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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Colbert Report
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The government has now been closed for more than a week, and The Colbert Report celebrated on Monday night by playing a game called “Not A Game.”

Not A Game

It’s from the makers of “Not Sorry” and “Operation Denied To Pre-Existing Condition.”

Not Sorry and Operation

Because what insurance company would cover a guy born with a lightbulb for a nose?

Lightbulb for a nose

Colbert also pointed out that the president is refusing to give in to the GOP, even though their demand to delay Obamacare is a compromise from their original offer of making Mitt Romney president.

(h/t Little Green Footballs)

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  • Sand_Cat

    He’s one the battle of wits with his opponents, but they’re too witless to realize it.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    In these times of fear and loathing of the TEA baggers that are holding the US hostage, I think it is important to step back and find a little humor…well, that and thanking GOD that we will NEVER have to say President Romney….whew….

    • ralphkr

      If there is a God who cares at all about USA then we shall definitely never, NEVER have to say President Ryan.

  • july860

    I personally am very sick and tired of the republicans continually laying this at the president’s door; for God’s sake, even an idiot (other than a tea bagger idiot, that is) can see that the president is being placed in an untenable position-repeal or delay the ACA and MAYBE we’ll let the shut down end. I am hoping against hope that Obama does not give in to these thugs, because it would set such a horrific precedent for future presidents. Just let these egomaniacs hold their breaths until they turn blue and pass out; I doubt it, but there is a chance that maybe they will see their tantrumming and three-year old tactics just don’t cut it. And I do not mean any offense to the three-year olds out there.