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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Voters Believe Hillary On Benghazi, Not Fazed By GOP Conspiracy Theories

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Senate Hearing

As it turns out, the Republican effort to stir up conspiracy theories around the September 11, 2012 attacks on the American mission in Benghazi isn’t resonating with most Americans. According to a new PPP Poll, a majority trust former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi attacks — only Republican voters have rallied behind the idea that the Obama administration is involved in covering up the “truth” behind the Benghazi attacks.

A question posed to respondents asked, “Who do you trust more on the issue of Benghazi: Hillary Clinton or congressional Republicans?” — 49 percent said they trust Mrs. Clinton and 39 percent cited the Republicans. The poll also reports 57 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of congressional Republicans, while 52 percent have a favorable opinion of the former secretary.

Some Republican leaders, like Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), are convinced that “Benghazi-gate” will lead to President Obama’s impeachment. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee told listeners on his radio show, “I believe that before it’s all over, this president will not fill out his full term. As bad as Watergate was because it broke the trust between the president and the people, no one died. This is more serious because four Americans did in fact die. And President Obama has yet to explain why did they die.”

According to the poll (PDF), 41 percent of Republican respondents believe Benghazi is the biggest scandal in American history, yet 40 percent of them could not identify where Benghazi is located. GOP leaders have somehow convinced their base that this is the scandal of the century and have turned “Benghazi” into a talking point, certain that if they continue shouting the word, voters will eventually pay attention, see the injustice, and mobilize behind the party to impeach Obama. What is even more astounding is the 72 and 58 percent of Republicans who said investigating Benghazi is more important than passing a bill requiring background checks for all gun sales or passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill, respectively.

Republicans have become obsessed with uncovering the “truth” behind Benghazi, insisting that the Obama administration is hiding emails that would directly tie them to the four American deaths, and after endless testimony and congressional hearings are still relentlessly in search of a smoking gun.

President Obama addressed what he referred to as a “sideshow” on Monday during a press conference with United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron. “If this was some effort on our part to try to downplay what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information that, in fact, has now served as the basis for everybody recognizing that this was a terrorist attack and that it may have included elements that were planned by extremists inside of Libya,” Obama said. “Who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? The whole thing defies logic.”

While a majority of Americans do care about the four lives lost during the Benghazi terrorist attacks, this PPP poll raises two major points that will surely not sit well with Republicans. Overall, voters believe further investigation into Benghazi should not have priority over passing other important legislation — ensuring attacks don’t happen again is crucial, but chasing a conspiracy is a waste of time and resources. Despite attempts to denounce the former Secretary, the majority of voters still trust Hillary Clinton and believe her testimony. This grand effort to tarnish her name and approval rating before 2016 may in fact backfire on Republicans, who are struggling to reach an approval rating above 40 percent. 

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110 Responses to Voters Believe Hillary On Benghazi, Not Fazed By GOP Conspiracy Theories

  1. Well congratulations to the American pubic for getting it correct again. It appears that all of the heated hyperbole and hand waving is not having its usual effect. Just maybe the American public is getting tired of management by ginned up crisis. JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS is the number one issue concerning the public, and yet our do-nothing Congress seems unmoved. Why is the big question?

    • Well said, but the answer to ‘why’ being the big question is this: they still haven’t found a scandal that will ‘get’ President Obama, so they will keep on trying to get one and keep on obstructing and keep on saying no until they do. they have to ‘win’ at any expense, even if it means at their own. which i find laughable and fantastic all at once.

      • We are getting close to getting the liar in my WH. Everything he says is a lie. He is starting to unravel : )

        • Cats33..Oh really? and you can prove in the Supreme Court of the US, the one that helped elect the Crawford Cowboy that this president has in any way lied? If you can’t, you can stow the “I Hate Obama.” routine…Your party lost the election. Isn’t it time for the GOP big babies to take the pacifiers out of their mouths and get Big Momma to change their muddy diapers?

