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Monday, January 21, 2019

WATCH: Bush Reflects On ‘Awesome’ Presidency, Being ‘Famous’ And ‘Powerful’

Former President George W. Bush is back in the spotlight, after an interview in which he reflected on his “awesome” presidency.

“Look, eight years was awesome,” Bush told the Hoover Institute’s Peter Robinson on Tuesday. “You know, I was famous and I was powerful, but I have no desire for fame and power anymore.”

Video is below, via The Raw Story

Given that Bush left office with a staggeringly low 22 percent approval rating, it’s safe to say that the American people also have no desire for Bush to regain his fame and power.

As Bush said in the interview, he has almost completely withdrawn from the spotlight since he left office. Although he has made good on his plan to “replenish the ol’ coffers,” by giving private speeches for $150,000 each, he has made few public appearances since the end of his presidency.

One consequence of Bush’s seclusion is that has offered almost no public support to Mitt Romney — only once declaring “I’m for Mitt Romney” as a set of elevator doors closed on him. In the interview with Robinson, Bush expanded on that thought, saying that “I’m interested in politics. I’m a supporter of Mitt Romney. I hope he does well. But you know, he can do well without me.”

There could be more publicity in Bush’s future, however. The former president wrote the forward for a recently released George W. Bush Institute book on economic growth, despite the fact that — as Harvard Business Review editorial director Justin Fox put it — Bush was “probably the least-successful President on the economic front since Herbert Hoover.”

Bush’s full interview with Robinson can be seen here.

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138 responses to “WATCH: Bush Reflects On ‘Awesome’ Presidency, Being ‘Famous’ And ‘Powerful’”

  1. It is telling that the only thing he can say about his presidency is that it was awsome to be famous and powerful. I am glad he decided to stay out of politics, and I suspect Mitt Romney does too!

  2. He did the most awsome thing any President has done and that is destroy American Manufacturing in favor of Globalization so that the World will prosper! Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned he did the Same with American Pride and destroyed the Economy. Any President that could lock himself out of exiting a Press conference is Awesome!!!

    • Hey, don’t just blame him for that.

      One of the last acts of Clinton was the backdoor signing of NAFTA t giving China that ability to kill US manufacturing.

      What payola did Clinton receive? Look at his income from book deals, speaking engagements, etc. Simply at the sources of that bonanza he received. Remember what he he said, He would be the first to pick up arms and jump in the trenches to defend Israel. That from a draft dodger.

      Israeli warmongering with Iran dragged the Western world( dominated by the U.S. and its IMF/Swiss bank cohorts ) has cost the U.S. people a $ trillion, and $ trillions more to the free world economy. Lies pervade the “news” media, and the people simply trying to provide for their families are victims of this very criminal new world order.

      Ron Paul tells the truth and the MSM either ignores him or portrays him as out of touch.. but who is out of touch.. They are. The expression goes, they depict Ron Paul as crazy because the truth is , they are.

      • Gammaanya says:

        How writing books and making money is outsourcing jobs to China??/ Your idol Sarah, quit her job, wrote book, started shows and became rich witch and still pops in every time she needs money, that’s OK??? NAFTA, Republican’s could filibuster when he was President and your Moonraker Gingrich was a Speaker – Short memory or just that now black man is in the WH???? Clinton finished his Presidency and left us in surpluss, even though he was impeached by some of the men who also were screwing others. (Newtty Getrich). Clinton now he is traveling the world, doing good things and he is not giving interviews saying it was awesome and he was famous etc. Bush was and is a drunkard and a puppet. Leopard never change his spots, they just become more secretive. Oh my bad – my SYNTAX out of grammar (on purpose) Got my drift?? EdSanjuan??? R U there???
        Israel is a thorn in everybody’s side. Netanyaho once said “I don’t need President Obama, I own the Congress” Jesus said ” Beware of Jew bearing money””
        On June 15,2012 Phillip Weiss said, that Sheldon Adelson said -All we care about is being good citizens of Israel. Vows to spend whatever it takes to knock out Obama. As far as I know Sheldon spend enough of his crooked millions on a loooooser Gingrich and now on Robmeofmoney another puppet of the rich.
        Netanyaho also said : Once we squeeze all we can out of USA it can dry up and blow away”. Nuff said – Oh my – my bad – Syntax again.

        • Eduardo says:

          YESSSS, Gammaanya, I am still here to correct you and set you straight every time you become, as Jack Cambest so well described you, “delusional” (I KNOW you don’t understand the word; look it up in a dictionary !!) By the way, why did you change your name ??
          I wonder ….

  3. grantparker says:

    I see that the worst president that the USA has ever suffered, is still living in his bubble.

    Good riddance to Dubya. I hope I never have to hear from him again. The damage done by Bush2 will take us 25 years to recover from.

    • Edsanjuan says:

      Hey, grantparker: I agree with you !! You said it so well: “I see that the worst president that the USA has ever suffered, is still living in his bubble.
      Come next November, good riddance to OBUMMER. I hope I never have to hear from him again. The damage done by OWEBAMA will take us 25 years to recover from.
      CONGRATULATIONS for telling it as it is ….

      • grantparker says:

        Edsanjuan: Sorry you were unable to comprehend my posting. Perhaps you are studying English as a second language. Good luck with your studies. I recommend reading some US history.

        • Edsanjuan says:

          grantparker: There is nothing to “comprehend” in your post. It just shows your ignorance about what is happening with this “President” who will be soundly defeated in November. Secondly, it is you who should be reading US history in order to realize that what this “President” believes is AGAINST the core values (ask someone to tell you what that means…) under which this great republic was founded. Lastly, my command of the English language, its grammar and spelling, and its syntax (again, ask someone to tell you what that means, you bigoted snob) is waaaaay above yours.

          • CitizenofConcern says:

            Grantparker and Edsanjuan, respect is part of the founding principles of the Constitution. Regrettably Grantparker is correct for the damage ravaged upon domestic and foreign policy, the US debt which was non existent when Mr G W Bush became president and worse a naivete that persists in Mr. G W Bush. Such self descriptions further illustrate his Vice President did more than history will know to harm the human family and ravage the economy with financial gain all over Iraq and others.

