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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thousands of Walmart workers around the country are planning to strike on Black Friday, hoping to end retaliation they claim the massive retail chain’s workers receive when they speak out for better working conditions.

Workers complain that the retaliation may include a loss of shifts, schedule uncertainty and reassignment within the store.

Last week, Walmart asked the National Labor Relations Board to stop the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and its subsidiary OURWalmart to stop organizing protests it claims have been going on for six months. The National Labor Relations Act prohibits picketing for any period over 30 days without filing a petition to form a union.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail giant employs more than 1.4 million workers. How many workers will participate in the action remains unclear.

The Nation’s Josh Eidelson says that the walkout will test the power of online organizing. Many workers who plan to participate in the walkout have only been in contact with organizers online. Not only are the workers organizing through Facebook and other online platforms, progressives are using the Internet to offer support to the workers.

“No one knows just how many Walmart workers will walk off the job on Friday—organizers included,” Eidelson wrote.

Wednesday at a Walmart Supercenter in St. Cloud, Florida just one employee, Vanessa Ferreira, age 59, went on strike and was threatened with a trespassing violation.

Ferreira, who has decorated cakes at Walmart for eight years and never received any formal discipline or “coaching” from Walmart until she joined OURWalmart, complains that the wage she receives is too low to live on.

“They pay low wages, then the taxpayers pick up the tab for food stamps and Medicaid,” Ferreira said. “They need to take care of their people. They need to be responsible to their workers.”

One study suggests that as many as 80 percent of Walmart’s employees receive food stamps.

Former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton Administration, Robert Reich, is advocating for the strike. He believes that a large-scale strike against Walmart would be good for the economy, pointing out that the average Walmart employee takes in only $8.81 an hour while a third of its workers do not even qualify for health benefits.

“A new study by the think tank Demos reports that raising the salary of all full-time workers at large retailers to $25,000 per year would lift more than 700,000 people out of poverty, at a cost of only a 1 percent price increase for customers,” he wrote.

The courts are not open Black Friday to issue an injunction and shoppers are already lining up for Walmart’s doorbuster offers that begin in many states on Thanksgiving evening.

Can the weak bonds of social media overcome the high-pressure intimidation workers face if they speak out for better pay and benefits? And can any of it break through the media’s fixation on televising consumers’ rampaging pursuit of Black Friday values? We’ll find out tomorrow.

Photo credit: Patrick Hosely

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  • I do think this is one way to show the Box stores they need to make life better for there workers. If we all would not buy from them on Black Friday that would help also. I for one I will not be at there door. Wayne Morris

    • These Rich People Are Just Greedy Ass Thugs!! Wal-mart Whole Damn Family Are On The Forbes 500 Separate They All Are Rich !! Just Greedy Selfish Asshole!! I Will Not Be Shopping There Either!! It’s A List Of A Bunch Of These Greedy Bastards!!! We Need To Boycott A Lot Of These Selfish Rich People!!

      • onedonewong

        Fern you’ll be there because they take your foodstamps

        • margeanncullen

          Right their workers are on foodstamps loser. Billion dollar company that pays low wage. I am proud to say I only shopped there once in the 90’s and never will again. Target isn’t a whole lot better but atleast they pay their corporate workers a living wage.

          • onedonewong

            Lets see the avg walmart worker makes $10 an hour or $1600 a month. Eligibility for foodstamps starts at $1200 a month so you point is what other than its utter PAP.
            Define a “living wage” that’s just more liberal golly gook

          • margeanncullen

            Well how can that be when most don’t work full time onedown? You don’t have a clue. They make billions and pay shit. A living wage explains itself unless you are an idiot. You know so you can keep a roof over your head and eat. Marge

          • onedonewong

            Much as I though another lib talking to talk….give me a number for a “living wage” how much per hour how much a month???

          • margeanncullen

            Whatever we will never agree so there is no point. But here is a disagreement with your $10 statement. And I do not talk to talk either.
            By Robert Reich — America’s largest employer is Walmart, whose average employee earns $8.81 an hour. A third of Walmart’s employees work less than 28 hours per week and don’t qualify for benefits. Marge

          • onedonewong

            when it comes to utter nonsense and tiny sure reich is a giant among all men

          • See You Know All About The Food Stamps Bitch Cause It Your Dumbass Collecting Them Trailer Park Trash!!!

