds either. You’re free to think how you wish.
            Let me tell you what I believe-

            I am, primarily, a democrat. I believe that the last decent republican president was Eisenhower. Since that time, republicans have not demonstrated responsible, ethical leadership. Nixon violated the office and would have been impeached, tried and prosecuted for his crimes had he not quit. Reagan traded arms for the hostages in Iran. At least Jimmy Carter tried rescue the hostages but the covert operation failed honorably. Bush, Sr destroyed the savings and loan institutions (his eldest son, Neal, was also involved), costing the taxpayers nearly $1.4 trillion dollars. And, of course, W is legendary for cooking up fake intellegence to invade Iraq, sending our troops into a war that should have never happened. It cost actual American lives- not just death, but in injury and disability as well. Why W isn’t being charged with war crimes is absolutely ridiculous. Your tea party friends on this website say, “…we need to quit blaming W.” I say we need to never forget.
            I am staunchly PRO-CHOICE. I will not stand by as it’s threatened. I have a daughter, as well as 2 grandaughters. I will do ALL I can to ensure they have the same right to access a medically safe abortion if they so choose to. I will also do all I can to ensure that birth control is paid for by insurance. This is a necessity of all child-bearing-age woman, period. If Medicare covers viagra, then women’s birth control should be as well. I also support Planned Parenthood and always will. You tea party and republicans want government to be smaller with less “invasion” into people’s private lives, but you want to be in every woman’s uterus? No way. Plus, America is with me on this- the majority of Americans want to keep Roe vs. Wade.

            Allow me to respond to some of your comments:
            You said:
            “if a democrat doesn’t like you on the radio or tv they make laws to remove you or try to force the stations to drop you, tea partiers change the channel and don’t send money to the sponsors of shows we don’t like.”
            My response:
            Sounds like you’re talking about Rush Limbaugh? His disparaging comments about a college women who supported insurance-paid birth control was inappropriate and sheer filth. He called her a “slut,” and suggest that she be videotaped so we could all watch her have sex. Many of his sponsors discontinued business with him. They were responding to the majority of consumers. No business can be forced to sponsor any radio or tv program. It’s hardly a democratic movement to silence your opinions.

            You said:
            “If a democrat doesn’t like guns they try and ban them so noone can have them but a tea partier simply doesn’t buy one.”
            My response:
            Calm the heck down. There hasn’t been one piece of legislation that suggests that you have to give up your gun(s). I respect the right to hunt for food or sport. I also respect the right to own a handgun or shotgun for the protection of your family and/or property. What I don’t understand is why anyone can so easily purchase weapons that are primarily utilized only by highly trained law enforcement officers or military personell. I do believe that owning a bazooka, hand grenades and tear gas should be illegal. I also think it’s insane that any person can own a gun without any kind of training in the operation or safety of that weapon. Why not with guns too? Just a suggestion…it’ll never happen because the NRA controls your paranoia of government gun control when no one has EVER tried to take your guns from you. By the way, many Democrats own guns too.

            You said:
            “If a democrat doesn’t like something they decide no one should be able to do it so they try and ban it. A tea partier doesn’t purchase or do what they don’t want but they allow you to do as you like.”

            My response:
            Really? What exactly are you talking about? Tea partiers and republicans don’t want women to have birth control or abortions and they’re trying to make that illegal. You need to be specific here. If you’re talking about healthcare, well, we all need healthcare at some point or another. I believe that all people have the right to get healthcare. I’m an R.N. and even the healthiest people have health issues. I welcome the Affordable Healthcare Act. You can opt out if you want and the “penalty” that you’ve heard so much about from your tea party friends is real, but it’s not actionable. That is, the way the law is written, you can be penalized, you just won’t be. The law clearly states that the $100 penalty will not be actionable by taking it from your tax refund(s), nor can you be sued in any court, nor can this penalty be placed as a lein on your property. The law has no “teeth.” Consider this as well…The USA is 34th in the world for infant mortality rates. The US is still the wealthiest country in the world and so many other countries out preform our “world class healthcare.” The top 10 countries that save their infants better than we do have national healthcare systems. Their populations have no problem accessing healthcare. Keeping infants alive beyond their first year of life is NOT a democratic, republican nor tea party issue. It’s every citizens issue. How we take care of our smallest, most vulnerable citizens is a very real measure to the greatness of a country. What does being 34th in the world say about our country?

            So, you see, I don’t care if you agree with my views or not. You don’t come to this website because you are looking for approval of your ideology. Your purpose here is only to irritate those who have a different ideology from your’s. I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to be involved with this tea party when the primary “face” of your party is Sarah Palin. She’s a proven idiot ideologue and her family has been relagated to bad reality tv.

          • Joseph Dale

            “You know what? I don’t go to tea party websites, neo-conservative websites, republican websites and right wing websites because I know what I’m going to see and read. I don’t agree with those people with those kinds ideology. I don’t wish to change their minds either. You’re free to think how you wish.”

            1) Perhaps you should go to the Tea party websites they might expand your understand of what they believe.
            “Gallup put the number of Democrats in the tea party at 15 percent. The number of republicans at 38% which means more than 50% of the tea party is independant voters.” I read many sites with many points of view because i like to learn.

            “Your tea party friends on this website say, “…we need to quit blaming W.” I say we need to never forget.”

            2) Thought you never read these websites but somehow you quote them? Also you are aware the Tea party unlike OWS has no actual central leadership? Tea parties are local and do aspouse different things. The only place they all agree is the spending under W was in the words of then Candidate Obama “wreckless, unamerican, unpatriotic, and a danger to america and it’s survival.” He was right then when he said “4 trillion dollars in 8 years was unsustainable”. He was right to vote against raising the debt ceiling 3 times while in congress. How would he explain 5 trillion in 3.5 years? Just look at his own words on the subject “wreckless, unamerican, unpatriotic and a danger to americas survival”

            “I am staunchly PRO-CHOICE. I will not stand by as it’s threatened. I have a daughter, as well as 2 grandaughters. I will do ALL I can to ensure they have the same right to access a medically safe abortion if they so choose to. ”

            3) I am PRO-LIFE and believe the unborn child has rights. You are aware abortions today are not used because the mothers life is in danger. They have always allowed those abortions. I am for abortion when it was rape, incest or the mothers life is in danger but today a vast majority of abortions are because the mother after deciding to just open her legs and have sex decides i don’t want to be a mother so I will kill this unborn child. I also have a daughter and sons so that argument goes out the window.

            “Plus, America is with me on this- the majority of Americans want to keep Roe vs. Wade. ”

            4) wrong america is NOT with you on this they are with me 52% of americans and since it’s inception 38+ years ago has been above 50% approve of abortion only when it was rape, incest or the mothers life is in danger. While only 20% are like you in favor of abortion on demand. meaning the 28% who say it should be illegal all the time (mostly cathlics who also vote largely democrat) are for it being illegal. So actually more people believe it should be illegal all the time than believe like you. But more people believe like me than both you and those who feel it should always be illegal.

            “Allow me to respond to some of your comments:
            You said:
            “if a democrat doesn’t like you on the radio or tv they make laws to remove you or try to force the stations to drop you, tea partiers change the channel and don’t send money to the sponsors of shows we don’t like.”
            My response:
            Sounds like you’re talking about Rush Limbaugh? His disparaging comments about a college women who supported insurance-paid birth control was inappropriate and sheer filth. He called her a “slut,” and suggest that she be videotaped so we could all watch her have sex. Many of his sponsors discontinued business with him. They were responding to the majority of consumers. No business can be forced to sponsor any radio or tv program. It’s hardly a democratic movement to silence your opinions.”

            5) Nice try it is more than one person, Savage, local shows, howard stern, beck the train wreck. I supposed you protested bill mar for calling palin a c*nt, slut/ b!tch, whore and many other names, How about when he attacked her daughters including a 13 year old? A down syndrome baby? yeah you’re about fair and all as long as it’s a republican being attacked you’re fine with it hmm?

            “You said:
            “If a democrat doesn’t like guns they try and ban them so noone can have them but a tea partier simply doesn’t buy one.”
            My response:
            Calm the heck down. ”

            6) Every piece of anti-gun legislation that comes out is democrat sponsored. period end of story.

            “You said:
            “If a democrat doesn’t like something they decide no one should be able to do it so they try and ban it. A tea partier doesn’t purchase or do what they don’t want but they allow you to do as you like.”

            My response:
            Really? What exactly are you talking about? ”

            7) How about soda in NY, trans fats nation wide? Wow that was so easy but honestly there are 100s more examples of run away democrat BS laws.

            “Tea partiers and republicans don’t want women to have birth control or abortions ”

            8) Again false if 72% (52 limited use of abortion and 20% on demand than many many of those have to be republicans.)
            9) The tea party again has no central identity and while there maybe a single party someplace working on abortion the tea party as a whole are not.

            “I believe that all people have the right to get healthcare.”

            10) Healthcare paid for by others has never been a right. You have a right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. But not healthcare. Besides look at the models we modeled this monster off and they are broken.

            “I’m an R.N. and even the healthiest people have health issues. I welcome the Affordable Healthcare Act.”

            11) Great and I opt in by having my own coverage. I buy it and pay for it. You realize that the 45 million people they keep quoting when you take out those that could have medicare, those who make 3x poverty and have insurance from work that they refused, illegal aliens, ect.. the number was fewer than 3 million americans. Yeah big big problem there….NOT.

            “The USA is 34th in the world for infant mortality rates.”

            12) Yes when you exclude aborted babies we are #1 again also part of the numbers that no one reads is the number aborted. But i know your study you are quoting.

            “The US is still the wealthiest country in the world and so many other countries out preform our “world class healthcare.” ”

            13) Not in cancer survival, not in cost, and this must be the reason the wealthy of those countries come here to get treated. The prime minister of canada came here for heart surgery because in his own country the waiting list meant a death sentence. Yeah that sure sounds better to me.

            “The top 10 countries that save their infants better than we do have national healthcare systems. ”

            14) And don’t allow on demand abortions.

            “Their populations have no problem accessing healthcare. Keeping infants alive beyond their first year of life is NOT a democratic, republican nor tea party issue. It’s every citizens issue. How we take care of our smallest, most vulnerable citizens is a very real measure to the greatness of a country. What does being 34th in the world say about our country?”

            15) Yes how we take care of the most vulnerable indeed we abort them before they have a say. We call these childern fetuses but I call them unborn childern.

            “Your purpose here is only to irritate those who have a different ideology from your’s.”

            16) Glad you think you know my purpose and by the way this is one more example of intollerence of others ideals that you just demonstrated. Because i disagree with you i must only be here to irritate you. Hmmm wrong I came here because at times i read things i agree with and at times my own opinions have been altered by good discussion with others. I have also influenced others to my way of thinking from time to time. See i come for the discussion and debate but perhaps you don’t understand either since you sir by your own demostration here are exactly what you labeled palin. A ridgid ideologe.

            “I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to be involved with this tea party when the primary “face” of your party is Sarah Palin. She’s a proven idiot ideologue and her family has been relagated to bad reality tv.”

            17) She is not the face of it. She thinks she is but she is not. As far as proven an idiot I’d love to debate that. Considering the gaffs by the president and vice president you could label them worse. I reserve that and prefer to think they were just people and we are not perfect beings.

            **> It is good to know that you understand a discussion or debate is where everyone must agree with you. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

          • libsbite

            You are so full of shit,. Ohio is being sued by obama now because the military predominantly vote republican so he need to suppess those votes. Florida is loaded with illegal voters just like nevada. . I used to live in Florida. Hell alot can’t even speak english. Have you just crawled out from a rock. Fraud is every where. Has been since Washington. Its is being encouraged your hero george soros. He is betting his billions he can take this country down and make us all live the way HE WANTS and your stupid enough to let him. The only loony tunes are the libtards like yourself. You bitch so loud when a republican does something wrong but forgive everything about a democrat. Do you think obama was so stupid that he got his own birth place wrong in his own book? You are truely dumb. Even the lame stream news ABC sees it now. So you need to wake up. The ultra rich that are the backers of obama want the population to drop to 500 million people. ever since the world hit 7 billion they truely freaked out. Abortion, contraceptives are just away for you to not populate their earth. You are just a parasite to them just like me. Before you end up in a camp with millions of others you need to wake up. By the way that 92 year old man has multiple id’s. S.S. and the VA all need id to get benefits. The VA even issues a ID card. I am a vet and I have to show ID so does he.

            Listed in the news
            The address of the home isn’t being released by the IRS, but the report said 741 fraudulent tax returns was filed from one address in Belle Glade, FL. It totaled up to a little more than $1 million being issued in tax refund money.

          • joyscarbo

            You’re full shit and you’re a racist who is full of shit!

            You said,
            “Florida is loaded with illegal voters just like nevada. . I used to live in Florida. Hell alot can’t even speak english.”

            What an idiotic and racist statement!! First of all, the incidents of voter fraud nation wide is less than 1% nationwide. A lot of people who can vote don’t vote. People don’t come from other countries just to screw with our electoral process. But lets talk about your “real” issue. You are obviously offended and threatened by those who come to this country, no matter if they’re refugees and immagrants (legal or not). Whether a person can or cannot speak english is not relevant to their ability to add value to this country. I’m an RN and I work with people every day who are unable to speak english- they speak somali, swahili, soninke, russian, vietnamese, mandarine, spanish and a host of other languages!! Many of these people come to the USA to seeking safety from war torn countries. These people have witnesses and lived through some of the most henious war crimes imaginable. They’ve seen their family members tortured and murdered in front of them. They are good people who want what we take for granted every day- a safe place to live where you work, raise your children and not have to worry about your family’s safety. Unless you’ve recently immagrated from another country or are a native American, your family also came from some other part of the world.

            Fraud is not everywhere. You’re talking to someone who used to be on welfare back in 1990- 1995. I was going to school full time so that I could support my kids- something their father didn’t bother to do. No single mom is getting rich on welfare, asshole. Back then, I got $850 per month and $250 per month in food stamps. That $850 was suppose to pay for rent, electricity and all non-food items. I couldn’t get government subsidized housing so I got student loans to help pay for rent. Thank God there was WIC- a program that provided monthly allotments of milk, cereal and cheese. $250 does’t by a lot for a mom and 3 kids. I was successful getting my education but I had a lot of support from family and friends. Most people who collect welfare are single mothers. You wish to make abortion illegal. What will you do with these moms and their many children? The government already does a shitty job with getting absent fathers to take any responsibility- financially or socially- for their kids. And if the government- either state or federal- dosen’t help to provide support to these kids, what exactly should be done? Take the kids away? Orphanages? There already aren’t enough foster homes for the kids who need them and their adoption rates are woefully low. Force women to be sterilized? Really… what is YOUR solution? I dare you to devise an ethical and moral way to deal with the poor. And I DON’T want to hear “pull yourselves up by the boot straps.” That shit is good for men who just walk away and go on with their lives. It’s DOES NOT work for women who are left to provide and raise their children alone.

            How does it feel to be so fearful and paraoid all the time??!! You’re like every other tea party, neo con, ultrat conservative jerk that thinks people working against them all the time- poor people and people who don’t speak english are taking away YOUR way of life!!! Congrats…you’ve bought into their party’s way of keeping you scared, fearful and stupid. It’s a well known psychological fact that people who are always operating in “fear mode” can’t think rationally- you’re always nervous, worried and angry about who or what is lurking around every corner. You can’t see a shadow without thinking you’re being threatened. It’s exactly how your political party likes to keep you. Pander to your fears and it only brings out the worst of your nature and you’ll do or say anything to protect what you think is your’s. You can’t listen to rational thought because it doesn’t match your own paranoid dellusions of the Boogie Man- a different skin color, a different religion, speaking a different language, wearing different clothes- you fear them, don’t you?! I can tell by the hysterical nature of your rantings. You’re not even interesting anymore. You’re just another doomsday nut, racked with terror which makes you FAR more dangerous than the people you are whining about.
            Go crawl back into your bunker….good luck.

          • joyscarbo

            I read it twice and I can’t believe the sheer crazy of your ranting….WWOOWWW….

          • Jon

            And I’m betting when your finally dismissed, you will then see the true pressure of this elected official, what he has to endure to get his point across.. The ever mounting oppression even from some of his own party members and the oft times unpopular bills he has to pass and the popular bills he has to veto for the sake of the country AND it’s citizens.. You will understand him so much better. It’s truly a thankless job where the admiration (if any) is only acknowledged well after a president has been buried. Truth be told.. For three and a half years it is we who have demanded (or a least allowed) this president to fail and ANY benefits that he has accomplished has either been swept under the rug or criticized as a political manipulation. We should all feel ashamed for how our elected leader has been treated.. But this isn’t a solitary incident.. Clinton was held back from doing his duty over something that should have been between himself and his wife. It was none of our business yet the sharks prodded him into a corner and compared apples to oranges then accused him of perjury when he finally owned up to it.. How many husbands in America (who cheated on their wives) would own up to it and when they did, would be charged with perjury? Now for almost four years, Obama has had this birth thing as his albatross and will for four more if he’s re-elected but wait! Now he’ll have to wear a bullet proof vest and be guarded by more Secret Service as the hecklers whine about how much more money he’s costing the Nation.

          • Joseph Dale

            It is my sincere wish that the secret service and/or bullet proof vests are never required for any president this one is included. He was right about the spending once and is wrong now but if you don’t like him or what he has done then you can feel free to VOTE. It’s non-violent and the right way to remove an elected offical. We were not discussing assassinations. We were discussing the loons on both sides calling for violence and how we the normal non-violent should not judge whole groups based on the actions of a few.

