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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Four words of advice for African-Americans in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal:

Wake the hell up.

The Sunday after Zimmerman went free was a day of protest for many of us. From Biscayne Boulevard in Miami to Leimert Park in Los Angeles, to the Daley Center in Chicago to Times Square in New York City, African-Americans — and others who believe in racial justice — carried out angry, but mostly peaceful, demonstrations.

Good. This is as it should have been.

But if that’s the end, if you just get it out of your system, then move ahead with business as usual, then all you did Sunday was waste your time. You might as well have stayed home.

We are living in a perilous era for African-American freedom. The parallels to other eras have become too stark to ignore.

Every period of African-American advance has always been met by a crushing period of pushback, the crafting of laws and the use of violence with the intent of eroding the new freedoms. Look it up:

The 13th Amendment ended slavery. So the white South created a convict leasing system that was actually harsher.

The 14th Amendment guaranteed citizenship. So the white South rendered that citizenship meaningless with the imposition of Jim Crow laws.

The 15th Amendment gave us the right to vote; it was taken away by the so-called “grandfather clause.” The Supreme Court struck that down, so the white South relied on literacy tests and poll taxes to snatch our ballots all over again.

Our history is a litany: two steps forward, one step back.

The civil rights movement was the greatest step forward since emancipation. So we ought not be surprised to see voting rights eroded again, the Civil Rights Act attacked, the so-called “war on drugs” used for the mass incarceration of black men. Or to see the killing of an unarmed child deliver a message as old as the Constitution itself: Black life is worth less.

We are in another period of pushback. And worse, we don’t even seem to know.

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  1. thank you, i was waiting for a call to action. It saddens me that it took Trayvon Martin’s death to stir it. But this would be a great way to honor Trayvon, and others who also died senselessly.

  2. For me, the outcome of this trial has more to do with the disparity of the skills shown by the prosecution and the defense team, the influence of money, and the almost exclusive focus on the “injuries” sustained by the defendant rather than the fact that a young teenager was shot at point blank range by a vigilante.
    Having said that, there is no question that a debate on “race” (ethnic) relations is desperately needed if we are to solve the social problems that continue to afflict our society and undermine our ability to move forward. One of the first things I would do, which may seem minor by most Americans, is get rid of the categorization of ethnicity in all government forms. Does it really matter where our ancestry is from? People must be treated equally and respectfully, based on their deeds and contributions to society, rther than their complexion.
    The only reason the Trayvon Martin tragedy took place is the fact that George Zimmerman targeted him as a suspect because he was a young black male. Period. Had the kid walking home in the dark been a white teenager, this would not have happened. Trayvon Martin was not engaged in criminal or suspicious activities when he was followed, and ultimately shot, he was walking home with an iced tea and a bag of Skittles in his hands.
    Incredibly, GZ aficionados are now circulating a faux toxicology report indicating that Trayvon Martin had been taking powerful drugs (I can’t remember the name) that cause the addict to become violent. According to the coroner’s report the only thing found were traces of cannabis (marijuana), which is already legal in some states in the Union, and which causes lethargy rather than aggressive behavior. How come nobody is talking about the restraining orders filed by two of GZ former girlfriends, who accused him of physical abuse?
    Not surprisingly, President Obama is being blamed for inciting violence because he said prior to the start of the trial that TM could have been his kid!
    Regardless of what happens next and how elusive a satisfactory outcome may be, peaceful demonstrations must be the norm and the best way to honor the memory of a dead teenager.

    • Repealing “Stand Your Ground” laws is a good place to begin attending to the many problems the Trayvon Martin cast highlighted (along with laws that place more restrictions on gun ownership, like one that says only real police are allowed to walk around with their guns cocked like Zimmerman did). “Stand Your Ground” helped the defense and gave cover to a while jury of individuals to whom the world of Trayvon Martin seemed foreign.

      Given the composition of the jury and the failure to have anyone on it who came from the Martin family’s life experience, it seems impossible that garden variety xenophobia did not play a role in the outcome of the trial. I mystified by the judge’s decision not to allow the topic of race to be discussed in court while trying this the case as well as her decision not to allow all of the tapes of George Zimmerman’s callls to non-emergency and 911 (I think there were 46 and she allowed 6). Zimmerman’s vigilanteism as well as his overt racism was concealed from the jury, who seem as though they did not wish to see it anyway.

      Perhaps an effort to convince this particular jury in Seminole County weakened the case of a prosecution team already undermined by shoddy police work the night of Trayvon Martin’s murder and their own decision to allow their “client” to remain a figurehead rather than an individual. The weakness of the prosecution in this case is perhaps also a result of 95% of criminal cases in this country being decided by plea bargains, a topic discussed usefully by law professor Thane Rosenbaum in his April 5, 2013, article about the importance of revenge in the Chronicle Review. Justice is meted out via plea bargaining rather than trials, leaving the prisons are full of people–profiled and disenfranchised without proper representation–just grateful to have gotten a “deal.”

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          • Fern, believe me, my concern for you can be measured in microgiveashits. And you’re not keeping up. Seriously, I expect more from my puppets. If you’re going to dance for me, you could at least put a little effort into it.

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          • We’ll see about that . . . or rather, I will. You won’t, as I suspect that given your profound personality disorders and anger control issues, your future is rather limited.

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          • Hey, you’re the one screaming and throwing poo . . . which, sadly, seems to be your sole method of social interaction.

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          • Suuure. Well, I’ll see. You won’t. Personally, my attitude is that I intend to live forever, or die trying.


          • This bigot is no longer in the closet…Time to chew his bigotry up and spit it out …on his Confederate flag…This good ole good ole boi just cain’t seem to step into 2013…He’s too busy whistling Dixie and having his free slave labor make profits he can’t make for himself.

          • What an ignorant and racist comment! Grow up if you have something to say, state it as an adult not some child.

        • Unfortunately, Stand Your Ground Law has been passed by, at last count, the following 16 states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah. This law voids the part of self-defense laws regulating the use of excessive force and declares it’s unimportant who started the fight. IMO, this law doesn’t support law-and-order, it destroys the law.

          In the GZ & TM case, this meant that GZ could stalk TM with impunity. So when TM objected or mouthed-off and they got in a fight, GZ was within his legal rights to pull a gun and kill the unarmed TM.

          • Yes I Know And Means More Killing!! But Until This Country Stop Electing These NRA Owned Thugs In Offices The Number Of States Will Only Will Become More With The Stand Your Own Ground Laws!!! 🙁

      • Race wasn’t one of the charges against Zimmerman, so it wasn’t discussed in court. If Holder files charges, race may then be one of the charges and will qualify for court discussion.

        • Good question, CPA. I stated at the end of the first paragraph of my post, the case was decided by “a white jury of individuals to whom the world of Trayvon Martin seemed foreign.” Xenophobia is two Greek words, “phobia” familiar to us all as meaning “fear of” and “xeno” meaning stranger. I use this term to refer to the basis of what might otherwise be called garden variety racism, though it also includes the concept of racial animus and tribal thinking.

          • You used the wrong word and the jury was composed of five white women and one black woman.

          • We can all have different opinions, but those of us who want to be respected on this comment thread, consider the English language as facts. So you fail your verbal, but pass the arithmetic test.

            Many who think the jury reached a biased decision are aware that a blended race member, one of six, does not mean that the xenophobic views of someone like juror B37 did not prevail. She sided with GZ from the beginning, no matter what was said in the trial. I am one of many who thinks whites in the U.S. refuse to understand how blacks are systematically discriminated against, especially within the judicial system.

            The Civil Rights Movement was initiated by too many trials like this one: a white jury in the South acquits a defendant who obviously committed a crime, or a guilty white defendant(s) was convicted and a white judge converted the decision to “time served,” or overturned it. Since President Obama’s election to office the number of hate groups within the U.S. has increased almost twofold, according to statistics kept by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the authority on racist groups of all kinds. Good luck with defending the decision in the Trayvon Martin case and pretending we no longer have a culture permeated by xenophobia.

        • One proof of “overt racism” that the judge did not permit into evidence are 46 non-emergency calls by George Zimmerman, the erstwhile neighborhood watchman, in which he often refers to blacks using the same disrespectful terms he used in the 911 call played over and over during the trial. The judge permitted the prosecution to use only six of these. So most of it was not made available to the jury. I am sure, however, that the FBI has access to all of this evidence.

          • The judge also blocked jurors from seeing text messages from Trayvon Martin’s cellphone about fighting and guns. Like one from a lady friend; “Babe, why you always fighting?” or from another friend; “You need to stop fightin, for real,” I think we all know who threw the first punch. Zimmerman broke the basic rule of defense; never allow a perceived threat inside arms length. I think there are still legitimate cases of racism, but this is not one of them and will only serve to minimize the public’s awareness of a real case.

          • Many racists keep forgetting that it was George Zimmerman who was on trial, not Trayvon Martin.

          • Most racists & non-racists alike have NOT forgotten who was on trial. That’s more misinformation on your part. Why let the facts get in the way of a good story, huh? I got most of my information from “the sage from South Central” Larry Elder, an attorney who believes Trayvon’s state of mind was very relevant to the case. After all, the only “overt racism” was displayed by Martin.

          • Larry Elder, a talk-show host who never “let the facts get in the way of a good story,” that’s your source? Try to be serious.

          • My source is the evidence. Unlike you I made my verdict only AFTER I saw & heard the evidence. I thought for sure they had some ballistic evidence that showed the range was too great to call it self defense. But they had nothing but a wannabe cop & a wannabe street thug that met on a dark, rainy night…..a perfect scenario. My son & I were watching the NBA all star game while Trayvon was out fightin again. As for Elder, his parents never taught him & his brother how to play cards.

      • Karen…On the mark…Today’s Twerpies have about as much class as would fit in the eye of a needle. Class isn’t class’s about integrity, common decency and an inbred sense of right and wrong.

    • When I Heard That The Police Told Zimmerman Not To Follow That Young Man Made Me Know Zimmerman Was Looking For Trouble!!!! 🙁 I Hope The Martin Family Sue The Hell Out Of His Ass And Maybe He Will Then Do Something Stupid Like The Juice And Get His Ass Locked Up For The Rest Of His Life!!! 🙂

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          • I sometimes make love to them, so does that count? Nurses do it for the money and you know it. I know many nurses and they get paid for working twelve hours shifts, so they work for the money just like everyone else except those that don’t work and we support them, but that’s another Blog. They work 12 hours and rest 12 hours, so I should know because I have dated many of them and someone like Fern I would never date because she is insane as can be.

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            Have a nice day!

            “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made Fern Woodfork the crack ho.” ― Mark Twain, Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World

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          • Apparently they didn’t teach English at the school of nursing you attended. Can you ever form a complete sentence? You need to spend more time “nursing” and less time tea bagging yourself Ferny – after reading your previous posts it would seem that you may be the only person on the planet who can bend over further than obozo. Careful you don’t scrape your knuckles on the ground while trolling have a great day puddin’ pop!!!!

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          • Fern, I think there is a better than even chance that tax player and infadiddler are the same troll.

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          • Apparently your powers of discernment don’t extend to recognizing writing styles, which are quite apparent to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. I suppose that explains your confusion . . .

          • That’s very nice, Fern. Now be a good little girl and run along while the grownups have a conversation . . .

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          • Since you corrupt a quotation by Twain, keep in mind that most of the readers here automatically substituted Obozo for Fern. I know it is scary, but we are capable of doing that mentally.

            And as always, Obama is not going anywhere until 2017. So keep wasting your limited brain cells on racist hate. It actually has the direct opposite effect of what you intended.

          • That comment ,and the one that caused the knee-jerk response, are so uplifting and insightful. To see “Obozo,,,” and “taxpayer” re-united, as lovers of old, is a “Hallmark” moment. Go forth, the two of you, and rid us of the satanic forces that assail America.
            Just saying.

          • Careful, telling those two to rid America of satanic forces, sounds like you are suborning suicide.

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          • I agree with you Fern. The sooner the better. With guys like the Bozo or the Pottytime or the crack player. What really saddens me, we could have all gotten along and treated each people with a little respect. Then we could have walked into the future, together. I know it is harder than it sounds, but we could have tried. Instead, we are trying to hurt and piss-off as many people as we can while we are on our way – OUT. They cannot see that nothing ever stays the same. It can’t and it is not healthy. I do not think we will be missed. In fact we will be in for a rough ride. Hopefully, I won’t last long enough to see it hit the fan. What a f*ck*n shame.

            Guess what, I am still jawing with old Michael Stoll (bikey) over on that Rick Perry post. I post to his sh*t at night and then the next evening he will stir it all up again. I told him it would not stop, but he if he would agree that both of us would quit, and it would be done. He won’t. You won’t believe the sh*t he is talking about. I think in a couple more days he will be back in the Lakeshore nut house.

            If I don’t hear from you again, have a good night. I am sure there will be more stooopid from this crowd tomorrow.

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          • Don’t you two sleep in the same bed? Just saying since it seems you are both in love with each other. So, why Good Night?

          • I heard your Mother had you, when she was 10 years old. So, that makes you 10 years old right now and I believe it with the way you act. Is your mother younger than you? Ha, Ha, Ha.

          • I am civil and friendly, to civil and friendly people, especially when they are reasonable. I am uncivil and unfriendly, uncivil and unfriendly people, especially when they are chronic liars. I wonder who that would be? Hmmm?

            Like I told you before, I only bully, bullies. I despise nuisance disruptors that bring nothing to the table.

            At least, I am not in bed with Pottyhead and bikejerk, like you are. What an un-Godly trio that is. I threw that in because I a “God fearing, Atheist” like you would appreciate it. That is another question, what are you really? You change to fit the needs of your latest disruption and I know that nothing you say is likely to be true.

