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Friday, January 18, 2019

WATCH: Marco Rubio Is The ‘GOP Savior’ Because ‘He Knows Who Tupac Is’

Former George W. Bush and John McCain advisor Nicolle Wallace this weekend made the case for Marco Rubio being the GOP’s “savior,” because the junior senator from Florida has an unusual credential.

“He’s everything we need and more,” Wallace said on ABC’s This Week. “He’s modern. He knows who Tupac is.”

Last week’s Time magazine cover story called Rubio “The Republican Savior.”

Knowing who Tupac is has become one of Marco Rubio’s favorite interview subjects — he dissected the rapper’s lyrics with BuzzFeed last week, and in an interview with GQ last year (where he was also asked to name his favorite Afrika Bambaataa song), he gave a brief hip-hop history that centered on a documentary of the rapper, who was shot to death at age 25 in 1996.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) disputed  Wallace’s assessment.

“You know, I think all of this stuff is just surface stuff,” he said. “It’s like lipstick on a pig. I mean, the bottom line is, the Republicans have a core values problem, not a ‘who knows who Tupac Shakur is’ problem.”

When it comes to issues, Rubio is nearly identical to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney. He’s dabbled in climate change denial. He has signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to never ever raise taxes. He opposes stem cell research and wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Rubio does break with the 2012 GOP orthodoxy when it comes to immigration reform, where he has a position just to the right of President Obama and George W. Bush. He has agreed to a framework for bipartisan reform and will be giving the response to the president’s State of the Union address in both English and Spanish. However, given that Republicans in the House seem unwilling to support any bill that contains a path to citizenship, he will likely barely mention immigration.

But maybe he’ll talk about Tupac!

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74 responses to “WATCH: Marco Rubio Is The ‘GOP Savior’ Because ‘He Knows Who Tupac Is’”

  1. In other words, the Grumpy Old Pharts are pointing to their token hispanic whippersnapper and going “Lookee there, kids! We’re really hep and groovy! Why, we actually have someone who not only still has all his hair, teeth, and functioning testes, but knows who that Twopack feller is! Yessirree, Bob, we’re really with it! (hey, turn down the Lawrence Welk music there, Leroy!)”.

    What’s really funny is the the Republicans think that all latinos are the same . . . sort of like ‘europeans’ are all the same. The idea that the mexicans are different from the columbians who are different from the panamanians and the salvadorans and the brazilians and the caribbean islanders and the guatemalans and the ecuadorians, etc has never crossed their minds. Kind of like how they had no idea that there were sunni and shia muslims and that they weren’t all one big, happy demographic.

    And what they REALLY don’t get is that cubans are really rather intensely disliked by just about every other latino group. The cubans received preferential treatment from the US government because ‘they were refugees from communist tyranny’ and therefore got almost automatic citizenship and all sorts of benefits the second they set foot on US soil. The cubans regard themselves as ‘better’ than the other latino nationals, and this is bitterly resented.

    So yeah, GOPers . . . go ahead and pin your hopes of making inroads on the latino demographic with a teabagging cuban . . .

    • You are correct in your statement regarding the alleged homogeneity of the so-called Hispanics and Latinos. Selecting a Cuban-American as a tool to attract the Latino vote is not going to get them very far. It may have marginal effect in Miami’s Little Havana, but beyond that it will be irrelevant. The issues that afflict Cuban Americans are simply not shared by Mexican Americans and Central Americans. Since Ronald Reagan granted asylum privileges to Cubans the moment they set foot on U.S. shores they managed to assimilate into our society, progress, and as it is evident in the ability of people like Rubio and Cruz to succeed, some have become prominent members of our society, without fear of deportation. The plight of their, alleged, ethnic cousins is a completely different problem which the GOP does not seem to understand.

      • lana ward says:

        Most of them voted for O because he is santa claus. Give, give, give, and they take, take take!! Omuslim bought votes from the lazies that have no pride

        • Mmmm mmmm good! Drink that Kool-Aid!

