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WATCH: ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Launch New Ad War Over Obamacare

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WATCH: ‘Social Welfare’ Groups Launch New Ad War Over Obamacare


Two prominent 501(c)(4) “social welfare” groups are waging a new ad war over the Affordable Care Act, more than three years after President Barack Obama’s signature legislation was signed into law.

On Monday, Organizing for Action — the nonprofit organization that succeeded President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign — released its second ad in a seven-part series promoting the benefits of health care reform. The ad, titled “Better Coverage,” tells the story of a girl named Zoe who underwent open-heart surgery shortly after her birth, but will no longer face a lifetime cap on health coverage due to Obamacare.

By contrast, Americans for Prosperity — a right-wing 501(c)(4) largely funded by Charles and David Koch — released an ad of its own Monday, warning that the law will raise premiums and negatively impact health care.

The dueling ads — both of which are reportedly part of $1 million buys — reflect the unsettled nature of the debate over Obamacare. Although the Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress in 2010, upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court in June 2012, and tacitly endorsed by voters in last November’s elections — which politicians from both parties had framed largely as a referendum on health care reform — Republicans are continuing to fight against the law until it is fully implemented. In light of the Obama administration’s decision to delay the law’s employer mandate until 2015, it seems that the latest political skirmish over Obamacare is destined to continue through the 2014 midterm elections, if not further.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. charleo1 July 8, 2013

    I think Americans owe it to their families to compare the two healthcare reform
    plans. The one delivered by President Obama, and the Democratic Party. And the
    one offered by Charles, and David Koch, and the Republican Party as an alternative.
    I think it is fair to mention, President Obama, along with the Democratic Party leaders, have dealt with a very serious, even dangerous world recession. Working with business, and world leaders, both here, and abroad to reestablish global economic stability. As the Republican Party, throughout the crucial months of 2009, remained politically torn, and largely dysfunctional, and bed ridden, as an adjunct domestic, opposition Party. Unable to find it’s footing, or pull itself together. It remained in internal crisis essentially, the proverbial basket case. More resembling the nervous unsteadiness, it’s policies had turned out to cause for the Nation. For,
    not only had it’s economic policies, largely put in place by a Congress, which had enjoyed majorities of more than a decade hence, fail spectacularly. But also, it was the failures of policy at the international level. That had been administered largely by the Party’s Executive Branch, under the 8 year tutelage, of President George W. Bush. That had left the Party in disarray, and rudderless, in the wake of the resounding political defeat in the fall of 2008. As indeed, the world economy seemed to collapse in sympathy with a cacophony of bad guesses, made over the years, that seemed to find their natural conclusion in a frightening crescendo. Which served to severely shake the confidence of the world in the United States. But also, something deep in the core of the GOP. From which they are still struggling to recover. But, I’m still willing to take a look at their plan for healthcare reform. If they want to come forth from their mental asylum, and present one. Because, the system really is a mess.

    1. FredAppell July 8, 2013

      They don’t have a plan…their only solution is for the market to straiten out this catastrophe. That’s their answer to everything. I’m so sick of everything in this country having a price tag attached to it. We have become so conditioned to it that it’s made us crazy. We have no value for anything that we can’t make a buck off of. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, that’s what this is really all about. No profit, no deal. Sorry to be so redundant with my paragraph but it really is quite appropriate considering the circumstances.

      1. charleo1 July 8, 2013

        Well Said Fred!

    2. latebloomingrandma July 9, 2013

      The only Republican health care “plan” I saw was one Boehner proposed. It was to cover 3 million additional people. Big whoop! Basically they got a whole lot of nuthin’.

  2. elw July 9, 2013

    Now wouldn’t you consider both ads political in nature. Why are these two organization getting tax breaks? I do not care if they are LIberal or Conservative I question why they would need tax breaks if they could spend that much money on political ads and what good did it do for their Community? These ads reflex the need to really look at who has 501(c) (4) status and if in fact they should.

  3. Justin Napolitano July 9, 2013

    Someone please tell the Republican party to get a life or die. They are the party of zombies. They are not quite alive but refuse to die and insist that everyone else become like them. “Zombieland and the Republicans” would make a good title for a movie.

    1. tax payer July 9, 2013

      You can be one of the people that the Republican Zombies will eat. Hey, you can earn an extra five dollars for your part.