        • Your comment speaks nothing but racism. The only reason he is a liar is because he is black…just admit it.

          • I would vote for Herman Cain, Ben Carson and other blacks in a heartbeat. But Sambo has got to go. He is a disgrace to my country and his race. Fraud and the IRS got him elected

        • Lana Wood you are not fooling any of us with your new ID. Your postings give you away. So stay away from the computer and take your meds which you very much need.

        • You must be still in storybook land because this president is not coming unravel. What he is beginning to do is take off the glove and fight the way the republicans keep saying he is. This president has made some smart and wise moves and it is still working for him. Each time the republicans try to bring him down, he keep standing strong. It is no accident that all the scandals that are coming out at one time but in the end it will prove that the president was not involved in any of them.
          What we start seeing is that the republicans will start backing down because the more they keep pressing, the closer they get to be found out their biggest fraud. The republicans is good for calling out the president and then throw hints that he is responsible for everything. They hate the fact that the president works slowly and carefully examine everything before making a move. He thinks, plans and then do what need to be done, the republicans reacts and then think never planning and keep putting their foot in their mouth.

          • After perusing the net on your many posts I thought for a moment you really were Lana – but after further searches on both names – This could not be so. Why? Because your garbage makes Lana look highly INTELLIGENT while it is readily evident that you are just an ignorant DUMB ASS.

          • The Republicans don’t have a SINGLE workable proposal to fixing anything in Washington. The only thing the GOP wants to do, or knows how to do, is to block progress in the hope that it will somehow “stick” to the Democrats.

            In the absence of actually DOING something, the Republicans figure they can further enrage their base by casting everything the President does as yet another example of traitorous or incompetent behavior. The problem with this? They haven’t noticed that their base is shrinking — rendering their tirades progressively more meaningless.

        • Have you read the Pickering/Mullins Report concerning Benghazi?
          Have you researched anything concerning the asinine bullshit you spew. Or are you just another mindless Bass (sans the B) facing upstream drinking in all the garbage from the controlled News Media?

      • They went as far as offering bribes and threatening folks in Arkansas with jail terms if they did not go along with their false real estate accusations against Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is not new. The goal, well articulated by Mitch McConnell was to ensure Barack Obama was a one-term president. When that did not materialize their objectives shifted to the demonization and distortion of Obama’s remarkable record, and derailing Hillary’s bids for the presidency. Fortunately, they have not yet noticed Elizabeth Warren who may very well turn out to be the Democratic nominee if Hillary does not run, and who may win by the largest landslide in U..S. history. She has the courage to confront morons, is not afraid of them, and does not mind kicking them where it hurts.

        • The real problem is that with all the Koch, Rove money, they are able to convince too many people that they are actually going to save the middle class.

          People want to believe that there really is greener grass on the other side of the fence.

          • The koch, rove money did not help in 2012. I hope the days of big money changing our elections are over.

          • A good thought, Jim, except…

            The President cannot “create jobs” or “create legislation”. He can only propose such. It is still the job of Congress to craft legislation that serves the American public. And if they’re smart (I know, I know…) they’ll craft something, in conjunction with the opposition, that has an icecube’s chance in hell of actually getting through both chambers. That the President can sign.

            It is up to the Democrats to hammer home how little the current House has actually tried to accomplish in accordance with my previous paragraph. Of course, the House is finding the wherewithal again to try to repeal the ACA…

        • I would vote for Elizabeth Warren in a heart beat, she is intelligent, and loves America and it’s people.

      • The baggers are screaming worse than watergate and I have countered them but now see I was wrong.

        In playing politics with people’s deaths, and in fabricating evidence
        to back up their spurious abuse of those deaths, what the Republicans
        are doing here is indeed worse than Watergate!

