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Friday, October 21, 2016

The National Rifle Association released a new web ad Tuesday night, accusing President Barack Obama of being an “elitist hypocrite” for providing his daughters with Secret Service protection, but expressing skepticism over the NRA’s plan to put armed guards in public schools.

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?” the narrator asks. “Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? Mr. Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security.”

The ad immediately sparked bipartisan outrage for invoking the First Daughters to make a political point. “I mean, it is disgusting on many levels,” former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “It’s also just stupid.”

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough concurred, calling the ad “frightening and over the line.”

In response, NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam released a statement saying, “Whoever thinks the ad is about President Obama’s daughters are missing the point completely or they’re trying to change the subject.” Arulanandam did not explain why, then, the ad would start by calling out “the president’s kids.”

UPDATE: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has released a statement blasting the ad: “Most Americans agree that a president’s children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. But to go so far as to make the safety of the president’s children the subject of an attack ad is repugnant and cowardly.”

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  • elw

    I would say just the fact that the NRA seems to think that ad is acceptable show how over the top they are. They may have 4 million members but that is hardly enough people for them to think what they want is more important that over 70% of American tax payers. How dare them target the President’s children, it is unconscionable.

    • TonyinMO

      70% of American Taxpayers DON’T want stricter gun laws. You are wrong!

      • Cyndieaa

        yes, we do!!!

        • TonyinMO

          Want more guns!

      • elw

        That is what the latest polls show.

        • TonyinMO

          75 percent said that they believed laws limiting gun ownership infringe on the public’s Second Amendment right to possess and carry firearms.

          • elw

            From the Washington Post

            “Nearly six in 10 Americans want stricter gun laws in the aftermath of last month’s deadly school shooting in Connecticut, with majorities favoring a nationwide ban on military-style, rapid-fire weapons and limits on gun violence depicted in video games, movies and TV shows, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

            A lopsided 84 percent of adults would like to see the establishment of a federal standard for background checks for people buying guns at gun shows, the poll showed.”

            No one is talking about taking peoples right to posses and carry firearms, they are talking about ensuring that it is done in fashion the helps protect the safety of the public.

          • TonyinMO

            It’s not 0bama’s job to interpret the 2nd amendment, that is the job of the Supreme Court. His job is to follow it, he’s not doing that.

            As soon as 0bama comes up with something that is more than lip service, he should suggest it to congress.

          • elw

            I have full confidence that President Obama will do his job and follow all laws. I also have no doubt that he know what that is better than you do.

          • TonyinMO

            Write much? You seem to be the average 0bama supporter. Incapable of forming an intelligent sentence. The dumbing down of America has been accomplished. The first Affirmative Action President has been elected.

          • elw

            Yes, like you name calling is such a good sign of intelligence.

          • TonyinMO

            YOUR YOUR YOUR NOT “YOU” you idiot.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Obama taught Constitutional law, for Christ’s sake. Other than bitter, bigoted hate — what qualifications do you have to say whether or not he’s following the US Constitution?

          • TonyinMO

            Look zipperhead he was a substitute teacher, if you had a clue you would know I’m right, but you keep spewing your nonsense and by all means keep telling yourself it’s dictator big ears job to interpret the 2nd amendment and not the supreme court.

            Of course you couldn’t stand it when Bush was dictating by executive privilege but now that Big Ears is doing it it’s just fine. Why don’t you wake up and quit being a party hack that is only capable of repeating talking points.

          • WhutHeSaid

            That would make your leader (did I mention he’s black?) about 10,000% more qualified regarding constitutional issues than a slack-jawed, beer-fartin’, sister-humpin’, redneck bigot like you.

            You would have to go back over 100 years to find a President who used executive orders less than Obama. Naturally, you find the facts rather inconvenient, since you hate Obama and attempt to disparage him at every opportunity. Why do you hate Obama so much? I know the answer, and I suspect most people reading your fork-tongued posts know the answer — but once again you are welcome to try to explain it yourself.

          • TonyinMO

            You do what to your sister? Sick Fuk.

          • RudyBlue

            TonyinMO, your last comment shows you up as the idiot you are. WhatHeSaid presented facts in his statement; you came back with a “yo mama” type of response. Pretty pathetic but quite common for ignorant rednecks.

          • TonyinMO

            Only a moron would say that after the trash he wrote to begin with. But hey you qualify as a moron so carry on dip sh!t.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Tony is still sore from getting his ass whupped in the last debate. He doesn’t want more of the same so he avoids substance — even if his ‘substance’ is actually bullshit.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Stop lying. Recent polling shows that 58% support an assault weapon ban. It’s lying nut-bags like you that will be the downfall of honest, law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen.