          • I am going to say what Fern says all the time to everyone that comments about something that doesn’t concern her. ” Stop Talking To Me “. See, how stupid it looks because she thinks everyone that comments is talking to her and in reality they are just expressing their opinions such as you, and me and others in this Blog. I don’t care for her until she realizes she has a filthy mouth and I am not like that, but do it to make her mad since she must be mad about something in her Life. Maybe her Butch left her for a Man. Ask her.

          • BUT usually you are directly addressing her when you do so. She does have the same rights that you claim to have. Or do you see yourself as special. You do not need to answer as I already know the truth whether you deny or not.

            If I were as offended as you, I would find a different venue. After watching your hare-brained posts, your lying, and bullying, AND the rudeness that you blame everyone else for, but won’t admit for yourself, you are wasting your time expecting any sympathy from me. Like most right-wankers, you want those you think are unworthy to go away and die. Of course, you are more valuable. We both know that you have been a worthless wanker your entire life.

            You had a chance, but downing everything decent in the world as “liberal” does not make any friends, except with the other wackjobs. Your mob of morons has made a word into an enemy. Look up “liberal.” Liberal is a very good word and represents improvement and hope for the human condition. All you want is what you can get for nothing. Doesn’t that make you a member of the untermensch that you so dearly despise.

          • Yawn! You made me sleepy, but I have to go and laugh at the poor people getting their free food at the store. Their obese children walking behind them as obese as the parents. What a life and you pay for their food, if you still work.

          • I’m satisfied. I guess you need a little R&R before you get into any lying fits.

            But you know, you are one sick little b*st*rd. You really do hate your fellow human beings.

          • Not me because they should have aborted all those children had they not intended to provide for them.

          • You are one sick, evil, hypocritical animal. You may not realize, but I understand you completely.

            I will tell you a little secret. Christians drove me away from Christianity. Yet, sick sh*t like you have prevented me from embracing Atheism. The absolute evil you represent makes me hope that God does exist. That maybe someday, he will get back into practice and send a ball of fire up your a**. All through eternity. Like Hitler or Stalin, I cannot feel comfortable that pure evil can exist with impunity with no hope justice.

            Of course, a miserable b*st*rd like you must really be a popular guy. So please go out in the street and get hit by one of those “welfare cadillacs” that your little pea brain has dreamed up. That way we will have a little more SS for someone that actually needs and deserves it.

          • I don’t need it ( SS ) right now, but I paid into it all the years that I worked. I actually save that money and use only my Pension to pay our bills since it’s more than my SS and my SS is quite a sum, but not as much as my Pension. I do tax work on the side for people that are too scared to do it themselves and I am referring about Professionals ( not ) low income people. I am a different person, when I am not here with people like you and Fern, so there is no way you can Judge a Book by the Cover unless you wrote it yourself. I don’t care to be your friend, so buzz off.

          • Glad to hear. Of course, you are exactly the evil bastard I have described you as. Here, and elsewhere. You just don’t let your clientele see you as you are.

            You seem to think that everybody that disagrees with you is poor, worthless, and stupid. You brag constantly about your pensions. Your tidy sums. You talk like a guy that has zero moral and ethical worth. You are envious of those that have nothing. You are not a man at peace with yourself. The closest and fastest way to describe you is: Scrooge, before his epiphany. If it isn’t money, it has no worth. Of course, an individual that thinks like that has no worth to society. You will just die alone with a crowd of a thousand onlookers that just want to see that you are really dead. Your nothing but a low grade gangster that never had the balls to excel in your natural field.

            I really doubt that you are even that well off. This seems to be the only entertainment that you have. Being a bastard does not appeal to me as enjoyable. That is, unless I am rolling a real bastard and bully that seriously deserves it. So as far as being my friend, how did you ever get that idea. I just said we would naturally be friends, if you were not such a dick. It was not an offer, but an observation. Of course, with your arrogance and ignorance, you think the whole world is about you. Sorry, it isn’t. . . .

          • I am not rich, but have enough to not beg for food, so isn’t that what every man should do ( not beg ) and earn their keep. I don’t read your Rat Book, but I have a feeling somewhere in that Rat Book it may have something about ( doing for yourself ) and not expect others to do it for you. I don’t care about you either so that makes us quite even. Don’t you think so.

          • No, not really. You keep putting on airs that you are special, you keep lying, you twist words and spin facts. I just keep busting your chops for the low-life behavior you exhibit.

            Where do you keep getting that I ever mentioned caring for you. I despise you. How many times and different ways do you need to hear it. I just do not naturally judge people in a harsh manner. I give everyone the benefit of a doubt. I can get along with anyone that treats me and others decently. Of course, that means I am automatically an enemy of liars and bullies. So I guess that makes you one of the exceptions.

            As you have pointed out yourself, treating others with respect is not for you. I am guessing that the only exception is money. Then you will kiss a**.

            What in blazed is a Rat Book? Another of your sick fantasies, I suppose? You should really read some of the disjointed crap you post. Are you talking about Dickens? You would probably be the only idiot in the country to not have read the book or seen one of the movies. Otherwise, your crap seems meaningless, though I understand the gibe you are TRYING to make.

          • I admit that I was formerly very familiar with that book, but I not read it in years. Many years.

            Where do you get your freaky ideas from anyway? I think you are stir-fried crazy sometimes. Maybe, that is why you think you are supposed to be welcome here. Delusional. You seem to either confuse posters (Early Onset Dementia?) or you are seeing visions(Schizophrenia). As well, you have Paranoid Delusions of Grandeur. That is well known. However, it does not matter to me which illness is the principal cause of your deficiencies and phobias. It is enough for me to merely call you “nuts.”

          • You Are The Same Old Racist Rat Bastard Everywhere You Go !! You Are Not Fooling Nobody But Yourself!!

          • And, like I predicted to Fern, “there will be more stooopid from that crowd tomorrow.” Glad to see you are always trying to please me, by making me happy. But no thanks, I am not into that. You still have Potty and bike. Maybe, Bozo will show up and you can make it a foursome. You could pair up and play some rummy afterwards. . . .

          • When President Truman integrated the armed forces, the KKK put out a contract on him. He went to a KKK meeting and said, “I am not afraid of you cowards in white sheets.” Cowards in white sheets fits them to a T party.

          • And That’s Just What These Old Senile KKK Members Trolls Are Here On This Web Site A Bunch Of Cowards Hiding Behind Their Computers!!!

        • But then, he will own nothing the rest of his life. He will never own a business. At least not a business where he can declare an income. He will never own a house, and will find it difficult to own a car. With his lack of education and skills, except in murder, he will find himself unmarketable in the current and foreseeable job market. Additionally, he will have no credit, because he cannot obtain an income. He will wind up on SNAP, that his allies like you will do away with. Go figure.

          Keep in mind that punitive damages cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. So there will be no escape. Remember, the rules of evidence are different in a civil trial. Ziphead will have to show cause as to why he is not guilty of a civil charge. He will be finished. As well, in most states, a unanimous decision is not required. A holdout cannot sway the jury in many cases.

          At least, with OJ, no one could actually say what really took place, and look what happened to him. We know Zimmerboy did this killing and how.

          • With his lack of education and skills except in murder I am sure he will find employment in the dem party. Killing was ok for Ted Kennedy. Speaking of racists, are you related to the late Robert Byrd? He wore a type of “hoodie” also. Yeah! But ya forgave him for being in the KKK but crucify Paula Dean for admitting she used the bad N word decades ago. Pfffffft! Pathetic

          • A totally off-topic troll. What does any of your spiel have to do with the topic at hand. Wrong is guess what, wrong! Talking about ancient history does not address the current topic. What is it with you people. When a topic comes up that you can’t be involved with in a reasonable manner, you just disrupt and talk about something else. As well, since you have intentionally attempted to corrupt my posting, but have avoided my informed opinions, I can only assume that you tacitly agree with me. As such, you are pathetic and I owe you no further reply. As your kind’s motivation always seems to revolve around winning, I must inform you that: YOU LOSE!

          • whatever!!!!! maybe the “nurse” ferny can bandage your knuckles as i am sure you scrape them while walking upright occasionally have a nice day russy

          • I watched an interview with one of OJ’s jurors after he lost the civil trial. The juror said if they had had the same evidence, they would have convicted him. They can’t suppress evidence in a civil trial.

      • and you are using the talking points that have been shown and proven not to be the case.

        And why are you trying to defend a person that was putting a whoop ass on another human being.

        • I’m Not Defending Nobody I Just Said Zimmerman Must Have Been Getting His Butt Whooped In Order For Him To Shoot Trayvon!!!! He Shouldn’t Have Been Following Him In The First Place!!! How You Like Somebody Follow You???

          • if you had seen the photos that the prosecution was hiding from the defense you would have seen a person that had been pummeled into a bloody mess.

            And if you happened to see the diagram of the event you would have seen that Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle, and that Trayvon had decided to come back and administer a beating because as he girl friend said he was going to whoop ass because Zimmerman was in her mind gay person.

            And again if you saw the diagram of the incident and the area, Trayvon came back to initiate the incident.

            So stop the nonsense and the talking points about stalking. Zimmerman was doing nothing illegal, and he wasn’t stalking he reported a problem to the police and was returning to his vehicle when he was attacked.

            Now facts, and evidence might be foreign to you, but they are important in a court of law

          • Did You See That Hole Zimmerman Put In Trayvon Heart??? Please Talk To Someone Else!!!!! PLEASE Cause All You Doing Is Wasting Your Time Talking To Me!!!!! It Was Murder Plain And Simple!! He Had No Business Following Him!!! Good Bye!!

          • He wasn;t following him, Trayvon came back from an area of safety to attack him.

            It wasn’t murder, it was self defense.

            And yes that is what happens when a person decides to put a whoop ass on another human being.

            Same thing happened recently to a police officer as the 17 year old did the same and is now being charged with murder because the whoop ass could have killed Zimmerman.

            So tell me, how many times will you accept having your face punched and head bashed before you think you are allowed to defend yourself.

            The law spoke, and your continuing to defend the indefensible shows a profound lack of knowledge of the criminal court system.

            And once again he didn’t stalk him or do anything that you keep spouting, which the media reported on, wrongly, and will be sued for doing.

          • How The Hell You Know You Wasn’t There!!! Stop Talking To Me!!!! I Don’t Give A Damn What You Think !! TROLL

          • And your comments are because you were there?

            I guess you don’t care about facts or the law, and that is the problem with people that some would call persuaded by a biased media.

            And if you don’t want to expose your continued ignorance don’t respond, but that seems beyond your ken.

          • What Part Of Stop Talking To Me Are You Not Getting Thru Your Ignorant Ass Head??? That You Damn Opinion And You Know Opinions Are Like Assholes Everybody Got One So Stop Being An Asshole And Peddle Your Bullshit Opinion Somewhere Else!! Bye Bye!!!

          • stop responding with your blather and ignorance and then you won’t hear from me.

            But sorry you don’t get to name call and attack me with your ignorant and proven wrong assertions and not draw a response.

            but in typical liberal fashion you can’t respond to any assertion made, but resort to name calling and projection of your own onto another.

          • Nobody Like You Here Can’t You See!! Duh You Just Another Lying Ignorant Troll There’s Other Web Sites On The Internet For Stalking Asshole Like You!! GO Oh And By The Way F………U…….C…….K———–Y……….O………U!!!!!!!!!!

          • didn’t they ever tell you that in a debate the person that curses and attacks the other side with no facts is the loser.

            I’m really impressed that you have the vocabulary of the 4 year olds in the play ground.

            Keep it up, very amusing,

          • I Know Your Old Freaky Ass Love It , You Ignorant Stalking Asshole Troll!!! Time For You To DDD Dig Dirt And Die!! b Old KKK Member!!

          • and you responded with some new words, amazing.

            And since you don’t know me, your comments are simply your projection onto me of what is in your heart.

            Seems not very attractive.

          • You Are Are STALKER That’s Plain To See!! Your Mother Is A Gutter Tramp Time For You To Pick Her Ass Up Out Of The Gutter!!! FUCK YOU TROLL!!!

          • I will pray for you as I would anyone that lies about another person and bears false witness.

          • I Pray That You DDD Dig Dirt And Die Motherfucker!!!Save Your Fake Ass Prays For Yourself ASSHOLE TROLL!!

          • I will pray for you. and will keep all your posts on file so I can look back and reflect on the person that curses, wishes harm on others and is so demeaning to others because they don’t agree with her opinion.

          • I will pray for you.

            And as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of, which you seemed to miss, you don’t get rid of hate in the world by more hate, you get rid of it by love.

            You don’t get rid of the darkness by adding darkness, you add light.

          • You Are Just An Old Senile KKK Member You Ran Your Family Off With Your Bullshit Nobody Gives A Damn About Your Stalking Ass!! Go Fuck Yourself!! Troll

          • I will pray for you and for all others that think that bearing false witness and lying about others is something to be proud of.

          • I will pray for you.

            And I am glad that you marched with him, making you an old person. because if you marched with him at age 10 in the mid sixites , you are pushing 60.

          • I Was 2 At The Time!! I Hope You Learn How To Stop Stalking Asshole But As You Can Clearly See You Can’t Help Yourself You Need Help Barry!!

          • I will pray for you.

            for other reading this post, a person at 2, normally doesn’t have the physical ability or cognitive ability to decide to march but is taken along by parents.

          • I will pray for you.

            So wrong on so much, especially when attacking one that you don’t know, and so old.

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          • Just Keep Your Praying To Satan You Will Soon Join Him In Hell Stalking Bitch!! LOL

          • remind myself and others, that for a woman to call a person a bitch is idiocy, as a bitch is female dog.

          • once again the old woman, with the foul mouth is projecting her fears onto another,

            I will continue to pray for this lost soul.

          • For those following these posts, I find it sad that a person as old as Fern has to resort to such nastiness when she disagrees and all such comments are made to silence debate.

