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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is on air with its first ad of the 2014 election cycle, a “Duck Hunt”-themed spot attacking Senator Mary Landrieu (R-LA).

The ad, which premiered in the New Orleans media market during the season premiere of the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty, accuses Landrieu of “bad aim” on health care, energy, taxes, and jobs.

In a Wednesday evening email to The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Senator Landrieu’s campaign director, Adam Sullivan, responded to the ad.

“This ad is a total quack. It is a desperate, misleading attempt by the NRSC, which hopes it will help them duck the fact that Mary Landrieu has spent her entire time in the Senate fighting and winning for Louisiana,” Sullivan said.

“It was her bill, GOMESA, that opened up 8.3 million acres in the Gulf for domestic drilling, established revenue sharing for Louisiana to restore its coast and created good-paying energy jobs,” he added. “And, unlike others in this race, Sen. Landrieu voted last January to provide permanent tax relief to Louisiana’s middle-class families.”

The NRSC’s decision to air an ad attacking Landrieu more than 15 months before Election Day underscores Louisiana’s importance to the Republican Party’s plans to win a majority in the U.S. Senate. The GOP would need to win a net of six seats to gain the majority; with Democrats showing unexpectedly strong numbers in Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina, the Louisiana race looks like a must-win for the GOP. Early polling of the race shows Landrieu with a very narrow lead over her likely opponent, U.S. Representative Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

The use of “Duck Hunt” to attack Landrieu may be a subtle jab at her vote in favor of the doomed Manchin-Toomey bill to expand background checks; were that the case, however, it’s unclear how effective the tactic would be. According to a Public Policy Polling survey, Landrieu’s gun reform vote actually improved her standing among Louisiana voters.

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6 responses to “WATCH: NRSC ‘Hunts’ Landrieu With New Attack Ad”

  1. samantha657 says:

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  2. Sand_Cat says:

    I like that part in the response about opening up more areas in the Gulf to oil drilling and getting money to help “restore” the coast. I wonder why they need to “restore” the coast.

    • Independent1 says:

      It looks like the wetlands along the Mississippi river delta need a lot of restoration. Here’s an article on that from the middle of last year:

      Louisiana and the nation can’t wait 50 years to restore economically and environmentally important coastal wetlands, a task that is likely to cost $50 billion or more, says a new report released Monday by a team of state and national environmental and social scientists and engineers. And the rest of the nation should shoulder part of the cost, the report says.

      “Our discussions led us to answer a number of questions that people brought up to suggest that coastal restoration might not be feasible,” Day said. “Isn’t it too expensive? Is there enough sediment in the river? What about navigation and control? Won’t it affect people living on the coast?”

      The report was prepared to help direct the coastal policy of the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign, a consortium of national and local environmental groups. It concludes that the negative effects of building major freshwater and sediment diversions to rebuild wetlands are easily outweighed by the economic and environmental costs of not building them.

      “If we don’t do something fairly big very soon, in a decade or two, the effects could be disastrous,” Day said.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        My last question was both rhetorical and satiric, as I suspect you realized.
        Thanks for filling in the details. As for all of us contributing, I don’t want a dime of my taxes going to such “restoration” while those a$$holes are still opening up more of the gulf for drilling: let them eat and drink crude and the highly toxic dispersants used to give the appearance of cleanup forever, and I hope they all go bankrupt and die of poisoning.

  3. bellesouth1 says:

    Believe it or not, Landrieu is a democrat!

    • Independent1 says:

      Somebody needs to make Henry aware of that. She’s the senior senator from Louisiana as a Democrat. Mary’s is one of the seats the GOP is trying to win in order to take a majority in the Senate.

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