      • RudyBlue

        You are wrong, TonyinMO. The vast majority of American’s want stricter gun laws, the elimination of large clips and military style weapons. 4 million NRA members vs
        299 million American’s. Seems like your group of choice isn’t really all that popular and losing members by the hour. Have you considered a psych evaluation?

        • TonyinMO

          Have you considered a trip down reality lane? 250,000 people have joined the NRA in the last month, get a grip moron.

          Not to mention much oif law enforcement refuses to ignore the constitution and won’t enforce these nonsense exec. orders. I can assure you whatever he wants Congress will never pass.

          Dream on.

          • WhutHeSaid

            There’s plenty of room in prison for those who refuse to obey the law. I’ll bet you swore that Obama wouldn’t be reelected too, yes?

          • TonyinMO

            Haha you silly little 0bamabots are so foolish that you can’t see this whole gun ban garbage he and Biden are floating is nothing more than a diversion that will amount to nothing.

            Do you feel GOOD by his knee jerk reaction to guns?

          • Nomoresmoke

            Not to take sides but TonyinMO Bush Senior and Reagan took exception and endorsed gun control. Jim and Sarah Brady are Repukelicans and they just LOVE guns!!!

  • TonyinMO

    I’ll be darned if I allow this organization to misrepresent someone.

    I’ve sent an email off to Mr. LaPierre and the board.

    El Guapo is NOT an elitist hypocrite.

    He’s a Totalitarian Jihadist.

    I don’t see the problem with exposing our president for the hypocrite that he is.

    • If your commit don’t beat all.

      • TonyinMO

        Yes it does seem to have gotten all the leftards panty’s in a bunch.


    • You’re the hypocrite, my friend, if you think the NRA is on your side. Frankly, I’m not sure who’s side YOU are on with your cryptic post

      • TonyinMO

        “cryptic post” my my you are quite slow on the uptake.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Of course you don’t. Neither do you see any problem with lying in public or spewing bigoted hate with unbridled glee.

      • TonyinMO

        It makes my day to see a zipperhead like you come unhinged.

        • WhutHeSaid

          I’m guessing that getting your ass beat like a rented mule in a debate means the other party came ‘unhinged’, yes?

          • TonyinMO

            Poor Zipperhead I just love witnessing your delusions. LMAO

    • Excuse me, you idoticy is showing. There is nothing wrong with common sense regulations, there are regulations for driving a car & a lot of other things. If you have too many OWI’s you loose your license, if you get too many speeding tickets you loose your right to drive. It’s just common sense.

      • TonyinMO

        Wouldn’t that be your idiocy, NOT “YOU IDOTICY” If you’re going to call someone an idiot make sure you aren’t one yourself. “OWI’s” What is an OWI’s?

        I’d have to say that common sense isn’t so common to YOU!

    • metrognome3830

      And you have absolutely exposed yourself for the flaming idiot you are!

      • TonyinMO

        As long as nothing happens to you and the rest of your libtard friends I won’t be the biggest flaming idiot.

        • metrognome3830

          Maybe not, but you’re in the top five.

          • TonyinMO

            I notice you didn’t dispute the fact that YOU are the biggest.

          • metrognome3830

            There is no future in disputing you, Tony. You are too irrational to engage in a dispute.

          • TonyinMO

            LMAO yeah and you’re a real rocket scientist Junior.

          • metrognome3830

            Never said I was, and don’t call me junior. I would guess that I am considerably older than you.

          • TonyinMO

            You never denied it Junior.Mentally you’re a child. Junior

          • metrognome3830

            It’s time mommy tucked you in your crib. Good night Tony. Now go away! We’re through talking at least until you have something reasonable to say.

          • TonyinMO

            Jeez you’re a moron without a clue Junior.

  • TonyinMO

    Since over 70% of gun murders are happening in inner cities by thieves and gang bangers the solution is obvious. Enforce the existing laws….oh yeah, that would be racist.

  • not cute. taken WAY out of context. I agree that no-one needs a semi automatic weapon to kill a deer. And felons, don’t need a priveledge of owning a gun. So, obama was fair. But, as he said you are still going to have people “take it out of context”. Can’t wait to get nauseas when I read crazy Alex Jones elaborate stories following this press conference.

  • We do need armed security at the schools to protect US from the stark raving lunatics in the NRA.

    Hey Hey NRA. How many kids have to die today!

    • smilelaugh

      The NRA has sunk to the lowest of the low

      • I agree. Heaven and hell are states of mind, and the hand of God the Creator, reaching down into the hell into which the NRA – has degenerated, could not possible lift one of their Teapublican sick minds to the depths of degradation.

  • The NRA needs to be put on notice that this is approaching sedition.

  • lambypie

    Hello folks every president of the United States has security for their families why is it only Obama is being attacked what is this world coming to when there is so much slander and bull crap going on. I am so embarrassed to say I am an American when I see this sort of thing.

