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Saturday, February 24, 2018

We are ladies in waiting no more, gentlemen. Tired of traveling third class to the revolution.

Heroines Harriet Tubman, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul and Eleanor Roosevelt on the money herald the start of something big.

And by we I mean American women here now in 2016, voters from 18 to 98. Heck, count girls and babies; they inherit the new world being born and they can campaign, too. April brings Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

How sweet it is. A victory from sea to shining sea. Long time coming.

Dial back to 2008, the bittersweet spring when Clinton lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic primary, though she was far better seasoned. But who said the world was fair? Witnessing an American president break the color barrier one wintry day at high noon was breathtaking.

To be clear, Obama’s victory over Clinton turned a page in our oldest story. The historical theme is clear. Women are often expected to wait for their rights. Wait their turn for political power.

In 1776, Abigail Adams wrote to husband John a famous letter saying, “Remember the ladies” in the new republic. Did he listen to her? No. Though she warned, ladies might “foment a rebellion.”

In Philadelphia in 1776, Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence signers in that hall completely cut us out of their revolution’s documents. “All men are created equal” means what it says. Fourscore and seven years later, Abraham Lincoln expanded the phrase to mean black men. The founding fathers didn’t remember us.

As the Broadway hit musical, “Hamilton,” puts it, we weren’t in the room where it happened. Only one man in the Revolutionary generation believed in the rights of women: the truly talented Aaron Burr, Jefferson’s vice president. The man who dueled and slew Hamilton at sunrise on July 11, 1804. If not for the tragic duel, Burr might have become president and our struggle, our story, might have been different. Nobody knows.

The “Negro’s Hour” episode, however, could not be clearer. After working for the abolition of slavery for 30 years (1833-1863) women in the anti-slavery movement also created the women’s rights movement in 1848.

The first convention was held in Seneca Fall, New York, now a national historic site. It is to women what Philadelphia in 1776 was for men. Lucretia Mott, the Philadelphia Quaker champion of rights for slaves and women, was the main speaker. Frederick Douglass, abolitionist orator and publisher, was among hundreds in the throng. He urged Mott to make the vote one of the demands.

Hillary Clinton has visited Seneca Falls, as first lady and as senator from New York. She’s pretty perfect to take the past to present and future. The sisterhood’s fight for our rights is the march she’s on — and it’s not over.

Not Mott, not Susan B. Anthony, nor Elizabeth Cady Stanton — the three depicted in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda suffrage statue — lived to see the day women won the vote.

Here is where the earth shattered: In 1865, the Civil War’s political settlement extended voting rights and citizenship to black men only, excluding women.

The cut happened after women had worked for abolition and their own rights together. Republicans told women to wait, this was the “Negro’s Hour.” (Except Lincoln, who had died.) Even great Douglass sided with that political refrain.

The vote is the passport to democracy. Trouble was, history’s major change trains run only so often, and you have to catch one if you can. Here was the chance.

Suffrage took a long time coming, from 1865 to 1920. That’s two generations. The vote was never given, but taken over years from a grudging Southerner with three daughters — Woodrow Wilson.

Spirited Alice Paul changed the game by moving it from private to public, out on the streets of Washington. In vivid vigils and parades, “go ahead, arrest us,” was the template of her nonviolent resistance — and the police did, in the public eye. So much for ladylike. Like Mott, Paul was a “birthright” Quaker. She arrested national attention and sympathy for suffrage.

Anna Quindlen, the luminous novelist and journalist, stated that since serving as secretary of state since 2008, Clinton’s vast experience puts her at the top of the class of candidates — ever.

Our time is now. Ladies, we are waiting no more. There’s a train to catch to Philadelphia in July.

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Photo: Abigail Adams. Wikimedia Commons/ Gilbert Stuart.

40 Responses to We Are Waiting No More, Ladies: From Abigail to Hillary

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  1. There is no question but that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States and that will be a very good thing for this country. She has the rational intelligence, the temperament, and the qualifications in both domestic and foreign arenas. And that she as a woman is the most competent candidate is just all that much better.

      • well, since she has committed no crime, my guess is she will NOT be going to prison. It is only the blathering RWNJ’s that carry on about prison. And don’t forget the TRIAL for T-Rump starts in July.

          • my guess is that you will be very disappointed when she is NOT indicted and does;t go to prison. I realize Faux no-News tells you she is on her way to be sent away, but after 25 years in law enforcement, I can tell you her attorneys would be VERY aware of upcoming indictments, she would NOT have run for president and put herself in a bad position. Unlike many of the idiots in the G.O.P. Hillary has been “investigated” in every manner for 30 years and knows what’s up. So you can relax, as she will be our next POTUS!!

