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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Some things just never get old. Well, not if you’re Fox “News,” anyway. So no one was really surprised when President Obama visited Mexico and, right on cue, Fox & Friends regurgitated that oft-debunked old chestnut, the “apology tour.” Every time the president goes abroad and behaves like a grownup instead of embarrassing the entire country, you can be sure conservatives will be lined up to accuse him of groveling, cap in hand, to foreign enemies (all foreigners are the enemy, remember), eager to criticize and blame America for that country’s woes.

Of course since this was Mexico, the Fox hate machine was firing on all cylinders — after all, this is the country that takes all our jobs (while at the same time being lazy, not paying taxes and leeching off our welfare) and, perhaps most nefarious of all, is predominantly home to brown people… who don’t speak English.

Video of this nonsense is below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

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  • I wonder how FOX would react if President Obama puked on a foreign dignatary’s lap, or if he travelled with an entourage large enough to ensure someone gave him the right answers, or had to cancel a trip abroad for fear of being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity? What FOX considers an apology most of us consider statesmanship and wisdom. Ignore the idiots and always consider the source.

    • BDC_57

      you got that they are a bunch idiot liars.They would not know the truth if it hit in the back of the head.

      • stcroixcarp

        How did Fox news react when that Iraqi guy threw a shoe at Bush? Remember when Bush harassed Merkle by rubbing her shoulders? Obama has nothing to apologize for.

        • BDC_57

          who said anything about obama

        • BDC_57

          Was not talking about Obama was talking about fox fake news how they spread their lies around and idiots like lana believe it.

        • Allan Richardson

          And we’ll never know for sure, but he probably referred to the German chancellor in private as “Angie Baby” since he used a silly nickname for everyone else.

        • They will react the same way they did when the president and PM of Israel gave Barack Obama the highest honor they have in that country. They’ll ignore and will, instead, broadcast a program highlighting all the evil things Obama did to Israel while the rest of the work press covered the event. You gotta keep the sheep in the dark…

        • Republicunts called the Iraqi “ungrateful” for throwing that shoe at Bush.

      • plc97477

        You can tell when they are lying because their mouths are moving.

        • BDC_57

          you got that right my friend

    • fred37ify

      Howdy – Doody ain’t a statesman skippy !

  • David Turrentine

    What else can you expect from Fox? The most unrelieble source of news since its inception and always unreliable.

    • A few years ago, Fakes Noise actually sued for the right, and won the case, so that they are now, LEGALLY, allowed to spread their propaganda and call it “news”.

      We need a law on the books to repeal that decision….one that DEMANDS that all news stories adhere to responsible journalistic principles or the station can be shut down. THAT would shut down Fox once and for all.

      • 788eddie

        They Have such a law in Canada; The Canada Broadcast Act. That’s why FOX News is not broadcast in Canada.

        • plc97477

          One more good reason to move to Canada.

  • charleo1

    Whether or not one thinks Obama was apologizing in his Cairo speech.
    I’ve listened to it several times, and heard no apologies. What I did hear,
    was a new President, acknowledging the deep rifts in that part of the world,
    that had been created by his predecessor’s unwarranted invasion of Iraq.
    And not because Saddam Hussein was this beloved leader. He was not.
    But, because of the sharp departure for America, the invasion represented.
    From being a purveyor of peace. To a Country that was now engaging in
    elective, and preemptive war. For reasons that proved to be unfounded.
    For those who could mistake a simple stating of the truth, into an apology.
    Provides more than enough insight into the ideology of these blind mice.
    To make sure they do not get the opportunity to represent the values of
    America again, until they first learn them, themselves. That an important
    part of being a leader, is not only identifying the problem. But, as with
    Mexico, we must be honest about our contribution to those problems.
    The hundreds of millions of dollars Americans spend on drugs each year,
    has built an organization who’s power rivals that of the Mexican Gov’t.
    As we know, Mexico is at all out war, with these cartels. Who are spending
    millions on high power weapons supplied by the same folks who just defeated
    a gun control bill, that would have helped our Government to stop the
    proliferate gunrunning, that is responsible for so many civilian deaths there.
    So, the Neocons can’t distinguish apology form reality. Who knew? Right?

    • fred37ify

      Guess Syria didn’t use chemical weapons then, right slick ??? Cause if Iraq didn’t have them and give them to Syria – then Syria ain’t got them ! RIGHT ?