    • BEcause lambypie, Obama preached gun-control & bans while at the same time enjoys the protection of “armed guards”, meanwhile he doesn’t want to allow armed guards at our Children’s schools, while HIS Children have armed security. Follow?

      • smilelaugh

        You need a reality check…Reagan and Bush wanted gun control didn’t they have protection or is Obama the first one that has ever had it? Or do you just hate that much?

      • karinursula

        No I don’t follow, I heard nothing in his speech that he wanted Guncontroll. Just the opposite, if you havenothing to fear why would you care about background checks?

      • No, I don’t follow for 2 reasons:
        1. His kids are under far greater risk than any other American Children,
        2. His proposals DO include funds that could be used for guards.
        Using the President’s children as political fodder is just, plain despicable.

        • neeceoooo

          you are right, I am ashamed for our country.

      • mbm

        The “like” was a mistake. The President, like every other elected official, “enjoys” protection of his children because his family is more of a target due to the nature of his position as the Leader of our nation, not because schools are unsafe. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist… The proposals put forth by the President are reasonable and common sense, something that most Americans can agree on, who are not blinded by the now rabidly extreme zealots of the NRA, who have more than crossed the line by putting out this outrageous, provocative and untrue ad. With their delusions of grandeur, when did the NRA become national spokespersons of public health, safety, government, legislation and scholars of Constitutional law? It is high time they be put back in their place and relegated to what they really are: merely a gun club.

      • KDJ54

        This is pure NRA falderol, and an argument based upon a strawman fallacy. Of course the president is in an elitist position, he was elected president of the most powerful nation on earth. He goes about everyday followed by a military officer who has nuclear launch codes. I believe that puts him in a different category than the rest of us, and that he and his family receive special protection because of it does not offend me, nor should it offend any other rational person. It is also because of his position that he and his family deserve special protection. The president’s children without protection would be daily targets for terrorists, criminals, extortionists and every other nut in this world. The most any other kid should have to worry about is if someone is going to steal their lunch money or whether they can trade an apple for a cookie. Of course, I would love to have secret service protection for me and my own to protect me 24/7, but that’s not practical. However, I would love to live in a society where all guns are at least as regulated as automobiles, and that high capacity para-military weapons are banned, or at least put into the hands of “well-regulated” militias that are only subject to the beck and call, as well as command of our military.

        • highpckts

          KDJ54 – Absolutely!! Well said!!

      • SJD

        Do you realize how you sound to others? Protection of the President and his family is FOR our protection. If his children were kidnapped he might be forced to give nuclear codes or maybe worse to save the life of his children. That is why all former presidents and the current president and family have secret service protection.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Not so sugar magnolias…If you want armed guards in your schools….pay for them…NJ, NY, CT and other states have had them for over a decade and that comes out of our STATE taxes…We all know what the conservatives are up to…create yet another slush fund of funding for armed guards that red states will use for everything BUT armed guards. Who do the Lil Abners and Lazy Daisy Maes think they are fooling?

      • zacapoch

        To Plznnn; Every president since I have been born (1943) has had armed guards for their families. You don t know this? Or do you just enjoy tearing our president down and make him look bad
        Get educated!

      • metrognome3830


      • It suprizes me that you can be so DUMB. The goverment protects the president and his family as a matter national security. The president doesn’t have a choice in the matter.


      • Excuse me, Jackass. All presidents’ children have the protection of the Secret Service. Don’t be a complete and utter idiot. Guards at schools? What? At every classroom? You want to add more to your tax bill to pay for that? You are a frigging fool and now obviously a racist since you didn’t advocate such a stance while Bush was president…. Dumb shit!


      • srgm

        The difference there, of course, is that as the children of a head of state, they are ALREADY considered targets by some. Your everyday crazy, however, looks for something random. Making sure that crazies don’t get the opportunity to find their “random targets” is what the gun control and bans are about. Follow?

      • you are so wrong! put aside this gun-control and ban issues… why don’t you accept the fact that our current president and his wife and daughters needed to be protected? ”all of our past presidents and their families have been protected”…. shame on you, and the many hypocrites, racist and idiots in this country…. sorelosers!!

      • himikeks

        I believe that one of Obama’s proposals was to make gov’t money available if individual local schools really wanted more guards.

    • smilelaugh

      This is the minority of people in the USA makeing the majority look bad. They hate so much they cannot even talk intelligently

      • Well then it’s time for the majority to speak up against this outrageous ad.

    • karinursula

      for the same reason that they asked for his birth certificate and his college transcripts.

