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Monday, January 21, 2019

WATCH: Darrell Issa Accidentally Brings Up His Shady Past

Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has been dominating headlines over the past week for his aggressive attempts to take down Attorney General Eric Holder over his involvement in the “Fast and Furious” scandal. In his zeal to tie Holder to a crime, however, Issa accidentally reminded viewers of his own criminal past during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

While discussing the scandal with Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, Issa beat back charges that he was ignoring the fact that “gun walking” programs like Fast and Furious actually began under the Bush Administration.

“The whole point of this thing is a little bit like when you do something wrong and then lie about it as a young person, you can’t say, oh, after you get caught, my brother did it, too,” Issa said.

As it turns out, Issa is especially familiar with this strategy: it’s exactly what he did when he got indicted for grand theft in 1979.

As Ryan Lizza reported in The New Yorker:

According to court records, on December 28, 1979, William Issa arrived at Smythe European Motors, in San Jose, and offered to sell Darrell’s car, a red 1976 Mercedes sedan. William was carrying an Ohio driver’s license with his brother’s name on it and the dealer gave William a check for sixteen thousand dollars, which he immediately cashed. Soon afterward, Darrell reported the car stolen from the Monterey airport. He later told the police that he had left the title in the trunk.

The brothers had been together in Cleveland for Christmas, and, after Darrell gave a series of conflicting statements about his brother and whether he himself had recently obtained a second driver’s license, the investigator in the case became suspicious that the two men had conspired to fraudulently sell Darrell’s car and then collect the insurance money.

The brothers were indicted for grand theft. Darrell argued that he had no knowledge of William’s activities; William claimed that his brother had authorized him to sell the car, and he produced a document dated a few weeks before the robbery that gave him power of attorney over his brother’s affairs. On February 15th, with the investigation ongoing, Darrell returned to the San Jose dealership and repurchased his car, for seventeen thousand dollars. In August, 1980, the prosecution dropped the case. Darrell insisted that he was a victim, not a criminal. William had produced evidence that he had the legal authority to sell the car, and the injured party was reimbursed.

In other words, Issa got caught doing something wrong as a young person, and tried to blame his brother for it.

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9 responses to “WATCH: Darrell Issa Accidentally Brings Up His Shady Past”

  1. widollar says:

    Darrell Issa is a very rich misfit with a very strange past who is the new “poster boy” for rotten opportunistic parasite politico’s in the GOP.

  2. William Deutschlander says:

    Issa is a tool (stooge) of the GOP, Republican establishment, charged with stirring the pot and seeing how much stink he can create!

    • you got to be kidding.this guy is pointing fingers at who?for what?who put him in this position of authority?

    • CAThinker says:

      Yes, STOOGE is a good word for it. He was also the guy that started the recall of Gray Davis after the California energy deregulation debacle (in which no one went to jail and no one got their money back). I was neutral about the recall, but hugely entertained when Governor Arnold decided to run and aced out this STOOGE. And STOOGE publicly cried about it… Leave it to the Tali-publicans to put this guy in charge of something…

  3. EdC says:

    Issa admits that fast and furious started during the Bush administration, yet during the Bush administration Obama was working on a ban on assult weapons, Issa and his buddies want to know who knew what, when but won’t ask members of the Bush administation those question that predate Obama. and then according to other sources offers a pass if the Obama administration gives up one of his own, Who said WITCH HUNT, conservatives don’t see NO witch Hunt. I’m in favor of giving a person, especially a young person a second chance, but now I want to know more about this fraudulent car stealing situation.

  4. Eric Holder should resign. The moment he became AG he should have been informed of all the programs underway in the Justice Department. Fast and Furious was as stupid as it can get
    Why would the people elect Darrell Issa? Why is it that Democrats would not use the car sale history during his election?

    Of course, I am writing from Florida where we elected for Governor the CEO of a Hospital Corporation convicted of Medicare fraud

  5. Issa will take himself down – a success that we haven’t be able to claim so far

    • DurdyDawg says:


      Just ignore the mitigated prick and threaten ANY congressman who backs him with their phony baloney job (and mean it!).. In a New York minute this hairball will find himself picking up post-chewed gum from under N.Y. subway seats.

  6. Bigspender says:

    A close up look at most congressional republicans will reveal a lot about these miscreants. They all seem to specialize in hypocracy.

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