  4. Elaine Steskal July 9, 2013

    Republicans care only about their corporate buddies. They are despicable. We need healthcare reform. I don’t know what it is about some people, they must have very good low cost to them healthcare ins, or are big stock holders in a healthcare company. I see nothing but bellyaching about how much more they will have to pay, Have you even realized that many will be receiving subsidies? If you are below a certain income level you will receive subsidies.

  5. Dump The GOP In 2014 July 9, 2013

    The healthcare providers will reap the largest rewards when the health care act is fully implemented, insurance providers will expand their paid membership. Most large corporations already provide healthcare to their employees. All we hear is repeal and replace, those calling for the replacement have never offered any alternative plan other than repeal. It appears the GOP and their followers are against anything that might help disadvantaged people of this country. Those that are the strongest critics are the ones on government provided health care plans

    1. FredAppell July 9, 2013

      If you listen to what they are saying, they’re quite candid about why they don’t want to keep the policies that help disadvantaged people. They think that such people are nothing more than moochers who are taking from the rest of society.
      There is a small segment doing that but the GOP has painted everyone in need with too broad a brush. Also, considering where the original draft of the ACA came from, don’t be fooled by the disingenuous bluster from the right, they support it 100% because it is the same plan their party came up with years ago and the brain child of the Heritage Foundation. If their rabid supporters knew the truth, the GOP would be done. By the way, you have the best profile I have ever seen.

      1. Joseph Squerciati July 10, 2013

        Alan Grayson said it best the GOP heallth Plan is “Don’t get SICK but if you do DIE quickly “

        1. FredAppell July 10, 2013

          Comical and tragic all in the same breath.

  6. itsfun July 9, 2013

    We now have more people getting government food assistance then we have people working. Everybody wants free health care to go along with this. Now Obama is not going to enforce or check on people applying for health care. He says we will be on a honor system. Quite a use of words for the most dishonorable administration ever. This is will just add to more people getting free health care. This is designed to run private insurance companies out of business, so the government can completely control another aspect of our lives. What happens when working people say screw it and quit working and jump on the ever growing government give away programs? This free stuff is just wonderful until you run out of people willing to work just to give their earnings away. This healthcare program was passed behind closed doors after bribing government officials to pass it. Contrary to some public belief, the Republicans tried to enter their healthcare programs, but the Democratic controlled Senate wouldn’t allow any Republican program out of committee. Quite a deal for the most transparent administration ever.

    1. Polana July 9, 2013

      ACA is not free and everybody have to buy it or pay penalty.

      I don’t know where U got the idea that it’s free Faux News??

      Just pray that U don’t get sick – if no insurance – then U will go broke.Preexisting condition – no insurance will take you on.They are to make money not to loooose money. Being there and experienced. ACA is not perfect but it’s a start.
      Not expensive. I work and I have insurance through my employer and when ACA kicks in fully, my co. will save money (57 empl). My cost now is $170 a mo after ACa it will be $145.00 not much saving but it’s better to pay less than more.

      1. itsfun July 9, 2013

        The government has already stopped insuring people with pre-existing conditions. They received more applications then they could pay for. Was not publicized very much. Have you been following how much more it is going to cost than originally stated. It is now estimated that the cost will be 2 to 3 times more than you are already paying if you employer stops paying. That is from the feds budget office. I don’t have anything against health care, but to pass something that no one has even read or knew what they were voting for is not good. Obama is saying they are not going to enforce parts of the law now. The President doesn’t have the authority to decide whether or not to enforce a law. Does this mean the next President can say, we will not enforce any part of health care? Does this mean the next President can say we will not enforce any part of a amnesty bill? This is going to be a big big mess and may cause more problems than it solves. Too many parts of this law that weren’t thought out before passing. You just can’t pass a law to “see what is in it”.

    2. tax payer July 9, 2013

      Every poor person would become Zombies and would eat the hard working Americans that decide not to quit working.

      1. itsfun July 10, 2013

        Yep, in a way, that is already happening

  7. howa4x July 9, 2013

    Maybe we should just go back to they way it was when Bush was president for 6 months, and let the republicans have their way. 32 million will go back to being uninsured forever, anyone could be kicked off of coverage for any reason, pre existing conditions will be in force,.Insurance companies will send the first 20cents of every premium dollar to Wall st as profit, There will be a strict life time cap on policies. Then see what the republicans and the Koch bros say

  8. Catskinner July 9, 2013

    Probably the best thing about Obamacare is now that the public is finally finding out how it works, it will most certainly sink the odious Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation.


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