        • Sorry Lana, but the take, take, take award goes to all those southern red state voters who voted for Romney. You know full well that more than 70% of food stamp takers are red state Republicans; and that all 8 of the states with residents that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington are all Red States. And that the 8 states paying the most taxes and really supporting the nation are all Blue states. Wake up Lana – stop living in your own dream world – it’s long gone – the Bush disaster years are really over!!! Live with it!!!

          • lana ward says:

            Romney wasn’t giving away everything, and he got the Republican votes. Omuslim is giving away the country and he got the dem votes. He wasn’t elected, he was selected!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Lana, you seem to think that Democrats would not have voted for Obama if he had not been “giving away the country” (trying to keep people from losing their homes and/or starving) and Republicans voted for Romney because he wasn’t giving away anything (except the country to big business) but, Lana, I have shocking news for you: Republicans voted for Romney because he was the only Republican candidate for president on the ballot (but many voted for Obama because, believe or not, there are some Republicans who can think for themselves and believe in a free America and not just an America for corporate rulers). Note also that not just Democrats voted for Obama but also most Independents because they also believe in voting for the candidate who will do the least harm. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that the states who are sucking on the Federal teat the most are ALL Republican states. That’s right , Lana, the welfare queens are Republicans.

          • lana ward says:

            It’s the dems in red states that are on assistance. The reason dems and now Republicans need help is because Omuslim is putting them out of work. He is against businesses (you didn’t build that) and he is killing the middle class. There will be more that need help because states and businesses are cutting employee hours so they don’t have to pay for that God-awful Ocare. He has Fucked the system up good!!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Of course, Dems & Reps are on assistance in the red states but not because of anything done by Obama (Unless you consider his mere existence causing the Republicans to block EVERY effort by Democrats to alleviate the recession as his fault). Those Solid Republican states have been sucking on the Federal teat to stay alive long before Obama was even in Congress. Those same states are the ones with the least healthy and most ignorant citizens. That rather explains why they are Republican states since ignorant people tend to swallow the Republican fables without question. Kindly note that the solid Democratic states are the ones keeping the Republican states from foundering.

            “You didn’t build that” is most definitely true for every business in the US. It is the government that built the roads making it possible for the movement of goods and of consumers.

            As a side note, Lana, where are you going to go to reinforce your fantasy outlook of the US now that it seems that FOX is pulling back from parroting the alternate reality news per the TEA Party?? Oh, right, there is still WND. I love it when I receive their Email with the subject line “WND Breaking News” which I automatically translate as “WIND Breaking News”. Come to think of it, most of the time that is what it is.

          • lana ward says:

            States with Reb. Govs. are doing much better than those with dem. Govs. Who paid to have the roads built-tax payers, not the Gov. Gov. didn’t lift a finger to build businesses. Hard work and knowledge built businesses-Gov. has no idea what that is. You must be afraid of WND because it tells the truth about Omuslim, something dems aren’t used to and won’t accept. And what about employers cutting employees hours so they don’t have to pay that God-awful Ocare??

          • ralphkr says:

            OK, lana, I get where you are coming from now. You consider the Republican states better off than the Democratic states because more of the citizens in the Republican states are on welfare and thereby the Republican states are getting more money from the Feds than what they pay in Fed taxes. I also find it interesting that you think that taxpayers built the highways instead of governments. Funny thing is, every contract for new roads or to to repair roads that I have seen has been proffered by one GOVERNMENT agency or another. I have yet to see a contract proffered by taxpayer John Smith for bids for a new highway. You know there is a saying “Engage Brain Before Speaking” that also applies to writing although, in your case, that would be a waste of effort since your brain is obviously filled to overflowing with the sludge from Fox and WND. By the way, I do not fear WND in any way but do read them for comic relief and I do wish they would change their subject line from “WND Breaking News” as that is just silly. As for companies cutting employees hours to evade the employees qualifying for benefits… well, I can remember companies doing that in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, etc. and I don’t think Obama had even been heard of then. I admit that I have mixed feelings about ObamaCare as I am all for the idea that my great-grandchildren shall have access to health care but I am very disappointed that it was written as a huge welfare scam for insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

          • Stella53 says:

            Whew! Thank goodness there were more dems than repukes! The only US President to be “selected” was G.W. Bush! LOL!