            Edsanjuan, the US Constitution protects the rights of it citizens which Mr. Obama is holding up. Religious assessment of universal rights for all has changed over time – remember southern Baptists holding for African Slaves as appropriate which we know today, no person is to be treated that way. Time will reveal the truth and greater good. Unfortunately living in the development of society means truth will take time to be revealed but bigotry and a lack of social responsibility persists in the current age.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Citizen: Even though I acknowledge and appreciate your conciliatory tone, you are NOT being fair nor objective in your characterization of GW Bush vis-a-vis (again, Grantparker, ask someone to tell you what that means) Obummer. You are shooting from the hip when you say that: ” … the US debt which was non existent when Mr G W Bush became president… ” This statement is very disingenuous and dishonest because it creates the impression on people like grantparker that, not only there was no national debt before GW Bush — a FLAGRANT lie — but that Obummer had NOTHING to do with the gargantuan (another stumper for you, Grantparker !) national debt of today. NOTHING further from the truth !! Obummer has piled up more public debt than ALL the previous Presidents COMBINED !! This is a FACT, my dear Sir, and it will affect this country forever and ever …
            So, my friend, you stand corrected by the very same fellow of whom Grantparker said had no command of the English language.

          • jarheadgene says:

            That is only a FACT for you and FAUX news. READ the fine Print…..Bush enacted TARP before he left office…President Obama walked into it. The trillions of $ got reassigned to Obama due it falling in the ’09 fiscal year. go to MotherJones . com or some other independent news place, You’ll see how much FAUX News lies to you.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Tsk, tsk, tsk …
            DISQUS is “reviewing” my answer to you before they will print it… the hypocrites !!
            And that after they published with no problems a letter that said “… when he (GW Bush) dies he will BURN IN HELL” …. Again what hypocrites !!!

          • LKLSPEEDY says:

            i thank you for putting some people here straight, i am glad someone reads others opening mouth putting foot in

          • he core values are Liberty and Justice for ALL. That does not mean you have to earn 250 thou a year to deserve them. Everyone needs to pay THEIR OWN fair share of taxes, not just the middle class, whatever that is anymore. You think hiding money in out of country banks is the way to do it. GET REAL.

          • LKLSPEEDY says:

            why dont you tell obamas jobs man that and polocy and all the other dem. if you dont do anything for 4 years, you must lie about everyone else they all have money in foreign banks, fix the tax code, dont pick on who you dont like,irs says they can write off certain things. now irs is in charge of health care. or didnt liberal news tell you this

        • Gladys says:

          Edsanjuan must have gone to school in Texas. The Republican platform in that state includes doing away with teaching “critical thinking” in schools lest it interfere with “fixed beliefs” and parental authority. I’m not making this up.

      • Wearing the KKK uniform again!

        • Edsanjuan says:

          The KKK was composed of Democraps !! Go and study US history again…

          • jarheadgene says:

            Those were the pre-Civil Rights Dems—–Ed… your history.

          • That Was The Past But They Made A Smooth Move To The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Hell The Leader David Duke Is A Proud Member!! You Need To Keep Up With The Times!! Cause You ‘re Living In The Past Like All American Taliban Members!! Here’s A Clue, This Is 2012 Not 1812!!

          • LKLSPEEDY says:

            sorry you talk like a racist remember obamas first speech, you probably wont vote for me because i am black,he prayed on human emotione,but you liberals kept up the hate game,we hate obama care because he is black. this wont work again. what is next for liberals

      • Dave says:

        haha great one Edsanjuan. Nice to see we still have sensible people out there…

        • Edsanjuan says:

          Dave: You will see: come November Owebama and the witch (of course, you must know who I am talking about) will get their sorry as…, er, fannies WHIPPED !!

          • truthstandsforever says:

            Edsanjuan: You are by far one (if not The) angriest, most insulting respondents that I have ever seen! Why are you so insulting to everyone? You can’t even make a point without stooping to name-calling! Do you respect anyone? The seat of the highest office in the United States?? Mr. Obama is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! You are so rude as to call him names and his wife?

            What service, if any have you provided to this country? Have you served in the military? Political office, Uniformed services? Or are you a disgruntled beneficiary of others hard work for this country?

            You demonstrate someone who is blind, stubborn, mis-informed and recalcitrant. FACTS speak for themselves! Read some of the books written by Bush’s cabinet members. Chaney, Bush, McCain all are very weak on supporting Mitt. Ever wonder why?

            Vote him in and you will be one of the first crying for a new administration. I doubt that you are among the million dollar club. Do yourself a favor and Get off of your self-righteous stump. Open your mind.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            “Truth”stands: I won’t waste too much of my time with you because I can see that you belong to the group that loves to “dish it out” but can’t take it and have to resort to telling half-truths and outright lies (e.g. your statement to the effect that I called the First Lady names; pray tell where ?)
            The problem that people of your mindset have with people like me that call a spade “a spade” is that you are very thin skinned and easily insulted when a person with common sense confronts your views. People like you are incapable of any kind of in-depth analysis and, for that reason, resort to 2 things:
            1) the superficial, shallow “News-at-a-Glance” approach of the mainstream news media (“don’t waste your time pondering big issues such as where is our Nation headed with this President at the helm; we will analyze everything for you so you don’t have to think for yourself”), and
            2) senseless, meaningless slogans that you take and accept as “the truth”, such as “rich people (as defined by whom?) should pay their ‘fair share’ (again, who defines what ‘fair share’ is, the government?!!) of taxes”.
            And I ask you, “truth”, why do you Liberals for Owebama MINDLESSLY repeat obtuse slogans like this and so many others without ever stopping (and “stooping”) to investigate:
            a) who are “the rich”?, b) who defines what “fair share” is?, c) is it the smart thing to do (forget, for a moment, the “correct” thing) to tax more and more the entrepreneurs who really provide the jobs in this country of ours?, d) can a nation bent on “wealth redistribution” (you prefer to use Owebama’s own words? OK, you got it: “spread the wealth around”) prosper and grow?, e) can a nation bent on “spreading the wealth around” truly say that it is following the tenets and concepts of our (so maligned by modern day liberals) Founding Fathers?, f) is it wise for a nation to have more and more of its citizens depend on the government’s largesse (and you know where THAT comes from) rather than on individual initiative and hard work?, g) would it not be better for our government to strive to achieve “equal opportunities” for its citizens, rather than (what is being done under this President) “equal outcomes”?
            I could go on and on but by now it should be obvious to anybody that read your inane comment to the effect that ” You are by far one (if not The) angriest, most insulting respondents that I have ever seen!”, that people like you, who stand on the wrong side of common sense issues, resort (HAVE to resort) to labeling people that DO make sense, as “angry, insulting, close minded and self-righteous”.
            Wow, “truth”, go look yourself in the mirror before you ever say that again !!

