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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), one of the most vulnerable incumbents facing re-election in 2014, released her first television ad of the midterm cycle on Monday. The ad, titled “Keeping the Promise,” touts Senator Landrieu’s “Keeping Affordable Care Act Promise” bill, which would require insurance companies to continue offering their existing health care plans under the new law.

“I’m fixing it and that’s what my bill does and I’ve urged the president to fix it,” Landrieu says in a clip featured in the ad.

“This is a promise that you made, this is a promise that you should keep,” she says to President Obama in another.

Landrieu’s attempt to distance herself from the president on health care underscores the importance of the Affordable Care Act to her re-election hopes. The third-term incumbent’s approval ratings have dropped since the controversial law’s rollout began, and early polling of the race suggests that she is very vulnerable to her Republican challengers, U.S. Representative Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and retired Air Force colonel Rob Maness (R-LA.) Both opponents are trying to make Landrieu’s support for the Affordable Care Act a centerpiece of the campaign.

There is some evidence that Landrieu’s approach could pay dividends, however. Although polls tend to show that the public is skeptical of the health care reform law, there is also ample evidence that people would prefer to see it improved, as opposed to completely gutted. Democracy Corps’ latest battleground poll, for example, finds that voters in 86 competitive House districts prefer “implementing and fixing” the health care law — Landrieu’s approach — to “repealing and replacing” it, by a 49 to 44 percent margin.

“Democrats can, and should, engage on health care,” pollster Stan Greenberg told The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent on Tuesday. So far, it appears that Senator Landrieu plans to follow his advice.

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  • JSquercia

    You NEVER could keep your Health Insurance Plan if you liked it. That applies even applies to the vast majority of those covered by their employer .If he decides to go to a different Network which doesn’t include Your doctor you will have to switch doctors or at least pay MORE for seeing a non-network provider .It is usually the case that your copay and cost will go up .
    When I first retired I had a plan that paid 90% , it went down to 80% and is now at 70% and basically pays nothing until I reach the maximum out of pocket expense .
    My impression was that she was asking that plans which did not meet the minimum care requirements be allowed BUT that they specify WHAT parts of the minimum package they will NOT provide

    • elw

      You are so right, I do not understand why the Dems haven’t brought this up. Cancelled health insurance plans are the norm, not anything unusual. All they had to do is find out how many health insurance plans are typically cancelled annually. I would bet it would not be much different that what we saw this year.

  • JD Mulvey

    The Democratic politicians who come out the best in years to come are those who unashamedly stand up for healthcare reform now.

  • infadelicious

    yep! he knew it and lied………………………

  • docb

    Many of the Dems have acted cowardl. They let the repub baggers frame the Law with their lies and distortion and now they MUST FIGHT BACK LOUDLY…The repubs are desperate and have failed and been called out by the electorate…Keep the PRESSURE ON and Tell the TRUTH! Help the people and help this work for the Nation..

    • infadelicious

      YES! those evil republicans that framed obamacare with their lies like “IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN/DOCTOR YOU CAN KEEP THEM , PERIOD!” And how bout the one “the cost of your plan will go down by $2500.” oh wait! wtf? it was obama? but, but, but he’s not a republican……… oh snap! er uh ummm never mind. Now come on kiddees, downvote me if the truth hurts…..

      • Sand_Cat

        So he should stop the companies from cancelling plans so you can whine about government overreach.

        • infadelicious

          No! He should not have forced them into cancelling them by telling them what plans they had to have. He should also stop lying. That would be a refreshing change for this president

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Always remember that Hussein Obama’s main objective is the destruction of this country.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Private property was discovered to be one of the best institutions by which to motivate people to make the most of their own unique talents.