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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

WATCH: Obama Slams ‘Right To Work’ Laws In Michigan Speech

President Barack Obama weighed in on Michigan’s escalating labor battle Monday, slamming misleadingly named “right to work” laws as being designed for “giving you the right to work for less money.”

During a speech at the Daimler Detroit Diesel Plant in Redford, Michigan, the president attacked Michigan’s new anti-union bill, which Republican governor Rick Snyder plans to sign on Tuesday. “What we shouldn’t be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions,” Obama said to loud applause from the crowd.

“These so-called right-to-work laws don’t have anything to do with economics,” the president added. “They have to do with politics. What they are really doing is giving you the right to work for less money.”

Obama also praised Daimler for “creating 115 good, new union jobs” at the Diesel Plant. Video of his comments is below, via the Washington Examiner:

Obama’s remarks were a clear attempt to ramp up pressure on Snyder to change course and veto the bill, postpone it until the next legislative session to allow further debate, or subject it to a referendum to let voters decide for themselves. Michigan’s top Democrats met with Snyder earlier on Monday, with the same goal of pressuring the first-term governor.

During his speech, President Obama also reiterated his desire to make a deal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” declaring that he is ready to work with Republicans on a budget plan that could include “tough spending cuts” — but reiterating that he “won’t compromise” on raising tax rates for the wealthiest Americans.

The president’s comments come a day after Obama and House Speaker John Boehner’s first one-on-one meeting since July, 2011. Although neither side commented on the meeting, spokesmen for the White House and Speaker Boehner released identical statements saying that “the lines of communication remain open.”

The speech also marks the latest in a series of campaign-style events for the president. Between this speech, a similar event at a Pennsylvania toy factory, a web ad highlighting his campaign promises, and the reactivation of Obama for America’s “call tool,” it’s clear that just because the president won re-election doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of his campaign.

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195 responses to “WATCH: Obama Slams ‘Right To Work’ Laws In Michigan Speech”

  1. Progressive Patriot says:

    We’re with you on this one, Mr. President!

    • More Greedy American Taliban Polices Trying To Turn This Country Into Another Third World Country!!! They Complain About People Getting Help From Government But Yet They Don’t Want To Pay People Enough Money To Live On!!! Just Like They Cried Where’s The Jobs While They Are The Very Ones Shipping Them Overseas To China India And To Where Ever The Closest Sweatshops They Can Find Just For More Profits!!! The Workers Are Helping Them To Be Rich Why Not Pay Them A Decent Wage!!

      • Progressive Patriot says:

        You are The Best, Fern Woodfork!

        • Thank You My Friend And I Think You’re The Best Also!!! 🙂

          • James says:

            Dear Fernny,I assume you are pro choice choice on abortion,so what’s wrong with being pro choice on the right to work? You can’t have it both ways

          • James Please Talk To Some One Else With The Bullshit!! I’m Not The ONE!!! That’s Like Comparing Apple To Oranges!! Talk To Your Fellow Troll onegonewrong Both Of You Are Idiots!!!

          • James says:

            Ferrney, my mother and sister are RN,s and they are not Bitch Nurses. I am also a Vietnam combat vet with the 26th Marines 66 67 MOS 0331 so anything you have to say, go for it.We jar heads love to be called every name in the book. Hell I hope you come up with some thing original so I can get a new original tatto.

          • Good For You Fool, Jamiey I Give Less Than A Damn Who You Are!! You Still Just A Stupid Tea Bagging Troll!! I Hope You Got That Tattoo Across Your Forehead You Need To Learn How To Spell And Stick With Your Only Crowd!! So Stop Talking To Me !! Let’s See How Much Of A Man You Really Are!!! Cause You Sure Don’t Act Like A Man!!! More Like A Little BITCH!!!

          • MRD1056 says:

            Well James I am also a Jar Head and one of corp principles is to fight tyranny. A right to work law doesn’t give you choice it actually takes it away. It allows companies to come in and implement all sorts of fun rules and angles against employees to have the upper hand in contract negotiations and displinary actions. Trust me I live in a Right to Work for Less state. Corperations need to step up and pay the American people a living wage now after recording record profits and have had 30 years of income equility and the average CEO makes 400 times more than there employees. Semper Fi

          • oldtack says:

            Excuse my phraseology but – what in Hell does abortion have to do with the Right-to-work law?

            And her name is FERN – not Fernny.

            Get real or get off the forum.

          • He’s A Troll Just Like onegonewrong!! You Can tell Cause They Always On The Wrong Side Of History!! Now Compare Right To Work To The Trickle Down Effect Yeah They Both Are Full Of SHIT!!!

          • James says:

            Fernny, when did shit start trickling up.

          • When Did Anything Trickle Down???

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Shit started trickling up the moment Ronnie Raygun was elected to office. It’s the only platform the pubs and they’re elite relate to.

          • FeFe Fox says:


          • Betta says:

            Fernny is part of the sheeple group. When you’ve got a free phone with free 250 minutes (paid for by other people, of whom it is required to pay more for their service so freeloaders can have a free phone), a check and food stamps you’ll go along with anything to keep the freebies coming.

            She certainly doesn’t run a business or she would be singing a different tune.

          • Betta You A Lying BITCH!!! I’m A Middle Class Working Nurse BITCH We Get No Free Phones I Work You Dumb Ass Lying Bitch Go Play With Your Crowd Cause I Will Rip You A New Asshole!!!

          • James says:

            And I thought Nurse Rachett was a bitch.Fernny makes her look like Mother Teresa.

          • That Would Be Your Mother And Sister Jameiy!!

          • Jim Myers says:

            Replying to Fern Woodfork –

            Don’t let him get to you. Scumbags don’t deserve to have any printed response. It only feeds their twisted minds.

          • Yappy2 says:

            She told you she is a RN and that makes her a hard working person who deserves a decent wage. Corporations get Corporation welfare that is paid for by lower wages of hard working people and government subsidies that is paid for by everybody.

          • seethroughurlies says:

            you need to look up that “free phone.” You will find good old
            George Bush implemented that. And he also signed TARP that gave the banksters 16 trillion dollars. Oh yea, all true. Maybe you are the sheeple.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Well, the only thing you’re running is your mouth. I’d place you in the same category as James when it comes to making sense.

          • I’m A Nurse Ms Binder Bitch A Nurse!!! We Get No Free Phone And Welfare !! Maybe It’s You The One Collecting These Things You Know So Much About Them!!!

          • amarquez647 says:

            James has anybody ever given you medicine that is sugar coated so that you would swallow it. Have you ever set trap with cheese. This is the type of crap that right to work is. By the way, have you ever signed a contract with an employer stating that you “are hired at will. “Put a steel plate inside the seat of your pants because you have given your employer the right to screw you and at his/her will; give you the boot. Every employer has an at will clause in their employee contract.

          • James says:

            I’m not against unions, I’m against their corrupt leadership,which by the way are part of the 2%.

          • DurdyDawg says:

            So, in this sense you should also be against politics, big pharma.. the oil cartel and giant corporations which are also corrupt. Anything that deals with human interaction will in it’s time turn corrupt because it deals exclusively with wealth and power regardless who’s money it actually is. The only way to curb this continued trend is honest advocates who are against coruption.. Know anyone off hand that could fill that job? I didn’t think so, so you’re picking on one industry, an industry that also helps the common man, is hypocritical and just as corrupt as the corruption that you’re fighting against. All corruption revolves around the 2% James, the difference is ‘trickle’ down.. The unions practice this, the others laugh at the prospect. And as to your pro-choice question.