            But when a person tells me how old they are, that they are still working and has such a foul mouth, I pity them and pray for them.

            Then when the best response she can muster is I have money, and you don’t, you have to wonder about the values of such a comment, especially coming from a person that is so ignorant.

          • Once more, so nice to hear from the old woman, that is still working and still making such disparaging remarks.

            I will pray for you.

          • I will pray for you.

            And will mention for others that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke that to get rid of the darkness you don’t add darkness, you add light, and to get rid of the hate, you don’t add hate you add love.

            So try honoring Dr. King.

          • I am glad I am not only person she hates, but I have a feeling she hates being a Lesbian, but her Butch won’t let her go to a weaker Butch. I’ll take a rest and join another Blog that doesn’t have her, and maybe they do, but she may be sane in that one.

          • You Are One Ignorant Racist Sick Twisted Fuck!! Old KKK Member And A Wannabe Bully Your Mother Is The Lesbian And You Are A Ass Sucker!! Little Pussy Ass Punk Ass Bitch!!!

          • Thank you for your kind comments and I now feel in very good company.

            But I do find it amazing the vitriol that comes out of her mouth and how she thinks it is so fine to attack, and comment on that which she knows not.

            But do remember, an author wrote that the liberal response to an issue is to respond with deception, deflection, projection and a dash of alinksy vilification.

            And once a person poisons the discussion by calling another names, the low information voters read that and initially think along the lines of the person that posted the vile comments, and all thoughts of rational discourse has flown.

          • Isn’t it strange the FBI found no evidence of race in this case but someone you do?

          • There was definite evidence of profiling, whether it was race or not. The statement, “Those a-holes always get away.” is profiling.

          • I wonder why this article didn’t show the picture of Trevon with a gun, or the one of him smoking weed?

          • they didn’t show it, because from reports they didn’t want the defense to have the information. See whistle blower fired for telling us this bit of information.

            And if they told the truth, and showed the truth, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the youth, being targeted, which was a lie, and may cost NBC and others millions of dollars for journalistic malpractice.

          • Well seems like all the libs here fell for the narrative despite the truth. Or maybe they just don’t want to see the truth since it doesn’t fit the narrative.

          • thanks for the post.

            and this is the problem with a media with an agenda. They did it in the Rodney King alteration of the video to promote the police as villains and they did it here.

          • Except, the police WERE the villains. Regardless of the villainy that King had committed in the past, the cops were wrong and caught red-handed.

          • except the full tape showed the problems that King were giving the officers who tried to subdue him.

            One officer even had reported that she had her gun drawn to shoot him, before she backed out and let stronger, and 4 male officers deal with the problem.

            But the media showed a tape that attempted to show an innocent victim, which he wasn’t.

          • You obviously have an addition to the tape that the filmer did not realize he had. As well, the tape does show plainly the demands made to a severely abused man to stop moving, while he is jumping around from the pain of being beaten. I can only pray that one day you find yourself in just such a “fair” situation.

          • you obviously missed the jurrors that originally found them not guilty telling the media that he had never seen the footage that was not shown on the media, but was there for the jury and others to see.

            So keep trying to defend that which is not defensible, which is the media changing the story, to fit an agenda.

            And I wouldn’t find myself in such a condition because I wouldn’t be on drugs, driving excessively and not ready to follow lawful orders of the police.

          • Dream on. You have the confidence of a moron. . . . Maybe, some nut job with a gun thinks you look like a guy that burglarized the house next door. Thanks for proving my point in passing.

            The real truth is, you have enough wealth, I assume, to not live in an impoverished high crime neighborhood. With 300 million people in this country the statistical odds you will be murdered in the manner of Trayvon Martin are tiny. My point is: But NOT impossible. Now go into your commercial spin cycle. You are on your own.

          • I shall pray for you and remind you that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke that the way to get rid of darkness is not more darkness, but light, and the way to get rid of hate is not more hate, but love.

            So take your defamatory comments that dishonor the teaching of Dr. King and use them elsewhere on somebody else.

          • In my view the most evil and unforgiven animal on this planet is the one that tries to insincerely invoke God’s name in order to denigrate an opponent. That is not profane, but it is pure blasphemy, because only a hater would find the need to disguise himself. Add to that the breaking of the continual breaking of the Ninth Commandment, and breathtaking hypocrisy, and I think we have a individual that will land in a remote part of the nether regions. That is you, of course. It is a shame I have to state the obvious to prevent spin.

            So pat yourself on the back, that you are just so righteous, but you obey not one of Christ’s teachings. Just saying you do is not persuasive, when you speak ill of so many unfortunate fellow humans.

            For the record, I made no reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, only a reply to YOUR reference to Rodney King. And I defended him in the incident with the LAPD. You know this very well. Your unashamed breaking of the Ninth Commandment is breathtaking. A Christian is a follower of Christ. You do not even know him or his works. To you, your religion is just something to yield as a weapon over someone’s head. So hell-spawn, BURN.

          • If you don’t like Dr. Martin Luther King’s comment that is your rignht.

            I will pray for you.

            As for the 9th commandment, thou shalt not bear false witness, I’m missing your reference,

            So you defended him and what has that got to do with a tape that was shown that left out part of what was taped.

          • I have no problem with Dr. Martin Luther King’s comment, I have a problem with you bringing up RODNEY KING and then trying to spin the conversation. Thou hast borne false witness. And you did it again.

            I object to a racist trying to use a statement made by a minority to prove his bigoted opinion.

            As for prayer, you are a Hell bound blasphemer. You use God as a makeweight for your narrow opinions. You use God as a veil for what are basically evil opinions and judgements of others.

            If you do not understand the Ninth Commandment, then I should be praying for you. Your ability to lie and be instantly forgiven negates any value your belief system may have had.

            What is a Bible thumper doing up at 1AM? Are you drunk?

          • Your opinion, not worth the pixels but so be it.

            I will not pray for you. I think you should pray for yourself, you lying bigot. You will need it, you blasphemer.

            I posted provable facts. You, like any good Christian fake, busted my chops over Rodney King, which was not only nonsense, but totally off-topic. Then you bear false witness again, by involving Dr. King. Then you act like it is my fault for your error. False witness again.

            Of course, you are forgiven. Well that’s sarcasm. I think the air about you may soon be smelling of roasted behinds.

          • A kind lady sent me this quote that you may like.

            “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Anne Lamott

          • How come you managed to see more of the tape than the rest of the United States? Stay on topic, child.

          • Because they showed it on other than the main media outlets and there is cable.

            That you didn’t see it, or others didn’t see it, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t shown.

            Stay on topic yourself, little child.

          • So it seems that liberals are against murder and right wingnuts are for it, if the person is young, wears a hoodie or Black. If this is a political thing, I shall be a liberal. I don’t believe in stalking and killing kids.

          • So I guess you are thoroughly studying and writing about the daily murders in Chicago?

          • Still totally off-topic for the article at hand. Trayvon and Zimmerhead lived as far from Chicago as someone can and still be in Chicago. Go ahead and lie, but everyone that has a mind knows that a Chicago murder did not cause Trayvon’s death nor give a rationale for Ziphead to play vigilante. That is the same as you claiming your house burned down, because an Indian in Peru built a fire to cook on. Only an idiot would think there is any direct relation.

          • You are truly looney. I never said there was any connection. My point is no liberal cares when it is black on black murders. You all seem ok with that.

          • You have been living on a rather eerie world of right-wing crazy-train propaganda. Rush and Faux have done evil proud. I only wonder if you are a stir-fried crazy and looney-tune moron that really believes that rot. Or are you on the “payroll.”

          • well, you just keep on studying. Then when murders in Chicago are the topic, you can impart your findings. Otherwise go away. You are not mature enough to discuss a subject. You are not ready for the big boys yet.

          • You don’t have a clue as to how the law works. If you had been following the trial and had cognitive skills, you would know exactly what evidence had been suppressed. Go back and get the transcripts. The evidence that was not allowed in the trial was when gz said, “Those a-holes always get away.” That shows profiling. The other evidence that was suppressed was the racist slurs that gz had made. The entire world could see the injuries on television and hear the coroner’s report. I can see why Fern gets irritated at the likes of you.

          • then your complaint is with the judge, and why are you so invested in a youth that wanted to put a whoop ass on another human being?

            As to your comment as to not knowing how the law works, shows your ignorance, I am retained by the state of california to be an expert witness in cases involving health care abuse and have been an expert witness, never on the losing side in some 30 cases ranging from civil, to criminal.

            So surpress your opinions, which show your ignorance.

            Zimmerman was profiling criminals that were getting away, and I’m sure you enjoy criminals in your neighborhood stealing from your neighbors.

            Now I know why I get so many positive responses indicating that people such as you and Fern profess such ignorance.

          • for your info, Bitch refers to a female dog.
            As to your references to intercourse, wouldn’t want to come close to such a potty mouth.

            but keep showing your intelligence and intellect for all to see. Do try adding additional words to your limited vocabulary

          • so enjoy your comments of affection to me, but please stop projecting your own bias and racism onto me.

            inbred, wow, now you are attacking my family.

            Got any more time to profess your love and affection.

          • You Exposing Your Own Self Aren’t You A Little Bit To Old To Be Stalking And Trying To Be A Bully???? Fuck You And Your Family! TROLL

          • Save Your Prays For Yourself!! Pray That You Learn How To Stop Stalking People And Stop Being A Troll!!

          • Since he is a racist, and Jesus was not. He says hateful things and Jesus did not. He is stuck on his own dogma and Jesus was not dogmatic, I am wondering who he prays to.

          • Has nothing to do with this topic troll. Have you been following the other so-called self-defense or stand your ground murders?

          • Murders happen every day. I don’t follow any of them. What I am trying to follow is the NY Times term “White Hispanic”. I can’t seem to find anytime that liberal gem used it before they heard of George Zimmerman.

          • The you stupid, hypocritical b*st*rd of a troll, why are you hammering a poster to answer you about something that you “don’t follow” and is seriously off-topic anyway. I’m done. So get your rat bag of lies out and get busy.

          • What we are following is a murder in Florida. I understand it is one of many. Since Florida is a racist state, the “stand your ground” laws can be the final solution. Less close and messy than lynchings.

          • and hold the media accountable for what they do, especially when they try to create the news, instead of reporting the news.

          • Because it is not on topic nor is it pertinent for the time frame in question. Do you now propose to ban guns? Do you want to shoot all pot smokers? Oh, that’s right, just the black ones.

          • Telling of untruths. Statements not based on facts. Something you do not understand, but think is funny.

          • Only a fool would disagree with your analysis. Something I will try not to be today. SOMETHING is definitely wrong to have caused Pottyhead to develop as he has.

            I am unqualified to do this kind of research, but a lot of things I have read recently makes me wonder if this is not largely genetic. He gets rewarded for telling whoppers, his traits survive, etc. What HUMAN parents try to teach their children is to curb those animal traits. I guess Potty, and Bozo, etc. had parents that failed, or the trait was especially ingrained.

            Think what it must be like to have that trash in your family or as a co-worker. Things could get “interesting” for want of a better word.

          • Lying is unbecoming. Zimmerman was shown the night he went to the police station and was turned loose. He was not bruised on his face. What probably happened was that when Trayvon saw the gun, he pushed the murdering thug down and thus the two tiny cuts on his head. Trayvon probabably did go for the gun while it was in gz’s hand and pointed at him. gz shot him. Maybe in the south this is not murder, but it would be in my state. Florida and Mississippi burning.

          • Lying is very unbecoming, and I guess you are really ticked off with the jury for hearing all the evidence and deciding against your wishes.

            As to the injuries, they were there and the difference is that when one releases black and white, rather than the color photos the clarity is very different.

            But then what was done here, was media malpractice, similar to Rodney King where the whole of the event wasn’t shown, because it would put out the full picture.

            And I like that you can throw out lying, while distorting the facts and feeling that the jury was wrong, and the facts placed in evidence is wrong, because you want something different.

            Simply amazing.

          • As all you have done is lie, we can safely ignore the greater part of your post. Once again, as you right-wankers are so fond of saying, being found not guilty is not the same as being innocent. The facts plainly show Zipheads guilt. The fact that he fooled a jury into giving him the benefit of a doubt, only means he will not be going to jail.

            The U.S. Attorney General should file Civil Rights charges against Zimmerboy, but probably will not because of all the right wing threats and hysteria. The right-wing has brought our nation to a standstill already.

            However, time will tell if “Z” gets tagged with civil charges. The burden of proof is largely on the defendant and, in most states, a unanimous verdict is not required. As I said before, punitive damages cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. He will not be in prison, but he will live in a prison of his own design.

          • Still off-topic. Has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. This is just a standard ploy from the Repunklickin play book. Change subject to something else. When you get caught lying on that subject, change it again. And so on. Before long, no one knows why they came or what this is all about. THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why the right-wing troll trash comes bashing. Stop First Amendment protected speech with anarchy and disruption. Use lies and bullying as tools to “fix” things the way you want.

          • In other words, a former bouncer carrying a gun can stalk and kill a teenager with impunity. All we have is Zimmerman’s word about ANY of this, and of course, he would never lie, now would he?

          • Guess you missed that the point where, according to girl friend, Trayvon was going to put a whoop ass on Zimmerman, and I guess he you were punched in the nose and had your head used to be pounded into concrete that is nothing.

