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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WATCH: Clinton Announces Ceasefire In Gaza Conflict

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire Wednesday, ending eight days of violence and ensuring that a ground war will not break out in the Gaza Strip.

Sec. Clinton announced the ceasefire, which will take effect at 9pm local time (2pm EST) at a press conference with her Egyptian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr. According to NBC News’ Jim Maceda, the agreement calls for a truce to stop the violence in the short term, and for continuing negotiations on the broader issues spurring the conflict in the long term. Furthermore, NBC’s Andy Eckhardt reports that Israel will guarantee to halt the targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders as part of the agreement.

“This is a critical moment for the region,” Clinton declared. “The people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence.”

She added that the agreement will “improve conditions for the people of Gaza and provide security for the people of Israel.”

Clinton also thanked Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi for “assuming the leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace.”

The deal halts over a week of fighting, which killed over 140 people. A ceasefire was rumored to be imminent on Tuesday, but ongoing violence — and Hamas’ demands for unfettered access to Gaza — delayed an agreement.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that more military activity could be necessary.

“But at this time the right thing for the state of Israel is to exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long-term cease fire,” he said.

As of an hour after the ceasefire began, the only explosions being reported from Gaza City were celebratory gunfire.


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33 responses to “WATCH: Clinton Announces Ceasefire In Gaza Conflict”

  1. hfassihi says:

    It was good news! But why this war started and so many people are killed? Why not making peace before making war!? I hope this ceasefire lasts and people live happily ever after. Long live Peace.

    • The Middle East is not impossible. Jews-Christians-Muslims have to abide by Their Good Book. Love Fellowship Value life Enjoy each other. They can. Need leaderships. I pray for them all of them

      • 13observer says:

        it’s not the same “good book” you idiot! Also, FLASH,,,,they hate each other!

        • hfassihi says:

          It is the same book , you IQ! Did you read these books of faits? I do not think so. The first thing that these books teach you is love but you are full of anger and hate. Read them it opens your heart.

    • Riobound says:

      It is good news. And there were limited deaths … especially when compared to Syria and the slaughter happen there. It’s good to see people with “peace”, more than “war”, on their minds. I wish the rest of the region could follow suit and stop the bloodshed. I truly hope that the people of Gaza can also keep those with hate in their hearts away from weapons of all kinds. If they do … peace can last.

      • 13observer says:

        oh yes, the weapons of all kinds….oh aunty Em aunty Em, just get me back to Kansas. Open your fu*king eyes…….the world is a tough place and you aren’t going to change it!!!!!!! epecially by taking our guns because criminals will then make bombs and kill even more.

    • 13observer says:

      Are you stupid? They have been fighting for more than a thousand years….and WOW that “SUPER HERO” Hillary Clinton has stopped all the tension with just one visit! This is how stupid the “LEFT” really is! They believe their own bullsh*t… is just fu*king sad!

      • hfassihi says:

        Talk positively. Believe me it does miracle. Your comments are full of insult! World needs polite and down to earth people. To bring peace to the world we need peaceful people and my friend, YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM ! You can be one if you change your attitude. Have respect for others then believe me you will find peace in your heart. By the way those people who were affected by the war are celebrating because it has ended. Why are you so mad?! Cheer up ! Let’s elect John Kerry for president in 2016 and see Hillary in his cabinet. Long live Peace. As an Iranian- American I do every thing in my power to promote peace and insure security for the people of the world.
        Peace my friend, peace. Good lock.

        • tobewan says:

          And hfassihi: If you can celebrate with Americans, please do have a peaceful and thankful Thanksgiving Day! And somehow, I think yuou are thankful everyday, as we ALL SHOULD BE! Yea, and someday we ALL WILL BE!

  2. Pratap M says:

    Obama is for peace and no war. Mrs Clinton was sent by him to take care of business with both parties. Job well done. God bless America

    • 13observer says:

      oh of course! Bravo Hillary! You alone have ended the war forever…even after fighting for over a thousand years Saint Hillary has stopped the killing for good……wanna bet? You’ve got so much Obama shoved in your mouth that you are speechless! What a “suckass”!

