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Thursday, October 19, 2017

WATCH: Obama Campaign Roasts Romney In Hollywood-Style Ad

The Obama campaign released an unconventional new ad this weekend mocking Republicans for their attempt to rebrand Mitt Romney at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

The ad, titled “The Do-Over,” is styled as a movie preview and rated “N” for “Not Gonna Work.” While poking fun at Romney’s hope to use “slick packaging” at the convention to give his campaign a “fresh start,” “The Do-Over” takes viewers through some of the lowlights of Romney’s campaign thus far.

“His only hope is: A convention re-invention,” the narrator says dramatically at one point in the ad. “And an Etch-A-Sketch, of epic proportions, will be shaken to its core.”

Watch “The Do-Over” below:

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17 Responses to WATCH: Obama Campaign Roasts Romney In Hollywood-Style Ad

  1. So, the burning question of 2012 is how many more re-inventions,fresh etch a sketches,
    and other lies and stupid nonsense will Weird Willard Mittens Romney and his pet rock
    Mini_Mitt Paul Ryan and other misguided supporters dream up before Election Day 2012?
    Just say NO to Weird Willard Mittens Romney & Mini_Mitt Paul Ryan in 2012.

  2. So I guess by Rating this video as N for Not Going to Work could also apply to the current addministration, considering that Mr Obama has brought little to the table with his Hope and Change, oh wait we Hope that he will do what he promises, but know there won’t be any Change.

    • CMcCraryNY’s reply is rated “N” for “No original thought has ever come from this mind since I started watching Fox”.

      • And your replay is rated “W” for worthless… because you can not accept that other people have a view point regardless of what it may be.. Your views are the only way to Go… No2GOP… NO2DEM… NO2GEOPOLITICS… Your text is a pathetic waste of space.

    • Are you suggesting ACA did not change the status quo? How about equal pay for women, the end of DADT and all the other policies demonized by the GOP? As far as promises go, it is hard to implement them when an obstructionist House make sure proposals such as investing in infrastructure, punishing companies that outsource jobs and rewarding those that invest and create jobs in the USA, closing Gitmo putting inmates in Federal prisons, and ending the war in Afghanistan are ridiculed, demonized or simply ignored.

      • Well Gitmo hasn’t been closed, the War in Afghanistan has not ended, and our economy has not come back out of brink of social services since this administration has taken office. There hasn’t been equal pay in this nation since its inception, and sadly there never will be. The only way there will be equal pay is if our govt stops giving big businesses tax incentives and breaks for outsourcing its businesses to other nations, particularly where there are far lower wages being earned, thus increasing their bottom line. The fact here is that I am neither a Dem nor GOP supporter, I simply stated my opinion. That the HOPE AND CHANGE tactic that was taken was a ridiculous move made by ANY Politician as a means of gathering votes.

    • I thinkyour confused. The N for not going to work refers to republicans in congress. Hoping that most if not all of them are gone after the election and we can get some people in there who will actually work for the good of the county instead of putting all their energies into defeating Obama’s second term.

      • That’s what the election of 2010 proved, most Americans seen Obama’s Hope & Change for what it really is, and Liberals lost 63 seats in the House. Why do you think Republicans would want to go along with BO’s failed policies. And every budget the House put through, BO just said, “Dead on Arrival”. He had and has NO intention of bi-partisianship, just his way or the highway. For your sake and the countries, you better hope BO’s policies don’t continue.

        • It was Hope & Change and it still is. Forward to hopefully keep republicans from completely destroying this country. We need 12 more years of Forward to turn around the mess that Bush & Cheney left this country with. If most members of congress would do some good for Americans instead of looking out for their own selfish interests, not try to destroy the middle class, try to make all poor & unemployed seem like they are second class citizens, have crazy right wing zealots trying to take over womens rights and nominating a man for president that puts his money in foreign countries and evades paying taxes I might consider going back and voting for them. Until that happens, I am happy to be it the group of registered republicans saying no more.

          • So how has the Hope and Change worked out for you? Personally I think the Hope was turned into Hopeless, and the Change was turned into Spare Change.. Sorry but the Hope and Change has not worked, though it was a great idea. Unfortunately it just never came to fruition.

        • Hey Paul what has the Rerpublican controlled house done in the past 2 years? Try to pass anti-abortion laws, repeal the ACA law or defund Planned Parenthood. Where are the bills to accomplish something. Add to this the Senate fillibusters just about anything that would make the country better right now.

        • Pres. Obama has tried all he can despite the GOP’s obstructionism and ‘fight Obama at all costs, including bringing the country down’ strategy….Even if they re-invent Romney, he stands no chance to win

    • It is amazing how many people seem to have missed the fact that the Republicans even publicly announced that their top priority during Obama’s first term was to make sure he was a one-term President … that’s why there was ‘no change’ unless getting everyone in the country access to medical care is considered change.

      • No I did not miss that fact that the Republipukes publicly announced that their top priority was to make sure that Obama was a one term president. I know that the blame is on both parties… but the HOPE AND CHANGE tactic worked so well, that it has left over 250,000 American Citizens below lines of poverty, it has left over 750,000 American Citizens standing in welfare lines, all the while these fat pigs up in Washington are partying like it is 2025 and not a care in the world. Considering they are not obligated to pay into the Social Security System, they are not obligated to wait for their bosses to give them a pay raise (they can just vote it in without anyone watching)… Oh and lets not forget about the multimillion dollar parties of which they hold (both the Dems and the GOP) or better yet the 10 million dollar Christmas vacation… yea… I guess I can see how this really helps the American Citizen and their families, it doesn’t! You think that getting medical care is going to change how your family eats, how they live, or how they are educated? If you do you seriously need to take your ass back to school and study a lot harder. I have spoken with hundreds of Dr.’s (Medical Doctors) who provide services to everyday people, and their concerns are that they have spent out hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate their selves, to provide you with the best possible solution to your medical care… a mandated medical care system is just another welfare program in disguise. You really aught to look up the 2300 pages of ObamaCare and read how it is really going to effect you and your families. Best of luck with all that.

  3. LMOA… amount of do overs, flip flops, and etch a sketches can hide who Romney is. Someone who will do or say anything and compromise on his own principles if it will get him elected POTUS.

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