            Stalking is a specific term, and stalking was not what the court time record showed.

            but you are free to have you fantasy about what happened,

        • Facts: A boy goes to the store to get ice tea and candy for his brother so they can watch movies together. The boy should have returned home to the evening they had planned. fact: If gz had not been around that is what would have happened.I know you are not empathetical, especially to certain people, but put yourself in the boy’s shoes. It is a dark night. It is raining. It is 62 degrees out. The boy is wearing a hoodie and since it is raining he might put it over his head. A car starts following him. He is in a southern state. This might frighten him. He leaves the street to get away from the car. The perp leaves the car and follows him into the back of some apartments. The boy does not know who this is or why he is following him. He only knows he is scared. You would be, too, you twerp. When the gun comes out, would you think the boy would start fighting for his life? If gz’s story was right, there would have been more injuries than the small cuts on the back of his head that probably happened when TM pushed him away because he had a gun. Since there was no legal reason for GZ to be stalking the boy, the shooting is murder.

          • Those were “Combat Skittles,” that Trayvon bought at the convenience store. Everyone knows they and half-empty plastic bottles are lethal weapons.

            You have condensed the entire truth into one post. If not for racism, there would be no rational reason for barry1817 to ask that idiotic question.

      • And, to reinforce my view that gz is murderer: First, he said he knew nothing of the “stand-your-ground” laws and it turned out that was part of his gun safety class. When the girl lied to Trayvon’s parents as to why she did not attend the funeral, it was held against her by the defense.

    • guess the fact that Trayvon was putting a whoop ass on Zimmerman was not even a concern for those that want to defend a person beating another to a bloody pulp.

      And if Trayvon had kept his skittles and ice tea in his hand he wouldn’t ahve been able to put a whoop ass on another human being, and somehow people are defending this action by Martin to harm another as nothing to be concerned about.

      So tell me how many times does one get to bang your head into the concrete and how many punches to the face is one to take before he is allowed to defend himself.

        • Maybe you should read the time line from the trial before you spout nonsense that has no bearing on the issue.

          And maybe you want to address why Trayvon from a distance that was safe, decided to come back and confront Zimmerman to do some whoop ass, as his girl friend stated.

          So how many punches to the face and banging your head on the ground do you accept before you respond to the threat to your life.


          • That is the kind of right-wanker answer that negates their own argument. You were there, right?

          • Being found not guilty is not the same as being innocent. That is a favorite of the right-wing. And the civil case might end a lot different. The rules, and the jury, will be different.

          • Yup I remember it well, when the jury let the double murdered off in Los Angeles.

            But in that case the jury did jury nullification because the evidence was there, unlike this case,

          • I know they are unpleasant, but you need to get your facts in order. Maybe, even stay on topic. The subject of the article is nearly as far from LA as one can get and remain in this nation.

          • So you believe the media was honest in the reporting of this case? Did they not change the 911 transcript from what was actually said, to a truncated version that puts an entirely different spin on the issue.

            Have the media not done the same in the past?

            As to facts in order.

            Rachel the girl friend said that Martin wanted to put a Whoop Ass on Zimmerman.

            An eye witness that had Martin on top of Zimmerman, pounding and beating up on him.

            And tell me why your views are any better than the jury which tried the case and found Zimmerman not guilty.


          • When They Showed Zimmerman That Night At The Police Station There Was Nothing Wrong With Him No Bloody Nose A Little Scratch In His Head!! Karma Is A Bitch When You’re On The Wrong Side Of It!!!

          • Your reading comprehension is very low and you filter everything through what you want to believe. There is no evidence that Trayvon came back to confront the murderer.

          • J.R. spoke that Trayvon was at his house, and the map shows that he would then have come back, to provide the whoop ass that J.R. spoke that he was going to do.

            Your projection onto me of your limited comprehension has been documented as the way a liberal would respond. So nothing new in your comment, save that you don’t wish to see what happened in any light other than that which you assume to be the only way it happened, in your mind.

          • Peeeteeeful . . .

            You jerks prove my point that you just come here to troll. Content does not matter to you. Only the ability to throw up a message to keep everyone in an off-topic engagement.

    • Ethnicity on government forms is for statistical purposes. I realize you know that, but this is the only way we can keep track of who is using services, needing services, is getting jobs or not, for instance. That and other data, such as age, sex, etc. gives an idea of how the nation is doing. Even your address says something that can be quantified later. A lot of address numbers become unused, you know the neighborhood has gone the way of the Dodo.

      Occasionally, this information probably does get used for additional identification purposes, but as far as I know, this data is gathered anonymously. Yet, I do believe that it would be good if we found another, better way to do things. Sometimes I think we do things a certain way because that is the way we always have.

    • Martin was a young black male at a time when there had been robberies in that gated community by young black males.

    • All I know is he’s innocent ( verdict by jurors ) and can’t be put on trial for the same offense. Civil Trial would be only for money. Would you let someone choke you to death and just lay there accepting death, and not defend yourself since it may mean years in prison? No, you would fight for the right to continue living. I know I would defend myself, if someone decided it was my time to die.

      • The only evidence suggesting that TM beat poor GZ was two tiny lacerations on the back of the head (2 cm and .5 cm) and a bloody nose. Even if it is true that Trayvon confronted and fought the man that was following him, isn’t that what Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is all about? That’s what Trayvon Martin did, unfortunately, he was unarmed and the thug that singled him out and followed him was not.

  3. Martin used skin. Zimmerman used a gun. When all is said and done, Zimmerman stuck his nose into a perfect stranger’s business and demanded answers to questions he had no legal right to ask. Unless the US is now going to be a country where brown shirts can walk up to us and demand to know where we are going and what we are doing in “their” neighborhood, Zimmerman acted, not in self-defense, but in reaction to the reality that he had confronted a kid who wasn’t going to allow a bully to curtail his freedom to be in a public place. Zimmerman is a loose cannon. But, he’s a dangerous one because now every loose cannon like him will think it’s open season to confront people on their turf. That’s gangland mentality.

    • I don’t recall any articles that said that Zimmerman asked Treyvon any questions. Everybody seems to have an illusion about what happened, and a point where they blame one or the other for situation, whether what they were doing was legal or not. If either one of them acted differently, this tragedy would not have happened. If Zimmerman didn’t follow, if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, if Treyvon would have just gone home instead of confronting Zimmerman, ….
      Not every inadvisable action is against the law. This is fortunate, or most of us would have deserved to spend time in jail at one point or another in our lifetime. It would seem that the point where this became violent is the point where laws began to be broken, and while we will never know who escalated things to that level, we know either one could have avoided it.
      When is violence justified? If someone tailgates me or cuts me off in traffic, is that a justification for me to be violent (outside of Texas)? If someone decides to paint something on my garage (because I am different than others in the neighborhood) do I have the right to become violent?
      Our culture should not condone violence as a first means of conflict resolution.

      • A. Read the court transcripts. Zimmerman testified that he determined (by looks alone) that Trayvon was a “suspicious” person in “his” neighborhood.
        B. Martin testified that he was part of a neighborhood watch group and that there had been burglaries in “his” neighborhood, implying justification for his actions.
        C. Following a stranger always makes them “suspicious” of the stalker. Contuining to follow the stranger as Zimmerman testified while in his car, justifiably angry.
        D. Zimmerman was an armed man. Martin was not. No matter how much anyone tries to deflect that major part of the entire scenario, Zimmerman, an armed man, had the upper hand.
        E. As for the questions, Zimmerman himself stated in the media prior to the commencement of the trial that he asked “Martin” why he was in Zimmerman’s “neighborhood.”

        I agree. There is never ANY justification of violence. So what was Zimmerman doing with an instrument of violence…his gun? Or are we to assume that being an armed man and then confronting an unarmed man automatically implies the armed man has the right to pass judgement based on biased profiling and then when he is confronted for his “following” a stranger should become an automatic “victim?”
        No matter how it played out with the jury. A young 17 year old is dead as in D E A D…and a 26 year old loose cannon bully vigilante stalking his neighborhood for prey is not.

          • I hope you are better at Nursing, than you are at understanding the facts. You can’t change any of the words to make it like YOU want them. I’ve read several of your comments…you’re pathetic.

          • Guy, dont bother with him/her/it. Of all the low IQ leftist morons on this site, he/she/it is the most low of them all. Many here sort of view him/her/it as the crack ho of The Memo.

            Have a nice day!

            “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain’s advice to ObozoMustGo across the ages

          • LOL Fake Quoting Ass Clown!!! LOL Your Ass Got The Lowest IQ Here Dumb Ass Troll!! Why You Keep Coming Here??? ASSHOLE!!! LOL

          • The average IQ of liberals and progressives is between 10 and 20 points higher than the average right-wanker. SO, if the low IQ lefties are all morons, what does that make you. The technical term is an idiot. An idiot can barely chew his own food. From your posts I would say that is just about a correct diagnosis.

          • Damn Why You Think Everybody Is A Hooker Cause Your Mother And Your Family Members Are???? Inbred Lying Fake Quoting Troll!! LOL

          • I guess you and “taxie” and dingle “berry” and Bozo and the sh*t Potty are about due for a circle jerk get together. You are just here to bully and interrupt decent conversation. No one is surprised that Fern has a problem with you. We all do. You think it is fun to be an abusive troll. Your kind elicits crude language. You do it yourself, but not always with the “big words.” Have you ever seen a blog topic that you can stay with and address fairly. We know your answer and we already know it will be another lie. Whoopie sh*t.

            You know, truth is really kind of rewarding in itself. You should try it sometimes.

          • You did not come here to have decent conversation.

            Any opportunities were thrown away by you by lying, disrupting, and being almost entirely off-topic.

            Why are you reasoning with me after the childish and knowingly untrue insults you have made?

            Why should I care?

            Why should I care about you?

          • I don’t care about you either, but I have the right to comment and you don’t have to respond to me, if I don’t mention your name. I see a story and I feel I should be able to say something. I don’t care what others say because it’s their right to be negative or positive. I read one comment and I go on to the next one. When I am attacked it is a different story, but from now on I won’t respond to any negative responds or maybe positive responds too.

          • Agreed, except, and the exceptions are huge. You reply to others that do not share your views in a rather over the top style, most of the time. You reply to me, even though you agreed it would stop, with a line of sh*t. OVER and OVER and OVER, again. When you post you usually post information that is right out of lying right-wing mouthpieces. Either that or you make it up yourself. So you like to lie and bully. I have repeatedly told you that makes me very angry. You have STOPPED posting to me, or replying to me on how many occasions? I have lost count. So here you are again, LIAR, uh, I hate lies.

            So let’s see.

            You have a right to post, but to get immunity from me, you need to pass on information in at least a semi-respectful manner. You need to post information that is actual evidence. You need to post without all the bigotry, racism, arrogance, and ignorance. You need to respect the rights of others. As “Memo” is largely frequented by “Liberals” you should have a thick skin and maybe think of going elsewhere. That is another of you little failings, WE have the right to post too, and we hate you at least as bad as you hate us. If I were on a right-wing site and pulled your stunts, I would get banned. Yet, here you are.

            So, this is the way it is. You are going to have to be more truthful, cite your sources, and be more respectful yourself.

            Unfortunately: You can’t and you won’t.

          • I Get Paid The Big Bucks For Nursing!! What You Get For Being A Low Life Stink Ass Troll!!! LOL Nothing!! LOL Fuck You Stalking Punk Ass Bitch!!! Your Mother Is Pathetic She Had Your Women Hating Ass When You Should Have Be Aborted!!! LOL Troll!!

          • Fern: Is there some reason why you feel the uncontrollable need to use cuss words and inappropriate remarks to get your point across. I assume, since you are a nurse (and I work in the medical field myself), that you have an education. Your comments, albeit sometimes correct, are paid little attention due to your language. Please stop using profanity….it’s offsetting and it doesn’t cause people to listen to what you are actually saying. Thank you.

          • Is There A Reason You Think You Are Somebody’s Mother !! Raise Your Own Damn Kids I’m A Grown Woman !! Don’t Read It !! It’s That Simple!!! Please Mind Your Own Damn Business!! Stop Acting Like You Never Heard A Cuss Word!!! I’m In Control, Control Yourself Stop Trying To Tell Grown People How To Talk!! You can Just Keep It Moving Nobody Making You Read It!! Duh!! I’m Not A Turn The Other Cheek Person!!!!

          • Fern: I wasn’t trying to be derogative….I was just trying to point out that people would be more apt to listen to you if you didn’t rant and rave and use profanity. As a retired military officer, I’ve DEFINITELY heard cuss words before (in languages you can’t even begin to imagine). And, I’m not anyone’s mother….I’m just trying to point out that some of your points are valid; however, the way you put them out there doesn’t make them easy to digest.

          • I Just Explain Myself Already I’m Not Going To Let No One Talk To Me Any Old Kind Of Way They Want!! I’m A Fighter And Fighter Don’t Back Down!!!! People Know Me By Now This Is Nothing New My Friends Here Know If Their Don’t Like What I Said They Know How To KEEP IT MOVING!!! DON’T Read IT!!!

          • Apparently, you don’t comprehend what I’m trying to say, so I’ll give up and let you continue your rants that no one pays much attention to because they can’t wade through the profanity. Sorry for trying to help.

          • Guess What I Don’t Give A Fuck!!! Now You Can Rant Elsewhere!!! By The Way It’s You Who Not Comprehending !! Raise Your Own Kids I’m GROWN!!! If You Really Want To Help Keep Would Keep Your Opinion To Your Damn Self!!

          • Be careful if you go to Florida and try to fight back if someone is stalking you with a gun. You could die and they could walk. Boycott Florida.

          • You might try and defend yourself, but don’t do it in Florida, you could die and the perp could walk.

          • The Trick Is Stay Out Of States With Those Kinds Of Laws Or In My Case It Would Be Shoot Out At The OK Corral!!

          • Excuse me. You actually have friends. If they see the real you they wouldn’t even introduce themselves to you in the real life. These here aren’t your friends since they don’t know chit about you except the way you present yourself and that’s enough to not want to know the real you.

          • Fern knows very well that reasoned conversation never gets through to these right-wanker trolls. I know, it can be very frustrating to reason with someone talking in circles and using lies as a “reasoned” argument.