          • awoosoul says:

            More double-talk and more stupidity. Once legislation like this is enacted there will be more dissension than ever is that what you want. You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. How in the world can a union fight for better work conditions, better wages and benefits that people need when some members aren’t paying dues, get real. How are the other workers going to feel about them and why is it so hard to admit what you’re really upset about is union backing of democratic candidates. This bit about their leader is utter nonsense. Unions have elections and workers elect their representatives and some are corrupt just like politicians I don’t hear you say lets dismantle the government, but what you are backing will do tremendous harm to the unions who represent workers. And will in effeect have a negative effect when it comes to negotiating contracts. You sir are as blind as a bat and are fooled by conservative commentators are making a fortune selling their nonsense at workers expense. I hope you will be proud as your neighbor’s paycheck get slimmer while their benefits are eliminated.

          • The so called right to work is a attack on the majority. once again the neocon campaign for minority rule. You have a problem with democracy. If you don’t want to work in a union shop leave and work for less.

          • James says:

            We are a Republic not a Democrocy. Majaority rule is Mob rule. Republics protect the minority against the majority.

          • Republic Protect The Rich Something You’re NOT!!!

          • Yappy2 says:

            Problem is they still get represented by unions but they can’t be forced to pay dues. This makes them a bunch of scum parasites.

          • MRD1056 says:


          • James says:

            They will pretend to represent them.

          • Yappy2 says:

            Your comparison doesn’t make sense. Pro choice on abortion and right to work laws is like comparing apples to oranges. or dogs to birds.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Anyone who believes “Right To Work For Less” laws are a good thing isn’t someone you can expect much sense from. These are the first people who will be whining and crying about their miserable working conditions and pay in a few years.

          • carolknows says:

            this is a ridiculous comment. there are multiple combinations of peoples’ opinions. why are you mixing these two? i know antiunion businessmen who have had abortions (yes men), i know prounion women who are antichoice…etc,etc,etc. stick with the subject.

          • Joseph says:

            That’s called an illogical syllogism, James. Look it up. Your argument has no validity in logic.

          • Julia says:

            I have in a right to work state. When they were getting this law passed they misled the people in the state, saying this would protect them . This law does not protect anyone but the employer. The employer can do what they want and they can fire you because they do not like the color or your sweater. They can change your pay to a lower rate and make you work harde and longer hours and still will not be making the same amount of money that you were making before. This is just a way of controling the poor working poor and keeping them there.

          • James. What the hell does pro choice have to do with people being screwed out of a living wage? Get your mind off the anti-abortion bandwagon long enough to consider other issues. You guys see the whole world through pro life glasses.

          • With due ap0logies to Fern (not Fernny, PLEASE), whose sex life is no one’s business but her own: What in the world does abortion have to do with labor v. capital? Can’t have it both ways? In which of those ways does such an intimate choice as abortion relate to wages, working conditions and benefits?

            What if Fern chooses to seek employer provided medical coverage that includes abortion? Is she not free to seek union representation to bargain on her behalf for that coverage? Is her labor of no value? Does not that employer purchase medical coverage, which likely includes abortion, from profits earned by Fern’s labor? And if that employer refuses to bargain and does not pay for the same coverage for Fern, is that employer not then constrained from seeking an abortion upon his or her own behalf? Fair is fair, after all. And besides, you can’t have it both ways, can you, James.

          • awoosoul says:

            James give me a break, you right-wingers are all the same. Ever heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This has nothing to do with being pro choice on the right to work and everything to do with squashing unions and you know it. What republicans don’t like is the power unions have at the ballot box and using their funds to endorse democratic candidates. That’s what this is all about and saying anything different is being disingenuous on your part. How in the world can one worker pay dues and get all the benefits of the union fighting for better work conditions, benefits, pensions and wages and another worker opt out but yet still receive those benefits. You guys are not only nuts, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The end result of this nonsense is lower wages for everyone including you and if that will make you happy you truly are blinded by your party loyalty. Our parents and grandparents fought for the right to collective bargain and gain wages that were fair and allow them to retire in dignity and now you guys want to destroy what they accomplished and we’re not going to allow you to do that.

        • onedonewong says:

          2 mental midgets talking isn’t that cute!!!1

      • onedonewong says:

        Hmmm how many more businesses do you want to see go bankrupt due to Unions?? How many are enough for you socialists?? Hostess and GM and Chrysler have all gone down thanks to union intragence. Not to mention the USPS

        • Not As Many Romney And The 2% Greedy Ass So Call Business Men Put Out Of Business !! What Part Of Stop Talking To Me Don’t Your Dumb Ass Not Understanding????

          • onedonewong says:

            The 2% are the ones that have CREATED all the jobs. Its unions govt regulation and competation that forces Companies into bankruptcy.
            Will the Hostess brand be back you BET, But I can assures none of the unions goons will be rehired, They ruined not only their lives but their families as they become future dems living off producers and paying no taxes.. Something the left and colored know nothing about
            Chrysler and GM are back???? They owe the tax payers over $40 BILLION that we will never see. With GM forced to manufacture the VOLT you can be sure their US operations will bleed red. Chrysler is now part of FIAT, making cars for the US that no one buys.

            Once again w have a welfare queen that knows how to run a corporation. Guess what you have to come to work on time work 7 days a week

          • Fuck You You Low Life Thug Stop Talking To Me Little Tea Bagging Bitch Go Get A Job And A Life You Stupid Asshole!!! Your Mother Is A Welfare Queen You Dumb Ass Bitch!!! Your Stinking Ass Ain’t Got No Job Stop Living Off Your Mother Fool!! That’s Your Problem You Dumb And You Live Off Of Other People Cause If You Had A Job You Would Know Better!! Go Suck Out Of A Dead Elephant Ass!!!!

          • onedonewong says:

            Worm your my idol I want to be just like you when I grow up, a crack whore living on welfare food stamps sec 8 housing and medicaid…its like that Christmas movie “its a wonderful life”

          • William says:

            Where are all these jobs the 2% created? Never mind I’ve heard to much of your stupid shit already.

          • James says:

            How about Henry Ford, Steven Jobs, Roger Smith[Fed Ex] Edison [General Electric] Bill Gates, all Democrats and anti union.

          • You Just As Dumb As They Come The Ones You Named Are GOP/Tea Party Thugs Also So You Really Need To Shut Your Dumb Ass Up!!! After Trolling On 11 Web Sites One Would Think That You Would Have More Than 580 Likes!! James You Need To Shut Your Dumb Ass Up!!! You Are Shell Shocked!! You Can Also Spit Out The Sour Grapes Romney Lost Give Over It Fool!!! MOVE ON AND STFU TALKING TO ME!!!!

          • DurdyDawg says:

            History says all these anti-union moguls paid their employees liveable wages and benefits without being forced to.. How many pub mega-corps do this for their blue collars? Your argument just backfired in your face.

          • onedonewong says:

            Where are all these MILLIONs of jobs that barak claims to have created??? He’s spent trillions of TAXPAYER $$$ to ship jobs to China Japan Mexico Brazil and Finland

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Hey, onedopewrong, The Tea Party want you to drop by and pick up another gallon of Kool-Aid and get your next talking points.