          • LKLSPEEDY says:

            i would vote for hitler before ob. even though they are the same are you so blind about where the us is headed. you must lie like our president.

      • jas2241 says:

        Uninformed wagon riders like yourself are the real reason Spit Rummey doesn’t have a chance in Nov. Even John McCain said in an interview on Tuesday that “Sarah Palin was a better candidate than Romney”, even though he could have picked Romney in 2008, he didn’t.

        • Edsanjuan says:

          Hey, jas: Don’t call anyone an “uninformed wagon rider” while you have a Joe Biden in the ticket (good grief !) and a completely clueless “President” who keeps trying the “trial-and-error” method … LOL … !!!
          You’ll see WHO will really get the boot in November (hint: it’s the Party with the ass as their symbol …)

          • jas2241 says:

            you’re even dumber than I thought you were, you’re not worth discussing anything with, so stick your head back in the sand and STFU.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Jas: You are PATHETIC !! And all Republicans and Conservatives are dumb, but you aren’t , is that your drift ? Tsk, tsk, tsk …LOL !!!

          • jas2241 says:

            It’s immature emotional degenerates like you who prevent this country from progressing forward. All you do is regurgitate all the tea party bullshit propaganda you hear without understanding a word of it. Your comments demonstrate that you’ve probably never had an original thought in your life. Joe Biden is one of the most respected, knowledgeable, and experienced leaders in the country and could have won the presidency years ago but chose to remain a senator. High ranking Republicans actually tried to get Biden to switch parties many years ago because they knew he could win an election. Biden didn’t do it because he already works well across party lines and didn’t need a philosophical controversy. Bush beat Gore in 2000 by 500 votes in Florida because 20,000 ballots were “lost” in Palm Beach County and were never found, never counted, his brother Jeb, governor at the time, provided that disaster, and everybody in Florida knew it. But 8 years later the people of the United States cast the final judgement by making him the most unpopular president in U.S. history with a 22% approval rating when he left office, which meant even 60% of his own party hated him. And now Governor Scott, another GOP flunkie who always puts his personal political agenda above public needs, has become the most unpopular governor in Florida history with a 37% approval rating. DUH !!! What do you suppose THAT means Ed ? Even you might be able to figure it out. But the real fun started last Tuesday (you better read up on this one Ed) when the distinguished senator from Az. John McCain, may have dealt Romney the kiss of death for this election when he said in no uncertain terms, ” I chose Sarah Palin as my running mate in 2007 because she made a better candidate than Romney.” OUCH “Now that I’ve seen Romney’s tax returns for the last 17 years, I’m glad I did that.” OUCH. Romney refuses to publicly release all but one year’s return. As CEO of Bain Capital, Romney paid himself over $200 million. As governor of Ma. he signed into law The Massachusetts Healthcare Reform Bill. It’s almost identical to Obama’s healthcare plan. Gee, how’d THAT happen Ed ? Let’s talk about some election issues; if you get confused just ask. What’s the REAL story about the KEYSTONE PIPELINE ? You need to Google this Ed so you learn the TRUTH, not the crap the GOP is circulating. The GOP accuses Obama of stopping construction of the pipeline…WRONG…another lie. The Keystone Pipeline has been operational for 3 years. Hey Ed, where does it start, where does it end, what states does it go through, who owns it, whose’s buying most of the crude, and WHO is really holding up approval of the completion of the 2nd phase of the pipeline ? The answer will shock you, and it’s not Obama. I’ll give you a clue, look at the Republican administration in Nebraska. BTW, those Romney tax cuts, yeah, by law, they would apply for those making $1mil. and up. That’s right, you’d have to make at least $1mil. per year to qualify. Guess that leaves YOU out. I’ll let you go now Ed because you have a lot of reading to do so you can catch up with what’s really happening.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Jas: To your STUPID statement that I am a degenerate, I will only say that you have to be a real IMBECILE to say that.
            Even though I won’t waste any more time with you, I will just point something out that shows how DUMB you are:
            1) You say that “All you do is regurgitate all the tea party bullshit propaganda you hear without understanding a word of it. Your comments demonstrate that you’ve probably never had an original thought in your life.”
            Well Jas, all YOU do is regurgitate all the Democrap Michael Moore bullshit propaganda you hear without understanding a word of it. YOUR comments demonstrate that you’ve probably never had an original thought in your life.
            2) I almost died LAUGHING when you said that “Joe Biden is one of the most respected, knowledgeable, and experienced leaders in the country…” This BUFFOON is the reason why Americans wish OWEbama good health !!
            Jas, you are sooo obviously an ignoramus (look it up, Jas !)

      • jarheadgene says:

        Edsanjuan……go back to FAUX news and your bubble.

      • Obama is trying to get us back the way it was before Bush was in the White House, he was a worst President in my opinion. Everyone thinks that Obama would do his magic and turn this economy around in 4 years, he is trying but not with the help of the Republican and tea party. It will take longer than 4 years. And if Romney get in it will take 10 times longer to get turn around.

        • Edsanjuan says:

          Hey, Janice:
          Learn to write in English …

        • LKLSPEEDY says:

          please be imformed liberals controled congress senate and white house for 4 years, only thing they did was in a back room, bribing their own party to pass obama care, and all unions and californians are exempt from. no budgit for 4 years, please tell the people what the liberals did with all that power,zitt, except now we must pay more taxes next year, so all these goverment employed croneys can go to vegas and hawai for their meetings, but you liberals want more free stuff, oh, i work i make 10.50 per hour, oh thats funny, i must pay my own ins. that went us so you free loaders can smoke your pot and watch tv. you are discusting

      • Kqaafe13 says:

        2 likes. 53 likes. How’s YOUR bubble?

    • Not A Bubble But A Pit!!