          • lana ward says:

            More takers than makers, Omuslim was selected.

          • Lana, don’t call president Obama “Omuslim”. He’s not a muslim, and you have no reason to use that ridiculous, made-up, not-at-all clever or even remotely amusing name. Grow up.

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim admits he’s a muslim, it slipped out in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. Go to YouTube, Type in Obamas muslim faith–you will see him admit he’s a muslim. So you grow up. Just another thing he has lied about

        • Lazies like you who can’t manage to do anything but call names!!

        • Stella53 says:

          Lana, bigots like you have no credibility whatsoever. But, you have the right to spew venom and hate just like anyone else – just no credibility.

          • lana ward says:

            Sorry the truth hurts–not!!

          • lana ward says:

            Tax payers spent 2.2 BILLION on Obama phones last year!! Omuslim is not santa claus????

          • fiona64 says:

            No, sweetie. The TracFone program was started by Dubya, in 2008, before Obama was even elected. Furthermore, the Lifeline system has been in place since 1984; everyone who has a phone pays for it (you can see the line item on your own phone bill). It is not paid for out of tax money.

            But I guess it’s easier for you to spew hate than to look into matters. The post I made with the link is in moderation, but the truth is available in any number of places.

          • lana ward says:

            WOW!! You must be 1oo years old and senile

          • fiona64 says:

            100 years old and senile? No, Lana dear … I am afraid that must be you, because I have the facts and dates at hand.

            You, OTOH, have a bunch of hate-speech and lies. I’m trying to be charitable and presume that you just forget the facts every time you sit down at the computer.

    • Germansmith says:

      There are 3 Cuban American senators in the US Congress. One of them is a Democrat that is not above working with his fellow Cuban American Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work on issues that are of common interest to all latinos and to all Americans.
      Cruz was not elected by the Cuban vote in Texas. Cubans are only a portion of the Latino vote in Florida. How big is the Cuban vote in NJ?.

      Cubans are disliked by the same reasons and people that dislike jews (did I hit a sore point Herr Heydrich). Because they are successful and believe in education, but they are also admired and emulated.

      Latinos are not the same ( same as Blacks, Jamaicans, Haitians are not the same) but we share a lot more commonalities (language, food, music, religion) than Europeans descendants do with their history of hate and war.

      The moments the inequities in inmigration are resolved, expect a large Latino movement to the Republican party since we share a lot of the same conservative values.

      It seems to me that Republicans are not the only people deluding themselves. Not Republicans are the only ones showing prejudicial tendancies.

      And by the way, who cares about Tupac?

      • German, Cubans, Mexicans and all Latin Americans do share the same language (albeit for some modisms), similar food, folklore, traditions, values and history, but the plight of Latinos in the USA can not be compared to the benefits derived from former President Reagan’s decision to grant assylum to Cuban refugees the moment they set foot on U.S. soil. The end result is that Latinos are more inclined to identify themselves with Democratic policies and actions, than those of the GOP. I doubt the recent overtures made by the GOP will influence a significant movement of Latinos embracing Republican policies and values. Behind the recent efforts to project a facade of inclusion is a party with a history of exclusion and a plutocratic agenda.

        • Germansmith says:

          Gee Dominick, I admire a man that sticks to his own beliefs…no matter how wrong they are. Are you Latin? Do you work and deal and do business daily with Mexicans, Venezuelans, Colombians and Nicaraguans as well as Cubans?.Do you even speak Spanish and Portuguese?
          Well….I am and I do and by the way, learning about other latins from Puerto Ricans does not count(unless we are talking music) For many reasons, Puerto Ricans in the US will remain in the Democratic Party

          Cubans have been receiving a well deserved special inmigration treatment since….Kennedy a Democrats (read the history of Cuba and find out how America interference turned a potential paradise into the mess it is today)

          Latinos support the Democrats just because of the anti inmigration stand of the Republicans, but the average latino do not want Government handouts, they want to work and prosper. By the nature of the countries they came from, they dislike and distrust large ever present government latinos are alsoCatholic or Evangelicals neither group very friendly to gays or abortion

          I am amazed in how Democrats are the same as Republican by the truths you hold dear no matter what the facts are

          • I was born in New York City. My father was born in Spain. My mother was born in Puerto Rico. I spent 12 years in Venezuela, 12 years in Spain, and over a year in Puerto Rico. I am fluent in Spanish, and intimately familiar with the history, traditions and values of Spaniards, Hispanics, and Latinos.
            I don’t disagree with much of what you said, including the statement regarding the root cause for negative perception that so many Latinos have about the GOP as a result of past anti-immigration policies, decisions and statements, but I believe their decision to support the Democratic Party is not limited to that issue.