      • amarquez647 says:

        I am sorry my dear sir, I AM VERY SORRY FOR YOU. the killing has stoped and you are being a grinch.

      • batavier says:

        Blessed are the Peacemakers………………WHICH YOU”OBSERVER” DEFINITELY ARE NOT! If you don’t seek peace here on earth, you definitely wont find it in your hereafter…

      • Bill says:

        As usual the alternate reality right wingers chime in with their typical bovine fecal matter (that’s bs to igonorant right). Nobody in Obama’s administration does anything that is positive or good. 13observer keep watching Fox the alternate reality source of misinformation. Have a nice 4 MORE YEARS.

    • Everyone Have A Great Thanksgiving And Let’s All Pray That This Peace Last!!!


    Tried to get Universal Health Care
    National Health Care Costs rising at 10% per annum. Cut to 3%
    Deficit Reduction Package
    Crime Bill
    100,000 cops on street–crime down down down
    Welfare Reform– Mend do not end. GOP helped big time
    80% increase in child welfare payments
    Job Growth-Record 236,000 per month. (Reagan/Bush 167,000)
    Largest percentage of Americans working in history
    Largest Home Ownership in history
    Record number of small business formations
    Tax Cut for 15 million working families
    Family and Medical Leave Act
    Defense Reinvest and Conversion–Bush enjoying weapons created by Clinton
    Direct loan programs for students
    Guts to put promises in a book “Putting People First”-58 promises in book. Took action on 56 in first two years.
    Second best record in history for getting legislation through Congress in first to years. LBJ number one.
    Reinvented Government–cut payroll
    Released for public scrutiny more classified documents than all presidents combined
    Fewest number of civilians on federal payroll in 36 years
    Attacked cop killing nasty rifle association.
    Attacked the cancer inducing tobacco industry
    Promoted a global effort to ban abusive forms of child labor
    Loan 12.8 Billion to Mexico. Made 800 Million profit. Kept Mexico afloat.
    Wash. Post kept list of campaign promises. 162. Took action on 96% in first two years.
    Took on prejudice toward other Americans in military
    Took on his own Southern Baptist Church
    Hard smart work in Middle East and Bosnia-Kosovo
    Honored with all of the following:
    Dove of Peace Award
    Rabin-Peres Peace Award
    Gandhi Peace Award
    Order of Good Hope Award
    Nominated for Nobel Peace Award
    Northern Ireland Peace Agreement
    Lifeaholics of America Award for Quarter Century “Working for a Life Not Just A Living”.
    First President to visit Northern Ireland
    Cleanup of Toxic sites. Record
    Increasing weekly earnings
    Shoo Shoo Saddam get away from Kuwait
    Stopping Haitians from drowning enroute to freedom
    First to visit South Africa
    First to make a determined effort to help the African continent come together and grow together
    Taxing top 1.2% of very wealthy to get Zoom Zoom Boom economy
    Stopping Republicans in the House from raiding Medicare of 181 Billion
    Stopping Republicans raid on Medicaid
    Stopping Republicans raid on education
    Stopping Republicans attack on environment
    Largest increase in Education funding since GI Bill
    Increased funding for Head Start
    Nafta.. A success until the Peso went south
    Submitting 8 budgets close to rate of inflation
    Brady Bill
    Assault Weapons Ban
    Telling Japan “You take our auto parts or we will apply tariffs on you
    California Desert Protection
    Forest Management Plan for Northwest
    Restoration of Florida Everglades
     Preservation of land in Utah
    Major increase in funding for homeless
    Motor Voter Act
    Lobbying Reform Effort. Handshake with Newt who reneged
    Pressure to get Campaign Finance Reform.
    National Export Strategy. Unbelievable success.
    Over 250 Trade pacts
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Pact
    Summit of Americas
    Super 301
    Chemical Weapons Ban Treaty.
    Bottom Up Review of Military
    Agreement with Cuba to stop flow of immigrants to USA.
    Reduced Nuclear Threat Around the World
    Community Banking Act
    FEMA used as an active participant and a leader in disaster relief
    Tax on well off social security beneficiaries
    100,000 new teachers effort
    5,000 new classroom effort
    50% of classes thru K-12 on internet
    Fourth Graders improvement on world tests
    Lifetime Learning Opportunity Program
    Controls on Spending and Borrowing
    Pension Protection Act of 1994
    Record high consumer confidence
    Very, very, very low Misery Index
    National Agenda on Racial Prejudices
    First to get African-American unemployment under 10%
    Balanced Budget
    Record Corporate profits
    Record Bank profits
    Record Savings and Loan profits
    Never whining despite non-sop smears and attacks
    Not having a Mean Bone in his body per Historian David Maraniss
    Not knowing how to hate
    Classing others as “opponents” not “enemies”
    Inviting your attackers to the White House functions
    Inviting your defeated opponent Bob Dole to visit troops at Christmas
    A national attack on hate crimes
    Fighting to protect “legal” immigrants from Republicans in the House.
    Fighting hard for Fast Track legislation
    Kennedy and Kassenbaum Portability of Insurance
    Lowest interest rates in 30 years
    Allowing millions of homeowners to refinance home loans at lower (much) rates
    Lowest unemployment in 25 years
    Lowest inflation in 25 years
    Lowest welfare rolls in 27 years
    Lowest crime Rates in 25 years
    First balanced budget sent to Congress in 29 years
    Protecting worker pensions (repeat?)
    Opposed ban on “Late Term Abortions”
    A stock market which passed a 1,000 mark six times
    Greatest growth in federal revenues in history
    Played Saxophone and Smoked Peace Pipe, instead of beating War Drums like__.
    One of History’s all time workers for Peace
    President in a year when Fortune Magazine classified it as “Greatest Economy in the History of the world”
    Popularity jump in the midst of a scandal.
    President with highest peacetime popularity in Asia, Africa, Russia and Europe.
    Highest popularity of any president at end of fifth year in office
    One of the most highly regarded First Lady in History.
    One of the most highly regarded Vice-President in History
    A Lifetime of Treating all Persons with Respect