    • Robert says:

      Bush has always been crazy…. thank you Grantparker 25yr, is short term.And we exspect President Omaba to clean it up in 4yrs. No one could have turn this mess around in 4yrs. Mitt Romney does not have a clue his own party knows that. My heart goes out to the people and famiies of the mass shooting. Thats the world we live in, God help us!

      • LKLSPEEDY says:

        my god, what did obama do for 4 years, play golf and campagn. reed and polocy did all his biding, one is to old to hold his head up, or to ashamed, and the other talks with her hands, and we dont reed hand signals, i guess you do

  4. jarheadgene says:

    MR. Bush I voted for you the first time but after no WMD’s showed up in IRAQ, I realized you were Dick Cheney’s puppet. I hold no ill will toward you, but like King Ahasuerus repeatedly listened to bad advice from Haman, you listened to Dick Cheney……now he is super filthy rich and we the middle class are poor and getting poorer. Unlike King Ahasuerus you did not realize your
    mistake and correct it. Haman was hung on the gallows he constructed for Mordecai. But then Mr. Bush you call yourself a Born Again Christian so you should be aware of this. Given that, when will you use what political influence you have left to deal with your Haman(Cheney)? Many good women and men are dead (Iraq). Who will answer for their lives? Cheney lied to the Honorable Mr. Powell and he in turn used his well respected world influence to get us into a war with Iraq. Apparently that made him feel bad enough he refused your cabinet during your second administration. When will a Chicken Hawk like Cheney be brought to justice?

    • There was WMD in ’81, when his “round table” provided them to Hussein, His cabinet advisers were the same as his father’s. Note the picture of Rumsfeld with Saddam, it is simply self evident that he was a puppet, not the leader of that quorum.

      • Mars Man says:

        81?? reagan was prezz, perhaps u did a typo??
        and yes in past history SADDAM HAD WMDs
        these were gone B 4 we invaded

        • jarheadgene says:

          Yes Regan was Pres but GHWBush was Vice Pres…don’t you remember the Iran/Contra Hearings? All GW’s men and GHWBush’s men were washouts from the NIXON Admin including draft-dodger Cheney. NIXON was Prescott Bush’s handpicked boy. The same players have been lying to this country for a long time …and getting rich. If Elected ROMoNEY will be forced to use some of the same players. Good luck to us if that happens.

          • Eduardo says:

            headJARRED: If Nixon was Prescott Bush’s “handpicked boy” (shame, you Democraps are supposed to be more politically correct than that !), Ovomit was Bill Ayers’ BOY… LOL, LOL !!

  5. Ike_Arhumba says:

    I heard this recounted on the NPR talk/quiz show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”. Shortly after leaving office, Bush the Lesser was asked what he thought was the high point of his presidency. After brief contemplation, he decided it was the time he landed some big old catfish from a pond on his Texas ranch.
    After some brief and not-so-polite guffaws from the audience and panel, Roy Blount, Jr. weighed in with the pithy remark: “I believe he is correct.”

  6. All I can say is wow. Ignorance is truely a bliss.

  7. ExPAVIC says:


    Famous and powerful, is this guy kidding? He appears to be awfully young to be suffering from Alzheimers. Hell I’m pushing 70, and I am not that out of touch.

  8. bcarreiro says:

    How do you call the presidency awesome when the americans are still at war do you remember 9-11 . you drained our banks and now you resort in the fiji islands yeah i guess you can say mission accomplished. you are a warpig of alltime and still suffer from shortman syndrome. ask the veterans who are damn proud your out.

  9. WhutHeSaid says:

    As much as GW gets beat up, I must say that he has enough dignity and self-respect to refrain from talking like one of those rabid, closet-bigoted, birthers or Obama-bashers who clearly only hate Obama because he’s black but deny it as if anyone is stupid enough to believe it.

    • jarheadgene says:

      I’ll have to go along with that one….shows Bush has an ounce or two of dignity. But wow did he hurt us by digging up NIXON admin fossils to be in his cabinet and his VP.

  10. Jack Cambest says:

    Delusional. Nothing else to say.

  11. His presidency was the worst ever and he can say his presidency was awesome? Just an example of too rich for his own good because he has lost all touch with the average person’s life, reality and the mess he left behind – the shanghaing of the Constitution, outsourcing American jobs, two wars that broke the American coffers but enriched Chenney and Bush, giving trillions to the greedy bankers and Wall Streeters who have a hand in the destruction of America, the abandoning of New Orleans, initially not wanting any investigation into 9/11 that has left him under suspicion and the beat goes on. Too bad those countries that convicted him as a war criminal do not have as of yet the power to arrest Bush and Cheyney for the travesties they committed against America and the world.

    • Eduardo says:

      Deardra: WRONG AGAIN !! The worst presidency EVER is Ovomit’s; 2nd worst (before Ovomit he was FIRST) was poor Jimmy Clueless Carter (Billy’s brother …good grief !)

  12. What a jerk.. its a sad commentary to “his presidency”, or should I say Cheney’s

    • jarheadgene says:

      Even sadder Steve…is that Cheney, who loves to jump at the chance to “Toot his own horn” and make speeches for money is TOO AFRAID to go to Canada and speak anymore. What a Coward….a Coward who dodged the draft in Viet Nam but easily sent troops who BRAVELY went to die for a lie in IRAQ.

  13. capt jim mcintyre says:

    just look at him with your eyes wide open–he is damned for the blood of the innocent cry out for justice and God will hear their cries.

  14. bcarreiro says:

    he is only coming out now because he is probably the biggest donor to mitts campaign its now called the fatt ratt pac. form the alliance against corruption put the power(right to veto) to we the people.

  15. Awesome my ass !!!! Your were responsible for the needless deaths of thousands of perople fighting wars in Iraq & Afganstan….. plus you DESTROYED the Middle Class of this country pandering to the banks and the 1%. You will go down in history as one of the WORST Presidents in history !!!! When you die you will go straight to HELL !!!!!!!