          • It won’t put one cent if my pocket if she does or doesn’t go to prison. I have no doubt Hillary believes she is above the law. Someone that has been investigated for over 30 years is doing something wrong. Her history is very very suspect. Her attorneys may be aware of a coming indictment. They are not going to tell you or me one way or another. I know the FBI doesn’t do security reviews as Hillary has said, they investigate possible federal crimes. The have many resources committed to this and I believe they are getting every one of their ducks in a row before making any request for indictment.

  2. Am with ladies this time. Without my mum, who is a lady, I wouldn’t be on earth. I love very much my mum, I respect her a lot, so I do the same to other ladies. This is the way I was brought up. Wake up all ladies, fight for yourselves first and you will get our full support.

  3. I ordered my Woman’s Card yesterday. I am 70 and born into a family of VERY strong women. There are more of us, we are more educated and are actually genetically superior to men. So it is well beyond our time to take the power that is rightfully ours. Men have just screwed everything up. Time to sit down, guys.

    • This is one of THE most sexist posts I have ever read. And considering how many misogynists I’ve locked horns with, that’s saying something.

      • Oh, darn…did I behave like a man? I keep forgetting how very superior men have behave for the last few thousand years. Now pull up your big boy panties and get ready tree some serious changes. Most of us are really tired of being relegated to the back seat. I neither know how to type or make coffee.

        • Then where the hell where you last election? Why were you not campaigning for Stein. Was she not woman enough for you? I deal with people, not sexes. I leave that to bigots like you. As for the coffee? I’m picky and you’d mess it up and I’m pretty sure I can type faster than you can with less mistakes. Why? Because I’m just that good. And that has to do with MY ability and YOUR lacking. NOT your sex or gender.

          • I campaigned for Hillary in 2008, and I continue to do so. I really don’t care what you think of me. I have been a strong woman from day one, and you bet you sure as hell do NOT want to drink any coffee I make. Even my husband makes his own. And as I said, I DO NOT TYPE! My Mom was an educated woman who always worked and told me never to learn, so I listened. Sorry if you think I’m a bigot, but I just got worn out hearing misogynist men carry on about how we need to “earn” equality. I am educated, and except that I am now old, can do what most men do. I spent my career in law enforcement, and NOT as a clerk, raised kids on my own, so I don’t need to EARN anything.

          • Yeah, you do. When you come out with sexist supremacist bull like you did here, you have to earn the right not to be mocked.
            I don’t CARE what you’ve been through, who did what to you or how many emotional scars you have from it. I didn’t do chit to you and I’m not going to take the blame OR the abuse for it simply because you think my balls are punching bags.
            You don’t know anything about me other than I’m male. You don’t know my age, color, orientation or religion. Why? Because they don’t matter. And yet you attack me and claim superiority to me based only on sex.
            How is this any different from what you claim has been done to you?
            You don’t want me to treat you like a bigot who has earned nothing? Fine. Quit being one.
            I really don’t have time for a bitter worn out emotionally damaged person like you. You’re set in your ways and have forgotten what reason and logic are.
            We’re done.

          • WOW! I had no idea you were a psychiatrist. bwahahahahahahahahahah! I am far from bitter, damaged, or carrying emotional scars. I am a happy female who has actually had a damn good life. I don’t care what sex you are and why on earth you think anyone cares what you think. All I am saying is that it is time for a change. And change is coming. Now go settle down, make yourself a cup of coffee. I have things to do…my old man is out of socks and I think I left everything in the dryer, because I just didn’t feel like folding…

        • Oh and you aren’t behaving like a man, just like a certain part of our anatomy. Seems you have a lot of experience with that.

    • Every stick of lumber, every steel beam, every inch of cooper wire was harvested, mined, and put into place in both your home and the office by a man. Every piece of sheet metal in your car was forged by a man. Every cubic foot of natural gas heating your home and every gallon of gasoline that that takes you where you want to go was taken out of the ground and delivered to you by a man. You want us to sit down? Enjoy the new Stone Age.

    • WOW, I’m a woman born into a family of very strong & educated women but never in my life would I profess such a sexist comment. With respect to the three brilliant boys I gave birth to and the many equally wonderful men and women I’ve known in this lifetime, I could never even fathom how an “educated” person could make such a sexist statement. For someone who has spent time campaigning for Hillary, believe me, statements such as the one you made above is certainly not going to garner support for Hillary.