            I realize that it is hard for a Republican to understand the desire of so many people, regardless of ethnicity, to help our most vulnerable citizens and those who have been left behind. Sometimes, that focus is influenced by personal experiences, as well as cultural traditions and values, and sometimes it involves spontaneous decisions to remedy or overcome policies that are clearly unfair.

            Regarding Kennedy, what exactly did you expect him to do? Do you think we should have engaged the Soviet Union in what would have been likely a nuclear holocaust to rid Cuba of the Castro brothers? I regret all the horrible things that have taken place in Cuba since Fidel took over, but the ones that should oust him and his brother Raul are the Cuban people, not us.

          • Germansmith says:

            well. let us agree to disagree
            There is plenty of injustice and all people are entitled to get a decent paying job that compensate them for their effort and their talent and education, not a long term free ride

            It seems to me that the policies implemented by this administration, as well intentioned as they may be, will backfire on the people that they are trying to help and damage the middle class further. Yes, people making 200K are middle class

            The American Dream is no longer an objective to achieve, it has really become a dream as millions of college grads are overloaded with debt while working blue collar jobs.

            My clients are already looking at ways they can get the job done and their clients happy without increasing employment. There are now forming an army of consultants helping businesses in how to comply, skirt and avoid the damages from Obamacare.

            The threat of gun control and of DHS arming themselves further have skyrocket sales of guns.

            Instead of more complex and cumbersome regulations, we should simplfy the tax code and review all exceptions and deductions to see if they are still needed

          • You sound as clueless as your clients: avoid the damages of Obamacare. You, like your clients are in no position to be acessing the overall impacts of Obamacare. To be denigrating the legislation when only one part of it has been implemented – only the part that will result in cost increases because of the additional benefits insurance companies had to cover – is shortsighted as most Republicans and business owners are. It’s not until next year that the portion of Obamacare that should drive down healthcare costs and premiums take effect. Comeback 2 or three years from now when healthcare providers can stop padding their charges by 4-8 times to cover the deadbeats, and insurance companies have had a chance to reassess their premiums when 40 million more people have healthcare insurance. Until then, don’t be complaining about legislation that has only half way taken effect.

          • Germansmith says:

            You are partially correct…and totally wrong. Maybe you should change your handle to NAIVE1 What do you do for a living? write fairy tales? I am a benefit consultant…and my clients are in

            -providers will bring down the fees because now they are being properly compensated…? Maybe just like Medicare, since all are in the same systems costs went down…?
            -Insurance companies will reassess their premiums?….and that is because they are now soooo generous that they pay for claims what providers ask for?
            -Wait…now that in 2014 we will be adding the previously uninsurables because insurance companies can not denied the coverage…I am sure premiums will go down…!!!!

            Do not worry about the additional taxes employers that already offer health insurance to their employees have to pay? Since we are running such a surplus in our treasury our generous government subsidies will do fine by our insurance companies, because we have proven again and again that adding more money and regulations to a dysfunctional system will always fix it.

            Oh wait… I am sure future Republican administrations will continue this generous funding when they get to power (and they will eventually…)

        • Germansmith, you mention conservative values – just what are they? All those totally contradictory to reality?? Just for your info, Jesus was not a conservative – he didn’t have a conservative bone in his body – despite being God’s son, he judged no one, not even those blatantly guilty and caught in sin. Totally different than the GOP which teaches people to judge everyone – millions of us don’t totally agree with abortion and gays, but we realize it’s not our place to judge them – that’s god’s place. And no party can be more anti-conservative in money matters than the GOP – it’s 3 GOP presidents that spent like druken sailors and have put us in the eccnomic straights we’re in. So don’t preach about the GOP being conservatived as it is not by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Cubans are detested by most other latinos because the cubans think they’re better than everyone else, and have no qualms about saying so. I’ve watched it, and know this from personal observations and conversations.

