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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Daily Show
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The Daily Show
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The science is in. Donald Trump is cold, so climate change doesn’t exist.

What more proof do you need?

Every winter brings Fox News indisputable evidence that fears of carbon pollution are just trumped up to justify the luxurious lifestyles of scientists.

And every winter, science writers have to point out the obvious, as Mother Jones‘ Chris Mooney did the other day:

1. Statements about climate trends must be based on, er, trends. Not individual events or occurrences. Weather is not climate, and anecdotes are not statistics.

2. Global warming is actually expected to increase “heavy precipitation in winter storms,” and for the northern hemisphere, there is evidence that these storms are already more frequent and intense, according to the draft U.S. National Climate Assessment.

But isn’t it easier to imagine that the richest corporation in the history of money may be trying to distract from the fact that credible scientists are nearly unanimous that climate change is real and manmade?

Nah, let the blizzard of Al Gore jokes commence and enjoy watching the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart break down Fox News’ War on Carbon.

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  • Independent1

    And Faux News keeps on with being the depraved ‘entertainment’ channel whose primary motive is to deceive all its sheeple with lies and distortions. In case you haven’t had a change to see the Mother Jones article referenced in this NM article, here’s the link to:” Dear Donald Trump: Winter does not disprove global warming.”

  • Lynda Groom

    There is no surprise here folks. These creatures are paid well to make stupid and ignorant remarks about subjects that are beyond their iimited level of intelligence.

    • mah101

      You could not pay me enough to be so publicly stupid. These people are either legitimately as dumb as bricks or they have no ethics. Oh, and quite possibly both apply.

  • charleo1

    Well, some very powerful interests have made a very serious, and irresponsible
    mistake. When they decided they were going to use their considerable influence
    to simply ignore the science. It’s a good example of what big money, and a good
    lobbyist can do, when mixed with fundraising politicians. This issue of Climate
    Change, or Global Warming, I guess someone thought if they started referring
    to it as, “Climate Change,” the Republicans wouldn’t recognize it as the same
    Global Warming phenomena, they took very seriously only a few years ago.
    But decided well outside realm of those elite scientific types, to call it a hoax.
    It’s for things like this, and times like these, that I sometimes worry about the
    whole human race.

  • five_by_five

    I thought it was funny when “global warming” had to be switched to “climate change” when the whole warming Apocalypse wasn’t coming fast enough.

    • Paul Bass

      So you know better than 95% of climate scientists that “climate change” is not occurring?
      Stop repeating Faux news lies…

  • Dominick Vila

    Global warming cannot be accepted or rejected based on extreme weather conditions in a specific part of the world on a given year. Global warming is measured at a global scale over a period of many years. Denying that our polar caps and glaciers are melting because the USA is having severe weather conditions in 2014 is the epitome of ignorance, something FOX News demonstrates on a regular basis.
    In all fairness, I suspect the FOX hosts are well aware of how ridiculous their statements are, and do it because that is what some of their wealthy sponsors want them to say. Brainwashing is a crucial element when the goal is to convince the masses to support the goals of those who control everything we think we need and use.

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Also look at the snow caps on just about every mountain around. They are all receding. Also, many ski resorts have shorter seasons or fewer trail runs due to warmer winter seasons.

  • FT66

    Excuse my language but why should dumb people be put on air instead of educating others, what they are doing is passing on their ignorance to others. Who in the right knowledge can raise a voice and say winter disproves climate change? Ever since winter has been a cold time as we have summer, a warm time. Some Winter bring little snow and some bring a lot like this year. What folks have to understand is: what is snow?
    Snow = Humidity + Cold. Humidity can’t happen if there isn’t anything heating up. Heating up always is done from bottom going up and not vice versa. Therefore, there is a lot of heating up on Earth and when it meets with cold (during Winter) it causes a lot of snow. I was glad to watch on Youtube a simple experiment done splashing hot water to cold air and a lot of snow came out. Is this difficult for even Fox News hosts to understand this quite simple logic?

  • adler56

    Fox opinion givers and righties in general don’t know or can’t understand the difference between weather and climate. How did people so dumb get so much power?

  • mah101

    It seems to me that subzero temperatures and heavy snows were quite common not so long ago. The fact that we are event shocked today that winter can be cold should tell us something about changing climate.

  • Jambi

    I’m sure FOX NEWS “clowns” know much more about climate change than Scientists and “authority figures” like Donald Trump!