          • onedonewong says:

            hey meto barak and the communist party wants you to stop by and get your free obamaphone, free housing food stamps welfare and free medical care especially if your an illegal

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Thanks, Onedopewrong, I’ll be right there. I won’t ask you for directions because I don’t think you could find your ass using both hands.

          • onedonewong says:

            Might be right but I sure do know what baraka is giving away to illegals and those who don’t pay taxes

          • metrognome3830 says:

            I’m sure you think you know.

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Wait a minute onedonedong, “future dems paying no taxes”..? You’re entire pub party don’t want to pay taxes.. Don’t want to raise taxes, don’t want to progress through taxes.. Can you say, ‘hypocrite?” And as far as bankruptcy is concerned, that’s the wealthy’s way of keeping their ill earned profits by sucking up their losses from the taxpayer. Your all a bunch of corporate welfare leaches who take then condemn those who suffer.

        • oldtack says:

          Hey shit for brains. You have uttered enough drivel to show the world you haven’ t perused the background of any of these Businesses and you have no clue as to what bad Management decisions were made to to bring on their problems. You are only capable of parroting whatever the news media moguls tells you to believe.

          Do yourself a favor sometime and sit down – study the “problems” and THINK.

          • onedonewong says:

            Got nothing HUH??? you FAIL

          • Your Dumb Ass Fail And Lost 3204 comments And 1279 Likes That’s Not Even!/3 Likes To Each Of Your Dumb Ass Comments!!! LOL Shut Your Dumb Ass Up!!! Why Don’t You And This Other Dumb Ass Troll Bitch Get The Hell Out Of Here!!!! Or Shut The Fuck Up And Try To Learn Something!! Even Better Yet Stay Out Of Grown People Conversation!!

          • onedonewong says:

            Why would I care. The blog is manly composed of half wits and colored

          • metrognome3830 says:

            Which one of you guys made the comment about two idiots talking? You two guys combined couldn’t equal one idiot. You Tea Party trolls are so obvious.

          • James says:

            The United States Postal Service has a managment and supervisers union.

          • Bill says:

            Oldtack You have hit the nail on the head. onedonewrong, monatanabill and bozotheidiot all like to make statements without puting any research into the topic. The Hostess is an example of one’s typical wrong thinking. The unions had already given back some benefits while the management were getting raises and bounuses. GM and Chrysler had problems because they were developing an inferior product that the foreign car market took advantage of. By the way is it a “foreign car” if it’s made here? GM and Chrysler have turned it around and now making cars that can compete on the car market.

        • Jim Myers says:

          Replying to onedonewong –

          The massively overpaid CEO’s and executives give themselves huge bonuses and Golden Parachutes.

          Of course, they are not at fault for any of the losses that their corporations suffer.



          • onedonewong says:

            Its work rules in addition to pay and benefits that cause businesses to fail. Just like Hostess it was the union work rules that caused it to go out of business.
            As for CEO pay they are paid on performance unions members can’t be held accountable

      • Betta says:

        “More Greedy American Taliban Polices Trying To Turn This Country Into Another Third World Country!!!”

        You are absolutely correct! Your illegal alien messiah in the white house is doing a great job of dividing the people and ripping this country apart. But you can’t see that with all that wool over your eyes.

        • Betta I Don’t Know What The Hell You Are Talking About So Please Shut The Hell Up Talking To Me!! You The One Who Can’t See From All The Shit That Dripping In Your Eyes from Sucking Out Of The Koch Brothers Asses!! Nobody Dividing This Country But You Low Life American Taliban Ass Kissing Trolls!!! Bet Your Broke Ass Ain’t Rich So Why Are You Kissing Their Asses !! Do Yourself A Favor Go Get A Real Job And A Real Life!! You Don’t Want to Battle With Me With Your 292 Likes You Are Out Of Your League!! When You Get Thru Digging In Your Ass And Stomping Your Feet, Lying Throwing The Hissy Fits And Having The Tantrum, Obama H. Obama Will Still Be The President Of These United States, Here’s A Clue Spit Out The Sour Grapes And Get Over It Or Move Your Lying Ass Out Of America!!! Your Thugs Ass Lying GOP/Tea Party LOST!!! Move On!!

      • 13observer says:

        WTF are you talking about? Right to work has NOTHING to do with paying people enough money it is about people paying union dues or not! If people want to get paid more money they need to ORGANIZE A UNION AT WORK AND PAY DUES TO SUPPORT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not have Obama give it to them in the form of WELFARE! You don’t LEGISLATE it!!!!!!!!! You NEGOTIATE it!!!!!!!!!!!! but in order to that you have to work in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • WTF You Talking About Troll!! Right To Work Is Right To Work For Less Money Asshole!!! It Only Protect The Employer Just Like Trickle Down Only Help The Wealthy!!! Now Shut Your Dumb Ass Talking To Me And Stay Out Of Grown People Conversation!!! TROLL!!! You Need To Get A Job And A Life!! After Making 597 Comments And Only Got 219 Likes Shut Your Dumb Ass Up!!! You Clearly Don’t Have A Clue To What Comes Out Of Your Mouth Troll!!!

    • You are right. Notice that the argument from Republicans when they demonize unions is that we should be willing to accept lower salaries and less or no benefits in exchange for having a job. They don’t even pretend to support preserving, let alone advancing, our standard of living. In addition to the usual doom and gloom, the center piece of their socio-economic agenda is mediocrity.
      It is also important to note that when the GOP condemns organized labor and, by default, the minimum wage, overtime pay, paid vacations, Holiday pay, 401k or thrift plans, and safety regulations, the only consolation they can come up with is that we should be grateful to have a job! I wonder what their next step is going to be. Who knows, they may highlight Bangladesh as a socio-economic model to emulate…

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Don’t insult Bangladesh by suggesting the Republicans want to emulate them! Bangladesh is a poor country. What’s the wealthy Republicans’ excuse?

      • Progressive Patriot says:

        Also, it amazes me that some people don’t see beyond the bag of poop wrapped in glitter paper called lower taxes. Don’t get me wrong, I need $2000 dollars a year too, and we do need a long term plan to reduce the deficit, but not at at the cost of health care, retirement, vacation, an ability to earn a living wage, weekends, time with family, workplace safety, extra burden on our social safety nets, less access to a quality education, infrastructure… To stand for RTW just to save yourself $2000 dollars in taxes seems short sighted, and is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. We all lose.

        Keep it going! 🙂

    • montanabill says:

      flush…gurgle gurgle gurgle

  2. montanabill says:

    The only thing this President knows how to do is campaign.

    Maybe right to work does give the right to work for less money. Is that a crime? It also gives you the right not pay a union with which you might disagree politically. Is that also a crime? It also doesn’t limit your right to join a union either.

    I’d sure like to hear the President define his ‘tough spending cuts’. The guy rips Boehner for not defining which deductions he would favor eliminating, but won’t do any defining himself.

    • Jmz Warren-Nesky says:

      You have it all wrong.. Do you actually believe ‘right to work’ applies to the employees benefit? In all circumstances we’ve always had the right to choose where we work, it all depended on if there were openings. This.. BS right to work doesn’t expand that reality, only lessens those who could work for higher wages. I’ve worked in right to work states and through several attempts, finally found a job that paid more than minimum wage.. I could have found it quicker except for the fact that I was in a right to work state. Your all being misinformed concerning this right to work BS and your doing nothing but slitting your own throat by eliminating any advocate that could help you better your working situation. Once this comes into effect there will be no coming back when you realize you’ve been screwed.

