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Friday, October 21, 2016

WATCH: Obama Slams Romney Over ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Attack

WATCH: Obama Slams Romney Over ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Attack

President Barack Obama accused Mitt Romney of “knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that I don’t value small business,” and the Obama campaign released a scathing web video in an coordinated effort to push back against Romney’s claim that the president thinks that business owners owe all of their success to the government.

“The other side knows they can’t sell their ideas, so what they’re going to do is try to distort my vision,” Obama told a crowd of about 2,000 supporters in Oakland, California on Monday night. “Earlier today, Governor Romney was at it again — knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that I don’t value small businesses.”

“When folks just like, omit entire sentences of what you said, they start kind of slicing and dicing… he may have gone a little over the edge there,” Obama said.

Obama went on to clarify the controversial remark that Romney has seized upon as an attack line.

“I believe with all my heart that it is the drive and ingenuity of Americans who start businesses that leads to their success. I always have and I always will,” Obama said. He continued

But I also believe that if you talk to any business owner, they’ll tell you that what also helps them succeed alongside all their hard work, all their great ideas, is the ability to hire workers with the right skills and education. What helps them succeed is the ability to ship and sell their products on new roads and bridges and ports and wireless networks. What helps them succeed is having access to cutting-edge technology, which, like the Internet, often starts with publicly funded research and development. And what helps them succeed is a strong and growing middle class who can buy the products that they’re selling. Every business needs customers.

On Tuesday morning, Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter followed up on Obama’s speech with a web video that blasts Romney for “not telling the truth about what the president said.”

“Ironically, Mitt Romney knows better than anyone that business can’t always do it alone,” Cutter says in the video. “When Bain & Company was on the brink of bankruptcy, Romney himself negotiated a $10 million bailout with the FDIC.”

The Obama campaign’s decision to aggressively push back against Romney’s offensive is likely a sign that the attacks aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Indeed, the “didn’t build that” speech has now found its way into a major senate race — Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown released an ad on Monday that edits Obama’s words in almost the exact same way that Romney’s ad did, and compares his statement to a speech made by Brown’s opponent Elizabeth Warren.

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  • Devens_resident

    When there are no constructive ideas there are always lies and gross distortions.

    • As we say in the Marine Corps…OOOORAAAAAAH!!!! BTB Scott likes to tout his National Guard career of 32 years. He is a JAG (lawyer) and the next firefight he hears will be his first. The motto of the USMC officer is “Ductus Exemplo” (Lead by example). Lt.Col. Brown (32 years and he is an 05??) some leadership, eh??

  • RodgerMitchell

    How do you know when a politician is lying?

    His lips are moving

  • Walnut_nut

    I am a small, conservative, Republican business owner with 30 employees and growing. I agree 100% with President Obama’s FULL statement. The full reality is that my business would NOT be adding jobs and growing if this country had not done what Obama said we did. Republican Presidents such as Eisenhower and Democratic Presidents like Kennedy, understood this. Our parents also understood and supported and PAID FOR these improvements and we have beenfitted from that investment ever since.
    What has nearly destroyed our country has been the financial industry induced economic meltdown. We have focused on money growth (gambling!) instead of production growth. Let’s spread truth, not lies!

    • rustingdreams

      Without saying it, it sounds like you think Romney is focused on money growth instead of production growth, and that you’ll be voting for Obama, right? I recently read a good article in TIME mag. that said Romney was good at short term profit, but that that way of thinking is what has created the mess we’re in. We should rather be focused on the long term fix. I agree and am another registered Republican who’ll be voting for Obama!

      • Ebenezer Akrong

        If you give a water to a dying tree it will not survive, why because it is dead and that was what it was before Obama came, Bush have reigned everything and now that there is a sign of things to change they want to take credit or want to spoil everything again.

        • wesley rasmussen

          “If you give a water to a dying tree it will not survive, why because it is dead…” Make up your mind. If it is dying, then it is still living, and, with proper care and nourishment, not JUST water, it will survive. Taking this particular “tree” ( the economy), and simply adding “water” (money) will, indeed, bring about the death of the tree. However, fertilizing the tree, weeding the land around it ( to eliminate unfair competition such as cheap Chinese imports), the tree will survive. And, whoever it is that does that much work, and succeeds, deserves to get the credit for the work in rescuing that tree.

      • Your open minded honesty is refreshing. You give me hope; I had a different view of republicans before i read your statement. I like to think of myself as an independent. I have lost a lot of faith in both parties. I thing the party system is in part, a major cause of why this country finds it difficult to make progress.