          • SaneJane

            If you are going to continue to reference “the spending” please tell me where and on what President Obama spent the money. Are you opposed to social programs that help our citizens and keep the money here in this country? Do you support wars that harm our citizens and send much of the money out of the country? Much of what has been spent the past 3 1/2 years served to keep the economy from sliding lower. Where would we be now if not for Social Security and unemployment benefits? While it is true the stimulus packages did not magically erase all our economic woes, they did work.

          • libsbite

            it was never about his affair it was his abuse of power. clinton is a big liar.

          • DurdyDawg

            Show me a politician who isn’t.. Remember when Nixon said (with emphasis) “I am NOT a crook” then he weasels out and resigns rather than be proven a liar.. And there were others both dem and pub who have (and still are) evading the truth, so in honesty, I have to agree with you.. and now this McPhee slug is trying to stir up more crap with his ‘declaration’ of treason.. What are we to do with them? I say pack ’em all in a space suit and shoot their asses straight toward the sun and while we’re at it we should pack all the nuclear waste we’ve accumulated and send that with them as well… G’Day to you. (dammit! I searched for pictures on this frog but no luck, he didn’t even merit a sub-note on wikipedia.. a sad excuse for wasted skin).

          • Joseph, after reading this exchange, I had to say something… So, you are trying to make a point that Blacks, or Black Panthers, are intimidating White voters at the polls… Are you aware of the history of black voters being intimidated at the polls by Whites, like KKK? It’s like a rich guy complaining that a street bum has too much money, or the Sun complaining that a streetlight is too hot and bright, or a great white complaining that you can’t trust Goldfish because they grow to be really big and scary. In the big picture, is this really a point worth arguing? Or, are you genuinely concerned that black people are going to be armed and actively turning people away from the polling stations if something isn’t done? What should be done about governments spending is cut the Trillion dollar tab for the military industrial complex. All of the help that goes out to the poor, elderly, veterans of war, etc. does not even come close to what is being spent around the world by our military. If Republicans wanted to cut spending some common sense and math skills would come in to play here, really, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead the focus is on cutting Medicate for Grandma is more important – I always get chocked up when I think of how compassionate right-wingers are – bleeding-hearts, I tell yu. It’s all about smoke, mirrors and military contracts. Hmm, maybe a revolution would be a good source of income for Haliburton. McFee will probably be a big Republican hero in short-order. He and Dick Cheney are probably plotting things out as we speak.

          • Joseph Dale

            You OBVIOUSLY did not read or missed the entire point. There are loons on BOTH sides this merely illistrated the loons on the other side so people would realized both parties have them and need to clean their own houses before throwing stones or labeling ALL in a group as bad. There did i spell it out for you? And no I am not afraid of black people or anyone I believe most people are good and let them prove me wrong on the rare occassion i find them. Then no matter what color or sex they are if they are bad people like the black panthers illustrated here or this west verfinian Dbag I simply walk away from them. Their hat will only drag you down.

            The KKK was originally a democrat organization by the way so nice example of loons from that party like Senator and grand dragon Byrd, Jim Crow and a former democrat president as well. Nice try though.

          • SaneJane

            The KKK left the Democratic Party almost 50 years ago and isn’t Byrd dead. This is old news but enactment of discriminatory laws in red states is currently happening. Spending, deficits, and debt are red herrings. Are you familiar with “starve the beast” and the Southern Strategy? Read up on this and then tell me you still agree with the right wing agenda. Give the masses someone to hate to keep them occupied. Spend money on wars so there will be none for social programs. Call anything that is for the people socialistic. Maintain the superior position of the white male. Can you not see elements of this in current events? Even Pat Buchanan is writing about the GOP as the war party and the very real danger that the party is becoming irrelevant as a national party due to the non-white vote. President Obama must fail so they can say “well, we gave a black man a chance but it didn’t work out”. I often think they let him win partially for this purpose (why put Palin on the ticket?) and because the economic situation was so bad they were certain he would fail. You obviously enjoy doing research but look at the present as well as the past.

          • libsbite

            seems to me lately that obamie and the democraps is the party of war. He pledged to get out after bush already set the date in iraq, big whoop. Obammies afghan war is going well for the afghanies. Killing us right and left.

          • libsbite

            what happens to grandma when all of obammies cronies are paid off with the last dollar america has? it is coming past. Medicare is schedule to fail in 2016. they tweeked it but it won’t help. A trillion dollars was spent bailing out campain donors of obamma. Citbank, GE, GM, Unions, GoldmaSachs, to name a few. More money to the universities that paid obama too. We need money for the kids, bullshit. its pay back money for friends of obammie.

          • You sir, are a fringe right wing ideologue! The Black Panther’s, eeewww we’re all so scared of all FOUR of them! They are only an issue because you and yours have drummed up a fervor over it that has NOTHING to do with reality. Try reality sometime, instead of your NONSENSE.

          • libsbite

            are you stupid there are over 50 in that one city.

          • Things did not happen AT ALL THAT WAY!!!! Were you there? Because I was!

          • Joseph Dale

            A few points.
            1) Notice the quotation marks in the comments. Those mean they are not my words but the words of someone else.
            2) Those words are taken directly from the federal criminal trial of the new black panther party. SO if you believe these are false it becomes your duty to call the US federal court and report the lies. Lying to the court is against the law and the people who made the statements would go to jail.
            3) Considering much of the statements are recorded on video and or in police reports I’d say you will end up being found guilty of lying to the court which is why you won’t say anything to the courts.
            4) Just because you say “Because I was!” meaning you were there does not mean you were there or you can prove it.

            So what part of this do you deny? The racial names called to whites by the black panthers? It’s on video. The police showing up? It’s a matter of public record and the documentation of police involvement is more than ample to prove they showed up because of th NBPP. Either way I don’t care. You can be just like the birthers who believe the president isn’t an american even though all the proof is against them. In this case you can be a denier even though there are police logs, recorded conversation with police, on mobile phones, video of the day and it’s events and a court case which found him quilty but the federal DOJ stepped in and had the case dropped via the use of an injuction.

            Again feel free to call the court and the persons who swore under oath liars and feel free to call the court and reopen the case and press charges against those you say lied. Chances are though you never will because you are full of crap.

          • Dale,

            I applaud your civility, which is rare these days.

            In response to your question of why Obama as retreated from his former position is that the Republican establishment has taken an entrenched do-nothing stance, neglecting the business of the country and even voting against the bills they themselves sponsored if Obama supports them. They have used the fillabuster to require a 60% majority to pass anything at all, and as a result jobs are not being created, infrastructure is not being rebuilt and the enconomy is not nearly as robust as it would be if everyone were doing their honest best to pull together and solve the nation’s many problems. Problems, which, by the way were created by the last Republican administration, whose policies the current Republican presidential candidate wishes to not only ressurect, but expand. Trickle down economics just does not work, yet the Republicans still support it.

            The country cannot afford to continue to allow the wealthy to shirk their fair contribution to the nation’s coffers. The current national debt is due more to the Bush-era tax cuts than the debts run up by the Obama administration to try to shore up an economy savaged by those very same tax cuts, a war which was started by outright lies, and regulatory malfeasance of Wall Street. We do not need more of what caused the economic crash of 2008. We need the Republican party to stop playing politics with the future of the nation and start offering realistic, positive input, which the Ryan budget is definitely not.

          • Sounds like you are far left,so is there any differance

          • SaneJane


          • kentuckyguy1

            Edward… are right on all counts!!!!!

          • sonorasue1

            I certainly agree that fringe groups on both sides exist. It is and has been evident from the onset of President Obamas’ inauguration, and even before, that the Republican machine, while stating that they do not agree with these extremists groups, says it with a whisper. Using surrogates can distant you from the offenders, in their playbook.

            Also, I did here denials from the left on the outrages comments by some!

          • Safronia11

            It is the Right that threatens voters. They are the ones who continually talk voter fraud. Out of millions…there was less than three figures. Best of all, the fraud was people signing petitions as Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson. Those don’t get counted they get tossed.
            They Right wants voters to have ID. I lived in Oregon. Now in Washington right across the border. I have voter registration card for whichever state I reside. I don’t have to GO anywhere to prove who I am. We , in both States, vote by mail. There has never been serious questions raised about the way we do it here. Funny how some Americans are so determined to protect their own rights by denying others the same rights.
            Live & let live….

          • Thank you Edward
            Some of the most reasonable writing I have read lately.
            If so many Republicans are actually fair minded and unbiased where are their voices?
            This talk of armed revolt should be treated as domestic terrorism and treason. Charge them and try them because freedom of speech does not include the right to advocate the use of force against a duly elected government.

          • Joseph Dale

            Let’s not forget there are many on the otherside of the political isle calling for armed revolt and riots should Obama lose in November.

          • I am a foreigner watching from a distance and amazed with the split country like USA. Why don’t you split it half-and-half, like what it happened in Sudan recently, or between North/South Korea up to now? Or break your country up to like in Balkan or former Soviet Union. Perhaps those radical Republican would like to launch the Second Civil War of USA . . . that would be an interesting historical event in modern time.

          • libsbite

            I believe the left will call for marshall law if obamma is not reelected before Mit can get in to office. George Soros the master of obama will not let his dreams of world domination die before he does. That crazy left wing nut is who put obama into office.

        • And there’s the point that this isn’t just some ranting loon from the fringe. This was from the party newsletter. And misstatements about recent and easily looked up events also don’t help your call for moderation. Hillary Rosen NEVER said ‘stay at home moms are all useless and don’t deserve an opinion on women’s matters since they never worked a day in their lives’. She said ANN ROMNEY never worked a day in her life. And face it, a woman who STILL (Kids grown) has FIVE housekeepers on the payroll according to her tax statements….probably hasn’t.

          • Joseph Dale

            “What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues and, when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing. Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

            In other words because Anne romney never worked a day in her life she doesn’t have a right to talk about the econmy or womens issues. The comment was made about womens issues and the economy. The store does not say it was part of the GOP news letter it says it was an open letter to the GOP. In other words someone wrote a letter and sent it to the GOP leadership. This does not mean it was endorsed by the GOP.

          • HIS WIFE never worked a day in her life. Does it not occur to you that the wife of multibillionaire, who married him right out of college, and has five housekeepers on the payroll may not be equivalent in anyone’s mind to every other stay at home mom? She didn’t say ‘stay at home moms don’t work’. She said ANN ROMNEY never worked a day in her life. And be honest, do you really think she was cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, etc? She does not have any training, nor does she have equivalent experience to make her QUALIFIED to speak on the economy. Go ahead, tell me what the pampered rich wife of a billionaire, without any specific education, occupational experience, NOR equivalent experience of having to financially sacrifice in order to be able to stay home with the kids has to say about the economy any more than anyone on the street?

            I still recall the ranting that went on when Clinton said something similar about Hillary, and that wasn’t even about her qualifications, but the mere idea that a potential first lady should be used as an advisor at all. (Long memory…comes with 46 years of watching politics.)

            And it wasn’t just an open letter, it is a whole newsletter of this stuff. This was just one article, and it was only a little more…extreme than it usually is. Hell, I live in Virginia, and this, sadly, doesn’t sound too out of line at all. They scare people with conspiracy theories and over the top rhetoric, make wild claims about a Muslim terrorist socialist commie is going to bring down the entire country with…gasp…health care and gay marriage, and this is what they get.

          • Joseph Dale

            1) Romney is worth about 250 million not billions.
            2) I remember defending Hillary as well bet you did but you won’t defend Anne? Who is the hypocrite?
            3) Post your newletter I looked for GOP newletters that said anything close to this an found none. PROOF not just your comments.
            4) Both sides scare people with conspiracy and lies. Did you know the Ryan budget is IDENTICAL to the Obama budget EXCEPT it cuts an addition 80 million dollars from the military than does Obamas but the democratic establishment is out saying granny will be killed with his budget. The defacto Obamas budget would kill granny too. Both budgets are a matter of public record and posted under the house webside and the presidents web sites respectively. They are identical besides 80 million in extra cuts to military. Oh and where is the 80 million? Ryan wants to stop funding nascar through the US ARMY race car sponsorship.
            5) Muslims and healthcare? what are you talking about?
            I am against the healthcare bill and here is why. We have the best medical in the world and it’s why everyone who CAN come here for healthcare does. Canada who Obama used as one model even had their prime minister come to florida for heart surgery and why because “If he waited his turn for the canadian system he’d be dead due to rationing” The other models like England suffer from rationing care and the model has already banckrupted England. It won’t work here either. There is no magic bullet for rising costs except more competition and accountability in the system.

            Last point read the truth about the ROmneys and their 60$ a month appartment because they couldnt afford anything else. The door for a desk because they couldn’t afford to buy a real desk. They struggled early one and i don’t fault them for hard work and becoming successful. I also know I come home and though my wife is not in IT she and I discuss my job and she is a hell of a lot more qualified after years with me to speak about the field than your average masters student. 25+ years of blood sweat and tears has brought her and I many discussions on the topic of my work. Mitt wheather people want to admit it or not saved more companies and jobs than the Obama auto bailouts. Them young lady is the facts.

            Thank you for your thoughts, amen and god bless.

          • SaneJane

            A wealthy governor father who provided an ivy league education and some nice connections might have helped a little bit. Also, you are entirely wrong in comparing Mitt saving companies and jobs to the bailout of the auto industry. I originally pegged you as misguided but you are beginning to sound ill informed and maybe a wee bit unAmerican. I have a hard time with idolization of someone like Romney. When I finished high school I didn’t get to attend college. I had to borrow a pair of decent high heel pumps to wear to job interviews. My first job paid $40/wk to begin but eventually I became Exec. VP of a manufacturing company. My husband and I lived in a two room shack behind his parents house when we first married. I went back to college after I retired because I love learning. Romney had opportunities that few are afforded and I think it takes a small person to want to deny others even the modest assistance now available.

        • 2flutes

          This is nice in a college course in social studies,but we are talking reality here with ignoramuses who pride themselves of their ignorance. I almost
          wish they’d try with their “hunten guns”. It’d be an eye opener to see their
          own national guard sweeping down to put them back in their play pens
          where they belong. Maybe they could join forces with the American Nazis.

          • Joseph Dale

            The Nazi party supports the OWS crew. These are the only people they support. So I don’t think any of the nuts from either party can join with the NAZIs. But OWS could. /shrug

        • Maybe you should send your message to your republican counter[arts in congress. Discourse, dialogue, discussion do not exist in the republicans lexicon. Consider the tea party candidate from Indiana. He wants to inflict his will on the others and the dems have to come to the republicans to their agenda and thus be bipartisan.

          • Joseph Dale

            He is doing the job his people sent him there to do. He remains very popular in his home district and there is a reason for that. Weather I or you like him he is doing the job of the people -he- represents. These are the only people that matter to him and is why the house is elected every two years.

        • adler56

          Don’t waste your time with hatred but do enroll in a spelling course for those who seem to have missed out on the basics of school.

          • Joseph Dale

            HAHA it happens man sorry typing on my phone from work as I have time to read and reply. I reply quickly and sometimes too quickly. As for school I graduated college at 16 no need to return to it and no spell checker on my phone internet connection/app. You got the general message of what i meant so if the best you can do is slam me for my typing. My job here is done.


          • Joseph Dale

            yes it did. Washington and company started with Dialogue and discussion. When they ran out of words they took up arms as a last resort. But it all starts with dialogue and often that is enough to solve the problems facing us. I prefer a civil approach as a first course much like ben franklin who traveled to england to discuss with the king the greivances of the colonies. It was and always should be our FIRST course of action.

            as of now I’ve not run out of words.

        • Jon

          Fact is Joe, it’s not the average Pub that anyone is pointing at just like it shouldn’t be the Dems.. What it is, what we are up in arms about is the fringe.. The sick psychopaths that will be more than willing to ignite the fire and as we all know, it only takes a few to stir up the mob. So, with words spoken whether it be metaphor or not, these ‘fringe’ will take the words literally. THAT’S what the problem is and it comes in all colors. This clown using his own personal etch-a-sketch is trying to fool us into believing his words were metaphor.. I wonder what the outcome would have been had MLK, after making his literal speeches would have said, “Of course what I say is only a metaphor”. You say something literal, you must own up to it when challenged.

          • Joseph Dale

            This has nothing to do with my statements. I pointed out both sides have the loons who want to ignite those fires. But there are far more people who want civil discussion and not force and death. Those are the minority on both sides.

            I am saying stop being a bigot and judging all for the action of one.

        • solver63

          Maybe a spelling lesson should be put ahead of POLITICAL posts by you ??

          • Joseph Dale

            Do i care? You can attack my spelling but it doesn’t make my posts false. The facts are understood by you so my point was made. Since you can’t debate the facts you attack spelling… nice thanks.

        • Safronia11

          Clear you are Republican. There were like two or three Panthers standing outside a voting station. Just loudmouths who wanted to get noticed. Nothing happened. No one would have known if Fox wasn’t still beating it as something to fear. But Sean & Glenn are clearly afraid of black people, no matter the number.

          • Joseph Dale

            Loud mouths and at least one weapon and threats against people who were white. Which by definition is racism. And threats with weapons are a crime as well. Denying fellow americans the right to vote is also a crime.