  4. DukeDacat says:

    Hillary Clinton for President 2016

  5. Germansmith says:

    I would not expect this ceasefire to last longer than a few days. They will find any silly excuse to continue to kill each other.
    Netanyahu is not the likely person to ever deal with the Arabs in good faith…the apple does not fall far from the tree

  6. S-3 says:

    Just how long can this last is my question toward all this mess…

    Here’s hoping the GOP doesnt ruin this – and if tehy do, we finally do something about these scum and war-mongering manufactered eveil – because that’s all it is!!!

  7. tampajim says:

    It was good to hear the next POTUS speak on sensibility and saneness in the world.

  8. Right view says:

    Hopefully these nuts will not shoot any more rockets in 2 months, they have no jobs
    and running out of games so the only thing is to pull the trigger ! ( smart nation always
    try to rebuild their economy, look at Germany, Japan, Brazil, Korea, only dumb nation
    keep building more weapons for wars until they can never get a country of their own,
    the best way is negotiation and COMPROMISE !

  9. latebloomingrandma says:

    Take that, McCain and Graham!

  10. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    Great job – Hilary. You are formidable. Can’t wait to elect you next president of the United States in 2016.

  11. a80a says:

    Hillary for president in 2016, Bill for vice president.she says no , but will be the leading contender. if she does run then the republicians should run and hide.

  12. mark says:

    Hilary for President……she is strong, smart and she deserves it……no one else even comes close…….NO ONE.

  13. Charles2051 says:

    This just the start of more things coming. By later part of Jan. things should get going. We have our Guys setting and waiting and ready to start. We’ll see how much little boy Obama handles this. We’ve got put God back in Ameria.

  14. Pancha_Chandra says:

    Finding that elusive peace certainly required highly adept negotiating skills. Mursi and Hillary came out of the exercise smelling of roses. Give them due credit. israel and Hamas have been at each other’s throats for so long! Now is the time for reflection to keep the peace

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