      • Gammaanya

        He bankrupted 8 corp in 9 yrs. Only one brought him 1.5M in profit Damon Corp. others brought him and his investors from 16.5 M (Worldwide Grinding) to 365M (750 jobs lost) (Dade Behring) the highest – bankrupted 2001. Short lived store Stage Stores brought him 100M – gone bankrupt 2000.
        Republican would back up recen Colorado killer if he would kiss their behind and brought them profit. Gingrich propmted his and hers books on our dime and made money and he knwe that he have no chance of winning at all. He also bankrupted his Corp. The Gingrich Group aka Center for Health Transformation . He created in 2003. raked millions. Chapter 7 – is complete bankrupcy and trustees are appointed to liquidate all assets to pay debt – he have no assets.
        Taxpayers gets stuck with the bill. i can run you all the co under Bain or in part. it will blow your mind.

        • rustingdreams

          I’d be interested in seeing the list if it’s not a big problem. Where did you get this info?

          • Gammaanya

            Reuters list, Wiki, and Internet, Fact Check is a good source by they a a little more to the right and sugar coat some statements. Check under names of Co Bain run/bankrupted. Run a list of Corp. bankrupted. Most of them Chapter 7 – complete bankrupcy. We have few Chapter and 7 is the most severe – WE pay. Most of them are gone off Web as they don’t exist or got bought and run a small Corp. He had his hands also in Burger King, Pizza Hut….( I did not verify that yet but it was mention it on I think WP. Only few Corp. actually exist that stay a live and they don’t do it too well despite they still in Business. Ask employees of Staples and Sports Authority if you shop there – I don’t. That’s why he brings it uo Staples and Sports Authority, because they exist, ne has no more companies to use as a example because they are gone or his involvemnt did not bankrupt them but he will not talk about it. WHY NOBODY ASK HIM POINT BLANK- SHOW ME THE SUCCESSFUL and unfortunately his taxes. As CPA I suspect that most of his income (no matter what trust he keep) comes from almost every shopping, hotels, cattle ranches (Mormon CHurch invest in it – as a non prof it should not) and his offshore banks. If you have 100K and go to Poland and change the 100K to polish zloty – you will have 300K zloty and they pay 8-9% per annum vs 100K in dollars .9%.
            Invest in Norway (best economy and social services in the world) and get about 10% (last time I look at it). Even Russia pay better interest on the money – now you know why they keep their money off shore and not here.
            While searching for all kinds of things on Reuters have a history on one particular Corp.Worldwide Grinding System out of Kansas City – Bain was majority shareholder.
            750 lost their jobs,denied healthcare, their benefits/pension cut etc. The Co needed 44M just to cover pensions. Bain made money, investors invested 24.5M and got 58.4M ROI. Holson Business Group in S. Carolina, he let go 150 people and got 22M profit. 24% of Bain aquired co. file for bankrupcy or shut down.
            In 2000 Bain Pertnership bought KB Toys, the history – U know. They also made money on so called consulting fees, so they can get more on ROI.
            Unfortunately some people just don’t take the time to truly research and take the spin as a Bible quotes. I vote on issues never party and I vote for Rep,Dem,Lib.Indepnd.
            I take time to research how they voted on certain issues iumportant to me. Always check their attitude towards Environment, Animal welfare (wild and farm) etc. During my research Republican’s beat the Dem hands down on voting for animals welfare. They don’t care how they suffer, bottom line is the MONEY they make, they don’t care that country suffers with their squabblesas long as the money coming in and no matter who is hurt. We all expendable and irrelevant.

          • rustingdreams

            Thanks for the info. I will check some of the sources. This stuff is almost unbelievable, and it is incredible that it has not been made known by someone. I do have a close relative that works for Staples and I can verify that what you’re saying is correct. She worked part-time for several years, waiting patiently for a full-time spot to open up. The PT wage was 8.50 I believe and she got a $1.00 per hr raise when she went FT. There was a 1 yr waiting period to get health ins. as a full timer, and then she had to pay a sizeable portion of the premium herself. She had to transfer to another store once, when they closed hers because it wasn’t profitable enough.
            The off shore accounts also make sense and I’d guess this is why we’re not seeing back tax returns. I hope the Dems stick to their guns in demanding he show them. It certainly makes him look suspicious when he refuses. Hopefully the average Joe will be able to figure this out.

            But politics is a funny business. If you criticize too much, you risk looking bad yourself in the eyes of the voting public, and sometimes wind up helping your opponent. But how else to get the word out? If more people were armed with facts like you, it would be easier!

