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Monday, January 21, 2019

Wonder why Fox News is reporting about SNAP benefits, formerly known as food stamps, right now?

Could it be that House Republicans are preparing to cut millions of Americans off the program that is often the only thing keeping working families out of poverty?

To prove their point, they’re focusing on Jason Greenslate, FOOD STAMP RECIPIENT.


Media Matters‘ Simon Maloy points out that Fox focused nine minutes of its special “The Great Food Stamp Binge” on Greenslate to create the false impression that he is a typical beneficiary of the program:

The vast majority of SNAP households (75 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office) have a child, a person over the age of 60, or a disabled person. Greenslate’s yearly benefit represents 0.000003 percent of the annual SNAP budget. He is in no way representative of SNAP recipients, and his behavior is atypical — waste and fraud within the SNAP program is actually pretty rare.

A new study shows that food stamps kept four million Americans out of poverty in 2012.

The explosion of food stamp use, which seems to be higher in regions that vote Republican, is the direct result of the financial crisis. So while the GOP protects the tax breaks for the richest, including hedge fund managers who helped crash our economy, they’re opportunistically attacking the poor — using a guy who represents 0.000003 percent of SNAP beneficiaries to make their case.

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24 responses to “WATCH: Fox News Uses One Doofy Surfer To Justify Taking Food Stamps From Millions”

  1. sigrid28 says:


  2. browninghipower says:

    If the left does not dispose of this asshole quickly, he will become the face of SNAP and the right will win again…just like they did with ACORN. I’ve already called and contacted my reps in DC. Dems had better find their spine on this one.

    • Independent1 says:

      By the way, how do we know that this guy isn’t a GOP sponsored set up?? Someone the GOP got through the SNAP approval process just so they could use him as negative PR gimmick??

  3. John Pigg says:

    Yes, the Heritage Foundation never slants research for political gain…..

  4. James Cranford says:

    One guy cheats welfare ,cancel welfare for all,25 mass shootings sell more guns ,PRIORITYS REPUGS

    • awakenaustin says:

      Following up on your point. It is astounding how they can always seem to be able to distinguish between law-abiding citizens and a few bad-apples when it comes to guns and their opposition to any laws regulating them, but are unable to distinguish between some asshole who has gamed the system and all the other law-abiding citizens with real needs who are helped by programs such as SNAP.

      • James Cranford says:

        They think people don’t see the hyprocisy ,cut food for needy and give big agriculture more subsidies.The problem is the poor can’t afford lobbyists

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          Yes, and when the poor DO organize (ACORN), well, we see what happens.

        • nomoretraitors says:

          Maybe it might behoove us to find out WHY they’re “needy.”
          I don’t object to helping people in need but when you behave irresponsibly (take drugs, compile a criminal record, have children before finishing high school, have multiple children with multiple partners that you are unable and unwilling to support), why is it the rest of society’s responsibility to take care of you?

          • Allan Richardson says:

            It may be of interest that the right wing darlings Ron and Rand Paul have come out admitting that the “war on drugs” is being manipulated so that irresponsible behavior such as drug taking, EVEN ONCE, is punished by probation and counseling of white kids (and even white radio talk show hosts), but first offense hard jail time for black kids. Rand even told a Congressional hearing that MOST OF US (in his generation, as in mine) have been “in a car where drugs were kept” but were not caught, and if caught were not given hard time for “conspiracy” just for being in a car where drugs were kept, when the driver happened to get stopped, as happened in one case he cited. In fact, he even commented on “what a shame it would have been” if Barack Obama, as a teenager, had been sent to adult prison, and the nation would have been “deprived of his leadership.”

            I guess Rand Paul isn’t your darling anymore, is he?

          • nomoretraitors says:

            Rand Paul never was my “darling.” And to understand the so-called disparity in punishment you need to understand the different roles of whites and blacks in the drug trade. Whites tend to be on the using end of drugs which is not where the violence is. How many times have you heard on the news about gangs of addicts shooting it out in the street? The violence is on the production and distribution end, and that’s mostly a black enterprise.