          • onedonewong

            its the colored community you know your brothers and sisters that comprise the vast majority of folks on food stamps

        • Need I Keep Telling Your Stupid Ass Over And Over Again, BITCH I’m A Middle Class WORKING NURSE We Get NO FOOD STAMPS!!! IT”S YOUR MOTHER WHO’S On WELFARE!! YOU TEA BAGGING ASSHOLE!!

          • Fern

            Don’t take onedonewrong, 13observer or bozotheidiot seriously. All they can do it wtire 1 sentence at a time, they are still learning how to put together complete thoughts. All they can do is yell about food stamps but the reality is that a majority of the food stamp receivers live in Red states. You know those states that get more money from the Federal Gov’t than they send to it. Do you notice they never complain about the Gov’t subsidies paid to the highly profitable oil companies.

          • I Don’t Pay No Attention To Them Cause NOW That I Reported Their Asses They Just Might Find Their Asses In Jail For Xmas!! LOL Some How They Seem To Forget This Is The President Of The United States They Are Screwing With And That Disrespect For An American President Can Get Your Ass Locked Up!!! LOL Let Them Just Keep On Flapping Their Gums!!! LOL I Gave Them ALL These Trolls Names And Handle !! LOL

          • onedonewong

            He’s the colored president of the northern states. The same guy that has no earned education, no experience and now work ethic…basically he’s just like you

          • YouMustBeWithStupid

            Do away with all subsidies to all energy including ethanol, wind and solar.

            From an article in WSJ, “…Institute for Energy Research used the Energy Department data to calculate a subsidy per unit of electricity produced. Per megawatt hour, natural gas, oil and coal received 64 cents, hydropower 82 cents, nuclear $3.14, wind $56.29 and solar a whopping $775.64”

            I am quite serious…eliminate ALL subisidies. I find it funny that you guys wring your hands and bitch about the least problem…and completely ignore and support the real problem. In this case…renewable energy subsidies. Heck…to be bipartisian and inclusive, I would be happy to subsidize all energy sectors at the same level per Megawatt hour. You can choose which sector to be the baseline. And then we can talk about eliminating them all together!

          • onedonewong

            billy thanks for you input… did your mom help you ??

          • onedonewong

            To a colored women a middle class life = food stamps welfare sec 8 housing and medicaid. Its a life style that all coloreds aspire to

          • I See Your Dumb Ass Back Passing Gas Stinking Up The Internet Again!!! GO TAKE A BATH AND SHUT YOUR DUMB ASS UP TROLL!!!

          • onedonewong

            see your still using your 2nd grade education

          • You Are One Dumb Ass BITCH!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!! DICKHEAD!!! TROLL!!!

          • onedonewong

            wow such animosity for our president barry soeroto

        • Jim Strathmeyer

          hint: we don’t feel ashamed for being shafted by the government, anymore

        • Keep Talking Little Bitch Cause A Have Reported All Of You Lying Rat Bastards To The FBI And The Secret Service For Your Nasty Remarks You Trolls Have Been Making About Our President!! LOL You Just Might Find You Ass In Jail For Xmas!!!LOL Then You Can Get The Attention That You Seek!!! LOL

          • onedonewong

            sorry fern i got a letter earlier this week from the Food Bank International that’s who you complained to about the size of your free turkey and greens for Thanksgiving. I realize that as a black you people lost your ability to work when slavery ended so now you live off of others just like your ancestors did in afrika

          • That Letter Was For Your Mother Bitch !!! Why In The Hell Would My Mail Come To Your Cave!! Your Mother Is Just Passing !!

          • By The Way Next Time You Post Please Take A Bath Cause You Stink And Try Brushing Your Teeth Cause Your Breath Is Cutting Up!! YUCK!! I Know You Think A Bar Of Soap Is A Hand Grenade And The Shower Is A Gas Chamber I Not Please Use Them And Soon Stinky Ass TROLL!!!

          • onedonewong

            Its the new obama look, its called the jungle look

        • James70094

          That’s no worse than your 100% tax payer funded life. You are the biggest welfare queen of them all. You never worked for anything, just lived off tax payers your whole life.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry that’s the Democratic party that lives off the producers and Barak Obama in particular never worked 1 day in his life

          • James70094

            Now we know who you really are since you have lived 100% off the tax payers your whole life.

          • onedonewong

            You confusing me with barak michelle joe biteme and his wife, you know the typical dem to TAKES from the producers

          • James70094

            No, you are just a life long leech who thinks he’s more important than reality does.

          • onedonewong

            The only folks I have problems with are quotas and gvt employees

          • James70094

            Military folks are government employees.