    • Mulligatonney

      I believe the point is that there have always been bad guys out there with guns who will kill you and as many as they can for no reason. Where do the bad guys get the guns? Many of them are stolen… You can bet that THEY will never sign up for a national gun registry…

      Bad guys with guns is why the president has so many armed security agents with guns around him and his family. No one begrudges him the ability to protect himself. And it is fair that he does not legislate our ability to protect ourselves the in the manner that we choose…

      100 million legal gun owners did not kill any defenseless Americans this year. They did kill a bunch of people breaking into their homes, threatening their lives, or menacing their family & property.

      The point is that those people whom you refer to understand that the government cannot protect them as they do the president. They must protect themselves.

      So the least he can do is not remove their ability to protect themselves away from them.

      And your solution is what? Because crazy people get weapons illegally and kill a bunch of innocents, we should all be rendered defenseless?

      This is a Constitutional issue.

      Unfortunate that you are embarrassed to be an American, for any reason…. I was not embarrassed to defend you with a gun when I served in the military at a time when people like you spit at me when I came home and called me “baby-killer”.

      Get it through your thick heads – you are safe and free because of good men with guns. Military and civilian. Public and private.

      Police and government entities do not prevent crimes from happening. The overwhelming majority of the time, they only arrive after they receive a call that a crime has been committed.

      After you are dead – because while the crime was being committed, you had no means to defend yourself.

  • jmpst

    because of this ad i’m joining the NRA today

  • The NRA is on the side of MONEY as are all the politicians that support the NRA. Why should a Rifle Association have so much power in this country? I find it amazing…. As for using the Presidents children, that is low but not surprising, they used the murders of children to selll more guns…by telling everyone that the government is going to take your guns away and look how many bought into that!! Why are they so afraid of background checks? Because that would limit the number who could buy and again it goes back to MONEY. It’s nothing but pure GREED that drives the NRA, they could careless is someone dies after all we are all going to die sometime so why not make the MONEY while we can.

    • latebloomingrandma

      It’s only because of the MONEY that an organization of only around 4+million members in a country of 310 million people, have so much power. The money is not coming from dues. It comes from the weapons manufacturers and the MO is to keep people afraid, very afraid of our own government, and to buy politicians. If the NRA thinks they have a big list of supporters, it is no match for Obama’s e-mail list. It is up to the sane people of this country to rise up against the crazies. The extremists (both on the right and left) suck up all the oxygen by their outrageousness, when most Americans live around the center–center right or center left, where I am. When the talk goes on about taking the country back, how about taking it back for the sane people? Normal people—-UNITE !!

      • Amend! Seem all discussions are by the extremist on both sides.

    • All elected officials in DC are on the side of money. They are pupits of the big money that supports them.

  • The media has to stop covering these NRA nuts. What they are saying and doing have proved something very huge is missing in them. If the media will ignore them completely, they will lose their relevancy.

  • Miss J

    They have now descended to the endless pit. Shame on them, cold hearted blood money lovers

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  • How LOW CAN YOU GET ? This is the Depth to which the Haters will go and its beyond belief to me that anyone WOULD even Think something as FOUL as these remarks by the NRA. Shame on you to use the Children in this manner. Since all the presidents children have had Protection ..Always…I`m a supporter of Gun Rights for All, but I`m Ashamed to think My Husband and Son were/ are members of the NRA !! The Leadership of that organization needs to be REPLACED with SANE PEOPLE. The Greedy will ALWAYS only think of THEMSELVES and the HELL WITH ALL OTHERS. Time to BURN Your Cards , NRA offers NOTHING to Society, but Hate and STUPIDITY !!

  • This ad shows the hypocracy of President Obama and others that have armed protection for themselves but not for our children in our schools. Then he has the gaul to use innocent children to push his gun-control. The tragedy at Sandy Hook was terrible but many more children are murdered “every” year by Illegal “immigrants”, yet Obama grants them Amnesty. Does this make any sense??

    • karinursula

      How stupid can you be? Every President, yes even from the GOP has protection for his family, I don’t even think that the Presidents have any say in that.

    • english_teacher

      It makes sense that the president and his family get protection, just like previous presidents and their families have received. The stakes are different if you’re a world leader or a member of his/her family. How is that so hard to see? In your opinion, what is there about the Obama family that makes less deserving of Secret Service protection than other presidential families?

      • None!
        The hypocrisy is as the head of a government of the people, by the people and for the people the President should be willing to provide the same protection to all children provided his children. Or allow parents to provide the same level of protection for their children. Those protecting his children carry automatic weapons, we can not purchase automatics only semi-automatics. The Presidents is attempting to ban semiautomatics. We currently are unable to provide equal portection. I am not advocating for automatics to be legal, just to be able to protect my family.

        • english_teacher

          You’ll never see that there is a difference between the president and his family being protected and you. I’m not even going to try.

          Why do you need an automatic weapon? Why isn’t a semi-automatic good enough to protect your family? As one commenter said in response to James McMurtry’s blog on gun control when talking about 10-shot magazines, “if you can’t get it done with 10 rounds, you really need to work on technique.”