          • Gammaanya

            That’s politics 4 u. No matter if U R rep/DEM/Indep/or from Mars the truth will never be known fully because all have to hide something from the public. Most people are not interested in the truth or even know what truth is if it hit them in the face. I must say and say it again, about 45% of Americans are very gullible, naive and frankly not educated, I think we the old timers ( I am – 63) use a common sense, we do math and remember our ph.## (LOL) These days the young guns more concern about fun, money and the common sense is dead. It’s hard to get the word out when most people’s mind closed for good, they have slits in the hood just enough to see the front of them and somebody does the thinking for them. While in College one of my professors told us – never believe anything you hear from somebody else unless you hear with your own ears, never see with somebody elses eyes unless they are your own and if you need to say something let the brain go first and the mouth follow. And ANALYZE. You can’t deny facts. It’s K. Marx who said that. How true. Most people and I bet 10K (LOL) and all the Rep/Dem/Ind they don’t know what truly Democracy, Socialism, Communism, is. US is all of it. SS, Medicare, Public Ed, now ACA are socialistic programs. I had all that FREE in communist country, now my former Country (I had to give up my citizenship) still have they same and is no longer communist.
            Each political gov. has good and bad but we the people have a power, it’s our voice that decide who will represent our country, used wisely we tell ther leaders who is the boss.I did not have any busines exp. but I did my due diligence and started one business after another and YES, Gov, did help me and so I wasn’t doing it on my own. You see, people do not understand that ANY business is interrelated with gov. and others. They depend on each other, but the difference is that Gov. works for all, while private sector works for profits for it’s self and private investors .Supply and demand create jobs. Once somebody posted rather very hatefull post, that he is a farmer and he did it on his own w/o f .. gov. help. Excuse me??? Somebody did raise the calf or pig for him to buy and raise and breed, somebody protected his land from being taking over by somebody else ( fed/state laws of ownership),If he sell his cattle or whatever crops he raised, somebody have to buy it, what would he do if no buyer?? Eat it himself?? Give it away?? He have to use the roads, bridges, that Fed money, through our taxes were build by others not only him. You have to pay something for the use and maintenance, safety, just like he wants to be paid for raising his crops or cattle. Nothing is free. We all swim in the same ocean and not everybody have the acumen to be in business, not everybody have the money left by family (Koch, Romney, Heinz, etc) but they would not have any business/money if not for the ones who do not own businesses but work for a living. Do you think that Steve Jobs/Gates did it all by himself ?? NO. They had idea and patented in USPTO so Gov. protects their idea from being used by others. USPTO started in 1790 and is used to this day and is still protects any business. Trade mark. It’s a GOVERNMENT. If you have idea first thing you do is US Patent not bank, Gov. guarantee you protection. Gov, job is to protect your environment from Big Corp, from dumping their waste on your backyard or our river/lake etc. It’s done still. Fracking is one of them.With out certain laws we would have the WILD WILD WEST, guns and cowboys (in a way we still have that mentality). Gov. protect your rights to use National Parks for everybody enjoyment otherwise we would have none – all would be logged and gone. Trees don’t grow overnight. That how Yosemite Park was saved from greedy loggers and stupid people and others.Why do we have some laws protecting the wild life – because if no laws there would be no wildlife to speak of. The private big money will kill it off. Most Republicans lifted a lots of laws regarding wild life anyway – Congress gave in to Lobbyists.
            I am 63 and they card me or my husband when buying a wine (in Illinois).Go figure. I have nothing against Romney that he made money, what I am holding him accountable for is, he made it on the backs of others and denied them their basic living and devastated some families that made him rich.He is telling people that he knows how to run a country. Yeah. NOT. Business is about profits Gov. is not. He is not a job creator but a job cremator. JESUS SAID – “Give hand to the poor and ask nothing in Return” Can’t make a living on misery of others. At least I can’t.
            As long as man controls the Earth, there will be wars, killing of land and animals – ALL for profit of the few at the expense of the rest. Reading and understanding is the source of knowledge. Dream is a soul of aspiration. From the Bible ” Every Kingdom divided against itself is destroyed and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Your vote is your voice, use it wisely. I am not a Bible thumper, never was like some but do the ungodly things. Shame.
            Life is your teacher but you have to have an open mind.Mind is like a parachute, works only when open.
            NO legacy is so rich as HONESTY. That’s not in a vocabulary of ANY Politician.