    • Eduardo says:

      Tsk, tsk, tsk… Come now, Zimmer, please don’t make your utter stupidity so obvious by talking about “the 1 %”, as if our society were composed of only people in the upper 1% and all the rest belonged to the lower 99% — how obtuse is that !!
      And if are going to just throw out mindless numbers, why not DIVIDE (what Ovomit is doing to our Nation without you dummies even noticing) our society into the upper 2 % and lower 98 %? And, again, why not into 4 % and 96 %??!! … or 8 % and 92 % ??!!
      See how mindless people (people lacking a functioning mind, like you) subscribe to STUPID, EMPTY, SHALLOW, but catchy, phrases that give the (WRONG) impression that they contain “truth in a nutshell”??
      By the way, what you said about Bush going “straight to HELL” I would not say even about President Obummer, and just shows how SICK and full of corrosive HATRED you are. SHAME ON YOU, sir !!! You should really feel ashamed of yourself …

  16. Chuckl8 says:

    I can excuse the American voters for electing Bush to his first term, considering the poor campaign his opponent ran, as well as those poor fools who thought they were “sending a message” by voting for Nader – (P.S., if you need to “send a message”, buy a postage stamp.)

    But his re-election only proved how ignorant and child-like the voters are, including not only those who voted for Bush, but also those who stayed home.

    And to anyone who still believes that we are voting for Obama or Romney, wise-up, … we are voting for the Democratic party or the Republican party, period. Who it happens to be is secondary, by a mile.

  17. ballsnow says:

    Think of all the people who would be alive today, if the person who won the 2000 election had been allowed to take office. Gore would not have started these wars, and we would not have all these dead soldiers and civilians, whose lives were wasted in Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then we have the trillions of taxpayer dollars that Bush wasted in his wars, and is still being wasted today in Afghanistan. The Supreme Court giving this man the presidency, was the dumbest most stupid thing they’ve ever done, next to forcing the American people to foot the bills to feed, educate and provide medical care, to illegals. You can poke this country with a fork, cause it’s done, no thanks to Bush.

    • LKLSPEEDY says:

      no thanks that fat ass would have us all living in capsils, and making money of us to boot

    • Edsanjuan says:

      ballsnow: You mean Gore, the INVENTOR of the Internet? GOOD riddance !!
      BTW, “forcing the American people to foot the bills to feed, educate and provide medical care, to illegals” was not the brainchild of the Supreme Court – President Obummer gets the “merit” for that …

  18. Steve danna says:



  19. Esteban says:


    • I couldn’t have said better Esteban I know people there are 2 party.
      But when U have a party who are not thinking about 99% only the rich.
      Something is wrong with you if you can’t heard what they are say in there campaign.
      Only thing some people hear and welfare food stamps social security cause the debt in government that our kids have to paid for.

      If you take time out to read about the facts U will know that the GOP start there lies back in 2000 and they never let up. Social Security is a program they every American worker paid into other then government worker, so no it wasn’t going broke. But the GOP told funds from it that was the problem.
      Stop listen to what other say research it or read for yourself. Now was know that it not only Blacks on Welfare Food stamps or depend on Social Security 59 % whites.

      GOP have never real care about U 99% if they did why they use your tax money to
      give to Big Company Oil Company and tax cut so the some company ship your jobs oversea. I don’t care how much you hate Obama or Clinton but these 2 President are the only one who have done everything they can do for the American regardless if you Poor Middle Class or Rich.

      Welfare Food Stamps and Social Security Cost will never add up to the Billions The GOP have giving the Corporation Oil Company in the last 11 Years.

      No one have said anything about the surplus Bush knock out in One Years
      And the Trillions He Added in 8 Years and a MADE UP WAR THAT KILL OUR AMERICAN SOLDIER BECAUSE OF GREED

      So if you vote for GOP because you want to stick it to the Blacks ,Gays, Immigrant Poor, Elderly and Full of Hate and think someone want your Dame Guns.

      Keep Vote for These Dame GOP

      • LKLSPEEDY says:

        wake up, obamas job man, mr.emelt is still shipping jobs over seas,and obama is proud of him, in his own words on the news.GE>paid OOOOOO IN TAXES THE LAST 2 YEARS, THEY STILL HAVE BILLIONS OVER SEAS.PLEASE read before you mouth off

    • Gammaanya says:

      You making too much sense for some of the GOP/ Reagan, Bush, Romney lovers. They have no clue what , capitalis, socialism, communism, marxism, liberal means. They will repeat the Faux News mantra. By the way. SS, Medicare, Public Ed. ACA are SOCIALISTIC PROGRAMS.- supported by our taxes for the better of all, except the 2%, they wanted for themselves only and want us to pay for their caviar.
      We have nobody to blame but ourselves, Florida and Supreme court for giving us Bush.

    • LKLSPEEDY says:

      i hope a poor man can give a job, 4 more years of obama and everyone will be poor from giving all you LAZY PEOPLE all you want to keep him there. and telling the illeagels dont worry stay he, vote for me and harry reed, and the idiot that sais we must pass the bill so we know what is in it, but that is california, witch me and all the other WORKINGamericans that will pay for that sancutary city, that is on drugs

  20. bcarreiro says:

    Barack and the rest of america are still fighting the war on terrorism. Barack has a bigger shoe to fill right now at this very moment. We the people have had enough of you so go back to the rock you crawled out of……….respectfully an independent nobody!!!

  21. raiderdan says:

    So HE has once again reminded us of his total incompetency … how convenient of him to inform us that he was much more into his fame and power as the leader of the Free World, than he was into being PRESIDENT. This man is totally clueless, and we would have never heard of him, had it not been for Daddy’s run in the political/public service theater. Probably too late to say so, but it is JEB who is the cream of the crop in this family.

    “W” finally gets something right, when he says to us he no longer wants to be in the spotlight. It’s not exactly as if he is in demand. I wouldn’t pay $1.50 to see this man struggle thru another sentence — 8 years is more than enough.

    HE made some of us long for President Clinton — who actually accomplished something in office, thru all his flaws. And here’s a thought — school is still out on whether he actually “beat” MR. GORE … but then four years later, he only slightly edged out KERRY (one of the worst candidates of the last century). If the Demo’s would have been smart, they would have flip-flopped their ticket, and run EDWARDS-KERRY rather than what they presented. I have very little doubt that the charismatic EDWARDS (at that time, before we learned the truth about this CAD) would have whipped BUSH by a comfortable margin — and THEN look where we might be now !!!!

    DAMN !!!