        And yeah, sure, you keep telling yourself that the people the Republicans have been demonizing and insulting for a few decades are going to turn to them because all of a sudden the GOP has realized that if they don’t change their image, they’re screwed. Oh, and the ‘inequities in immigration’ will never be resolved as long as the bagroes remain the base of the Republican party. So good luck with that . . .

        BTW, a lot of what everyone think are latinos are actually indios – especially the guatemalans, who are native tribes who have fled because the government there has a policy of suppression and eradication of their people.

        I agree with you about Tupac – which is why I think it’s uproarious that it was even brought up . . .

    • lana ward says:


    • Stella53 says:

      Well said, as evidenced by lana!

    • Pinto65 says:

      Mr Heydrich you said it best

  2. contented1 says:

    Ellison’s description of Republicans is just about perfect:

    “You know, I think all of this stuff is just surface stuff,” he said. “It’s like lipstick on a pig. I mean, the bottom line is, the Republicans have a core values problem, not a ‘who knows who Tupac Shakur is’ problem.”

    I keep hearing Republicans talk about the need to communicate better. They communicate just fine. And most of us don’t like what we hear from them. Maybe they mean they have to obfuscate and engage in duplicity better…as if that is even possible. They understand that they need to change, but how can they change if the absolutely, truly believe what they claim to believe? They have access to the same information that I do, yet they don’t believe anything I and most others believe. It’s the “core values” of the people within the GOP! So, what can they do? They need complete turnover within their party–that’s the only way to change the GOP when all their firmly held beliefs are wrong and they cannot change.

    • Germansmith says:

      The reason some Republicans are not electable is that they have “core values” that reflect the golden days in the US.

      But change is inevitable and all countries have their time of dominance and glory and then they declined when their culture, their courage and work habits and lose their “core values”.

      Just need to study the history of Rome, Spain, Great Britain.

      And what is this Democratic obsession with “putting lipstick on a pig”?? You guys starting to sound as idiotic as Rush Limbaugh and his “useful idiots”

  3. Pretty sure you meant Former President George W. Bush.

    After all, that is still his name…

    • Mikey7a says:

      Yes Former President George W. Bush, that lied about WMD? The Former President George W. Bush, that got us into two unpaid for wars? The Former President George W. Bush, that watched our economy just about collapse? YEAH, we know his name all right!

  4. What a very stupid and idiotic thing for Nicolle Wallace to say! Just because Rubio is “modern” (What the hell does that mean?) and because he knows who Tupac “is” (Tupac has been dead for many years. How does Rubio know a dead black rapper? He doesn’t even know a black person who is living!) , then those are things that are suppose to qualify him as the Republican leader and top presidential contender? Very sad to say, but this has been and continues to be the thinking of the right. They don’t believe in drastic changes in policies. They simply believe in window-dressing. Republicans believe that by putting lipstick on a pig, it will produce a new type of Republican. The demographics of this country are changing. If Republicans are dumb enough to think that some of those who voted for President Obama will, all of a sudden, start flocking over to the Republican party, then they are sadly mistakened and have, once again, miscalculated the intelligence of independent-thinking Americans.

    • You got to be kidding. I thought they were talking about Túpac Huallpa, the pathetic Inca used as a puppet by Francisco Pizarro. I guess I should have known better…

      • Germansmith says:

        No, the original Tupac Amaru was a rebel Inca Emperor executed by the Spaniards (but not Pizarro)
        Tupac Amaru II also rebelled against the Spaniards and both are considered heroes in their homeland

    • I still remember when Marquito criticized our President saying that he did not have any experience to be president. I want to know what experience or job he had held, besides being a politician and being on the government payroll as an elected official (not even a community organizer).