          • rustingdreams

            Gamma, I like your style. You research, and base your decisions, on what you find. If more people used this approach, rather than accepting the ads they see over and over as gospel, we wouldn’t be worrying about someone as bogus as Gov. Romney becoming our next President.

          • Gammaanya

            Thank you Rusting dreams. Reading and understanding is the source of knowledge. Dream is a soul of aspiration. “The greatest truths are the simplest – and so are the greatest men” – Augustus Hare (Author). Some people have more dollars than common sense. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”- Einstein. How true..
            Educate and inform the whole mass of people….they are the only sure relaince for the preservation of our Liberty” T. Jefferson.
            Rusting – it’s hard to educate masses when Ed funds being cut and nobody have the desire to learn anything on their own – just turn to IPod and you have thousand opinions on 1 subjects and even so called experts (bought with money) will sway the way where the money are coming from. It is sad that these days people just don’t care what happened to their country and their countrymen. Time will tell. and the real truth will prevail, maybe, not in my lifetime.

    • God Bless you for your sanity and sagacity!!! May your business succeed and grow beyond all your dreams. Unfortunately, my wife and I were forced to close our small businesses (2) due to the tax burden –Fed and state –MA (thanks Mitt, no new taxes just fee after fee after fee which caused our suppliers to raise prices, add delivery charges on all orders no matter their size). You can guess the rest. This is not a pity party, oh woe is us –it is an example of what lies and deceit on the part of our leaders can wreak.

      • Tell your story again and again. People do not always understand that things have to be paid for one way or another; so they cut your federal taxes and your state taxes go up or they cut your state taxes and your local taxes go up or they cut all three and you lose teachers; firemen; police; sanitation; parks; government services; on and on. If you buy things made in other countries it means they are not being made here; it means those jobs are not here. If you do not balance the budget, it means you have to borrow more; that means the debt goes up; it means more and more of the tax dollar goes to interest. We need responsible realistic government. Government that can generate a surplus so we can pay down and eliminate our debt. We need to cut the budget of the pentagon and other agencies and at the same time increase our forces. We need a draft and some sort of mandatory service for everyone who is able. We need to acknowledge that we cannot carry the world on our shoulders ” American Exceptionalism” is killing America. Make friends with other countries. Not all problems can and should be solved militarily. Grow and protect American industry. Enough of the traitors and their globalism; we have the resources; the people and the know-how; let’s do this. Universal healthcare single payer will solve the healthcare problem. Make our healthcare system like/after the military’s. No one pays; everyone gets care. Healthcare is paid for from the general fund; everyone pays their fair share of taxes. Eliminate tolls as much as possible to help clear the roads. High speed rail city to city and coast to coast. Advance and rebuild the electrical and entire infrastructure. Let’s go for 100% employment; pollution free technology; best education system in the world. We were number one once; let’s do it again. God bless the USA!!!!!

    • Alma_k99

      Walnut_nut you couldn’t have put it any better or clearer.. and I agree with you.

    • The truth is beautiful; you have spoken the truth. You have summed up perfectly the basic truth in one paragraph what others have distorted and tried to blame others for. The poor did not do it; the socialists; the commies; the liberals; the baby boomers did not do it; greed did it; lack of morals and character did it. It was not the Chinese – we did it to ourselves; reminds me a lot of the fall of the Roman empire – corruption all over the place. If we do not change our behavior, we will experience the same results…

    • You sir are a mole and not a Conservative . Financial industry induced meltdown ?? As if the failed Social Engineering Programs of Carter ( community redevelopment act ) designed to give away mortgages had nothing to do with banks having bad loans on their books they NEVER would’ve chosen to write ? You have the cart in front of the horse .

      • Joseph Hemphill

        the mortgages were one thing, it was the derivatives and leveraging that caused the meltdown, you sir are the archetypical greedy old party mouth piece spreading the lies and misinformation that have turned this country upside down. The republicans have no empathy or sympathy for their fellow American short of reducing us all to profits and spread sheets, we mean nothing to them unless we are on the hamster wheel running ourselves to death for their obscene profits.

        • Pop quiz how did the derivative market start ? Clinton repealed the Glass Seagle act allowing inv banks to merge their products and services with comm banks . That was Clinton taking care of his banker friends . Now instead of spreading lies yourself do you have anything of substance or are you going to just tout that the republicans are evil ..

      • Stool sample — just because a man is conservative doesn’t automatically make him stupid. I admit that most modern day people who call themselves “conservative” lack ordinary common sense — such as yourself. Perhaps you might learn something from a man like Walnut, but only if you’re willing to pay attention.