          • onedonewong

            Not Hardly military are warriors civil servants are a bane on society

          • James70094

            Warriors don kill innocent women and children and claim they are legitimate targets because of their race or religion. Maybe the CS that process your 100% tax payer life should be the first to go. Since they don’t do anything, you won’t miss your monthly welfare payment. I am done with you having helped expose your stupidity and racism yet again.

          • onedonewong

            I agree that’s why mooslims aren’t men and wear dresses. When we kill them its a result of unintended consequences and the fog of war. Race and religion certainly make them legitimate targets.
            Of course I don’t do anything I’m a Federal civil servant 60% of us do nothing including yourself. The only thing you have done is shown your whining and constant as a civil servant trying to claim your as good as the military… suggest you have some one test your sanity

    • like that’s going to happen. shoppers want the best prices on items for Christmas.

  • Willy Holliday

    This is something that may bring Walmart to its’ senses about how brutal their human resources policies are and that customers can see this disparity. Also, I hope this will inspire Walmart to stop exploiting labor in the third world as well. With their resources they could bring much of their business home and help small suppliers in the US.

    • If and when Walmart is really worried we will see a massive Public Relations campaign: Plenty of TV spots with workers (fictitious or real) saying how wonderful their Walmart Experience has been (I have talked to some), shoppers saying how much they value the low everyday prices, public officials and business owners saying how good Walmart is for the local economy, etc. The opposition won’t have the TV bucks to compete with that. As we saw in the recent election, the “ground game” will be crucial.

    • onedonewong

      The last time workers united against walmart they permanently closed the store

  • behaviorquest

    I wish the workers well as this is like the peasants taking on the king and being willing to suffer the indignations that the king will try and inflict. Eventually the peasants will rise up and overthrow the king known as Koch brother like wannabes.

    • YES !

    • onedonewong

      Rise up and do what??? You think the average consumer is going to stop shopping…pleeease

  • totati

    I am so pround of these people. Walmart has horrible practices aimed at making huge profits even bigger on the back of this powerless (up until now) work force and on the back of greedy americans that are so elated to buy cheap products sold at this store convinced that they saved a lot. It is really disgusting! And Happy Thanksgiving to all walmart Employees!

    • One of the worst practices used by retailers to reduce operating costs and increase profits is to schedule workers for no more than 36 or 38 hours a week to avoid giving them benefits.

      • i believe that employees working at least 35 hours a week are considered full time employees and are entitled benefits ,but may have to pay a portion of their health insurance.

      • onedonewong

        many are and many are planning to thanks to obamacare

  • rippper

    Walmart has for years screwed over their employees. Walmart’s ceo is the biggest crook going. I know people that work for Walmart and they tell me that working conditions are not good and Walmart’s ads proclaiming that advancement in the company is the biggest lie. Most people that work for Walmart have little or no prospects for better jobs and that’s why they stay and Walmart knows this. Workers are taken advantage of as far as cheating employees out of hours worked, no health benefits to speak of, etc. And when someone speaks out, they are punished. If Walmart is so fair to its employees as it says it is, then why is Walmart constantly being sued? The ceo, what ever his name is,is another typical low life rich asshole that regards the employees as nothing more than peasants put on this earth to make him richer. These uncompassionate bigwigs look down on the employees. Next time when the documentory about the unfair practices of this company is on tv, watch it. Some of which you will see will break your heart. It’s no wonder that small communities are fighting to keep Walmart from coming to their area, because everytime it puts a store in a small town, the small business owners suffer and eventually have to close. That’s also in the documentory. By the way, Walmart tried to block this film from being shown. This documentory will open your eyes and you will see the blood suckers as they really are.


    With all my heart I wish the workers success BUT, my head knows otherwise. In this economy, with unemployment as it is, there are tens of thousands of people will to suffer anything to have a paycheck (however small). That’s the main problem when a bad economy doesn’t seem to have an end. The price of dignity keeps falling, and skins get thicker. They couldn’t have picked a worse day if they were hoping for any shopper support. You tell a shopper that the $400 TV he wants is only $180 on Black Friday, wide spread solidarity doesn’t really stand a chance. Add to that the Waltons have made billions while showing clearly that they don’t give a damn about the welfare of their employees, and that is the most disgusting. If ever there were owners who could weather a tiny decline in profits it’s these guys. What the workers are asking for amounts to chump change for them. It seems that then Waltons exist for one thing, and that is to amass as large a fortune as possible and they are doing very well in that pursuit. I’d like to think that Karma has a way of coming around, but in this case probably not. Just like the banks it seems Walmart is Too Big to Fail.