            She actually has an observable advantage. She is near impossible to sidetrack. Notice Pottyville keeps interjecting about the Chicago murders. There is absolutely no correlation and no rational reason to bring that up, whether pro or con. Some of us will bite on that bait and be led astray. That is a win for the troll. It is why they are here, to disrupt by being a liar and a bully. Fern does not get put off her subjects very easily.

            I say “to each his own.”

          • That was not a post that one would consider from the mind of a genius either. I turned over a flower post in the damp part of my garden and found more intelligent life slithering around than you.

            I am curious about one thing. What was this little excursion supposed to prove besides your own idiocy? Too much time on your hands? Hmm?

          • Wow living rent free in Rudy’s empty head! Sniff. It smells in here did sumpin die? Prolly ine of your posts Or did you bring fern here on a 3$ date?

          • A sign of insanity is thinking that everyone knows what you are talking about, even when you are a complete idiot.

            So, infantile, you get to play with yourself for awhile. As an adage has it: Never engage an idiot in an argument, they will pull you down to their level and beat you with their experience. So, sad to say, I must avoid another conversation with you.

            That smell is the underwear that you sh*t in. Go get a scrub and a change.

          • You keep saying you’re going to avoid conversation with me,yet there you are again! So I will let you have the last word by replying to this as I won’t be commenting afterwards so you can say you won? . And just so I don’t provoke another one of your cuss and name calling paloozas. I shall just say Russy have a great weekend and peace to you 🙂

          • Yeah, F*ck You. Is that what you wanted. Enjoy. I did not reply to your last bit of nonsense. I am making an exception now. I do not do this for you, but just to let the readers know the truth. Right-wackjobs have near fatal allergies to truth.

            So I repeat, I DID NOT REPLY. That is you making more stuff up. I wish you to burn deep in H*ll as their is no rest for the wicked. Have a f*ck*d up weekend. 🙂

            For the record, I never said I was going to avoid conversation with you. I merely pointed out if you were going to lie non-stop, there was no use in wasting my precious time. You do not post on-topic and you are here to disrupt. By definition that is a troll.

            Hey, infant. What is going to happen when you finally get your wish and shut this site down. Everyone here hates you and you will only have succeeded in ensuring they go to the polls and had you another a** whooping. It is coming to a disappearing Teapublicrim party near you.

          • That Big Ass Thing That You Been Toting Around You Call A Head!! LOL Fucking Asshole!!

          • Have you ever thought about writing a Manuscript? Well, don’t. Maybe a Bible, so others can learn your kind of words. Let Byrd be co-writer with you and still no Book Agent will forward it to a Publisher.

          • Have You Thought About Stop Having Sex With Your Own Family Members!! Cause Inbred Are Known To Be Screw Up In The Head!!!! That Explains Why You Think It’s Cool To Stalk People Cause You Are One Fuck Up Inbred Troll!!

        • A. That’s not questioning him. This is legal.
          B. This is true, there were robberies. Still no questioning of Treyvon, and nothing illegal.
          C. True. I would be suspicious of a stalker, too. But should I confront him? Why not go home?
          D. Zimmerman was armed legally. Zimmerman did not produce the weapon until he was on the ground with Martin on top of him.
          E. Show me a link. All the reports were that the first verbal exchange was when Martin confronted Zimmerman by the car.
          I would think that the rational “vigilante” would have pulled his gun much earlier, in which case, they might both still be alive.
          Unless one is a taller, middle aged Anglo-Saxon, I think we have all been profiled. I got stopped soon after I bought a new car. They must have assumed that people that look like me could only have a new car if it was stolen. After checking the VIN number and calling it in, they let me go. Did that give me the right to be violent?
          Because of earlier perceptions of unfair treatment by the Sanford police, I think people jumped on this story without benefits of, or in spite of the facts. Now they have too much emotion invested to say they could have been wrong.
          The jury had more and better information that any of us received in the press. They also made sure that they were well informed on what constituted the requirements for the possible charges, which we may not be. It is a slippery slope to quickly dismiss the decision of a jury. In reality, when you do so and urge punishment for the person acquitted, you become the vigilante.

          • If you are out walking and a guy stops you and starts asking questions, does he have a right to? Trayvon was probably trying to go home. And how do you know Trayvon didn’t answer his questions or ask to be allowed to go home?

          • Yeah, Zimmerhead put an end to any chance we would ever hear a different sequence of event.

          • Most of your post assumes that what Zimmerboy told police was true. No corroboration and the perpetrator gets to be the only real witness. We already know that Zimmerheads’s record was as bad or worse than you can ever pretend Martin’s was. As well, Zimmerboy was caught lying to a judge, pretrial, about his monetary situation. In a normal situation, as Zimmerhead was the admitted kiler, he would have been convicted on prior bad acts alone.

            So as far as pulling the gun, we do not really know when he pulled it.

        • You highlighted one thing that has been bothering me: Zimmerman had the upper hand. Zimmerman was not actually incapacitated by Martin. When he was free of Martin and had unholstered his gun, a good “law enforcement” technique would have been to order Martin to desist. Instead, he just shoots him. Some will say this is in the heat of the moment, but an unqualified individual such as Zimmerman either intended to shoot Martin, or should not have been running around with a gun anyways.

          • The jury was not allowed to consider the fact that Zimmerman in using bad judgement did what all murderers do…shoot impulsively and then repent. How many men kill their wives in the heat of an argument and go to prison? How many would be allowed to get away with it? Only because Trayvon Martin was black was the jury swayed by the judge and the defense to believe it was self-defense. In any other similar situation, Zimmerman would be in prison…not getting ready for another shot at someone else he will profile. This mentality type never learns. It’s why he shot Martin in the first place.

          • Order him to desist??? What a joke! Just like the lefts answer to rape. Just pee on the rapist or tell them to stop right ? When a violent attacker is on you they are not going to listen to your “orders”. At that point you either fight back with whatever you have or you’re toast. Order him to desist? Yeah that’ll work. Then Zimmerman and Martin could have fired up the bong , smoked some of trayvons dope , eat skittles and sing coom by ya!!! (Spelled so even you can read it) Yeah right! Order him to desist !! Yeah. Sure sure pffffffft!!! DUH!!

          • Yes…Order…a word that the red stater Lil Abner can’t seem to mentally process. And by the way, up north, rapists are not given the benefit of the doubt…So you must be refering to your red state liberals or hiding the fact that in red states rape is considered a Saturday rite of male bonding.

            You need to have an education to publicly post an opinion. Without it, your posts sound like anything we can hear any day of the week from the good ole good ole bois of the right. I’m guessing your posts should be dubbed like Honey Boo Boos?

          • Actually your posts prove that you do not need to be educated to post a comment. I don’t know honey boo boo ? Is that your stage name !? Or ferny’s?

          • Actually, your posts prove that YOU are not educated enough to fall outside the realm of the DogPatch USA Lil Abner mentalities who thrive on “ignernce” My name is very well known…I’m a published author and a top SEO author of over 3,000 blogs and content articles I’ve ghost written since 2008…What’s your pathetic claim to fame? Blisters on your double wide butt end or sagging jaws from Flapping Mouth disease? Your insults don’t get to me…try again with another Bull Male Dominator post

          • YAWN!!! published author- big whoop! lots of uneducated idiots have published books……and had their own reality shows too- that does not make them better than anyone else or more entitled to make a comment when they wish to……. “I..I …I… me. me ..,me… blah blah blah…sounds like Obozo…..are you typing that from a telepromper?!!…sure sure……and you’re real special like your mom told ya… bwaa haaa haaaaaaa i’m not here to make a claim to fame as you seem to be… to impress people like foul mouthed ferny or bye bye birdy. just here to bring a little sunshine and spice into your lives.:-) .and i am in a good mood today so I will allow you to have the last word as i did with birdy cause it’s so important to you to have that last word, and i know you just can’t help yourself and it makes you feel better……….off you go………….have a nice day Elly…peace to you. bull male dominator ?…..hahahahahaha………you’re killin’ me….hahaha….. yawn……

          • Yawn? Gee…how very “rightie”…mouths always open and never break a sweat. I’m so glad your posts indicate your quasi superiority….As for I I I Me me me …You Great White Angry Fat Gut Middle Aged males who left their parents at age 30 to become instant adults shouldn’t talk. How many of you are jobless thanks to your GOP bull males ideas of “conservatism” from 2004 to 2008? Yawn? A huge rightie maw always agape and then believing in such self-superiority…only a White Supremacist can match.

            Yes…bull male dominators….if the shoe fits wear it. Even if the shoe doesn’t fit…get a few blisters…it’s better than a big mouth always agape.

          • Yeah, that is what is bothering me now. Either some other “vigilante” kills Zimmerman, or he kills someone else. This is a Lost, Lose, Lose situation, so to speack.

  4. I remember years ago, when Blacks had no choice and had to go to the rear of the buses, and have you noticed they still do it. So, now they yell Racists, but they are the Racists, if they refuse to sit with the other passengers in the front. The ones that sat in front were too scared to sit in the back with their own kind and do you blame them. They will always think we are against them, but this country has changed, but not to them.

    • “the ones that sat in the front” “their own kind” “we are against them” “not to them”

      Sure..the Country has changed for some people. But obviously not for you. You are still in the 1940s.

      • All I know Blacks kill Blacks and that is never going to end in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and even in Houston this week.

          • The major number of serial killers are white males. The largest numbers of women killed by guns are in the hands of white males. This is a fact the NRA has a huge problem denying.

          • I guess you must be the first one to Shit from your mouth. A record indeed since everyone that you are against is an Asshole. Stick a Greasy Fork up your AceHole.

          • Your Mother You Low Life Stalking Asshole Thug!! Fuck You Bitch!!! You Are An No Good Stalking Asshole!! You Racist Koch Brothers Ass Sucker!! TROLL Go Fuck Yourself!!!

        • All I know is that many big urban cities are seeing a huge influx of guns into their cities and are getting fed up with the huge costs of human life of innocent bystanders as well as emergency treatment. Let’s stop pretending that the gun manufacturers are not in Stars and Bars states who know exactly what they are doing when they mass produced weapons they intend to sell on the streets up north. Get real. There may no longer be a KKK but these gun manufacturers know where they can sell their guns…in northern urban big cities where the most profit is. Try again.

          • If they manufacture the Guns ( people will purchase the Guns ) and they will be stolen by criminals to be used against those that purchased these Guns to save themselves from these people of ALL RACES.

        • What is wrong with Chicago?? Such a great place to get killed I mean visit. Must have had a great Community organizer. Obozo is doing to the entire country what he did to Chicago. If Obozo had a city it would look like Detroit. Epic fail obozo

    • TP… there are many out there that have found industry in the perpetuation of racial hatred. Lenny Pitts is one of those. Loud mouth Al Not So Sharpton and Jesse The Racist Jackson are 2 that have perfected extortion and made themselves wealthy by abusing the fears and emotions of black people. Is it any surprise that they would be loathe to give up their businesses that made them wealthy? Of course not.

      Have a nice day!

      “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington

          • Unfortunately for both of you slack-jawed goobers, rednecks are sliding farther and farther into irrelevance. That’s why you both constantly snivel and whine about Obama. Get used to it.

          • You’re both about as clueless as clabbered milk.. Do you not know even as we speak, there are countless race hustlers sitting in the wings anxiously awaiting their turn at bat. We will never get away from racial discrimination until we start seriously looking at each other in human terms rather than color.

            “Right is Right Even If Nobody Does it; and Wrong is Wrong, even if Everybody Does it”… Sundance.

    • taxpayer…If you are doing an imitation of a closet bigot…you’ve failed miserably. Consider yourself outed. Do know how you can tell who the bigots are? It’s a very simple equation…you take the most “ignernt,” add a dash of swagger and a Confederate flag…and there you have it…a massively, grossly insecure white male or female who lives in the antebellum days of yore when plantation life was their only means of support all based on FREE slave labor. Now? These same bigots and plantation mentalities have found another way to remain lazy asses…feed off taxes people in blue states are paying for the Confederacy’s phony disability, welfare and barely above minimum wages. But…that’s what they call conservatism…Live off the fed…save your state taxes for your gun runners, your military industrialists and then, sit out on the veranda in the cool of a Dixie evening enjoying those mint juleps…Get over yourself.

        • I think you prove her points amply, though rather satirically. Oh, sorry, I did not realize that was not your intention. Blow it out your “tax payer.”

    • I’ll tell you why some black folks still sit at the back of the bus because is a force of habit. You see years ago there were no “Public transportation laws”. You could have sex in the back of the bus, smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, play your music on the radio, drink your wine, beer, or liquor without being told otherwise by the bus driver. Some would go to the back of the a take a piss.

      A real bona fide party at times. So a few restrictions were implemented, but didn’t work. So they put uniformed cops on some buses to curtail some of the bullshit. That worked for a little while and they went back at again. DOT then put plain clothes cops on almost all buses that’s when the police force was 3,000 plus strong and the BS ceased. Now the police force is less than 1,000. Now only the “thugs and gangstas” go to the back of the bus. I occasionally go to the back of the bus to have a few nips will traveling, makes it quite comfortable.

      Black people can’t be racist because they have no power structure in the country, but the can appear to be pseudo-racist. They have no resources. No factories, no technology, nothing. Only the white man and the yellow man and perhaps the brown man have power is this country. As far as the eye can see, the white man will never let blacks build a power structure. The election of President Obama was a fluke. They had ways to get rid of him , but the guys behind closed doors, at country clubs playing golf decided “Let see how capable he will be”
      When the President expressed that Martin could have been his son, that’s all he could do or compromise his position as president. You say this country has changed, no it has not. The “mindset” of White America will never change. it will always stay racist. I believe before I die that there will be “Brown Shirts” a plenty in black neighborhoods. Come to think of it there already here wearing blues ones.

