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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In an interview on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co., Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) said what everyone endowed with the powers of reason and logic has been thinking: Ted Cruz (R-TX) has deep-seated Obama-related issues that completely cloud his judgment.

Speaking about immigration reform, Menendez let loose:

“I think Ted Cruz is fixated on this issue and it’s amazing to me representing a state like Texas that he doesn’t understand that a pathway to citizenship is really what is desired,” he began. “I think he has Obamaphobia. The reality is that it is the ‘Gang of Eight’ that came together — four Democrats, four Republicans — and said that we need a path to citizenship.”

This was in response to an interview Cruz gave to ABC on Monday, in which the Texas “wacko bird” called President Obama “the biggest obstacle to passing common-sense immigration reform.”

Watch and enjoy:

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  • charleo1

    The truth is, Senator Ted Cruz, is the embodiment of the kind of politician that gets
    elected, when something within the Party is broken. That they would even consider
    putting his name on the ballot, Much less, he be elected to represent the best interests
    of the people of Texas. Cruz is a byproduct, a symptom, of what has gone so terribly wrong with the Right. I have no doubt as to the role played by the relentless assault of misinformation, and, mischaracterizations, set loose on Conservative voters in Texas. Certain issues, such as the public debt, healthcare reform, or immigration, have been used to dupe, and mislead the voters. How else, to explain Ted Cruz?

    • idamag

      I think Cruz is a racist. He doesn’t realize that there are many who are bigoted against Hispanics.

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

        Remember, Cruz is a Cubano. They have had special immigration privileges since 1962. Any Cuban who makes it above the high-tide line is automatically granted legal immigrant/refugee status, regardless of their previous history in Cuba. They do not want to see that same status granted to folks who make it across the Rio Grande.

      • lana ward

        And Menendez and the dems didn’t suffer from Bushphobia. LOL. What a joke. Ted Cruz loves America and can’t stand what Obama is doing to her. Menendez is a whore and hates America. He is wallering in Obamashit

        • EL Guapo

          And WHAT exactly is it that Obama is doing to this country????You’re just a nasty excuse for a human being,kinda like the Tea Bagger that Ted Cruz is!

          • lana ward

            And your a stupid fool. What isn’t he doing to change America. Pay attention, stupid. He is changing us into the US of Islam. He is now a dictator, Heil OHitler!!! You’re a nasty excuse for a Patriot American–because you’re not one!!!!

          • seala

            When people like you talk your hate like that I Thank God President Obama won

          • lana ward

            You were duped. OHitler is a fraud. Valerie Jarrett is P-resident, not OHitler

          • seala

            Like I said your hate-rhetoric reassures me I made the right decision Thank God President Obama won

          • lana ward

            You made the wrong decision-you are the problem with our country

  • Dominick Vila

    Obamaphobia is a disease shared by most Tea Party supporters and the root cause for the obstructionism and manifestations of overt hatred that have been evident during the last 4.5 years. What is truly remarkable is how much President Obama has managed to do during his tenure in spite of the disease that consumes the psyche of his detractors.

    • lana ward

      How soon you dems forget. Bush was terrorized everyday of his Presidency– He is more popular now than Obama is : )

    • lana ward

      Obama has let muslims run our country. Our Islamic state is almost complete

  • rustacus21

    Good on U Senator Menendez!!! Calling out these… ‘unsophisticates’ at every opportunity, w/the reason & logic & deep-understanding required to do the job Cruz has conned his way into, is crucial in de-fanging these hypocrites & pathological sociopaths. I’m reminded of the exchange several months ago, between Sen. Diane Feinstein & Cruz, at the height of the gun debates & Cruz, attempting to talk down to the senior Senator, made a fool of himself & a mockery of our civic political institution of the Senate, but she politely but forcefully & very professionally kicked his everlovin’ A@$ on national TV & it was pretty sweet seeing him shut-down & speechless! (classic! – )…

  • midway54

    While I am not a professional in this area, it seems to me just ordinary common sense as one views and listens to this McCarthy look-alike and watches the same obnoxiousness and irresponsible outbursts, I think Menendez was being kind.