      • montanabill says:

        No Jmz, I don’t have it all wrong. I’ve lived and worked in both types of states. The quality of the work is no different, only the cost to get it done. Unions can compete in right-to-work states, but they cannot be as absurd with demands as they have been. There is absolutely no reason why a person manning a display booth at a New York convention should have to get and pay a union person to plug a computer into an outlet at the cost of $150. There is no reason why unions had to force railroads to keep people in obsolete jobs for years. There is no reason why employers have to be forced to pay high wages, expensive medical coverage and then lifetime pensions. Employees have to have some responsibility for their own welfare.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          There is no reason why a CEO paid millions should get his “performance” bonus when he doesn’t perform, but he usually does. There is no reason why a CEO fired or asked to resign for incompetence and/or misconduct should be paid more money than you and I and ten of our friends put together will make in a lifetime of work as “severance.” There is no reason why people like you should support the oppression of other people like you except stupidity and malice.

          • montanabill says:

            On the CEO issue, you are absolutely correct and it is up to the owners of the company and the elected Board to correct either situation.

            Just out of curiosity, would you say that a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch would be worth more than you and ten of your friends?

            In any case, your response is a straw man having nothing to do with the discussion.

        • Yappy2 says:

          What about the lifetime medical benefits and penisions the polititions get? They get them even if they only serve one term.I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to give Ronald Reagan supreme care while he was sick for so long. I don’t begrudge him the care and wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes but ,everyone should be able to have good healthcare and get decent retirement benefits. Think about all the retired polititions and how much taxpayers are paying.

        • DurdyDawg says:

          The CEO’s welfare is the difference in profitting from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.. They depend on consumers to keep them in the money but begrudge the spread of wealth (in dollars and benefits) to the ones who make they’re business a success. If all businessmen were fair in pay and benefits (not even close to the amount your arguing about) then we would need no advocate because the employer would be contributing to the betterment of his empolyees as well as himself and his company.. This does not happen unless their pushed into it (because of their obese profit margins) not one of those employers who have to pay union wages have missed one meal because of it, have not failed to send their spoiled brats to ivy league colleges nor bankrupt an auto dealership because they can’t afford to pay their outrageous prices. The responsibilities of the employee is to contribute to the prosperity of the company yet the company whines because they ask to be included within those profits. Look at politics.. Their pay, their benefits are outrageous and when they retire, their set for life and this is on the citizen’s dime yet when these fools are confronted with the decision to allow others a reasonable living, they close their eyes and let the greedy sharks and toads dictate how the nation should exist. “There is absolutely no reason why a person manning a display booth at a New York convention should have to get and pay a union person to plug a computer into an outlet at the cost of $150.” yet these same boothers have no qualms what so ever in over charging those who come in to purchase their wares THEN blame the outrageous prices on the union nerd.

          • montanabill says:

            Can I assume you have been the CEO of a middle size to large company or on the board of directors of one of these companies so that we know you know what you are talking about?

    • johninPCFL says:

      It specifically says that if you work in a union shop and that the union negotiates on your behalf for better wages and working conditions, you don’t have to pay the union reps for doing so.

      It’s not a “right to work” law, it’s a “free to freeload” law.

      • montanabill says:

        Not being in the union also means that you have enough confidence in yourself and your abilities not to want to be part of the crowd. I don’t want someone speaking for me or negotiating my salary or benefits. First, it gives them control over me. Second, it makes me no more valuable to my employer than the worse dregs with union card. If I can’t convince my employer that I am valuable enough to them to warrant the salary and benefits I want, I will either re-evaluate myself, or go find an employer who values my service.

        Your ‘freeloaders’ are the probably the ones with a union card.

        • johninPCFL says:

          Yeah, if you’re the guy tightening lugnuts on the assembly line you’ll be negotiating your own salary and benefits. Sure you will.

          The freeloaders are the ones letting the union negotiate salaries and benefits, grabbing the benefits, but not paying the negotiator.

          • montanabill says:

            If I’ve got the job tightening lugnuts on an assembly line it is either because it is a fill in job until I can find something else or it is a job suited to my skills and the kind of life I want. Either way, it is a minimum wage, unskilled job that will, if not already, be done by a machine.

          • johninPCFL says:

            Those are exactly the kinds of jobs normally unionized. So, instead of an HR department with 2000 employees negotiating with each of 100,000 employees once per year, the HR department has 20 employees and they negotiate with a dozen union negotiators for a multi-year contract that covers all 100,000 employees.

            In a trade union, they are held for apprentices. When the apprentice has done those no and low skill jobs for awhile and shown some skill, they move on to become journeymen. When they’ve been journeymen long enough to learn all the skills required for the trade, the become masters (or mechanics.) The process normally takes longer than getting a medical degree.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      The only thing you know how to do is recite Fox talking points and other irrational and dishonest tripe without regard to facts.

    • Yappy2 says:

      It’s immoral to ask people to work for less. Not only are their wages affected, but so are their benefits, like healthcare, retirement, paid holidays and so forth. Not only are union workers going to be affected. so are nonunion workers going to get the shaft by these greedy companies

      • montanabill says:

        Where on earth do you get the idea that it is immoral to ask people to work for less? If your employer asks you to work for less, then you have to make a decision. There may or may not be a good reason why you have been asked to work for less, but ultimately, it is your choice to either work for less or find another job. If you don’t like working as simply a cog in the machinery, then learn a career or build skills that will get you out of that position. Asking a union to negotiate for you is simply adding one more boss to your life.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to montanabill –

      If you work for a company that is right wing, they can spend unlimited amounts of corporate cash to support their political agenda.

      There is no union that has as much money to spend on political parties as the companies that they work for.

      So, as far as you are concerned, it is perfectly okay to spend huge amounts of corporate money, even if the vast majority of the employees do not agree with the political bent of the CEO and executives.

      But as for the unions, you see no problem with restricting the money they raise.

      Like so many on the extreme right, you do not understand the premise of fair play.


      But make sure your kids go to church on Sunday.

      • montanabill says:

        Frankly, I haven’t seen much of a difference in money. However, I would prefer both stay out.

        The difference is that the corporation is spending its own money, not money collected from the employees. Unions spend money collected from employees, even those who don’t agree with their politics.

        I have no idea to what your sentence in caps is referring. Corporations are creators and maintainers of the middle class. A middle class can exist if there are corporations but not unions. A middle class cannot exist if there are unions but no jobs.

  3. gpo1913 says:

    That’s sad, you should be for ALL AMERICANS. A person should have the right to work, with the union or not, Where’s our FREEDOM TO CHOICE?

    • johninPCFL says:

      You do. You don’t have the right to let the union negotiate for you and not pay them for doing so.

      • gpo1913 says:

        These Right to Work states don’t want unions, so your premise doesn’t have merit. The union is trying to do away with Right to Work states and that’s not right.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Sorry, but you haven’t a clue. The object of “right to work” is to deprive the unions of members and revenue by extending the benefits they fight and sometimes suffer for to other workers in the same shops, undermining the incentive to join.

          You are quite right that they don’t want unions, which is why they try to destroy them. And why don’t they want unions? Not because they’re worried about the members’ having to pay those “burdensome” dues. With no union, workers have no protection when the CEO decides his bonus isn’t big enough and decides to take it out of the workers’ salary and benefits.