        Now we know that the emails Karl of ABC leaked were doctored …to present another repub lie:

  2. Several of the top Bush cabinet members have publicly stated that this BS over BenghaziGate is just that…BS. There is nothing that is worth another $12 million in taxpayer dollars like the GOP wasted on Whitewater. It’s not working and the GOP knows it…they can’t start their reign of terror on Clinton…She will be the first female president whether the GOP Gangsters like it or not.

    • Eleanor, I believe it is a lot worse than BS. Considering the recent arrest of a CIA agent in Russia, and the vulnerability of our diplomatic missions abroad, the last thing the administration – or any administration – should do is to reveal details that may compromise the safety of our agents, informants, resources and capabilities. What Mr. Issa and some of his cohorts are doing is reckless, it compromises our national security, undermines our international credibility, and is not far from treason. Their goal, eloquently stated by some of their leaders, is focused on the advancement of their political agenda, party, and personal gain. What is best for the American people is nothing more than an irksome afterthought in their minds.

        • Yes, after being arrested, manhandled, and the money, written instructions to a presumptive Russian contact, and some intelligence devices were confiscated. He will be leaving Russia soon. My point had nothing to do with whether or not he is guilty of espionage, but the risk of confirming the presence of intelligence and security agents in our diplomatic missions. Obviously, we are not fooling anybody, but when we hear members of the congressional intelligence committee talking freely about it and demanding staffing increases, the cover – and security – of those agents is no longer hypothetical. If people like Issa want to talk about it, they should do it behind closed doors. Needless to say, that would defeat the purpose of the inquisitorial interrogations, which are designed to feed red meat to the party faithful.

    • Obama and Hitlery are murderers. They let those 4 die, didn’t even try to save them. We will get to the truth, like it or not

      • But Bush who got us into 2 wars on entirely false pretenses caused thousands of deaths took a budget surplus and turned it into a mutiltrillion debt is is a saint right? time to take care of that cranial-rectal inversion problem you have.

        • Don’t forget that Bush was in the White House, and the GOP was in control of both chambers of Congress when 9/11/01 took place. He ignored the warnings of an impending attack on U.S. soil given to him during the daily security briefings, took no action to at least warn the nation of a potential attack, and after it took place he declared the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes and invaded two countries that had nothing to do with it. He compunded his ignorance and ambivalence, with traits that would have made Judas blush with envy.
          So what does the GOP come up with to match the above? They suggest that President Obama knew a terrorist attack was going to take place (there is no evidence to support that claim), that help was obstructed (six Special Forces soldiers arrived a few minutes after the two ex-Navy Seals died as a result of a mortar strike), and claim a coverup because classified information was not revealed to the public during the interrogations!

      • Whoa cat
        I told you previously that I had surfed the net for posts from both you and Lana to see a possible connection. Well – your above quote is one of Lana’s quotes -verbatim. Accident?

      • @cats33 You are an idiot.. If that premise were true. Then Bush murdered thousands of our citizens on 9/11 and many thousands more on the UNNESSARY Iraq war..

  3. The reason most Americans believe Hillary Clinton over the GOP Inquisitors is because they understand, better than the GOP zealots, the limitations we face in eliminating or pre-empting acts of terrorism. The sad reality is that terrorism has been a part of our lives since the days of the Munich Olympics, and it has remained a part of our lives for at least a generation. They also seem to have problems understanding that our consulate in Benghazi is not the only diplomatic mission that is vulnerable. To minimize the risk of terrorist attacks against our diplomatic institutions we would have to either deploy large military contingents to each of them, or build bunkers modeled after those at the Baghdad Green Zone to dissuade extremists from attacking us. To accomplish either of these options we would substantial additional funding, lots of manpower, and permission from the host countries to build our bunkers or deploy large contingents of American troops or security guards in those countries. An aspect of the dilemma we face involves the message we are sending to the rest of the world, whose diplomatic institutions are usually open to the public and seldom target. We are telling the rest of the world that we are so hated or despised that the only way for us to survive overseas is to walk around with dozens of heavily armed security guards, tanks nearby, and Apache helicopters flying above. If that happens to be the way we think, and the goal of the GOP, why don’t we just pull out of the Muslim world, let them solve their own problems, and let the rest of the industrialized world trade with them at will? Countries like China are not shy about the intentions to fill the vaccuum and import oil from whomever is willing to sell it to them at any price…