    Bottom Line: I have the greatest respect for the OFFICE of THE PRESIDENT, but not even a smidgen of appreciation for this underqualified, overbearing former figure …

  22. Bush was miles better then the Illegal Alien Communist who hate business thinks Govt is responsible for my success and gives jobs to china with my tax dollars . I will take Bush over that any day

  23. Nancy says:

    The “shrub” (Thank you, Mollie Ivins!) was a useless President and ran this Country into the ground with his UNPAID for, Pre-emptive attacks on the WRONG Country at the WRONG time for ALL the WRONG reasons! He and his Co-conspirators in his Administration should be brought up on charges of Crimes against Humanity! They are ME First-ers who don’t give a DAMN about this Country OR it’s People! They are Traitors to everything this Country was founded on and have sullied our reputation in the eyes of the Free World for generations to come! He’s delusional if he thinks his Presidency was “great”. It was the greatest disaster to befall us since Pearl Harbor!

  24. William H. Burke, Jr. says:

    George Bush was the worst president in US history. Attacking Afghanistan after 911 was perfectly
    logical, but attacking Iraq about non-existent WMD’s was the dumbest thing any US president
    has ever done. Clinton had the budget balanced when he left office, but Bush with his Iraqi war
    put the US into deep debt for no good reason plus got a lot of young American soldiers killed.

  25. William H. Burke, Jr. says:

    George Bush was the worst president in U.S. history. Attacking Afghanistan after 911 made perfect
    sense, but his Iraqi war about non-existent WMD’s was the dumbest thing ever done by an
    American president. Clinton had the budget balanced when he left office, but Bush, with his stupid
    Iraqi war got the U. S. into deep debt for no good reason and a lot of young soldiers killed.

  26. He sound like one of those Jersey Shore member who think they are famous because they was drunken Fool.

  27. Holy cow. I never realized before that Dumbya is a moron. And hey. look!!! The sun rises in the east and sets in the west!

  28. graysailor says:

    Without question the worst President in my lifetime. He was so inept that I actually started paying attention to politics and came to realize that our politicians have little or no interest in America. I think the money, perks, attention all goes to their heads and totally forget about what they are there for.

    However, he did accomplish what he was sent there for and that was to escalate the downward spiral of America. Mission Accomplished.

  29. Michael Anda says:

    You Dems need to stop your whining. lol

  30. charles says:

    Dubya was the worst president in American history. Started the Iraq war, lost 4500 American troops as a result. Ignored the warnings signs about 9-11, and sent the country into unprecedented debt with the recession. Good riddance W. Stay quiet, and stay in Texas.

    • Eduardo says:

      No, OBUMMER is the WORST !!

      • truthstandsforever says:

        Hello Eduardo: Between you and Edsanjuan I don’t know which of you is worse. The insults and name calling says an awful lot about you. You can’t even have a decent debate on ideas and Ideals without stooping to the lowest form of conversation. If your points are valid they will stand on their own.

        Why are the repubs so angry and blind??? FACTS speak for themselves. Where in the heck did YOU come form Edsanjuan? There are many names that you could be called. Try to rise above your twisted emotions and RESPECT the sitting President of this country!! The PEOPLE voted him in. If the People do not want him for a second term they will vote President Obama out.

        May I add…it will be the Biggest mistake ever! Even bigger than voting GW in! Read some of the books written by his own cabinet members. Try to face the truth when you are alone since you can’t seem to do so in this forum.

        Good luck, Guys! Struggle to be civil. Know when to hold and fold.

        • Edsanjuan says:

          “Truth”standsforever (badly chosen name in your case): You, sir, demand “respect for the sitting President” but at the very same time you demean yourself by disrespecting President G.W. Bush. Because of your (very) small mind you do not even notice/realize that you are demanding the same respect for Obozo that you will never give Bush; as always is the case with you liberal nutjobs, you can never get away from your double standards … Tsk, tsk, tsk …

  31. And dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb, dumb, dumb,
    and STUPID!

  32. NOW The Circle Of Demons Are Complete!! I Wonder When Bush Was Going To Appear Out Of His Pit, So The Whole Terrorists Cells Of The American Taliban Can Rally Around ROMNEY!!! Hell He Got 17 Members Of Bush Old Staff Already!!! Do Anybody With Half A Brain Thinks Romney Going Do Right For America Or The 99%!! Here’s A Clue HELL NO THE1% Will Be Very Happy For Him To Be President That’s Why They Spending So Much Money!!!

  33. joceandre says:

    Please folks it is no use crying over spilled milk. You were very well aware that this man was a drunk., and yet the election was stolen from Al Gore mainly because of his choice for vice president who was a practicing Jew. So now be careful and very careful because if you think that GW Bush does still have a hangover, Mitt Romney continues to drink the whiskey to chase the wine.

  34. Is this guy for real? Obviously he missed the worst part of his Presidentisy–the aftermath of his eight years–never ending war in Iraq. The worst Depression since the GREAT DEpression.Clandestine Operations that we don’t even know the consequences of yet, the Financial Terriorists of Wall Street who just now are paying for their uncontrollable actions during the period of NO REGULATIONS. Please George go back to Texas and quit reminding us of one of the worst chapters in our country’s history.

    • jarheadgene says:

      I rather enjoy that he came out of hiding for a moment….if nothing else but to serve as a reminder of what people will get if they vote in another TRUST FUND BABY.

  35. M Godey says:

    If one can learn from another’s mistake (in this case Bush II’s), one might see the lesson here is to question one’s own justifications, of which these justifications may be incorrect. Bush II seems not to question his own justifications as often as needed.