        • 5230pinelake

          Mr. Dale nice try… The new black panthers r a small group of nuts, they don’t even number twenty or more. They have no power and did not deny anyone the right to vote. Another Fox News over kill. As far as the comment about Anne Romney was concern, most people who r not concerned with being a liberal or a conservative understood what was really being said. You conservatives and liberals are all alike you spin so much time trying to make the other look bad u miss what the real problems are “LIBERALS & CONSERVATIVES…..

          • Joseph Dale

            And a court of law found differently and were ready to charge king what’s his name with those exact charges when eric holder and the DOJ said stop nope you can’t do that and over ruled the court. Facts are facts reguardless how you refuse to see them go look up the case you will see the facts. besides that I don’t care to argue anymore with people who refuse facts placed in their own faces. So think what you like the facts and reality do not support you. I am done with you and this stupidity and again have a nice day.

          • Joseph Dale

            If you read my posts you’d see I was pointing out the loons on both sides. Yes NBP are a small group and McPhee is just one twit (I’d call him a man but I’m sure he is not man). My point to everyone wanting to “hang” or silence McPhee was there are people in your own ranks to worry about. You need to clean your own glass house before throwing rocks at your neighbors glass house.

            But thank you for agreeing with me.

        • I hear new calls for armed action from Republican mouthpieces just about every week. Not the same ones over and over, but new ones each time, with the same message, “If we can’t get what we want by the vote, we’ll do it by force.” If there were just a few of these nutjobs, yes, you’d be right not to judge the GOP by them, but there aren’t, there are many, and they get worse every day. I don’t see people on the left calling for violence if the right wins the election, only Republicans. So I DO judge the voilent tenancies of the Right Wing to be endemic, and epidemic.

        • Barry Mattison

          It’s hard to take such rantings seriously, especially the reference of “But feel free to show you are uneducated…”. That comment, in view of the 3rd grade level of writing here, leaves your (note the difference between “your” and “you’re”) totally invalid. Your comment is full of so many mis-spellings and grammar mistakes that it makes me wonder if you are even an American citizen, or just plain stupid. If people insist on making idiotic comments, at least take the time to have an adult check over your writing and make sure it’s legible. I totally agree with you…please don’t “…waste my time with hatred. Discourse, dialoge (sp) and discussion are the tools i (cap) preffer (sp) to use.”.

      • Greed and the hatred it’s cruel, selfish acts inspires are what is tearing this country to shreds. And the center of that mess is in NY and Texas right now.

      • Frank Lynch, I assume from your logo here you are a new yorker.?? if so You must be a supporter of the Great Traitor Bloomberg and his King Obama, ae You stupid.? you and the idiots that actually liked your statement.”AND NO YOU TWITT’S IT IS NOY TREASON, AND YOU ARE THE UN-PATRIOTIC SLUGS. Your Obama secretly just subverted the 1 st. Ammendment, and made it a Felony to state your mind publically. while in the presents of the Secret Service. I wonder what YOUR Forefathers would say to you should they be able to hear Your statements. or the MEN and WOMEN WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR YOUR FREEDOM……..

    • 1olderbutwiser1

      Treason is when you send our people to foreign countries to maim and destroy, without congressional approval AS OUR CONSTITUTION REQUIRES then brag about it as though it were your muscle and guts that did the dirty work. Voicing discontent is not treason. Maybe you yourself are on a phony “political correctness” binge? Consider what treason actually is…..Bush and Obama should both be hung, that is approprionate for treasonous activity, as they were at the helm.

      • Kindly type in your address so the Secret Service can visit you also,,,nutcase!

        • 1olderbutwiser1

          You are apparently easily intimidated by an overbearing government. Spineless people did not give us a constitution nor a country. I would sue the pants of any secret service bozo who tries to intimidate me. Easy way to get secret service off your back? Throw them a few hookers, the younger the better. This is the low life we are paying for, and sentencing our children to pay for. Stand up and be an adult American.

          • oldtack

            How did a far reight wing nut case Psycho like you manage to escape detection for so long?
            You, my friend, are in desperate need of Psychiatric help/

          • Joseph Dale

            Bigot: Hate of any group of people. Congrats you’ve graduated from BigotU.



        • Joseph Dale

          War powers act allows the Pres to mobilize troops for a period of no more than 90 days without congressional approval. Further more war can not be declared without congressional approval.

          Remember one last thing the dems under bush voted for the wars in afganistan AND iraq. Iraq was a mistake from the start but it was still authorized by 98 of 100 senator (40 democrats) and all but a few in the house (I don’t have those numbers so I won’t quote them but is was a large majority.)

    • PaxtusVeritas

      There are many of un in the South who are not backwoods, in-bred, gun-toting rednecks. Believe it or not intelligent, enlightened, and liberal people live in the South as well. As do a large number of poor and minorities who would certainly be in trouble if the federal government were not there to restrain the racist tendencies of Southern State governments and individuals. It is for the sake of these that these states must remain in the Union. Also, if you look at all of the resources and contributions to the GDP in this region , not to mention all of the military personel, bases, and equipment there as well, it is for the sake of the Union that the Union must be preserved.

      • Joseph Dale

        believe it or not many conservatives are also enlightened, educated people. Wow now we have a common ground to work from so lets work on the bigots in both parties and take our country back from the extremists?

    • FiftysRN

      This has nothing to do with the south. Republicans for sure! I Lot of Dems and Progressives here in the south. I could apply your thoughts above to Texas.

      • Joseph Dale

        Texas? You mean the state with no state income tax, no sales tax and is solid and stable? The state that is growing jobs at a rate faster than the rest of the country combined? Ok as long as we are talking about the same state.

    • ChristianMartin

      Should the founding fathers of our country have been charged with treason for advocating revolution against the British? The British were also reallocating wealth and building massive,overburdening government that was slowly picking away basic rights and freedoms. In response to Bush’s bunglings and Obama’s overbearing, Americans have armed themselves to the teeth with record numbers of guns and ammo being bought in the last 7-8 yrs. Funny how history predictably repeats itself isn’t it?

    • Well John it sounds to me that You are a real puss, armed revolution is the last resort when all negotiation has failed, and read my post above yours,it may educate you. This Country and ALL YOUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS were born from “ARMED REVOLUTION” YOU TWITT. why don’t you send a invitation to Obama and family along with all the traitors that support his views on a cruise, A CRUISE STRAIGHT TO HELL.!!!!

    • MarcSFried

      Sorry John – it is not TREASON – see the Declaration of Independence is still in force. It has not been amended nor sunseted out of existence it is still in effect. Remember too that we did use this truist and most hallowed document in America of all our dicuments once before in our history – to change from the Articles of Confederation to the present constitutionally foundated system. Long Live the D of I!!!!!!!!

    • At this stage it is sedition, a step before treason.

    • Amen! Can I back his bags and ship him anywhere else?

    • libsbite

      well most of the wealth has gone south now. Some way south if you know what I mean. I was in Michigan a while back,. What a dump. you can keep the north. Not worth a dime anymore. I say give it back to the indians.

    • Robin Wesnofske

      I’m sorry, go to jail for speaking his mind? Sounds like he’s on the mark. the more freedoms these people take from us, the more they want (the left). Last I checked, we were still the United States of America where we have freedom of speach. Don’t like it? move to Kenya, or Cuba.

    • SimonSalosny

      Olsen, Lynch, the New Black Panthers, who publicly declared that they would like to Kill whites and their babies. That´s your language, isn´t it? And no police went to visit them. About a week ago, a American Vet, a Marine, was arrested by the FBI for mentioning the “Revolution” word on his Facebook page. Nobody knows today where he is but some Americans are waking up… To many crimes and actions that are harming America, are being realized, without the judiciary moving a finger.
      There exists proof, lawful proof, of Obama´s forged Birth Certificate, and many other outright crimes, including the “Humanitarian War” on Libya, without being authorized by the congress, which has impeached him finally, but it is the same with Holder, who was impeached, but to no avail, both are above the law, according to the judiciary. So, if the US has become a lawless country, is it not the duty of the American People to rise against this illegitimate Kenyan occupying the White House and disrespecting the American citizen? THREE YEARS AGO, around 50 American Military in uniform, were shot by an Islamist In US Military uniform, at FORT HOOD, and the ie Commander in Chief defined this murderous spree, that was stopped only because a policewoman shot the bastid, The Islamist Obama, instead of defending the US victims, declared the whole incident as a “Working Place ACCIDENT”, so his brother in Islam would not be judged as a terrorist. But, the Pentagon traitors accepted the Kenyan´s definition of ACCIDENT, so the victim´s families may not receive any compensation nor consideration. What does such an interference in law and justice show? The guydoes not care about the military nor the American people. So, there are a huge number of Americans who are developing a need of justice and this is becoming an explosive situation, where one hell of a lot of blood may flow.

  • The low life needs to be exported to the near east,let him experience first hand government he thinks is better than ours. Shows how the GREEDY OXYMORON PARTY has become so far right they hate America because we have a black man in the whitehouse.

  • “This Republic cannot survive for 4 more years underneath this political socialist ideologue” – awesome

  • Rudewaitress

    Bring it!!!!!

  • The Federal Government has the right to bring in the armed forces if something like that happens. It WON’T be a civil war. I’d give it two days, max.

    • Joseph Dale

      10 minutes max

  • Any CONservative who thinks that “the People” can stage a successful armed revolution seems to forget that it has been THEY who have given the Military Industrial Complex a blank check that enures that “the Government” can swiftly put down any acts of Sedition. Those NRA approved gun closets are no match for the military that CONservatives have willingly and eagerly built because they’ve intentionally misread the ENTIRE Second Amendment by completely ignoring the entire first half and the original intent, which was to keep military power in the hands of “the People.”

    • Joseph Dale

      Speaking of military do you know any of them? I know lots and they vote conservative 90+% of the time. Furthermore very few would be willing to take up arms vs US citizens. But you can dream all you like and even though I’m not calling for nor desire violence I know should it explode the military will not harm those they swore to protect.

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  • ykhalim

    If Democrats undermined, subverted, & sabotaged the economy like Republicans do, they would be called traitors, domestic terrorists, etc. Republicans in the US House and Senate routinely undermine, subvert, and sabotage the vital national economic interests of the country. Tea Party members are especially guilty of this.
    Also, Republicans added two wars, two tax cuts and Medicare-D to the national debt (off budget). Most “debt” under Obama was added by Republicans. Think of the wars, tax cuts, and Medicare-D as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgages. Once added (and in force) to the national debt, they continue to increase it, with interest.

    • Joseph Dale

      the wars were in the budgets as incremental borrowing. They were fully paid for up until Obama took office. Just look in the final CBO budgets they are listed costs and all. ALL the debt added by Obama has been added at his direction.

  • tajnia hawthorne

    what an incredible country we live in that any idiot with hatred in their heart, and a soapbox to stand on can tout that hatred, and still be protected (to a point), under the constitution. in lesser countries he could be ‘detained’ while the powers that be decided his fate…

    • Joseph Dale

      Indeed an incredible country. Amen and god bless. The 1st amendment was actually written to protect just such language. It’s what makes us different from the rest of these “lesser countries”.

  • Hang him High.

    • Joseph Dale

      For using words? Remember oneday someone will call for your hanging for using your own words. After all power does change in this country often and sometimes it lands in the hands of those you disagree with.

  • Is the press really doing its job when it comes to these attacks against the President and the division that is being orchestrated in our society? There is a heavy push to blame President Obama for the division in America… And I am seeing that the so-called media is just letting this narrative be formed without jumping on it strong enough. These crazy people should be put on FRONT STREET and their rhetoric needs to be challenged. No matter how CRAZY it sounds. McPhee has money behind him…don’t take him lightly…there are more from whence he came…Just because the “Secret Service” talks to him doesn’t mean it stops…Why is there so much anti-American rhetoric formed at this President? Why does that question keep being slipped under the rug???…BLACK JOURNALIST, there is a reason why you exist…You’re supposed to go where the average journalist will not…There is a story about us (black folk) wrapped up in all this, just waiting to take it’s place in today’s history. Don’t let this moment pass. Find out what’s behind it and expose it…Go and find out who is really spouting the divisive language…JOURNALISTS ….ARE YOU DOING YOUR JOBS??? I would argue that you are not…There is noting divisive about this President…and it’s a shame that he’s been branded that way.

  • fordneri

    Bring it on. We knew the GOP was the party of traitors and now it is official.

    • Joseph Dale

      The GOP is not one man. If it was you think Romney would need to do anything but get his blessings? Or maybe Ron paul would get this one guys blessings.

      That said PROVE the GOP has been or are currently traitors. Post it here and let’s debate. I don’t believe either party as a party is or are traitors.

      • fordneri

        Do your own research and prove to me they are not. It is great fun to try and get others to do all the work while you sit on your useless butt doing nothing and then claim the work has no value because you can’t understand it. That is narcissism. That is the GOP stock in trade and that is how the country was nearly destroyed during the Bush years. Productive patrotism does not destroy nations. Destructive treachery does. Staying stupid is the number one vice and form of treachery and the most destructive core value of conservative christianity and the republican party. We can’t change you any more than we can cure your alcoholism, but we can keep you and your kind out of office and we will.

  • Ed

    What this man is actually saying “To hell with what the majority of Americans want, if they don’t vote my way we must arm ourselves and revolt!” And he is not the first member of the right to say that.

    • Joseph Dale

      And he will quickly be squashed like the little grape he is.

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    We need to regulate mainstream meadia to give equal time to ALL CANDIDATES OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS. No more necessity for lobbyists. We currently have c-span…..why not E-span…..for all election ads to be run? Simple, and very cost-effective for all candidates, nothing but candidates’ commercials in a never ending loop. Want to know who to vote for? What candidate is best aligned with your philosophy? One hour of commercials on E-span would show the best choice. Very simple. Make the vested interests vie with truth.

  • Joseph Dale

    Remember the rantings of one do not speak for the many. If your judge ALL republicans and ALL right wingers on this one guys statements then judge yourselves on the statements of your own frnge. People calling for Clarance Thomas and his wife and children to be hung from a tree, balming the tea party when it was a democrt who shoot the AZ senator, new black panthers denying rights of whites to vote or calling for the death of all whities, Recent comments about anne romney and all stay at home moms that they are useless and don’t deserve an opinion on womens matters since they haven’t worked a day in their lives.

    The loons exist on both sides. There are also FAR more sensible people on both sides than loons.

    PS the “left” never condemed the comments I’ve refferenced above so therefore by your own thinking and comments here everyone on the left must defacto thing that way. I don’t buy it.

  • ChristoD

    Stand up to the FRINGE my ass, he is speaking for millions of conservatives who have been stoked by the talking heads into a ranting, raging, foaming at the mouth hate of our President. They are no longer the FRINGE, they are a significant portion of the Republican party.

  • if Virginia seceded , then the government offices,etc. in NOVA would belong to the enemy !! Fort Sumpter anyone ??

  • Joseph Dale

    Amen what a country indeed. 🙂 But as my statements above have shown there are loons on bothsides who use the first ammendment but yet it’s still a great country indeed.

  • jiggsaw

    I bet they can’t figure out why Obama is going to win !!!!!!!

  • I’m a Virginian, and I’m voting for Obama, just like last time. But please, wingnuts like this guy are in every state.


    Unfortunately this same sick “the south shall rise again and get that uppity n____r out of the White House” mentality is tolerated to our countries detriment. Where is the tolerance for aid to those disenfranchised by corporate and political greed, fair opportunities to receive higher education, reasonable access to healthcare and the right of those individuals who truly care for each other to be protected? If those obstructionist use their energy to oust the real reasons why work is not more plentiful and consumer protection is eroding, then they may find that their state capital not the White House should be the source of their outrage.


    • Joseph Dale

      Amen now lets examine your statement about state governments vs white house.
      10 states with the lowest unemployemnt (republican)
      10 states with the most job growth (republican)
      10 states with the least debt (republican)
      10 states with the least tax burden 9republican)
      10 states with the most debt (democrat)
      10 states with the highest tax burden (democrat)
      10 states with the highest unemployemnt (democrat)

      Gas when obama took office 1.89/gal now almost 4.00/gal
      Unemployment when Obama took over 7% now 9%
      Unemployment when the democrats took the house and senate in 2006 6% when they lost the house and super majority in the senate in 2010 10%
      Today 3 years after the presidents ideas we have the lowest housing starts, highest forclosures than any president before him.

      See i can dislike his policies without hatred. I can look objectively and call it like i see it. Obama was right when he protested Bushes spending and i protested it too. But unlike the hypocrit in chief i still disagree with it.

      bama called bush “unamerican”, “Unpatriotic”, ‘reckless” and claimed he was saddling our children and grandchildren with unprecidented debt of 4 TRILLION dollors over his 8 years. (PS 2 trillion added in 2006/2007 under democrat controled senate and house) but yet Obama adds 5 trillion in three years so whats that make him by his own words?

      Amen, god bless and have a nice day.

  • There are many of us planning to exit the country, if a republican gets hold of the presidency. And that, my friends, shows you the difference between the republicans and the rest of Americans. If the GOP loses, civil war is their solution. If the democrats lose, a peaceful exit is the plan.

  • Yes it is treason. But to think that this is coming from religious fanatics. It’s a “do as I say but not as I do.” This is what my people was taught,” Love you neighbors and you love youself, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” I thought religion and state are separate. Religion is a belief of a person/s.