    • They Are Just Wasting Tax Payers Like Us, Money And Time With Their Many Witch Hunting, Conspiracy Theories, And Looking For The Boogie Men!! All They Have To Do Is Look In The Mirror And They Will Find Just What They Are Looking For They Are The Boogie Men Who’s Out To Gut Out This Country And Sellout And Destroy The Middle Class And Poor Working People!! Now They Are Trying To Pass A Law To Stop The 8 Hour A Day, 40 Hours A Week!!!! Why? Cause It Will Make Everyone Part-Time Workers Therefore No Benifits

      • Fern, you are so right. With the backing of big corporations, they have been devaluing the worker until the worker is starting to believe he is a second class citizen. I think we should find out who is exploiting workers and boycott those companies. Start with Walmart.

        • The constant attacks against organized labor are not an accident. The GOP, acting on behalf of their special interest sponsors are determined to roll back all the gains made by labor in the USA, from paid vacations to overtime and healthcare coverage. The trend, which should be evident to everyone by now, is to hire part timers and temporary workers to avoid paying for an expensive benefit package. The focus is on a high return on investment, sales, profits, and shareholder dividends. If that means screwing he workforce and investing in foreign lands to maximize profits, so be it. For them, workers are a commodity to be used when necessary, and disposed of when they are no longer useful.

          • Their followers know it but they are so brainwash that no miniorties should ever be elected president that they are duped by the republicans everyday. Remember for four whole years that is all the republicans did was throw the kitchen sink at the president and hoping that he would fall.

            They also took for granted despite all the polls saying how they disaprove of the way congress was still thought that the majority of american people would vote the president out. They were blindsided by the election and the way the american people came out and voted despite the long lines, long hours, shorter voting days and less voting polls to reelected this president. That is why they are still at this degrading of the president because they have lost their way and don’t know how to get it back. For the republicans the teaparty is their boss, considering they were the ones who encouraged their growth. They will soon be a party of the forgotten before the election of 2016, starting with 2014.

          • And where are the union pension funds located? Ever think about that??? On wall street. Duh!!!!

            The unions belong in the Jurassic Period. They were relevant at one point but in this world market they are a detriment to the manufacturers that are left the USA. Most companies(auto,etc., are going to right to work states, where wages are slightly below those of union pay. When given the choice of pay or not the worker chooses to not pay. The public unions are costing the taxpayers in every community millions between wages and pensions negotiated by elected officials to unions who donate to their campaigns. A bit of conflict of interest.

      • Employers all over the country are having to cut back workers hours so they don’t have to pay for that God awful Ocare. That’s why hours are being cut back!! Check it out, learn something before you open your HUGE yap!!!

          • I did check it out, employers everywhere are cutting employee hours. Even Regal, the largest movie theater chain is cutting employees hours and wages up to 25% .They say it’s because of Ocare. Insurance premiums for some people have gone up 100%

        • Gee, cats33, I wonder what my neighbor knows that all those other employers are too stupid to understand. I still remember my surprise when he informed me that he shall now be able to afford to offer his employees health insurance for the first time because of ObamaCare. He never was able to afford it in the past even during the boom Clinton years but his insurance agent showed him how inexpensive group health insurance would be under ObamaCare. I am sure that those employers you cite are also cutting hours so the employees are not eligible for regular employee benefits such as retirement, paid vacations, fixed work schedules, overtime, etc. since that has been the norm in many business since the disastrous Bush economy resulted in a glut of workers.

          • Employers are cutting employee hours everywhere. Even Regal, the largest movie theater chain has cut employee hours and pay by 25%. Insurance premiums have gone up 100% on some people, so GEE yourself, check things out before you run your yap!!