      • To which I say poppycock…My two neighbors are black families. One is a retired career military vet who served in WWII in that famous black regiment. The other is a younger guy from GA whose wife is originally from Jersey City. I count these two men as part of the 5 I ever known in my entire life who are decent, respectable, terrific husbands and fathers.

        Stop the damn stereotyping. White men have a grossly insecure need to elevate themselves above black men. When you consider that men like Barack Obama and Corey Booker are the finest examples for young black children today and they both came from humble beginnings, there are few white males who can reach the heights from the depths these men had to. Most white males are all too accustomed to having their way all the time. But, even that doesn’t begin to put a dent in their gross insecurity …certainly not enough to stop their stereotyping of women and minorities.

        • I think a lot of it is intentional ignorance, ingrained arrogance (these walk hand in hand), and a subtle knowledge that they are not as important or necessary to the world as they would like to think they are. They have to hit everything and everone they can in order to prove that they are real men

      • What drugs were you smoking back there. Really, I think you must have been huffing glue, and still are.

  5. I was very astonished when I heard Zimmerman can get his gun back. Really, as early as that! So that he can kill more people! Claiming a life of anyone is not all that easy. We have witnessed soldiers coming from war, how disturbed they have been. It takes time or never to recover from what they went through.
    Suppose Zimmerman kills again with the gun he was allowed to have back, should he be taken to court and be allowed again to walk free under self-defense law? Absurd.

    • So, Nuclear the whole World and we won’t have any Wars anymore by any country. As a matter of Fact there will be no more people left to fight any Wars.

    • If he goes out again and does what he did to Martin, you can bet he will not get away with it this time and why? Because the judicial system will appoint a REAL district attorney instead of using a wannabe celebrity that just went through the motions. Had the DA prosecuted this case instead of some slobber mouth Assistant or self-proclaimed ‘special’ prosecutor.. it could have at least been a formidable fight and not a prosecutional sleep fest and had HE lost the case, would have had to explain his actions to the people at his next re-election but as it goes, this special idiot will simply go back to whatever IT was doing before it all started and absolutely no one will be penalized as profit always equates to lawyers. Don’t pay the bastards if they blow it and see how they whine then.

      • As I had it explained to me many years ago, by a lawyer, the only people that win in court are the lawyers. They get paid regardless of outcome.

    • Scary, but the possibilities are there. Right now “Z” is scared sh*tless and sees his gun as his best friend. Of course, maybe it is his best and only friend.

  6. Lenny Pitts… you’re revealing yourself as the race hustler that you are. I don’t hear the outrage from the leftist freak community for all of the racially motivated black on white crime. How about the 2 black teens that confronted a white women and her 13 month old baby in Georgia last year. When they asked her for money and she had none to give because as she said “having babies is expensive”, they shot her in the leg and then turned the stroller around and blew the baby’s head off shooting him in the face. Where is Al Sharpton on this one? crickets….. crickets……. crickets…. because it does not fit the profile of his business ventures hustling race and extorting money earned on the backs of victims of tragedy. I guarantee you that if it was 2 white teens and a black mom, the leftist freak world would have been turned upside down.

    Where were all of you leftist freaks last year when a roving band of black thugs at the Wisconsin State Fair were roaming through stopped traffic and pulling whites from their cars and beating them because they were white? Yeah, that’s what I thought…. crickets….. crickets….. crickets….. Racially motivated crime by blacks on whites is OK. But when a white guy is attacked by a young black thug who is high on dope and has an admitted track record of fighting, being caught with stolen jewelry, and being kicked out of school multiple times, and whom called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker” before he went after him, well that white guy who is not really a white guy is not allowed to defend himself. All of you leftist freaks are nothing more that a bunch of racist slugs who see nothing but skin color.

    And shame on you Lenny Pitts for continued efforts to foment racial disharmony and advocate violent protests. Despite your statements to the contrary, the tenor of your article is like a dog whistle calling for violence. And you know it!

    Have a nice day!

    “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington

    • The great thing in FL is that had the mother so much as slapped either of the thugs, they could have killed her and gotten off on a claim of “self defense”.

      • Probably not, john. You’ve stepped over a line on this one. Maybe the baby’s head being blown off would be a giveaway. And to attempt to draw moral equivalency between a women that watched her baby being shot in the face point blank with GZ defending himself while being beaten up is rather shameless on your part. Typical attempt of the leftist freak set to create a strawman argument away from facts. But that’s not my point. You understood my point about the silence of the race hustlers in the cities across America where blacks are killing blacks and whites. But hey, there’s no profit to be made by the race hustlers on those cases. That’s why they don’t give a damn about them.

        Have a nice day!

        “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

        • No moral equivalency, idiot. Simply an application of a FL law that’s already happening when drug dealers shoot other drug dealers and then successfully claim self defense. The Martin case is simply the obvious extension. So, let’s go back through the facts: GZ decides apriori that TM is a criminal (and thus deserving any physical punishment imaginable). GZ begins stalking TM and calls 911. The 911 operator tells GZ that continuing to stalk TM is not necessary. GZ continues to stalk TM. At some point TM decides to stand his ground against the stalker. GZ shoots TM for defending himself against the stalker.

          • No quite right, john. GZ did not DECIDE that TM was a criminal. Just that his walking between buildings instead of on the side walk was suspicious considering the amount of burglaries in the community. Understandable. GZ is allowed to follow someone suspicious, neighborhood watch or not. No laws have been broken until TM circles back around and attacks GZ. In fact, the testimony of the conversation with TM and that fat chick reveals that TM was racially motivated AND he was a homophobic. Until a punch is thrown, no laws are broken. TM throws the first punch, breaking GZ nose and knocking him to the ground. He mounts him and is bashing his head into the concrete. While they struggle, GZ gets his gun and defends himself lawfully. That’s all there is to it. Nothing else matters. It’s cut and dry. NO ONE associated with the case locally thought there was any evidence that could have been used to bring charges. ONLY after Obozo and his lead thug, Holder, came on the scene to incite racial anger and then to insist on a show trial did anyone have any reason to charge GZ. The fact that the full power of the Federal and State governments were going after an individual AND THEY FAILED is exactly why we have the jury system we have today. It is to protect the individual from an overbearing government that can manufacture charges against anyone any time for anything. There simply was not the evidence to support anything other than a not guilty verdict. That’s all there is to it.
            That being said, could either of the men, or both, have handled this differently? Of course. And if they were civil with one another for just a brief moment, nothing would have happened. For example….
            TM–> “Hey, I’m Trayvon Martin. Why are you following me. I’m just taking the short cut back to my dad’s place at 123 Mockingbird Lane.”
            GZ–> “Oh. Hi. I’m George Zimmerman. Nice to meet you. We’ve had a rash of burlgaries and crimes here and I’m part of neighborhood watch. I didn’t recognize you so I figured I’d introduce myself.”
            Now that’s a civil conversation that takes place 10,000 times a day across America, and we never hear about it as we should not hear about it. BOTH men were at fault. Too bad GZ had to defend himself.
            Have a nice day!

          • Ummm….no. GZ testimony is that TM began asking why GZ was following him. Who through the first punch is arguable, since only one is alive to make claims. In a barroom fight, the stalker and the fighter are both charged with DC. In this case the stalker walked free. Too bad TM wasn’t armed to properly defend himself against the stalker.

          • I can entertain the fact that Martin threw the first punch right after Zimmerhead started questioning him. I do not blame him in the least in punching this self-righteous pervert. What really were the options? Run, fight, or let the creep have his way. I think I might have punched him too. If “Z” had his head bashed into the pavement like his lawyers and “fan club” claim, he would likely have never gotten up again. Ever. Much less shoot somebody.

          • How did TM beat GZ to a bloody pulp and have no GZ blood on him? How did TM pound GZ’s head into the pavement but leave no blood on the pavement? How did GZ shoot TM through the heart but get no TM blood on him? How did GZ shoot TM on the sidewalk but TM’s body is dozens of feet from the sidewalk?

        • I think you really contrived to miss john’s point. It is very plain even to a leftie moron like me, that has an IQ 20 points higher than a right-wanker idiot like you.

          John is right. As written, anyone with a gun could be considered standing his ground. You could literally shoot a quadruple amputee that was verbally abusive or threatening. In practice, I doubt that this would happen, but only due to a double standard in enforcement and the public’s outrage. That is what happened with Zboy, and look how that turned out. . . .

          • ridemybroom has a very good response below: I’ll repost here for you to read…..

            I have to disagree with a lot of you and from what I heard today about what happened the night mr innocent was killed is truly a different story than what the media would have you to believe…is George Zimmerman really the murderer here…!?…I don’t think so…if anyone pulled the trigger that night was his stupid friend Rachel …she alone had Travon killed…this is why she didn’t attend his funeral… why she didn’t want to go to court and why she pretended to act crazy on the witness stand…had she not said that George Zimmerman was a cracka faggot none of this would have happen she told Travon to run cause he was stalking him to have sex with him… so Travon thought he was gonna do a faggot in that night…. guess what it didn’t work….Travon never thought of him having a gun on his person that night so he decided to go for it…thanks to Rachel for putting it in head that that Zimmerman was a , how did she put it..” a cracka rapist faggot”…that’s her words people not mine…she should be the one on trial… her words on that phone that night got Travon killed…HER FAULT … the feds should investigate her a little more and maybe the truth will follow…you people really should have followed more closely on what was said here before you react to anything…. again no one but DUMBASS RACHEL got that boy killed…and please dont email me with your comments on the truth here…I really don’t want to hear them…. want to go after someone go after her…she incited all this .. the only race here was there was no race…

          • Racist malarkey used to prove that racism was not a factor. We just have to disagree. I don’t do lies.

          • Byrdie… I did not say that. In fact, I admit, along with Rachel, that Racism absolutely was a factor… on Travon Martin’s part… for going after that “creepy as crakca” as he put it. And clearly, from post trial interviews, Rachel is NOT holding anything back. She’s spilling the beans about her own racism, Trayvon’s racism, and reflecting on the whole racist culture and attitude of too many blacks today. And Obozo leverages your racism.

            Have a nice weekend, Byrdie!

            “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

          • Is stupid, third rate, third grade spin supposed to impress me. Sorry, that shot of yours never left the barrel. If you keep up the racism, in another 15 – 20 years, you will be locked up as a lunatic danger to society. That is all. Get to lying, you got it all to yourself.

    • When a white guy is attacked by a young black thug who is high on dope, then the young black thug goes to jail. And statistically for a lot longer than a young white thug. Show some evidence that is not true. Surely, you can cook up some good whoppers, that of course, I will break down.

  7. Mistakes were made and bullies win.

    It does not matter if you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc., this verdict illustrates
    that anyone can chase down anyone they want, and then poke their finger in eye of the victim, and if the victims dare to try to defend themselves, the bully can then kill them and claim “self-defense”. Even if the victim did attack them, in “self defense” for being poked in the eye, the bully still can claim “self defense”. Therefore, it seems to me that any aggressive person just has to make sure the other person “attacks” you, and then it is okay to kill the person you were poking in the eye.

    The only difference between George Zimmerman and a schoolyard bully is that there was no adult (police) present to stop him. In the absence of any witnesses, the bully can claim anything they want and the bully usually wins. Self-defense is in
    the eye of the bully only.

    • Statistically, in fights ending in the death of one of the parties, 90% of the survivors stated that the “other guy” started it. I guess then, we should take their word for it.

      What I find remarkable is the 10% that didn’t.

      • That is interesting. I would think they would all blame the “other guy”. Were they just honest or stupid. Where did those stats come from?

        • I cannot recall the study, but I am sure there are several. I know one study was cited in one of my old econ texts. I will have to get the citation.

          I will conjecture that a certain number of the perpetrators were distraught by what they had done. I think some people that commit these crimes are, down deep, extremely decent people. Circumstances and a terrible temper lead to tragedy sometimes.

          On the other hand, a lot of those were probably confessions under a little persuasion from law enforcement. I cannot quantify those situations at all. This is a fascinating question that I have no cogent answer for.

          I will try to remember to dig this out and get back to you. If you catch me posting again, remind me, if I forget.

  8. According to the court transcript the conversation between Zimmerman and the police dispatcher was thus: Dispatcher: Are you still following him? Zimmerman: Yes. Dispatcher: “You don’t need to do that.”

    What the hell does “You don’t need to do that” mean? A green light to go ahead and do as Zimmerman pleased? Accent on the words “go ahead.” And ahead is exactly where he went.

    Now..The next time one of your kids teachers tells your kid…”You don’t need to do that,” and they go ahead and do it anyway…Do please explain to your kid’s teacher how those 6 words are reinterpreted by you to mean, “it’s okay…do it.”

    • Zimmerman was not a member of any recognized neighborhood watch group. That is what is so funny about the media saying “he was a captain of neighborhood watch”. Might as well have said he was an Emperor. He was a vigilante.

    • Look, try to be more sensible.. “You don’t need to do that” is a far cry from, “Don’t do that!”.. I’m sure at one time in everybody’s life this, “You don’t need to do that” had been replied as, “Maybe not but I am anyway”.. Certainly it wouldn’t have been said to a cop but in it’s true state the dispatcher wasn’t a cop and did not tell him officially. That said, he should have STILL obeyed the request else why did he even go to the trouble of calling in? He wanted backup and advice then chose to ignore both?.. That he was confronted by Martin first (and there was no evidence of it happening before the confrontation) ‘Z’ being an adult could simply had identified himself and asked if he (Martin) had any business being inside a gated neighborhood where by both would (should) have calmed down as an address would have been given that ‘Z’ would have recognized .. So to me what happened, be it Martin’s fault, Zimmerman’s fault or nobody’s fault.. The short encounter and what went on at that exact point is what escalated into the tragedy.. Zimmerman didn’t know Martin was only carrying skittles and iced tea in his hands and Martin didn’t know that Zimmerman was armed, only WE knew this afterward.