  • this all started long long ago. it’s about time people are opening their eyes to this. i have bought one thing at walmart in my 54 years on this earth. i willnot give walmart one more penny of mine, i as well as everyone one else already give to walmart through are hard erned work and our tax dollars . our tax dollars go to the people walmart should be taking care of. no thats not correct. walmart should be paying a fair days pay for the fair days work these employees provide. they these people would take care of themselves. this will end only when we the people make it end. BOYCOTT WALMART TILL THEY TREAT AND PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES AS EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE PAID AMD TREATED.

  • I for one will not shop in Wal-Mart tomorrow in support of the workers!

  • I don’t shop Wal-Mart, never have, I don’t even bid work for Wal-Mart. May sound stupid on my part as I am a contractor and am sent bid request from other General Contractors via e-mail and statewide contractor associations I belong to. I just hate what they stand for, and their business model. They are part of the PROBLEM as with many other ways of thinking and models for our future in America. Mark Jensen


    Being from Northwest Arkansas, I knew Sam Walton when he was still alive and making Walmart a household word. I had many friends that were employed by Walmart and spoke highly of Sam. One of my friends worked in the warehouse and one day he asked a fellow employee if Walmart had hired a new employee. The answer was “No, that is just Sam helping out”. He drove a pickup truck and lived in a modest home. I just wonder what he is thinking now that he sees his family living in luxury while they are running the Walmart name in the ground with their greed. So sad!

    • Cairndance

      Didn’t Sam Walton have a motto “Made in America”? I remember Paul Harvey advertising the Made In America standards at Walmart.
      Then his children took over and now “Made in China”, Cheap Goods/at the Cheapest Price” is the new motto!
      Sam must be turning in his grave!

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Don’t buy from Apple. They manufacture in a Chinese slave factory!

  • And that is why we go to walmart for better pricing. If you calculate, where will you go for better pricing? For those who receive food stamps. Look at that individual to find out that a single mom or dad with family are actually getting a bonus for you supporting walmart and giving them the ability to work and still receive our government money. Yours and mine. So what is the real answer? Simple, I’ll bet them and their kids still have cell phones and their kids sit infront of the tv playing games and eating chips and crying to go to mcdonalds because they do not like the food made for them. Grow up and grow up fast. I have been so broke I lived in a boiler room and cooked my food under a water heater. I had a job but paid my debts. Get with the real world. I have a great paying job but I have done nothing to try to drive that nice new car and claim to be broke. I live like a king because I do not live beyond my expenses. I am 53 and will have more children. They will be raised simply and know about basics and they will be richer and only wish they could make an average of 8 to 9 dollars an hour. I expect the economy to drop because we live bayond our means. That is fine. I will one day make 8 to 9 dollars an hour and be the richest person around. Strike and loose. I worked two jobs in many cases and I have had periods of not working for a couple of years. It is not how much you make, it is about what you do with your money, time and detirmining what is real and what is not. Man must know his limitations! (Clint Eastwood) Women also! In Japan when the typhoon hit and destroyed the cities, especially around the newclear plants, They did not sit and cry as a matter of fact with nothing, they found money floating, in the mud and everywhere and actually gave it to the lost and found department of the government. Sorry I do not remember the exact figure, but It was over a million. Those who gave back the money gave it out of responsibility and not out of greed. They respectivly accepted their loss with grace and continued foward. Can we please step out of our pitty pot and if you do not like where you are then move, but you have to make changes in your own lifestyle first. I do feel for those who really do not have money like the elderly and those on real and actual dissability. All things are possible and go to the local shelter and bring your kids and donate your extra time. do this for one week and see how rich you really are. Sorry Walmart workers, This is Thanksgiving and you are in the retail business. If you know that much, 7-11 in Oklahoma starts out over $12.00 per hour and there is a sign at each store. God Bless!

  • As former CNA who worked under simular conditions in the health care field, I hope they stick to their guns. I worked until severe arthritis in both shoulders & both ankles caused me to go on social security disability, which is so bad I can hardly walk. The low wages & poor working conditions are America’s little known sweat shop.

    The only difference between the retail conditions & the health care field is that those in health care have hearts that are too big & they worry about those that would recieve poor care if they were not there. Most CNAs are too responsibile. The Healthcare industry is making a lot of people at the top very rich. They work you to death, don’t have insurance benifits & only part-time hours. Then they put you out to pasture with NO pension or 401K plans. Laborers of the World Unite, there are more of us than them! Together we have strength! RIGHTIES OF THE WORLD LOOK OUT, WE’RE COMING AFTER YOU & YOUR BAGS OF MONEY!

