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Monday, June 25, 2018

Well, here we are. After years of anticipation, rumors, hand wringing, and prognostication, Hillary Rodham Clinton, former U.S. senator from New York and 67th Secretary of State, has made her move—officially announcing her candidacy for the White House. It has begun.

Watch her announcement video below:

Unfortunately, we can be sure this means that the Republican machine hellbent on the Clintons’ destruction is gearing up for another run as well.

Fifteen years after its original publication, The Hunting of the President, co-authored by National Memo editor-in-chief Joe Conason, is still relevant.

40 Responses to Hillary Clinton Makes Her Announcement

  1. Egad! Now we’ll have to hear about all of the non-scandals again–Whitewater, Vince Foster. Monica, Benghazi–all of which have been beaten to death with nothing to show for it. But I’m sure Hillary and her team are more than ready to take on the right-wing lying machine. The only question is which loser the GOP will put forward, warts and all. Of course, the Koch propaganda machine doesn’t really care which Republican gets the nomination, as long as he’s suitably bought and paid for. So the Hillary and Bill bashing will continue until the GOP candidate is defeated, and a new obstructionist Congress is seated. The only thing that keeps the entire US government from yielding complete control to the corporatists is a Democratic President, even one who’s not as progressive as we’d like.

    • Nothing to show but, a loss of Tax Dollars, from a Party that has the nerve to call themselves Conservatives, rename themselves (G)rand(O)ld(S)penders, wasting our Tax Dollars is what makes me the sickest.

  2. The GOP got started before she even announced. Just shows how scared these morons really are. I mean if they put the entire field of losers up they couldn’t beat Hillary. We are all in for another 8 years of bashing but it will be worth it. Hillary for President. Enough with the lies from the GOP and the gratuitous bashing of anyone who they think can win…They thrive on a war economy and push the buttons of their voting base with ignorance: anti abortion, anti stem cell research, anti gay, pro guns, pro life, family values. But where are those family values…missing in action. Sadly most of their voting base doesn’t get the fact that they act liberal by taking from the Government but vote against their own interests. We as Democrats and Independents need to make sure that our voices are heard loudly. Stop the lies from the GOP once and for all. Hillary for President in 2016…shout it from the roof tops…The first but not last Female President…

      • Clearly leftout you were left out of our nation’s educational system especially when it came to sex education. Our seated President is an African American man Perhaps you need to go to your mommy to explain the differences in sexes Your moronic comment is just that moronic

        • Sandra Fluke and me , we had the same courses in Feminist Gender & Sexuality Studies. Who would have thought of such deep theoretical concepts except Cornell on the upper East Side. Others amongst us we’re into empiricism and formulated truths , conclusions from personal ,external characteristics . If It looks like a duck….walks like a …,,

          • Leftout…Your pathetic attempts at pretentious use of big words fools no one. You didn’t “went on.” What you did was become one of the hater degenerates who can’t stand the successes others achieve. Perhaps, moving butt more than once or twice a year, breaking a sweat now and then and trying not to show off your faulty mental prowess might help you actually move on. You’re stuck in the same rut as Walker, Cruz, Issa, Ryan, Jindal and Christie…all wannabees with no real accomplishments…too young to be so stupid and too old to be such big babies.

          • Thank you Leftout, your eloquence is insurmountable amongst these brazen loony tune women. Keep it up you feminists and I bet you still think you are stronger than a many physically and mentally….. LOLOLOL

      • If you are suffering from the Terrible Twos and pulling a tantrum, don’t bother. With more women in positions in the government, the balance of power has shifted and won’t change.

        It is time men like you grew up and stop acting like big babies. This nation cannot survive with mentalities like yours: militant, vindictive, selfish, greedy, childish and incapable of a single productive actions for the greater good.

        • Eleanore, you think that all women are anti-conservative. NOT! There was a poll conducted and, to tell you the truth, most woman polled could care less. Keep trying you degenerate Lesbian. It is no longer working……

          As for productive actions for the greater good? Why don’t we see this and why do more and more Americans keep seeing black.

          • Schmo…I don’t “think”. I KNOW. When President Obama’s election results for both 2008 and 2012 were tallied, 5 unbiased polls including Quinnapiac and Heritage Foundation (both right leaning pollsters) blame women for their 78% Obama votes.

            The problem you Cons have is that you are NOT conservatives as most older women recall the definition of that word. You are extremists. Women in the US are quite fed up with you men and your conservative bossy bullying.