        • Big sperm eater you show your lack of intellect with every word you type
          Bigspender is that Obama ? He has spent more in 3 yrs then the previous 43 Presidents have spent COMBINED . What do we have to show for it .

    • Well said Walnut. This country needs more GOP’ers like you and less teabagger degenerates.

    • Amen and Amein to Mr. Walnut_nut.

  • creatingscholars

    President Obama my name is Teresa Bray Moore, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. If our people do not see the good that you have done then they are not true American. You have always fault for the people as a equal. Not only did you consider all people as a nation. You wanted to make it better for the low-class middle class. Small Business owners even the rich. You were the one to track down a criminal that Bush adminstrators claim they did not know his location yes they murdered a man that did less…we all know it was because
    of the oil wnd what he said to Bush father. I see the racism it’s not because you are not a good president its because the color of your skin.

    • John Fennessy

      We need to be very careful with this, “true American,” application. But, you are right.

    • davia55

      OMG it is obvious you have a crush on the Prez…lol When you get your head out of your a$$ you will see that the only thing your fantacy man has done is charmed you with words. He has not lived up to any of his campaign promises. Furthermore, the only people that pull the racism card are black people (the ones saying “its cuz yo blak” lol)
      You obviously don’t realise the people that stood by to get him elected were basically white. The total black population of this country is 15% and considerably less when you total the percentage of voters. You would think there were more black people, but it is only because they whine so freakin loud!

      • sircedrics16


        • davia55

          sircedrics16…that is so true, to be honest I think the best choice last election was Hillary. She is brilliant, experienced, and her hubby is one smart cookie with the experience needed to get this country going. Instead, you got a comunity activist with a good speech writer, a lawyer wife who wants all the kids in the country to go on a diet, and a mother in law, all packed away in the white I bet if Hillary was elected, she wouldn’t be blaming Bush 4 years later like this clown.

      • cabadas

        Hate to say this davia55, I’m a white person and I can’t tell you it’s nothing but racism, your just to white to tell the difference.

        • davia55

          I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you saying the reason people dont like the prez is because I’d racism?

      • creatingscholars

        You know I have a distaste for ignorance. diva55 If you as smart as you claim that you are, and allow yourself to think clearly. Ask yourself these questions. What president experienced the what Obama experienced. Each time he tried to past a law it was shot down. Each time he reached out to all racies no color was ingnored he was criticized and yes I do love him as a human as I love you and I don’t know you. It is not his color that I make the claim of racism it is because it is what it is. If it quack like a duck it is a duck. I won’t waste my time calling you names it serves me no purpose. It is strange that you see all the negativities that you claim Obama has inserted but you see nothing of what president Brush rendered every whit president that believed in the good of all people they killed them. I’m assuming you are a young nap tail that claim to be an adult. I don’t care what color he is, he is a good president and the thing about it he a makeup of all people meaning mixed. So wht part do you dislike. I stand in what I speak with my life how about you.

        • davia55

          Hey creatingscholors, glad to hear you love me and yet held back calling me names. LOL whats that all about. I don’t know if each time he tried to pass a law, it was shot down, but I know a lot of them were because they were not good for the country. I wish more would have been shot down. Now, before you freak on me over that statement, let me tell you many of those votes were Democrats that voted his decisions down. I disagree with his administration trying to buy their way out of this countries situation. His government has put ever man woman and child in excess of 50 grand in debt.
          I havnt a clue what a nap tail is, but I know it was the young people with no experience in the workings of the government or politics voted Obama into office. Care to call me a nap tail?
          As for your “each time he reached out to the races….blah blah blah” I notice when he talks people treat him like a freakin rock star, so don’t say he was treated poorly.

  • bcarreiro

    romney takes everything out of text…even his taxes.

  • You are one sick individual!!! Avoid FACTS and attack the writer / speaker. Typical Mitt fodder. Before you get your shorts in a bunch…I served two tours in Viet Nam as a proud member / officer of the USMC (so you could spit out your vitriol). Where were you?? No doubt like Cheney, Mitt and the rest you had “more important things to do”.

    • ExPAVIC


      Realize six male members of Romney immediate family and NONE have served in the military. Some commander in chief he would make.

      Plus, while you and I were in Vietnam (for whatever reasons) Romney was in Le Havre, France (1967 to 1969) as a missionary trying to convert street hookers to Mormonism.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      Semper Fi Marine, one time Corporal and Obama supporter here, OOHRAH !

  • It’s about time the president gets at least a little tough with his campaign.

