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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason serves as the moderator for “Tiny Pundits,” a new web feature from Punch! — a free iPad based humor magazine — in which three pundits fiercely debate political talking points.

The catch? These pundits don’t just act like little kids — they’re actually eight years old.

As Politico’s Alexander Burns explains:

The “Tiny Pundits” video features the non-fictional Joe Conason moderating a debate between three elementary school-age girls on topics such as, say, President Obama’s likability.

“This whole likable thing is a non-issue,” says Alexandra Lee, the supposed Rick Santorum adviser. “Voters want someone who can manage the economy.”

Jillian Corker of the fictional (I think) Boswell Institute, responds: “This whole idea of Romney as a job creator makes me laugh. This is a man who likes to fire people.” Lee cuts in: “Only someone who doesn’t understand business would say that. That’s really, really dumb.”

Comedy Central’s Indecsion blog suggests that “that one little girl on the right might just be the answer to the GOP’s recent Jonathan Krohn problem.” At the very least, the Tiny Pundits could hardly do more damage than some of the actual pundits who have tried to “help” their favored candidates.

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  • jarheadgene

    They are smarter than most FOX news pundits.

    • adler56

      They’re definitely smarter than all the Fox blonde bimbos.

  • Yup, just like Sunday morning talking heads.

  • clarenceswinney

    2013 budget
    revenue-2901-21% of national income And 16% gdp
    deficit 901

    2014 budget proposed
    deficit 667

    How can we stay honest and cannot cover 3800 in a 14,000 income?
    Exemptions are 1100B allow Verizon to make 6B and pay no tax And GE over 10 make 81B and pay 2.3%

  • greghilbert

    I guess my frustration and angst are getting the best of me. I get it that parody can heighten awareness of the damage done by the MSM format of pundit-delivered sound-bite arguments.
    Kudos to the girls, and to NM as to intent.
    That said, I hope NM does not drift in the direction of “entertainment”.
    What we need is information and opinion in sufficient depth to help us figure out what the hell is going on, and what to do about it.
    Perhaps you can explain to the girls that I’m 62 and my frustration with the dumb-down of adult MSM pundits has made me grumpy.

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