  4. I am a 56 year old woman, have voted Democrat my entire adult life and have waited for the day there would be a woman president but I’m willing to wait for a woman that is better for America than Hillary. She has already been a disaster for America, for the environment, for low income families, for minorities, for women, for LGBT, for the millions she has placed in harms way with her horrendous “mistakes” (Hillary’s words, not mine) in Iraq, Syria, Honduras, Haiti, etc, etc. Then she repeatedly dares to laugh at these mistakes that have cost lives. The American people can’t afford the mistakes she is so readily willing to make. Her foreign policy has made the world less safe. It is not a place we can afford to make more mistakes. Her lack of foresight and judgement, whether for her support of the Iraq war, support of NAFTA, TPP, fracking, keystone pipeline, crimes bill, $12 minimum wage, or for her arms deals with the Middle East are not the lack of foresight or judgement we can afford to take by placing her in the highest position in the world. Her history has proven what a disaster she is. I have always voted Democrat but if she wins the nomination, she will definitely not have my vote. I don’t need a first female president that bad.

    • How has she been a disaster for minorities , women and girls? . She was a very good Sec of State and is respected by all world leaders who are not despots. I’m not sure where you are getting your info. I have been following her for quite a while, and she is noted to be extremely hard working and takes her responsibilities seriously. At least she’s able to admit her mistakes and learn from them. Something that should be admired in politicians.

      • Where do I start? There is lots of homework, reading and research to do if you really want to know more.

        Let’s start with how she’s been a disaster for minorities, women and girls. The crime bill and welfare reform bill in the 1990’s that she supported and advocated for was disastrous for minorities, single mothers, children and low income families. A quick Google will give you all kinds of info.

        Her treatment of women doesn’t start or end with what she did to the many woman that her husband sexually assaulted. Their stories and the harassment they received are only the tip of the iceberg. The most horrifying example is in the mid 70’s when she defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl. In Hillary’s written affidavit, she accused this 12 year old girl of being “emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” This case is not disgusting enough with what Hillary did to this 12 year old girl, Hillary then proceeded to dare laugh about it in a taped interview… she laughed how the defendant passed a lie-detector test and then stated it “forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” when she knew he was guilty.

        Hillary is respected by world leaders only because she is a very willing “pay to play” diplomat. Her Clinton foundation has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from numerous leaders in numerous countries and these countries miraculously received arms trade agreements and various other political favors approved by Secretary of State, Clinton. The relationship of her donors to her charity fountain and her role as Secretary of State is downright scary. She will sell out any country including the US for the right amount of money. These relationships of political favors in exchange for donations to her Clinton Foundation are being revealed as a result of the numerous emails that were on her private server. Just one example…

        “During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made weapons transfers to the Saudi government a “top priority,” according to a new report published in The Intercept. While Clinton’s State Department was deeply invested in getting weapons to Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the weapons manufacturer Boeing. Christmas presents were being gifted all around.” see…

        And then we have political favors she gives to her friends in exchange for donations. One of the most recent tragedies is the federal indictment of her friend, Dr Margaret Hamburg, the former FDA commissioner. How did Dr Hamburg get the job where she ended up with federal charges of racketeering, conspiracy and colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers which was responsible for many deaths? “Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg was nominated as a result of huge political and other gratuities to Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, and at Mrs. Clinton’s recommendation.” Yes, Dr Hamburg and her husband donated to Clinton’s in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 in exchange for her appointment as the FDA commissioner. But what’s worse is she illegally approved drugs where her husband, Peter F Brown, benefited to the tune of over $100 million as a direct result of these drugs’ approvals. For specific details, see…

        Yes, it is wonderful when someone is willing to admit to their mistakes but at some point, they should learn from those mistakes and stop making them. If I had an employee who repeatedly and admittedly made numerous mistakes that was ruining my business, I certainly am not going to give that employee a promotion of Supervisor.

        • Thank you for the info. I’m well aware that Hillary is not squeaky clean. Most likely everyone in the highest levels of gov’t has issues. However, I will do more reading and keep an opened mind. Thanks for the links.

          • Really latebloominggrandma, that is the best you can do (read and keep an open mind) . And I agree, most everyone in the highest level of gov’t has issues. Even Obama (whom I love) admitted in one of his books how the influence of large corporation donors, the pressures of accepting those donations and the pressures from establishment politicians has made it near impossible for him not to compromise his ethics/principals. I suppose that is why I so strongly support Bernie (and Elizabeth Warren, I wish she was in the race) -because in his over 30 years as a public servant, he had stayed committed to his beliefs.