            You are a homophobe, a bossy piece of cow manure and you can’t stand the idea that you men will have to take your cues from a woman at the helm.

            You are not a Conservative. Enough with your BS. Eisenhower and Stevenson were conservatives. You are just a mental case who pulls tantrums like Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Issa and the rest of the Koch wind up puppets.

            If you can’t march to your own tune and sluff off the BS macho man act, you prove you are nothing but a worthless bum.

            Get off that lazy butt and get a job. Women today don’t need a man to support them. Money has always been the problem between turds like you and women. You pull the CON boy act and throw money around to impress a woman and then when you go in for the “kill,” you turn every woman in sight into a financially dependent rag doll. are living in the past. Women don’t need ANY man for money. Got that?

          • Well, Eleanora, that is where you are TOTALLY wrong. I have to say one thing for certain. The cow manure is on your side. Conservative women have a very very strong voice. It tends to transcend above and beyond anything you feminists could ever imagine and it is done with grace and class. That is something I cannot say for your side.

            In case you haven’t noticed, many women happen to like to marry a MAN that has money. You just didn’t because you are probably and have always been an ugly old bat. It is the women who go after these men.

            I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you old windbag. I AM A WOMAN. A Conservative one at that. If you would have been SO smart you would have figured it out a long long time ago.

            I have a masters degree and believe me in a field where men excel and dominate. I am just as good at what I do as they are and I love working with them because men don’t backbite and they are not catty to deal with and will give you a straight answer to boot. Unlike you, I respect men. I admire their brilliance and innovative abilities. Culturally, I think they have been feminized way too much in our modern society. Men have talents that we women don’t have and we have gifts that they don’t have. We are ALL uniquely different and CANNOT be the same. Every gender has it’s differences and talents. Equality is never part of the equation. It’s just the way that it is. I would like to see how you handle a programming equation. I doubt that you can even come close.

            Sorry, Eleanora, I am not living in the past. I am a futurist. I know computer technology like the back of my hand. I have been on the computer since it’s inception. I can run circles around you for that i am sure. I have had nothing but good men in my life. You are nothing but a bitter old, foul mouthed lesbian windbag, Common sense you do not have. You can’t give me any grief because I stand up for every strong woman on the Right that there is. They are a tough brood. Yes, the polls are correct. We could care less……We will vote with our hearts in who WE feel is the best all around candidate.

            History WILL repeat itself.

          • Well Schmomo…I’d say you are correct about big mouthed CON women. They do have strong voices. I offer big mouth Bachmannistan, Palin and her “betchas” and how about Nikki Haley with her squeak squeak squeak? CON women like Annie Fannie Come Get me Girl Coulter and Michelle Razor mouth Malkin…you bet they are strong CON strong they sound like screeching fishwives and harpies. If that’s your kind of class in be it.

            Of course women marry men with money. They are GOLDDIGGERS….only men as naive as you think it’s love of any other kind. These are golddigger women who so lust for money they love it served on toast for breakfast. Boy are you naive.

            But thanks for trying to tell a woman what women all know about each other…You help me prove how insipid and obtuse men can be where women are concerned.

            You ONLY live in the past with posts like this. The day you think like a “person” and not a “MAN” is the day you face the reality that gender has nothing to do with brains.

  3. I hope she explicitly talks about fighting to get our democracy back because that is what this is really all about. We are slipping closer to a full blown plutocracy then a representative democracy. If we do not reverse this dangerous slide ordinary Americans will be doomed to bing low wage workers – often with education and skills – doing the bidding of the elite. No democracy thrives without a strong and large middle class – and that requires deliberate government policies to counter the power of the elite. Health care, education, progressive taxation, child care, minimum wage, equal pay and many other Democratic concerns are all about building and supporting the middle class.

    Bill Clinton wasn’t perfect but when he was in office record numbers of people moved from poverty into the middle class – and we had a surplus that could have been used to fix other problems. But the MSM was so busy dissing Al Gore, largely by repeating Republican lies, and Democrats were busy making the perfect the enemy of the good that Gore was badly weakened. I hope to God we have learned that lesson. If you doubt what I say read this:

    Then read “The Hunting of the President” or at least watch the video.

    • Seriously? The result of what we have at the moment has all been brought to you by…..drum roll please….the modern day Marxxists, oops I mean Socialists, oh no, I mean Liberals. The only thing Republicans are guilty of is staying silent and not standing up for the party.