      • Germansmith says:

        Do you even know what you are talking about?
        I did not voted for Marco Rubio, but he was a City Commisioner, a Representative and became speaker of the Florida House in 2006, before he ran for senate. He did not want to be consider as Romney running mate because he want to learn to be a good senator first (and also because he is smart enough to figure Romney will self destruct)

        Obama is a product of luck and Chicago Illinois politics (which make Florida politics clean by comparison)
        When Peter Fitzgerald retired after just one term (probably forced to retire by political pressure from democratic Governor Blogojovich because he brought an out of state attorney US attorney, Patrick Fitzgeraldto investigate corruption in Illinois government) Obama initially faced Jack Ryan.
        After the Obama campaign released Jack Ryan divorce and child custody records, he was forced to step out leaving Obama to face sad case Alan Keyes
        Obama won the election and made a name for himself with powerful rethoric and arguing against the abuses of executive power from Bush (what an irony, he is now expanding those executive powers to fit his agenda)

        The rest is history

        • Stella53 says:

          Thanks for laying out Rubio’s experience compared to President Obama’s. However, unlike President Obama, Rubio won’t get the Latino vote and he will won’t be the next POTUS. It’s the GOP’s policies that matter to Latinos and other minorities, not who they trot out. Like someone else posted, blacks didn’t flock to Herman Cain and they ran away from the likes of Allan West. It’s about policy, not race or skin color.

          • Germansmith says:

            Do not underestimate Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, a popular Florida Governor did and now he is unemployed and a Democrat.
            Cain and West politics were in total opposition of what most blacks believe and support, that is not the case with Rubio. Just because he is of Cuban ascendancy does not mean that he needs the whole Latin vote to win, just more than the opposition.

            Obama won Florida same as Rubio did to become senator, that just tell you that Rubio won far more than the Cuban vote to get elected. His oponents were a popular Republican Governor running as an idependent (who was supposed to split the Republican vote) and a black legacy politician

            I do not believe (and probably neither does Rubio) he will be the next POTUS, but I suggest you keep an eye on him and Cruz. If Jeb (the good Bush) runs, Rubio will support him and obviously would not be a Vice Pres candidate

            If you told me 10 years ago we would have a black president with an African father and a middle name of Hussein, I would have roll on the ground laughing. Bush policies made Obama possible….maybe Obama will eventually make President Rubio a reality.

  5. charleo1 says:

    The old guard GOP, picking Rubio to lead the Republican version of immigration reform, is
    a bit too clever by half. I mean, how superficial do Republicans think Hispanics are?
    The thinking, goes like this. For some unknown reason, we have a big problem with Hispanics.
    And, contrary to what we thought, immigration reform, seems to be important to them.
    So, here’s what we do. We put Marco, and his Latin, Sir Name, right out front! That’ll help
    tamp down the impression that we don’t like them. And, we’ll trot out our plan. That way we
    get the credit for The Dream Act! Of course, we know we can never pass a road to citizenship.
    probably not even a Dream Act. But, we’ll look like we’re really pulling for them, and they will flock to the Republican Party in droves! I would ask them. Did having Herman Cain as a Presidential
    candidate, help Republicans with the African American vote? How about putting Clarence Thomas
    on the Supreme Court? Republicans need to realize, it’s not how the messenger looks. But the
    message he brings, that will make the difference.

  6. lmmd says:

    obviously this is one reporter that didn’t do his homework – if he did he’d realize that rubio has so many skeletons in his closets that any run for president is going to dig up some real dirt – rubio is a straw dog

  7. lana ward says:

    Where’s Fern?? She NEVER chirps in on any topic that takes any thought!!

  8. Germansmith says:

    Cubans do not believe are better than anybody else anymore that anybody else believe are better than anybody else…it is a human nationalistic tendency. The reason we have a higher per capita income that the rest of latins is because we originally came to this country as political refugees with education and a hard work and entrepreneurial ethic.

    That is changing due to Chavez and other commies scaring business people to migrate their country and come to set up businesses in Miami and the US…only to find Obama here

    the bagroes remain the base of the Republican party?

    Explain what are BAGROES?

  9. Ed says:

    Having the Republicans “respond ” to the president’s State of the Union address makes a mockery out of the founders intent when they made the statement a constitutional requiremnment.

  10. judgeglenda says:

    romney should keep his mouth shut.