  • This same rhetoric happened in the early 1930’s with right wing crazies preaching the end of times!

    • Joseph Dale

      Bigot. yes you’ve arrived. A bigot lumps many people together and places labels on them as you have.

  • JPierce4757

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. No response needed just stating a biblical fact. Be careful because you may just get what you ask for and guess what…..maybe everyone is not as docile as the Virginia hick thinks. The Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee may be met with the same type of visceral opposition. There are some of us simply waiting until you guys go too far and that’s when you will know your visceral hatred rhetoric against our President will not stand. Maybe that’s just what Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee needs to do so we can wipe them off of the map. Remember many of us don’t like the President but will not allow this treason against our country and leader to go unanswered. I find it very interesting that so much hate is being spewed but yet you hate the terrorists. Seems to me that some of these homegrown hicks think they have the right to act like Alquaeda or whatever they call themselves. Note to haters remember what happened to the untouchable Osama Bin Laden.
    So Come on Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee, we will be ready for you!!!!!

  • I’m ex-military and I don’t vote conservative, and if some crazy group tries an insurrection in our country, the military would be proud to put the nuts back in their cages!

    • Joseph Dale

      You are one of the very few. large majorities of military vote conservative.

    • Joseph Dale

      “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

      Uniform code of conduct also does not permit the military from using force against american civilians or following unlawful orders. Any order to use military force against civilians would be unlawful. We have police for this.

  • Anyone with a name like Ponch is a dyed in the wool , main stream redneck. He probably has a small group of followers all in very poor, un or under educated situations at best.

  • You’d see denouncements by the left if you stopped watching Fox fake news!

    • Joseph Dale

      haven’t seen even a single one on ABC or CNN. Please -post- your links to the Dems denouncing the new black panthers? Or maybe sharpton and jackson for hanging and convicting zimmerman before he had a chance to get a trial? Did they denounce the duke lacrose team railroading? Nope not one.

  • When I was a college student my roommate and I lived next to a house of college-aged white males. One day as we were leaving our flat, the guys assembled on their porch started hurling racial slurs. Stupidly, instead of just ignoring them and walking past, my roommate stopped and started lipping off. Those guys started coming off the porch, there must have been at least 8 of them. At that point my roommate turned to run but I grabbed him by his shoulder. I told him that we couldn’t beat all of them and that we were going to take a whopping but that we would hold our ground and concentrate on beating the hell out of the first one who reached us. Seeing us standing there prepared to fight stopped the surge. After some back and forth banter, apologies were exchanged and we were able to live peacefully side by side for the rest of the summer.

    The point of this story: Obama should make it very clear to the individual in Virginia that should armed insurrection break out, the federal government will put all its effort into finding and executing his butt. The Osama Bin Laden treatment. We’ll then see how loudly he speaks of armed insurrection.

    • Joseph Dale

      Should such and insurrection arise many will stand against them and the efforts of the crazy and the few will be squashed by the many. Yes Obama or any president should stand his ground. But should the president issue an unlawful order the military will not follow it. Keep it all within the law.

      besides the FBI is watching this Dbag and the minute he looks like he can do anything he’ll be arrested and the problem solved before it reaches critical mass.

  • In my opinion, we can only continue to make this country safe for the people, and by the people by dealing with the people who threaten all of us – one at a time. Positive change happens with good intentions without violence when people work together.

  • Is that not treason? Envision Virginia seceding from the Union.

  • Wow I’m so glad that the remarks below DO NOT REFLECT this guy thoughts. But fret not the LIBERTARIANS have spoken and Gary Johnson and Ex-federal judge Jim Gray have stepped up to the plate.There campaigning on ENDING PROHIBITION and putting the INDUSTRIAL HEMP INDUSTRY BACK IN BUSINESS.Did you all catch that “BACK IN BUSINESS”,there were over 8,000 hemp/cannabis farms in America in the 1800 & 1900’s up until 1937.

  • bigsurmac

    With U.S. Army Lts. Bobby Lee and Jeffy Davis as distant “shirt-tail” relatives [Other direct ancestors also wearing the Grey], my Southern roots date back even to Jamestown — 1635 and a Revolutionary War soldier who received a 10,000 acre Kentucky land grant for his service with Gen’l Washington.
    If Idiot McPhee wants to go for it — after a coupla wars myself and a real comfortable scope-sighted deer rifle — I’ll just layup on Miller Mountain southeast of Standardville and wait for Ol’ Punchy’s pompous posterior to come strutting past. (Recognizing all those Old Dominion hillsides may get kind of crowded with those of us of like mind. )
    Ol’ “Ponchy” expresses himself as a self-important, deluded clown who earned his “Paunchy” title with knife — and possibly a fork in place of fingers.
    Actually, reality forces me to admit that one section from a Seal Team would have Ol’ Paunchy bagged and tagged before any of us Old Farts even got our clip-fed bolt action’s loaded to check out on four-legged varmints — although, admittedly it’s hard to separate that variety from Paunchy.


    Is “Ponch McPhee” his or her real name, or is it some pseudonym designed to hide the real identity of some redneck pulling a prank? “Ponch” sounds like a nickname for someone from Lake Ponchartrain.

    This has to be a joke, right? Even the Tea Party jerks are smart enough not to print something that is patently illegal and which could subject them to federal prosecution.

  • I wonder what planet these folks are living on?

  • thepoliticalpoet

    this doesnt suprises me about those people about a revolution in virginia. i can imagine how there forefathers reacted when abraham lincoln freed the slaves.the majority of them wants to steal as much from the poor if they can the majority of the republicans want to bring back slavery by not giveing a decent wage for living its not about just a job, but a deasant wage to live instead of slave wages. the political poet

  • mfosterdem

    I do not think the southern states want to leave the union nor would they line up . Eduacated people can look back and see that it would never happen . There will always be beer talk from some ignorant asses.
    Obama is an elected official , I do not agree with him
    his policies are set to help the 99% who needs the 1% inorder to have a functioning economy. Its give and take , But remember we elect our presidents democraticly and that helps our country pull together stronger. So buckle up enjoy the ride and .get out and vote next time

  • I LIVE here and I say if they act that way, cut ’em off. I can move if I have to. The Red states USE two tax dollars for every ONE they put in, we’ll see how well they do without that big, bad Federal Government they like to use as an excuse for anything bad they have happen in their lives.

  • jebediah123

    Ponch McPhee?? Wasn’t that some buck toothed character in some fairytale movie??

  • I think we should let all the “red” states leave the union. I’m not sure how long they will last since most “red” states are actually welfare states — they receive more from the Federal government than they actually send to Washington. Frankly, I think our country would be better off without these states who have been sucking on the tits of the Federal government.

    • Joseph Dale

      1) most red states like texas turned down the federal money and have surpluses. Look to the blue states california, ney york, michigan, ect and they are all badly in debt and are the real welfare states. A little research would keep you from posting inaccurate remarks.

  • hubydoll166

    I seen this coming a long time three years ago when the GOP started dividing the country..they have already denied this president and it aint gonna happen again..I just wish people would wake up to the stupidity that the GOP are leading them down the road on. People should have more sense than that..this is going to come to a head for sure and it shouldnt but if it does then it does. The GOP are some sick in the head bastards…

    • Joseph Dale

      1) Both parties have been very devisive. Your own anger and hatred and biggotry is testiment to that sir. You should learn to love and not judge all as the same. I take each person as a person reguardless of color, creed, sex, religion, political affiliation or ideals and judge them as such.
      2) It would seem by your post you are the one deviding and contributing to the devide. I am independant have seen this on both sides and have seen good people on both sides. But I’ve also seen my share of people like you bent on hate and prejudice.

      Small minds lump people into groups because they can’t deal with people as individuals.

  • Simple solution. Send in heavily armed Feds and annihilate them.

    • Joseph Dale

      I guess that is the difference between you and I. I love america and believe in this idiots right to say what he wants. IF he ever tried an armed insurection it would be short lived. The same as when the OWS protestors attempt to use force and bombs to force their will. It was short lived and shut doewn fast and hard. let him try and some patriotic american like me will kick him in the balls and take his gun then turn him over to police! But armed forces to kill those whose voices you dislike? not a chance.

  • Help I am being blinded by the intellect. Miracle these buffoons can dress themselves in the morning . Wish we could use an updated old consertative trick to keep these people from voting, an IQ test where the potential voters had to be at 40 or better in order to cast their ballot.

  • harrist1

    Scary, No facts no real points like an obstructionist or deconstructionist. Does his ranting really have anything to do with politics or the Presidency underneath. I am a American but If I were to cross paths with this individual I feel he would likely be glad to let me feel a repugnance that I would share the same space. Whether in a restaurant and grocery store or in the work place. Have we reached a point in this country where we are substituting a perception of intellectualism for racism? I am not confused. Should we let people like that represent and mislead the rest of Greene county Virginia or do people from Greene county or the rest of these United States want to be mislead by this guise ?

  • howa4x

    The funny part of this is that Obama has been a right of center president and the ones really mad at him is the democratic left wing. The right wing conspiricy machine is working overtime. We allow people to have guns so they can use them for hunting as the NRA proclaims. This kind of talk will only spark the debate about whether people like these should have guns at all.

  • This type of terrorist rhetoric will only add to the continued downfall of Republicans and their racist agenda.

    • Joseph Dale

      Nice you lump everyone together. As i’ve already pointed out those who can’t deal with people as individuals only prove their own hatred, biggotry and small minds. Thank you for proving yours. (Notice you as an individual not all democrats)

  • AaronNashuaNH

    The talk of armed revolt from politicos of certain regions only reflects a wistful pining for the “good old days” and a wish that one was “Still in Dixie”.

    But this talk of revolt will find a sentimental ear in many quarters of this great country; a country which has the potential for doing much greater things, and not by means of “military might” which is so anachronistic and Neanderthal.

  • majong13

    These people cannot accept the fact that the country is changing and evolving. They cannot believe that the country is not being run by an old white man. Losing the election would mean losing their old way of life, where white men dominated everything. They do not want to accept the fact that we are a multicultural society with an educated population. This is what is causing them to become extreme. They believe they are losing control over their lives, but they are not. These people are very dangerous as they can persuade others to perform criminal acts.

  • this sounds like advocating an armed overthrow of the government. grounds for trason and hanging! the world would be a better place with fewer republicans

    • Joseph Dale

      You are aware of WHY we have a second ammendment? “To overthrow a tryanical government” I disagree that the current government meets the standards of tyranical but you can’t hang someone for expressing their dislike or displeasure.

      See that is the difference between sane minds and insane minds. We the sane know everyone has a right to free speach even if we disagree with it and even if once the idiot opens his mouth he has dispelled all doubt of his ignorance.

  • earlwatters

    bull shit.some one has guts finally to say what half the country is saying?what about jane fonda ooooooooooooooo i forget she is a dam democrat .he is right get your guns loaded this bastard has to go

  • zetm

    His spelling is correct! His problem is the misuse of the word coarse. This is probably the wurst thing you can say about it.

  • The South will NEVER rise. Too many morons down there. Maybe Lincoln should have let them succeed. LOL

  • bstockinger

    Remember, this assumes that Obama is re-elected. In other words the author is talking about insurrection, treason, and would be little more than a terrorist.

  • If needed the US military would crush them like a bug under there feet…no place for nut jobs in this country

    • Joseph Dale

      Ah Eric there is the true difference between me and you. I believe in this idiots right to speak even when opening his mouth proves him an idiot. You want to kill those whose speach you disagree with. Remember the first amendment was installed not to protect speach everyone likes but to protect the speach many do not.

  • A must for true American to vote out a dictator in our political system like Obma in the run for office he will take apart the Constitution of the United states that is what he is striving for and the democratic part is blind to see ie also some republican too. America wake up.

    • Joseph Dale

      Please do not lump people as a whole. 47% of west verginians (democrat voters) voted against Obama and voted for a person in jail. This alone shoots down your idea that all democrats vote together or are blinded to this or that. Thanks for your time.

    • Mr Wiseguy

      Yo realise a dictator is someone who takes power by force? Some elected by the majority of the electoral college cannot by any definition be a dictator.

      You crazies really need to get an education before spouting such drivel.

  • This man should go to jail and the Republican National Committee should be renouncing everything he said. There are people out there that will do stupid things, look at Gabriel Gifford, there’s crazies out there. If he hates our country so much, he should leave. But, he needs to understand our governement is of the people, and we may not all agree, but that is why we have elections, the winner rules no matter what he likes or dislikes. We all hated 8 years of the election stealer GW, but we put up with his BS. And, no matter what McPhee prints, what he is telling the people is against the Bible’s teachings! Just like the Ryan budget, or didn’t he hear or read what the American Bishops wrote to Ryan? McPhee what a jerk!!!!

    • Joseph Dale

      And the democrats should be renouncing the NBPP but instead they send federal goones to over turn court decision and protect these folks. Denying peoples rights to vote, terrorizing fellow citizens, placing bounties on the heads of men not yet convicted of any crime. Hell not even charged with a crime at the time of the bounty.

  • damfst23

    Never has any American president withstood so much scrutinny as Barack H.Obama.I am no fan of this puppet of wall street capital and finance oligarchs.He is a tool of the Anglo-American establishment and has been given a green light be the secret societies that control the global financial system.The far right rhetoric should be of no surprise to anyone who has watched the American political scene or has any grasp of American history or culture.We are a paranoid nation and the masters of cultural manipulation for political purposes control both parties that represent different corporate constituencies.Redneck nation is terrified and they have some reason to be since they have fought against the expansion of the power of the leviathan of the federal government and now it is about to crush them with laws likeCISPA,SOPA,NDAA and other laws designed to curtail not only free speech but the flow of information as well.

    • Joseph Dale

      G W Bush!

      • damfst23

        G W Bush was never a true conservative to be completly honest and neither was His father George H W Bush nor Richard Nixon.All have advocated for the expansion of the federal government and the erosion of civil liberties and the constitution as have democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program and those who give up freedon for security deserve neither freedom nor security!

      • damfst23

        If you want true conservatism then look to the libertarian party and look to congressman Ron Paul and give him your support.

  • nonation musical

    This violent talk is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus: “There will be wars and rumours of wars – such things MUST be but woe to those through whom they come”. Who are those? It is obvious. Ted Nugent and his fellow Virginia racist infidel rightwingers, amen? But Allah said “I will fill Hell with jinn and men” such as Ted Nugent and racist Virginia Republicans. Virginia was were the slavery that STILL IS the foundation of the u.s.a. began and it is now obvious that those Virginians have not changed a bit.

    • Genold

      Jesus was referring to nothing more then the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the need to leave the city when the destruction began. It is not a prophesy. He was not talking about the end of the world. Slavery is not the foundation of the U.S. The foundation of the U.S. is the economy and business. Most of us despise Nugent and the far right but taking things out of context is playing by the same delusional rules that we have come to expect from the Republicans.

  • Virginia’s last armed revolution was the Revolutionary War. The Mason Dixon line passed right thru and very few people here supported slavery. Which is why the Confederacy won. No armed revolution is going to take place over Obama, probably nothing more than big oil and wall street inspired rhetoric. NY police are abusing protestors daily. There is your new neo nazi regime. And it’s about money not race. If there is an armed revolution, and I’m not saying there won’t be, it sure as hell won’t be handing more power to resmuglicons.

    • Genold

      Trent, you are aware that you are talking about the Civil War right? 1861-1865. And the Confederates lost. The Union won. The Revolutionary War was roughly from 1770-1787. Might be good for you to pick up a few books now and then.

  • mark4four

    McPhee and his followers make themselves sound like lunatics, but I don’t see much of a difference between them and the rest of the Republican Party. Gingrich, upon endorsing Romney, called Obama “the most radical, leftist president in American history.” Besides being wildly inaccurate, that characterization from a self-styled history buff (albeit one who consistently gets history wrong), is also on its face extremely inflammatory. Is it any wonder that when they are led by wing-nuts like Gingrich and Romney, other wing-nuts will talk about emptying the gun racks and piling into the pickups?

  • God should just destroy planet earth and all this arguing will come to an end.

  • SaneJane

    It was a Greene County, Virginia, Republican Committee, monthly newsletter. Maybe the GOP didn’t endorse it but they haven’t denounced it either.

  • 4trillion

    Sounds like a possible replay of the civil war some 150 years ago, and for pretty much the same reason….Obama is partially black…..That the stock market is up 8 trillion $, that Al Queda has been dismantled, that the American auto industry has been saved is of no consequence to the real issue….Obama is partially black… much of the south, they are itching to refight the civil war…….their issue may be real, but with time, and education, it will gradually go away.

    • Genold

      You are presuming that the right wishes to actually take the effort to understand history. Right now they are trying to say the America was formed exclusively as a Christian nation ruled by the Bible. I’m pretty religious, but even I know that is a lie. As for a civil war, I think we’d see pretty quickly that the loyalty people had for their states during the 1860’s just doesn’t exist today. Fact is no one is assaulting their way of life. Rather the far right is assaulting ours.

  • Genold

    The problem for groups like McPhee’s is that they fail to realize that there are sane people on the left and right who are ready to counter any move he makes with the same means and material.

  • You can’t fix stupid.

  • FiftysRN

    Why aren’t they locked up? Inciting revolution sounds like terrorist talk to me.

  • Sweet lords…no wonder Europe thinks of us as a ‘baby country’. What in all hell is wrong with people? Treason comes to mind…I wonder if this ‘government official’ even gave that a thought? If they aren’t happy with living here, I’m sure they could find somewhere ELSE to live. Armed Revolution my arse. I don’t think I’m going to be joining THAT army any time soon.