  • rebelfrmuta

    obama is a cry baby…’s his ideas that don’t sell amongst those who count….the wealth
    builders….not the government hand out bunch

    • pizzmoe

      You mean the oil companies, big pharma and factory farmers? Those hand out types?

    • ExPAVIC


      From what dark, moist, smelly crevice of your body did you pull that terminology? You sound like a banker puke.


      @MUTA…And how has that been working fool??? Those so called wealth builders are investing overseas, out sourcing jobs to the Chinese, Vietmanese, Indians…etc. and storing their wealth in Swiss bank accounts, and still getting the Bush tax breaks all along…Give me a break dude and try reading a book or two…

    • Joseph Hemphill

      wealth stealers

  • such a disguting campaign! We deserve better–Put polices in writing–let us read your plans. Jobs–Spending–affordable college–affordable housing–affordable health care-
    minimum wage increase–job creations
    How do you plan to do those?

    Name calling is so dumb. Get on serious issues

    • ExPAVIC


      It is the American Taliban Republican plutocratic, obstructionists who should raise the bar in their selection process. So far we had Bushie twice, and out of touch McCain-Palin.

      You want votes, pick people who know not people who don’t know.

      Romney the vulture capitalist and 2002 Winter Olympics
      keep Mormons out of jail for skimming savior.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Romney is a known liar in business and politics. Never listen to Romney.

  • bf

    What I am seeing are lies and mistruths coming from both candidates against the opposition. Mitt is not telling America what he plans to do as President and Barack has done nothing to stop off-shoring of jobs. I am worried that whoever gets in or stays in, our country will be gone by 2016. Our economy can’t survive much longer. More American jobs are targetted to be lost within the next year while more foreign jobs are to be added. I am surprised any small businesses are surviving through this mess. It is like flipping a coin as to who to vote for in November. And I don’t see this changing in the next 3 months.

  • sircedrics16


    • cabadas


  • Our President Is Correct In What He Said!! Romney Just A Butt Sucker Of The Koch Brothers And Power Control And MONEY Is All He’s After!! Romney And His American Taliban Cares Nothing For America Nor It’s People!! America Is Just A Means To Their Ends In Other Words This Is The Only Place They Can Pull Their Crap!!

  • ed

    Need more people like you to get the message out.
    President Obama is a true American and a great leader that was given a country in a real mess. Two unpaid for wars , banking that had put our country in almost the second great depression. He seems to have a grip on what we need to do. Know if only the GOP would wakeup and support even half of what he wants to do it wouldn’t be long until we could start to feel better about America again. Enjoyed reading your comments, do all you can to help keep our President.

  • Look , it’s simple Obama hates business and capitalism . He is doing everything he can to divide this country with his class warfare rhetoric . We used to admire achievers in this country . Romney does while Obama wants you to hate and envy them . He wants you to feel that they got rich on the backs of the poor ( ever get a job from a poor man ? ) The argument is so duimb it would only work on the dumb . He wants dumb poor people to think they can get rich by voting for Obama as he will get that money from those Achievers and give it to his lazy entitlement voters . No one is twisting his words . He said it and it will be his downfall

    • You haven’t really been listening to him or looking at charts and such, that show the truth, you know. You are just repeating what you’ve been told, only it’s all lies. We have more jobs every month for the last 16 months. That’s just one I learned by heart. Please look before you parrot-speak.

      • You have to be kidding me . Look we need to create about 170 to 190 K jobs a month to keep up with the mortality rate , retirements , and the new people entering the job market . Obama is avg about 80 k a month . We are not even treading water . Go to the Govt’s own website . The DEPT of Labor shows that there are approx 1.7 million FEWER people working then in the last darkest days of Bush . In June he added a dismal 80 k jobs and we added 85k to the rolls of those recieving Disability . Are you Progressives counting those as Jobs ? Under Obama we are now using the U3 method to calculate unemployment . Under that method we only calculate the unemployment figure based upon how many new people file for unemployment . It doesnt take into account all those in service sector jobs who cant collect unemployment , all those underemployed , all those working pt time , and all those who have lost their eligibility or have given up . The U6 method all other Presidentws used was a more accurate measure of the true unemployment rate . Using that method ( and you can check it ) we are at 18% unemployment . The Unmemployment rate for black youth is about 60% and WOMEN have been harmed the most under Obamanomics . Both in jobs and pay grade . You need to look at facts from your own Obama Govt websites lapisblue . What Kind of Charts are you looking at . If it’s from Liberal media outlets maybe you haven’t gotten the memo ….THEY LIE TO YOU …ok for the latest examples see ABC on the colo shooting and ABC NBC MSNBC on theTrayvon Martin case ..I certainly hope you aren;t taking charts from them and repeating that tripe . It will only make you look unintelligent . I dont think you are or you would not have responded to me politely ..Go to the Govt websites your self and see …One other thing when you look at the U3 unemployment numbers also look at the Dept of Labors workforce participation data . It will show you that the Obama regime is discounting the number of people looking for work to massage the U3 unemployment numbers downward with no real proof that that is real . If they weren’t palying games and the workorce participation rate was constant as most economists believe…then even using the U3 nethod we are at about 10.7 %

  • Bravo Walnut!