            For the record, I am not against helping those in need. And yeah, there are people out there who are working poor. But a half century of Great Society welfare has fostered a dependency mentality where a segment of society takes no responsibility for the choices they’ve made in life. If you get addicted to drugs, compile a criminal record, get pregnant before graduating high school or have multiple children with multiple fathers who are unable and unwilling to support them, you can expect to be poor and should not demand entitlements from those who worked hard and made responsible choices.

          • James Cranford says:

            If we would hold our elected officials to the same standard as you would hold the poor to,maybe we have better government,just because you have money does not mean you don’t have problems.

          • Independent1 says:

            Well, the government actually has looked into the matter and with all the studies that the government has done to determine the Snap abuse, research has been able to validate estimates that about 1.5% of SNAP users may be abusing the system. All things considered, that’s a very low abuse rate for a government program. From my perspective, it’s not worth worrying about – being humans, it’s virtually impossible to run any kind of government program without getting at least a 1-3% abuse rate – there will always be people trying to game the system.

  5. clarenceswinney says:

    2014 BUDGET
    EXPENDITURES-(3777 Billion)
    Social Security-Unemployment-Labor-33%
    Medicare-Health Care—25%
    Interest 5%
    Vet Benefits-4%
    Education- 2%
    Energy % Environment-1%
    International Affairs-1%
    Government 1%
    REVENUE—(3033 Billlion)
    Individual Income Tax-46%
    Payroll Tax—34%
    Misc 5%
    Custom duties—1%
    Deficit-744 Billion—(2008 Budget last one under 1000B Deficit)
    Recall fuss over Bush not budgeting two wars? 20143 Budget does not include Afghan War funding
    Why cannot we pay our way with a 14,000B Income and 3777 outlays? Simple. Most of Income is at top and they have power ($$$$) to control Congress. Yes! They pay Most but lesser part (%) of income.
    eave a message…

    • johninPCFL says:

      The ONLY reason the 2008 budget deficit was under $100B is that GWB continued the false accounting begun by Reagan and had NO MILITARY COSTS in the budget. It’s pretty easy to balance your budget when 1/5 of your costs are not in it.
      The MAIN REASON Obama’s budgets show large deficits is that he ended Reagan’s false accounting and put military expenditures back in the budget. It’s hard to balance your budget when there’s a $600B per year expenditure that suddenly appears.

    • Independent1 says:

      There’s no expenditure in the budget in 2014 for Afghanistan because we’re going to be out of there in 2014!!! So why would you budget for it???

  6. mah101 says:

    In the 1960s we had the War on Poverty. We believed the poverty levels in the US to be shameful and that it was our responsibility to end poverty.

    Fifty years later, we have a war on the poor.

    What happened to us, America?

    • Independent1 says:

      In my opinion, Reagan started a total corruption of the GOP which was made even worse in the 1990s by Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and what has now turned into a horde of vocal right-wing extremists bombarding America with extremist dogma 24/7.

  7. nomoretraitors says:

    Ever wonder how many other “doofy surfers” are out there?

  8. Lynda Groom says:

    If the GOP was sane they would do what they could to keep that idiot off the program. Instead they want to take nearly 4 million off. Brilliant in its stupidity.

  9. DurdyDawg says:

    THIS is exactly what our system reps are hired for.. To protect the nation from fraudsters. There’s no legitimate reason to close down a program because of a few cheaters.. What is warranted is to discover these bottom feeders and follow through on what the small print agreement says and that’s if you are caught committing fraud then you can be fined ‘X’ amount of money and/or spend ‘X’ amount of time behind bars but congress stifles this threat by defunding the law makers which creates down sizing and prevents the watchers that remain from handling their duty just so the pubs can blame Obama and the Dems for not weeding out the ‘moochers’.

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