        • johninPCFL says:

          What country do you live in? Michigan is one of the first states to recognize union rights. It just changed to a “free to freeload” state.

  4. Don B says:

    I think Obama is doing the right thing by taking his message to the American people directly. I think most of this “over the cliff” business is just nonsense. All it is is scare tactics on the part of the Repugs to protect their wealthy donors and supporters. Period. I don’t see why tax rates etc. can’t be re-adjusted AFTER Jan. 1st. Also, there is a bill in Congress now that does give a tax break to us in the 98 percent…..Congress can pass it if it wants too, but the Repugs are going to hold everyone hostage for the benefit of the 2 %. Then, “wheee” let’s go for a ride “over the cliff”. I think the American worker is going to start making a lot louder noise, thankfully, about employers who kill their benefits etc. in the workplace in these “right to work states”. The Repugs in these states better find out there are consequences for their actions–like NOT getting re-elcted.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      I know I’m dreaming but if this anti-union crap spreads throughout the nation, I would love to see the entire working class reject any company that pays minimum wage or anywhere near it.. Yes it will hurt the worker temporarily but can destroy these greedy businesses because if there’s no one to manufacture, no one to distribute their Chinese junk then no matter how many customers they have, no one will buy what can’t be delivered. We’ll show them that we don’t need an established union.. We will create a union that will literally put them into bankruptcy THEN oust any politician who dares to try to bail them out with taxpayers money.. This alone will bring fear into the neo-con facist community as they too will now be suceptable to ruination (I know.. dream on).

  5. Same here, this state came a Right to Work state, because we have Republican Governor who went back on his word and sign it into law. He told the unions he would not let it happen. Can’t trust any Republican period. They are not for the middle and poor class, they provided it.

    • Never Believe A Damn Word They Say NEVER!!!

    • Janice, Guess we all know where your misinformation comes from. Seems like the commie mainstream media is really getting their point across.

      • Hillbilly says:

        You must not live in a right to work state for if you did you would see that all the right to work law gets you is lower wages, and no health insurance.

      • northroader1775 says:

        I like how even though you don’t know where she lives or what she’s talking about, you have no problem telling her she’s wrong. It must be great to live where you do where everyone is in the exact same situation and you only require one answer for every problem. Since you already know the answer is “THAT DAMN COMMIE SOCIALIST FACIST SPEND CRAZY LIBERAL MUSLIM BASTARD IS BEHIND IT ALL!!!”
        Well since you’ve got it all figured out I guess you’ll be taking over in a few years and we’ll get this all ironed out huh? KAY KICKS ASS..that could be your slogan….or ANY SLIGHTLY INFORMED ASS CAN KICK KAY…MAYBE THAT WOULD BE A LITTLE CLOSER TO THE TRUTH.

        • William says:

          Will the GOP wanabees ever change and make since with any issue or will they continue to just spout talking points and call anyone who has a different opinion than them names?

      • DurdyDawg says:

        You wouldn’t recognize a ‘commie’ if they poked you in the eye.. The word Communist is nothing more than a fear factor just as it was in the fifties and look who profited from that propaganda. Right now you believe in every man (or woman) for themselves but watch how this will change when the 47% start to play your game.. No more free ride on the shoulders of the middle class because they will begin standing on yours.

    • James says:

      Obama broke every promise he made, would only take public funding for his first election[LIE] would not put any lobbist in his cabinet[Tim Gietner] I will be tranparent and post all bills on the internet 72 hrs before I sign it into law[ZERO SO FAR],I will close GITMO whithen the first year af my administration [STILL OPEN 4 YRS LATER] and the list is endless.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        GITMO? and who’s fault is that? Look at the congressional voting roster and see for yourself. Obama couldn’t keep promises when congress kept voting against him .. and in the early years, filibustering and super majorities squelched any advantage he had.. Do your homework nim nod.

  6. ChristoD says:

    The REPUGNicans are about impeding the voting process to their benefit, screaming the loudest, misinforming and lying about OUR President to their hearts content, infringing on womans rights, using the constitution as a weapon, bowing to the super rich, ignoring the will of the majority of the American voting public, shoving religion down our throats, leading via ignorance (Dubya), trumped up intelligence to start a war (Cheney), total imcompetance in the execution of a war (Rumsfeld – Iraq) and having the most absurd set of Presidential candidates in the history of our country (Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, Mr. 9-9-9, the consumate narsissist Trump and finally Mr. Out of Touch with the Common Everyday Person Romney. WTF are these idiots thinking ? Their alternae reality world is getting more scary by the minute.

  7. If we were paying workers a living minimum wage – $12 an hour with benefits – the need for assistance to low-wage workers would be greatly diminished. Taxpayers are subsidizing Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

    • northroader1775 says:

      Exactly we should ALL boycott the super store movement and get back to eating at locally owned family operated non chainstore businesses. They keep their prices low by buying huge quantities of the crappiest products produced in the worst places, and then paying their employees such low wages that we have to subsidize each employee with our tax dollars. If we all quit shopping at these places they can just serve the redstate idiots and move away from where intelligent people gather.

      I really think a mass movement to small mom and pop businesses and farmers’s markets would be a huge boon to our economy. Another great way to get rid of the BS in our food economy is to just grow your own and learn to preserve your own. It’s virtually free and almost always possible.

  8. If we’re making less money,how the Hell are we suppost to But what we Build.You got Food price’s going up,the Cost of Living is’nt going down,Car Price’s are’nt going down,Utilites going up….How are we suppost to live????I’m glad you came to here the people..Mr President.The people are with you 100%.

  9. 1silverstar7 says:

    that is telling it like it is, how true I belong to a union thank christ, not for the money but for the dumb ass local politics at the work place like the boss ‘es son who is a complete nit -wit jumping over everybody who is qualified in management . The pendulum is swinging back to center. Right to work laws are like shooting yourself in the foot

  10. ANN says:

    yes, But don’t let your govenor become another Nikki Haley…Rob you blind,,

  11. carsrus says:

    Barack Obama BOUGHT unions and the THUGS who run them. He’s their SHILL

    • ChristoD says:

      You mean like the uber rich BOUGHT the REPUGNican politicians/mercenaries to do their bidding and then BOUGHT and paid for lemmings that run their failed campaigns ? The uber rich are no less thugs than the so called ‘thugs’ that you claim run the unions. I’d like to know when you folks that support the Republican so-called leadership are going to get your heads out of your a—- and realize that you are supporting authoritative leadership bought and paid for by the uber rich Robber Barrons of today. Care to give me a time and date carsrus ?

      • carsrus says:

        Listen u bozo, the uber-rich are as much of THUGS as are the THUG union leaders, and it is they who helped put this marxist-muslim back in for 4 more “ammus horribilis”. THEY are laughing their fetid asses oss, knowing that Obastrd’s Taking the RICH means taxing US in the Middle Class. U want to know why, big s–t, because these THIEVES, friends of Barack won’t pay a F-cent more than they are now, cause they all have their ILL gotten riches in TAX shelters, Tax free bonds, off shore accounts and TRUST. like the dispicable Kennedy clan! They have the money to hire the best accountants to INSURE they KEEP their money. Are u aware, hot stuff, Buffett pays NO taxes on his vast wealth becasue it passes through his very OWN tax free Charities> It’s BULL S–t waht Obama is telling U fools!