    • Actually one of the tapes I listened to, the dispatcher (member of the force) said, “We don’t want you to do that, sir.”

  9. “I CHASED HIM UNTIL HE CAUGHT ME” – George Zimmerman

    If I shot every guy who ever had me on the ground in a fist fight, Sherman Oaks would have looked like “Boot Hill”!

    Is there any limit to the definition of “self defense”? Well apparently not
    for the jury. If I chase a man down the block and catch up to
    him and slap him up the side of his head and he fights back am I then
    entitled to shoot him? “Well officer, he fought back when he should have
    just let me beat on him so of course, I had to shoot him”? Is there ANY
    degree of provocation that would mitigate a claim of self defense? The jury only needed to use their heads without bias to know that Zimmerman pursued Martin in the car and then got out of the car and chased him down … if that is anything that can even loosely in the farthest reaches of David Duke’s imagination be construed as “self defense” I’ll kiss your ass in Macy’s window on Easter Sunday morning. Stalking must mitigate self defense claims, even in Florida.

    • White males only play victim when they know they have to fold their cards. Otherwise, they push and push and push until they show the world how dominant they are. So they think…rofl.

      • “White males only play victim when they know they have to fold their cards.”

        Dominant? So, in your mind ALL white males are useless wastes of skin. That’s like saying everyone in Texas wears ten-gallon hats and owns their own personal oil derrick or that ALL Muslims are terrorists.. How insightful you are. I am a ‘white’ male but never in my life would I EVER state that all women are baby aborters..

    • In the same state, a new mother was being attacked in her home by an abusive husband. She happened to have a gun, and fired a WARNING shot into her OWN CEILING to get him to leave her alone. After he was out in the yard, he yelled at neighbors to call the police because his wife we THREATENING to kill him. The police came and TOOK HIS WORD for it. She has been sentenced to 30 years for firing a warning shot at him. The petition site has a picture of her, showing that she is black; there was no mention of her husband’s race, but the police, prosecutor and jury all behaved as if he had been white. Once again, the victim is presented in court as an attacker. Google the petition if you want to help her get a pardon (not likely from Goniffator Scott).

      Sometimes I think they get their jurors from the studio audience of Glenn Beck or, in this case, The Man Show.

      • Allan – however that woman who fired the warning shot and got 20 years made the egregious error of being BLACK.

  10. The real danger of a verdict like Zimmerman’s is on all of the most vulnerable. Every card carrying certifiable thug in the country will now view it as his right to pass judgement and become neighborhood vigilantes.

  11. Even if you didn’t want to believe the evidence, the ‘reasonable doubt’ structure of our court system would have demanded that any impartial jurist acquit Zimmerman. The minds of those calling for a guilty verdict were made up before there was even a trial and no evidence would make a difference.

    • So even no blood or DNA from Zimmerman on Martin to indicate he (Martin) had struck him? And no DNA from Martin on the weapon indicating he (Martin) had touched it? Why was there no blood or DNA evidence posted?

      • Obviously, Mr. Zimmerman punched himself in the face and broke his own nose and then he laid down and smashed his own head into the sidewalk. Yeah, that makes sense.

        • Martin was found nowhere near the sidewalk. Was there any blood on the sidewalk? Odd that the defense wouldn’t present that bit of info, no?
          Let’s see…I just killed an unarmed kid. I can spend the rest of my life in prison, or make myself look like I had a fight. I bet I can break my nose, how about you?

          • Well, we know what you would do now. I hardly think most people, especially GZ, could think that fast in that situation. You also ignored eyewitness testimony.

          • Yes, if I were stalking an unarmed kid and just killed him unnecessarily, I’d be thinking of ways to avoid going to jail for life. Just in case you’re wondering what happens when a black guy “stands his ground” and kills a white guy in Florida in “self defense”, google “trevor dooley”. Seems in the eyes of a white, conservative jury in Florida, neither Trevor nor Trayvon had the right to “stand their ground”.

          • Florida has a wealth of people that are not “crackers.” The unfortunate problem with the American jury system is, all too often those losers, the “crackers,” are all too easy to net for a jury pool. People that have important work, or are moderately successful, or especially educated people, are either unavailable or unwanted by those that assemble jury pools and trial juries.

          • I’m sure that’s part of it, but the prosecutor just didn’t put his heart into it. Eiher he believed the defense, was paid off, or just couldn’t think straight.
            To wit: GSR on TM + lot of TM blood on GZ chest + GZ blood on sidewalk = self defense. Little GSR on TM + TM far from sidewalk + no GZ blood on sidewalk = murder.

        • No, you twit. He got his tiny cuts, a broken nose and the bruise on the back on his head while a terrified boy is trying to keep from being killede.

          • He was sitting on GZ’s chest trying to keep from being killed? There is absolutely no evidence that GZ threatened Trayvon. It appears he was simply following him. Regardless of whether you believe GZ’s version or some of the other speculations, there is more than enough doubt so that no reasonable person could convict GZ.

  12. Too bad Trayvon didn’t have a Google Glass filming the event. If he did, and if George recognized what it was, he would have spoke oh-so-nicely knowing that the Google server had incontrovertible evidence against him.

    Maybe Google should market the Glass to people subject to racial or other profiling as a fail-safe evidence collector to deter attacks, both from civilians and bad cops.

    Let’s forget about George as an evil PERSON and work on attacking the evil SYSTEM.

    • Even the rumor that many are carrying Google Glass could be a significant deterrent, especially if there were an identifiable indicator like the decal notifying would-be intruders that a house they are about to enter has an alarm system. Surveillance systems do not always have to work against us!

    • The problem about what you suggest STILL applies after the encounter takes place and used against the perp AFTER the crime.. It will satisfy us as spectators and the law as a punishment process but it will not do anything for the victim.

  13. Racism is not always the same one-way street but it is always a Wrong Way street. Tryvon did not deserve to die for walking thru a neighborhood. Neither did Nicole Simpson and Ron Coleman deserve to die. The cops got away with beating Rodney King and the guy who pull a white guy from his truck and beat him in the head with a brick got away with that – both times film showed what happened and both tines all something juries failed in their duties. The only way to deal with racism is one on one – each one of us following the golden Rule.

    • Yes That’s Just What I Said!! It’s All No Good Done To One Another Everyday!! People Need To Wake Up And Stop All This Killing Each Other Over Nothing!! 🙁

      • Amen. Don’t let the morons let you get so mad that you use the wrong language. We can be better than that.

        • First Of All I Don’t Let No One Talk To Me Any Kind Of Way!!! I’m A Grown Woman They Give Me No Respect I Will All Ways Give Them None!!! Why Don’t You Tell Them That??? Long As They Talk To Me Any Kind Of Way I ‘ll Do The Same To Them!!! PERIOD!!! And I’m Not Mad!!! :-)!!

      • And I’m not so sure it is a racial thing (though one or the other will call me on it) but ever since we began blasting each other on politics, the whole damn nation has gone a little insane.. Road rage doesn’t have to do with race.. mass killings doesn’t have to do with race.. Only when an isolated murder is committed and it’s a white on black (or black on white) does it equate to race.. White on Brown? White on Yellow or red or pink.. crickets chirp.. But the white/black on black/white brings out the sleazy news hounds who can’t wait to ingest us with what THEY think happened and to boost readership, add a few paragraphs that can not be proven because they don’t want to reveal any sources but too late as the word has escaped and the hate escalates while the media profits even more.

        • Exactly My Friend I Totally Agree That’s What I Was Pointing Out Earlier People Are Killing People Period!! And It’s ALL Wrong When It’s Over Nothing No Real Reasons What So Ever!! That’s Why I Talked About O.J. Simpson It Was Over Earrings??? WTF!!! Earrings!! People Are Just Going NUTS!!!

        • Whether or not it was racist, it was profiling. When gz said, “Those a holes always get away.” he was profiling.

  14. There are all sorts of comments flowinng here this morning and nobody can come with a solution to America race problem.It is sad this young man is dead no doubt but we must go by the law nothing else. Yes Mr Zimmerman started the ball rolling where a kid was killed. We are not sure if Mr Zimmerman stop following this kid and of cause we have a scare teenager as most teenager that age thinking they can handle any giving situation but this situation had a gun. In America people shoot first and than come up with a damn good reason why you have to used you weapon because if you do not you will be murder and guess what,in some states to say the person was black and a teenager that just enough to get you off. I believed Mr. Zimmerman killed this kid because this kid kick his ass that hurt his pride and when Mr. Martin ended the fight and started to get up Mr. Zimmerman shoot him because he was piss. Now he needed to come up with a story to give reason why he shoot this BIG BAD GUY and a teams of lawyers who started flooding the air way with Mr. Martin pictures as this out of control teenager. Yes America you needs to wake up and realize we have a race problem and its not going to get better in the near future. Also Black America you needs to get your act together and stopped the black on black killing before you jump into white America about their problems with dealing with young black teenager.

    • Exactly My Friend Zimmerman Kept Following Him Confronted Him And Got His Ass Whooped That’s Why He Shot Him!!! No Doubt!! 🙁

  15. Look, I think there’s been a serious miscarriage of justice, but why are all of the picture of Martin those taken when he was 10 years old or younger?
    And it isn’t just African-Americans who are in danger, either.

  16. African-Americans have the ability to stand their ground also.
    Next time whitely decides to give you a hard time, dust em with your six-gun & claim self defense. Just please make sure you’re properly licensed.
    As a matter of fact, African-Americans should all apply for concealed handgun carry license, swamp the gov’t with requets for verification.
    It worked for the Gays, not too much Gay bashing going on now that the Pink Pistols are out there.

    • I Got My Conceal License In The Making As I Type!! I Carry Mine Anyway Cause You Can See How These Men Talk To Women And Treat Women Just Look At The Trolls On This Web Site!! Let Them Try That Crap They Pull Here In Real Life!!! I’m Not The One They Want To Screw With In Real Time I Bet You!!! 🙁

  17. I don’t understand why this trial is a race issue for some. One guy followed another guy, they got into some sort of fight, one guy died. The end. What does race have to do with it?

    • Actually tdm… race had nothing to do with the incident. The facts bare that out and the jury saw that as the truth. It only has to do with the aftermath and the race hustling efforts by slugs like Al Not So Sharpton who make a living by fomenting racial disharmony. And by Obozo and the leftist freaks who use tragedy to advance their political agendas. Now, since the media is almost universally leftist and supports Obozo and race hustlers, something cut and dry like this case gets blown up. Meanwhile, black on white and black on black crime goes by with the fanfare of crickets in the evening. I’m just telling you like it is.

      Have a nice day!

      “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington

      • You blame YOUR hated president and I blame the judicial system and the media at large for making this a circus side show event.. I have never seen as much inadequate prosecution in a courthouse since the Simpson trial. These are the bums who need to be fired for wrongful career positions. They ALL need to be greeters at Wally World receiving less than minimum wage and NOT getting paid big bucks whether they win OR lose..

        • You made me think a little bit deeper. Maybe some, of course not all, of the prosecutors, law enforcement, etc. wanted to put on the weakest possible case in the hope of getting just such a verdict. I am a very anti-conspiratorial guy, so I feel some hesitation in advancing that theory, but something just “smelled” bad about this case.

      • You disgrace yourself. Why don’t you look for the background on that quote and put it into context. Washington said this long before the Civil Rights movement ever began in earnest. Only a total horse a** sniffer would say that conditions at that time were remotely equal.

        Borrowing a quote out of context to prove roughly the opposite of what the speaker intended is called what? You should know, it is your favorite conversational technique. A LIE!

  18. This tragedy should not be used to ignite a referendum on race relations.

    While it is true that our country continues to marinade in the hot stew of racial animus this tragedy is simply what happens when to potentially intelligent human beings become “temporarily deranged” by an overpowering experience with anger turned into rage.

    Something like the following scenario could have happened if just one of the two individuals was in control of his anger:

    GZ: notices a dark figure walking “funny” “and in no particular hurry” in the rain one dark night. As a responsible neighbor watchman he a comes prepared not just with a gun but also a flash light and a list of the names and phone numbers of all the people taking part in the neighbor watch program. He flags down TM and says something intelligent like: Hello. My name is GZ. I’m the area neighbor watch on patrol tonight. Can I help you find an address? TM could have said something intelligent like: No. I’m here visiting a friend. GZ: Where does your friend live? TM: (intelligent reply) She lives at such and so (house number) GZ: Looks down his list o.k. Then GZ dials so and so’ phone (if she answers) Hello I have a young man who says….(if she doesn’t answer) he could leave a message and trust TM based on the name and address.

    That’ just one “good outcome scenario” there are many others any reasonable person can imagine. I just think to inject race when clearly stupidity and anger are the real causal factors is irresponsible.

    I condemn the media and Mr. Sharpton for inciting leftover racial animus by making this tragedy a referendum on racism. His diatribe is placing a burden on cities and innocent people and business are destroyed to no good cause.

    The real problems are not solved by the NAACP and Sharpton approach.

    I find that when people resort to blaming their circumstances on prejudice they haven’t succeeded because they’ve been irresponsible in some or many other ways: The author puts it well!

    Has anyone noticed that racism didn’t prevent Al Sharpton from becoming very successful in America.

    Al Sharpton had to have acted responsibly and proactive over and over again to get where he is and in this case he is acting “irresponsible”.

    Finally, if Obama allows his AG to draw this mess out it will be totally bad for this country and won’t do a thing to solve the really problems of legacy poverty, black on black crime and broken families.

    For the most part it’s true that we kill the way we go to church and the way we attend funerals i.e. within our own race

  19. Looking as I am across the pond, I am disinterested enough to not be personally, or in a way that I’d personally know someone in order to engage in partial exoneration or prosecution, but not uncaring, just disinterested. But when George made the recorded call to 911, he had followed in his car,and he told the police dispatcher that Trayvon was suspicious. Based on what? Skin colour is the only explanation that makes sense.