  • McPhee appears to be insane, and is obviously poorly educated, a real Red Neck who should be locked up.

  • I would think this would be a foolish move since if he gets reeleced that means the majority of this country wants him to remain President. I for one am going to do what I can to make this happen and if Green County Virginia wants a fight I do beleive that they have lost before they even started. This is a hollow threat because if it is attempted they will have to fight the army, nave, mariens and airforce. Don’t forget the Coast Guards.

  • Ponch represents that ever growing crowd of flag waving sunshine patriots that the country produces when times are tough. Instead of living up to the creeds of the country they retreat into fear, ignorance and distrust of our institutions. The land of free and the home of the brave is becoming, for far too many of our fellows, the land of the witless and scarred shitless. Divide and conquer has worked so well that even those opposed to such nonsense are pushed to the margins. On the bright side bringing the light of day upon this idiots comments does inform those who wish to be enlightened of the perils facing the country from extremism.

  • Treason !…..this idiot should be hung by the neck til dead ……nuff said

  • No matter who wins, there will be armed nutjobs threatening public safety. Rebellion is a pretty large term for a loser sitting behind a computer. Armegeddon is not on the horizon this political season.

    • Joseph Dale

      Since you seem to think conservatives will riot let me point out one fact. Every riot in our nation recently has been in the heartland of liberal areas. California, New orleans, ect… The tea party had over 1 million in DC and not even a ticket for littering, no rapes, no violence at all. Think hard before you speak of that which has no basis in facts. The only riots will be if this president looses.

  • knew it wouldn’t be long
    The “T” word!!!!

  • blueindy1

    Once again the Reich Wings shows exactly WHY I call them the REICH WING. They represent the single greatest danger this country has faced since the Civil War. And no matter how many disclaimers they print, no matter how much they try to hide it, they can not help but show they are NOTHING but the New American Nazi Party.

    George Lincoln Rockwell would have been so proud.

    “When Fascism comes to America, it will come talking Americanism and ANTI -FASCISM” – unknown.

    In other words, it will wrap itself in the American Flag, and call EVERYONE ELSE a Fascist.

    But you will know them. The first thing they always do is what Hitler did in Germany – BUST THE UNIONS.

    • Joseph Dale

      Once more facts nor history are on your side so I’ll explain it to you.

      What are the roots of this “Hitler banned unions” urban legend? We have to understand what was going on in Germany at the time. Any economist will tell you, prior to Hitler’s rise to power, that the Weimar Republic struggled under severe hyperinflation. The Weimar’s hyperinflation is required study for every college student wishing to become an economist. What is hyperinflation? Webster’s defines inflation as, “a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services”, and defines hyperinflation as, “inflation growing at a very high rate in a very short time”.

      When Hitler came to power, he moved to correct this hyperinflation while keeping his national socialist views front and center. In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car.

      The primary goal of Germany’s national socialists was to “create a classless” society. Hitler’s unions were central in this cause. In fact, Hitler gave the unions their long-awaited demand, one that the Weimar unions were never able to pull off, a National Labor Day, May 1, 1933.

  • sheilab2

    And the South shall rise again! ! Along with all the crazies, religious nutballs, bigots, racists and hate filled fear mongers. Isn’t it wonderful that we have such great diversity in this country? Most of it started with that so called Arizona patriot, Barry Goldwater (strange he has the same first name as our President). He said that treason was ok and now, years later, his legacy is fulfilled. Except the treasonous ones are on the GOP side. Wouldn’t Abraham Lincoln be proud of what his party has become? We can only hope that there are still sane people in the country who will beat back these insurgents. But, it doesn’ look tood – North Carolina votes overwhelmingly to deny civil rights to gays, Sen. Lugar is beaten. I fear for this country if Romney and his ilk are elected.

  • fredgrey

    The American fringe right will probably never cut ties with it’s Civil War past. Culturally determined to insist upon their reality by fear and violence exhibits the true demented nature of a segment of the America population. Theirs is a very old long antiquated recording useless for today America the Beautiful.

    • Joseph Dale

      The republicans, conservatives, the right are the ones from the north who freed the slaves. They are the same ones who passed the civil rights acts against strong left opposition. They are the first to appoint a black head of state, black senator, black house member, black supreme court justice.

      Seems your memory is short, your brains even shorter. That said not all in the republicans or democrats are what they once were but I’ll judge them as I see fit and based upon individual merit not a lump category. See someone else likes to lump people together. The KKK lumps all blacks as inferior, the NAZIs it was the jews, the black panthers it was the whites and fews, the nation of islam it is the white and jews. The only time you lump people as a collective is when you are too lazy to see people as individuals. Look past your own prejudice and maybe you’ll become enlightened. Stop being like a hate group and marginalizing entire segments of people because it shows your own biggotry.

  • Larry Simmons

    Then we can go kill the motherfuckers.

    • Joseph Dale

      That is the difference between me and you. I do not wish to “kill the mother fuckers” I am no judge/jury/executioner. You sir are more dangerous than the idiot in this artical but I do sleep well at night because should you choose my house I am not a sheep nor am I willing to be one. Please choose my house I’ll be waiting.

  • I am frankly not surprised anymore by all the racism I have been hearing from the republican side of the table, I do not endorse either side at this time. Frankly I wish we could have someone else run at this point, but with what we do have it is not looking very good! I say either way we are SCREWED!

  • you say middle class white men, fill they are loosing power over blacks exc-, I have worked 36 straight years, and every job I have had, had African American males working there, we worked together as a team, and this is in Alabama, I at know time have ever felt I was any better than any one, I personally have never witnessed a white male go out of his way to hurt or down trodden any black male, neither have I witnessed a black man do it either, I believe you threw that in there for your own reasons, but I know it happens, every one does, but it may be more of the class of people that do these things, seems to me it only enforces why democrats fight to raise the minimum wage, republicans do not, that is as simple as it can be, these last 3 years have proven we the people vote in a president for his platform, money steps in and stops it, insults, degrades, causes havoc, why lob-yest and money in there pocket, no mater who wins, Our nation is 1, we should honor our president and stand firm on what we the people means

    • Joseph Dale

      And that is why weather we agree with it or not it’s still we the people spoke again in 2010 and placed republicans in control of the house to stop the madness. IMO it didn’t work as well as they hoped.

    • Joseph Dale

      Raising minimum wage is a circle jerk. You raise wages and the cost to produce goods raises along with it. It doesn’t work. We need to raise educational standards and people should strive to be more than others say they will be. The quest for exellence leads to wealth and happiness.

  • adler56

    What a racist loser he is- probably republican gay too which is different than regular gay-
    hypocrites always are different in a bad way. His parents did a piss poor job with him.

    • Joseph Dale

      Prejudice much? I say yes.

      I suggest a long walk in the fresh air, breath deeply as you walk and repeat “It takes to much energy to be a biggot” and then return to life and stop the hate.

  • zipcor

    The only thing i can say SICK, very SICK

  • kentuckyguy1

    It just gets more insane as the days go on. I am stunned at the number of people that are like McPhee in this country. What has happened to the STATESMEN we had on both sides of the aisle.
    I for one am scared idiots like McPhee are out there and many people are paying attention. I pray each night that our leaders wake up and lead instead of vote along party lines!

  • Amazes me how the party that calls themselves “patriots” cannot accept the democratic process when it votes against their own narrow view of the world. So the solution is to advocate an armed revolution to force their will on the majority? I would say the republican right extremists are indeed the communist and not the left as they so fondly try to paint them

    • Joseph Dale

      Like when the democratic process tells Obama no to cap and trade and he makes a decree and forces the EPA to enforce it? I have many many more examples of this president and the democrats losing and then FORCING their will against the democratic process.

      Obama care is still hated by more than 2/3s of all americans. there is democracy for you.

  • Just another “pea-brained” idiot, who seem all too common these days. the level of hatred in this country against fellow citizens with different opinions is appalling

  • This lunatic has declared himself to be a terrorist, and should be separated from society as soon as possible. If the Republican party doesn’t disassociate itself from this fringe paranoia, then they too should be treated with the same disdain as a terrorist. These people would be delighted to carry out a bloody rebellion, and like the Taliban, too damn bad about the collateral damage.

    • Joseph Dale

      The democrats don’t distance themselves from their fringe either. They both do it.

  • Maybe this will be the last great horah for the racist right white. It is difficult as many will only cloud this issue with all the little flaws of the discussion. This article, newsletter and group is about race and racism. Nothing else, plain and simple, it is about dominance, perceived superiority and other fears. Let them expose this hate for all it is worth, let it shine in the light of day, then we can all turn our backs on this hate as it is just plain ugly.

    • mike112769

      So, even though I despise Obama’s policies, I’m a racist? That it ridiculous. Is he expected to be universally loved? Tough. There is nothing racist about the vast majority of Obama’s detractors. He is being vilified for legitimate public failures. Fast and Furious alone should have had him and Holder impeached. The last NDAA certainly should. There’s nothing racist there, just his blatant disregard for our Constitution. Four more years of him will be a disaster.

      • Joseph Dale

        I guess I am a racist too i hated Bush and by their logic that makes me and probably everyone of them a racist. hmmm /shrug

    • Joseph Dale

      Bigot: yes sir you have graduated to a full blown bigot.

      • SaneJane

        How is Don a bigot? Do you deny that the newsletter being discussed was racist?

        • Joseph Dale

          “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. ”
          He lumps all people into a single group like -those asshole republicans- or whatever. When you refuse to judge a person as a person and instead choose to judge a person in a group as the group. Read the difinition.

          next topic I never said the news letter didnt exist. I said this story was about a reading of a letter not the news letter itself. Should you posses information critical to our debate please post it. So post the news letter otherwise I haven’t seeen it nor anything like it and therefore it’s your word verse nothing. See I like debates but they are based in facts and so far you’ve said a lot and proven nothing.

        • Joseph Dale

          1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
          2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

          While i disagree with the contents of the letter no where in this article does it state the author of the letter used race as a reason to use armed resistence or whatever he called it. The man is an idiot and he maybe a racist but this article does not presume nor elude to racism. To disagree on an ideas s an american think and we have civil discussion often on many issues.

          Like i disagreed with Bush’s spending and I disagree with Obamas as well. Does that mean I hate all white and all blacks? No it means I have a differing opinion on a singular issue. That opinion is based on personal knowledge and opinion and has nothing to do with anyones race.

          It is possible to dislike a person of any color and not dislike every person of that color. I personally have not said anything about the other issues. Perhaps the persident and I see eye to eye on these issues hmm?

          So yes this news letter or at least this article says not one word of the presidents race only his policies. And while McPhee is an idiot he has as far as the evidence presented by this article not been proven a racist. Perhaps there is more to the new letter that we or at least I have not seen or read about but based on knowledge at hand and as shown in this article no the letter is not racist in nature. But it is STUPID.

  • The Democracy’s of the World will keep the close eye on this living experience.
    Today Virginia is the Mother State of The United States of America.
    Tomorrow we shall identify ourselves as a people of a Great Continental Universal Democracy.
    Someday our children will be able to Pen-the character description of an “American”.
    Now! We have to understand, what counter-productiveness is, while in the pursuit of Love, Happiness, and infrastructure building mean.
    As a People we shall learn-what is Mightier-the Pen or the Sword.


    H.Ben Frazier

  • bonnieparmenter

    This guy sound like a nutcase even though he is correct that we cannot survive 4 more years under the powers that be. On a regular basis our freedoms are being removed, but the catch is, would the nuts that wrote this article actually give you more freedoms or continue in the same manner of removing our freedoms. History has given us hindsight into what happens when religious fanatics take control. I support the ideology of Ron Paul; separation of church and state, small government, small military, freedoms back to the people. It amazes me how editors seek out the most bizzare articles and post them as representation of a sector of people left or right. I read both sides of the spectrum of news and both are so biased. This site is one of the worst. It makes an interesting story but it is not a representation of anyones believes other than this nut that wrote this article.

    • so you supoprt Ron Paul on having no civil rights, no regulatory protections that are provided by federal goverment and allow the states to only follow there own consitituions and take back to the robber baron days?

      • bonnieparmenter

        Read everything Ron Paul stands for and forget everything the established media has led you to believe. You really can’t argue with him and make much sense. Most departments that have been established by the Feds have been complete failures.

        Take the Federal Reserve for one example; The Federal Reserve was organized to help our nation from ever falling into another great depression. Instead, the Federal Reserve Banks costs the people of the US billions each year and then they take our money and gambled it and lost and then come to the Federal Government and asked to be bailed out. President Bush and the Democratic Congress failed the people by not being aware of what was going on and then Obama became the leader in handing over money to the Federal Reserve Banks like it was candy, only it was the candy of the American people. Your children and theirs will be paying for this for many years to come. The Federal Government has way to much power and they are all sold out to who ever offers them the biggest kickbacks.

        Take the Department of Education. Ever since it was established the education of the children of the US has declined. I know kids that couldn’t read in fourth grade and were removed from the public school
        system and were reading books in a few months. Rules and Regulations have
        created this situation and the Unions who have created a situation where
        teachers who do not perform cannot be fired. Also, the teachers are
        dealing with kids with more problems than in past generations and how
        they deal with this problem is to put the kids with problems on drugs. You
        can thank the Patriot Act for giving this power to the education system.

        The list can go on and on. Departments formed by the Federal Government in
        large have been failures. Things that should be taken care of by the
        states are now under Federal control.

        The federal government has really not done much at all to promote equality
        and preserve your individual freedoms. It has been individuals that have
        gotten out and protested and marched and brought awareness to the world
        that has made the difference.

        Now days if you get out and protest you are probably on the terrorist alert

    • SaneJane

      Name the freedoms that are being removed on a regular basis. Just one will be sufficient. List one freedom that you had four years ago that you don’t have now.

  • sound like a kool aid party, in a bubble!

  • Have you noticed the folks calling Obama socialist and worse nver say what laws they are scared off,except some may mention the Health Insurance law. This law on a much greater scale has been in effect in Canada and Europe for decades. The right-wing is ready to go to war over it.

    • mike112769

      And they are going broke and slashing their healthcare programs. Look at the fine shape Europe is in. Obama lost me at “We must pass it to see what is in it”, and he agreed. There is a lot more in that bill than just laws about healthcare.

      • Joseph Dale

        And the premire of Canada came to america to get his heart surgery because “The rationed care allowed for to few operations and he didn’t have two years to be on the list.” He further said the surgery received in america “Saved his life and he was thankful he had someplace like america to come and get quality care.”

        People world wide come here for care. Fact is america has a higher survival rate for the 26 most common cancers than any nation on earth and nearly twice that of the european union.

      • SaneJane

        Such as? If you know about them you must know what they are. Share.

        • mike112769

          Do like I did, and make the time to read it yourself. Why believe me? This bill is perfectly designed to screw the American citizen.

  • rymlianin

    Maybe , Gitmo should not be closed down quite yet. Sounds like these yo-yos are candidates . A few years of attitude adjustment might not be a bad thing for them.

    • mike112769

      Really? What happens when the next group of politicians doesn’t approve of what YOU say? Are YOU willing to be re-educated by your opposing party?

      • Joseph Dale

        Amen. Just think if the retarded cowboy could have sent those who said things against him to gitmo… hahaha the world or atleast the USA would be virtually a ghost town.

  • I just hope homeland security got a copy of the memo and visits this creep at home. He’s lost his mind. This is still a democratic government with no room for sedition.

    • unforuntly the media hype thease nuts statements and hyper in flate them to draw the reaction and now with all the tools that we have made available for comminucations any body’s comment can broadcasted if they thing it can draw enough attenion this can be minuplated by boths side of the coin and can be use to cause soical disruption through a method calle socatic terror

    • mike112769

      “This is still a democratic government with no room for sedition.”

      Really? Most of our laws are passed through lobbyists. In a lot of cases, the lobbyists actually draw up the laws they want passed, and their paid-for politician gets that law passed.

      This is not sedition. This is free speech. There are always those that are ready to start over. Ignore them.

    • Joseph Dale

      The 1st amendment actually protects his speech and his right to open his mouth and be known forevermore the idiot he is.

      That said it would not be sedition to use his right to speak.

  • Joshua Abrams

    Well, if I was Obama and got relected, I woud have the miitary sweep this clan of nuts up useing the Patriot Act and charge them al with ” terrostict treats ” and send them off to federal prison where they can rant as long as the day is long noone cares.

    • this is what the right already claims what Obama is trying to do and it would be the stupidest thing to do to persacute people for freedom of speach and to inprission them this breaches the contract under the consituion which is the bill of rights i would never support any President that would try to invoke powers that would impeade upon are basic freedoms! we always had yahoos screaming stupid things its part of the political arena

    • mike112769

      That is possibly the dumbest comment on this entire thread. Are you out of your mind, or just trolling? That would, without a doubt, start a civil war.

  • This is the type of inciteful rhetoric that gets people killed. I use the term inciteful not as a misspelling of “insightful”, but to describe that screed’s true purpose, a blatant attempt to spur idiots into starting trouble and hoping for a Squeaky Fromme with better aim and luck to do his dirty work for him.

    This is the same crap that the anti-abortion extremists pulled trying to get people to kill abortion providers, an effort that was tragically successful on several occasions.