        • ChristoD says:

          Bozo eh ? I bet you a ton that you don’t have the b—- to let me in on who you are Mr. Used Car Salesman (which, by the way says it all). As for your asisnine response, get some anger managemnt help, learn how to spell and try and figure out WTH you are talking about and develope some b—-. You are a joke.

        • oldtack says:

          My – My.
          Such brilliant theorizing. So intellectual! And such superb usage of the English language. I would venture to guess that your IQ is close to 35. Your brilliant oration is just – well – its something – maybe – just= pure bullshit.

    • oldtack says:

      Where is your documented proof of these allegations?

      Information without documentation is not worth the paper it was never written on.

      But then again – as a right wing nut wacko you don’t need proof. You just drink in the swill and spew it out like the mindless troll you are.

  12. carsrus says:

    Obama BOUGHT unions and the THUGS that run them He’s a Shill for unions

  13. Obama shouldn’t care if jobs are union or non-union, because it should make no difference as long as Americans are working and happy. Now, think we all know why it is important to him. He loves the dirty, rotten, controlling and murderous unions because they support his communist agenda and dump millions into his campaign. I am so happy to see states standing up and putting the obsolete, worthless unions in their proper place.

    • ChristoD says:

      Kay F. Ferguson, you need to get some help with your anger management issues. Unlike the REPUGNicans, the President supports ALL Americans even nitwits that can’t control their vitriol and hate. ‘Dirty, rotten, controlling and murderous’ sounds like the trio of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, the ignorant, trumped up intelligence getting us into the Iraq war and mismanaged group of thugs that should be in front of the World Court and not retired in their bought and paid for, by the uber rich, retirement. You want vitriol…..bring it on Kay, BRING IT ON ! (The TRUTH, you can’t handle the truth….Jack Nicholson akz COl. Whatshisname).

    • karinursula says:

      I don’t see how any worker making less than 10.00 an hour can be happy. Because no one can support a family with such low wages. That is the reason why so many people in the south are on food stamps because the right to work states. It is true you have absolutely no rights, so shut your face because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  14. JAYROSE says:

    Pres Obama is right if you don’t have a union they can pay you what they want to .and fire you any time . if a boss don’t like you .

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Not just the boss but a lead or anyone above blue collar.. It happens in Texas and can happen anywhere else once our voices are muted.

  15. 426tt_64 says:

    If the Teapublicans in Michigan are going to pass these bills at least be honest with the name. Right To Work, LOL It should be called “Work with no Rights”. If your boss has a bad night, and comes to work with a headache, he/she may just fire the first person that he/she see’s. They are taking the USA back 74 years. Michigan is the 24th state, if they turn 26 more over then wages, benefits, working conditions, ETC will take a nose dive. These people are sick, there is no other way to describe them. In Michigan the GOP has forged congressional districts that contain a majority of GOP voting. Even pushing 2 or more Democrats into the same district to have to check out or run against each other. They are an evil group of non Patroit Americans.

  16. Charles2051 says:

    Glad to see right to work law getting larger, will stop large company from going over seas and keep more jobs here, I was in union for number of years and paid-paid-paid, After I made move from union, I went from 5 to high 6 didget number. union had me believing they were helping me. they were helping them self.

  17. jim1230 says:

    These STUPID ANTI-UNION idiots knew anything about how unions help the people have better working conditions. The more ignorant they are, most are uneducated, like the red neck
    SOUTH. They complain about food stamps and medicare. I wonder what they think about their beloved favorite company WALMART. More than 70 percent of their employees qualify for food stamps and free medical, because Walmart just pays $8.38 to 8.83, and they hold employees down to 20 to 30 hrs /per week, so that they can qualify for food stamps. So every time you shop at Walmart ,you are helping them steal from the goverment, that they hate so much. I wish every one would boycot Walmart, untill they raise the wages to at least $ 10.00 /hr. and 40 hrs. The owners ( Waltons ) make Billions each year, and they expect the goverment to pay for their employees food stamps and health care.

  18. Charvi3 says:

    I am going to share a lot with you intelligent..people..I am an Evangelist..that is a strong prayer warrior even if I am handicapped with one leg..had an accident on a job..but, I know every meaning of those psalms which is in the word of God..and on election night…my good doctor from Pakistan..called me at 9 p.m. and said he was worried that it didn’t look good for Obama..and I told him not to worry..that I would meditate and pray the recipe of psalms that have brought him through so far…and even Michelle Obama sent a beautiful e-mail being the lady that she is..saying thanks that she and her husband felt that beautiful energy of prayer that I have been putting up…I meditate at least two or three hours and I fast when I pray…and I read them 7 times a piece…and when I added psalm 78 to it…that puts important in high government to come to help out…and here came Bill Clinton to help him…I can remember when that humanitarian man that is our President helping Hillary when she incurred a large bill running for president and he invited her to come along with him on the conventions to raise monies to pay off that debt…that is just how that good man in the President’s office is…always wanting to help someone..and on the night of the election when I went into prayer with my recipe of psalms it was all done by 10:30 p.m or 11:00 p.m. it was awesome…this is the work that I do for many people needing my help asking Jesus Christ to come to their aid…I trust in Jesus Christ and the Faith that I walk in…even with my bumb leg..I am on it a lot..and I sent him a few prayers to be able to asks God to tame the republicans hearts to be in agreement with what he wants done and to get all kinds of help from many people…people instead of sending negative thoughts out…we need to realize just like when I took chemistry…it takes two positive ions to knock out one negative ion…so, since everything starts within the mind…we all need to be projecting powerful prayers and thoughts to have his back him for the next four years…everything is going to be awesome believe me…and the gas prices are going down..because of those market people like EXXON and PHILLIPS CONOCO..ETC…are going to be paying more taxes since they are the very rich people…and now since they will be paying more taxes..I am sure..the gas prices will be going down…I need prayer partners to be in on this…because good overcomes evil…I have been praying over petitions for world peace as well…including China and our relationships with, join in with me..and get into metatation and prayer more

  19. I was slammed and dumped by some of my republican friends that word in unions this is dangerous ground to hard to fast and it will ruin our economy as we know it for ever as I tried to point out to mt friends and they slammed me for telling the truth about Mitt Romney’s intentions this just one of his laws that he wants us to live by and they are going to be the first to fall by it if it starts going through all over .Detroit is just the start fella’s and Obama and all are warning you all .

  20. onedonewong says:

    Its a shame that barak has never read the US constitution, not only did Lincoln free the slaves in the Southern States but the 13 Amendment to it eliminated slavery across the US.
    Yet Barak thinks that unions should be exempt from the laws of this country. forcing workers to join unions and require them to pay dues regardless flies in the face of the 13th.

    The SC has ruled previously that unions are exempt from criminal prosecutions for any action taken to organize up to and including MURDER. And now we have barak once again siding with terrorists just like his embrace of the Weathermen underground

  21. Dorothy Barnes says:

    They are trying to carry us back to the 18 00′ when there were sweat shops and bad working conditions. This is shameful

  22. northroader1775 says:

    Hostess went down due to poor management. And I would like to see all the businesses that don’t pay their employees a living wage go down. Most of these businesses (Like ALL fast food outlets) don’t add anything to the community they serve and would not be missed at all by people who have their heads out of their asses.