          • Yes, that is the best I can do. I like Bernie, but his agenda has zero chance of getting through this Congress. We are probably stuck with a Republican House due to the crooked gerrymandering in 30 plus states. He has not shown to be one who compromises. If we can get the Senate back and elect more like him and Warren, we might have a chance.
            For the record, I supported Obama over Clinton in 2008.

        • Well, since FACTS matter, here goes. In the defense of the child rapist, she has said she never wanted to take the case, but when you are a public defender YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. As for laughing, the article is VERY clear. She was laughing when she said that since he passed the lie detector test it forever destroyed her faith in the tests. As for what her husband did, REALLY? You are going to blame Hillary? I don’t give a rat’s behind who you vote for, but please don’t sound so misinformed. I have listened to misinformed “voters” who are members of the Tea Party. I never expected it from the left. But, the bottom line is Hillary is going to be the president.

          • Yes, Patricia, facts do matter. She was not forced to take that case, it was offered her and she felt it was a good opportunity as a fledgling defense attorney. And you can judge for yourself in regards to her laughing about that case. The video of the interview is very disturbing but that might depend on how you feel about a 41 year old adult man raping a twelve year old little girl. But there is enough info out there for you to judge for yourself, both in defense of Clinton’s defense and in objecting to it.

            As for what her husband did, she played a very active role. Again it is a “judge for yourself” opinion. Me, I hate to think I would have gone through the lengths that Clinton did in protecting his hide. I think I would have chosen divorce over supporting and defending him. But again, you get to judge for yourself. My judgement- It all points to lack of integrity, morality and justice. This is what is coming down the pike if she wins the nomination…

            There is no excuse to not being informed unless you choose not to. The information is there… pro and con. You just have to choose to read it and judge for yourself if you think the numerous skeletons in her closet is worth the risk.

          • There are numerous reasons that wives choose to stay with husbands who have wronged them. The fact of the matter is that the only people who really know what goes on in a marriage are the 2 people who are in it.

          • Marta: For a liberal, you should know better than to site World Net Daily and Jerome freakin’ Corsi! Completely unreliable!

          • Actually, I read info from all sides…extreme right, extreme left and moderate. It is the only way to really get a clear idea of what the truth really is. And I agree that I don’t see wnd as a credible news source (although Kathleen Willey’s accusations are nothing new). I would put wnd as being more disturbing than credible. But the only reason I posted that source is to point out that this is just a small sample of what we are up against if Hillary is the nominee. Doesn’t matter who the nominee is, you best be aware of what the opposition is going to throw into it and be prepared. The only reason why Obama did so well in both elections is because as much as they tried to dig up dirt, the best they could come up with was the birther issue which was repeatedly proven false. BTW, the very first person to bring up the birther issue on Obama was Hillary.

          • I thought I already responded to this but guess I forgot to post it. Actually I read everything…extreme right, extreme left, moderate. It is really the only way to truly get the “truth.” It is also very important to understand what you have to face with your opposition. But I have to agree, WND is not a “news” source I view as credible (more like disturbing). The only reason I posted the above WND article is to point out that this is the kind of opposition Hillary is going to have to answer to if she is the nominee (although Kathleen Willey’s accusations are nothing new).

            It is interesting to note that the reason Obama did so overwhelmingly well in both elections is because the opposition just couldn’t come up with any dirt on him, as hard as they tried. The best they could come up with was the birther issue which was repeatedly proven false. (Which, btw, Hillary was the very first one who brought up the birther issue on Obama).

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  5. This article in a nutshell: Hillary “deserves” to be POTUS because she’s a women. Period.
    Wrong. If you want a woman in the WH then convince one that will actually do the job and has earned the trust of the people. Elizabeth Warren comes to mind.
    Hillary Clinton has not, does not, and will not EVER be the person for that job.
    Saying she is simply because she’s a woman is sexist.

    • AND she will be POTUS! I thoroughly disagree with you & feel you are entitled to your opinion. Practice saying Madam President.”

      • No. The general election isn’t here yet. And for the record, she’s no better than Trump and I already KNOW what kind of crazy I’m going to have to deal with him. Shrillary? She’s saying whatever she thinks you want to hear to get your vote. And the sheep are stupid enough to buy it. (I bet you bought one of those stupid cards, didn’t you?)
        And where were you last election when Jill Stein was running? Where was your nazi feminizm then? This is a woman who walked right into the presidential debates as a presidential candidate and was arrested and removed from the property for trespassing and disturbing the peace.
        Partisan, sexist, hypocrite. That’s three strikes hon, yer outta here.

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