  • Realistically I won’t stop buying from the Walmart Superstore in our small community.
    Realistically I can avoid buying products from Walmart on Black Friday and for the entire weekend too.
    So…that is what I will do, because I do support everyone who works for this mega-store and is coming up short.

  • The power to help Walmart employees is in our hands. We must contact Walmart corporate offices in our area, and let them know that all their employees deserve a liveable wage. Even if this raises the prices of their products. Because if Walmart employees make more, they will be able to afford the goods and services we produce. Because we live in the same area this will help us all!

    • onedonewong

      and yet when I look at the walmart parking lot the cars are mostly Toyoda’s and Korean yep those folks sure are interested in american jobs just like 90% of the poster hers

      • James70094

        Toyota and those Korean cars are made in the USA by non-union American workers. Why would I chose a Ford, GM or Chrysler made in Mexico or Canada? I prefer to support working Americans?

        • onedonewong

          Sorry 80% of jap and korean cars are made in their countries not in the states. All of their so called Green cars are made in their home countries but we still give them a $7500 tax credit

          • James70094

            Honda has made all of the cars they sell here since 1984. Toyota and Nissan also have been making all the cars they sell here since the late 1980s. It was cheaper and faster. They use non union labor to cut costs and be competitive. Odd that you completely ignore the US cars made in Canada and Mexico. It’s nice that cars these days have stickers that tell you exactly where the parts and assembly were performed.

          • onedonewong

            Your a fool… drive by any large port on the coasts and gulf and they are filled with Jap cars a simple google search would provide you with the numbers so you wouldn’t look so foolish.
            As for US cars beig made in Mexico and Canada that’s a shame but when the domestics have to compete with slave labor in japan and korea and china they have to go some where.
            The fact that guberment motors makes 7 out of 10 vehicles over seas should have been you clue to why the auto bailout was a Horrible decision. It didn’t protect US jobs it protected OTHER countries jobs

          • James70094

            Well, now you are showing your ignorance. You obviously have not gone by any ports in a few decades. As I stated, the sticker on the car window tells you where it was made. All you need to do is get to a car lot. and those 7 out 10 cars made by GM are sold outside the US. That’s a trick GM learned from the other car makers, it’s cheaper to make them where you sell them. You are the only one looking like a fool.

          • onedonewong

            Your are such a loon. The japs IMPORT 46% of their vehicle sales in the US, you should stay with something you know about such as the avg CS making $130,000 a year, a 20 hour work week and 0 accountability.
            My point with GM was why were the US taxpayers the only ones on the hook to eat that $35Billion that will never be paid back and why should the US taxpayers be subsidizing the japs and koreans $7500 for every car they send here.

          • James70094

            No, the truth can be seen by anyone who visits a car dealership. You are the only loon around.

          • onedonewong

            amazing how out of touch you are with reality when even the facts prove you wrong. You must have gone to harvard with barak both of you learned nothing

          • James70094

            You have yet to ever provide any fact. Anyone reading your stupidity can visit a car dealership and see the truth. The only fact people can see in your posts is that you are a racist fool. I am done with you having helped expose your stupidity and racism yet again.

          • onedonewong

            3 times no I’ve proven you wrong and you are so hard headed you keep coming back with the same childish statement. How does it feel to be so dumb, must still be living in your moms basement, ask her to turn the lights on

  • tottaway

    I hope they do strike they don’t pay enough to live more power to the workers

  • Eleanor

    I will not be shopping Walmart on Black Friday, and all other stores of any kind. I have only shopped 1 Black Friday and never again. Black Friday is totally stupid, the way people camp out to be maybe lucky to get 1 of the 5 items they have in that store. I find it better to save for what I want, maybe pay a few dollars more, but I do not participate in this activity. It certainly brings out the hatred, rudeness, and uncivility of all people. I will continue to shop Walmart because they have the prices I can afford, being on a fixed incone. I do wish the employees the best. Just hope they don’t cut off their noses to spite their faces. Sometimes these things turn around and bite you. In a sluggish economy, I have never felt secure enough to jeopardize my job, and especially here at Christmas time. Granted, Most places need to have better working conditions, wages, safety, and benefits. Best of luck to them. God Bless.