  36. bigsurmac says:

    More than a quarter century after I witnessed DubYah of the Pickled Cranium in action in Texas — Shortly after he was named to the Director’s Corporate Dissolution Committee for the Publicly Traded Harkins Petroleium Corp — and the very next day sold his stock — in total violation of SEC “Insider trading” rules — and was parlaying a small investment into $15-Million.
    In the Texas Permian Basin region, the entire Kennebunkport, Maine region, around his private schools, Yale and everywhere else — DubYah and his brothers had hard-liquor earned status as heavy drinkers — in his case, DECADES of hard drinking.
    The best mind on earth could not have withstood that abuse.
    DubYah did not start with the best mind on earth.
    Our GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Grand-children will be paying for two Bush family White House tenures.
    Reagan took over with a $1-Trillion nationa debt accumulated since 1775 and left with $2-Trillion in national debt, despite tax increases to attempt to balance the budget.
    Poppa Bush took that $2-Trillion and doubled it to $4-Trillion in four years, PLUS leaving about $3-TRILLION of approved and funded deficit spending in federal budgets through 1994.
    Clinton cleaned up most of the residue, balanced the budget, cut federal payrolls decisively and actually paid downt the debt by Half a Trillion.
    DubYah took over the $5.6-Trillion, 80% created by his father and exploded it to $11-Trillion-Plus -as of Jan. 20, 2009. He left at least $4-Trillion in deficit spending behind with his military adventures — all of which were woefully mismanaged — the economic collapse which was caused by his incompetence –and the seemingly endless no-bid contracts for Cheney and his Oil Patch Cronies.
    The measure of DubYah’s intellect — He enjoyed being famous and powerful.
    Brings to mind this week’s video history, of eldest first daughter Melia, rather forcefully elbowing her father’s ribs to call his attention to the NBA basketball arena’s Kiss Cam” focused on the first couple. With this president, who has not had a teen-age daughter arrested for using a fake ID to buy alcohol (The Bush twins scored at least twice on that one), a wild evening — sitting in shirt sleeves between his wife and daughter watching basketball. With the daughter ordering — Time to kiss Mother on camera.)
    Somehow that memory ranks above the faux-flight suited “Bantam Rooster” strutting across a hangar deck under that farcial “Mission Accomplished” banner.

    Of the seemingly endless minutes of Mitt Romney trying to explain his latest gaffe.
    [I just don’t remember holding that guy down and clipping his hair. The dog enjoyed spending the entire day in his cage atop the station wagon — which is why I had to hose down the back window. — or I’m sorry we trashed the Iowa cafe for our videotape and we should not have broken her late father’s plaque or thrown her fresh tablecloths on the restroom flower or denied her regular customers access to the rest room or failed to at least acknowledge her presence –or I don’t recall attending board meetings of newly acquired companies, signing all those SEC documents or even talking with Bain executives for three years, from 1999 through 2002 — even though I was sole stockholder, president and CEO — with a lifetime history of micro-managing everything. Even though BAIN controlled companies ended up as sponsors for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics — I will not release my tax returns for the years 2000 to 2010, because —-]
    Real reason on the tax returns, paying no taxes in 2008 and 2009 because of the GOP sponsored economic collapse, would not be popular.

  37. Yeah Awesome For you And The American Taliban 1% Not So Much For The Rest Of Us 99%!!!

  38. American’s could say, that Bush probably still has occasional visions or at least thoughts, of the “stitching” on the sole of that shoe which was directed at him!

    Probably and occasionally, still recalls Ann Richards words, (Bless her heart and God bless her sole)…. When she stated…George you were born with a” Silver Spoon” in your mouth, you just don’t know it!

    Its amazing what some people will do, Driven for “Fame and Power”… despite the outcome and aftermath!

    Well, we American’s, the 99%er’s…. can now clearly see the results….of his Administration!

    We can’t and shouldn’t place it all on his shoulders though, he did have a ” Partner”…with a partner like this, who needs an enemy… Just like the old saying go’s…!

    It’s more and more evident as we read, that being Republican, is more of a state of mind and status in the world that we all share, than much else!

  39. Gammaanya says:

    Was he SOBER???

  40. Karen Goll says:

    You are SORELY missed Mr. President.

  41. m l says:

    awsome only for himself, what about the rest of us

  42. His tenure in Washington may have been awesome, but to the rest of us, it was just plain AWFUL. He did everything wrong,inflated gas prices started with him. He bought the ticket for 2nd term, but he did it the REPUBLICAN way, dishonestly

  43. You, perhaps should learn some social graces. Janice is right on the money as far as I am concerned. You are entitled to your opinions and we are entitled to ours. That is also one of our core values.

  44. LRDuff says:

    “I was famous, I was powerful,…..I was clueless..and still am”

  45. LRDuff says:

    Close to a million people dead, to avenge 9/11 (3000 dead?), Iraqis (who had nothing to do with 9/11) and American service people, for nothing….. A terrible dictator was overthrown. Would they have had their own uprising and done it for themselves? We’ll never know.

    N0 remorse, not a clue of the unfathomable destruction he and his friends set in motion (‘Shock and Awe!’), billions added to the debt, enriching the coffers of defense contractors,… many billions unaccounted for? Stolen? How many hundreds of thousands (Iraqis, Americans) maimed for life?….

    with the complicity of a large number of the American people.

    Unbelievable! Denial is a powerful thing.

  46. LRDuff says:

    To his credit, his justice department prosecuted his buddy Ken Lay. More than you can say for Obama on that one.

  47. sophiathursday1st says:

    He is joking, right?

  48. PGA says:

    There is a whole lot of craziness going on there.

  49. Robert says:

    US history tells us that people like Omaba builded the “WhiteHouse” Now one lives there thats the problem. And thats the world we live in, may God help us!

  50. An he still can’t put a coherent thought together. He’s talking nonsense.

  51. Boubou says:

    US re-electing W for a second term was the most incomprehensible event since the cold war policy which envisaged the destruction of life on earth for ideological reasons.
    Deeply discouraging for our race.
    I could only deal with it with the aid of cognitive behavioral therapy or permanent intoxication.
    And now we see he still nurtures illusions of adequacy.

  52. Boubou says:

    Fabricating grounds for the Iraq invasion was a crime of historic proportions and resulted in more unnecessary deaths than many convicted war crimes.
    The fact that Cheney and Bush never paid for this is , desolating for decent people and has contributed to complete contempt & total lack of credibility for, the US and UK governments

  53. The withered penis has spoken.

  54. George bush might have been powerful, but he was not famous, and was disliked by the world.
    He was also Corny as Hell!

  55. danbestby says:

    What a Joke ! I was famous and Powerful! ahahaha! That’s true, he doesn’t want to be in the spot light, as long as he collects the PENSION HE GETS FOR HAVING BEEN THE PRESIDENT!

    He will go down as one of the worse Presidents ever served.
    The W. stands for worse !

  56. Deb says:

    Yes, he was famous and powerful and he is also responsible for thousands of dead Americans, Iraqis and Afghans. He also bankrupted our country and enriched his friends in the military industry.

    For what?