  • bchrista

    Again friends you forget that asshole TonyinMO is obviously from a Racist State otherwise how could anyone from frame such a Racist remark like that, to start with all other presidents as far back as I can remember has always had the Secrect Service to protect him and his family in fact they are train to if possible take a bullet for the President, last time I looked he is considered the most important person in the world, if someone were to gun him down there could be hell to pay in the world, markets would be on shakey footing economys would go crazy all hell would break loose the world over. And can any imagine the President would be put in a postion to decide whom to defend first and lets not bullshit each other any number of insidious groups would love to use the President’s family as a wedge to achieve their demands and I’m sorry you cannot compare the President’s kids with our kids his position alone put them on a higher plateau than ours. We are all created equal but once we put him on a pedestal we accept and respect him as being on a higher plane than the rest of us. A good example is a lot of people have already forgotten columbine and Newton is old news however if someone shot the Presidents girls now that would be news among the first thing that would be said is what a lousey nation we are that we can’t even protect our leader and his family and that is considered a major sin the world over and we would have a credability problem. this would resonate forever. I am still at a loss as to where are these worms that call themselves human being what hole did they crawl out from and the President and his Family have always been considered extra special.

    • Replying to bchrista –


      They perform a valuable service, unlike the excrement that want to target the children of the President.

    • From his name TonyinMo lives in Missouri. Missouri is not a racist State we do have a few racist. He is a jerk and seem to have limited knowlege. Being anti Obama does not make one a racist.
      And you sir by assuming all Anti Omama people are racist renders you an asshole!

  • The secrect service make these kind of decisions when it comes to the safty of the first family. They are going to get SS protection whether the President wants it or not.

  • It’s not about race it’s about lives. Illegal guns are usually sold by legitimate buyers to those gang bangers in the inner city. You have no idea what sometimes happen in those places until you live here. We have dirty cops who provide firearms, FBI who place guns in spots where people find them. Not to mention what the gun runners do . This is not fiction!

    Remember the Ollie North trials about drugs and gun proliforation throughout the poor peoples community. I know how the new present it, but believe me it’s more to this than we see or hear. WMD and a war losing the lives of many fellow AMERICAN JUST TO FINALLY GET CONTROL OF THE OIL FIELDS. I CAN GO ON BUT I’LL STOP HERE.

  • Obviously you prefer argument over reasoning. If you get the point that’s what matter. If we the American people create a armed camp atmosphere in our schools what will our children become. Will they really be safe? Sick people with mental problems will always find ways to accomplish their demented purposes. Protecting the children is tantamount no doubt, but let’s look a little deeper before we jump to a conclusion. I’m certain you nor any of us want the children to be harmed. The NRA is very over the top. To eliminate the security of our Presidents children just because he desires to lessen access to gun that are designed for warfare, is absurd. There is no need fo weapons that fire all those rounds automaticly in a urban or rural community. When I was in the Marine Corp my MOS was small arms weapons repairman. @ that time we had to learn all of them and how to repair them. Believe you me, there is far more power than needed to police our communities at home. Madness is something you can’t predict in a person. Imagine giving teachers or someone who is deemed trust worthy and they crack in the school where they are assigned to defend. This has happened when workers returned to work and shot and killed other workers. So go slow in your deliberation. We can’t determine who will go over the deep end!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nra is pissed off because Obama got in again. They are on wacky weed

  • Every one involved in this sewage should have their own families exposed in the same manner that they have targeted the children of President Obama.

    As hateful as that sounds, I do not condone any violence against children, but if something drastic isn’t done NOW, this unimaginable level of hypocrisy will only increase.

    On another note, this should be seen as a direct threat and assault against the children of President Obama. Any laws regarding threats against the President and his family should be used to prosecute these disgusting and loathsome pieces of filth to the full extent of the law.

    • tobewan

      And some deranged mind, influenced by the NRA ad, will stupidly try to attack the President’s daughters. SS, please be on your guard!

  • dslocum

    Once again, the NRA validates that they are nothing but bottom feeders, totally lacking in ethics, morals, and values.

    Remember, a key reason for the 2nd Amendment was to allow states to provide militias to control slaves. Are we now all slaves to the will of the NRA?

  • wesley rasmussen

    They complain about Presidential families taking “perks” of protection? They obviously are either unaware or choose to disregard that that protection is there BY LAW PASSED BY THE US CONGRESS. Of course, no single child is more important than another ( except to a parent of one ), but how many children, if threatened, can in turn be threatening national security? THAT is the reason the families of presidents and presidents-elect, as well as election candidates, get Secret Service protection. Any attack on that is an attack on the USA and our legal system.

    • You are correct our leaders and their families should have SS protection. The NRA, as over the top as it is, drives home the point that those of us should be able to protect our family. President Obama is attempting to restrict our ability to do so.