  23. northroader1775 says:

    Do you know what you’re talking about? The phrase “right to work” has nothing to do with freedom of choice.

  24. northroader1775 says:

    No you have it backwards the Right to work movement is trying to erode workers rights.

  25. steelmoth says:

    i live in a right to work state and i will be the first to say that the wording is wrong. It should be called a right to be disssmissed from your job state. I will give you an example, a man here in his 60s has worked where i do for over 30 yrs, he was let go due to not having a high school diploma or GED. Keep in mind this man was in charge of a department and was responsible for 130 employees and he could run any machine or line that was asked of him. The company that let him go has the right to do so because of the so callede right to work law. It literally means that the company has the right to dismiss you from your job for any reason that it wants to, It also means that because of this law you are not eligible for unemployment when the corparation lets you go. So i say let the right to work lawe go the way of the dinosaur before we do.

  26. northroader1775 says:

    Here we go one more rambling moron who can’t decide what he wants to whine about first. I would go through your BS post point by point …but it’s pointless. Just go dig a hole and bury your head it’ll all be better in 4 years..oh wait I can just hear your complaints then…That damn psuedo lesbian ice queen hillaraunchy is running this country into the ground.

    How serioulsy dissappointed you will be to find out we will have a great candidate lined up to take over after Hillary does 8 years in the white house and your GOP BS parade is still thumping the same dead drum as they are today.

  27. nobsartist says:

    Please help we residents of Michigan by allowing us to purchase health care thru medi-care.

    I am looking forward to seeing President Obama shove health care up the punk nazi, DICK snyders ass.

    After all, DICK snyder is trying to put the non profit, BCBS out of business and refuses to create an affordable health care alternative so its time to stomp the punk.

  28. I live in the state of Florida, There are not many jobs to be had, unless you
    want to labor for 7 dollars per hour, at Mitt Romneys burger king restaurants.
    Now the great governor of Michigan wants to destroy labor unions, HE WANTS

    • Gil says:

      you are correct vic, on the food stamps if people do their homework like in texas right to work state you will found out that in this state you have so many people in food stamps.

    • oldtack says:

      The sad but real truth is – if these Idiots are successful in all of their endeavors in Congress there will no longer be Food Stamps or Welfare – it will be “root Hog or DIE. Union Forever!!

  29. Alogon says:

    I hope Obama hangs tough and doesn’t accept a “compromise” that guts deductions, especially the charitable deduction. There is a joke that goes “we don’t have a value-added tax in this country, because the Republicans say it’s a money machine and the Democrats say it’s regressive. We will get one when the Democrats say it’s a money machine and the Republicans say it’s regressive.”
    A similar statement might be made about eliminating deductions; just substitute “statist” for “money machine.” The wealthiest Republicans (many of whom we suspect don’t have the charitable concerns of a Bill Gates or even a Mitt Romney) will do anything to avoid a higher tax rate on themselves. This is where the proposal originates, but I’m afraid that the Democrats will like it well enough to sell us down the river as well.

    The GOP suggests raising revenue by “cleaning up the tax code” and “eliminating loopholes.” It sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But don’t be bamboozled, fellow paupers: they’ve set their sights on provisions meant to get you someday out of the clutches of landlords, and on the same nonprofit institutions that out of the other side of their mouths they praise and rely upon to come to our aid when we need it: churches, schools, hospitals, even the Red Cross. Do you suppose these people care that when non-profits are no longer able to do what they do, the demands upon governments to take up the slack will grow?

    Aside from raising our children well, charities are the most altruistic and public-spirited way to spend our disposable income. Why deprive us of the incentive? It is noted, of course, that the charitable deduction is used mainly by the better-off (some of them, that is) since many of the rest of us don’t itemize our tax returns but take the standard deduction. But the standard deduction is a convenience. If you take away the two most popular deductions– mortgage interest and charity– you also take away the need for this convenience: hence we can look forward to the standard deduction’s withering away as well. It’s just the next shoe to drop.

    To the extent that rich people devote their money to charity, frankly I don’t have any problem at all with their getting rich. It sure beats blowing it on Porsches, yachts, Caribbean cruises, and plane tickets to Monaco, don’t you agree?

  30. a80a says:

    I don,t know how many of you were around i n the late 30,s and 40,s when the government said the raidroads and coalmines couldn,t strike well they did John l Lewis and George Meany were the labor leaders. before the mines were unionized they had shack rousters , who would come to your house and if you weren,t almost dead you were forced to go into the mines , the textile mills were sweat shops for meager wages, the first one I worked in as late as 1954 started you at 75cents an hour, if you were skilled you could get $1.25 an hour or work by the piece then what you made was up to you and how hard you wanted to work.the right to work laws are meant for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, the less you get paid the more money and bigger bonus,s the boss gets. this could go on all night and still leave horrors to be told about the suffering we had to bear for our right to earn a decent living . but here it comes again , so to a understanding president stick to your guns president Obama.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      I am so glad people from those times are still living in order to express their wisdoms from that reality. I was born later and grew up almost in that same perdicement.. There are millions who never experienced it because their parents had benefitted from that labor war but it’s these same clucks who thinks higher wages and better benefits grew on trees are about to be conned into serfdom once again and it’s doubtful that there will be anyone brave enough to fight for their rights this time around, after all in their mind it’s been pounded that a low paying job is better than no job at all.

  31. Betta says:

    And the great divider strikes again. Unions drive up the cost of doing business, which is passed on to the consumer and you idiots are all for it. You guys are nothing but sheeple being led to the slaughter. Can’t wait until you finally “get it” what is being done to you.

    • ExPAVIC says:


      Have you ever worked in a hazardous job where the company didn’t care about your safety? Also, who provided training when technology changed in your workplace? In both cases it sure as hell wasn’t the company. In both cases unions take the leadership and guarantee that quality products are produced as well as making sure they are made safely.

      Think about unions on your next paid sick day, paid holiday, negotiating a fair day’s work for a fair days pay, re-training you on new equipment, providing an ear for legitimate complaints, providing scholarship funds for your children, and many more things.

      Want to know where the middle class went? Trace the history of unions and you will find out. When the unions were busted, so was its middle class members.

      Any questions?

  32. Gil says:

    Please people of Michigan listen I live in a state of right to work state wish is Texas and you don’t have no say so here only if you work for a union company. They employer can fire you for any reason given . Plus, can give a 30 min. if they want to even if you work 12 hrs. Thats why we have so many jobs with less pay that you keep moving around. And alot of industrial jobs are given to the undocument people. So, You will be working till you fall dead. And so many people in foodstamps.

  33. gil, thanks for standing up and speaking out against the so called right to work agenda – it gives the advantages to the employers, and i’m sorry – but workers should have rights too !
    that’s why unions were formed in the first place ! and two thumbs down to hostess too the rats !

  34. the rights to works…wow that really sounds good…. but whats in the small print…you will see the wolf dressed in sheep clothing…..eleminate the union and trust your employers to do by right by you….as inflation rises up and you pay stays the same and now you can’t afford the things you were able to afford and you go to your employer….he will say to you im giving you the right to work but i cannot do anymore for you…if i do for…i will have to do for everybody…you’re lucky you have a job…you already hear some of these things now….can you imagine what you will hear and what they will do if we give up our rights to bargin..lets back our unions and fight for our rights to work and live a better life and tell the republicans no to the rights to work for less …right now we have a powerful voice and now is the time to excercise it ….and don’t let the wolves come in and steal it away

  35. oldtack says:

    Got nothing HUH??? you Fail. My, that is one articulate response.
    Add a few grunts in there and -.

