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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Earlier this month, Americans for Prosperity — the 501(c)(4) “dark money” group through which Charles and David Koch have spent untold millions trying to undermine health care reform — released a new ad warning against the dangers of Obamacare.

The ad is titled “Questions,” and it poses several of them; unsurprisingly, they’re framed in a way that misleadingly suggests that the Affordable Care Act is a dangerous, big-government takeover of the American health care system.

“I think we all deserve some answers,” the young mother featured in the ad says at the conclusion. Well, thankfully for her, Dr. Sanjeev Sriram is here to provide them.

In a response video from the National Physicians Alliance and Americans United for Change, Dr. Sriram dismantles the Americans For Prosperity case piece by piece. It’s almost as if doctors understand the health care system better than right-wing political hacks!

Who do you trust for your health care information? Dr. Sriram, or “Dr.” Koch? Let us know in the comments section.

H/T: Occupy Democrats

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12 responses to “WATCH: Dr. Sanjeev Sriram Exposes Dark Money Group’s Obamacare Lies”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    Hate, fear and distrust work. Divide and conquer has been the tool against progress for thousands of years.

  2. sigrid28 says:

    This genius ad gives an almost perfect reply defending the ACA by cross-cutting clear answers with the empty questions Republicans, who really want NO answers, love to pose. Why “almost perfect”? Imagine an ad that first cross-cuts the way an insurance company would respond to our mother whose son is being treated for seizures, and then offers the cross-cut responses of this doctor? Who doesn’t understand before-and-after comparisons? Especially if this poor mother is burying her son because his seizures would not be covered by her “before” insurance policy.

  3. TheSkalawag929 says:

    Great rebuttal. How do you get out to the public at large? Not everyone is signed up for National Memo.

  4. Pamby50 says:

    What a great ad. Here is Dr Sriram answering each questions as it comes up. This is the first time I have seen it.

  5. highpckts says:

    Should be on national news but it’s not! No surprise there!

  6. Allan Richardson says:

    Like the anti-drug PSA’s have been saying for years: JUST SAY NO TO KOCH!

  7. brian199511 says:

    Why does every civilized country in the world, and some not so civilized, have better health care than the US at 1/2 the cost? The republicants.

  8. Dominick Vila says:

    It really doesn’t matter who or how many medical professionals and economists highlight the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and expose the draconian clauses that were part of the expensive and exclusive medical system it will replace.
    Even projections submitted by insurance companies concerning premium reductions next year are dismissed with claims that premiums are actually going to go up and that ACA is bound to be more expensive than the most expensive medical system in the world.
    I doubt the ACA opponents will be dissuaded by evidence, including tangible improvements to their own finances and well being. They already made up their minds and nothing will convince them of the benefits derived from a program that will help fellow Americans who currently don’t have access to preventive medical care, to those who cannot afford the high premiums charged by insurance companies for substandard coverage, the benefit of exchanges that will help the self-employed and small business owners, and potential reductions in corporate operating costs.

    • 4sanity4all says:

      I will be delighted when the ACA has been in effect and is working well and all bugs have been worked out and we can tell all of these naysayers to take a hike. I imagine that they will keep criticizing, long after they have benefitted greatly by it, mainly because they cannot stand when anyone else gets anything, ever. Even if it benefits them, their grandma, and their neighbors, it will kill them to realize that everyone gets healthcare.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        You can bet on that. Hard line Tea Party supporters will continue to criticize ACA, the same way they have criticized Social Security, MEDICARE and every major government social program for decades. The reason is quite simple, they believe the private sector is best fit to handle everything we need, and that the role of government is limited to defense. The fact that the private sector will only support a pension program, medical programs, or transportation programs, for example, is if there is a guaranteed high return on investment. Since the cost would be prohibitive, nothing will ever happen and the only recourse will be to take America back to the good old days of seniors eating cat food and not buying medication because they could not afford it.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      but don’t you get it? Their policy is paid for by the people.. No deductible, No caps and if they have to spend more than is alloted to them, they simply add it to their taxes at the end of the year and receive a deduction for their troubles.. To them the insurance scam, uh! I mean system is perfect and to hell with those who were too lazy to play the rat race and step on other people to get where they are now. Does capitalism really work?

  9. 4sanity4all says:

    I received a telephone call today, with a long, untrue litany of things about the ACA, and they wanted me to hang on and put my name on their petition to outlaw the ACA. Boy, did they have the wrong number! Do these morons EVER give it a rest? No! So we have to be vigilant, and make sure that they get nowhere with their evil campaign to repeal what we all voted for.

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