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Monday, January 16, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) entered the Senate bearing the tremendous expectations of a progressive movement that has been cheering her as she moved from an academic warning of a crisis about to hit the middle class to a public servant building an institution designed to protect consumers.

And she’s met and exceeded them.

In addition to pushing legislation that helped drive the debate to the left on student loans, the minimum wage and expanding Social Security, she was a driving force in turning the tide toward better regulation of the nation’s biggest banks.

“Senator Warren used her new position on the Senate Banking Committee to raise the profile of financial reform,” Mike Konczal points out. “She completely restarted the conversation about criminal settlements and trials for Wall Street wrongdoing.”

And in her spare time, she delivered a little adult education to some cable TV hosts, as you’ll notice in the video above.

You can enjoy more some of Senator Warren’s greatest hits here, or watch this interview summing up her first year and describing her agenda below.

And if you enjoy awesome ladies, here’s Meryl Streep explaining how Hillary Clinton has made the world a better place for women.

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7 Responses to WATCH: Celebrate A Year Of The Fierce Urgency Of Senator Elizabeth Warren

  1. YES SHE WILL! Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016. She will shift the Democratic Party back to working for and defending the interest of the middle class, the working poor, seniors and the disabled. She is already turning the party from its right wing tendencies of the DLC toward the party of FDR and the New Deal. It took a patrician to lead the country out of the oligarchy’s wilderness of the 1930s. This time a Professor/Senator will!

    • I’d love to see her as president, but if Clinton runs Elizabeth Warren wont. Also, truthfully, she’ll accomplish more in the Senate. She can speak out and push or stop legislation. Although I love both Warren and Sanders, both buck the powers that be and do greater where they are.

  2. There is no substitute for the intelligence and knowledge of past history that this woman has. She has all the answers on the tip of her tongue and can shoot these talking heads down in a heartbeat. She is forceful with a smile, Wow we need many more just like her. She will never stand by and let a lie Go without a rebuttal. We can only hope she runs 2016 but is more likely to smart to put herself that. I just can’t wait to hear her talk, always informative and bright.

  3. Since we’re all different, collectivist attempts to impose equality require that each of us be treated unequally.

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