  11. Andrew says:

    Here’s something you should know:

    Allow me to restate my position on this GOP “rebranding” effort:

    The Republican Party has 9 Tenets: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance and insanity…those 9 Tenets can be best summed up by the following statement: “screw the poor, middle class, children, disabled, elderly, women, minorities and same-sex couples…the wealthy and big corporations need more money and power!”. Any “rebranding” effort that doesn’t include the complete rejection of those 9 Tenets is akin to polishing a turd…their policies still stink. “Putting lipstick on a pig” is not a bad analogy, but polishing a turd is much better. Any questions?!?

  12. EllenD says:

    Rubio, Cosmetic, affecting only the appearance of something rather than its substance, merely a cosmetic exercise!

  13. Germansmith says:

    Oh and BTW. Kennedy was a very charismatic poor excuse for a President.
    Because of his rockie initial mistakes in global democracy(Bay of Pigs and how he lost control of the CIA and the situation), the Russian took him for a lightweight and that is why they sneaked the missiles in Cuba.

    The USSR would not have gone nuclear over Cuba. The real danger was Castro overpowering the Soviet Troops guarding the missiles and using such against the US.

    Nevertheless Kruhshev got what he really want it, US missiles removed from Turkey.

    • There was a huge thread about this over on the Foreign Policy site – the general consensus was that the Jupiter Missiles (which were liquid fueled and notoriously unreliable) in Turkey had been rendered pretty much obsolete and useless by more advanced (solid fueled) land based missiles as well as the greatly reduced CEP of the sub based missiles. In short, the Jupiters were already scheduled for removal prior to the Cuban kerfluffel because they were junk. Kennedy gave up nothing.

      The Bay of Pigs fiasco could be more laid at the feet of Dulles, who was in so far over his head it wasn’t funny. He fed a line of USDA Prime BS to Kennedy who made the mistake of believing the malarky Dulles handed him. With predictable results.

      Khruschev got sacked over it. That wasn’t what he wanted.

      • Germansmith says:

        I can see you are buying the Oliver Stone version of the story
        The Jupiter missiles were due to be replace, not removed. Why would anybody give away a missile position within minutes of your key enemy’s capital unless you have to?…Oh wait, I forgot, this was Kennedy, not a well or healthy man with a very dubious sense of morality.

        The Bay of Pigs fiasco lay at the Presiden’st feet (how did Truman put it…”the Buck Stops here”. in reality Kennedy knew the whole thing and lost his nerves at the last minute leaving the Cuban patriots stranded.(how do you hide a whole invasion force including planes and ships from your President?) I do not believe he was that dense.

        If Kennedy would have acted with balls, maybe there would have not being an October crisis and maybe the Cold War would have ended sooner than waiting for Reagan to do it….and maybe he would not have been shot in Dallas.

        Would you have accepted that Reagan knew nothing of the Contra/Iran affair? Of course not

        Khruschev got sack because he build a cult of personnality and since the days of Stalin the Politburo have always been concerned about any of their leaders becoming too powerful to overshadow the others, that is why he had to go.

  14. Just to kick the ant nest, I should point out that Rubio was an anchor baby. Contrary to the story he handed out, his parents moved from Cuba three years before Castro, during the Batista days. His parents were not citizens, and he was born in Miami. That makes him an ‘anchor baby’. The bagroes are going to shit kittens if / when they ever figure this out.

  15. Steve says:

    Nicolle Wallace has no idea what’s going on. Another GOP PIE HOLE that can’t be shut, let alone listen!!!!!!

  16. DurdyDawg says:

    After investing most of their sludge profits, unwisely chosing a bottom feeder even worse than them and failing miserably during the last presidential election, the Grand Ole Poopers are changing their tactics and going Burb and if again they’re seen as forgeries, this time they will have a lamb for the slaughter.

  17. fidel says:

    Is Good The GOP bring Marco Rubio for 2016,We are going to Beat Reilly Quick,This other guy from the tea party and The Real American People know ,who are The Extremist in this Country.He is Again Castro but He is Again with The Democracy too. Where This Guy Stand up,,He is With the 2 0/0. Him is going to be out for the 2014,The Real American People from Florida ,they are going to Kick his ass.

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