    • The meek shall inheriet the earth? Wal-Mart isn,t the cheapest! “Tell a Lie often enough and it will be believed” a quote from Adolph Hitler; If cash restricted try buying quality used durable items at yardsales, flea-markets,ect. and compare other discount stores fot the food, toilet paper,ect. The Home of Low Prices on a Semi-Trailer doesn,t make it true and if an item is a throw-away have you saved? Wal-Mart is exhausting the remaining Landfill space at alarming rates and dragging the country down in the process; Great Company back when Sam and Ol,e Roy were Alive; But they are Dead now.

  • amarquez647

    Unions have their detractors and sometimes their criticism is well deserved. Unions exist for the benefit and well-being of their members. The unions are responsible for child labor laws, minimum wage, and the 40-hour week. The right to work laws in many states is a union breaking law and they should be abolished. Laws for the workplace should strongly discourage the practice of denying workers benefit by limiting hours work. We should face the fact that if it is not part of the national law, workers have no rights, for those workers who are anti union how much you do like layoff notices.

  • dsand1445

    I’m on the workers side. Walmart don’t treat their employees right. If change is gonna happen it gotta come from with in. The public is not going to stop shopping at Walmart and Walmart knows it. The Walton’s have more money than 3 generations of them can spend.

  • i haven’t shopped at Walmart in YEARS! They disgust me, their strong arm tactics – to make the Walton Family richer and richer, is disgraceful! I hope that EVERY Walmart employee walks away and leaves these greedy b’s having nightmares! It is DISGRACEFUL that the very people that shop at Walmart are usually in the same pay grade as the ones working there! BOYCOTT WALMART!

  • amarquez647

    Unions have their detractors and sometimes their criticism is well deserved. Unions exist for the benefit and well-being of their members. The unions are responsible for child labor laws, minimum wage, and the 40-hour week. The right to work laws in many states is a union breaking law and they should be abolished. Laws for the workplace should strongly discourage the practice of denying workers benefit by limiting hours work. We should face the fact that if it is not part of the national law, workers have no rights. For those workers who are anti union how much do you like layoff notices?

  • PinkersKid

    Walmart does not care about their associates. It’s gotten worse there over the years, when they want more work done for less pay, demanding 8 hrs work done in 4 hrs, or work you 4 hrs a day six or seven days a week and they say that they can do that because it’s the start of a different week. They try to get rid of the older associates so they can hire part time workers and not pay insurance, they don’t work with you on your hours so you can work a second job to make ends meet and they won’t give you the cost of living wage. In my opinion it’s just short of slave labor. And your lucky if you can get 34 hrs. In my home town, all our store wants to do is give you 24 hrs.

  • onedonewong

    Great strategy…the last time this was tried in Canada Walmart succumbed and closed the store and sent all the workers home permanently

    • Progressive Patriot

      One… That sure is frightening to hear. Still, if we don’t fight back, they get more wealth and power, and our wages, benefits and retirement continue to disappear. Walmart doesn’t want us to have a voice. They want us to work harder, longer for less, and to shut-up and like it. Walmart equals disaster for communities wherever it goes. Lower wages, no benefits. Wherever they go, local business suffers, overall employment drops, and poverty rates rise. Their 1.4 million employees collect almost 2.66 Billion in public aid (mostly food stamps and medicaid). They can’t afford to live on what Walmart pays. Their profits are enormous (15.7 Billion in 2011), and a handful of Walton’s have a net worth greater than the bottom 41.5 percent of the U.S. population. Costco has proved that they can be very competitive, pay on average 72% more, provide health insurance and retirement. Why, because they have lower turnover and increased worker satisfaction and productivity.
      What do you suggest?

      • onedonewong

        Let the free market prevail. Surely your not suggesting that we follow barak and the govt’s lead where the average federal employee makes $130,000 a year a golden retirement parachute life time free healthcare and 0 accountability all while working 20 hours a week

        • Progressive Patriot

          I’ll be interested to see your source for the avg. federal employee salary and retirement. Looks like “facts,” from The Bubble to me. If almost all the growth has gone to the 1% over the last 30 years, what has happened to make you think that it will not continue, creating an intrenched Aristocracy, if we continue to just let the free market prevail, like it was allowed to do under republicans?

