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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


House Republicans are reportedly have more than two dozen demands in exchange for not destroying our economy by raising the debt limit.

The list — as illustrated above by MaddowBlog‘s Steve Benen — is basically the Romney Plan and it effectively ignores the fact that in order to keep the government open, President Obama and Senate Democrats are agreeing to keep the automatic cuts known as the sequester. Republicans want more in exchange for doing what Congress has done over and over without any risk of default.

The president has insisted that he will not negotiate on the debt limit and the Democratic National Committee is trying to focus on the “ransom demand”-like nature of the GOP’s tactics.

I was so inspired by the GOP’s chutzpah that I offered some #GOPDemands of my own.



Here are some others I liked:




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  • sigrid28

    To the GOP another GOP (Great Old Phrase): F* you and the horse you came in on.

    To the Obama administration, two words: 14th Amendment.

    • Robert Haugh

      A favorite expression of mine, with only a slight change. I always said F you and the white horse you rode in on.At this point in time however, and with the Republicans I have in mind to say it to. It would definitely require a whole lot of white horses.

      • Desire

        Yup that’s the way I remember it to!

  • JD Mulvey

    We don’t negotiate with terrorists.


    No negotiating with Republican Taliban. Raise the debt ceiling, we, the American people will not be hostage by your tea bagger demands, destroying our country.

  • Michael Coello

    It’s almost been a year since the election, yet the GOP still can’t take in the fact they lost big time.

    They have no leverage, no advantage, nothing to justify what they do. All they’re doing is trying to attempt political and financial genocide.

  • charleo1

    I miss the good old days. When unpopular laws were repealed the old fashioned
    way. Candidates stood on a stump, or the back end of a train, and said, “If you
    send me to the Capitol, I’ll vote to end the law!” And, at the end of the process,
    if these candidates won, the law got repealed. However, if not enough of these
    candidates were elected, then it was a fairly straight forward conclusion, that
    the law stood. And, that was that. Plus, there were other matters of the People’s
    business that needed attending to. So they respected the process, and moved on.
    Not today Boy! It’s dig in till Hell freezes over, on that law they want repealed.
    Don’t have the votes? Screw the votes! By God, when we shut this whole thing
    down, there’s going to be some of these Sons of Bitches, are going to have to
    explain why they thought this law we want repealed was worth all the jobs lost,
    investments not made, because the economy went into a slump, Mr. President!
    Or, we could avoid all this, by just doing what we tell you to do. It’s not rocket
    science! And, it’s not democracy either.

  • Lynda Groom

    This is way beyond stupid. It is a childish display from losers who know full well that they have nothing. Normally I would be leading the cheer enjoying the demise of the GOP, but I want our country to have an opposition party. However, we don’t have an opposition party but an obstructionist party. They obstruct their own ideas and have shown total lack of respect for their own institution. This nightmare has to end and end soon.

    • Daniel Jones

      Linda, these fools are (to paraphrase from the Declaration of Independence) seeking to impose a government of nothing, by nothing, for nothing!!

      • IBMaxine

        Actually, they are seeking to impose a government of THEM, by THEM and for THEM.

        • Desire


      • Allan Richardson

        The quote you are paraphrasing is from the Gettysburg Address.

    • Bill Boltz

      It will, Lynda. It will. C’mon 2014!!

  • Bill Boltz

    Paul Ryan and the rest of his ILK should be locked-up for anti-American activities.

  • Budjob

    I wish someone in the Democratic party would be very blunt with their response and tell any and all the repulsive republican bastards, to “GO FUCK YOURSELVES)!!!

  • medford_resident

    my fellow Americans at society’s bottom, I know you’ve all been told that you don’t have to worry about the debt or deficits because the evil corporations and selfish rich will pay for it but you’ve simply been lied to. If you think that the sh*t won’t roll down hill once we reach the tipping point you’re dumber than you even appear to be.
    So keep vilifying those who want to rein in spending and keep cheering for those who are ruining the economy and the country. I assure you, you will one day get exactly what you deserve and it will look nothing like what you’ve been lead to believe you’ll be getting for free.

    • TZToronto

      Seems to me that that stuff you refer to has already rolled downhill and that you and your ilk were the ones who kicked it in that direction. Stop being a selfish pig, and start thinking about your fellow Americans–or don’t you think that the poor and the declining middle class are Americans? What’s next on your agenda. stripping American citizenship from people who don’t have a minimum amount in investments? Ya know, it’s people like you who got it in the back of the neck during the French Revolution.

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      If this country is going to shit (as you and your ilk spout daily) it is because the likes of you are shitting on it.

    • 788eddie

      to medford_resident:

      The main reason we are in a hole in out federal budget is not primarily because of spending, but because we keep giving the wealthiest among us cuts in their tax rates (oh, for the days of Eisenhower – please check out the highest marginal tax rate for that period of time).

      Those who do not learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat it.

      When there have been very large gaps between the wealthiest and the poorest, and the poor begin to lose hope, bad things happen.

      I wonder how the people felt in the historical period leading up to the French and the Russian revolutions.

      I have a bad feeling about this.

      • LotusJoan

        Fortunately for Medford resident – he does not live in Medford.

      • IBMaxine

        Cruz is kinda like Robespierre. . . in reverse. Leading the revolution, but instead of having the hungry masses blindly behind him, he has the “aristocracy”.