      Clinton created the upsurge in the economy? Helllll no…. It was a result of what Reagan had done for this country. At the end of Clinton’s term the road to Purgatory started turning to dust.

      If you haven’t noticed, the middle class demise is occurring under Odummer.

  4. I just saw Hillary’s ad; Wow! She has a message that I can support.

    FYI: I am a registered Republican who has grown tired of the
    “same ol’ same ol'” that’s been going around Washington.

    • REALLY? Then you have been very very misinformed because the Republican’s are not the ones who created the same ole, same ole. In case you haven’t noticed Republicans haven’t exactly done all that much. The reason we are in the mess we are in is because the Liberals have been allowed to have free reign. I think you oughta do more research before your mind is made up.

      • Nice try, Joe.

        You might convince an ignorant person of your position, but anyone who has been watching the news or reading papers, magazines (and PLEASE, don’t fork over that BS about the “liberal media”) knows that the constipation from congress has been a direct result of Republican inactivity (and let’s not forget that it was the Tea Party faction even engineered shutting down the government [at the cost to us taxpayers of over $24 billions]).

        • Anyone who has been watching the news and reading tons ONLINE, knows that the airwaves and internet are being bombarded by very disgruntled Americans. I have been on dozens of sites Liberal and Conservative and most liberals, seem to have gone into hiding just like Hillary.

          In fact most of Hillary’s tweet comments weren’t about congratulating her, they were mostly people stating that America should wake up. No Liberal BS there.

          As far as congress, they seem to be getting to Obama…..awwwwww. He’s getting pretty testy with Congress Seems he is at a perpetual impasse…. No more Harry Reidtard to help his cause and keep all those nasty bills that he doesn’t want to sign off of his desk. As for Harry, well seems he got a little beat up. That was no exercise injury. His brother, who I believe is a Conservative (I know this because I used to rodeo with his nephew) beat the crap out of him….. Couldn’t have happened to a nastier guy.

          • Joe, I kinda feel a little sorry for you – all that name calling and negativism. I just feel a lot more positive about our country and where we’re heading than you seem to be.

            After all we’ve been through With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the collapse of the housing market, and the economy. I just see that we’re heading in a good direction. And I see that the American people are becoming aware of important issues like income inequality, and renewable energy. I think it might be a healthy thing if we keep heading in this direction.

            Anyway, my best wishes to you, Joe, no matter where you plan to settle down.

          • Well, dude let this be an eye opening experience for you. At the moment, you morons are in charge, but it won’t last. I see it time and time again. The conservatives and liberatarians and other unhappy Americans are piping in through the airwaves just waiting for that line to be drawn in the sand. They are sick of the divide, the decadence and the bias. WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL OBAMA IS OUT OF OFFICE. Our biggest hope is that it won’t be under a one-trick pony with a Communist agenda.

            Since Civil Rights (I’m not saying this was bad) began, Americans have been suppressed and brainwashed (through the humanistic school system) into accepting every bit of crap that has come up the pipeline. The Hippie era didn’t help much. As for renewable energy, I think everyone is on board. It’s the way of the future and it is one thing MOST of us believe is going to happen. However, you can’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Let’s be realistic, it has to be integrated in.

            I feel sorry for you. Because you have fallen for this bullcrap and seem to be mesmerized by the idolatry of a society that hypocritically juxtaposes the truth. Good luck on that one.

  5. Even more humorous? The front page of yesterday’s NY Post: “HIL NO…NO NO NO NO …” Sounded more like the media billionaires are suffering from the Terrible 2’s.

    • “It’s not about me, it’s about American”. Hillarious to say the least.
      Still on that tiresome anti-male, women are monolithic in voting kick, I see.
      It’s Hillary turn to be president, HILLARIOUS!! No accomplishments as senator or Secretary of State, can’t explain why she has her own server and won’t give it up, Clinton fatigue set in already.
      It’s not just the republicans stating the facts. Enjoy!!

      • Hate it, don’t you MIkkeeeeeee? You bet I’m ready for Hillary…so are the other 52% of the US female population. When you boys act like you are pulling tantrums and your middle aged GOP bulls sit on their butts for the past 6 years doing absolutely nothing but obstructing…Your day is coming.