          • onedonewong

            The source?? Have you ever read a news paper try Heritage, USA today, MSNBC, Wall St Journal + 6 other outside non governmental non biased research activities.Sounds like you live in a bubble bubble boy.
            All the growth went to avg working Joe except when Dem’s controlled congress than everyone became poorer.
            Your solution and Baraks have proven to be a disaster every where its been tried socialism doesn’t work just ask Hitler, Haiti, Venezuela china N Vietnam

          • Progressive Patriot

            Onedone… You lost me with the name calling (Bubble Boy?). Except for the MSNBC source, you only note right wing bubble sources. I am looking at your response, and am having difficlty making sense of it. Please don’t bother responding if you’re only going to respond with emotional talking points. If you actually prove your point to me, I’m willing to listen. Hitler was a Facist, dictators in Hati, N. Vietnam and China… Communists. The fact that percentage of income growth has occurred overwhwhelmingly for the 1%, while the middle classes has stagnated, cannot be disputed. Democracy is great! I’m against socialism for the rich, and democracy for the rest of us, which is what we have now. We have become an Oligarchy, and you don’t even know it. You’ll have to bring facts, and be more respectful if youre going to convince me.

    • dtgraham

      That was in the Province of Quebec in Canada, and the reason Walmart closed the store was that they were the only Walmart in the world to have a labor union. It had just been certified and this Walmart was a highly successful store, as they all are. They have such a pathological hatred of unions that they actually closed a successful, profitable, store just to send a message to “associates” everywhere in the world as to where they stand on worker organizing.

      The crazy thing is that, that Walmart was in a very progressive part of the world with a $10.00 per hour minimum wage (at that time), government single payer universal health care, Provincial day care program, and a Provincial government prescription drug program for everyone. The point is, that the union couldn’t have realistically bargained for much more beyond that for unskilled retail clerks and wouldn’t have. Perhaps a few more cents per hour, a few more benefits, and some basic protection and dignity from unfair management treatment. That likely would have been all, I’m sure, in a competitive retail environment. That is how much this scumbag of a corporation hates the labor movement.

      • dtgraham

        What I posted has been bugging me and I had to retract something. I should never have used the term unskilled retail clerks. Everyone learns a lot and continues to acquire knowledge and job skills no matter what you’re doing. Everyone deserves a living wage too, especially from the world’s largest corporation.

        The writer mentions a roughly $25,000.00 per year threshold to lift a lot of workers out of poverty. That’s $12.00 per hour and at Quebec’s minimum wage that’s not a huge jump, and something the union should have been able to bargain for, given that Walmart was already operating successfully in such a progressive environment. That’s what I meant and I’m sorry for how I said it. I really apologize to Walmart associates.

        Geez, it’s just a lone post on a political website and I’m sounding like a politician or journalist here.

      • onedonewong

        Good for wamart and you are correct about its location. Pathological hatred for unions, not really they know full well that unions only bring destruction and failure to every business they can gt their noses under the tent in. Its a scourge like the walking dead.
        The point that the union couldn’t have asked for anything more based on the skills of their members is just folly. Look at the Steel companies, auto companies heck even the USPS all of who demand high wages for 0 skills.
        Remember unions are exempt from any US laws that result in murder mayhem that their members may cause Its the ONLY group that has total immunity

        • dtgraham

          For one thing, steel and auto workers develop a fairly high skill level. They have to know a lot. While it was ignorant and wrong of me to say that retail people are unskilled, it’s still not quite the same thing.

          Beyond that though, it’s really dependant on the industry. You’ll notice that the United Food and Commercial Workers union don’t negotiate killer contracts in the hospitality and retail sector. Competition is too fierce and profit margins are too narrow, and they understand that. I don’t think you’d have your choice of too many restaurants if every dishwasher made $30.00 per hour. The UFCW, in those cases, is mostly there for better benefits and better treatment on the job.

  • milliet1

    i’ll fired every person who goes on strike if they don’t like working there quit

  • I wonder if you can really go up against such a corporation as Walmart? I wish them luck and I sincerely hope they are successful. It is greedy corporations like this who have sold us and America down the river by getting their products made in other countries at cut rate cost, selling them here cheaply enough to under cut competing stores and paying their employees so poorly they qualify for government housing and Medicaid. Consumers shop there, lured by discounted prices… But I wonder how much it really costs us, all those cheap prices? I think we are beginning to see the Big Picture, hopefully. How much longer are we going to be able to afford a Walmart driven consumerism? At least we are talking about it now, and we are seeing just where we are headed.

  • Wow If they were eligible for Food stamps they are not making any money! I wonder if the GOP looked at this as they are complaining about how many people are Welfare and getting
    food stamps.
    I wont go to Walmart either.