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      I, for one, cannot wait for the day you get EXACTLY what you deserve.

    • charleo1

      We have been told in fact, that deficits don’t matter. By then, Vice President
      Dick Cheney. What he meant was, deficits don’t matter when you have a
      Republican Administration, and a Republican Congress. Don’t think people
      didn’t notice the second a Democratic President, came in with a Democratic
      Congress, the Republican Congress that had tripled the debt in the prior 8 years, suddenly all found their little pencils, and became dedicated budget hawks. That’s right after the check for nearly a trillion dollars written to Wall Street had been cashed, and was safely in the bank accounts of AIG, Bank
      of America, and others that ran the economy into the ground. Thank God
      they’re safe. Now, we can get about the business of recouping what we
      gave to Wall Street, by cutting the crap out of food stamps. Thoroughly
      disgusting. But again, no surprise. It’s how they roll. Their motto is, “Either we rule it, or we ruin it” If we can’t run it, we’ll shut it down. And if that don’t work, we’ll burn it down! It’s completely irresponsible, and unfair to people trying to run their businesses, or others try to hold on to their jobs, while still others are looking for gainful employment. While the Right Wing is running
      this incredibly unbelievable, makers, and takers argument, where the poor are bankrupting Wall Street. I know you often call other people stupid. But,
      really! Have you ever heard a bigger down the rabbit hole story than the
      one the T-Party is trying to sell? Want to know what economists say, that
      Fox News will never tell you? 17 trillion in debt, with a 17 trillion dollar economy, is not, I repeat is not catastrophic. Unless someone manages
      to wreck the world economy, and the credit worthiness of the Country.

  • stuart21

    Tea party are prepared to destroy the US to punish it for choosing a black man for POTUS.

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      Must repost best tweet of day “All future black Presidents must be white”…moronic twit freakin A holes

  • John Kruger

    Do you feel lucky punks? Go ahead and attempt to destroy the economy and have the president raise the debt ceiling anyway and the Supreme Court uphold the decision. Make my day.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    The ONLY thing Paul Ryan has EVER done right is to marry up…..way up! – without his wife’s money he’d be on the unemployment line or playing “Goofy” at Disney World…he’s a dead ringer…

    • roguerunners


      • Elisabeth Gordon

        Seriously…look at the guy…they wouldn’t even need make-up….

    • Allan Richardson

      That would be better than playing Goofy in the United States Senate.

      • Elisabeth Gordon

        Well, in Paul’s defense he’s nailed that role….

  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    During the Election Paul Ryan’s math calculation were brought into question more than once. Now there is another article posted by the American for Progress Center

    In part it reads:
    “On March 15, 2013, the Tax Policy Center released new estimates of the revenue-impact of the proposed tax cuts in the House Budget Resolution. This analysis has been updated to reflect the newest estimates.

    The newly released House Republican budget plan, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), claims to achieve balance by 2023, but that’s only true if you ignore the $6 trillion tax hole, and the utterly unrealistic cuts to a category of federal spending that’s already set to decline to historic lows. Without these egregious gimmicks and magic asterisks, Rep. Ryan’s plan not only fails to balance the budget but would actually dramatically increase the deficit and debt.”
    Please give this man a calculator.

  • Desire

    Now all we have to do is remind everyone to make sure and vote and put some thought into who is best suited and not allow the same old people to continue doing the same old crap. Then just maybe we the people teach those who cant get re-elected a lesson and those who have been elected a warning` We have had enough and want our Country to be what we the people stand for.

  • highpckts

    Seriously? Are they all on crack?

  • elw

    How can any rational adult even take the GOP seriously?

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      It has gotten to the point that when I have to think about the GOP the other group that instantly comes to mind is the Westboro Baptist “church”…arghhhhh!

      • elw

        Yikes, I think you are right.

  • WASHINGTON—According to a poll released Friday by the Pew Research Center, the favorability rating of the U.S. Congress has sunk so low that the legislative body is now looked upon more negatively than the death of a close relative. “When asked whether they would prefer to select a casket for their child or endure the forthcoming congressional showdown over the debt ceiling, 89 percent of Americans said they would rather bury their own offspring,” said Pew spokesperson Diana Shostak, adding that the figure went up to 96 percent when it was specified that the political brinksmanship could go on for weeks without a single piece of legislation ever making it to the floor for a goddamn up-or-down vote. “Watching one’s grandmother weep uncontrollably at the impending death of her husband of 60 years, having the agonizing conversation about whether to pull the plug on his life support unit, and looking on as he gasps for his final breaths—these situations all enjoyed higher approval ratings than any individual member of the House or Senate.” The poll also found that the prospect of suffering one’s own death by slow asphyxiation was viewed four times more favorably than anything having to do with filibusters.

  • RobertCHastings

    I can agree with a few of them, as I believe most of us could. Tax reform, except not exactly as the Republicans conceive it, seems to be a no-brainer. I think a big part of the problem with health care costs is liability costs. When a gynecologist cannot afford to practice his specialty because the liability premiums are too high, something is wrong. The only change that is needed for Dodd-Frank is for it to be implemented and enforced! Pension reforms for federal employees sounds like a good idea – let’s start with the USPS and put them on an equal footing with others in the government. See, there is area for discussion, maybe just not agreement.