        She has more accomplishments than you EVER will. Come to think of it she has more accomplishments than Walker, Issa, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, Cornball Cornyn, Jindal, Cruz, Rubio or Rand Paul put together. What are THEIR accomplishments? Other than trying to demolish SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the IRS, The EPA and forcing more war debt on the rest of us?

        What are their major accomplishments that don’t include pork fed red states? Face facts Mikeeeeeee…..Your boys have sat around on their butts for 6 years and accomplished zip …if dredging up dirt that never seems to be provable in a court of law is their only accomplishment, testicles isn’t a prerequiste to be president.

        Get over it pallie…This is just the beginning. There won’t be another 8 years spoiled, overindulged, middle aged white males destroying voting rights and dumping the cost of endless wars on us.

        Our kids do not deserve another 8 years of you militant little punk snot noses creating a violent, vindictive society. Now go back to bed…where you belong…Mommy is going to feed her lil sweetums.

        • Her Accomplishments-ZERO. Only in the democratic party is there the mind set that “it is her time”, with nothing to show for it. “Her time” what a crock.
          To the rest of your post-more BS!!! LMAO!!!
          What a silly person you continue to be.
          Keep dreaming!!!

          • Wrong Blank Brain…Senator Clinton served from 2001 to 2009…and sponsored several important bills, not the least of which were S.11, S. 182, S. 727, S.110, S. 3706, 3707, 3708, S. 3674, S. 3653….Need more?

            Hillary Clinton has done more in one year than you have in your entire life. Not that you even EVER had a life.

            As Secy of State, she logged over 1 million miles, more than any GOP Secy of State EVER did.

            What a jackass you are. You hate it that President Hillary is inevitable. Maybe, your shrunken testicles are pinched due to your total lack of intelligence? Try getting a life you lazy good for nothing.

          • Lets make it simple.
            Since you claim she is so accomplished, Name one country that our relationship is better now(heck even when she left office) than before she become Secretary. Miles traveled is only important to those having a problem trying to find something that makes her look accomplished.
            Keep dreaming my little mental midget.

          • What has she accomplished that makes her worthy, Eleanora? …and sponsoring bills is nothing. We have seen and heard nothing but havoc on her end. Give us more information. Does she really think she can just waltz herself into the White House just because. Don’t think so….. If she gets into office, it will not have been by honest means.

          • You mean like the GOP who has sat back for 6 1/2 years and passed and sponsored NO bills? Sorry but the entire basis for being elected is to sponsor bills people of this country want and pay for. If that isn’t an accomplishment, how the hell do you justify Cheney handing Halliburton and Blackwater No Bid contracts for a war in Iraq Bush had to campaign around the US to get us into? That’s an accomplishment?

            You men need to get off your dopey asses and face facts. NH sent 11 women in 1 year (2012) to Congress. Do you bulls actually think you will EVER stop women from holding top office3?

            Mention Cruz, Issa, McConnell, Boehner, Rubio, Jindal, Christie to anyone in any foreign country and you get DUH….Who?

            You boys need to wake up and realize that right now, your mean spirited, pathological, neurotic need to be power drunks isn’t cutting it with women in this country. We are FED UP. We do not want another 8 years of GOP bulls and cows paid to do nothing other than battle with the sitting president. If you can find anything wrong with that…go to it.

            As for Hillary, she is known in every country of the world as a leader among other female leaders like Angela Merkel and half a dozen other women who are presidents in their country.

            Take the burrs out of your male butts. Hillary is the only woman you nasty, snot nosed males have crucified and can more than handle more of your male need to bash hell out of any woman who dares walk 2 steps in front of you…get over it.

          • Yes, sitting waiting and watching for the Liberals to collapse. I think it worked:) According to you the ‘entire basis of being elected is to sponsor bills people of this country want and pay for?’ Well according to the last election, I think the consensus is in. We don’t want what Obama has been selling and we certainly do not want another liar in chief in office.

            By the way, the majority of tweets Hillary got after her announcement and trip to Iowa were not for Hillary, rather they were ‘wake up America.’ Sorry Elenora your sides game is up. I certainly am one Conservative amongst many who hopes she loses big time.

      • LOL, yup, she hasn’t shown her face or uttered a significant word since her announcement. Typical Liberal. She thinks she can just waltz right into the WH without working for it. What an arrogant Beeach.

        • At some point she is going to have to take questions and give answers, if I was a democrat, i would start worrying.
          This silly little Marie Antoinette tour just shows how inauthentic she really is and isn’t fooling the great majority of Americans.

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