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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WATCH: Fox’s Varney Slams Universal Pre-K As ‘Goodies’ For The Poor

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney revived one of the Republican Party’s least popular talking points Friday, when he slammed President Barack Obama’s proposed early-childhood education reforms as “free stuff” and “goodies” that will buy votes for the president.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Varney — who tends to be outrageously wrong about everything — attacked President Obama’s education plan as “a repeat performance of his campaign, which is you raise taxes on the rich and offer all kinds of free stuff to people who will vote for you in the future.”

“Free preschool education for four-year-olds, it’s free, here it is. Hand out the goodies!” mocked Varney.

“He’s buying votes with future taxpayer money,” he ranted, paying no regard to the fact that Obama will never again face re-election. “He’s increasing the scope of the unions because it is the teachers’ union which will staff these preschools and he’s introducing big government, more big government to the states.”

Video of Varney’s comments is below, via The Raw Story:

Ironically, by reprising Mitt Romney’s sneering farewell to the 47 percent, Varney himself is giving a tremendous political gift to Democrats. Most Americans don’t think that policies like providing high-quality education for preschoolers are “goodies”; they think that they’re proper function of government. That’s one of the reasons that 77 percent of viewers had a positive response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, in which he first proposed the reforms. It’s also one of the reasons that voters overwhelmingly rejected Romney and the Republicans in November.

After Romney made his “gifts” comments, Republicans lined up to repudiate them as part of their effort to present a kinder, gentler face to the public. As Varney has demonstrated, however, plenty of party loyalists still adhere to Romney’s bitter philosophy.

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16 responses to “WATCH: Fox’s Varney Slams Universal Pre-K As ‘Goodies’ For The Poor”

  1. nobsartist says:

    I just wish the rich would have to start paying for some of those goodies.

    After all, without welfare Romney wouldnt have been able to go to Cranbrook and then run for president a couple of times.

    I wonder if he paid that welfare back?

  2. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    Fox. That says it all.

  3. midway54 says:

    Varney (read: varmint) is very much at home with the rightwing scoundrels at Fox “News.”

  4. The real cost of neglecting to improve our education system is the impact on the ability of our young to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are not lagging most industrialized nations in education excellence because we are investing and trying to improve in that field, we are lagging and continue to fall behind because of the concerted efforts being made by “conservatives” to undermine public education. IMHO, these so called conservatives are traitors that have infiltrated our society and government for the purpose of destroying our country from within. Anyone who opposes ways to help our children excel is either a traitor or an imbecile.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      Mr. Varney is an excellent example of what a sub-standard education can do for one. Only at Fox News could this idiot earn a living wage.

      • Mr. Varney is the ultimate personification of a Tea Party member. I can’t believe anyone, regardless of party affiliation, would oppose improved education for our children. Improving our education system and raising educational standards should be one of our highest priorities, if nothing else because our future depends on the ability of our children to meet the challenges of the 21st century and compete effectively against other industrialized nations.
        Anyone who had an opportunity to see firsthand the difference between children who attended pre-school and those who didn’t can see the learning gap when they go to elementary school and beyond.
        By the way, the President proposal is consistent with what most European and Asian countries have been doing for decades, and it is one of the reasons their scholastic standards and achievements are so much higher than ours. This generation of Americans is the best educated in our history, but our HS drop out rate is at unacceptable levels, and so is the number of HS graduates that don’t go to college.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      Absolutely right, on both counts (idiot AND traitor). For over a generation it has been one of the main goals of the Republican party to weaken the education establishment. By doing this they wish to create a generation of uneducated voters who will listen to them, obey them, and vote for them. It’s working, or Romney would never have done as well as he did.

  5. fargo7289 says:

    goodies for the poor….. oh what a horror……

    it’s only the country with the highest rates of poverty and the highest income inequality in the developed world, thank you very much…

  6. wesley rasmussen says:

    There are lots of things going on now that concern me. One of them, which doesn’t get much attention, is the Louisiana Voucher system. What that does is allow parents to opt out of public schools for their children, and enroll them in the private school of their choice. The majority of these private schools are church run.

    While I have no objection to church run schools, I do see a problem with the state and local governments giving parents the money that constitutes their share paid into education via property and other taxes, be refunded to them for educating their kids privately. This takes away from the collective purchasing power of the community for classes, many of which can only be afforded by having a certain number of students involved.

    While they say it makes no sense for these parents to pay for education they aren’t going to use, I see the opposite – there are many people who have NO children to educate, as well as businesses paying their taxes and we all know how many children can claim a corporation as its mom or dad. Should these people have to pay for education of other peoples’ children?

    I say the option to forego the public education system is just that – an OPTION, which is taken voluntarily. That should be with funds that are not earmarked for the public, and end up coming FROM the public.

    What that system will end up doing is reducing the already poor quality of many of Louisiana’s schools to something that would end up being closed donw due to lack of interest, or the money to properly fund it.

  7. Keep them poor and ignorant! GOP motto!!

  8. Bob Shipp says:

    What an ignorant ideological dick! As the Piers Morgan haters will tell you, “…having a British accent does not bestow credibility.”

  9. Partly, this is due to the racism that repubs claim does not exist. If everyone gets a fair and even chance, in a couple of generations, no one will notice any disparity in educational attainment or achievement. In other words, the hegemony they secretly prize will be at an end. Unfortunately for them, mother nature (as in changing demographics) will put an end to their nonsense anyway. It would have been easier and more kind had they done the right things to begin with. And for the haters, I am white, but the truth is true (obviously).

  10. bchrista says:

    This subject veers a little away from education, however, I felt I should take a chance and interject it here. I just read that there is a school here in the United States that suspended a little 6 year old girl for 10 days because she threatened to build a bubble gum gun and make believe that she was shooting a classmate, and some other kids were using their fingers as make believe guns, and I understand that it’s happening quite frequently in all grade schools all over, and thus the Zero tolerance law was implemented as a reason for her suspension, well this brought about a lot of protests from parents who claimed that you shouldn’t be judging 5 and 6 year old kids so harshly, under different circomstances I might tend to agree with the parents but one must take into account that the school shooters were once 5 and 6 year olds that probably liked to play with make believe guns, not to mention that quite frequently kids that young are being caught with real guns in their knapsacks. I read somewheres recently that a father checking his sons knapsack to make sure that he had everything he would need discovered a revolver in his son’s pack and when he asked his son why he had the gun in his sack the boy replied that he needed it to protect himself from bullies at school. Maybe if these parents did a little less complaining and more teaching at home their kids wouldn’t be thinking of play shooting their classmates and the schools wouldn’t have to implement the Zero Tolerance Policy a lot of people thought the schools were over reaching, but that seems to be the policy now a days close the barn door after the horse is out. Here is all this clammer about curbing gun violence and at the perfect age to start teaching children about gun safety we find parents chiding schools for being satety minded and these usually are the first ones to scream to high heaven if God forbid some tragedy befalls their child, the first thing they say is that the school was neglegent and not paying enough attention to their children, so the school is damned if they do and damned if they don’t, they can’t win for losing, again thanks for letting me insert this comment here.

  11. ralphkr says:

    There is a very simple reason that Republicans are ‘agin’ education for the masses. The more educated people do NOT vote for the current Republicans so the Republicans can only build up their base by having a largely ignorant populace.

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