          • As I said before: What does my neighbor know that these other big businesses do not know? Yes, insurance premiums have gone up but far less than the 39% increase promised by insurance companies in 2009. My own premiums have gone up 20% in the last 5 years (small decrease this year) and I also know some people whose premiums have risen immensely. Guess what? Companies are drastically cutting their share of the premium paid and allowing the employees to pay the difference and other companies have decided to let the government pay for their employees insurance. The penalty for not offering medical insurance by companies or having insurance for an individual is far to small. There should be a minimum penalty of $1,800 for a single person not having insurance and penalties for businesses having ANY employees without health insurance should be high enough to make it cheaper to offer insurance than to make the government cover employee health care.

          • The dems all want to be exempt from Ocare, Why?? They are calling it a huge train wreck.Why?? It has paralyzed businesses, they don’t quite know what to expect. And now we have Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, Obama snooping on and stealing the APs recorded phone calls. I’ve been telling you he’s a dictator, and that is just what he is!!! Impeach!!!

        • 1. It is not O care. It is not Obama care. It is The Affordable Care Act (ACA).
          2. Part of ACA is already in effect
          3. Many Insurance Plans, including Medicare, now cover more preventive services, such as colonoscopies and mammograms, with no out-of -pocket cost to you, the consumer.
          4. The law (ASA) is already closing the Medicare Part D coverage gap, “the infamous donut hole”. Savings increase annually until the gap is closed in 2020.(this is what Bush contrived along with the Pharmaceutical give way). The famed “black hole”.)
          5. Insurers cannot drop your coverage even if you become sick or disabled.
          6. Adult children can stay on their parents health insurance up to age 26.
          7. Insurance Plans cannot limit how much they pay for your lifetime Medical costs. Beginning January 2014, the law also prohibits annual limits on the dollar amount of coverage for an individual.
          8. Plans can no longer deny coverage for children under age 19 who have pre-existing conditions. This provision extends to all people of all ages in January 2014.
          11. Health insurance marketplaces, often called exchanges, will open in all States making it easier for people without insurance, small businesses and self-employed workersto buy private insurance. Coverage begin January 2014, but by October, 2013, any American can compare plans and buy health insurance online.

          You probably don’t want to take the time to read this reply because it might interfere with your time listening to Fox but -to each his/her own.

          Have you ever read the provisions of the Affordable Care Act? You can order the hard copy from the Govt. or you can read it online. It comprises about 1300 pages but it is well worth the effort.

          Do you ever peruse the Congressional Record? Very interesting.

    • Keep drink the Kool Aid.

      Changing the subject is your forte.

      Just remember Hicks told her what it was at 2am on the 9/12 and within a day 12 revisions one of which Nuland said leaders in the building wanted changed and it was.

      Just watch as this grows and see if they believe her when all is exposed.

      DRIP, DRIP, DRIP!!!

      • Additional security funds were refused by Republican Congress…blame your cohorts or should President Obama said ..screw you Congress and approved additional security…it was a lose/ lose situation for the a president and Sec of State Clinton…and we are behind the President 100%.. There isn’t a rats ass chance of impeachment…now write your GOP elected officials and tell them to start working for a change…

        • Actually, if you had done a little research-just a little- you would have found the additional funds in the amount of 298 million for security, which actually increased the security budget by 91million. By the way Obama used this program in his 2014 budget. It seems you don’t even know that the security budget doubled between 2007 to 2012.
          When you see the WH briefings turning ugly for Carney, and his inability to answer the questions I would say Obama has a problem. You can say you are 100% but it doesn’t mean he is without a credibility problem.
          Three major scandals-IRS, DOJ spying on the press, Benghazi coverup.

          On Benghazi, Obama has either made a terrible decision to coverup the attack or he is a bad manager.
          DRIP, DRIP, DRIP Looks like a long hot summer.

        • Not one Tea Party group was approved by the IRS for tax-exempt status for 2 years , 3 mos. Dem groups were approved regularly. Top dems were involved in the targeting. Dems stole the election!!!!