      • charleo1

        The thing is, if one is the President of the United States,
        they really shouldn’t be guessing. I’m not going to recite
        you chapter, and verse about Presidents that guess, and
        and get it wrong about WMDs. Right slick???? So, since
        that President is no longer in office, And the current one,
        seems to be relying much more on facts, and a lot less on
        gut instinct, before he puts on his Commander in Chief hat,
        and starts thumping his chest, and ordering the Country
        to war. I think that is a much needed improvement.

        • july860

          Bush didn’t really go on gut instinct; he outright LIED!

          • charleo1

            Agreed. I stand corrected.

  • Lynda Groom

    Fox needs to hire some new script writers. This latest is just another regurgitation of the same old talking points. Once in while you need to refresh the party line and that point has clearly be exceeded.

    • BDC_57

      They would never do that,they like being idiot liars.

  • Lovefacts

    FOX and Republicans hate Obama for several reasons: he’s smart, he’s educated, he’s a constitutional lawyer, he has class, he can laugh at himself, and he’s a black man with an Arab-sounding name. But most important, when one doesn’t have the truth on his side all he’s left with is lying.

    • idamag

      And he is a Democrat.

    • kanawah

      Until your last sentence, you were right on the mark.
      Obama does not intentionally lye about anything, unlike his truth impaired predecessor.

      • Lovefacts

        I was talking about FOX. Given their blind hatred of Obama the truth is irrelevant, so they lie.

    • fred37ify

      SMART GUY THAT HIDES HIS GRADES ???? AND YOU DON’T WONDER WHY ??????????????????????????????????????????

      • Lovefacts

        Oh, please. As the editor of the Harvard Law his GPA had to be around 3.75-4, that means B+ or an A. Give it a rest. And why didn’t you ask about “W’s” grades. He barely had a C average. No, only our first black president must do that.

        • Bush was a cheerleader with a bullhorn and pom-poms. That has to count for something.

          • charleo1

            Unfortunately, there is very little market for 50+
            year old cheerleaders. It might have spared the
            Country his 8 year long, disaster as President.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Show us ours, Fred.

  • JDavidS

    No one can really be surprised…it’s Faux News. And they only employ liars and/or idiots.

  • midway54

    Fox’s morning show features three stooges on a couch. Behold, in this photo, is Tucker Carlson, a scatter-brained dolt who has spent his career exposing his incompetence, including his sometimes silliness, as a commentator, and lately is associated with the Daily Caller, a website of rightwing buffoons. A few years ago, he was on MSNBC as a host and had with him for support the comments of Willie Geist who hugely outshone Carlson. Geist has gone on to appear on the Today Show fairly often and to a lesser extent on Morning Joe at MSNBC, while Carlson continues his diminishing reputation as a reliable broadcaster.

  • Man, spray some air freshener in here! Light a match or smoke a cigarette or something! It stinks to high—- Wait, Farts News! Turn that stink off and open up the windows!

  • Allan Richardson

    When a gentleman or a lady actually DOES something wrong, he or she apologizes. Apparently, the right wing believes that America NEVER does anything for which we should apologize! And the truth is, they do not “hate us for our freedoms” but for our policies against their countries. Iran had a democratic government in 1953, but their parliament did not want to give away their oil at bargain prices to British Petroleum, so President Eisenhower had the CIA stage a coup and install the Shah after overthrowing Iranian democracy. Decades later, when someone finally overthrew the Shah, it happened that that someone was (possibly) worse than the Shah, and mobilized the Iranian and Muslim resentment of Western and American POLICIES. Even this president did not apologize for THAT, but he did apologize for W’s reckless cowboy approach to the rest of the world.

    President Obama never went on an “apology tour” but he has expressed his regret for the things his predecessor(s) HAVE done wrong.

  • jarheadgene

    OH MY GOD !!!!! HOW In the world can these shameless IDIOTS dare to call themselves actual reporters? “Some people say” “Many people are saying” That is what they say before launching into BULLSHIT RHETORIC, that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Rielly could have easily fictionalized for them, as factual reporting. WOW…it is now wonder there are so many STUPID P.O.S.G.O.P supporters out there, if this is what they actually call news. Their stupidity simply amazes me.

  • howa4x

    The 1st mistake in this article is that you even consider Fox news at all. Roger Alies who heads the not new division is the kingpin of the republican party, and every potential republican candidate has to kiss his ring to run for office. They have such slanted new I”m surprised their license wasn’t taken away by the FCC. I blame every liberal who goes on the show for them keeping it. If we all stayed away Fox would be seen for what it is, the mouth piece of the republican party. Now for the bad news for them. Obama still won!