  • It’s not the end of the world if Pres. Obama is reelected. The Sun will still shine and businesses will continue to run as usual. The only thing that will happen is that the economic activity will be in cadence with Pres. Obama’s policies whether good or bad depending on what forecaster’s take on their effects to the economy. For example, if the rich see risks in their assets in the U.S., they may decide to move them elsewhere where there is less risks. Those industries dependent on coal may have to cool off for the next four years or branch into temporary non coal dependent industries to ride off the four years until the election of a friendly coal energy Republican president.
    For opportunities in President Obama’s second term, pick stocks of consumer goods, construction, and education companies and those that will benefit with the influx of immigrants into the U.S. as the president will approve the legalization of aliens now in the U.S. and their families. For those who are scared of the redistribution of their wealth, they might consider engaging lawyers and financial planning professionals for advice how to escape or they may pre-redistribute their wealth to whomever they want rather than allowing bureaucrats redistribute for them.The opportunities for the Obama care is that those who could not afford high physician fees and hospital costs can now do so with the redistribution of costs of healthcare.

  • The last time VA tried this they lost W VA. Maybe its time for the formation of East or South VA.

  • turnipgreens

    who castrated Romney? When will he stop worrying about a couple thousand fringe voters and actually stand up to someone?

  • Now the Republicans are getting stupid or should I say more stupid. They are so crazy it’s crazy. The way I see it they’re just a bunch of bigots . Thats the only thing I see here

    • Joseph Dale

      Bigot: “a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race ”

      Look inside considering how you lump all people as a group and decry them and call them demeaning names.

      Amen and god bless, you’re bigot.

  • The republicans may rebuke this creep but there really is no cure for stupid.

    • Joseph Dale

      You are right this creep is stupid as are all the loonies on both sides like the NBPP.

  • JacquesLaPean

    Life is like a box of nuts, and where there’s one, there’s many.

    Unhinged, looney, off the rail, cracked cashews, bats in the belfry…. these are apt descriptions of people profiting from this hysteria, and even more so an apt description of their ignorant followers who are suffering a collective group think on a scale not witnessed since Bonaparte’s last pack of lemmings at Waterloo all jumped off a cliff together.

    If these people are products of home schooling, hillbilly marriages, and evangelical baptisms, along an environ sewn with lack of gun control legislation–our local, county, state, and national social support services are going to have lots and lots of overtime meeting the early neuroses, middle psychoses, full blown sociopathy, along with general dementia inherent in this “new klan”. This is one sticky miasma of human speak and do. Or is it doo? Or doo doo? Or do do, for sure!

    Signed: Thomas Jefferson’s Wailing Ghost on the state of affairs of our nation 236 years from inception.

    P.S.: Should the water be checked for some crypto delirium in that Green county?

    • Joseph Dale

      bigot: “a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race ”

      Congradulations you’ve made it! Lumping all people together and your false and misguided claims against groups as a whole or in general makes you a bigot.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    This is the cool-tough PRESIDENT that America needed for a very long time. He said he was going to take the fight to killers, he did; to bring common good and equality, he did; to stand with ordinary people, he is doing just that; to end don’t ask don’t tell, he did; bring equal pay for women, he is doing it; make young people have opportunity to further their education, he is fighting republicans to make it happen; wants good Hispanics to get permit to stay and work and get better life, he is fighting the REPUBLICAN “NO” to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Cool but tough Obama.

    • Joseph Dale

      You are wrong on many of your points but so we don’t muddy the water too much.

      “bring equal pay for women, he is doing it; ”
      http://www. ashtarcommandcrew. net/forum/topics/report-obama-white-house-pays-women-less-than-men-obama-a-light?xg_source=activity

      Hmmm he pays a woman 18% less for the same job as a man with the equal or same job? Wow yup equal pay for women. You do realize the retarded cowboy DubYah even did better with just 6% disparady.

  • I think President Obama is one of the great U.S. Presidents of my lifetime.
    I am an old white guy (relatively speaking – 65).
    I am appalled at the bigotry that has emerged in the US in the past 5 years.
    Until this manifested itself, I thought we were finally turning our backs on this kind of unacceptable behavior.

    • SaneJane

      I am an old white gal and I agree with you.

    • Joseph Dale

      History may not be so kind. That said I may be far more kind than history.

  • JacquesLaPean

    Joey baby:

    Hope you sent your money off to the George Zimmerman defense fund so that you can lock and load at any time or any where when you feel threatened. I’m just glad you can’t shoot me dead from your monitor though mine.

    Signed: Your proctologist.

    • Joseph Dale

      Responsible people like myself who have carried for over 25 years have also never had to use it. I have drawn my weapon once but that scared the freak away and I have enough self control to not open fire when the perp is fleeing. You should be glad of people like me they keep people like you safe.

      Here is a fact for you. The states with the LOWEST crime rates are also the ones that have the easiest conceal and carry laws. Why? Because the bad guys know the victim they pick might not be unarmed and helpless.

      Second as far as Zimmerman. I will let the courts do their job rather than pronounce him guilty before his trial is even begun. You and I just don’t have all the facts and the ones the media has given are already proven false. NBC claimed he shoot him because he was black and altered the 911 call to prove their point. ABC and CBS claimed he had no bloodied nose and head but the police report, witnesses and the medic who treated him at the scene say differently. Faux said he was’t brought to the police station after the shooting. Turns out there is video of him being brought in for qustioning. CNN claimed…… the list is endless of the missinformation available to us. Do I however think he is guilty? Yes and here is why he was told twice that has been released by the 911 operator to stay in his truck and then to not persue the suspect. He disobeyed both and now a young man is dead. But again this is based on the very little bit of evidence I have. I will let the courts take their time and do their job.

      Signed: Your guardian angel and voice of reality.

  • Aliciasp

    The Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee is dividing our country, creating more hatred and pushing crazy people to commit atrocities like the one that happened in Arizona last year.

    The talk of armed revolution is not only TREASON; it is also a TERRORIST TALK! They should be prosecuted under the TERRORIST ACT!

    Regardless of our political views we need to stand for our country and let the Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee know that Americans are not going to tolerate this type of talk and behavior!

    Politicians and all political parties in this great nation, should be working towards the interest of their citizens, and unifying their people in order to keep on being the country that we are…

    • Joseph Dale

      The shooting of the congrss woman was done by a man registered as a democrat (but you never heard that on the news) and he even worked for the obama campaign (also never heard that on the news) and had written the congresswoman love letters and when she turned him down is when he snapped.

      Nothing to do with the republicans. He had novels about communism and socialism listed on his facebook as his favorite books and he had multiple comments how much he loved Obama and the Senator.

      As for working toward the interest of their citizens you are right and for the most part I think congress tries to. No matter how devided they seem. Remember we actually change congressmen/women every two years. They do what people in their district tell them to or they find themselves unemployed.

  • ballsnow

    Fox News must be talking some real trash against Obama and about the doom of the US, if Obama is reelected. My silly brother watches Fox News, then he has trouble sleeping nights waiting for the world to end. I told him to just change channels.

    • Joseph Dale

      Don’t watch any of the news channels they are all biased one way or another. You will sleep better reading all views and deciding your own. See like Obama watch what he says, what he does and how he acts and then decide if he is what you want. Don’t listen to Fox, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or any of them. Watch the person and what he says and does. Then you decide in the only fair and balanced way that you can and based on your political and social views not on those of others.

  • The last time I checked, treason was not protected speech and “armed overthrow of the U.S. govt.” is the definition of treason.

    • Joseph Dale

      Unfortunately wrong and wrong.

      he has a right to say anything he wishes and it is not treason to speak about an overthrow. Matter of fact this is some of the exact talk the first ammendment protects.

      Second: The second ammendment was established to:
      “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      In other words: if this nut believes the government deserves to be over thrown he has a right to say it does and even try. Doesn’t mean the secret service won’t cap his ass so to speak but he has a right to say and even try.

      • SaneJane

        Isn’t it possible that “throwing off” means voting out?

        • Joseph Dale

          No it would have been part of the first amendment if it meant by peaceful means.

          The second amendment is discussed in detail in the federalist papers where the founding fathers encouraged the people of the new country the USA to be vigilant and keep and bear arms so it might over throw and retake the government should it become corrupted. They specifically reference the second amendment and the right to bear arms as a means of this over throw or throwing off.

  • GM

    I am a Republican, these cureent Neocon,Baggers and Birthers are not Republicans, they are anaarchists and KKK in a different color suit. My party let them in, and now my party is doomed. I will vote for the President this fall, he has done a very good job considering the amount of pure hatred he has had to deal with on the far right.
    As for an armed rebellion, I am as armed as any right wing nut job.

    • Joseph Dale

      The Tea party is actually not republican. it is a cross section of america with pecentages of it’s base being democrats, republicans and indepenents. Young/Old, white/black. The percentages are actually inline with national percentages. IE: in the general population we have x% of people who are democrats and you will find a similar $ inside the Tea Party who are democrats. x% are young and again similar percentges.

      The educational background of Tea Party followers almost exactly matches that of the general population. Among age demos, the differences between the two are no more than two points for any of the four categories used by Gallup. The same is true of employment profiles, although ironically Tea Party followers tend slightly more to be employed full-time than not.”

      “Among voters not affiliated with either major political party, 50% say they’re closer to the Tea Party while 38% side with the President.” 2011 poll from edcember

      CNN sends a reporter without a political ax to grind to a Tea Party, and finds that they really are Mainstream Americans and are not violent racists! Shannon Travis is that reporter.

      So please leave the peaceful Tea Party out of your republican party. We are not republicans and you can’t claim we are. it seems republicans jumped on the wagon maybe because they hate or dislike this president. But most of us are just plain people who disagree with the large amount of spending. I mean we disliked it and people like me decried it under bush and when Obama stood up and said that bush was “unamerican”, “Unpatriotic” and “reckless” with his 4 trillion in borrowing we cheered. Then what does he do he borrows more than twice as fast as the man he called unamerican and unpatriotic for his borrowing.

      next the KKK was founded by the democratic party and people like former Senator byrd a grand dragon and jim crow a life long member. Hell a democrat president had the film which claimed the glory and rebirth of the KKK shown in his office and called it a master piece and something all americans should see. They are still and evil hateful group but they aren’t republican. the republican party are the ones who pushed through the civil rights acts against strong democrat disagreement and partisan political games. They (the republicans) ended seperate but equal, elected the first black congressman and woman, first black senator, first balck man to the supreme court, first black man and woman to hodl high ranking white house jobs. So we can’t say all republicans are bad either. See i judge people as a person not a person as representative of a group.

      • SaneJane

        Your last paragraph indicates that you are living in the past or at least are not up to date on your history. The KKK along with other southern democrats fled the party when LBJ, a Democrat if you may recall, signed the Civil Rights Act. The Republican Party welcomed them with open arms and now they have taken over. The GOP of today is actually the Democrat Party of 50 years ago. Your take on economics is rather skewed also. How can you know where you stand without realistic information.

        • Joseph Dale

          LBJ was a democrat indeed but he had to sign the veto proof bill.
          Southern Democrats: 1–20 (5%–95%)
          Southern Republicans: 0–1 (0%–100%)
          Northern Democrats: 45-1 (98%–2%)
          Northern Republicans: 27-5 (84%–16%)

          The south was firmly against it. The north very for it. But if not for the republicans voting in huge majority in support the bill would be defeated. While only 63% of democrats supported the bill 85% of republicans supported it. Again LBJ had no choice with 2/3s majority in both houses it was veto proof and his hand was forced.

          I can provide the names of each vote with party affiliation for the house and the senate but you could also go to the .gov websites with the bill numbers and see them for yourself.

          Amen, god bless and have a nice day.

          • SaneJane

            I said nothing about who was for or against the bill. I said nothing about who deserved credit. You are obviously knowledgeable on the subject and probably know that after signing the bill LBJ said he had destroyed the Democrat Party in the south for several generations and he was right. Your defense of the GOP on this issue only confirms my point that the Republican Party of that time was totally different than it is today. The GOP of today is a party that has been infiltrated and indoctrinated by the southern Democrats who flocked to it. Please refer to your own statistics and comments and you should see what I mean. At that time the south was solidly Democrat and today it is solidly Republican. The mindset that ruled the Democrat party prior to 1964 is now the mindset of the GOP. This was the ultimate flip-flop. Politics in the south have always followed racist lines. Republican in response to Lincoln and then Democrat in response to the Civil Rights Act.

          • Joseph Dale

            I just choose to judge a person as a person and not as a group. GOP does not mean racist and even saying democrat in the 60s did not mean racist. But saying Sen Byrd was a racist would be true he aftr all was a grand dragon of the KKK. See one persons actions vs those of an entire party or group.

    • majong13

      Thank you, GM!

    • SaneJane

      When southern Democrats fled their party and were embraced by the Republican Party during the Civil Rights Era the GOP signed their death warrant. I have always heard that the south will rise again and now they have done it by taking over the Republican Party. It has taken about 50 years but anyone who fails to see the states rights, racist, gun and Bible thumping influence of the south is living in denial. I have lived in Alabama all my life and I always thought that the rest of the country would influence the south for the better but, alas, I was wrong. I wish you luck in you noble efforts to return the GOP to sanity but I fear there is little you can do.

      • Joseph Dale

        So the KKK joined the republican party and that is why 85% of republicans voted for the civil rights act of 1964? Nice try though.

        • SaneJane

          No Joseph. This happened in response to Republicans voting for the Civil Rights Act. Let me simplify. Southerns, including KKK, all Democrat BEFORE

          • Joseph Dale

            When I travel to the south expecially Texas and Florida I’ve not seen nor hear any racism from anyone except the occasional “We’re still fighting the civil war down here” comment which isn’t racism either since it has nothing to do with my color but my PA accent. I have seen the NAZI and KKK rallies in all parts of the US including Vermont and Maine. The KKK had a supreme leader name Byrd who was until he died recently a democrat senator. See the KKK is in both parties and by no means does it run the republicans. The first black supreme court justce, first black UN representative, first black secretary of state, first elected black congressman and senator all were republicans. So please stop making it seem like republicans hate blacks because that statement is 100% false. They have their racists but the democrats and even independents do as well.

    • Joseph Dale

      KKK does not support the republican party. They on their website say so. They support the OWS folks though.

  • While I am a Democrat, the Republican party used to be a respected entity. Now it is being taken over by violent over-the-top hate-mongers.

    • Joseph Dale

      Amen and it’s unfortunate that it’s happening in the democratic party as well. Also in the main stream media (fox, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, ect…) they all have a political axe and present hal truths at best.

  • MY FELLOW AMERICANS: First, Ted Nugent made NO THREATS, He made a statment of Fact as He sees it. Second, Should You happen to actually read the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE,You would see it is actually OUR RIGHT and OBLIGATION to remove Tyrants and Traitors from Office, and should You wish Foreign troops marching down Your streets, BE SURE AND RE-ELECT OBAMA IN NOVEMBER, Then this time some patriot can drive the streets and yell “The UN is Comming,The UN is Comming,

    • The Deceleration of Independence, that people keep referring to, doesn’t have a thing to do with the United States. It’s a piece of history. The United States of America did not exist until the Constitution was signed and ratified. June 21, 1788.

  • ruauper2

    As hard as I tried to find anything resembling evidence that Dale would claim are irrefutable fact I can not do so. I do find lots of speculation, hearsay, rumor, You Tube rants and personal opinions that he relies on as fact but none substantiate any of hi comments. Apparently he believes the clap trap that emanates from the mouths of Bill O’Rielly or the late Andy Brietbart are sufficiently cogent as to be compared to the Sermon on the Mount. Fortunately that is not the case here.

    Mr. Dale’s research should be exposed for what it was, nothing more than a search for opinion pieces, TV snippets and other information that can be relied on to back up his ideas. There are no facts to considered, only unsubstantiated commentary as a basis for his position. Because O’Rielly castigates the Atty General for not responding to his loaded questions on a subject is no evidence of wrong doing on the AG’s part, opinion of O’Rielly or others of his ilk to the contrary.

    • Joseph Dale

      Some peoples minds are to small like yours. I have even posted the court breifing which includes the federal docket number moron. That is FAR from hearsay but you are too stupid to actually read and understand the truth hmmm ok. Some people can’t be reached even when facts slap them in the face. Have a great life and try actually reading the court case but I am sure it’s above your 2nd grade abilities.

  • solver63

    Just imagine, and ONLY imagine, if Willard got elected and the GOPBaggers won the House and Senate. What and how long would THEIR life expectancy be? If in fact they do all of what the ridiculous “Ryan Plan” says and revert to other austerity measures destroying and killing S.Security and Medicare, and, well, everything else -I don’t think these traitors will be able to run or hide. Talk about MILLIONS of pissed off BI-partisan screwed people (especially the dimwit GOPTEA rhetoric believing fools) The police and Guard won’t help them because they and their families would have ben screwed too. It is a CONSPIRACY these 1%er, corporate puppet GOPTEA Pols are planning, a plan to kill the middle class from the state level and run DC like a boardroom. Wake up America – If Romney and the GOPTEA has their way we will all be in servitude to the “investors” and “job creators”.

    • Joseph Dale

      Bigot: “a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race ”

      Congrats you have made it and are bigot by definition. I choose to judge each person as a person. /shrug

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    It’s not just in VA that these righties have gone nutso…When Bourbon Boi Mitch McConnell sounded the alarm to every red state village and farm in March 2009 that the GOP intended to “get rid of Obama”, all those Lil Abners and Daisy Mae “ignernts” of DogPatch flew that Stars and Bars rag higher than the Stars and Stripes. In the 3rd month of a new presidency?

