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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When people find out that Michele Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee, their first response is usually, “I hope that’s the name of her Christian comedy improv troupe.”

The congresswoman from Minnesota seemed to reveal either classified or fictional information about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program during a GOP presidential debate in 2011.

And last week in a committee meeting, she seemed to do the same thing when asking new CIA chief John Brennan about drone strikes in North Africa before the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012. She then went on to try to get Brennan and his colleagues to reveal secret information about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but was twice told that the answer to her question was more suited for a closed session.

It’s unclear if they were protecting classified information or trying to save Mrs. Bachmann from more embarrassment.

Via Mediaite

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    Bat shit crazy politicians are only funny until their craziness starts resulting in real world consequences. Michele Bachmann should not be holding any public office let alone a seat in the U.S. Congress.

    • BDC_57

      I don’t understand minnesota people could vote her in office. Shes crazy Like Lana.

      • plc97477

        I sometimes think they vote for her just to get her out of minnesota.

      • Please, someone from Minnesota who voted for this person, please step forward and explain yourself.

        • Norma Dillard

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  • neeceoooo

    She is one loony fruit cake

    • BDC_57

      She loony toony she talks like Lana

      • Ford Truck

        It is possible that Bachmann and Lana are one and the same!!

  • idamag

    I don’t know how many of you ever watched “Golden Girls.” If you did, you remember St. Olaf, MN. Now I am not so sure that was a parody Maybe it was typical. They did send Michelle Bachmann to congress.

    • concerned Grandma

      “ouch”, Idamag, “ouch”! Please do not blame all of Mn. for sending Michele Bachmann to congress. It is the 6th district that sends her; a district heavily gerrymandered to favor the far Right .They love her! Hard to imagine, but they do. I suspect more than a few are one issue voters, namely anti-abortion, and will vote for whatever candidate shares that conviction. The vast majority of Minnesotans would retire her in a heartbeat but we don’t vote in the 6th district. Ms. Bachmann is hanging on by a slim margin and will, hopefully, be retired in the next election. Then we can all focus on the congressman from Texas who recently cautioned against using too much wind energy for fear of running out of wind! I am not sure which congressional committee he sits on—perhaps Energy?!concerned

      • idamag

        I know that you are an intelligent person. If I offended you, I am sorry. MY state send a man to congress who was mouthy and inept like crazy Michelle. He was found guilty of a Ponzi scheme and put in prison. Of course his name wasn’t on the ballot next election. He got over a thousand write-in votes.

        • concerned Grandma

          You did not offend me. Though I must say, it is kinda hard to admit I am from the same State as Michele Bachmann

      • Oh my Idamag…. pls tell me you are just joking. There’s no way someone could be so stupid as to believe or fear “running out of wind!” I’m crossing fingers and toes hoping you were kidding. SMH … that sorta thinking is as dangerous as the nut job ruling North Korea.

        • plc97477

          Nope no joke.

        • concerned Grandma

          I wish it were a joke but sadly, it was not. I do not recall the group he was speaking to but I found the information in The National Memo’s last posing of ‘This week in crazy’. He took 1st place!

      • Nah, it is probably Texas Intelligence committee.

      • july860

        Actually, I think he may be on the Energy committee….

  • doninsd

    It’s bad enough being crazy, but she’s also criminally stupid. Without constant guidance, I am seriously afraid she would simply wither and die.

  • dtgraham

    When she often responds to requests for clarification with “let me talk to the little person who lives in my blouse”, that does sort of concern me a little.

    • Sand_Cat

      REALLY? I never heard that. It sounds sufficiently stupid, but could it pass the Bachmann prude test?

      • dtgraham

        Not sure, but that’s who gave her the idea for her House resolution telling Libya that it was “grounded.”

  • Unfortunately, she is just one of several who should not have access to classified information. One of the greatest criticisms levied against the Obama administration over the Benghazi terrorist attack involved the fact that administration officials had not offered more details about the information we had before, during, and immediately after the attack. Data gathering is one of our most sensitive intelligence capabilities. The last thing we should do is to announce what we knew, which by default may reveal how we got the information, to the general public or during hearings open to the public.
    As for Michelle Bachmann being a member of the “Intelligence” committee, I suppose that highlights the lack of talent in the Republican party nowadays. What passes for a viable political alternative today is a far cry from the days of Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kissinger.

    • Independent1

      Dominick, I think it’s a reflection on just how clueless and inept a Speaker of the House, John Boehner is: he doesn’t even realize that he’s assigned someone to a committee that has no business even being in Congress, much less being trusted with classified information.

  • I grew up in her district, but thankfully live far away from there now. It is baffling to talk to my old classmates who continue to vote for her, blissfully ignorant of the malfeasance she embodies, the utter ineptitude with which she carries out her supposed duties as a “representative” of the people. The voters who continue to return her to office don’t WANT to be informed of her complete lack of competence, but choose to cling to the fantasy they have allowed to inhabit their muddled brains. She is the very opposite of a representative. She is a master of the political shell game in the most Orwellian fashion, convincing a majority of her constituents that black is white, up is down and poor is rich.

    • People vote for those who they feel comfortable with. That says a lot about the constituents of Bachman. It shows the apathy of those constituents.

  • tobyspeeks

    It wasn’t nine-one-one, that’s the number to dial for an emergency. The tragedies happened on nine-eleven.

  • Fairplay4

    Michele is not the only one in the GOP who has brought ignorance and craziness to the table. You have West, Cruz, Paul, and and Palin to name a few. The danger is that a remarkable number of constituents believe the waste matter being spewed by these crap shooters. If we allow this to go unchallenged it will become main stream behavior.

  • JDavidS

    “Michele Bachmann” and “intelligence” are mutually exclusive terms.

  • Lovefacts

    That Michel Bachmann’s on the Intelligence Comm just shows how crazy the Republicans are. I still don’t understand how she keeps getting elected or how the Progress state of Minnesota has done a 180 from its roots.

  • Lynda Groom

    That woman is an idiot and so are those who continue to send her to Washington over and over again. When will they learn?

  • adriancrutch

    She’s just a wonk vote in the house.

  • Normally, I would dismiss her, but in this case, she is confronting the intelligence community just the way that a certain other person is asking confrontive questions of the financial community. The financial watchdogs are unwilling, unable, and will not prosecute financial offenders who have ruined this country, and Michelle is asking the intelligence community for transparency. This film is exactly what is wrong with the intelligence community, it hides until we are at war, not telling the truth and obfuscating what they clearly know.

    • Sand_Cat

      Both communities should be subject to confrontation at every opportunity. If you’re talking about the “certain other person” I think you are, comparing her to Michelle Bachmann seems to be a greater failure than even Ms Bachmann herself is capable of. At least her questions make sense. Michelle Bachmann would never seriously “confront” the “intelligence” community other than to try to make them more abusive of the truth and of human beings than they already are.

  • RobertCHastings

    Save her from more embarassment? How could she be any more embarassed?

    • july860

      Well, that’s the funny part-she has no idea she SHOULD be embarassed.

      • RobertCHastings

        You’ve got to be kidding! How could ANYONE be so stupid — oops, I guess I just answered THAT question.

    • Sand_Cat

      I think she’s incapable of the feeling.

      • RobertCHastings

        Anyone who is smart enough to realize that people are ridiculing her — well, you may have a point.