    Once again dumb ass – present your DOCUMENTED PROOF.

  36. ridemybroom says:

    this is a pile a crap …tea party crap…they are the ones who started this crap and as it grows from these repub govs…yo behinds are gonna be in a heap of stink…they want the country to go broke so they can say see we told you so…and you people believe this crap…what the hell is wrong with all of you….the time has come folks to seriously do protesting state by state til these govs take back this kind of anti govt issue and destroys these types of bills…we can put them out of business and they wont get elected for anything else at anytime in their lives…we need these people out of office…lets do something now…before they do it to us…the time is at hand…!!!

  37. seethroughurlies says:

    I live in a right to work state employed in Health Care. Not only do we receive lower wages than union states , ( even though health care workers rarely unionize) we can be fired at any time for any reason. Or no reason. The unions have become somewhat corrupt and need some ironing out, but one must never forget what America was like before unions. For those who don’t may I suggest reading “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair, or perhaps Google
    ” The Triangle Shirt Fire”, or” The Homestead Strike.” How about Hoover Ville ?
    Please insist on “Made in America” products. Boycott companies that take our jobs to foreign sweat shops. Just saying……….

  38. As a former union official and also prior to that our plant had what was considered our own bargaining agent through official elections and contract negotiations. In the mid 80’s our wages were apportioned between 11 dollars an hour and 13 dollars an hour with full medical coverage for the entire family, dental, eyeglass and dollar for dollar pension fund. Now minimum wage still over 5 dollars an hour less than then. Go figure. The GOP busted the unions.

  39. oldtack says:

    The postal Service has a management and supervisor union. Duh!
    How astute.
    Now that you have revealed your knowledge of the USPS -tell us what impact these two Unions have on the present state of the Service.

    Do you know exactly what the Postal Service does 24/7? Do you know anything about daily operations? Do you think this is a Government Branch dependent on taxpayer money? Do you know anything about automation, transportation, electronic communication? Do you know anything about the 6.5 Billion payment required by your Congressmen from the USPS each year for future retirement(money that has been funneled into daily operations of the Government rather than reserved for what it was intended).? Do you know anything about the Fair Labor Trade laws that prevent the Postal Service from competing with Fed-Ex, UPS, or any other private sector business?

    Do you know the pay scale of Postal employees?

    Do you know anything about the Management structure of GM? Do oyu know anything about bad Management decisions?

    Do you know anything at all?

  40. ivory69690 says:

    it,s only a matter of time before the ppl. of the country form a hit man type of gang that start fighting for the ppl and the country against the ones that want to take from us . (maybe thy will recruit some of the nuts that shot ppl. for nothing now give them a reason) seems thy think thy have too much money to fall . the greedy bastards 2 % are the kebler fudge packers and the GOP are their elfs that thy pack their fudge as thy bend them over . give it time . thy are not too rich to fail or fall

  41. 13observer says:

    So what is Obama going to do about it? Sure he is there talking shit with people that agree with him…..but what does he do when people don’t? We have LOST two BIG LABOR states to “right to work” statutes thus far on his watch! WTF has he done for LABOR? He hasn’t made it easier for unions to ORGANIZE! Right to work statutes mean you don’t have to pay union dues if you work under a contract… you simply…GET IT FOR FREE… this should work into the plans of Obama supporters who want more FREE SHIT! So where is OBAMA’S BIG “MANDATE” NOW?

  42. 13observer says:

    Obama made sure he was in Michigan for the “photo opportunity” with labor and the worthless democrats who let this happen!!! Too little too late FOOLS and Obama rides off into another sunset making sure WELFARE instead of LABOR is the focus because anyone can get support from people who want everything for FREE……. hail the “Prince of Poverty” Barack Obama.

  43. 13observer says:

    It doesn’t look like Obama can “cover” what LABOR wants! Where is the “MANDATE” in Michigan? How is he going to help them? Perhaps “extended unemployment”…more FREE SHIT!

  44. 13observer says:

    All those illegal aliens didn’t want to pay no “stinkin union dues” anyway cause now they will get it for FREE like everything else! Will the precious “latinos” and good democrats still pay union dues now they are not forced to???????? I’m guessing not!

  45. 13observer says:

    Most democrats leave LABOR behind. They just want support for all their other agendas that don’t put food on the table!

  46. thank obama for standing with us not to many others would

  47. ROY BOND says:


  48. charleo1 says:

    The Republican’s support of laws designed to do away with unions, is like 99% of everything
    else they are doing, Namely, supporting, and protecting the wealthy, while working aganist
    the Middle Class. RTW laws, so prevalent through the South, are the number one reason
    red states are in the aggregate, receiving far more from the Federal Government, than
    contributor Blue states, that send more dollars to Washington than they get back.
    Bottom line, policies that result in lower wages, and fewer benefits, mean greater profits for
    the business owners. But, create the increases in government spending caused by the higher poverty rates, and large numbers of the population tending to be uninsured. If we look back across the
    last 40 years, the Republicans have gotten much of what their corporate masters demanded.
    But to what result?

  49. quasm says:

    Mr. Decker;

    How interesting! Pres. Obama is in favor of a guaranty for women to have the right to aborts their babies but not for workers to freely choose whether to associate with a union.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  50. Patricia says:

    It seems to me we don’t have any rights any more. The republicanss just want to drain us dry and did that. We need to get our country bac. Other people don’t have the right to say it is the law that we had no say in. We are not free. The people that think they are free are the rich that take it from us.When you pay for it it isn’t free. If we all had money we would be so called free.Most people just want

    enough to live on. Too many people that are greedy. The republican don’t want to give up nothing. That is not fair. I think all of us should vote the people in congress. First vote them out and start all over

  51. Charles says:

    Koch brothers and company could not buy the presidency to destroy the middleclass so they do the next best thing to destroy the middleclass, RIGHT TO WORK. Picture this THE RICH, THE WORKING POOR and THE DESTITUTE.

  52. CHARLES MUGI says:

    The greatest idea is not “spending cuts “but the Greatest Best idea is how to get more money for neccessary Government and private sector programmes beneficial for the American people.
    The Senate and the Congres And every American idea regardless from Republicans or Democracts should be explored and implemented regardless of who says NO!

  53. kenny says:

    WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAVE THE BEST PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD!!!! n the republicans hate him for makeing a stand for working class people of america. I will never vote for a republican again!!! they lie n only care about there party n themselfs first!! they dont care about the people or the country!!

  54. Rosa Jordan says:

    Mr. President, you continue to have my support.

  55. Gil says:

    I leave in texas and i dont have no right to organize. Texas is a right to work state and it hires undocument wish pay no taxes. Don’t let let this happen in Michigan . The State repr. are tricking the people in order to get rid of the union. And once they employer finds out you are organizing get fired.

  56. ste says:


  57. ste says:


  58. unclemike says:

    Obama’s poor performance enabled Michigan republicans to gain enough seats in the state legislature to ram this through. Go back to the 2008 Michigan primary and the delegate theft that occurred to see the unintended consequences.

  59. Welcome to Rick Snyder’s MICHISSIPPI

  60. yahya says:

    you apsloutly right

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