    Why not just exhume George “Racist Boi” Wallace’s body and venerate it on the steps of the Capitol? What’s with these relics of pre-Civil War antiquity anyway? Or is it “What’s bred in the bone, will not out”?

    Warning to red state rightie racists, “who touches a hair on Obama’s yon grey head, dies like a dawg…March on, she said.”

    • SaneJane

      I live in Alabama and there is almost no one here I can have a rational conversation with regarding what is happening in our country. Now instead of George Wallace we have Scott Beason who sponsored our infamous anti-immigration bill. We have voter ID laws and other attempts to discourage non-white, elderly and poor voters. I don’t know why they would want to keep the elderly from voting when they all seem to support the right wing craziness. These online forums are the main outlet for expressing my views and getting some reassurance that there are others like me out there somewhere.

      • Joseph Dale

        No ones right to vote should be denied. Party doesn’t matter to me the vote itself doesn’t matter to whom it’s cast only that it is allowed to be cast by any citizen not being compelled unwillingly to cast it.

        That said voter ID i do see the point of you need ID to drive, visit a banks and withdraw money, rent a house, or do virtually anything in this country why not vote? /shrug

        • SaneJane

          It isn’t ID I object to, everyone should have proper ID. I object to the intent of the new laws and the stated purpose of combating voter fraud. This type of voter fraud is practically non-existent. I don’t know where you reside but it must not be a southern state. There are extremely poor remote areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana where people lack expertise and transportation for obtaining ID. There are still people who were born at home and have no birth certificate. These people do not have bank accounts, credit cards or driver’s license. This are the type of people that Jim Crow laws said should not be allowed to vote but aren’t they the ones who need representation the most. Add to the mix powerful people who don’t want them to vote and it becomes even more difficult. There are selfless people working to help people get ID but they are accused of only trying to help President Obama get re-elected. Do you really believe large numbers of people show up at the polls and say they are someone else? Do you believe that illegal immigrants are trying to vote?

          • Joseph Dale

            In california Illegals DO vote and often. The latest videos by the guy who broke acron shows how easy it is to vote illegally. They sent a 20something year old white guy in saying he was the 50something year old attorney general who also happens to be a gentleman of color. AND they were going to let him vote! It does happen. Is it rampent? Not in all places.

            These same poor people have polls who know them by name I couldn’t walk into one claiming to be John Doe from 15 wicker ln because they would look at me and say you aren’t him. /shrug

            Again I am not against ID you need it everywhere you go ad for everything you do. I also do not accuse people of “helping Obama” because they help a neighbor get an ID. I think they are just helping their neighbors exercise their constitutional rights. and there ain’t a dam thing wrong with a neightbor helping a neighbor.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    When it comes to slipping a few past the goal line, the GOP has no competition. All anyone has to do is recall the election proceedings of 2000 and 2004 for proof. Are Republicans getting THAT desperate?

    • SaneJane

      Yes they are. The GOP is 90% white and they are really worried about being outnumbered. They will do all they can to marginalize blacks, Hispanics, women, gays and the poor. If they don’t win the White House this time they will probably cease to be a national party. Already they are becoming regional. Here in the south they have a stronghold but I am hoping other parts of the country are wiser.

  • William Deutschlander

    Would you expect anything less from the ULTRA RADICAL RIGHT REPUBLICANS?

  • It is so good to know that no human being , race or ideology is in control of our future.White men are losing their temporary corrupted world position as the almighty race of men.That is a fact.The most defining thing is that all other races and nationality of unjust men are losing with them.

    Unjust black , white and oriental greedy and evil men have romed and run this planet for much to long..It’s time… and no one on this earth can stop what is about to come .We have proven over time that we can’t handle earth as we help is on the way and most of us are not going to like it. Get ready.. and I’m not a bible toter.

    President Obama didn’t just become our leader just by some stroke of luck. His entire existence is a mistery. He is a mixture of two of the most powerful races on this earth and is being crucified by both sides .It’s not because of his policies as some is trying to use as an excuse to dislike and even hate him, instead race is the prime factor.Dosen’t matter what he does for this country.. How sad.

    You see it is NOT the economy and jobs or national defense at all. No one man can solve that alone. The Republican control House has said No to every proposal that the President has tried to move forward or reach out across the isle if it did not serve their non- helpful agendas.. So nothing gets done. How about ” we the people” just stop hating each other just because we disagree, look different , have conflicting ideologies and just start to embrace our differences and get things done for the country. Vote useless congress people out no matter what party.

    I wish our President all the best this November and I’m. sure he will win. I have blogged bad things about Fmr Gov. Mitt Romney…It stops right now.
    But , if my hateful side ruled me I’d strongly support Pres Obama’s walking away and leaving this deeply corrupted country to it’s decaying right and left wing greeds and move on and become a billionaire and say ..I tried to help.. But he can’t if he wanted to I know that .. He didn’t put himself there..He has no control..A good thing.

    I’m stopping my hate today..Join me.

    • Joseph Dale

      And for 2 years the democrats controlled everything and still they blamed the republicans even though they had 2/3s majorities in both houses when things did not pass it was the republicans fault.

      Now skip forward. Why is it every Obama idea has lost in the DEMOCRAT controlled senate lately? yes all his bills went there first. the jobs bill lost big, his budget lost big, pretty much every idea he can’t even get his own party to vote for. Hmmm interesting facts and you can prove them ALL by visiting the senates web pages and reviewing his bills sent there. It’s an interesting read.

  • SaneJane

    I apologize to everyone for my comments being posted twice. I don’t know what I am doing differently. If someone knows how I can prevent this please let me know.

  • jjmore54

    Racisum has always been a posion weed in america and now we see just how deeply rooted it is. When someone in the Green County VRC wants to take up arms against it’s own country soley because a Black Man is President puts this country in a sad state of affairs. Don’t forget Kennedy was killed for this same reason! It is time to stop letting fools, rasist, and bigits run our country. The constitution states “Of the people, By the people, and For the people! Not the IGNORANT! Lets stand up against people like this and show them that the people run this Great Country of America and not the bigited few. By the was how come no one ever mentions all the senetors and congress members who rape young black girls who worked in there houses as maids, had children by them and kept it hush-hush. Jesse Helms anyone!

    • Joseph Dale

      The nutcase in questions did not state once the color of the presidents skin. He did however name policies as his complaint. Therefore do not judge his heart a racist until it’s proven such. He is a nutcase and an idiot and that is all we need to know.

  • MarcSFried

    Why are your panties in a wad???? There will be an armed insurrection/revolution if Mitt Romney wins and by the same people being called to arm the ramparts if Obama wins – it will only happen latter.
    See, after Romney wins along with the rest of the Republicans this country is going to economicaly TANK due his/their policies. After the Conserv-acans voters realize that they are now serfs and are worse off after more jobs are lost (their jobs) and the wages can’t buy anything anymore (their wages) and that the rights (their rights) have been taken away they are going to be really pissed off.
    I laugh at them when they find out that then when they want to arm ( more arms) themselves their pals , the Repubs/Tea Party duoch baggers and/Conservs, have so restricted gun ownership (passed more stringent gun control legislation) that they wont know what hit them. MArk my word – the Right will pass more restrictive gun control legislation than the Left could ever even imagine.
    HaHaHa!!!!!! The day Romney wins I will be the first Progressive in line to obtain a firearm!

    • Joseph Dale

      Can you say BIGOT…Very good because you sir are one. Lumping people into groups to pour hate on them. Bless you and now that you admitted you’re a bigot please begin your twelve step process.

  • ruauper2

    Tut,tut Mr. Dale, some people are so blind to facts they can not see. Compounding your eyesight problem is your utter intolerance of the viewpoints of others or the criticism directed towards your ideas of what is “fact”. Such a pity.

    • Joseph Dale

      Then prove my facts wrong i am open for debate.

      • ruauper2

        I already have, the problem is your unwilling to face substantive, hard facts.

        • Joseph Dale

          Considering I’ve posted facts and links and you’ve not posted anything but your own words you’ve proven nothing and shown not a single fact. post them. I’m still waiting.

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  • fredgrey

    Dale, don’t take a bow for the newly relocated from the south whites. I have seen and heard them in their current state as close as Pittsburgh PA. The Klan is still very relevant there. The Civil Rights Movement was won by the New York, Chicago and LA Jewish elite, power brokers for the media. If they hadn’t decided to broadcast that insanity over the airways worldwide, the movement would have taken much longer. It was evil looking at itself on television that changed the plight, and knowing everyone else was watching them. Same thing with Rev Wright and his stupidity. He is a relic from the 60’s and it took exposure to unsettle the bugs under his overturned rock.

    • Joseph Dale

      Amen so you have just proven you agree with me. They (the crazies) are on both sides and they need to be marginalized as the crazy fools they are. I am disappointed in both parties for not calling out the crazy people in their ranks and weeding them out. Both parties point to the other and say see it’s them not us. In reality it’s both sides doing the same thing. I post idiots like Mcphee on right leaning sites and argue the other way when the comments are against democrats.

  • jrigney340

    It is a fundamental misnomer to call these people “Conservatives” or to allow them to call themselves that. There is nothing “conservative” about them. They are the whackiest of Radicals, and we should start referring to them as “Right Wing Radicals”. Truth in advertising.
    To paraphrase Mr. Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party—it left me!”.

    • Joseph Dale

      To lump all people as a group over the actions of a single person shows you sir are a bigot.

  • htophet

    This messianic lead group of nut-bags are breed in the southern soup of racial hatred, everyone but the right-wing dogmatic sheep know this. That Virginia should have such people talking trash after the destruction the last attempt to over throw our government brought to that state seems to indicate they have not been taught American history in their schools, small wonder.
    Or that after they were defeated they signed a oath to this country, something only those avoiding trial for treason have ever had to do here. And you can tell by their behavior their word of honor is just that, a word. Those who would save the honor of the state of Patrick Henry and George Washington need to deal with this Riff Raff in their state before it brings more dishonor. Ponch McPhee and the likes of Ted Nugent are but a fraction of us, but the public by not acting spills their shame on us all when we stand by and let them get away with talk of treason, and it is talk of treason!

  • Bunch of pathetic toads

  • O God I`ve got to move out of this crazy state.

  • Mark Cashman

    tl;dr: Virginia Republicans: “If we don’t get our own way, we’ll throw a temper tantrum.”

  • Safronia11

    Treasonous fool…conflict, violence & war….great solution. Half of us can just turn our weapons on each other. Brilliant. He must like Alan West

  • Safronia11

    Some of these insane comments come from fear due to the color of our Presidents skin. We have NOT come a long way, baby. There is still the Jim Crow mentality. It seems to do well in the South. Racism will never go away. Clarence Thomas used the “high tech lynching” when he was accused of doing exactly what he a black woman. Remember? Bring up rope or lynching or hanging & here we go again. Luckily these fatmouth crazies are in the minority. The scariest part is they are always the ones with the guns.

    • Joseph Dale

      Jim Crow was a democrat. Does that mean all democrats are bad? Nope. Does it mean all democrats are racists? Nope. You are right this is one crazy person and the NBPP is a few crazy people but it still shows both sides have the crazies.

  • 5230pinelake

    Mr. Dale, once again u r wrong and again u r blowing things out of control. Calling people who do not agree with u idiots is a sign of what type of person u r.

    • Joseph Dale

      And the same guy one post above called me a twit and you’re calling him out where? Yeah i see if someone says something you can’t debate you try and marginalize them. Ain’t happening here.

  • WilliamGoldstein


  • You sir, are a fringe right wing ideologue! The Black Panther’s, eeewww we’re all so scared of all FOUR of them! They are only an issue because you and yours have drummed up a fervor over it that has NOTHING to do with reality. Try reality sometime, instead of your NONSENSE.

    • Joseph Dale

      And Mcphee is ONE person why not try that for your reality. You choose to look at the NBPP as small and insugnificant. But McPhee oh he is a cast conspiracy and a HUGE uprising. See your hypocracy? No i bet you can’t beause you are too blind to see.

  • $11 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT 2001-2009 under Bush. $3.7 TRILLION under Obama because of necessary RECESSION SPENDING. He killed Bin Laden and save GM! Romney would’ve let 1,000,000+ auto workers high and dry!
    Your principles are warped at best and nefarious at worst. Shame on you and those like you.

    • Joseph Dale

      11 trillion? Wow post your link. There was 10.something trillion when bush left office but there was 6.something trillion when he took office. Link to the offical government site.

      http://en .wikipedia. org/wiki/United_States_public_debt

      They list the governement sources here so feel free to correct the wiki since you seem to know it all.



  • Overall, his spending is 10X less than GH Bush and Bush!! You are arguing a moot point. As usual.

    • Joseph Dale

      The CBO (congressional budget office) show over 8 years including the war spending and TARP bush added 4 trillion to our national debt. This same office shows Obama has added 5 trillion (3.85 trillion in his first 2 years) in just over 3 years. The CBO is the same office/department that Obama himself loves to quote. Facts sir do not support you tremendously idiotic claim of bush spending 10x as much as Obama simply isn’t true.

  • Please seek PROFESSIONAL HELP. You truly need it.

    • Joseph Dale

      Thank you is that your professional opinion? When you can’t debate the facts you try and belittle. Nice ploy not working.

  • You are a condescending and smug TROUBLEMAKER. You have basically highjacked this wholed thread stalking other posters and trying to “STUFF” your right wing garbage down everyone’s throat. You are the race ist that others have claimed. Go AWAY.

    • Joseph Dale

      Thank you considering I am not right wing. Love your comments though they inspire me and show your ignorance.


    • Joseph Dale

      Wrong I have been outside this country and have received my substandard medical care else where in the world. You make these claims but everyone who can come to america for treatment does. In the 27 most likely cancers the US has the highest survival rates in all 27. Even the PM of canada came here for his heart surgery. Why? because he’d have to wait two years in canada! (rationed care my friend)

  • TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT. Plus it has the added benefite of being a LIE.

    • Joseph Dale

      A few points.
      1) Notice the quotation marks in the comments. Those mean they are not my words but the words of someone else.
      2) Those words are taken directly from the federal criminal trial of the new black panther party. SO if you believe these are false it becomes your duty to call the US federal court and report the lies. Lying to the court is against the law and the people who made the statements would go to jail.
      3) Considering much of the statements are recorded on video and or in police reports I’d say you will end up being found guilty of lying to the court which is why you won’t say anything to the courts.
      4) Just because you say “Because I was!” meaning you were there does not mean you were there or you can prove it.

      So what part of this do you deny? The racial names called to whites by the black panthers? It’s on video. The police showing up? It’s a matter of public record and the documentation of police involvement is more than ample to prove they showed up because of th NBPP. Either way I don’t care. You can be just like the birthers who believe the president isn’t an american even though all the proof is against them. In this case you can be a denier even though there are police logs, recorded conversation with police, on mobile phones, video of the day and it’s events and a court case which found him quilty but the federal DOJ stepped in and had the case dropped via the use of an injuction.

      Again feel free to call the court and the persons who swore under oath liars and feel free to call the court and reopen the case and press charges against those you say lied. Chances are though you never will because you are full of crap.

      As answered above it comes from court documents and if you feel they are a lie by all menas press charges against those who made the comments to the courts. In the end you will be seen as the liar.

  • THANK GOD YOUR JOB IS DONE. Now maybe you will leave EVERYONE alone!!

  • I thought you were done? Obviously, there is ample proof that you are HARRASSING EVERYONE ON THIS THREAD.

  • SOURCE PLEASE! Link? Article? Government website link? I didn’t think so, just more of your madeup LIES. The red southern states take in $1.50 – $1.80 for every $1 they pay in federal tax. It comes out of the BLUE STATES which only get an average $0.78 CENTS on the dollar because OUR money is going to the southern states. THIS IS FACT.

    President Obama has NO INFLUENCE OVER GAS PRICES. Neither did Bush, and gas went HIGHER during his two terms thant it is now! It is called the commodities market and is subject to trading and bids from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    As far as housing, that is because BUSH AND CHENEY destroyed the Mortgage Industry, investments, and individual HOMEOWNERS, but hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.

    Your repsonses are indicative of either a totally IMMATURE adult or a Race Ist.

    • Joseph Dale

      Link yours…Oh wait you can’t.

      Considering the tax blog you got this from it’s a government website either. Interesting though the IRS reportings show texas and Alaska alone pay enough to support most of your 17 red states recieving money. Another interesting point is in 2000 the red states listed in those 7 had split or atleast 1 democrat senator and about half democrat house members. Hmmmm

  • You are neither kind or HUMAN.


  • jevpun1

    it is insane,but we have to wacht these crazy sick folks,that showning their ideas america have to stand and remain together,and never let involve with these miniacs ideas or persons,i think that the goverment have to put on jail all these folks

  • The South Shall Die Again?

  • McPhee, YOU ARE A TYPICAL ASSHOLE REPUBLICAN . A REAL REDNECK who hasn’t got an OUNCE OF BRAINS, someone should shut your F—king mouth. DROPDEAD McPhee

    • Joseph Dale

      Bigot: “a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. ”

      Congrats you are offically a graduate of BigotU.