  • ObozoMustGo

    You leftist freaks don’t like your hypocrisy being pointed out, do you? The elitist leftist freaks would not consider for 1 second sending their kids to schools without armed guards. But screw you stupid citizens, you’re not allowed to have your kids defended.

    Great commercial. Run it all over the place and in the Super Bowl. NRA just earned another Ben Franklin from me. Keep up the good work, Wayne!

    Have a nice day!

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

  • the schools perimeter should a secure enviroment that the childern once inside the school they should feel at easy and comfortable as they go from one class to another. That’s why I am in favor of no weapons inside any of our school in this USA.

  • The NRA is forgetful of the fact THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS WAS ENACTED

  • This ad is an insult to our President, an insult to Americans everywhere and worse, it’s an insult to our intelligence. Why in the world would we ever not provide secret service protection to any of our presidents or their families!! The NRA ought to be ashamed, the saddest part is, they are not.

  • The NRA are only 4 Millions , The American Real People are 56 Millions Democratic Persons,Why not we send this Extremists to Afghanistan .They are Dividend more the American people,They are Fear because then Weapons Manufactures ,not give more millions to The NRA.

  • tobewan

    The NRA ad reveals that the NRA and ALL its supporting members are THE REASON that necessitates armed protection of the President’s daughters. And its agreed that their ad is disgusting, repulsive, and sinks to a new low level of stench!

  • I think one kid in every school should call Obama daddy so all schools can be protected with armed guards.

  • bchrista

    What a lot of people forget is that the men and women guarding the President and his family are specially trained to protect the president that is all they are trained to do. Now along comes the NRA and proposes armed guards at the school I am skeptical about that because you can’t hire just anyone to guard the children they should be train in that line of work, as most school budgets are pretty tight you wouldn’t hire a school crossing guard for that job, nor a parking lot guard nor a factory guard you get the idea, they have to be a people guard and those types are expensive and how many would you put in each school one, two or more an would the NRA foot the bill for this expense since they are the ones who thought of this method of controling the violent acts on the schools, I mean why should the Government have to shoulder the bill for the guards, the Government only wanted assualt weapons and high capacity magezines banned and more stridgent control over weapons like making owners more responsible as to where and how they keep their weapons locked and with trigger locks and also in a place that not everybody has accesse to them, and that’s where the problem arises how do you keep weapons safe away from getting into the hands of people not authorized to use them for instance someone with a mental problem and who betterthan a family member who knows them like Lanza’s mother who knew that her son was not playing with a full deck and yet left her guns where her son could get to them easily. A law should be passed that makes parents punishable if that sittuation occurs in their house and I mean no excuse what so ever to not punish them or let them avoid a severe jail sentence and you got to start at the source. if the NRA doesn’t want to lose their guns then let them belly up to the Bar and pay the tab.

  • moodygirlmb

    Those people who are supporting that ad are failing to let people know that their children also go to special schools that have guards. The elite have a reason to be on guard, their kids are at risk. This has nothing to do with common sense gun laws nor the safety of children in schools. The ave child isn’t at risk to be kidnapped for ransom or political reasons. I for one would not let my child go to a school where teachers have guns in their desks, that is wrong for so many reasons and more dangerous than the chance of a gunman coming into a school. I know there has never been a teacher who’s went postal, sarcassum here.

  • moodygirlmb

    Tony, Obama is just trying to reinstate gun laws supported by both Reagan and Bush sr. Where was the GOP outrage then?

  • bchrista

    In reply to my two fellow posters, as they say Mr. Brindell it takes one to kmow one and your remark about Obama proves it, at no time has he advocated disarming the Public that legally own guns ll he is answering the peoples call for using common sense when purchasing a weapon, why on earth does anyone need an assualt gun with a 30 clip magezine to protect their family or hunt chances are someone other than the theif or mugger will get hurt and unless you practice shooting one you will hurt somebody else or have you fire a Uzi lately. as to Jim Myers I salute you with a thumbs up hang in there maybe if we allpersist hard enough we might trun some of those wayword people that havn’t seen through the charade thr Republicans in Congress is playing on them hopefully they will wake up before it’s too late, the Repubs are like the salesman that won’t take no for answerand sticks his foot in the door so you can’t close it we have to get that foot out even if we have to break their leg to do it, we have already waited too long we need to moblize for 2014 and throw those bastards out.

  • Let the NRA keep talking…they’re no better than the so called “Christians” at Westboro Baptist – ignorant out-of-touch ignoramuses….Keep it up – the more they talk the stupider they look and their credibility rating plummets…

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    It’s so typical of cowardly NRA members to try and lob the cost of armed guards on states that already have them and have had them for decades. We all know what these right wing twerps are up to…amass federal funding the rest of the states will pay for and then flush it all into red states who never spend a dime of their state taxes. And the reds wonder why the deficit is so high?