        • Only a fool in the eyes of one of the UN’s-unintelligent, uneducated, uniformed and unmotivated to know the truth.

          You can’t refute the numbers, you can’t refute that Carney has been a disaster the last few days-caught in lies. The emails released tonight by the WH only opens more questions. I think Carney and Obama are going to have a tough few months. DRIP, DRIP,DRIP!!!

  4. A mere annoyance to the Tea Clowns, GOP and Faux Noise. It won’t stop their stupidity. The tin-foil hat makers will still have a strong market with these half-wits.

  5. Hmm, if you actually read the Pickering report (which I doubt if most of the people fulminating about it have), it is very clear, upfront, that the proximate cause of the security lapses in Benghazi (which have been acknowledged by the administration) were due to severe budget and resource issues that resulted from Congress not doing its jobs. Period. I think all of the Republican nonsense on Benghazi is actually an attempt to divert the American public from what the report concluded: Congress MUST do a better job of supporting our missions or these types of things will continue to happen.

    • Agree 100%. If you want to find out who and who did not read the report just ask them two simple questions – how many pages does this report contain – how many sub-sets are in the report.

  6. Allison Brito, you have won the useful idiot du jour award yet again. That’s twice in less than a week. Did the Obozo propaganda machine write this article for you again? It looks exactly like all the others the leftist freaks are putting out today. It’s the same mantra that all the other leftisf freak Obozo apologists are putting out. And if there’s ever a survey done by a leftist freak organization like PPP, you’d better look at the numbers in detail because it is a certainty that useful idiots like Brito will shade the truth. The fact is that only 31% of those surveyed identified themselves as Republican, 39% DemonRAT, and 30% Independent. This means that a cosiderable number of DemonRATS and Independents AGREE that Cankles Clinton is not trustworthy and that the Benghazi investigation is a worthy pursuit. Further, what is presented here as if those who agree with the investigation do not know where Benghazi is is deceitful purposefully. The number who do not know where Benghazi is is NOT broken down into who agrees or not. It’s just a question asked of all 576 respondents. I could waste more time going into this, but there’s no need for that since it is easily established that Allison Brito is twisting the truth for the purpose of spreading propaganda to the morons that are inclined to believe it. Nice try, Brito, but no cigar!

    Have a nice day!

    “4 Americans are dead. What difference, at this point, does it make how they were killed?” — Hillary “Wide Load and Cankles” Clinton lying and shilling to change the topic in front of a sham of a Congressional inquiry

    • First of all, Bozo, your name alone tells us that you have ZERO interest in actually divining the truth.

      Second, if you object to PPP, try some other poll. The numbers come out pretty much the same. I know you won’t bother to look, so here’s a start for you:

      Third, should you expect any respect for ANY of your opinions, you might try showing a modicum of respect for your national leaders, even those with whom you disagree. It’s “Mr. Obama,” “Mr. Boehner,” “Ms. Clinton,” etc. Resorting to insults casts you as a tool for extremist rants. Which we already know you are. You can shut up now.

    • Yeah Bozo, we get it. If a Democrat, particularly a POPULAR FEMALE DEMOCRAT, can be sucked into any issue that you deem horrid, PASTE IT OVER THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY PAPER, BLOG, ETC.

      However, if the underlying cause, such as in this case, is the FAILURE OF THE REPUBLICANS to actually provide the funding required to supply the level of security that is needed in order to avoid these clashes in the first place, SWEEP THAT FACT UNDER THE RUG, OR AVOID ANY MENTION OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      As always, you use someone else’s writing or art work to create the faux intellectual message that you crave to portray.

      All the people you gleefully call “useful idiot”s du jour” are actually usefully intelligent people. Unlike you.

      You apparently cannot write an original thought, except to condemn those who are truly intellectually superior to you.

      To those you disparage, I have this to say.