    The Romney campaign has maliciously and repeatedly taken Obama’s comments OUT OF CONTEXT thereby distorting the meaning of the President’s words to attempt to paint him, somehow, as anti-American. Patently dishonest. (methinks I detect the stink of karl rove?)

    Obama is an American success story in every respect. Romney had the advantage of privilege from the git go. He became a financial success. He’s got nothing but 1% credentials and that’s not what America needs.

  • jimthejazzman

    Mitt’s team is twisting the words also…listen to his speech….I don’t know about this video…I don’t trust it was not manipulated..

  • The only one twisting any words here is Obama himself. We all heard exactly what he said. I also own a small business and the only thing the government has ever done for me is get in my way. The road my shop is on is Dixie Highway in south Florida. It was built with private money all the way to New York. Too bad Wal nutcase is just a libtard cool-aid drinking Obama supporter who has no business and never has. But he is right about one thing, we all paid for those roads, even though I rarely use them. My products are shipped by rail from a spur outside. There is no rail in this country that was installed by any government entity,
    The rules and regulations this adminstration has foisted on all small businesses have cost us all a lot of time and money. With Obamacare, I have been forced to start looking outside of the country to keep manufacturing and stay competitive. After 25 years, I am so disgusted with our government, both Republicans and democrats that, had I known where we were headed, I never would have started this business in the 1st place. After all the late nights and 7 day weeks, which I didn’t see anyone else helping me, I am starting to wear out. I am very glad I was early in the automation game because I only have 9 employees, with 3 that I have discussed moving them with the shop and they have all voiced a preference for Costa Rica. I’ll be making my final decsision the day after the election. Romney wins, I stay, Obama wins, America loses another manufacturing business and adds 6 more to the unemployment figures.

    • Gammaanya

      Work smart not hard. Change your line of business and become Romney, then insted of 6 on unemployment it will be 6M and counting. Ask Romney to buy your faltering business and I bet he will let you go as soon as he gets his to buy you out for peanuts and he will either resell it or take as much as he can out of it and file for bankrupcy.
      In 2000 Bain Partnership bought KB Toys with 18M of their money and borrowed 302M, year and half later KB Toys borrowed more to pay Bain and it’s investors 85M dividend which was a part of 121M stock redemption funded by 66M bank loans. Bain and Partners made 370% ROI,left the co in heavy debt and they have to lay off more people. He bought some more companies and pile more debts on them, or leverage them, wrote off losses, stole pension money and left taxpayers to hold the bag. Please move to Costa Rica. They have new President woman and see if she can help you . I just happened to have associate in CR – he is not so happy, same as here – some so angry that they lost it to a woman. War is going on. Good luck you will needed. The only good President and Businessman war. B. Franklin – man with a common sense.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      don’t let the door hit ya todd, I am a small business owner as well, but recognize the duplicity of the Republican party for almost ruining the entire worlds economy, and while not a democrat either, but a free thinking independent, I see the democrats as having more empathy for the middle class than the greedy old party.

    • cabadas

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass you unAmerican

  • By the way I live in Chicago and I know Stephanie . She reminds me of one of the lizard aliens on V ..She actually told me that both Obama and Rahm are Anti Public Union. She will say anything

  • overpaidCS

    Th master of lies and deceit is complaining about Romney??? Its as ludicrous as barak wanting Mitt to release his tax returns when he has had all his records sealer in 2007

  • You know people are not dum when it comes to politics like what Romney is trying to do to Hillary and Obama by using and replacing voives electronicly as the when Hillary did not post anything as to taking hold of American gun rights with other countrys I did my home work and she said that she would not ask the Americans to give up thier guns family airlooms or wny other that every American has the right to have by Constitution and of course Obama the words did not even match his lips any way that I tried so I guess money does not win it is the truth that always stands out I feel sorry for Romney that he has no way been able to tough people in real life as it is he only knows what the rich know about real reality which is nothing .I am sorry Romney but you can’t help what you don’t know or refuse to know and you have not earned the chance to even show it .As long as the rich stay in power we will stay in poverty as they have to be treated at least equal before they spend to make money that make jobs that make our country go around the money has to circulate starting at the top has never worked in America….
    Johnny Thomas

  • Scopes

    Did the government build the infrastructure prior to the industrial revolution? How did the merchant deliver his goods? How did the pioneers go from one side of the country to the other?
    All without an interestate system and central government to regulate our activities. Amazing!