  • Walmart is a joke, I had a friend who worked there, they pay so crappy that there is a welfare dept, so you can sign up and get beenefits even when ya work. I dont shop at this dirtbag of a store nor Samsclub which is owned by wallyworld as well, its about time the works stood up to them, the cheap bastards

  • Kansan

    After Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Larry Ellison, the next two richest people in the U.S. are the Koch brothers, tied for a net worth of $31 billion. The next four are Sam Walton’s heirs.

    The reason they pay so little is nothing but familial greed. It appears to be genetic.

  • I hope this is a great success, and wakes the working class up to take the actions to actually get a living wage. The corporations get tax and other breaks for themselves and push their workers to the brink so they are forced to get help just to live. Then they yell class warfare. Hell yes there is class warfare, the owners crushing the workers. That is the warfare. Its time to take it to the owners!

  • BUT? Where is the concern for the underpaid Worker in China that are dependent upon Wal-Mart and the poor Bafoons whom shop their? They need to Strike as well and with hold the cheap junk they export to the Mega-Giant Retailer that engineers and specs the products to be made even cheaper than the Chinese would do on their own; I support the opressed and won,t buy the cheap throw away crap this Black-Friday and will only shop their the next cold day in hell.

  • If the founder of Walmart Sam Walton was still alive to see what his greedy children has done to the employees and they way they buy their merchandise from overseas, I think he would disown all of them. He started the company and treated employees with respect from what old time Walmart employees say and that as his wealth grew so did their salaries. He also bought the largest amount of his merchandise from US plants and factories to support the US and her workers while his children do the right oppose .

  • You go Walmart workers its a shame there is a sweet shop in our Country like Walmart they need to be stop and go UNION so the workers of Walmart get better pay and working conditions…! YOU GO GUY’S GET THE SHOPPERS TO BOYCOTT WALMART…!

  • I make it my goal to stay out of wal mart, but I realize that I’m definitely in the minority. In a small town such as this one, if you need an ink cartridge, or a rheem of paper, the nearest place is 40 miles away. I would like to see shoppers really put the hurt on these guys for the cheap low lifes they are.

  • Simpleisbetter2

    If they are unhappy with their jobs, they can always quit and go some place else. Not exactly sure why people believe they can “force” employers to give them more. This is a free country. The company is free to pay them what they want to, the employees are free to leave and go work some place else. If no one wants to work for Walmart, then Walmart will raise their wages or do what they need to do to attract workers. This is called capitalism. Last I checked, we are not a communist country yet. No one is forcing them to work for Walmart. If they don’t like it… LEAVE!!

    • ococoob

      Would you leave if you were in their shoes, eh? Last I check, it’s a worker’s right to strike.

  • Its not black Friday anymore, Its black Thanksgivings which started at 8p.m. and was a nightmare. Very unorganized!!! I think because of the deals and very low prices, It will be black holloween next year. Fareness vs GREED!!!! I think greed’s going to win this fight. These people want to get to a trillion dollars. any means!

  • Let’s boycott Walmart on their biggest shopping day, then Walmart will lose money. Then they will be able to pay even less to most of their unskilled workers. I personaly don’t shop at Walmart not because of their wages, but because they sell mostly everything from China at just pennies cheaper than American made products or other stores. This has caused many competitors to close and layoff workers, and remove competition. And their Super Centers are causing grocery stores to also close. Soon, it will be like a National Store where everybody has to shop. Oh, wait a second, isn’t that just like Federal Government Programs and Government Employment? NO competition based on supply & demand, and run at a loss because taxpayers fund them.

    Wasn’t it Romney & Trump that wanted to hit China with “unfair” trade policies?

  • Charles2051

    Worker love they’re job, Union paid people to make something of this, as now we see Black Friday was same as always at Wally World. If union had they’re way, WE PAID THE PRICE, All prices go up and we lose and they win. We Don’t need this to happen . They helping people keep jobs, why would we have more people out of work.

  • As a wal-mart employee, I was told if we walked out we were fired. We are replaceable. I work part time, have no benefits and make less than the average amount. I have asked for full time and put in for a position I am well qualified for only to be passed up for someone outside the store. I wasn’t even considered.

  • Simpleisbetter2

    Lisa, I’ll tell you a secret. We’re all replaceable. Even the President of the United States. It’s a fact of life so get used to it. Unless you can do something unique that no one else in the world can do… at which point in time, you won’t be working for Walmart part time. You’ll be running your own multi billion dollar company. Let us all know when that happens and maybe we’ll come work for you, where we can be replaceable as well.