      He knows that when he is involved in a battle of wits, he came to the battle with a severe handicap.

      He is, after all, truly an “Idiot Du Jour.” And not very useful.

      • jm… I’m pretty sure this one is copyrighted by the flies….. because the flies know.

        Have a nice day!

        “I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video,” – Barack Hussein Obozo lying to the world in his speech to UN General Assembly following the Benghazi attack

  7. Every wanna be President Republican uses any pretext to get media attention. Their shenanigans may empress Tea Party supporters but certainly not clear thinking Americans.

  8. Issa is the ultimate political hack. This guy was BRED to be a scum bag and relishes it. If he ain’t rich now, he will be in spades when he completes his thoroughly inept tenure in the House. His ultra rich buddies will take damn good care of this dirt bag whose sole purpose in politics is to trash the opposition AT ALL COSTS. What a low life. Principled my butt.

  9. What a surprise that PPP Poll came up with the results it did. A Democratic leaning pollster whose only clients are progressive organizations or Democratic campaigns.

    How about a question like this: If Clinton was told at 2am on Sept. 12 by Deputy Chief of Missions Gregory Hicks that it was a terrorist attack and at no time was it referred as anything else, not a spontaneous demonstration over a video before the attack. Even though Clinton continued to say it was a spontaneous mob over a video when she knew it was not for days and weeks after the fact. Can she be trusted as a public official?

    I think the Poll would really be different.

    • Sorry, mike. It won’t.

      She can absolutely be trusted as a public official. Unless you are an expert in international diplomacy, I’d be circumspect about trying to second-guess a diplomat in her choice of language — trying to simultaneously answer questions to the domestic press while not setting off the crazies in other nations. (I realize that the net effect was that she set off all the crazies in this nation; but they would have found something else to rant about, anyway.)

      • We will wait and see!!! “Her choice of words”, is a two way street, her words carry weight and and when the American people find out the words were a lie and an attempt to fool the American people and the families of those dead Americans, it will not go well for her. You seem to have forgotten the phone call with Hicks.

        This was home consumption only, forget this international baloney.

          • I never said foreign countries were not seeing or hearing what is published in US.
            It is still a wait and see if she still as the Trust of the American People when all is released or known.
            DRIP, DRIP, DRIP,

          • I’m so glad you sign your posts “DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.” Kind of defines you, doesn’t it?

          • No, they define the White House in crisis. A little more negative information each day. You can try and ignore the multiple scandals but they are real and will continue for the near future.

            I find it interesting on Monday we find the WH lawyer didn’t tell Obama about the results from the IG investigation and Obama goes out says he knew nothing about. Whose running the WH Loony Bin.

            Is Obama really “the Uninterested President” as the Washington Post, Dana Milbank wrote. Distant and disengaged. It looks like he likes the perks but not the messes.

            It looks like Obama’s idea of running a country is: see no evil, hear no evil. say no evil.

    • My understanding is: If you are being attacked by someone, how can you identify who they are if you are hiding at 2am in the dark!

      • Who was hiding? Hicks had talked to Stevens-just before he was murdered and said they were under attack. Shortly before the attack, Stevens had walked the Turkish Amb. to the front gate where the street was quiet-no demonstrators. Before 9/11 Stevens, CIA had sent memos that Benghazi was deteriorating. The British, The Red Cross had left, the consulate had two attacks-one bomb blew out the outside wall. So it was not a spontaneous mob over a you tube video.
        Lies and cove-up, just that simple.

    • Actually PPP poll was very close in the last election. The fact that you don;t like what they say doesn’t make them wrong.

      • Big difference from then and now. Media waking up, starting to ask tough questions from IRS abuse, to spying on the AP, and Benghazi.

        Ask questions like above and try to get the same answers. Any poll at any time can ask the question in a way to get the answer it wants to arrive at.

        PPP is a left leaning whose only clients are democrats/progressives. Have them ask the above question and see the answer you will get.

