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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In the latest update on the “scandal” that just won’t quit, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) named Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former federal prosecutor, to lead the select committee that will conduct yet another investigation into the supposed cover-up staged by the White House following the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Republicans and Fox News have seized upon the opportunity to call newly released emails that say almost nothing new about the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks a “smoking gun,” and are clearly indignant that they are the only ones showing any outrage. This may be because these emails do not reveal anything that the White House hasn’t already admitted — that there was a communication breakdown and that they decided to move forward with an early intelligence assessment provided by the CIA.

Or perhaps, as Jon Stewart says, it may be because there have already been “a hundred network news stories, hundreds of cable news stories, 13 congressional hearings, 50 further congressional briefings, and 25,000 pages of findings” about Benghazi over the course of the past year and a half.

“Here’s the problem,” Stewart says of Fox News and the GOP. “You’re asking people to get angry over an intelligence failure…one intelligence failure,” while ignoring broader intelligence failures, like George W. Bush’s now infamous claim of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Stewart notes the lack of GOP outrage for that particular intelligence failure, emphasizing the partisanship of politicizing tragedies. Watch it below:

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  • charleo1

    Where is the outrage over Benghazi? It’s in the hard core partisan base, if it
    exists at all. Which is doubtful. What Benghazi is, is a real winner for the Right, if they can retake the Senate, impeach the President, and smear, and
    discredit, the leading Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton, before she even
    enters the race. They don’t want much do they? Only to rule the World. If
    they really wanted to see what real outrage looked like, they should look
    back at the Bush years. The to the torture at Abu Ghraib. The indefinite imprisonment, without formal charges at Guantanmo. The WMDs that were
    never there. The flowers that were never thrown at the feet of our troops, because they were not in fact looked upon as liberators. Or, who really made the decision to, “out,” one of our own CIA Agents? And why wasn’t the President aware of it? And how could he not be? Or, there was plenty of outrage at the Republicans decision to oppose any, and all legislation, or refuse to even talk with the new President, or the other Party, on how best to pull the Nation’s economy out of the huge hole that had so many millions of of us out of a job. With a new Democratic President, and control of Congress, President Obama could have set the Country on a course of investigations, and special panels, and prosecutors, that could have brought former officials, and those in charge of the contracts, the prosecution of the war. Why the decision was made, for example to disband the Iraqi Army, and send 200,000 armed men home with their weapons. Who was responsible for that? And what about criminal charges? Yes, who needed to go to jail, for the housing bubble scheme? Investigation, investigation, investigation! President Obama didn’t ask for outrage. He asked for cooperation. He directed his staff, and his Party to get on with taking care of the pressing problems, and challenges facing the Country. The Country needs able leaders, not outrage. In order to have them, we must be able to recognized them when we see them. I hope that is the case this coming mid term.