  • Ditto John
    This would truly mark the end of American Democracy and the beginning of something even worse than “rule by corporation”

    Re-elect President Obama and keep America sane

  • wayup

    That is what the right-wing extremist do! When they can’t win an argument or election, they always intimidate by resorting to violent talks. Now they try to suppress minority voters and hope that it would work. They’ll do anything to defeat Pres. Obama… even lie, steal, and cheat!

    And where in the hell did Joseph Dale got the idea that Rep. Gabby Gifford’s deranged shooter was a Democrat? I wonder how well educated are you? Your post here sounds like a little child. You are entitled to your opinion Mr. Dale, but NOT your FACTS!

    • Joseph Dale

      ABC news interviewed his friends and neighbors and one link that came accross regularly was he worked for the Obama campaign and the state elections board confirmed he was a register democrat. (That sir is public record and available to you as well under the freedom of information act.) So yes sir it -IS- indeed a fact.

  • We have plenty of Federal Prison to put these Traitors in so Bring it on Trolls

    • Joseph Dale

      Yes we do but when you start censoring speech which hasn’t elevated beyond that then remember it’s only a matter of time before someone decides your speech is offensive to the point of inprisonment or worse. The first amendment was put in place to protect speech even the speech of loons like McPhee.

  • ruauper2

    Your version of facts and links are nothing more than distortions or figments of your imagination. As I have repeatedly said lifting statemenrs or portions thereof out of context do not stand up as facts once examined in the full light of day. The same goes for citing links that exposed the folly of a position and then claining they support your distortion of facts.

    • Joseph Dale

      Yup you’re right the police report, court filings, videos they must all be lying. Again if you believe someone gave false testimony in the quotes presented to the court do something about it. Contact the district courts and present your case. Otherwise you are hot air. See you won’t do anything of the sort because you sir are full of crap.

  • ruauper2

    Like I said, lifting words, phrases or snippets of TVee reporting to suit your needs are your hallmarks. They compare favorably with those emanating from the mouths O’Rielly, Geraldo and others of similar ilk.

    Debate all you want but it is only proper that you clean up your language, children may stumble across your gibberish.

    • Joseph Dale

      Yeah lifted from TV hmmm? One last time since your IQ seems to be 9 or lower I understand you don’t get it. The quotes I’ve presented were from the court filling. Purgery is a serious crime feel free to contact the courts and fill a complaint that someone lied to the court. See the only facts you can go with are those presented under oath to the court of law.

      But I understand you’re too stupid to get it because of your limited IQ so you’re forgiven.


      boy are you brainwashed i never heard orielly tell you anything other than make up your own mind, i see where yours is . anyone that thinks everybody else is a lying is cant even tell the truth himself. you lock doors to keep crooks out, i lock doors to keep people honest. i see where your comming from

  • ruauper2

    Now, now, Take a deep breath and relax before you blow a gasket. Just because someone questions your blighted version of truth is no reason to make demeaning comments about another person.

    BTW, you really ought to get yourself a spellchecker, its spelled perjury, not purgery.

    • Joseph Dale

      Just because you can’t read where the quote came from isn’t my problem.

    • Joseph Dale

      At least you seem to know what perjury is. So if the quote taken from the court documents is indeed a lie as you have so often claimed feel free to go correct that lie. But I doubt you’ll do anything about it since you know what is in the court transcripts and legal filings including the police report is indeed factual.

      See I don’t listen to any of the TV or talking heads they are all biased from al sharpton to msnbc to fox to cnn to the new york times and talk radio. They are all bias and present half truthes. Just like this article seems to present mcPhee as speaking for all republicans when it was merely a letter sent to the republican commity. See a big difference is I could send a letter to the democratic commity here in PA but that doesn’t make me a democrat nor speaking for all democrats. McPhee is just one loony dude that is all. We don’t even know if he is a registered republican and nor was this any offical news letter from any republican establishment though this article would like you to believe it was.

  • This attitude and the new self defense gun laws are putting guns in the hands of trigger happy pseudo Patriots who are truly dangerous. In the old west towns and villages worked hard to find lawmen who would keep guns out of town. They knew how dangerous an armed populace of that type could be. Are we really so stupid that we want to return to the law of the gun?

  • “Armed with the spoken word” my @$$. When you say armed revolution, that is NOT talking. And our forefathers also did not just talk in the American Revolution. The psycho is such a fool. His treason and sedition should earn him life in prison without possibility of parole.


      oh a conservative can not use a medifore but our golf player can lie through asset. and get praised by the left winged media. your president can tear up our constituation like toilet paper and you praise him. grow up

  • HoodooTexas

    One man’s traitor is another man’s founding father. Invective solves nothing, it’s merely the scratching of an itch…it only makes things worse.

  • carepak

    Although I don’t agree with the editors methods I think that if he goes to jail than he has proven his case……freedom of speech….it seems the commander and chief doesn’t mind calling his political rival a murderer…….who’s spliting hairs here…..the man….no matter how sick he may be has a point….and a good one. Obama can smear but a citizen can’t. Also remember …everyone of our founding fathers would have been hung for treason if we had not won the Revolutionary war. It baffles me when i read about the other states in the south following…what ignorance. A completely different war over 100 years later…. I’m from the north brother..

  • Let the Southern tier of the USA become its own outhouse. I have no respect for any of this right-wing hatred, and if pushed, I will fight back–and this old man knows how to fight. They are making a mockery of the nation they claim to love and show only hatred and contempt for it and its Constitution. If they want civil war–then let us do it again.


      there is on one with hatered towards our country as does obama, and you want to fight for someone like that, now who is the one destroying the constituation. giveing money from business to his union bigots so to get their votes,if it were your money you would call are the one with hatred, take my money to give to your buddys so they can smoke and drink during working better wake up before he takes your money. oh maybe you are getting my money

  • And the new black panthers are just full of love right? Come on Obamaites lets hear it

  • Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.

    Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him. – – George Santayana

    Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

    Quotes from Thomas Jefferson –

    To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association—the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.

    God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

    Most bad government has grown out of too much government.

    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

    Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (Quoting Cesare Beccaria)

    The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

  • ProquciProdesse

    wow cousins, all this argueing and all you gotta do is arrest the evident usurper Obumbaclart… face/palm

  • To quote a former Republican idiologue, “If you don’t love the United States, then leave it!”

    — Spiro T. Agnew

  • Where is Obama’s outrage and condemnation over the Blk Panthers and Lewis Farrakhan calling for the killing of all white people? That all white people are the devil and should be exterminated from the earth. These statements have been made on numerous occasions and on National TV. The insitement of mass murder and ethnic cleansing by a so called religous leader. Democrates are silent about the racist rantings of the fringe left.

    • rmarqua2921

      Why can’t some of you stay on subject? I didn’t read anything here about the Blk Panthers or Lewis (sic) Farrakan?

  • Teluu

    Racism is killing USA economy.

    • rmarqua2921

      Don’t tell those with stock in the stock market that our economy is dead!

  • Tom

    “We have before us a challenge to remove an ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,”

    This one I’d keep locked up at least until the end of the President’s term in office.

  • Ben

    The tide has turned—“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” Winston Churchill—-and thats it folks–we tried this Liberal mumbo jumbo–forcing change upon the public. Tell me where other than Paul Krugmans wee mind–WHERE ARE PROGRESSIVE POLICIES WORKING?????

  • libsbite

    lets twist everything a republican says. But let old senile biden get away with insulting half of the south. If biden is the best vp we can get give the country back to England. Biden is a joke and a idiot.

    • rmarqua2921

      Why can’t you stay on subject? Was this article about Biden? My eyes must be getting pretty bad, I missed that in the article! Your intelligence is showing, LOL!

      • libsbite

        The subject is a crazy old guy! I was describing the two face democrat way of handling this. One if the guy was a democrat then he is just senile and leave him along. Just like that crazy that did the shooting in colorado. Died down quick when we all found out he was a libtard gone crazy. If he was a tea party member they would still be screaming in the streets. calling for death of his family and banning all fire arms. Face it this country will fall from liberalism. then after the fires burn out we will find we will be under muslim law because they are waiting.

  • Escapee1

    No need for him or the Republican Party to step up and apologize….at least NOT until the New B-lack Panthers step up and apologize for their “kill the crackers and their babies” rhetoric that got NO attention from the mass media other than by FOX….

    • rmarqua2921

      If it came from FOX of course there it was true! LOL Unfortunately for this guy he put it in print! (Not too bright) I think there are laws against threatening the President of the USA!

      • There is VIDEO of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters. Odd that the MSM didn’t air it.

  • Because things aren’t going the way you want, you want a revolution. You want to declare war and have people die because the majority disagreed with YOU!

  • sounds like some socialist liberal crap

  • I’m pretty sure this guy is a Democrat agent. No Republican could be that stupid whereas Democrats have proven their ability to be that stupid time and again.

  • ruauper2

    MSNBC?? What does MSNBC have to do with it? What has MSNBC done to inflame you and your delusional, paranoid thinking? As long as there are nutcases out there spewing hate and irrational thinking normal people will continue to call you for your collective lies and stupidity.

  • Joseph Dale

    If you truely believe this you are not so bright. I disliked the spending under bush and i dislike it under the current president. So I call that consistent. I must hate whites because i disliked W., maybe i also hate all texas, all cowboys, all mentally handicapped for the same reason. I must also hate all blacks, all good speakers, and all intelligent people.

    Dam now I know why I have no friends or at least i shouldn’t have friends by your ignorant reasoning.

    BTW If you hated bush you must also hat all whites. hmmm?

  • Joseph Dale

    Wrong Pelsi called him on it. Obama as a senator and a candidate called him on it and even voted 3 times against raising the debt ceiling. He was right then by the way. Reid called bush on it. I called bush on it.

    There was an outcry you were just not paying attention or watching the news who only wanted to gleefully announce another dead soldier.

  • Joseph Dale

    And if they carried the photo id they need to drive, cash checks, open a bank account, buy beer or cigarette, travel by bus, plane, train or taxi, stay at a hotel or anything else in this nation they would be allowed to vote.

    Florida will allow same day registration with 1) photo ID and a bill or piece of mail proving your address.

  • Joseph Dale

    More than 50 in that polling district.

  • Joseph Dale

    You don’t know history. in 1920 we had a depression and the government did nothing and re recovered in a year. in 1929 we had another and the government spent a bunch of money and it lasted more than 10 years.

    Spend money when you are broke yeah that is smart fool.

  • Joseph Dale

    This guy from 2008 is still screaming death to whites and kill all crackers. He also placed a bounty on a mans head not yeat conviced of a crime. Hmmm yeah how far back how about 10 minutes ago fool.

  • Wake up America! I hope we are prepared by then.

  • Democrats will feel stupid when they realize they have been taken by Obama. WAKE UP!

  • Frespech

    So we have this nut job in Virginia- a judge in Texas claiming civil war will ensue if Obama is re-elected. Can it be much longer before we hear what these Republicans are really saying.
    Get that N#@#er out of our White House.
    You know you really want to say it, grow some Balls.

    • Typical democrat. Conservatives state this President’s policies are undermining the nation and all you democrats can do is yell “racists”!

  • I propose that We the People, in the interest of re-establishing the principles on which our country was founded, begin the systematic extermination of the wingnut wackos in our midst.

    • Jjamerb

      Starting with the Liberals!

  • joyscarbo

    My quote was: “Your tea party friends on this website say, “…we need to quit blaming W.” I say we need to never forget.”
    2) Thought you never read these websites but somehow you quote them? Also you are aware the Tea party unlike OWS has no actual central leadership?
    You’re not the only tea party representative here on The National Memo. There are a good number. I’m merely quoting a tea party republican who made this comment about not blaming W for the economy, his war and the deficit you talked about. I do agree with the statement about W: “wreckless, unamerican, unpatriotic and a danger to americas survival.”

    You are entitled to the right to be Pro-Life. Again, I’m not trying to change your mind. I am Pro-Choice. I beleive that no one has the right to force a woman to have a child and I’m not asking for you to agree. And if our country were predominantly Pro-Life, Roe vs Wade would have been overturned long before now. Abortion doesn’t suddenly stop because the government makes it illegal. Abortion rates are highest in countries where abortion is illegal. Abortion rates were lowest in Western Europe – 12 per 1,000 – and highest in Eastern Europe – 43 per 1,000. The rate in North America was 19 per 1,000. We are in no way the abortion capital of the world as you suggest. About 47,000 women died from unsafe abortions in 2008, and another 8.5 million women had serious medical complications.
    I think women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions about family planning. Abortion is only one option and I do not dismiss the other options. I believe society should focus less on taking away a woman’s right to choose and focus more on reducing the need for abortions. This can only happen with more comprehensive sex education and greater and easier access to birth control.
    Additionally your suppositions about the reasons that a woman seeks an abortion are absolutely ludicrous and horrid. Women primarily seek abortion related to birth control failure or a man who is unwilling to take responsibility for his own unborn child. Here’s a proposal for reducing the need for abortion: Why don’t we legislate men’s behavior? Every woman who wishes to seek abortion can legally force the father to take the child by law whether he wants the child or not??!!!

    Incidently…how do you feel about the death penalty?
    I believe it to be a necessary evil. However, I feel that before the death penalty is employed, there should be absolutely NO doubt about the guilt of the accused. Even one person who is found to have not comitted a murder after execution is one too many and is completely unacceptable in an intellegent, civilized society. I don’t celebrate the death penalty, but I feel that it has it’s place.

    You said:
    Every piece of anti-gun legislation that comes out is democrat sponsored. period end of story.”
    The last piece of genuinely meaningful gun control legislation came directly from the last president who was shot at: Ronald Reagan: The Brady Bill. The Brady Bill was really the brainchild of the Reagan administration. It was reworked until it was signed into law in the Clinton administration. But make no mistake- Reagan supported it fully.

    “How about soda in NY, trans fats nation wide? Wow that was so easy but honestly there are 100s more examples of run away democrat BS laws.”
    New York passes this ridiculous legislation and you think the Dems are trying to tell everyone what to do??!! You need more proof than that. I live on the very democrat west coast of the USA. No one proposes to tell people what they can and can’t eat. Please….you should have left this one alone.

    I said: “The USA is 34th in the world for infant mortality rates.”
    You actually said: “Yes when you exclude aborted babies we are #1 again also part of the numbers that no one reads is the number aborted. But i know your study you are quoting.”
    Now you’re really going off the rails in a very strange way. The infant mortality rate is, by definition, the number of actual LIVE births of infants who do not live to 12 months of age, per 1,000 births. Our country is 34th in the world. You seem to care more about a zygote than you do a LIVING infant! The USA doesn’t do a good enough job taking care of it’s infants and saving them! To ignore or try to distract from this very important issue is completely illogical. The problem is that people like you don’t believe that healthcare is a right…you believe it’s a privilege. And you know what? The USA isn’t number one in life expectancy either. We are 38th in the world, with an average a life expectancy of 78.2 years (both males and females). The #1 country is Japan, with average life expectancy of 82.6 years. Again, the top 10 all have nationalized healthcare.
    And speaking of healthcare…..
    You said, “I opt in by having my own coverage. I buy it and pay for it.”
    Are you talking about pay 100% out of pocket? Or do you have healthcare insurance, subsidized by your employer? I’m going to guess the latter. If you do have healthcare insurance and you enjoy good health, then you must know that the portion of your premiums that you pay, go toward care for the sickest people. This is what the whole concept of healthcare insurance was founded on. How do they make a profit? Way more people are relatively healthy than sick, so the companies don’t need to use ALL your paid premiums. But that money wasn’t enough…this industry wants more so they created the HMO and institued the “pre-existing condition,” increased deductibles and charged our employers more and more to cover their employees. At the last hospital I worked at, I paid more than $600 per month for my husband and myself for health insurance. We’re getting WAY less healthcare for our money than we used to and the healthcare insurance companies get more and more profit. And we defend this system!! Most who get a cancer diagnosis end up having to take out several mortgages on their homes just to pay for treatment. Average citizens engage in “fund raising” to help pay for the outrageous cost of healthcare for catastrophic illness. Again…and we defend it?!

    And finally…Sarah Palin…I stand by my own assessment. Her daughter isn’t some saint because she’s a single mom. Any young girl can do that and they don’t do reality tv to pay for it all either. She quit her govenorship in Alaska- she’s a quitter who didn’t fulfill term. She had a responsibility to the people. She’s a media whore and her family seems to be going the same way. I see her husband is on some reality tv show pretending to be a soldier. It’s unfortunate to me that she’s is the first person people think about when “tea party” is mentioned. It would be considered more legit without her idiotic commentary.

  • DolphT

    Cool — just roll tanks into this backwards area and put down the armed rebellion by killing every last person holding a weapon and everyone within 50 feet of him. That could turn Virginia from a toss-up state to a deep blue state in just a few volleys from the tanks.

  • silhouete2

    So if Obama is elected in the democratic process that has been in place in this country since its inception–they will revolt becuase their guy didn’t win? What is this country coming to?

  • Jjamerb

    Liberals wouldn’t last 5 min. Who is going to buy your weapons and ammo for you?

  • ruauper2

    John is right, let’em go their merry way. Just think of their resigning from the human race as a method of reducing the deficit and balancing the budget. Just think of all those Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, ATF, FBI, Border Patrol and Coast Guard bases that would be moved north thus creating employment and boosting the economy. No more federal money pouring into those asylums for the racist types who believe we are not all equal.

    Yes sir, go ahead, leave and remember to not save your confederate money boys.coz the South is not going to rise again..