        Remember one of the Mothers of the Dead CIA men said Both Clinton and Obama looked her in the eyes and said it was the video. It was a lie then and still is.

        Obama either did a terrible thing with a coverup or is totally incompetent as a manager.

  10. Tell Mr. Huckabee that four died because a bunch of terrorists raided a diplomatic compound in a known-to-be-dangerous area of the world. Tell the GOP that there was insufficient security because Congress denied an increase in funding for State Department security. Tell Mr. Huckabee that the military was not prepared to mount a response-and-rescue from nine hours away.

    And someone tell Mr. Imhofe that Watergate was actual break-the-law burglary. Mr. Nixon knew of the plan and condoned it. THAT constitutes criminal behavior. Confused reports in the first hours, or even days, before a full analysis had been made on Benghazi, does NOT constitute a “cover-up”. And as far as the government “lying to the public” — I’m not sure (no, I’m not a lawyer or a constitutional expert) that there is ANYTHING in the legal code that says the government has to answer any and all questions about which any Tom, Jill, or Harry in the country wants to know the answers. Truthfully or otherwise. In these days of tight budgets government administrators have better things to do then hold press conferences for right-wing conspiracy addicts.

  11. An open message to the GOP leadership:

    Dear Dumbasses,

    I must tell you that I’ve been enjoying your Theater of the Absurd since 9/11. Well, not the whole time – you had me screaming at my TV for the first few years while Dubya and his band of merry assholes inexplicably gave Trillions to millionaires, created the Donut Hole to screw seniors, tossed our economy into the shitter, and invaded another country under false pretext so as to embroil us in an 8-year, totally pointless war.

    None of that was very amusing. In fact, truth be told, you had me voting for the other team beginning back in ’04.

    But I digress. The fun really started in 2010 when 50 million morons handed our House of Representatives (and a number of our Statehouses) over to the biggest bunch of looney-tunes we’ve seen in over 230 years. The zaniness they’ve foisted on us in these intervening three years has had me in stiches!!!

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say, please, please please keep doing what you’re doing, because the morons are finally starting to come around. They’re finally starting to see you for the collection of bigots and liars and cheats and sundry other dirtbags that you are. Keep it up.

    Cranky (PS – Go Sox!)

    • Well said but you know they don’t want to believe one word of it. The problem is that the president is not white but of the mix race and they can only see his dark skin and not the white. They want him to fail because by failing will mean that no other miniorties, including women will ever run and win the white house. He was not suppose to get elected and they still can’t figure it out. I remember when he was running the first time and the republicans right up to the day of the election were so sure that the majority of the american people was not going to elect him. When we did, that is when they went to reacting mode. The only planning they did was try to figure out how to get him to resign, retired or impeached. Nothing they did work and they are still in shock that he was reeclected again.

      Now they are bent on trying to get rid of him and make it so that Hillary won’t run but what they don’t realize is that the majority of the american people are not asleep and will keep making history of coming out to vote democrate.

      • I’m counting on them not believing… As long as they keep denying the facts, they’ll keep doing the stupid things they do day after day, which as I said above, is (1) immensely entertaining and (2) going to make the GOP irrelevent by 2016.

  12. I see this Benghazi stuff as a clever strategy to slow the Administration to a halt on all fronts.

    Oh, there surely is something here, but it is more on the order of poor judgement and is akin to a commanding officer on the field making a mistake in the order of battle literally. It sure isn’t impeachable.

    It looks like the Administration is making many strategic errors of late and they are handing the Republicans a WMD aimed in the Administrations direction.

    You can bet that this and the IRS issue will put an end to governance for at least 6 months and maybe a year. Of course, should more nonsense emerge, who knows.

    Some may not like this, but the three Branches are designed to be counters to one another, and so it goes.

  13. Their only other achievement although rather dubious is to repeal Obama care but offer no alternative. That was done 33 times and took precedence over a jobs bill, an energy policy, the sequester or any other piece of legislation. Does that sum it up?

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