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Monday, October 24, 2016

WATCH LIVE: CIA Nominee Brennan Faces Senate Confirmation Hearing

John Brennan, President Obama’s nominee for CIA director, will face the Senate Select Intelligence Committee for confirmation hearings Thursday afternoon.

Brennan, who currently serves as Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, will likely face intense bipartisan questioning over the Obama administration’s targeted killing program. The hearings come just three days after NBC News published a Justice Department memo laying out the administration’s legal justification for the program, increasing public scrutiny of the so-called “drone war.”

Brennan is also expected to face questions over the CIA’s use of torture while Brennan was a member of the agency during the Bush administration, and the September 11th attack in Benghazi, among other hot-button issues.

The hearing will begin at 2:30 pm EST; you can watch it live below:

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  • I watched some of the nomination hearings briefly, in part because I have been busy lately, but also because I find some of the questions disgusting. How come nobody interrogates people like Sens. McCain and Graham who were in office and supported the invasion of Iraq, numerous terrorist attacks – including 9/11 – supported the surge, and either remained remained silent or supported the use of torture? While we are at it, why don’t they summon George W. Busk and Dick Cheney and interrogate them?
    I don’t have a problem with Senators asking Cabinet nominees relevant questions, but I think they are getting carried away, especially when we consider their role in many of the policies and actions they are using to grill President Obama’s nominees.
    Who knows, maybe these are warning shots for what is likely to be a contentious confirmation process when a Supreme Court vacancy occurs and President Obama nominates a replacement…

    • I Agree Everything Obama Do They Are Screwing With Him!! They Will Never Change And That’s The Very Reason They Will Have A Hard Time From Now On Getting Back In The White House!!

      • Why must you be so freaking crass with your opinions? Here’s a wake up call for you. Obama is using a STOLEN SSN, as evidenced by his own tax return he put on the internet. He is a FELON and ID thief. People go to jail for stuff like that. His SSN belongs to a man named Harrison Bounell who was born in the 1800’s. Not only that, the SSN was issued in Connecticut where yo’ boy NEVER lived! He is a LIAR and FELON! What do you think about that, fernfork? Look it up and find the truth for yourself instead of drinking the kool-aid. People like you with the wool over your eyes make me sick!

        Oh yeah, and this issue is now before the Supreme Court. WE THE PEOPLE are demanding that law enforcement DO THEIR JOB and arrest this illegal alien usurper and all who are complicit with him.

        It will be a happy day when he is finally arrested and thrown in prison, like what happens to anybody else who tries the stuff he has pulled.

        It is a sorry day in America when folks like YOU keep supporting a known LIAR!

        • Ahh The Binder Bitch Is Back For More Ass Ripping Fuck You Tea Bagging Bitch Go Suck Out Your Leader Rush Limpdick Ass And Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me You No Good Gutter Trash Cave Dwelling Cock Sucking BITCH!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!

        • Yeah Right Bush And Cheney Should Have Been Locked Up Long Time Ago!! You Racist Asshole!!

    • TheOldNorthChurch

      The real question that doesn’t seem to ever be asked at these hearings; What should the role of the US be in the internal affairs of Sovereign States?

      We know that McCain believes the US should always be involved. Graham appears to be falling back in line with McCain. It now appears that the Obama Administration also believes that the US should be the World’s policemen.

    • Carol Nigl

      Dominick have you read Worse than Watergate? John W Dean wrote it

      While we are at it, why don’t they summon George W. Busk and Dick Cheney and interrogate them? The above book will answer this question. Down right scary!!!

  • TheOldNorthChurch
    We have pursued an interventionist foreign policy for at least a century, and we have not hesitated to create a crisis or use deceit to justify our actions. The Maine, Pueblo and, more recently, imaginary WMDs come to mind. Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Grenada, Afghanistan, and Iraq come to mind. A Lybian/Sudan campaign over the Magreb would not surprise me.
    Some wars are inevitable and justified, WWII after Pearl Harbor is an example of that. Some are overreactions to circumstance that could have been handled differently and more effectively, Afghanistan is an example of that. Unfortunately, most of our wars had more to do with geo-political goals, economic considerations, and the need to justify an exhorbitant “Defense” budget than actual threats against our country.
    As the dominant superpower and, until recently, the dominant economic power in the world, we have responsibilities that include helping allies, protecting our interests abroad, and minimizing the probability of attacks on U.S. soil. The latter is often the result of a foreign policy that ignores the rights and aspirations of other people, their history, culture or traditions.
    Why do we feel compelled to change regimes, attempt to end practices that are abhorrent to us, and influence change designed to advance our interests in countries that have repeatedly rejected our presence and our values? Because of arrogance and the belief that a system that works for us must also work for everyone else, ignoring the circumstances that prevail in other countries and how the people in those countries want to live their lives.

  • docb

    Brennan is running circles around the obdurate senators…The fact that the old boys of mccain and lindsey and the pup cruz are allowed to interrogate members not on relevance but on votes they themselves have taken inappropriately is beyond comprehension..

    Do we need more rehash of bitter old mens opinions when the convesation is how they, the nominees, will do their job?


  • Bill Jackstat

    Brennan did a great job in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He deserves the job. He puts the Bush appointees to shame.

  • Let me see if I got this right . The waterboarding of Enemy combatants and terrorists at Gitmo was wrong . Even thought the intel gleaned from it is what led to Osama Bin Laden …and It is a good thing Panetta and Hillary each lended Obama a Nut sack otherwise we would still be dealing with Obama’s Muslim Brother . It must have been gut wrenching for Obama to kill his brother . Anyway all that was criminal and Obama killing Americans with drones is ok with you brainwashed indoctrinated Hypocritical Sheeple …got it Sweeeeeeet

  • What is really sorry is how far people like you would go to discredit our first African American President. The name of the person you are referring to is Ludwig, an immigrant born in France who migrated to the USA and settled in Connecticut. he died in 1981, many years AFTER President Obama got his SSN. Ludwig’s SSN was 042-68-4425. President Obama’s is 045-26-8722. The first three digits in our SSN indicate the state where we resided when we were born. 042 is assigned to people residing in Connecticut.