  • Dying trees! Less talk about lies and twisted words. looks like its happing ( in Wesley’s comment).Romney made his money by lying like most rich people, Omaba is the most focus and down earth President in history.Its good some Gop memebers are looking past skin color, Thank you!

  • Let’s face facts. The republicans are desperate and are willing to try any tactic which they think might catch the attention of the public, especially that portion who aren’t paying attention and don’t recognize a lie for what it is, or don’t care. Its disheartening to see how the GOP has sunk to its current lows. Today it seems that where the tea party has taken hold, people bow to the higher diety of Norquist who pulls the strings. Blind ideological zealotry is no substitute for common sense.

    Pray for tea party extinction.

  • I also agree with Mr. rustingdreams.

  • 101strac

    The vast majority of comments I have read this morning have given me new hope, raised my level of confidence in America’s working class voters, in their ability to see through the lies, distortions, and manipulations of that portion of the Republican party that seeks to buy it’s way into the white House at any price. I can’t help but believe that there are vast numbers of republicans out there who (I know I would, if in their shoes) hang their heads in shame, or embarassment over the latest insult to the intelligence of the average American hurled by a relatively small, but vastly wealthy segment of the Republican Party and wonder, ” how did we ever manage to cede control of our party to this group of anti- American despots? I’m quite sure people realize that waiting for something to trickle down to us to better our lives is not, and never has been the answer. I hope the feelings of resentment being expressed now, are still fresh in our minds on election day.

  • I will be S-O GLAD, when the election is over! I may be speaking only for myself, but I am just “sick to death” of the “mud-slinging”, and distortions, which FLOOD each election year. Will anyone else be saying “Thank God”, when January, 2013 arrives? An end to the mud-slinging, for three more years.

  • I’m going to tell you what this is all about, although people are scared to tell the truth, I’m not, the very min that obama won the presidentceny the RACIST PEOPLE of this country was and is out to destory this BLACK MAN. It’s no different from the days of BLACKS being hanged. No matter what this man has done and he has done a hell of a lot he won’t get the credit he deserves and as we see he is the BLAME for EVERYTHING THAT has gone wrong with this country, hell, the colorado event was his ” fault” ain’t that right mr speaker, and all the rest of you devils. Wake up people, the one person that has given a f–k about all this country since Clinton is BARACK OBAMA!!

    Mr Zachuary C Stubbs

  • The next thing Romney will say is that Obama was born in this country and went to Harvard. When will the lies stop???

  • I agree with the tree analagy. But…to many want to take what someone else has done to support the tree, and the credit. Supporting too many other countries want to take our hard work and support themselves and the leaders (government) want the credit. Too many do not even know where the sprinkler is.

  • This attack by Romney is straight out of Karl Rove’s play book It shows a lack of understaning, they are unable to follow a conversation. The lies showed up quickly as the man who was on Fox in the AD was later in person on Fox and he himself said he was helped by having three LOANS. The gutter politics is in full swing. There are two videos of Romney saying the same thing as what Obama said, it takes support from others to help build your business. Romney and his cohorts has no shame . The LIAR was put to shame two days ago by the Australian visitor Mr Carr, as he told the news media that Mr. Carr said America is in decline, the same day Mr Carr came out with a statement to say he did not say so. This man is a pathological liar, watch how he is going to embarrass himself on the overseas trip .

  • joceandre

    Why should we expect anything different from Williard Mitt Romney . Liar is part of his name. All he ever did was distort , dismantle , the man cannot take a stand on anything. I believe whatever success he is being credited with in the business world was stolen from someone else. As far as president Obama, if it was any of the other republicans before him who accomplished what he did with the conditions he took office, all the folks that are against him today would be asking the Vatican to make him the first living saint . Well folks give Obama a chance . His color after all is not going to change , after all he is half of you and half of me to me which is a very good blend. I just love the man.

  • Politicians got to be very careful this time around with what they are throwing out there in order to get more votes because, the current economic situation is widening the eyes of the Middle Class everyday and they are microscopically analyzing every statement or claims the politicians make.