  57. SEDDIQUE says:


  58. SEDDIQUE says:

    yes agree with u

  59. SEDDIQUE says:


  60. jpretired says:

    U lied to start a war, u sanked the economy,u destroyed and lost the surplus in the budget,u traded guns for dope to spred death and destruction in the ghetto with the contra fiasco.u really got something to be proud of

  61. Maynard says:

    There are many impressive comments here as to Bush’s culpability for the Iraq attack and the destruction of the economy through cutting taxes on the wealthiest while fighting two wars, giving no-bid contracts and huge war profits to Cheney’s Halliburton, Papa Bush’s Carlyle Group, and others, and eliminating sensible restraints on the financial and banking industries. He also gave these groups a trillion dollar bailout before leaving office.
    I think you are being too lenient to say he simply failed to anticipate 9/11. He was more involved than that.
    Marvin Bush was in Securacom, which was involved in the WTC Security.
    There were many secret War Games on 9/11.
    Jim Pierce, the president’s cousin moved his business meeting out of the WTC on 9/11.
    Bomb sniffing dogs were pulled the Thursday before 9/11.
    Bush claimed he saw the first plane hit the WTC on TV BEFORE he went into the school, yet he DID NOTHING for another half hour after being told of the second strike.
    Furthermore, how would he not think his publicly known location would be targetted and all those excellent readers be killed as well?
    How did brother Jeb have the precognition to have a martial law bill for cases of terrorism prepared and signed THE WEEK BEFORE 9/11?
    How did White House insiders anticipate the anthrax attacks by secretly starting antianthrax antibiotics THREE WEEKs before any known threat?
    Why was the first victim, Robert Stevens, targetted when he was only known for publishing the photo of Bush’s daughter, Jenna, drunk, and sitting on another girl’s lap?
    Why did he lie and say no one imagined the WTC could be hit by hijackers? One of the War Games that day included just such a scenario.
    He had invited Taliban leaders to visit him when he was Governor of Texas and they rejected his attempts to secure the rights to a fuel pipeline. Why was there a plan to attack Afghanistan on his desk before 9/11?
    It is known that Ossama bin Laden condemned 9/11 and the video of him bragging about 9/11 “found” in Afghanistan is clearly fake. Later, he called off the hunt for bin Laden, despite his continued assertion he was the master-mind of 9/11.
    He approved of wire-tappings without warrant, sponsored the Patriot Act and Homeland Securities attacks on our Constitution and went along with sending accused to Guantanamo without trial. Torture was used to get “confessions,” which do not prove guilt (anyone will confess under great duress) and are against international agreements we have signed.

  62. robert says:

    George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the two worst domestic terrorists America has ever manufactured. The Bush/Cheney Administration took the opportunity given to them by Osama bin-Laden to convince Congress and the Senate to go after AlQaeda and bin-Laden and was given the patriotic okay, then said, “Oh, by the way, Saddam Huessein has weapons of mass destruction and harbors bin-Laden.” and had poor Colin Powell go to bat for him and was given the okay for not one but two wars, both under false pretenses. Did he ever catch bin-Laden? Did Hussein have weapons of mass destruction? However, Cheney was the CEO of Haliburton and Blackwater and made billions upon billions of dollars not only from the two wars, but also from hurricane Katrina where Haliburton and Blackwater made millions from the so-called clean-up of New Orleans, and New Orleans is still reeling from the effects of the disaster. Bush and Cheney are two of the richest men in the world right now, thanks to the naivete of the American people, the people that they were sworn to service. Bush/Cheney served themselves, squandered the surplus left by the Clinton/Gore Administration and sank America and the American people in a trillion dollar debt, steeped in recession, and neck deep in unemployment. America should be demanding Bush/Cheney to reveal their tax returns and foreign bank accounts that they use not only to avoid paying taxes to their own country, but to hide the astronomical wealth they profiteered from their exploits while in office. Bush/Cheney showed the Republicans what to do and how to do it, which is why they are not working with President Obama to help America recover. They want to finish the job that Bush/Cheney started. If America takes another hit that was delivered by the Bush/Cheney Administration, America will be finished.

  63. Edsanjuan says:

    DISQUS: I am “forgiven” now? Goog grief !

  64. Edsanjuan says:

    Come on, DISQUS, publish my reply to jarhead. Don’t be so skittish and don’t censor me while you give a pass to the guy that said he wished that GW Bush would go to HELL when he dies…
    This is ridiculous.

  65. How how how could anyone have ounce of respect for this idiot? I almost throw up just looking at him………then he speaks~and I DO ! Just a tiny bit but still…………………….God help us if another Republican gets back in.

  66. Bon says:

    I see that I have somehow wandered into unfriendly territory. Nevertheless, I wish to express my utmost respect and admiration for President Bush. I believe when time has passed, and historians can judge more objectively, his tenure in the White House will be looked upon favorably. President Bush was, and is, a principled man who did what he believed was in the best interest of America. I am so appreciative that people can respectfully disagree, as one can watch news from places where this is not possible.

  67. Bon says:

    I see that I have somehow wandered into unfriendly territory. Nevertheless, I wish to express my utmost respect and admiration for President Bush. I believe when time has passed, and historians can judge more objectively, his tenure in the White House will be looked upon favorably. President Bush was, and is, a principled man who did what he believed was in the best interest of America. I am so appreciative that people can respectfully disagree, as one can watch news from places where this is not possible.

  68. mahjeybee says:

    George Bush continues to be the idiot he showed himself to be while in office. He has obviously never subscribed to the philosophy that it is better to remain silent and be thought an idiot than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. It must be true that only intelligent people question their actions, stupid people never do.

  69. Kay says:

    Cant believe someone who sounds so dumb was running the USA.

  70. Kay says:

    911……started 2 wars at same time and handed over worst Recession in American history,he was handed a surplus and after 8 yrs handed Obama a BIG mess and he thinks he’s awesome president NOT!!!!

  71. ballsnow says:

    A legend in his own feeble and warped mind. If he was so great, why is it this is his second Republican Convention he” Hasn’t Showed Up For”? He should be ashamed of what he did to this country giving our Nuclear Technology to India and Saudia Arabia. Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld should all be in prison. Bush is responsible for the 44 hundred soldiers in Iraq, that died for nothing.

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