    Now, then, there is very little of that evening’s events that is indisputable. That is that George continued to follow Trayvon despite the police dispatcher’s directive to not do that, and he runs after him, you can hear on the tape how he starts running, he’s hot on the tail.

    Skin colour enters also in that cops think that it’s perfectly natural to fatally shoot a kid just over half his height as self-defence when the kid isn’t armed.

    And according to several reports, George self-identified as caucasian before getting legal counsel. and all that prejudiced the jury, as B37 case shows.

    Finally, the disparity of those two. George isn’t all that out of shape, as I saw in the first night footage, but later in the trial yes. And armed v. unarmed. not a fair fight. We just don’t know it all, and George certainly isn’t telling all.

    And the verdict creates open season to new lynchings, and I’ve been looking at this point approaching lately. Just like the Mr Pitts explains. And the Supremes (not Diana Ross affiliation, the other Supremes!) in a very pr-conscious move destroy voting rights act first, then hits affirmative action; then buried those in a mountain of hype about expanded rights to gays.

    Martin Luther King Jr. will just have to keep dreaming, if you guys can’t get them driven so far out there, that even Pat Buchanan will have to say “fuck it, Ijust can’t, this lot is making me puke! Where do you find these crazy monsters?”

    Maybe then you’ll have Scalia and Uncle Tom safely croaked and the Reagan-Bush nominees will lose 3-6 (Kennedy) to Clinton-Obama-Hillary nominees. That is also the most important reason to keep Senate Strongly Democratic, never mind legislation? But you should get to have a say in congressional districts.

    • Abortion rights, by the way, are also about colour and a historical expansion of women’s rights. and now Texas lawmakers’ showdown creates ultimately an imbalance in those rights. White-European comen will have different resources to travel to the locations where first of all competent personnel will examine them, and they’ll have a variety of procedures to choose, including abortion.

      Added black used mothers give those same people a piece de resistance as scapegoats for any further propaganda.

    • There you go assuming again.. As if you had been there. “he told the police dispatcher that Trayvon was suspicious.”.. He said this because he claimed that Martin was walking around in back yards (how an apartment complex could be described as having a back yard is possible but not in the regular sense of the word) anyway he had noticed Martin walking around slowly as what had happened in the past when there had been burglaries and without direction and why they welcomed Zimmerman into the neighborhood in first place. True he abused his power but there were several tenants and home owners who felt safer with him as watcher so who do we really point fingers at? I’m sure had Martin been any other color he would have been just as dead because that night, no one acted reasonably.

      • That is so full of assumptions and claims of a guy who’s defending himself against a murder charge. OF COURSE he will be exaggerating the danger Trayvon presented.

        Further, I thought Zimmerman lived there, and most of the time, or at least part-time Trayvon lived there, too. These two probably recognised each other, at least Trayvon seems to have, since he was not completely surprised to have Zimmerman attack him. But why didn’t Z recognise him? Was it because he had no dealings with “people of colour”?

        We also have more than one witness who said Z was racist, and had spoken negatively of blacks. People who knew him. So to take his words as the full truth, is a little naive to say the least. It’s wishing they were true, because you want to justify your own racism.

  20. Waste of time, space and money…The Martins did not raise this kid, another relative had him for the last 14 years ..but you don’t hear about that..He was suspended from school for selling pot, skipped classes and was sent to his dad’s place because a “mom” thought he could straighten the kid out.
    He did not deserve to die and yes he has a right to walk down the street.
    He is not some innocent “man-child” like the photos imply, those are old photos of when he 13 , not 17…
    Reasonable doubt as to what went down is the law…the Prosecution could not eliminate the “reasonable doubt” therefore the man was acquitted.
    I am not saying that is good.
    But our justice system is based on ‘Innocent until proven otherwise”. You see it worked in the “OJ ” case and white Americans did not flock to the streets burning looting and beating up any black man that walked by “in the name of Nicole”.!!
    Regardless, the media portrays this in a light that enflames the black community to get out and get angry, get arrested and then you have more blacks in jail.
    What is this going to prove?
    I say this to you, if there are more blacks in jail than whites, Hispanics or Muslims, then the black community needs to band together, CHALLENGE their young people to get an education and become part of the decision makers and leaders. NOT follow in the path of “oh, poor me, I am repressed and ignored and treated differently”. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! There are TREMENDOUS examples of blacks making a difference in this country…You just need more of them and the inner city is where to focus the efforts.
    Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson ONLY make money when you are kept down and un-educated SO change your life and that of your children if you are feeling cheated, disrespected and not equal to another person because of your skin color.
    The LORD breathed life into your body so that YOUR soul would have a vessel.
    It is NOT a fault to be black. Be proud of your character, That is what is important…
    Uh oh…. I sound like Dr. King!
    If there were fundamental changes occurring these men would NOT have a job and they cannot allow that…They are lining their pockets on YOUR injustices and heartaches.
    Get rid of these two clowns and a great measure of well deserved respect will evolve.
    They are part of the problem.
    My heart aches for the loved ones of Trayvon. He was young and didn’t have much of a chance, so it appears.
    But I tell you this.
    He is safe. He is smiling down from his heaven. Our lord gave him only 17 short years on this earth and BOY did he make a difference.
    This plan was already in place the day he was born. George Zimmerman was already set to interact with this young man and the rest is history. Treyvon is sorry for the heartache he has caused, He is sorry to ZImmerman for the way this escalated on the night in Feb. He will not be forgotten and what better way to change the world by giving your life on earth to do it. Treyvon and George both do not get a second chance to choose differently. But I tell you he is in no pain. HE is walking with Jesus. May the God-given intelligence of Mr. Zimmerman come out and that he do good things with the rest of his days.
    DO not let Treyvon’s death be in vain.
    DO something good in his honor.
    Let George move forward.
    May we learn from this, stand together and all of us work together.

  21. I have to disagree with a lot of you and from what I heard today about what happened the night mr innocent was killed is truly a different story than what the media would have you to believe…is George Zimmerman really the murderer here…!?…I don’t think so…if anyone pulled the trigger that night was his stupid friend Rachel …she alone had Travon killed…this is why she didn’t attend his funeral… why she didn’t want to go to court and why she pretended to act crazy on the witness stand…had she not said that George Zimmerman was a cracka faggot none of this would have happen she told Travon to run cause he was stalking him to have sex with him… so Travon thought he was gonna do a faggot in that night…. guess what it didn’t work….Travon never thought of him having a gun on his person that night so he decided to go for it…thanks to Rachel for putting it in head that that Zimmerman was a , how did she put it..” a cracka rapist faggot”…that’s her words people not mine…she should be the one on trial… her words on that phone that night got Travon killed…HER FAULT … the feds should investigate her a little more and maybe the truth will follow…you people really should have followed more closely on what was said here before you react to anything…. again no one but DUMBASS RACHEL got that boy killed…and please dont email me with your comments on the truth here…I really don’t want to hear them…. want to go after someone go after her…she incited all this .. the only race here was there was no race…

    • Broom.. when you are right, you are right. I cannot add anything to your statements.

      Have a nice day!

      “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  22. Wake the hell up is right! Although comprising 15% of the populace, African Americans, young males in particular, commit 50% of the violent crime. During this trial another 17yr old “child” shot a baby in a stroller in the face in Georgia because the mother didn’t have money for him. The same week Martin met with his demise, 48 kids in Chicago met with theirs. Can anyone give me just 1 of their names? Where are the marches in their honor? If Trayvon’s surname was Martinez we would never have known about this. Both Martin & Zimmerman used bad judgment but the evidence clearly showed that Martin used racial slurs and attacked Zimmerman when he could have called 911 & gone home. A wannabe cop met up with a wannabe thug at night in the rain…..Racism is on life support……..will someone please pull the plug?……….And where is our President when we need him to lead us in the right direction?

      • My numbers came from 2 renowned African Americans who got them from the FBI. You must have pulled yours out of your ass because most of the German population were unaware of the camps existence. How many Americans knew of the camps where Japanese-Americans were “interned”? How many Japanese knew what their military was doing to the people of China? And let us NOT forget where slavery got it’s roots and exists to this day…..the continent of Africa! The Germanics, on the other hand, never colonized nor were they involved in the African slave trade.

        • No, I did not pull my numbers from where you said. You must have your head in yours. In trying to understand what happened in Nazi Germany, I have studied it extensively. The Germans, I know, claim they did not know about the camps. However, they did know that the Jewish people were being taken away and many of them participated in the destroying of Jewish property and the hate crimes against the Jewish people. The children were shown ugly pictures and told these were Juden. The children were taught to hate in the schools. I have read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” I have read the English version of “Mein Kampf.” I have read many many books about the holocaust. I visited a small village in Germany where hitler was locating those people who would not fit his master race. He intended on bombing the village after he filled with people who were developmentally disabled or insane. Only 1% of the people actually formed a group to fight hitler. The other 10% of those against hitler did not actively fight. the 89% hailed him, threw flowers and were moved to tears by this maniac.

          • There are no data on who in the general population of the Third Reich knew about the final solution. Many must have known about relocation to the East, but they could not have known about the death camps. State sanctioned anti semitism was widespread but that does not imply that German civilians were complicit in the
            mass murders in the camps. Since you have studied the situation extensively, what happened to the 1 million German people that vanished from the Sudetenland well before the Nazi takeover.
            But more importantly what does WWII Germany have to do with the topic at hand? The disproportionately high crime rate amongst young black males. This seems an obvious attempt at distracting the public from the gross failings of liberal policies. One has to look no farther than Illinois does one? It’s the dam racist Republicans! Oh, wait a minute, I’ve just been informed that there are no more Republicans left in Illinois!
            If I were you I’d check with my health care provider. Will they cover a surgical removal of your cranium from your anal cavity? Better hurry though, Obama-care won’t cover it.

          • English is probably not your first language so you do not understand that the German people sanctioned hitler’s.doings. Just so you know that Germany’s shame is not isolated. We had terrorists in this country that murdered and intimidated people. That is our shame. Out here, I did not know what was happening until LIfe magazine brought it to light. You are not really informed nor cute. Also, a if there is a disproportionate amount of crime committed by one faction of our country, that does not excuse someone from stalking and murdering a boy. Germany learned from their past. The U.S. does not. The only protection for minorities is federal law and the Supreme Court is dismantling that. We are talking about an incident. We are not talking about Illinois. Now, cite your sources for the people who disappeared in Germany before the Nazi takeover and I will study that. My studies have been about Nazi Germany. I have been to Germany. They do not tolerate hate groups like we do.

          • Did you just racially profile me? It would seem so. See how easy
            it was? You fool. English IS my first language. If the German people “sanctioned”
            Hitler’s doings, why did he have all their guns confiscated? Because he knew Germans at large wouldn’t approve of his “doings” What they did approve of was the good he brought them. At that point what
            could they do? After all they didn’t have a 1st or 2nd Amendment! My grandfather got out by 1930 at the advise of the family in Switzerland, as they didn’t like what they saw by then. The Swiss military was second only to Germany’s in Europe. My sources are German people from the Sudetenland who’s parents were taken away by the communists and never heard from again; and family in Switzerland.
            Now give me the evidence you have for “stalking” & “murder”; he followed someone that was acting strangely. I think it’s pure rhetoric from the left. And how this trial became political was the Presidents call.

          • My sources are actually history books, eye witness accounts and biographies by those who lived through hitler’s regime. I don’t care if your grandfather was saved by the advice of someone in Switzerland, the truth is that hitler never confiscated the German people’s guns despite what the NRA says. He made a law that Jews, Gypsies, and other minorities could not own guns. Only certain people were affected by that law. He did not go house to house and take any of their guns. Sudetenland means south area. I have known German people from south, west, north and east in Germany. I even know a woman who escaped from East (or should I say Ostenland?) Germany. I asked her what she thought about what was happening. Of course, she said they didn’t know. She did relate to me, an incident, she witnessed. “Two youths were beating a Jewish man. He was begging them to stop and they just kept beating him and laughing.” She also told me of going to school and finding new textbooks with ugly pictures of Jews. There were also stories in the books crediting the Jews with horrific crimes against the Germans. None of that has anything to do with the latent and overt racism shown by people regarding TM.

          • You were the one who changed the subject to Germany not I. And yes you were also the one that made the claim that English was not my first language. That’s profiling
            But you neglected to answer my question on stalking & murder.

    • Haggen… you are 100% correct. You’ll find that the leftist freaks on this site don’t take the truth very well. It’s not politically correct to state facts like you do. It drives them bonkers.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      And by the way, don’t let idamag change the topic on you like she did with the Hitler references. Hitler is irrelevant to the facts at hand regarding crime stats in America and the unfortunate but deserving death of Trayvon Martin.

      Have a nice day!

      “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  23. Yes, he got away with murder.
    Should have been at least second degree.
    Too bad first degree was not available.

  24. Herd a comment on TV this morning the the caller had herd that one of the jurors had offered $1000.00 to the other 5 for a not guilty verdict.

  25. The Jury spoke and that should be it. Hear that Jackson and Sharpton. Stop trying to start Riots because is that your specialty?

  26. George Zimmermann is GUILTY of first degree MURDER.

    He must pay for it sooner or later. Justice must be served. Race, color, sex and religion, have nothing to do with justice.. ALL must be treated the SAME.

  27. you know how I know Trayvon did not come back and confrontzzzzzzzzzzmurderer? because if he disappeared for 4 minutes and then punched him with just his fist? does that make sense? during that time if someone is following me and im hiding and then confronting, I would be looking for a stick, a rock, a weapon to knock the stalker out with one blow. especially if I like to fight like they say Trayvon did. if I couldn’t find anything? that can of juice would have been slammed in his damn face.

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