    It’s time to demand to see exactly how much each red state is getting in federal funding and what all that pork is for and most, important, which red state porker politician voted for it.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    You know that part of the NRA “protection” BS they spout …well…okay…If there are so many millions of guns in the US…why aren’t we safer?

  • bchrista

    Once again I see Jim Myers has state the same thing in regards to the President and his family the only problem is that the people connect with the NRA are tremdousley wealthy and their kids don’t go to public schools, some are home tutored and some go to very private schools and not just anybody can get in there you don’t get pass the front gate unless your a member and they usually live in a big manson within a gated community and they have special guards there so they don’t face danger like the average family and that’s what pissess me off so much that people like Lana Ward, obozomustgo, and others like them protect them when we write something about them unless they belong to the group what do they have to gain by defending them. As to the Sexond Amendment it hasn’t changed since the day it was written, It was added as a way to control the slaves alright but was instituted mainly so that should our armed forced were over whelmed by an invading force we the people would be able to help repel the invadersand these people would be known as the militia today they are called the National Guard, back in those times every body had a muzzle loader to hunt for food and to fight off the Indians since not all were friendly, however, today we have the police not always effective but we have them noneless and pay them a good salary the Second amendment does not say everybody must possess a gun, it states ” a well armed militia”. over the years the people have taken it to mean themselves. Please someone if you have an extra Uzi please send it to Bob Brindell so he can feel safer and pray that one of his kids don’t acidentlypick it up when no one is around I don’t to elaberate. See what the NRA and it’s followers are not telling people that the wackos that are commiting these slaughters are every day people living at home mostly with their mother a single parent who either by choice or because of lack of funds or knowledge refuse to let go of mama’s boy and hope that medication will control thembut because they have to work they have to leave them at home alone and depend on them to take their medication which they don’t I not saying there aren’t some daddys involved because there is. Your every day thief or mugger rather do his dirty deed outside less risk of getting caught and their gig is partying and doping up.

  • bchrista

    You know what people from the posts I have been seeing lately I would venture to say that TonyinMO and Lana Ward would make a fine pair they are both rambling bullshitters, they sound like broken records they claim the’re not Racist yet their ramblings are nothing but, the majority of what they say means nothing because they never state facts only what their screw up minds can fabricate they have been given the oportunity to state and they just ramble on to advoid having to state where they got their bullshit, I suggest we just ignore their off the wall crap and maybe the’ll get tired and go sit in a corner and play with themselves and let the adults try to solve the probelms. Ican’t lump obozomustgo with these two he’s one that considers himself an intellectual above everyone else that’s why the quote after each comment he posts but otherwise he’s cooked as bad them too.

  • bchrista

    Hey obozomustgo I see we have someone else who thinks he can intellect you, he likes to call people zipperhead maybe you two can get together and exchange notes , however got asshole trait that I don’t remember you using if someone replys to his comment he dises them by down grading because of their spelling , a lot of us hit the wrong key from time to time bu that’s no reason to insult them the assholes name is TonyinMO he’s another piece.

  • bchrista

    Well obozomustgo you picked up another club member James he just showed his ass by claiming that very kid should call Obama daddy please wih your intellect he needs a lesson on constitutional law the President decide whether he wants Secrect Service protection the Constitution demands it. See what happens one of you escapes from the lunny hatch and like maggots they multiply in no time oh you guys can get away with your bile spouting shit but eventually you must pay the piper and the good guy on the right of the law always wins and that’s us.

  • highpckts

    Yeah, so what happens when a 6 year old brings a gun to school (owned by his “responsible” parents) and pulls the triger because the gun is also loaded! Some protection!!

  • NRA should be ashamed. Cheap, low shot!! Shows their values? Shows they care so much about their efforts that they would undermine principles to get their way. We saw enough during the election process of “Pants-On-Fire” downright lies…now…”manipulation”? I totally agree that we have “the right to bear arms”…do we have a right to own a semi-automatic – AK47….so we can kill more than one person easily?? What do assault weapons have to do with our right to carry arms? I am so sick of the “politics”…….why aren’t “we the people” outraged?????? Why is there a “guns rights” parade in 42 states…and not SUPPORT for the President’s goals??????? Where are WE THE PEOPLE??????? I would love to see large gatherings, signs, etc. supporting Gun Control….It is soooooooooo disgusting that ou

  • highpckts

    DSLOCUM – I totally agree that the NRA are bottoms feeders but this is a new interpretations of the 2nd amendment that I haven’t heard yet! Providing militias with guns to control slaves?? I’m sorry but there is only one 2nd amendment and it doesn’t say that! In fact it doesn’t say half the things that most nuts claim it does!!

  • highpckts

    TonyinMO – ever hear of the silent majority?? You, my friend are NOT the silent majority!

  • highpckts

    We feel wonderful because you LOST!! Whether anything gets done about guns, you LOST!!

  • highpckts

    We’re repeating party talking points! That’s rich! That’s all I’ve heard from yourt posts!!Zipperhead?? There you go again with the name calling oh you of little intelligence!

  • highpckts

    Plznnn – What?? I swear, you people can come up with some of the damnest comparisons but you just gave us another reason to controll guns!!

  • highpckts

    You are sad! You arne’t on the same level as the President which has said many times throughout these posts!! You do not have international enemies coming after your children to get back at you!! For God’s sake use the brain that God gave you and also the common sense, which I think, is in very short supply for most gun owners!

  • highpckts

    You know if that is what you see in anyone with more power than you, then you need serious help!Of course you are not raacist in anyway so it must be your mental health!!

  • Any President has to have 24 hour a day protection for his kids. If those two girls were kidnapped, can you imagine what a bonanza that would be for the kidnappers? They could demand a ransom that would break all the banks in the United States. Al Qaeda could seize those two girls and demand the stinkingest terms for their release, e.g. freeing all Islamist criminals, getting the US to nuke Israel, executing certain political or corporate persons. Only hell knows what the kidnappers would extort. Absolutely yes, protect Obama’s daughters.

  • onedonewong

    Its a great ad and on point. Of course Barak tried to 1 up them by pulling a saddam hussain and used kids as a human shield at the WH. Guess that’s pretty common for moooslim dictators

    • ExPAVIC

      Another From One

      No surprise One, another moronic statement from your twisted, moronic head. Take your meds and go back to your crossword puzzles.

      • onedonewong

        Got nutting again as usual

  • tobewan

    The NRA ad reveals that the NRA and ALL its supporting members are THE REASON that necessitates armed protection of the President’s daughters. And its agreed that their ad is disgusting, repulsive, and sinks to a new low level of stench!
    And the rebellious NRA appears to be starting anarchistic revolution, as in Hail to the GUN! Again, the upper 2% are trying to run the country. Let’s pray saner minds prevail!

    Hasn’t it been in the past, it’s the criminal who hollers the most and loudest if he is caught in his nefarious scheme? When the greedy are caught in their greed? When the obstructionists are exposed in the actions? When hatred, bias, and racism is exposed as the past four years has shown by the right and the far right?
    The incoming Light is exposing the evils of the old order of dominancy, preparing the way for greater and greater transparency – no more deceitful accusations, lies, and disinformation, such as we see coming out of the NRA and the fear peddling harpers.


    Same Old Stuff

    Like you expected an intelligent response from that gang of misdirected, uninformed, and stupid leadership of the NRA?

    As a former member for some twenty years, this writer detected something serious wrong with an organization that feels everyone should be allowed to own whatever type firearm they please without drawing attention and criticism.

    The simple fact is that your don’t need an assault-type, kiddie killer weapon with extended magazine to enjoy the shooting past times, including target shooting and hunting. If that is your belief, perhaps you should pursue some other past time that does not contribute to the killing of innocent people.

    Be aware that deranged individuals cannot alone propel a bullet intended to do harm as it requires a mechanical device to perform the act. Thus, limit the devices and you will address 99% of the problem.

  • ALTreality

    I actually like this ad; I sincerely hope the NRA continues with this type of media campaign. Nothing reinforces the need for sensible checks and balances between the 2nd Amendment and than the Preamble to the Constitution, which insures domestic tranquility and promotes the general welfare of ‘we the people’ than the irrational rantings and paranoid delusions of the NRA. People that endorse this king of garbage are not living in a rational state of mind, which is why we need more regulation against the uneducated, narrow-minded lunatic fringe. They also don’t know anything about the Constitution except for the 2nd Amendment, or they would have realized that Secret Service protection for the First Family is exactly why we have a 25th Amendment.

  • The need for the POTUS to have Secret Service protection for himself and his family is a no brainer anyone who doesn’t know that has no brain. Our safety and the safety of our loved ones are important but it’s not at the same level as the President and his family. For example if someone kidnapped or threatened to harm us or our family they wouldn’t gain a bargaining chip that could possibly compromise national security or throw the country into turmoil. Not to mention the POTUS and his family are much bigger targets simply because he’s the President. So my suggestion to those screaming about the security of the President and his family vs. their security I would say run for President and win. Problem solved.

  • lambypie

    Thank you for your input and you are absolutely right about the military because you see that is where “assault rifles” etc. belong not in our homes. And just so you are aware I have always supported the military even during VietNam when it wasn’t “cool” so don’t go spouting flag waving at me. Maybe just once we need to stop the polarization so that this country can get some work done. That includes you. Thank you for your time.